I’d really love to know how exactly Clarke explained to Lexa and Titus how Ontari’s blood got on her face.

Clarke: Oh, I was just minding my own business, strolling through Polis, totally NOT risking my life trying to murder the Queen of the Ice Nation in an effort to make Roan the new king and ultimately save your life (for my people of course), when this girl came out of NOWHERE and squeezed her bleeding hand all over my face. Rude af tbh. Anyhoo, let’s focus on how the blood is black.


Adorable Onew flopping down on his hotel room bed (✿◠‿◠)

One Fine Day Unreleased Scenes

Some Korrasami things

-almost crashed the car because Korra was loOKING AT ASAMI

-Asami was willing to drop everything to go with Korra to the South pole #TO BE AT HER SIDE EVERY STEP OF THE WAY #AND HELP HER RECOVER #DEAR LORD HELP ME

-did I mention blue and red

-Remember when Asami was the first one to turn around BEFORE Korra & Kuvira came out of the spirit portal??? That shit is bae sense

-Has had arguments (which I actually like bc every couple needs arguments to grow)

-oh my god the reunion hug. Korra buried her face into Asami’s shoulders HELP ME

-Asami already held onto Korra before they jumped off the train

-She also stood among Korra’s family members during Jinora’s ceremony

-They’ve held hands more than once (I’ve counted three times)


-Because Korra looks so pained to see her love cry so she just takes Asami into her arms

-if I had a drink for every time Asami touched Korra’s shoulders in s3 oh sHIT

-Asami brought Korra tea to make sure she stayed warm

-Um have you seen them fight together #They literally exchange looks instead of words #FUCKING BAE SENSE #WHAT DID I TELL YOU

-They look for comfort in each other a lot #Don’t you notice how whenever Korra/Asami are expressing their doubts/problems, it’s the other who is always there?

-Because “I’m loving the hair” and “You look snazzy as always” aDORABLE DORKS

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Concept: Lying bothering Kirin about the most pointless things 24/7 then suddenly they stop and Kirin VERY low-key worried after a few days of not even hearing from Lying so he goes and finds them asleep. They just got very tired and "whoops, accidentally fell asleep for a few /days/ not a few /hours/." Kirin hit them in the face with a pillow and storms out.

oh my god

kirin has to practically break into the well, because lying’s magic is very powerful and (unlike lying) kirin can’t move through shadows to just step inside. so he forces his way in with raw magic, like doing the whole dramatic gasping and panting as he exhausts himself with the effort, stumbling frantically through the well yelling lying’s name and bracing himself for the worst…

…and lying’s just curled up somewhere, cuddling a pillow and snoring a little. maybe drooling. hair a fluffy mess, clothes all wrinkled, eyeliner probly smudged cos they forgot to take it off before sleeping.

kirin is furious

lying is also mildly upset, but mostly because their nap’s been interrupted by this big, clumsy oaf’s hollering. like really, does kirin have to be so loud and dramatic about everything? (they are cheerfully unaware of the irony of this, given that they themself are the biggest goddamn drama queen in possibly the whole universe)