Sterek: *becomes way too popular*

Jeff: Alright, I’ll just ban Sterek from TW events and give Dylan and Hoech less scenes so the fandom will give up and stop shipping them.

Sterek fandom: *becomes larger and makes Sterek even more popular*


T’as Jean-François Copé qui explique, dans le documentaire qui lui est consacré, que quand il était à Science Po, être de droite, c’était pas trop à la mode, “pour séduire des jeunes filles”. T’as la journaliste qui lui demande “Vous avez eu des difficultés dans ce domaine là ?” et lui “Ah non non ohlala, je faisais attention, déjà que j’avais pas tous les atouts pour moi au départ, j’allais pas aggraver mon cas.”



If all scars were purple
And all bruises red
And we could pour out
All the pain in our heads

If people were rabbits
And rabbits were dead
And all scars were purple 
And all bruises red – 

Would people be purple? 
Would rabbits be dead? 
Is it bruises that kill us, 
Or scars to the head? 

What is it that tortures us, 
Leaves us all writhing? 
What makes us stop living
And start just surviving? 

What monster pursues us – 
What ghastly condition? 
The one deep within us;
The sick apparition. 

This torturous bubble
From deep in our heart
Wells up, overwhelms us
And tears us apart.

(Not sure about a source? Just lemme know if you know the source or if it’s yours, I’d be happy to give credit where credit is due)

  • Toby: Also, from now on we will be using code names. You can address me as Eagle One.
  • Toby: Masky, codename: Been There, Done That.
  • Toby: EJ is Currently Doing That.
  • Toby: Hoody is It Happened Once In A Dream.
  • Toby: Jane, codename: If I Had To Pick A Girl.
  • Toby: Jeff is Eagle Two.
  • Jeff: Oh, thank God.