Sweet Valentine // Spencer Reid x Reader

“That’s sickening,” you commented with a grin as a bouquet of flowers was delivered to JJ right in front of you. She chuckled, aware of the fact you were joking and simply waved the comment away.

“Will is just sweet,” she replied. Your grin grew bigger at the fact JJ couldn’t hide the growing blush on her cheeks. She and Will had been together for a while now and yet he always seemed to find a way to fluster her. Watching JJ receive little gifts was something the whole office had come to enjoy.

“You’re just mad cause you don’t have a date lil mama,” Morgan commented with a smile. You scoffed as you swiveled your chair around in order to face him.

“I don’t need a date. I have Emily and Reid this year,” you replied with a smug smirk. The three of you were the singles of the group and after much convincing, you’d managed to have them agree to an anti-valentine’s day.

“About that…” Emily replied guiltily.

“Emily! Did you seriously get a date at the last minute?? What happened to all of us agreeing to boycott Valentine’s Day by spending it getting drunk together?!” You exclaimed in disbelief.

“Okay one- we did not agree to boycott. We only agreed to spend the day together since none of us had dates, and two-the drinking thing was your idea. Not that I wouldn’t mind getting completely wasted although I do worry about Reid if you continue that plan,” she laughed. “Sorry babe, I got asked out and I just couldn’t say no.”

“Looks like it’s just you and Reid now,” JJ replied with a wiggle of her eyebrows. You rolled your eyes at the gesture, knowing well that she always pictured the two of you together. You couldn’t deny the fact you’d developed some feelings for the man, but expecting Spencer to make a move was like waiting for rain in a drought. It wasn’t likely to happen any time soon.

“I guess I’ll have to let him know it’s just the two of us,” you replied as you shot Emily a look through narrowed eyes. She smiled brightly, her eyes shining with mischief.

“I already let him know last night,” she replied.

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Spencer Reid

It was dark when you woke up. You searched for your phone, surprised to see that it was only 11:17 pm. You had text messages from Garcia and Morgan, all wishing you well and begging you to join them at the bar if you felt better.

You did feel better now you’d slept non stop for the past 5 hours. The team had returned from their latest case yesterday and you had spent most of the day completing the mountain of paperwork that went with it. It had given you a migraine. Penelope and Morgan had wanted the team to go out together for drinks afterwards but JJ had wanted to get back to Henry and Hotch had needed to spend some time with Jack.

That had left you, Reid and Rossi for them to bully into taking part in their drunken shenanigans. You’d been game originally until the migraine had hit you around 4pm and you’d felt the desperate need to retreat to a dark room to hide.

Spencer had seen you wincing and rubbing your temples. “Go home” he’d said tenderly, understanding the pain you had been feeling. You took his advice, texting Penelope as you headed to the parking lot. She’d called you immediately asking if she could do anything to help.

“No thanks” you were touched by her concern. “I just need to take some meds and sleep.”

“Well if you’re sure my little cupcake. If you feel better later we’re still planning on heading out to Ben’s,” she’d said naming the bar right around the corner from your apartment.

You’d had a text from Spencer too. ‘Hope you feel better soon Y/N. Sleep will help,’ he’d sent not long after you’d left the office.

He’d text you again at around 9pm, ‘I think Morgan is trying to get me drunk. He keeps buying me funny coloured fruity drinks. Did you know that the human body actually produces its own supply of alcohol naturally, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.’

You’d received a picture message from Garcia about 30 minutes later showing a table filled with shot glasses, all with various brightly coloured liquids in them, and then another picture showing the glasses empty but with Reid and Morgan in the background pulling disgusted faces.

Reid had texted you again only ten minutes ago which must have been what woke you up. ‘Save me Y/N. I think Morgans trying to break my liver.’

You giggled. 'You still out?’ you messaged him back. You dragged yourself out of bed quickly going to the bathroom and freshening yourself up. After ten minutes Reid hadn’t replied so you sent the same message to Garcia.

'Oh Yes Yes my gorgeous little munchkin’ she’d replied almost instantly.

'Be there in ten’ you shot back as you quickly brushed your hair and re did your make up. You threw on a short denim skirt and a black vest top grabbing your purple converse and hoodie. Not exactly classy but you looked good enough for the local dive bar you frequented so often.

“Sweetcheeks you made it!” Penelope squealed excitedly from her perch as you made your way through the bar to the table where her and Derek were sitting. You placed the bottle of wine you’d just purchased on the table and gave her a quick hug.

“Yep I feel tons better after my nap,” you said quickly downing a glass and refilling it.

“You need to catch up with us lady bird,” Derek smirked at you, handing you a shot glass full of an amber coloured liquid. You took it, screwing your face up at its bitter taste.

“Where’s Rossi and Reid?” you asked scanning the room for them.

“Rossi left with a hot blonde about five minutes before you arrived,” Garcia replied happily.

“Yeah she looked like she was ready to eat him up,” Morgan added in. “And the pretty boy is currently being chatted up by a very attentive cougar over there,” he made a notion with his head and you followed.

You laughed as your saw your friend looking horribly uncomfortable as a women in her late forties was sat drawing circles on his arm with her nails whilst attempting to lean over seductively, giving him a good view down her dress. You could see him trying to avoid looking, but every so often his eyes would drift down.

'Men and boobs eh?’ you thought to yourself. You caught Spencer’s eye and waved. His eyes lit up as he saw you, mouthing 'Save me’ in your direction. You giggled shaking your head watching his brown eyes plead for you to come and help him.

“Poor Spencer,” you chuckled taking another long sip of your wine.

“Poor Spencer nothing, princess. That boy needs some female attention. It’s about time he got laid, ” Derek knocked his drink back.

“Yeah but really Derek…..a cougar, she’ll break him!” you giggled. “How long has she been there?“

“Well I pointed him out to her about 30 minutes ago when she grabbed my ass and asked if I was looking for a good time tonight, ” Derek laughed. “I figured the boy genius could have a good time instead. If he can’t find himself a hook up, I’ll do it for him.”

You shook your head at Derek feeling sorry for Reid. It wasn’t that the profiler was unattractive. Far from it. In fact, as far as your own tastes went, Reid was preferable to you than Derek. But he lacked confidence with women, not knowing what to say or when to stop rambling. You’d been surprised at how quickly you two had actually become friends outside of work to be honest, seeing how awkward and shy he could be around people.

You glanced at Reid again. He looked so miserable, but you knew he’d rather sit there than risk offending someone, even someone who was blatantly trying to get him into bed.

“Be right back,” you said to Garcia and Morgan as you hopped off your stool and walked over to the booth where the cougar had imprisoned Reid.

“Baby!” you exclaimed sliding in next to him hoping he’d catch on. “I’ve been looking all over for you,” you took his hand and squeezed it gently, leaning in and pecking him oh so lightly on the cheek.

He smiled gratefully, “I’m so sorry Y/N. I’ve just been listening to Shirley here telling me about her job as an air hostess.”

You smiled at 'Shirley’ sweetly. “Well thanks so much for keeping my boyfriend company for me.”

“Boyfriend?” she sniffed curtly. “His friend over there told me he’d be in need of a good time tonight,” she nodded over at Morgan who you could see was trying to hold back laughter. Spencer’s cheeks started to blush at the implication of what she meant.

You started to stroke his hand softly feeling him getting flustered. “Yes boyfriend, Shirley. Our friend over there must have meant someone else. The only person showing Spence a good time tonight will be me, right Spence?” you raised an eyebrow at him. He flushed red at your words.

“Pffft,” Shirley huffed. “He’s too scrawny for me anyway. Probably wouldn’t be able to handle a real women.”

'Bitch,’ you thought to yourself. Some people just didn’t know how to handle rejection well. You felt Spencer wince at the insult from her. 'And there goes his confidence levels plummeting to the ground again,’ you sighed internally.

“Let me tell you something Shirley,” you leaned over looking her dead in the eye. "This man right here may look scrawny, but he has no trouble pinning me up against my bedroom wall and fucking my brains out. He definitely, 100 percent knows how to handle a real women. Now I suggest you leave so I can discuss with Spencer exactly how he’s going to handle me when we get home.“ You smiled as her jaw dropped. Her face started to flush as she gathered up her bag and stalked away from the booth in the direction of the bathroom.

You knocked back your drink and turned to look at your friend. "Hi” you said nudging his shoulder with yours.

"Hi yourself” he replied licking his bottom lip. “Thanks for getting rid of her,” he smiled taking a sip of his own drink.

"No problem…. She pissed me off when she didn’t seem to believe that I was your girlfriend. So I had to put her in her place a little!“

“Well of course she didn’t believe it Y/N. Why would someone like you be with someone like me,” he said softly suddenly seeming very sober.

"What’s that meant to mean Spencer,” you asked sharply turning to look at him.

He gripped your hand realising how what he’d said might have sounded. “Oh no. N-no. T-that didn’t come out right,” he stuttered. He looked at you sadly and sighed. “You’re gorgeous Y/N. She couldn’t believe that someone as beautiful as you would be with someone like me. Like she said; I’m scrawny and definitely don’t look like I’d be any good at….. Well….that,” his eyes focused on his drink not wanting to look at you.

“Look at me Reid,” you put your hand out and touching his jaw, turning it towards you. “Spencer look at me.”

His sad brown eyes found yours. “Spencer, you may not be as built as guys like Morgan but trust me when I say that you could have any girl in here, if you’d only learn to be more confident.“

He huffed as if to say 'yeah right’ and started to look away again. You grabbed his face keeping it aimed on yours and moved closer to him. "I’m being serious Spencer. You’re gorgeous. You have a jaw line that most guys would kill for, eyes that someone could easily get lost in and hair that most women would love the opportunity to run their hand’s through. Add that to the fact that you’re a genius as well as kind and funny and well… What’s not to like?” He started to bite his lip the way he does at least ten times a day. "Oh and lip thing you’re doing right now Reid? Sexy as fuck….When ever you do that I can guarantee there’s at least one girl in the room watching you, wanting you to bite down on their lips instead…..Seriously, if you can teach yourself a whole new language in the space of a weekend then you can teach yourself to be confident. You could have anyone you wanted if you just had confidence in yourself.”

You sat back in your seat feeling sad that your friend didn’t realise what a good catch he was and feeling angry with Morgan for sending that bitch over to try to seduce him. You weren’t saying those things just to be nice either. You genuinely meant them. He was gorgeous and would make someone an amazing partner.

