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You are such a brilliant poet that conveys such deep thoughts and emotions. I am in love with your words and with your beautiful soul.

Oh my, you’re so kind Anon, I’m truly honored for your such nice words of appreciation, I’m truly grateful, may God bless you =’)

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Hi there! I've been a fan of yours for some time! I hope you know how amazing your animations are and how astounding it is to realize that its all just done by one person. I do think that the anon asking to charge more was a bit sternly worded...but do think that you're worth more simply because you're so great ^^! Please ignore the rude anons and keep being awesome. You're an inspiration and I always look forward to your animations and artwork<3

Oh thank you so much kind anon!! Haha, I truly wish I could see it… But I want to appreciate everyone that supports me so dearly ( ;^ω^)
I’m always happy to know that you can find joy in my work.

(Ah mostly baka anons will just be deleted and ignored hehe…! Though they are getting more everyday which is scary  (シ;゚Д゚)シ maybe I will turn off anon if it’s getting too much…)

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I seen people sending you ask about Infinite/Gadget but I want to know what are YOUR headcanons for these two? I would love to hear about them if you don't mind <3

aahhh yeah people have been and its wonderful to answer them all!! its rly sweet of you to ask about MY headcanons too oh goodness aaaa thank you sm kind anon! LEMME SEE,, im gonna try put all this under a read more bc it got LONG i hope thats ok for accessibility?

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okay having RP'd in the vicinity of Phen more than once now can confirm SHE IS A LOVELY AND GOOD ELF and maybe some day I won't chicken out and actually say hi/interact ICly >.>

((Oh! You are far too kind, Anon-Person! And please don’t be shy. I promise you, Phen’s entirely harmless.))

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Clary/alec brotp headcanons please (also ur icon is attractive af)

Oh, why thank you, kind anon :)

Clalec brotp it is!

- One thing they love to do is bond over Jace’s stupidity and his jokes.

- They also like to team up and prank Jace and the others sometimes.

- Clary will give Alec art tips or recommend novels to him, in return Alec will help her train or recommend novels to her in return.

- Alec always gives Clary baby pictures of Jace.

- Alec will constantly try to use Clary as an armrest because she’s smol so she’ll always push his arm off and pretend to fight him and Alec will just put his hand on her forehead and keep her at arm’s reach.

- They go to each other for relationship advice or for ideas for birthday/christmas presents.

- Alec basically treats Clary like his second sister and would most likely put an arrow in somebody who mistreated her if Jace didn’t get to them first.

- Clary is also protective of Alec she may be smol but she is deadly.

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Seriously though, Marry me. You’re amazing xo 😘

Oh you’re too kind anon x

Can’t marry ya if I don’t know who you are tho ay?🤷🏼‍♀️

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Seemingly random question but you're practically the master of all things anatomy in my eyes. how do you think centaur lungs would work and where would they placed in the body? how do you believe their organs should be placed and do you think 2 hearts is viable depending on the size of the creature?

I am by no means an expert on anatomy. I haven’t really studied it beyond what the Finnish curriculum requires (up to the highschool equivalent) and my knowledge is frankensteined from some anatomy books and medical documentaries. I don’t think my word on these matters should be taken as much more than an amateur’s opinion. 

However, that said…

Oh, THANK YOUS SO MUCH you kind anon person for giving me this wonderful excuse to blabber about my take on centaur anatomy! 8D I’ve kind of wanted to talk about this, but given how my centaur character, Pony, isn’t the sort of person to prance around naked in front of strangers, I couldn’t really use her as the excuse to geek out.

So here goes, LET’S GET NERDY!

First off, my centaurs only have one set of organs. I’m of the opinion that if your creature can’t support itself without doubling it’s life support, you (as in general you, not you as a specific person) should rather scale down your creature instead of making it impossible for it to support itself. (I don’t just stick a normal sized human torso on a normal sized horse body, the proportions would be ridiculous. I prefer blending my creature designs. Also how would a “normal sized human+normal sized horse” combo centaur support itself anyway, human mouth and teeth are waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy too small to chew the food needed to fuel the whole package.)

There is only one heart, though it’s located differently than an animal of it’s size and general proportions would have, and is higher in a similar manner as the heart of a giraffe (seen on side profile, hoofed animals’ heart is usually located around the area in its ribcage between its upper arms/elbows). Most other internal organs you’d find on a horse you can find on the horsey half of the centaur’s body, the upper ribcage being mostly empty and what looks like the “human” abdomen is actually made up of muscles in the similar manner as a horse’s neck (except for a bit differently shaped, as it ends in round-ish second chest instead of narrow base of a skull). 

The upper ribcage itself is kind of ridiculously tiny and narrow compared to the human equivalent, though the proportions are somewhat blurred by more normal (size wise) looking arms and their related musculature that covers the ribcage. I’m still a bit on the fence about the insides of the upper ribcage. It’s either an air sack connected to the windpipe to allow for more precision in air handling while speaking (the actual lungs themselves being located on the lower ribcage where you’d expect them to be) or a stomach. Haven’t decided which one sounds more anatomically plausible.

I also humbly offer my take on the hair distribution on centaurs, because why stop while I’m already talking/doodling. Like I said, I prefer blending my creatures instead of just sticking a human on horse pants.

Also, here, have a super messy sketch with Pony and Maru demonstrating a bit of their anatomical differences.

