Honestly the harder everyone resists Freebird the more deeply entrenched I get in this ship. I don’t even usually do m/m ships but if you want to pretend it’s not Steve Roger’s most realistic gay option in the mcu that’s cool, I’ll just be over here digging my foxhole.

It’s probably been said a million times but…


I would give an of a scene with it playing in the background or something but well…. Nothing beats this one:

i just really need a fic about mickey and ian raising yevgeny. 

  • ian and mickey taking yev to pick out his first backpack
  • yevgeny saying he wants the captain america backpack, and mickey getting all butthurt bc “oh my god, iron man is ten times better than that patriotic science experiment”
  • yev being all nervous about his first day of school, and mickey telling him he needs to get it together bc he’s a milkovich, and “milkoviches don’t do nervous”
  • ian showing up to pick yev up on his first day of high school and yev doesn’t talk to him for a week bc “dad that’s fucking embarassing!”
  • mickey rolling his eyes and trying to calm ian down when he starts crying at yev’s graduation
  • mickey being so proud of yevgeny bc he’s the first milkovich to graduate high school
  • mickey and ian and yevgeny just being a happy little family

Fuzzyface: I’m ready to go after these rabble-rousers with all- 

Captain: *barges in* Oh no! Not until you get a warrant! 

Fuzzyfaze: Ah,damn it, I hate due process! 

Captain: Your’e a loose cannon, Meow Meow Fuzzyface. 

Fuzzyface: No, I’m not. I’m a cannon, maybe, but a loose cannon? Is that what you think of me? 

Cop 1:  I think you play by your own rules. 

Cop 2: No way, he thinks the rules were made to be broken. 

Captain: These are all attributes of a loose cannon. 

Fuzzyface: No, I’m just a reckless renegade. Sergeant Stone’s a loose cannon. 

Sergeant Stone: *stands up, smashes chair* You shut your trap, Fuzzyface. 

Cop 2: I’d say Stone’s more of a cop on the edge with nothing to lose. That’s an entirely different thing. 

Cop 1: Now I’m just confused. Is Meow Meow Fuzzyface a loose cannon or not? 

Captain: All right! Put on a pot of coffee. We’re gonna get to the bottom of this. 

**several hours later**

Captain: All right, all right, we’ve agreed. He’s a loose cannon, but he gets results. 

Fuzzyface: I can live with that. 

Captain: Now, you go bust those perps. You’ll need a maverick, a by-the-books rookie, and a curmudgeonly veteran one week from retirement. Go, go go! 

[v; ME] Oh Captain!

toughassilk :


When she first got recruited, some people scoffed at her. She was a girl, not as strong or fast as men and small-framed. It was true; no matter how hard she trained, there was an unconquerable physical difference between men and women. But she was strong enough to carry her sniper rifle and a backup heavy pistol all day. And she was fast enough to flank the enemies before dropping her tactical cloak. And she was petite enough to take cover behind practically anything.

She was wearing nothing by her sports bra and a uniform pants. The quarter was too humid to put a single layer of clothes on. Most of the guys were half naked and none of them seemed to care for the lack of her clothing. The last person who made a sexual comment at her got his nose broken. Also, there were countless battles going on, threatening the survival of human beings. Sex was the least concern to them.

Preoccupied polishing her rifle in the corner, Cindy hadn’t noticed who just stepped into the quarter. The quarter suddenly got uncharacteristically quiet. She scowled and glanced over and saw a tall, blond and drop-dead-gorgeous man. It didn’t take more than a second to recognize a war hero: Steve Rogers. She stood up immediately, almost dropping her weapon.

Holy sh━

Oops. She muttered under her breath. Damn her lack of filtering. She joined the rest of them and saluted, hoping the older man hadn’t heard her cursing.

anonymous asked:

Crossover time! Imagine Betty McRae getting hauled into the war by her girlfriend, Theresa, who is helping the SSR. Something bomb related. Betty gets hauled overseas because who better to help dismantle them than someone who puts them together. Cause Betty meeting Peggy and becoming friends. Betty meeting the Howling commandos, Dugan attempting to seduce her because she is his perfect girl. Steve thinks she's entertaining as unimpressed as her Canadian self is by "Captain AMERICA"

Oh yeah, I’m all over Betty not being remotely starstruck by our star spangled man. And Bomb Girls and Carter really are the absolute best crossover shows.

Originally I drew the other captains too but I decided they all looked terrible so I’m only posting my Oikawa drawing since it’s the only one that turned out semi-well. Oh well, enjoy it anyway!

Also I’m pretty sure this is my first fanart contribution to the Haikyuu Fandom. Otherwise I wrote two songs, so.