“What if I don’t want just anyone?” Spencer spoke quietly after taking a deep breath. “What if there is someone I like but I’m too scared that she doesn’t think of me like that?” he looked at you shyly.

You sighed racking your brains trying to think who this girl could be, feeling slightly jealous that there was someone he liked.

“Then tell her Reid, at least that way you know. If she doesn’t want you, then that’s her loss but at least you have an answer. Tell her.”

“I’m trying to Y/N. I’m trying to tell her right now,” he spoke so softly you almost didn’t hear him. He must have felt you tense as the meaning of his words finally clicked in your mind.

'Wait what?’ you thought. 'Me, he likes me?’ As much as you wanted to believe that’s what he’d just said, you couldn’t.

“Shit.” he muttered. “Guess that’s my answer. Can we just forget about this please?” he smiled at you weakly.

When you didn’t respond he made a move to leave the table. When you realised he was going to leave you blurted out, “NO.”

“No?” he asked quizzically.

“No, we can’t forget about it. Spencer…. You like me? Like properly more than a friend like me?” you wanted to be sure before you made a fool of yourself.

He blushed, “Well, erm, yes I do. A lot. A hell of a lot actually. I just never thought that anyone as awesome as you could like me. I don’t really have girlfriends, you know this.” He brushed a brown curl that was escaping back behind his ears as he bit his bottom lip again nervously.

You giggled, “Spence… I’m that girl.”

He looked confused.

“You’re biting your lip again… I’m that girl who wants you to be biting hers instead.” you laughed at the expression on his face. "I like you too. A lot,“ you whispered.

He smiled at you, his eyes lighting up. He looked so adorable right now.

"Listen,” you said. “Let’s go somewhere and get some coffee and talk okay.”

He nodded and you both stood up. You caught Penelope’s eye and mouthed 'We’re going’ across the room to her. She looked confused. You made a 'I’ll text you later motion’ with one hand and slipped your other hand back into Reid’s hearing him sigh happily at your contact.

Garcia clocked the hand hold and her eyes widened as a huge grin came over her face. You could almost hear the squeals that must be happening inside her head.

“Come on Dr Reid. We’ve gotta go find a wall for you to pin me up against. Wouldn’t want to have lied to Shirley now do we?”

He coughed and spluttered at what you’d just said.

“Haha. I’m joking Spence…. I don’t do that on a first date,” you turned to look up at him. "But someday, when you’re ready, we are soo doing that okay?“

He lowered his head so his lips were next your ears and whispered, "Okay, but maybe tonight, we could try some of that lip biting you mentioned instead.”

It was your turn to cough and splutter then as you pulled his hand and nearly dragged him out of the bar.

Emily: [Brings beer and Brad from the bar] Ladies, this is Brad! A real FBI agent!
Garcia: Really?
Emily: Really!
JJ: No way!
Garcia: That’s exciting! What’s it like in Quantico?
Brad: It’s, eh, quite impressive!
JJ: What department are you in?
Brad: That’s classified
JJ: Oh
[winks to Garcia & Emily]
JJ: it must be really tough keeping all those secrets
Brad: It’s a skill like anything else. Carpenters are good at building stuff, measuring. FBI is good at keeping secrets and kicking criminal ass!
Emily: Well, somebody has to do it! Oh, do you have to carry your gun and batch with you everywhere you go?
Brad: Affirmative
Emily: Can we see it?
Brad: See what?
Emily: Your badge
Garcia: Please
Brad: I am sorry, that’s…
Penelope, JJ, Emily: Classified of course
Emily: [takes out her badge] Tell me Brad, does it look anything like this?
JJ: [takes out her badge] Or, uh, this?
Garcia: [takes out her badge] Or maybe this?
[Brad walks away]
—  Emily Prentiss, Penelope Garcia, Jennifer Jareau. Season 2 Episode 21. Criminal Minds quote of the day.
The House In the Suburbs

This is a Hotch x reader requested by an awesome anon where Hotch kept his relationship with you a secret from the team because he wanted to see where it went then about a year or two later, hotch, jack, and you, are moving into a house in the suburbs and when Hotch is submitting the change in address to update his file Garcia notices and notifies the rest of the team, leading Hotch to confess the relationship and invite the team over for a barbecue to meet you. This one ended up being kinda long, but I actually really like it and I hope you guys do, too! Please enjoy! :)

Originally posted by nevermindtheb0ll0cks

“Why do you refuse to tell them about our relationship, Hotch?” You barked, “I know that they’re like family to you!”

“Y/n,” Your boyfriend warned you, his voice low. He could feel the heated argument hurtling toward him, like an eager grenade clip barely hanging on.

You took a deep breath, steadying your heart rate for a moment, “Do you not think we’re going to last? Is that it?” You were hurt and confused, red in the face, doing all that you could to control your rampant anger at your boyfriend.

“I don’t think that at all,” Hotch took a number of large steps toward you. You could tell he was tempted to wrap his arms around your shoulders, but the anger still emanating from you warned him to do otherwise, “Y/n, I really like us. And that’s it right there. I don’t want us to be us and six other people- just us,”

You thought for a moment and Hotch could physically see you softening at his words. He laughed a little under his breath, “Us and Jack of course if that’s alright,”

“Are you kidding!” You couldn’t hide your smile anymore as your anger evaporated, “Jack is literally the best kid in the world!”

“Well,” Hotch chuckled, finally allowing his palms to settle around you, “Then I don’t see a problem here,” And with that, he pressed a kiss to your lips, the argument from mere moments before completely vanished from all mediums around.

“Hotch, babe, do you know if I have any more pairs of socks here?” You called from your boyfriend’s bedroom. It had been over a year since the long-ago fight.

He boyfriend stepped out of the bathroom, still-foamy toothbrush stuck into his palm like a wand, “What?” Hotch thought aloud, “I don’t think so,”

You groaned loudly, “It’s so difficult to have stuff in two different houses! I never know what I have at one and not at the other,” You resigned to stealing one of Hotch’s warm pairs of socks that were three times too big for your feet but would make do.

“Well, why don’t we just get a house together?” Hotch shrugged as if the suggestion was the most natural, easy thing to say in the entire world.

“What did you just say?” You looked up at Hotch in shock, eyes wide in surprise, only one sock slipped loosely onto your feet. His notion was flooded with such excited, crazy spotaneity, it threw you off your feet.

“Let’s sell our places and find one for just us,” Hotch was smirking, enjoying the thought of his own idea. It was rather romantic of him, so spontaneous yet so earnest and meditated.

You were frozen, still in shock. How could such a life-changing idea be uttered with such impossible nonchalance? Hotch was getting uneasy at your lack of response, but within another moment, your face burst into a gargantuan smile. Leaping off the bed, ignoring the cold feeling of the hard wood slapping the bottom of your sock-less foot, you wrapped your arms around Hotch, pressing your lips to his in another fateful kiss. When you pulled away, you were smiling like the Chesire cat.

“What do you say we start house hunting?” Hotch laughed

“I’ll go get my laptop!” You squealed in excitement, jutting out of the room like a train on fire. Hotch’s laughter at your enthusiasm drifted into the hallway. You could hear him finally putting his toothbrush away as you returned.

“Garcia?” Hotch knocked on the technical analyst’s door, pulling it open and entering, “Do you have access to my personal file? I need to update it,”

“Of course, boss man,” Garcia smiled, hot pink lipstick pulling apart to reveal an ivory set of sunshine. She turned to her computer, typing away momentarily before the printer in the corner of her office spurred to life, coughing up his personal file, “Make the changes on that paper then send it to HR, sir,”

“Thanks, Garcia,” Hotch said, marking the paper against her desk.

“Sir, do you mind if I ask you what exactly you’re changing?”

“My address.”

“I didn’t know you were moving!” Garcia cheered, “How exciting! Is Jack thrilled about the whole thing?” She twirled a dancing purple pen between her fingers, feeling the soft ball of fluff perched on the end brush softly against her fingertips.

“Oh yeah, Jack is ecstatic about the whole thing. Of course he’s hesitant about having a woman in the house again,” Hotch answered distractedly, focused on writing the correct words and numbers on the paper.

Hotch didn’t notice the way Garcia’s jaw completely dropped all the way to the floor, revealing a cavern of awe between the fuschia paint of her lips. She had to shake herself out of her astonished trance. Hotch hadn’t even noticed.

“Hold up, please,” Garcia stopped him from writing any farther, leaning forward and snatching the pen right out of Hotch’s hand.

“Garcia! What are you doing?”

“What woman are you moving in with?” The vibrant blonde questioned. When it came to the personal lives of her friends, Garcia’s interrogation skills rivaled that of the BAU’s. The technical analyst’s bright orange floral sweater combated the stern line that consumed her now-unsmiling lips, a curious eyebrow raised.

Hotch backtracked in his mind, flushing white, “My girlfriend,” He answered, accepting his route of no escape from his allied cohort, “We’ve been keeping the relationship to ourselves for awhile. Less pressure and all that. Please, don’t tell the rest of the team, Garcia,” Hotch practically begged.

She leapt from her seat, “Oh no, oh no, oh no,” Garcia shook her head, rising to Hotch’s height with the aid of her much-too-high heels, “Hotch, you know me, there’s no way I can keep a secret like this!”

“Can you at least try?” Hotch pleaded with her, “I don’t think we’re ready to have the rest of the team know about our relationship yet,”

“I’ll try,” Penelope emphasized the pivotal word, drawing it out so that he would remember that she had used it, “But I can’t make any promises. You know how antsy I get when people tell me secrets!”

Okay, so maybe Hotch really shouldn’t trust Garcia with secrets. Nobody should. It took one single day for Garcia to spill the news about Hotch’s secret to the rest of the team. 

“Hotch, I’m so sorry,” Garcia rushed into his office nearly out of breath. She panted the words without context.


“Forgive me?” The technical analyst cringed at her own words. She still hadn’t confirmed why exactly she was apologizing to her boss. But she didn’t need to because a mere moment later, in walked the exact reason itself. The team.

“So, Aaron,” David smirked, leaning nonchalantly against a bookcase, “We hear you have a girlfriend,”

“Yeah, when can we meet her?” Emily added, getting straight to the point

They were all smirking. Why did they have to be smirking?!

