omg it happened again guys
  • Uruha:eh? You really thought that? You can ask me anything, let's share informations! *laugh*
  • Aoi:No no, I say it again, asking you something in your face embarrasses me. However, it was a long time since I did that. Wasn't it when went on tour sharing the same room?
  • Uruha:When we entered in this office it seems it happens quite a lot.
  • Aoi:We talked about guitars after going to bed until we feel asleep. *laugh*
  • Interviewer:It's a cuter than funnier episode.
  • Aoi:No, thinking about it now maybe it was something that gives a strange feeling. *laugh*
  • (credits to gazettenohotaru.blogspot.it)
  • I:Well, the image is, “Aoi-san seems to be almost naked at home, then Ruki-san seems to talk a lot to himself when he’s alone.” We received something like that.
  • Ruki:Hmm. Talking to myself when I’m alone.. But well, there’s my dog so I’m not really alone.
  • I:*laughs* Well, you can’t be alone, because you have a partner to talk to, right?
  • Ruki:That’s why, because he will listen to me. Well..
  • Reita:Aaah, poor dog.
  • *roars of laughter*
  • Aoi:Well, if you think like that, eh?
  • Ruki:That’s why it’s fun every time.
  • I:How is it, Aoi-san? What kind of form are you in when you’re home?
  • Aoi:Well, it’s almost like that.
  • I:Then, just like Yuki-san’s image?
  • Aoi:Well, neither near nor far.
  • I:Neither near nor far? Eh?
  • Ruki:Like only in your cargo pants?
  • I:Or like boxer pants?
  • Aoi:Nono, well..
  • Ruki:Hot pants?
  • I:Hot pants?! *laughs*
  • Aoi:Well, sometimes I wear pants and sometimes I don’t.
  • I:Ah, is that so? That way is as expected the most relaxed one?
  • Aoi:Well, I think it’s kind of troublesome.
  • Translator:ruki_candy

Practice gifs to find my groove when I FINALLY OFFICIALLY start on AOI. The format will be in timed out animatics. These are two test “mini sequences” to try out two brushes and practicing Isaac’s acting. These are not official, and I will most likely change these when it comes to the final product. Genre-wise I want to balance the action/comedy/and drama similar to Chuck, since it inspired AOI and is my all time favorite show (seriously check it out it’s on Netflix now :) it has fantastic character arcs and the overall journey of the characters is so much fun) Get ready for robots, garlic bread, feels, mad scientists, and artificial intelligence that all have a sense of humor. :D (when I finally get to this…. :P)


♪ Arata Uduki & Aoi Satsuki ♪「Six Gravity ☆ Middle Pair」|| Episode 4