For the kind anon earlier who liked my work with strong ladies, but not a fan of SU, I drew a quicky of my fav canonically strong women Korra.

Figured she just got done with a rather intense Avatar training sesh, sweatin’ a bit mighty mighty, and Asami is all sortsa for it. =P(put the contrast a bit high, made her sweat stains a bit darker than I’d like but eh)

So, yeah, thanks again for liking my stuff. :)

Hello, it’s your friendly anon submitter again! 

I have something for you again if you’d like it, although I didn’t quite manage to do it in time for your birthday. Nevertheless I hope you had a splendid day and I wish you all the best in the world. You and your blog are still amazing and continue to delight me every day. 
This time I have another Maedhros again, back in Valinor before the two trees fell and when everything was still well. I changed my design quite a bit from the first time I drew him, but I actually like him better this way. There is supposed to be an ‘after’ picture, but knowing myself and how often I draw it’s probably going to take years to finish. 
Anyway here you go. All the best and thanks for still letting me spam you with my stuff. 

(PS: Fun (?) fact: Crocus has a couple of meanings in the flower language, among them ‘abuse me not’. Which is. Well. To ironic to not include it)

anonymous asked:

hi sonja! i feel dumb, but i'm trying to watch skam on that googledrive with the english subs, and i keep getting error messages saying the number of downloads has been exceeded. is this normal because it's so popular, or is it me doing something wrong? D: love you btw hope you're having a nice day!

yeah unfortunately it’s normal. which season are you trying to watch? season1? if it’s still not working and you’re willing to skip ahead to season 3 you can also just stream directly from @skam-translated (that blog doesn’t use a google drive the links are on their tumblr)

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I love you so much Luigi!!! You're a huge inspiration for me and i just... I don't know what else to say T.T //This one is for you too Luigi-Mun. You and your muse are great and i wish i could strive to be as awesome of a writer like you!!! <3\\

   ❝Mama mia… m-m-me? Gee, I’m-a do my very best for ya’!
    You gotta promise you’ll do-a your best, too! Remember that
    Weegie loves you so much, I think you-a super!