Garcia looked like a puppy that had been kicked. There was no way he wasn’t going to forgive her, but still he couldn’t help but feel helpless as his mind grappled for an answer. Hotch finally opted for an easy sigh, looking wordlessly up at them.

“Oh, come on Hotch! You have to let us meet her!” JJ pleaded. Spencer chimed in in agreement a moment later. Even Spencer was desperate to meet their his girlfriend. There was no way he could keep this contained anymore. No way. All hope was lost. Abort mission.

Hotch sighed again, “Alright, why don’t you guys come over to our new place on Sunday? We’ll have a barbecue and you guys can meet her. JJ, you can bring the kids,”

“There ya’ go,” Morgan smiled, patting his boss on the back, “Now was that so hard?” He laughed.

The agents all filed out in one globular mess of a mob, like a clique of raucous rabbits. Garcia stayed behind, wringing the rows of rainbow bracelets climbing up her arms.

“Sir?” She asked hesitantly, “I’m sorry for telling them. I know how much you wanted to keep it a secret. I’ll make it up to you. I’ll tell you one of secrets then you can tell them! No, I’ll babysit Jack for a whole day! Actually, I’ve been told I’m not very good at babysitting… How about I-”

Hotch caught her off with a laugh and a wave of his hand, “It’s fine, Garcia. Really. It was only a matter of time until you guys found out anyway. If you want to do something to make it up to me, then you can show up at the barbecue on Sunday, how does that sound?”

Garcia’s lips exploded once again, “I’m very excited to meet her, sir,”

And with that, Garcia scurried out of the unit chief’s office without another word.

The barbecue. The day had finally arrived and the freshly painted house buried deep in the suburbs was buzzing with palpable excitement. Jack couldn’t wait for all of his favorite people to visit, overjoyed to see Uncle Spencer and Uncle Dave and Henry once again. The adults on the other hand (you especially) were incredibly nervous. 

All morning you were fidgety and anxious, wracked with never ending nerves. Hotch did what he could to comfort you, reassure you that these people were going to adore you, but you could tell that deep, deep down, he was just a little nervous, too.

The sound of the doorbell startled you to attention, and you anxiously followed your boyfriend to the door. As the door swung open, you were met with the sight of a bustling group of seven adults, two bustling kids that must have belonged to JJ trailing behind with laughs mounting jubilantly across their faces before they disappeared into the backyard in search of Jack.

Introductions were made and it became fretfully obvious that these people were nothing if not welcoming, if not friendly. Especially Garcia. Instead of a polite hand shake, the enthusiastic woman opted for an energetic hug, wrapping her arms around you in exuberant welcome.

“I’m Penelope, it is so nice to meet you,” The vibrantly robed woman gushed

“Oh, you, too, Penelope,” You smiled back warmly, rapidly feeling more and more comfortable in the presence of your boyfriend’s team.

“What do you say we take this outside?” Hotch suggestion, his arm wrapped naturally around your waist after several minutes of casual small talk.

Laughs and smiles filled the warm afternoon under the smiling golden sun. The kids laughed and played while the adults had their own fun, chit chatting easily the entire afternoon, seizing their rare opportunity for a stress-less day without work.

Garcia and Hotch barely left your side. Garcia, eager to learn all about you and seemingly become best of friends, and Hotch simply never wanting to leave your side. The food was delicious, a scrumptious summer treat on tired tongues fatigued from laughter, yet another embellishment of the increasingly delightful day.

As the food sitting on dinner plates began to disappear, Jack tried to capture your attention, waving his hands in the air from a couple seats down the table. After a moment of zero acknowledgement, Jack said rather loudly across the table, “Mom!”

And just like that, you felt everybody freeze around you, Hotch’s muscles tensed up as if the muscles themselves were additional bones. Garcia’s sharp intake of breath on your other side was painfully audible. You knew about what had happened to Jack’s mother, what had happened to Hotch’s ex-wife. It was awful, a trauma that would forever change Hotch and his son and everybody around them in so many infinite ways. The name that Jack called you could have scared you, could have changed everything, but it was Jack for Pete’s sake, so you turned to him with a muted smile, eyes soft, “Yeah, Jack?”

You slowly felt everybody around you let out a breath. Hotch’s arm tightened around your waist in a different way this time. He pressed a kiss to your cheek, “Thank you,” He whispered subtly to you as chatter resumed. And once again, all was good.

After awhile, Hotch filtered away to work at the grill to finish cooking off the last of the patties simultaneously chatting with Dave, matching beers in hand. You, Garcia, and Spencer, had ventured into the grassy abyss of the delightful backyard to join the boys in their game, running wildly and falling about in the dewy wonderland of afternoon joy.

“I like this one, Aaron,” Rossi commented, watching as you tumbled to the ground with Jack, Garcia plunging down along with the two of you moments later, “Would’ve liked to meet her earlier but…. she’s still a keeper,”

Hotch couldn’t hid the smile that reached his lips even as he brought his drink up to his mouth, “Yeah,” He said happily, watching you from the homely backyard the two of you now shared together, “I know,”

That I Can Do

A/N: An anon request for a fic where the BAU goes out and Spencer gets drunk. He ends up staring at the reader a lot and showering her with compliments. Fluffy drunk Spencer, some drunk dancing and kissing. @coveofmemories


“Oh my god,” Garcia laughed, watching as Reid walked back to their table like a baby giraffe just finding its legs. “Reid is so drunk. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him so drunk.”

The genius could actually hold his liquor. But he was holding quite a lot of it. “He’s so wasted,” you said, dancing with your ladies on the floor. “He normally doesn’t drink so much, I wonder why he decided to this time.”

Emily and JJ giggled much to your confusion. “I think I know why,” Emily said. “I think boy genius has a crush and he needed some liquid courage to get himself to say something.” Why wouldn’t Reid tell you if he had a crush on someone? He told you everything. Unless he just had his eye on someone since you’d walked in. 

“Are you serious?!” JJ screamed, unable to be heard over the loud music coming from the speakers. “He’s got the hots for you!”

You scrunched your face up in confusion. “Me? No way,” you huffed. There was no way he had the hots for you. To prove it to them, you left them on the dance floor and walked back toward Reid and the rest of the guys. “Hey babes.” You greeted them breezily, raking your hand through your hair; by the end of the night, you’d be able to tell JJ that she was out of her mind. “I’m parched. I think I need another drink.”

“I’ll come with you, beautiful,” Reid slurred, slinking his arm around your shoulder. Oh my god. JJ wasn’t actually out of her mind. Well, technically she still could be. Reid was beyond wasted. Maybe he didn’t feel this way when he wasn’t soaking in alcohol. Hotch, Rossi, who’d been very reluctantly dragged out (Hotch’s doing), and Morgan smiled wide. Had Spencer been talking about you to them? What the hell was going on? Never in a million years would you have thought Reid had the hots for you. “You’re so pretty,” he said as he leaned his head against your shoulder. You could practically feel him puddling on the ground. If it weren’t for him leaning on you, he would no doubt be on the floor right now. “I can’t believe I’ve never told you how pretty you are. I needed a-alcohol.”

“Reid, stop talking. You are so wasted,” you said, pushing his long hair back behind his ear. You were going to have to make sure he got home safely tonight. Sure you were pretty wasted yourself, but you were the responsible drunk - no matter how drunk you were, you made sure your friends were home safe.

“I know what you’re thinking,” he said. As you looked into his eyes, you could see his pupils darting around like mad. It was like he’d ingested enough alcohol to make them float.

“I don’t think you do, Reid.” You’d always thought Reid was cute, but with work as crazy as it was, you hadn’t really thought to pursue a relationship at all. Plus, as you’d told the girls, you never had an inkling that he had a thing for you. You honestly still didn’t believe it. “I think you’re talking crazy because you’re wasted.”

“But I’m not…talking crazy that is. I am very, very drunk though. But I’m definitely not talking crazy. You think I’m only saying you’re pretty because I’m drunk, but I’m not. I’ve always thought you were pretty, but you’re intimidating and gorgeous and I never believed you’d like me so I made myself get drunk to tell you how pretty you are.” As the bartender came back with your drinks, you watched as Reid took another sip. “I’m going to nurse this one. Otherwise, I think I might throw up.”

“I think that’s a good idea, Reid,” you laughed. In nearly three sips, you’d downed half the beer you’d ordered. You had no idea how to react to him liking you. Actually you did. Your immediate reaction was to kiss him, but one, you didn’t want to give everyone else the satisfaction of seeing that they were right, and two, you weren’t big on public displays of affection. 

However…the idea of him being drunk enough to actually dance with you made you wonder whether or not you should throw away your aversion to PDAs. He never danced. Ever. So you kind of wanted to take advantage of his drunkenness and get him to dance. “Reid, you wanna dance?” you asked casually. 

“Sure, why not,” he said setting his beer down on the table. He didn’t make eye contact with anyone, but you could see in everyone’s eyes that all they needed was some popcorn and they could sit back and watch the show. Fine, you would give them a show - nosy fuckers. “I’m super drunk anyway. Maybe alcohol makes me better on my feet.”

As you both made your way onto the dance floor, you took his hands in yours, turning around so your back was too his front. With ease, his body swayed with yours to the music. “You’re a good dancer too. And you’re pretty. How do you do that?” he slurred into your ear.

Your threw your head back and laughed. God, he was drunk. “I guess I’m just multi-talented, Reid. But I think you might be right about the alcohol making you a better dancer. You’re moving right along with me.”

“Wow, I guess it is working,” he laughed wildly as he looked down at his feet. He was so fucking wasted. When you made eye contact with JJ, she did that “I see you” gesture. Whether or not you did anything with Reid, everyone on the team was going to think that you did - so fuck it.

Just as the music began to switch to a different pace, you made a point of locking eyes with everyone on the team. Once you knew you had their attention, you reached behind you, placed your hand around the side of his neck and pulled his face toward yours, taking his mouth in a heated kiss. When you pulled your lips from his, he shook his head like a confused puppy. “Did that actually happen or am I just really, really drunk?”

“Both,” you laughed. “I think we have an audience.” 

Beyond confused, Reid looked around to see his teammates looking between you both. “I normally don’t do that kind of thing in front of people,” he laughed, placing his hand on JJ’s shoulder.

“No you don’t,” you replied. “Maybe we should get you home so you don’t fall over.”

