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for seasalt-lattae forjimin barkzimin jiguk bc… idk. its jikook cry with me

Twinkle, twinkle, little star, how I wonder what you are

But the thing is, we don’t anymore. Wonder, that is. We haven’t for a while because science has figure out all that there is to figure out. Mankind has come too far, too too far, crossed too many points-of-no-return and kept on barreling through till the last bits and pieces of wonder were shattered. People don’t wonder anymore. People don’t dream. People just know.

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i want minecraft!au fanart of ryan nervously building up the courage to finally ask gavin out then he finds the brit with his back towards him in a cave and starts stuttering and prattling off these cheesy lines with a red face and when he finishes, gavin just still stands there with his back to him and ryan starts panicking like “oh god im sorry i fucked up” and then someone taps him on the shoulder like “you alright, ryan? you look flustered.” and ryan turns around all confused to see gavin standing behind him and he looks back at the other ‘gavin’ and it was actually just a fucking creeper turned around and ryan got the skins confused

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(taps chin anon) oh now im definitely going to do fan art. i mean, it wont be until this weekend, finals are a bitch, but i got a new tablet and hoo buddy yer in for it now