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Hi sweetie! Listen to me you're great. You're perfection. You're beauty, you're grace, you're miss where ever you're from. I'd admire your writing so much and I have to shyly ask if you'd write something with the GOM and Kagami where their short S/O is being adorable and having trouble with something because they're so short. Maybe the guys tease them or something, idk. Just something kind of fluffy I guess. Thank you for any consideration in advance.

Oh my goodness, you are too kind anon. <3 I love you and remember that you are perfection too. (; *INTERNET HUG* okay, please do enjoy this! I feel like some is slightly OOC so apologies for that!! ):

Generation of Miracles

You jumped again and sighed angrily as your fingers brushed the bottle that was just out of your reach.

“What are you doing?” you heard Akashi ask you.

You turned around and pouted.

“I can’t reach it. It is too high!”

A gentle smile broke across his face and he stepped forward. His hands barely brushed the bottle when he stood there but he readied himself for a jump. With a single jump, the bottle was in his hands.

“Here you go.”

“Thank you,” you cheered as you reached forward to take it but he held it teasingly out of your reach, tapping a finger against his cheek.

You rolled your eyes and pressed a kiss to his cheek before he would willingly give it to you.


You were tiptoeing and reaching for the whisk that was on the shelf.

“Ugh,” you complained as you tried again but it was definitely out of your reach.

“Ne, you are too short, (f/n)chin,” a voice came from behind you.

Murasakibara walked in holding a bag of chips.

“Help me take it,” you demanded, huffing.

“Nngh, lazy.”


A low groan escaped from him as he leaned over to take it easily from the shelf.

“See how easy that was?” he asked, holding it just out of your reach when you tried to take it.

You were left jumping for it as he held it just out of your reach whenever your fingers brushed it.

“Mukkun!” you huffed, annoyed.

“Okay, here you go,” he laughed and bent down to kiss you on the forehead.


You didn’t even bother. It was so far out of your reach that even jumping like Michael Jordon would not help the situation.

Aomine!” you shouted.

After a few minutes, he shuffled into the room, scratching his head lazily.


“Help me take that,” you pointed to the bottle on the shelf.

“Hah, you called me in for that?”

“Just take it for me!”

He rolled his eyes before walking over and plucking the item off the shelf easily.

“Wow, how short are you really?” he teased.

“What do you mean that I am short? You are too tall!” You complained as you struggled to grab the item he was holding above his head.

Frowning, you started pushing him and he did not even notice when he was at the foot of the bed. Grinning deviously, you pushed him one last time and he fell onto the bed with a yell.

“At least I am the smart one,” you whispered, climbing over him slowly to get the bottle.

His eyes widened at your provocative actions and turned you around to pin you to the bed.

“Let’s see who has more stamina then.”


You climbed onto the first shelf, struggling to reach for the packet of biscuits.

“Woah, what are you doing, (f/n)cchi?” Kise asked as he walked in.

“Taking the biscuits,” you replied before preparing to climb the second shelf.

He quickly carried you into his arms easily and grabbed the biscuits along the way.

“Why are you doing something so dangerous?” he chided.

“I couldn’t reach them,” you pouted.

“Call for me next time,” he leaned down to kiss you on the lips and soon, the biscuits were left forgotten on the table top.


Midorima ignored your various calls until you stormed to his room, arms akimbo.

“Shin-chan!” you shouted, standing right in front of him.

He raised his head from the torrent of work he was drowning in and looked at you calmly.


“Help me take something,” you huffed, annoyed that he was so absorbed in his work that he ignored you.

Letting out a sigh, he stood up and stretched.

“Okay, where is it?” he asked, propping up his glasses with his taped fingers.

You grinned and skipped over to him, looping your hands through his.

“In the kitchen.”

His cheeks colored with the affectionate gesture and seemed to walk faster when going to the kitchen. When he took the item for you easily, you tip toed to kiss him on the cheek and laughed as he blushed even harder and backed away while stuttering for you to stop.


Kuroko was standing there just as you turned around.

“Wah!” you shouted as you flinched out of shock.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

“I can’t reach that,” you groaned, pointing to the pack of chips on the top shelf.

“Here, let me,” Kuroko replied as he shuffled forward.

However, his fingers fell short of a few inches even when he jumped for it. He turned back to face you with an adorably embarrassed expression.

“Let’s go buy it again.”

You simply laughed and nodded, taking his outstretched hand.



Kagami was just entering the room when you almost fell from the ladder.

“Oi, what are you doing?” he snapped as he caught you.

You could feel his rapid heartbeat against you and you grinned sheepishly.

“I wanted that,” you pointed at a box at the top of the shelf.

“You scared the fuck out of me,” he complained before pressing a light kiss to your forehead and setting you down.

“Help me take it?” you smiled sweetly and his cheeks was dusted a light pink.

“Stop being so cute damn it,” he walked over to the shelf and took down the box easily.

“Why not I show you how cute I can be then?” you teased.

Within seconds, both of you were on the bed and the box was left on the floor.

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NoCek do you ever invision what you would be if you were a petvenger? You are certainly a superhero of art in my book so you qualify!

Oh you are too kind dear Anon! Thank you!

Dunno about being petvenger but I’d definiately be a dog :3 I’ve been drawing myself this way for too long (oh good weeaboo times) XD