He stumbled over your way, nearly losing his footing, but you caught him and righted him. “But I thought you wanted to dance?”

“If you come with me now, so you don’t fall over in an alcohol-induced stupor, I will dance with you before you pass out for the night. Okay?” you said, smirking at the rest of the team as you walked out of the club. 

“Deal,” he yawned. You weren’t going to get to dance with him; he was gonna pass out the second you got him home. “Can I get another kiss too?”

“That I can do.”

Gone Pt. 6

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Part One  Part Two  Part Three  Part Four  Part Five

A/N:  Thank you for continuing to read this fic, I’ve loved writing it so far.  This chapter is short, but there’s a reason it is, so stay tuned.  Lets catch up, shall we?

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Empty Place

Fandom: Criminal Minds

Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader

Prompt: (anon request) Can you make an image where Reid is secretly in love with the reader and he always acts weirdly around her. One day when Penelope is exposing(?) the case the reader finds out that an important old friend died and she’s destroyed so Reid tries to solace her and he takes care about her more than ever, he tries to make her laugh and other things… love how you write❤️

I hope you like it anon! Also, this is unbeta so please excuse any mistakes! 

“Hey it’s me Y/N. I am coming back home for a case, so I was wondering if we could hang out after that? I was thinking of taking a week off, so maybe I could stay at your place and we could spend some time together? It’ll be fun and we haven’t really seen each other for a long time. So call me back when you’re free. Bye.” She ended the voicemail, still frowning over the fact that her best friend didn’t take the call. she shove my cell back in, joining the team as Penelope showed up on the screen.

“Hello my lovely crimefighters! I just got an ID on our last victim. Her name is Olivia Carter-“


The team turned to Y/N in confusion, but she didn’t notice it though. All her focus was on the tech analyst, who was looking confused as everyone. “Did you just say Olivia Carter?”

“Yeah, she was reported missing this morning by her husband-“

“But I talked to her last night. There’s no way that she is the victim Garcia.”

“The dentals matched and the clothes she had on matched the ones reported… oh my god,” Garcia gasped, suddenly understanding why Y/N is reacting this way.

“No, you’re wrong Garcia. There is no way Olivia is dead okay!” Y/N screamed, her body shaking. Spencer, her boyfriend, quickly gets up and tries to reach out to her but she flinches away. Spencer slows down, holding his hands to show that he means no harm. “She can’t be died,” Y/N whispers, whether to her and to the team is unclear.

“Y/N,” Spencer calls out, dread in his voice as she doesn’t respond to him. He can see how pale she became, and her body doesn’t stop shaking. He quickly grabs her when her legs give out. She doesn’t move away from him, but instead buries her head against his chest and lets out painful sobs. He shields her away from the team, who thankfully divert their eyes away from them. They knew how much Y/N hated to show her weakness to anyone, yet they needed to know everything about their victim, and Y/N is the only one right now to provide answers.

Spencer looked up to the rest of the group with teary eyes, noting the guilt and pity on their faces. Hotch looked grim, looking like he didn’t want to do this yet he knew he has to. JJ came forward and rested an hand on the grieving girl’s body, silently trying to comfort her. “Y/N, I am so sorry,” Hotch felt guilty for what he was about to do. She looks up at him, red eyes filled with pain. “But you were the last person to talk to Olivia, so-“

“Hotch do we need to do this right now?” Spencer spit out, his eyes bright with fire as he stared at his boss. Couldn’t he give her some time to grieve before he asked questions?

“No,” Y/N whispered, her voice cracking. “We need to do it right now to catch that son of a bitch.” She reluctantly turns her body away from Spencer, but he doesn’t let go of the arm on her waist. Morgan, Rossi and Blake were giving her such pitying looks that she forced herself to look at her boss’s sympathetic eyes. She felt JJ close to her, thankful for her friends’ silent comfort.

“Did Olivia tell you where she was going the last time you talked to her?”

“She said that she was at home. It was late at night, I think around 11 when I called her, so she always made sure that she would be back at home before 10. She said it was because of my horror case stories that made sure she would always go back to home at night.” A nostalgic smile is on Y/N’s face as she remembered an horrified Olivia as she talked about her cases and why should always be careful. It quickly shifted into an heartbroken expression, and Spencer yearned to comfort the woman with all he could. But he knew that this was important, so he kept quiet but he reassured her by gently rubbing her back in comfort.  

“What did you and Olivia talk about last night?”

“She wanted me to come back home,” she answered, fresh tears streaming down her face as she remembered the excited voice of her best friend. “She always tells me that though, but this time she was excited about something. She wouldn’t tell me on the phone, but she was clearly happy about something.”

“How long have you known Olivia?”

A lost look comes on Y/N’s face, her eyes not focusing on the present. “She is-“ she stops to take a deep breath to not let the cry come out. “She is my best friend for 25 years now. She is almost like my sister, you know. I knew everything about her and vice versa. She was so mad at me when I left our hometown, but she understood. She always did, no matter what.”

No one correct Y/N’s use of present tense, keeping silence as Hotch continued to take on the lead. “Do you know anyone who would want to hurt Olivia? Her husband perhaps?”

“No, Percy would never do that. They were high school sweethearts, everyone in the town knew that they would get married when they started dating. No, Percy could have never-“ she broke off, looking away as new way of grief washed over her. What was going to happened to Percy now?

“So whatever Olivia did, the entire town would know about it?”

Y/N solemnly nodded, sniffing as she wiped the tears on her cheeks. “It’s why I wanted to leave. Someone’s business was everyone’s business in that town, and I hated that. There was no privacy and everyone knew everyone. I shouldn’t have left, then Olivia wouldn’t-“

“Hey listen to me,” Spencer interrupts, cupping Y/N’s face to force her eyes to meet his. “It’s not your fault Y/N, don’t ever think like that.”

She slightly nodded, leaning into Spencer who continued to hold her. The rest didn’t say anything for few minutes, feeling remorse for what their friend is going through. Hotch cleared his throat, either trying to regain the attention of Y/N or get a grip of his own emotions, Spencer didn’t know.

“Usually, I wouldn’t have let you be on the case, however I think it would be better if we have your insight. You know this town better than anyone.”

“You really think it’s someone from the town?” Y/N knew that they were right, however it didn’t feel right.

Hotch nodded. “However you won’t be on the field.”

With that and the plane soon landing, the rest of the team shifted to prepare to land soon, but Spencer didn’t leave her for a second. As soon as they land, Hotch pulled Spencer away from the group for a minute. “Reid? After we give our profile, I want you to take Y/N to the hotel,” his boss ordered and received a nod from the genius.

Hotch resisted his urge to sigh as he watched the genius quickly walk next to Y/N, holding her as they walked to the car. The team always tried to not make a case personal, however this was going to be gruesome.


After giving the profile to the police and catching the son of a bitch, Y/N became quiet. Almost too quiet. There was a blank look on a face, but her team could see the lost look in her eyes. Spencer gently urged her to the car, and he became worried over how unresponsive she was during the car ride. However at one point, she told him to take a right. He hesitated at first, but continued to follow her directions as she led him to a park. She got out as soon as the car stop, but Spencer didn’t try to stop her. She walked until she came in front of a particular tree and he stood few feet away as he watched her put a hand on the tree.

“We would come here whenever we wanted to tell a secret,” Y/N spoke out loud, her back still facing Spencer. “This was our safe place in a way, because here we could tell each other everything and know that we would be near hurt by the other person. And now she’s really gone.“

"I am so sorry Y/N.” He took a step closer when she turned to him. Her grief broke his heart, and he wanted to comfort her but he knew that she was still processing the loss.

“I don’t know what to do Spence,” she mumbled, bringing her arms across herself, hugging herself for comfort. “She was terrified of something happening to me, but the opposite happened. I always thought that she would be safe. I feel so empty right now Spencer, I don’t know what to do.”

“When Gideon died,” Spencer started, “All I felt was an empty place in my heart. As time went by, the empty place didn’t go away, but it became better to live with it.”

She takes a step closer to him, allowing him to hug her as she rested her head on his chest. “Thank you,” she whispered. He looked down at her in confusion. “For what?”

“For being here with me.”

Scars and all

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The Annual Rossi Pool Bash was a BAU tradition. It involved sitting around Rossi’s pool, drinking wine, eating sweet treats and not swimming. The Rossi Pool Bash occurred exactly on the hottest day of the year, this day changed every year. It was Dr Spencer Reid who determined said day because he was the only who volunteered to do said job. He took said job very seriously, always handing every a copy of the day’s heat index,temperature, humidity and a bunch of other stats in a manila folder with smiley suns whilst everyone entered the house.

Today however was different, special even. Today was the first day everyone had agreed to swim. Luke has suggested it, considering it was his first time here after all and then slowly Prentiss and JJ and even Spencer agreed. The only people who had refused were Rossi AND y/n. Now to be fair Rossi had no right to not swim. He owned the pool. 

Who owns a pool and doesn’t swim in it?

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Anything Can Happen In The Next Half Hour - Fifteen

To say work was uncomfortable was an understatement. Having to act like Y/N wasn’t pissed off with Penelope wasn’t easy for her, and Spencer was finding acting normally around the pair of them incredibly hard to do.

Y/N couldn’t understand why Spencer was pretty much blanking her though, only talking to her when he had to. He’d ignored her texts, her phone calls and her online messages even though she could see that he’d read them. What irritated her even more was that although Spencer seemed slightly uncomfortable in Garcia’s presence, he was still talking to her like a friend, whereas with her it was almost like she didn’t even exist to him.

After an agonising four days at work, Y/N found herself slipping into Penelope’s bat cave, seeking the solice and advice of her friend. Penny glanced away from keyboard, double taking and spinning around immediately when she saw it was her.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry I accidentally invaded your privacy!” she blurted out quickly. Y/N pulled out another chair and threw herself down into wearily.

“I’m sorry I reacted so badly to it. I know you were only looking out for Spencer and I know your reasons why. And…. If I hadn’t been the other person, I’ll admit that I’d probably have been right beside you desperately trying to find out the identity of the person Reid had been talking to.”

“So….are we okay?” the pink lipped technical guru asked tentatively.

“We’re okay.”

“I have to ask. How? Like, did you know it was him from the start? I need to know, I need to know everything. EVERYTHING!”

Y/N sighed and accepted the fact that she was going to have to fill Garcia in on at least some of the story. “I didn’t know it was him to begin with. We’d been talking for a few weeks and then one night the conversation got a little risqué and photos were exchanged. And then we agreed to meet up. When we realised it was each other we both freaked out a little and avoided the chat room. But apparently we couldn’t stay away for very long.”

“And then what happened?” Penny leant forward on her hands, a gleam in her eyes as she smiled.

“We started talking again online and then…. things just happened.”

“So that night we were all out together, it WAS Spencer you went home with?”

Y/N nodded, “Although technically he went home first and I followed a while later. But yes, when you called me the next day and said you were outside my apartment, that was who I was with. He was dropping me off.”

“And the love bites on his neck, you?”

Another nod.

“That first photo you showed me. I’m kinda disturbed to know that it actually was him.”

“I know that feeling, believe me. I assume that you read some of the chats?”

Penelope nodded at her and Y/N felt herself blushing lightly knowing her friend had seen some of the filthy things she’d written.

“Those chats were hot stuff, I’ve gotta say. You put mine and Derek’s flirty conversation to shame, girl.”

Y/N laughed beginning to feel more at ease with the conversation. Garcia continued, “I’ve got to ask though, are you two really JUST hooking up? Or is it more? I won’t say anything, I promise. I’m surprised but I also actually think you two would be really really great together.”

“It was just….”

The door to Penelope’s office swung open and Spencer strode in as if he’d been summoned, knowing he was being talked about.

“Garcia, I need….. ” he spotted Y/N sitting on the chair next to Penelope and stopped in his tracks. “I’ll come back later.”

The two women watched him turn around and leave, slamming the door behind him as he went and they turned back to each other.

“It was just sex. Right now though, it’s nothing at all. He’s not speaking to me or responding to my messages. Any of them. I don’t know why.”

Garcia screwed up her face thoughtfully, trying to rack her brains.

“Is this ever since I found out? Like, did he stay after I left?”

“Nope. I was freaking out about you knowing because I thought you’d run and tell Derek and then it would be all over the team and I just couldn’t cope with people knowing that me and Spencer had actually slept together.”

Penelope raised her eyebrows. “And did you voice that outloud?”


Yes she had. And now she’d repeated those words she heard exactly how Spencer would have taken them.

“Oh fuck.”

“Exactly,” Garcia agreed.


@lovedannixoxo: Hey! If you have time could you do a criminal minds request? Could you do where the reader announces she’s pregnant with Hotch’s baby to the team? Lots of fluff and perhaps it could be like when Kate Callahan announced her pregnancy? Thank you!!! ❤

A/N: I hope this request is okay and that you enjoy it!! Requests are still open!!

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“So when do we to tell the team that I’m pregnant?” Y/N asked as she saw Aaron getting into bed putting the casefile that he was working on, on their bedside table.

“Whenever your ready Y/N, I don’t care whether it’s tomorrow, next week or even in a couple of months, what matters is when you feel like that your ready to tell them.” Aaron tells her as he put his arms around her body, pulling her close to him so they could snuggle up together and so that he could reassure her.

“Yeah I guess I could tell them when I’m ready but do you think that they’ll understand?” Y/N asked scared of what the teams reaction would be.

“Y/N sweetie, don’t be silly, if the team can understand that we’re together than they’ll understand that we’re expecting and I’m pretty sure the team will be thrilled that another baby will be coming into lives and will do everything to help you.” Aaron says still trying to assure his wife that everything will be okay with them and the team.

“Okay I guess your right, I am being silly, I guess I’m just nervous.” Y/N said with a smile appearing on her face as she snuggled into Aarons chest.

“It’s okay honey everyone feels like this, its perfectly normal.” Aaron said as he looked down at Y/N.

“Who do you think will be the first one to discover or assume that I’m pregnant if we don’t tell the team and one of them figures it out for themselves or when we tell them they had their suspicions?”  Y/N asked Aaron hoping he would give her an answer.

“I think that Dave will be the first one to find out!” Aaron said with a confident smile on his face.

“Really you think that Rossi will be the one to find out?! I think Garcia will after all she is surround by the top profilers, I wouldn’t be surprised if she picked up a few profiling tricks of her own!” Y/N said, also with confidence in her voice.

“Fine I bet you $20 that Dave will be the one to find out first!” Aaron said with a smile on his knowing that Rossi will be the one to find out as he is the eldest profiler with the most profiling experience.

“Okay then Hotchner, I bet you $20 that Garcia will be the one to find out!” Y/N said with confidence hoping that she would be right.

It had been almost a month since Y/N and Hotch’s discussion about when to tell the team about the baby, both were read to tell the team about their news but were unsure on how to tell them and when to tell them.

Y/N and Hotch walked through the BAU doors walking side by side, the two would usually would hold hands when together but once they enter their work environment, they forget that they are husband and wife and work together as colleagues and see remain professional whilst in the office and out in the field,  the only PDA that they would show would be smiling to each other.

The two walked together smiling and laughing and talking about what they were going to do when they got home, when they say Garcia walking up to them with a cup of coffee in her hand.

“Here you go my lovely, you look like you need it!” Garcia said cheerfully as she handing it over to her.

“Er… no thanks Garcia I’m trying to cut down on my coffee intake, I’m trying to find better ways to keep myself awake.” Y/N said trying her best to make her story believable, whilst Hotch gave her the ‘ she isn’t going to believe that, trust me’ look.

“You sure about that Y/N? you look like you fall your falling asleep most of the time are you able to get through weeks or months without any coffee?” Garcia asks with a concern on her face, worried about her friends health.

“Yes I’m sure Garcia you don’t need to worry, I’m sure ill find some way to keep me awake.” Y/N said trying to reassure her friend that everything is okay with her.

“Look I’m only looking out for okay?” Garcia said putting her hands on her shoulders whilst Y/N nodded knowing that her friend was only looking out for her.

Once the conversation finished the tree of them headed to their respected work areas, but before they could go any further, Garcia walked back to Y/N wanting to tell her something, whilst Hotch got up to the catwalk to see the two women about to discuss something.

“Y/N I just wanted to say that your skin has been amazing for the past few weeks, it’s been glowing and everything, you need to tell me what your using?!” Garcia said excitedly hoping to get answer from Y/N but instead received a laugh from her and Hotch who was listening into the conversation

“What? What is it Y/N why are you laughing? What’s so funny? Why is Hotch laughing he never laughs?! Are you two okay?” Garcia asked with confusion as two why her friend and boss were laughing away at what she said.

“Garcia just think about it, why would my face be glowing? remember a couple of weeks back when I had to go the doctors and Hotch felt guilty about not be able to go because he got caught up in a meeting with Strauss?” Y/N said giving Garcia clues about what was going on.

“OH MY GOD! YOUR PREGNANT!!! HOW DID I NOT KNOW?!!” Garcia shouts in excitement with a smile on her face happy for her two friends that they were expecting.

“Yes I’m pregnant!” Y/N said with a chuckle letting the excited women know that what she was saying was true.

“That explains so much, I had feeling something was going between you two! I mean Hotch was showing more PDA that he usually does even if it was holding hands and hugging, but it was because you guys were happy about your good news! And usually when you go to the doctors Hotch doesn’t feel guilty about not going he’s usually concerned but you always tell him what happened, but that doctors appointment wasn’t any ordinary appointment, it was your baby scan! He felt guilty because he should’ve been there with you!!” Garcia says trying to add up all the things that have happened between the two of them for the last month.

“Yes, yes and yes!” I guess we did make it obvious something was going on.“ Y/N said letting out a chuckle.

"Huh! We need to tell the team!” Garcia exclaimed as she grabbed Y/N by the arm and dragged her up the catwalk and also grabbed Hotch’s arm and dragged the two of them to the conference room.

“Woah, what is going on baby girl, that is making you this excited that yo had to drag the husband and wife in here?!” Morgan says referring to Y/N and Horch who were standing there awkwardly, looking like they were a children on the first day of school.

“Come on tell them!” Garcia says in anticipation waiting for them to tell the news to their friends.

“What is it Aaron is everything okay between the two of you?” Rossi asks concerned about the twos behaviour.

“Okay, I wasn’t to sure when to tell you guys, but I’m pregnant!” Y/N said excitedly as Hotch put his arm around her waist whilst the team erupted into joy at their friends exciting good news.

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“OH MY GOD!! CONGRATUALTIONS!!” JJ said as she went up to hug Y/N, wanting to be the first one to congratulate and hug her on her good news, and the rest of the team took turns to congratulate the couple and give hugs to the each of them.

“Congrats, your father again! How does it feel?” Rossi asked Hotch as he pulled him in for a hug.

“Nerveracking, but its going to be worth it!” Hotch says with a smile on his face as the rest of the team sat down to be introduce the case that they would be working on by Garcia.

“Oh and by the way you owe me $20, told you Garcia would be the first to figure it out!” Y/N said with confidence as Hotch handed her $20 whilst the team look at the two of them confused looks.

“We made a bet to see who would be the first one to figure out that Y/N is pregnant, I said Rossi and Y/N said Garcia and looks like Y/N was right, but enough of this I believe we have a case!” Hotch says as everyone nodded and looked towards Garcia who explained what the case is as everyone gave in all of their knowledge and expertise to the information Garcia was giving them, while Hotch and Y/N smiled at each other looking forward to the exciting road to parenthood.

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The Engagement

Anonymous said:Could you write something where Spencer x reader show up at work and meet everyone in the conference for the briefing when someone notices the ring on the readers left hand (that wasn’t there the day before) that would be so awesome! Xx

This is short, but I hope you all enjoy :)

I couldn’t stop staring at the diamond ring on my left ring finger. Spencer’s proposal had been intimate and romantic; it was beautiful and everything I could have wanted. Now, I was engaged to the sweet genius that I had fallen in love with the moment we had met, two years earlier. I couldn’t wait for everyone to know. The entire team had played a role in bringing us together. I wasn’t sure if Spencer and I ever would have made it to this point on our own. 

Bottom line, our team is our family, and news like this would be something special to share with them. 

I walked into the conference room, where most of the team was already gathered. 

“Hey, Pretty Girl, where’s Reid?” Morgan asked. 

“I’m here!” Spencer chimed in, coming in behind me. 

“Alright, I think everyone is here,” Hotch said. “Let’s get started, shall we?” 

