For the kind anon earlier who liked my work with strong ladies, but not a fan of SU, I drew a quicky of my fav canonically strong women Korra.

Figured she just got done with a rather intense Avatar training sesh, sweatin’ a bit mighty mighty, and Asami is all sortsa for it. =P(put the contrast a bit high, made her sweat stains a bit darker than I’d like but eh)

So, yeah, thanks again for liking my stuff. :)

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your coloring is one of the best within the bts fandom i always look up to you and anticipate your gifsets ;; you're seriously amazing - a shy mutual

within bts fandom? no no no, im not that good~ this is too nice, what did i do to deserve this~ Awwww lemme hug you *hugs you tightly* thank you for liking my gifs sweetie!

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I think you often undervalue yourself, through no direct fault of your own, and while I wish I could just solve it all, I think that the best I can do is support you. But if you ever want or need anything from me, just tell us. I hope you're well🌸

Oh my gosh. You guys are making me cry tonight. Thank you. Really. From the bottom of my heart. I want to say eloquent things, but really I’m just a blubbering mess right now. So thank you for sending me this message, whoever you are, you wonderful person. (And I am as well as I can be right now, thank you.)

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Would you ever enter a hotdog eating contest? (I dunno it was the first thing that came on my mind)

I would actually never go near one :0 I have such a strange relationship with food, so if anything I’d get nauseous before the food would even arrive o’: