• Teen Wolf logic, ladies and gentlemen.
  • Lydia:Stiles? Stilinski? We're just friends.
  • Lydia:* is connected to Stiles on a level no one can reach *
  • Lydia:What was that Stiles, did you just wince? I saw you wince... it wasn't your elbow, it was your shoulder, are you okay??? You should stay home.
  • Lydia:* kisses Stiles to calm him down *
  • Lydia:* blames herself for leading everyone into the wrong place while looking for Stiles so much that she begins to suppress her powers *
  • Lydia:* cheers for him during the game *
  • Lydia:* comes to him when she needs someone to talk to *
  • Lydia:* holds him up when he's too weak to walk, stays with him even though she knows she is needed on the battlefield *
  • Lydia:* makes a deal with the man she hates, the man who had abused her mentally and physically and nearly killed her behind Scott's back to help Stiles *
  • Lydia:* has to close her eyes and breathe in, take a moment to let relief flow through her whenever Stiles ends up hurt and it turns out he's going to be okay *
  • Lydia:Stiles, you're the one who always figures it out.
  • Lydia:* solves all the mysteries with him, holds his hand in hers *
  • Lydia:* smiles at him like he is her entire universe *
  • Lydia:We're just friends.
  • Stiles:Look at me, happy with my new girlfriend, yay! Moving on.
  • Stiles:* stares at Lydia like she is his sun *
  • Stiles:I'm right beside you, Lydia, but let me just put my hand on your back to make sure I don't lose you and you're still here, beside me, I just need to feel that
  • Stiles:* pushes his trauma aside and gets into the Echo House with Lydia despite the fact that the nogitsune put him through hell there / despite the fact that she's going in with a true freaking alpha and a kitsune who can protect her, and he's just human *
  • Stiles:* slow mo, faded voices, teary eyes, paralyzed mind and body completely frozen in fear when he sees her bleeding on the floor *
  • Stiles:* is the first and the only one mama McCall approaches with information on Lydia's condition, even though the whole pack is there *
  • Stiles:* has his best friend and his best friend's girlfriend talking about him still having feelings for Lydia *
  • Stiles:* glares at a guy checking Lydia out *
  • Stiles:* holds Lydia close and doesn't let go to make sure she's safe *
  • Stiles:* gets furious like never before when Lydia is being threatened, BREAKS FUCKING FREE and is ready to throw himself at Brunski despite always being portayed as physically weak and clumsy *
  • Stiles:Lydia please be careful, okay? I can't lose you.
  • Stiles:* looks up at Lydia through the mirror in his car when his girlfriend tells him she'd never leave without him *
  • Stiles:You see? I'm a new man. Totally over Lydia.

2/23/14 Canada vs. Sweden: “Look into his eyes again!”


The Roy Lichtenstein “Oh Jeff…” Costume Tutorial

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When Sarah Hoke transformed herself into a living pop art piece for Halloween she had no idea it would turn her into an internet darling. We saw the pictures, tracked her down and proposed that she create this bad-ass Roy Lichtenstein How-To-Tutorial. Check out her step-by-step tutorial here.

*pics thanks to Sarah Hoke

**Wanna share your pop art Halloween ideas? email us at global@hahamag.com



Around this time of year, our Roy Lichtenstein Costume Tutorial gets tons of hits - all thanks to Sarah Hoke and her amazing piece on 'how to’ transform yourself in walking Pop Art.

We’ll be posting new tutorials this month - so stay tuned for more Pop Art Oct 31st Prep! 

If you’d like to submit your own tutorial for our readers, hit us up at global@hahamag.com.