“Wait, where’s Garcia?” I asked. 

“Your Queen has arrived, never fear,” came Garcia’s ringing voice. “I have all kinds of creepy to share with-” 

Garcia was approaching the front of the conference room, but stopped short, her eyes trained on me. 

“Oh…my god,” she gasped. “Oh, my god, oh my god!” 

“Garcia, what’s wrong?” Prentiss asked. 

“(Y/N), what is that on your hand?” Penelope demanded. 

I glanced at Spencer, who smiled brightly at me. With a smile back at him, I turned back to Penelope and held my left hand out to her. She shrieked and turned to the others. 

“They got engaged, he proposed to her, they’re getting married!” she squealed. 

“Wait, really?” JJ asked. “Spencer, did you propose to (Y/N)?” Spencer nodded his head proudly. 

“I did,” he laughed. 

“Oh my god, you guys are getting married! There’s going to be a wedding!” Penelope exclaimed, pulling me to my feet and into a tight hug. 

I laughed and hugged her back, smiling at Spencer over my shoulder as Derek hugged him. 

With out whole family around us, we took a break from the scary world we work in to celebrate our future together. The creepy stuff was right around the corner, but for those few moments, everything seemed so bright. 

Out Of Nothing At All - Three

Six weeks had passed. Six week of you knowingly being with child. Six weeks since your stupid brain and body had made the decision for you that your life was changing forever.

Woopty fucking doo.

You’d cried a lot for the first few days. Cried for the life you would have to leave behind, cried for the countless hours of sleep you’d lose, the alone time you’d rarely have for the next eighteen years, and you cried for the mess this child would make of your body.

And then you found yourself crying and admonishing yourself for being a selfish cow.

You’d had a surreal moment where you’d sat with a bottle of vodka uncapped in front of you, daring yourself to drink it; you didn’t want this baby, maybe if you treated it badly enough whilst it was still inside you, then……it might just, not end up coming out.

Then you’d realised that you genuinely were possibly the worst person in the world to be wishing that, and you quickly poured the vodka and any other alcohol you had in the house away.

You’d returned to work on the Monday, having spent Sunday writing out your action plan, finally coming to terms with the fact that you were going to have to deal with this, and that you were going to have to be an adult about it.

Hotch had remained your fairy godmother of sorts. He’d discreetly started giving you the less active tasks when you were out on cases, making sure you were always accompanied by someone if you had to be out in the field. He’d respected your wishes and not informed the team of your impending doom, - sorry, impending motherhood - and you and he had had a long talk about your future within the BAU.

You were going to hide your pregnancy from the team for as long as possible, working as far into it as your body and health would allow. When the baby was born, you’d take at least six months off, before reviewing your options again.

You had every intention of moving away from the city once you gave birth to the demon spawn that was ruining your life. Not, to be closer to your parents though. But just somewhere you could have a new start.

You didn’t want to leave the team, you adored each and every one of them, even Reid in your own way, annoying as he was, and you loved your job. But you knew once IT was born, that you wouldn’t be able to stay.

Luckily, you didn’t need the money. You were fortunate in that way at least. Your maternal grandfather had been renowned film director Teddy Montgomery, and when he’d passed you’d been gifted a large part of his estate in his will. You worked because you wanted to, enjoyed it. Your Gramps speciality had been film noir and you would accompany him on sets when you were a small child. It was watching him filming that had piqued your interest in crime. You could easily live the rest of your life just off the money he’d left you, but that wasn’t the sort of person you were. Instead, you’d banked the money, using it to buy yourself a house, and splurging only very occasionally. You hid your family’s wealth from the rest of the team, only confessing it to Hotch a few weeks ago when he’d asked about your monetry situation, concerned about you being able to cope without the father on the scene.

He’d been shocked when you’d told him, revealing that ‘The Blue Murder Club’ was one of his favourite movies. Two days later you’d turned up at his home, handing him a framed film cell from the movie that you’d acquired. You had tons of random stuff like that from your Gramp’s movies, your three bedroomed home full of them. Your older sisters had not been interested at all in his filmmaking skills, only the money that had come with it, so when he’d died you’d ended up with quite a collection. Something else that was worth a fortune to the right collectors, but things which you knew you’d never sell.

Hotch had insisted that you stay for dinner and spend some time with him and Jack, and you’d obliged, knowing he was trying to get you to spend more time around small children to lessen the blow.

You were fine with other people’s kids though, you’d just… never wanted one of your own. Jack and you had had a good old play with his action figures, sprawled out on the floor whilst Aaron had prepared food for you both. Whilst you’d been eating you’d tentively asked if he’d maybe accompany you to your scan appointment in three days time. The only other person you’d have normally asked or confided in about something like this, Garcia, being out of bounds currently due to your own imposed limitations.

He’d accepted with a huge grin on his face and you’d both laughed when you’d joked about them probably thinking you two were a couple.

“No offence Hotch, but I think of you more as a father figure than someone I’d like to climb into bed with.”

“None taken at all Y/N, in fact I’m kind of honoured that you think of me that way at all.”

So here you were, sat on yet another hospital bed with your tummy exposed, your boss sat to the side of the bed.

You’d registered with an OB/GYN five weeks ago, them giving you a quick scan then and there confirming that you were in fact around fourteen weeks pregnant at that time. Then they’d gone through the normal questions and provided you with yet another stack of pamphlets containing information you’d already Googled online.

You’d become adept at hiding your tiny bump which luckily, appeared to be behaving itself and not making you blow up and giving away your cover. Slightly baggier clothes and well placed accessories were working well.

The harder part had been adjusting your social life, and letting Morgan down gently. You’d become accustomed to hanging out with him and Garcia outside of work, bar hopping and generally getting up to no good. You still went out, but you insisted on being the one to fetch the drinks each time, having a word with the bar staff and tipping them well to ensure that your drinks were always the none alcoholic version. Acting drunk wasn’t a exactly a science to you either.

Morgan hadn’t been too heartbroken either. You and him had developed a ‘thing’ not long after you and your ex had broken up. Mutual benefits which given your current situation, definitely couldn’t go on. He could not know about what was happening inside your body. Not yet at least. You’d tell him when the time was right….or when you had no choice but to. Which ever came first.

Hotch knew about your ‘thing’ and you knew what he suspected, but you were neither going to confirm or deny it. You were still insisting on going this alone. And the truth would be obvious when the child was born anyway, but hopefully you’d have a home in another state and a whole new life sorted by then.

The ultrasound technician finished tapping away at her screen before squirting clear squishy gel onto the slight curve of your tummy, warning you that it might be cold.

“Nineteen weeks right? We should be able to find out the sex today if the baby’s position is right. That’s of course, if you and Dad want to?” She eyed you and Aaron carefully.

Chuckling as your prediction had come true you explained, “He’s just a friend. The ‘Dad’ isn’t part of the picture. My choice. And yes, I think I’d like to know.”

“Okay dokey.” She placed the wand to your tummy and you both turned to view the screen hearing a loud whooshing noise.

The first scan you’d had you’d not been interested in at all and there’d barely been anything to see. Five weeks on though and there was a huge difference.

The technician rattled off measurements, her assistant inputting them into your records as you watched the figure on the screen.

It was…. A baby. A tiny, black and white image of a small human being. A small you.

You could make out its head clearly and its arms and legs, a hand moving on the screen. That was inside you, you’d made that. And it looked harmless, like it wouldn’t hurt a fly.


“So this isn’t one hundred percent accurate, you can’t be absolutely certain until the baby is born. But…. It looks like you’re having a little girl.”

Oh…. OH.

And then a tiny lump in your throat. You turned to look at Hotch, him smiling at you and squeezing your hand.

“Maybe we will be family after all Aaron? Eight years between Jack and this little peanut.”

“I was just thinking the same thing Y/N.”

You were back at the office, scan photos tucked safely away in your bag.

The appointment had been a lunchtime one, and you had files to be getting on with.

Quitting time came and you packed up, ready to leave and waving good bye to everyone else who was gathering their own belongings.

Walking to the elevator with JJ and Rossi, you crashed straight into Penelope Garcia who was rushing around like a little ball of energy as normal. She sent your bag and the contents flying across the floor, you scurrying to pick everything up when you remembered what was in there.

“Shit, bugger, fuck. Sorry Y/N.” Penelope bent down helping you pick up the items, reaching for and grabbing the one thing you’d hoped she wouldn’t.

She turned the card over, her eyes widening as she took in the image in front of her along with the name and dates.


JJ and Rossi looked confused and you knew there was no point in trying to lie.

“Yes, I am.”

“OH MY God,” Garcia squealed, tossing the photo to JJ and Dave as she enveloped you in a huge hug. “Why the hell didn’t you tell me? I’d have come with you! Was that were you were today?”

You nodded, feeling immediately guilty for not confiding in her. She was the closest thing you had to a best friend within the team.

“Congratulations Y/N.” The other two hugged you one by one, as they passed the photo between them, smiling at you with warm grins.

“Hey hey hey, what’s all this? What are we missing out on over here?” Morgan and Spencer started to walk over, the commotion Penelope had caused grabbing their attention.

“Y/Ns pregnant!” Penelope squeaked.

JJ handed the ultrasound picture to the two men and you watched them with baited breath, knowing he’d see the dates and figure it out for himself.

As his eyes raised themselves to yours, you knew he’d put two and two together and got four.

You grabbed your bag and bolted.

Be Safe, I Love You (Part I)

Pairing: Spencer Reid x reader, Reid x happiness

Summary: Set somewhere vaguely in the season 12 universe, without all the current bullshit that’s going on. Reid is dating the reader, who he is very much in love with but has yet to introduce her to the team. JJ figures out that he’s seeing someone but promises not to say anything yet. 

Word Count: 852

Warnings: brief mention of violence, murder, all the regular ‘ol Criminal Minds stuff

“Babe,” you heard Spencer’s voice whisper softly. “Babe.” “What?” you asked, the sound of your voice muffled by the blankets that you had wrapped yourself in. “I gotta go. Prentiss just called everyone into work.” “What? Spence, babe, its like - ” you rolled over and looked at the clock. “6:30 in the morning. On a Saturday.” He sighed. “I know. But Prentiss wouldn’t have called us all in if it wasn’t important.” You propped yourself up on your elbows and looked him in the eye. As much as you wanted to be annoyed and make him stay, you couldn’t. You were a nurse who understood dedication to one’s job and had had more than your fair share of unexpectedly early mornings that interrupted your time with him. “Okay. Call me once you get settled and be safe.“ You know I will,” he replied and kissed you gently. “I love you Spence,” you said as you settled back into the blankets. “Love you too.” Your heart wrenched a little every time you watched him leave - Spencer’s job was dangerous and you never knew what might happen to him while he was off on a case. But such was the life of dating an FBI agent.

