Hakuryuu Kija, the white Dragon 

He’s my fav character in my now fav Anime/Manga. Just…beauty and badassery in one person. And as he’s described in Chapter 53, a Death God. Bless you, Kija. Bless you. 

crit today was very bad

i usually dont take crit personally bc its not a critique of me, its a critique of a thing i made

but my professor really hated the photos of my childhood stuffed rabbit doing things i do in my routine (drinking coffee at a cafe, staring at paintings in the portland museum of art, mailing a postcard to my great aunt)

and i was like okay w it except she called the subject matter “too childish” like its a childs view of what adults do,

and that… really hit a sore spot. like very quietly jabbing at my deep fear of being seen as immature and stupid…