Keep reading

Someone Else In Mind

Title: Someone Else In Mind

Word Count: about 1000

Rating: K+ (they all seem to be K+ lately)

Summary: The team teases Spencer about his limited contact with girls. He decides to change that.

Requested by: @my-last-resort


    “So the UnSub is stalking and kidnapping girls who all resemble each other. Blonde, blue eyes, young, pretty, the usual.” Derek Morgan stated to his team, seated around him in the briefing room.

    “They must resemble someone he knows,” you say. “A girlfriend or significant other, most likely. These girls are too young to symbolize a mother. And besides, unless this UnSub has incestuous fantasies, I doubt this person symbolizes a sister. Hence the rape.”

    Penelope Garcia, the resident tech genius and your best girlfriend, winces at the words. You send her an apologetic glance. Pen never liked listening to any gruesome or sad details about cases- or anything else, really.

    “Well, the lack of torture suggests he cares for them.” Aaron Hotchner, your Unit Chief, says.

    “As does the kill method; poison.” Emily Prentiss says.

    “And the disposal method; water burial.” Jennifer ‘JJ’ Jareau states with a frown. “Are we sure we’re not looking for a team? Both poison and water burial are distinctly female MOs.”

    “Or a female trying to be a male.” David Rossi gave a small smile as he said it.

    “What say you, Dr. Reid?” You ask, glancing at Dr. Spencer Reid, your best friend and confidant.

    “Yeah, you’ve been quiet, Pretty Boy.” Morgan teases, nudging him with his elbow. “What’s going on in that head of yours?”

    Spencer starts. “What?”

    “What’s got you so distracted?” Prentiss asks.

    “Wait…” JJ says, “all these women are blonde, young, pretty, and being stalked. I think I know what’s going on.”

    “Oh…” Rossi, Garcia, and Morgan say in unison. Hotch gives a small smile. You and JJ glance at each other, smirks in place.

    “Okay, you all seem to know, but I’m in the dark here.” Prentiss says, her dark eyes flickering between faces, looking slightly confused.

    “Oh, right,” you say, “this was before you joined the team. Well, Spence here was out in LA with Gideon for a seminar when they got a case. An up-and-coming TV star was being stalked. What was her name?”

    “Lila Archer.” Spencer says. His eyes dart around, and he almost looks like he’s blushing.

    “Right, Lila. Well, Spencer was tasked with staying with her and keeping her safe from her stalker. Things went well until, somehow, they ended up making out in a pool.” You concluded. A small bolt of emotion rushes through you, though you can’t tell what.

“And she gave him her phone number before we all left.” JJ adds.

“Did you call her?” Emily asks.

“That- I-” Spencer sputters.

“Oh, not a chance. I bet Pretty Boy’s got someone else in mind.” Morgan teases, wiggling his eyebrows.

    “I don’t think so.” Rossi says.

    “You know, I really think we should focus on this case, not prior-” Spencer begins.

    “Girlfriends?” Pen cuts in.

    “C'mon, guys, leave Spence alone.” you say, “Besides, we have a case.”

    Hotch nods, “Wheels up in thirty.”


    The case turned out to be pretty quick. The UnSub, a male with Dissociative Identity Disorder, had a female personality who was working with his natural one. As for a motive… you weren’t sure. No one really was. Neither of the UnSub’s personalities were particularly talkative.

Spencer was quiet on the jet home. You sat next to him for the most part, trying to engage him in conversation, but he kept giving you quick answers and then just going back to his book. Eventually, you gave up and went to find a comfortable piece of couch to sleep on.

Presently, you were collecting your luggage. You smile at Spencer as you do, feeling victorious when he smiles back. You grab your go bag and exit the plane, him right behind you. You walk with him to your car in silence, your steps thudding in the concrete. You usually drove him to work and back, since you lived in the same apartment building.

As you walk, you feel him grab your hand, lacing his fingers with yours.

You turn your head to look at him, but find him already staring at you. He looks a little hesitant, yet he doesn’t pull away. Unsure of yourself, you give him a small smile and look back toward your car. You’ve held hands with him before. Everything’s fine.

Then why does this time feel different?

When you reach the car, you reluctantly let go of his hand. You thrown your go bags in the trunk and hop in. Spencer is still quiet.

    “Spence, are you okay?” You ask as you pull out of the parking lot.

    “Me? I- I’m fine.” He replies, as if startled by your question.

    “Look, if this is about what happened in the briefing room, I’m really sor-” You begin.

    “Don’t worry about in, Y/N.” He says, and just like that, you lapse into silence.

    Parking the car at your apartment complex, you cut the engine, but instead of getting out, you look over at Spencer, unbuckling your seatbelt.

    “I-” You begin.

    “Y/N,” Spence cuts you off.

    You stare at him expectantly, your (E/C) eyes shining in the early-morning darkness. Instead of speaking, though, Spencer just stares at you. His light brown eyes, so quick and intelligent, are slightly out of focus. “You know, Morgan was right.”

    “Right about what?” You ask, starting to get concerned.

    “Right in saying that I had someone else in mind.” He says, and then leans forward and kisses you softly on the lips.

    His hands come up to cup your face, and you kiss him back with all your might. His tongue, slightly hesitant, swipes along your lower lip. You give him entrance, and you kiss him like that until you’re short of breath. When he pulls away, he stares at you with slightly guarded eyes.

    He looks nervous, so you smile at him. He attempts to smile back, though the attempt fall flat.

    And so you kiss him again.

    Four years later, you have another kiss like that, only for this one, your wearing a wedding gown.

Rookie Mistakes: Criminal Minds Fanfiction Spencer Reid x Reader

A/N: This is my first time writing imagines and sharing them. Please be kind. I wanted the reader to be able to fit into the story instead of creating a new character, but I did add some background details. Thank you for your read!!
Enjoy the fluff, forgive the formatting issues. I do not own the characters. xoxo Stu

Setting: Season 9 Rating: T

“You know, Y/N, considering the amount of hands that office supplies pass through on their way to the round table, I doubt you want to keep chewing on pens as a concentration technique.” Spencer Reid chimed in on your temporary moment of distraction. You turned in your chair, looking your co-worker in the eye and made an immature gagging mime at him. Dr. Spencer Reid was the smartest member of the FBI’s BAU, but he did not have the best grasp on when his knowledge was welcome. His big eyes bulged at your surprising, yet comical retort. He puckered his lips and turned back toward his own desk.

You had been on the team for two months and it was everything you had hoped and feared it would be; awful hours, lots of evil people and not always happy endings for the victims’ families. But you were now working with some of the FBI’s greatest assets and taking down unsubs with the highest rated team since its inception. Reports took hours, so that meant you had two more cups of coffee to go before your day was done. You tossed your chewed-on pen on top of the folders on your desk and slid back. You headed to your favorite place inside the BAU, the tech shrine that is Penelope Garcia’s office.

You knock as you strolled in and hug Garcia from behind in a mopey, tired manner. “Oh Sugarplum, “Garcia exclaimed,” what happened?!” “Nothing, Penny, just tired and needed to be real.” You slouched in the extra chair and watched Garcia work. She was fascinating and so nice. She made this work bearable. “Remind me, what happens if I kill a coworker?” You ask hypothetically, “that would be automatic termination, right?”

Penelope spun in dramatic fake shock, “Um, Y/N, do I need a gun or a hostage negotiator right now?” “Garcia, girl, no. I would never. It’s just, Reid, you know? He is so smart and an amazing agent, but really?! How can he have all this knowledge and not realize when to put a sock in it, you know?” You ranted. Garcia nodded and listened to your complaints, watching your arms flop. She smiled at you and sighed. “Uh yeah, Reid is a bit much. But if you are planning on being on this team. You are going to have to get past it. He is O.G., okay, not like Rossi O.G., but seriously the kid has been here longer than me!”

You considered the professional implications of not getting over this rut. You had worked hard for years to get here and were not going to give in now. “Gracias, girl, thanks and, um, don’t tell Derek? I will figure it out before I need any extra insight, deal?”

“Eh, I can’t hide anything from my Boo. But I will hold out through the weekend, maybe, if I can. Deal?” Penelope smiled reassuringly.

You nod and shake your head, returning to the bullpen. You found Reid doing his mesmerizing speed reading at his desk. His mop of curls falling around his face, his long fingers scrolling from page to page like a conductor moving a symphony in rhythm. You observed your coworker as you would watch someone awaiting interrogation; quietly and calculating. You knew Hotch was watching you stare, you also knew he would not say anything unless a problem arose between you and the tall genius. One more reason you loved being on this team, you had the best boss in the world. You caught Hotch’s eye as he headed out the door, you nodded your goodnight.

Meanwhile, Reid read on. You sighed dramatically, plopping yourself down into your desk chair and slid across the aisle, right into Reid’s little reading bubble.

“What are you doing?!” Reid exclaimed. He practically stood while hugging his book to his chest. You remained sitting and looked up at the agitated man. You knew you got under his skin, by using proximity to unnerve him. So you slowly wheeled closer, putting your face near to touching his chest. You glanced up and smiled, “Doctor, what are you doing tonight?”.

Reid slid out between you and his desk with quick, lithe movements, leaving his book atop the desk. He quickly looked around the room and then tilted his head and looked at you, clearing his throat. “Y/N, you can call me Spencer, or Reid if you prefer, being such a serious agent. May I inquire into your sudden interest with my leisure activities?” Reid slipped his hands into his pockets as the blush left his face, he was now a safe ten feet from you.

“Okay, Reid, I realized that I have not had any 1-on-1 time with you since joining the team. Even in the field Hotch pairs me with Rossi or JJ. I want to be an effective member of this team. In order to do that, I need to build rapport with everyone on it. Even you… who I do not quite like, at the moment.” You wheeled your chair back to your side of the aisle, but continued to face the now intrigued Reid. “So, you want to get to know me? Someone, you don’t like, for your job?” Reid nodded, “Well, I was going to a French Avant Gard Cinema night, but that doesn’t start until 11 o’clock.”

You were not surprised, though French was not a language you had known him to know. You calmly tuck your legs beneath you to sit in meditation pose upon the office chair. You spend hours practicing yoga and meditating, this is a default position. Spencer’s eyes follow your legs, but you didn’t register it. You are considering your evening plans of more work and debate asking to tag along with the good Doctor instead.

“What are the odds that we will get called on a case this weekend?” You ask intentionally because asking Dr. Reid anything rhetorically is useless. “Over the past ten years, the BAU has been called into the field on weekends, or have cases stretch into weekends a total of 263 times. So only slightly more than a 50% chance.” He did not disappoint.

“Alright, Reid,” you clear your throat,” but I do love calling you Doctor, for reasons that are entirely unprofessional. Would you mind some company?”

Spencer watches you for a moment, “Y/N, you don’t speak French.”

“How do you know that?” You cross your arms over your chest, challenging him to admit his inner knowledge of your life.

“Y/N Y/M/N Y/L/N born Y/B/D attended University of Wisconsin at Madison, majored in psychology and legal studies. You attended Georgetown for your Masters while beginning your vetting process for Quantico. You have extended family from Central America, therefore you are comfortable with Spanish. But as far as I have read, you have no experience with French on paper or in the field.” Spencer rambled off your file while whittling your life down to degrees and family. He was not wrong, just missing a piece.

“Vous etes un imbecile, docteur.”

Spencer’s eyes widened.

“My parents hosted and exchange student, while I was in high school, from Belgium. What kind of host sister would I be if I did not learn his mother tongue?” “Touche,” the thin man conceded. “Oh, and Doctor?” You pointed your finger at him seriously. “I am driving.”

You would never look at him the same way again. The mini film festival was more Avant Garde than you anticipated. Reid was thoroughly enthralled with the show and you found yourself thoroughly enthralled with his reactions. It wasn’t until the second feature that you dozed off. You were exhausted and it had been one hell of a week. You came to when the lights came up between shows. You were warm and comfortable, smelling something like old books, coffee and soap. You slowly opened your eyes, realizing that your hair was plastered to your face with the puddle of drool you had left there during the last half of the film.

“Shoot me now,” you thought. Dr. Spencer Reid was watching you. You realized all too late the reason you were so comfortable was that he had draped his P-coat around you as you slept. You quickly shrugged it over to him, mumbling an embarrassed, “Thanks.” Just as you stood to stretch, both of your phones buzzed. He gave you a knowing look and a small toothless smirk. “The odds were against a weekend off after all, Doctor.” You reached for your coworker’s spindly hand to haul him out of his seat, leading you both back to Quantico.

“Garcia,” Hotch spoke to the face on the monitor, “Who will we be meeting at Mitchell airport?” “Detective Hansen will be meeting the team at the airport and will take you downtown to the hotel,” Garcia replied. “The kid is the rookie assistant to the lead on the case, Andrews. You will meet him bright and surly tomorrow at the precinct.” “Sounds good, thank you.” Hotch nodded. “Nighty night, my lovelies,” Garcia saluted and the window closed on the screen. You carefully made your way to the open row of seats closest to the bathroom. As the new agent on the team, you got the most trafficked sleeping quarters. Everyone on the jet was still half asleep, except Hotch. Honestly, the boss man never seemed like he was tired. The quiet din of the engine had become your new white noise machine, you fell asleep before the lights were dimmed.

“I know, man, but how was it that you and Y/N roll up at two thirty in the morning, in her ride?!” Morgan was harassing Reid about the night you had shared, his deep voice crossing the jet’s length in waves. You did not want to wake up, so you kept your eyes closed. “I was attending an all-night film festical and Y/N asked if I wanted company, Morgan, that is how.” Reid replied in a nearly inaudible whisper.

“What kind of film festival?” the louder agent inquired.

“French Avant garde, it was not the best representation of the genre, but I hadn’t seen the original Fantasmaghorie. It was a good open, but Y/N fell asleep during El Dorado.” “Well, I knew Y/N had taste. Look at you Reid, a girl invites herself on one of your nights off, but falls asleep before it is over.” Morgan chuckled. “Y/N has been putting in extra hours on reports all week. I should have told her to go home and get some sleep instead of a team building endeavor.” Spencer mused. “Team building?” Morgan asked, “Wouldn’t that require the team to be present? And not just the two of you?!” He emphasized the last three words, making you roll in your faux sleep. “Y/N said she needed to build some rapport with me,” Spencer sighed,”Well, because she does not like me at the moment.” His voice disappeared. You ached at the hurt you heard in his admission. You yearned to open your eyes and see the nonverbal cues Derek was getting from the brilliant man.

“Oh man, that is rough, “Derek mumbled, his voice drifting. You were finding it harder to hear them as the pilots were bracing for landing. You gave up your façade and quietly opened your eyes. You couldn’t see Spencer’s delicate features, only the back of his now-mussed head. Derek had his chair reclined and a support pillow around his neck. He eyed you wearingly, you blinked, but held his gaze.

The hotel was a drop off, shower and refueling stop. The 24hr Starbucks in the lobby was going to be making extra tips this weekend. You bunked with JJ in the first room, Rossi and Derek shared the next. Putting Reid with Hotch at the end of the hall’s peach rug. JJ had been pretty quiet on the way here, she usually held herself in when the victims were children. Sadly, that was this case. She held a graceful strength that you admired. You might be leading the questioning this case, but JJ would nail the unsub to the wall. At 0800, the team was clean, caffineited and wheeling out of the parking lot; heading in three different directions. Hotch was taking you to the precinct to meet with Detective Andrews. Derek and JJ were headed to the last body dumpsite and Reid was with Rossi, further questioning the babysitter of the currently missing kid. You had been in the Brew city all of two hours and the BAU was in overdrive.

“With the unsub’s escalating timeline, we may be looking at a deadline or a de-evolution.” You suggested to your unit chief. “True, but we won’t know if it is intentional until we complete the profile.” Hotch replied, “Andrews called us because the case was quiet for months and suddenly two bodies were discovered within a month. A secondary trigger seems more likely if this is a preferential offender.” Five kids over three years and now suddenly three targets the past month. You reviewed the digital images of tiny bodies in blankets, signs of remorse, while Hotch drove into the underground garage of the precinct.

Rossi was driving to the in-home daycare where Kyle Mason went missing the day before. Spencer shifted in his seat as the folders balanced on his lap. He could smell your perfume on the neckline of his jacket, he absentmindedly played with the collar. Rossi hadn’t spoken with Reid about women in a long time, but he hadn’t wanted to push the kid. Now he knew he needed to. “So, Y/N likes foreign cinema too?” He prodded the younger man. In a team this close, gossip was easily passed and forgotten, but Reid was unique in never having anything to hide; usually.

“I am not entirely sure what she likes, Rossi. But she does understand the French language, which was a lesson for me last night.” Spencer answered, completely missing the double entendre that he left hanging. Rossi smiled to himself, amused at the innocence left in the world. “What does the day care teacher have to share?” The older agent got back to business, as they entered the smaller streets of the Bayview neighborhood.

You had set up all the evidence boards at the small precinct. The map for geographic profile and the happy smiling faces in school pictures of the known victims. The last boy, 4-year-old, Kyle Mason stared back at you. He had crystal blue eyes and short dark hair. He was wearing a grey dinosaur button down shirt. You sighed, returning to drawing up the signature to help complete the profile for the team to present.

You texted Garcia a few emojis to lighten your mood. She sent you back a mime, a bottle of wine and a huge question mark. You replied with your favorite thumbs up GIF of the eleventh Doctor, followed immediately with a sassy faced Glee GIF to completely shut down this absurd line of questioning. It was taking a lot of perseverance to not throttle Spencer Reid. You were not trying to date him.

“You know I can’t call her, if you are texting her.” Morgan complained while he leaned on the evidence board. You let the seasoned agent observe your layout, hoping for some feedback before the rest of the team arrived. You pocketed your phone and waited.

“Y/N, this would be better under the unsub,” Derek took a sheet from the victimology charts and slid it to the next column.

‘Right, more relevant to mobility than victimology,” you replied.

“Otherwise, this is a great summary, Y/N.” Agent Morgan complimented.

“Thanks, Morgan.” You answered, trying to hide your pride in your first solo display.

“If the unsubs comfort area is so small, why has no seen anything?” Rossi queried. He had brought in a tray full of coffees. You had to stop yourself form hugging the veteran and managed to give him your most gracious face ever instead. “I think someone has, but with the amount of kids in the neighborhood and the schools being off for winter break, the routines are off for everyone right now.” You answered.

“Good point,” Hotch and Reid had just walked in with Detective Andrews for questioning the missing kid’s parents. “That is why the daycare was so overwhelmed. Most of these kids are only there in the summer, when the kids can play outside. That many kids in a house all day would be exhausting chaos.” “But who would be able to get a kid to come outside, when it is below freezing?” JJ asked. “A friend.” You stated the obvious.

Everyone looked at you shocked. Another child luring case in the same town? This seemed too coincidental, but the targets were kids themselves, not mothers.

“Garcia, I need you to pull up the details on the last three victims,” Hotch already had her on speaker phone. “Were there any mutual friends between the boys?” “I have already checked that, sir,” Garcia paused. “Kyle was only in school half days at a private school, Jason went to one public school, and Aidan to another. No sports teams overlapped. The parents didn’t work together.” “What about Scouts organizations?” Rossi offered. “Negative.” Garcia clicked away at her search. “Okay, let us know when you find something.” Hotch had to hang up on the backbone of the team. “Let’s deliver the profile.” Before you began, you noticed Spencer eying your geographic profile map. You didn’t even flinch when he moved some notes around. Taking a deep sigh, perhaps you weren’t going to kill him after all.

Garcia saved the day, no surprise there. She found the link, through facial recognition software: she found the boys had all been attendees in a Saturday morning woodworking promotion at Lowe’s. And a very creepy Lowe’s employee just happened to have brought his nephew along to those classes. So not only was the kid friends with the victims, but the unsub, one Brandon Davis, 34, had access to the boys’ contact information on the safety waiver forms. Spencer had noticed the wooden models in the various boys’ rooms first, but the amazing software was what proved his hypothesis.

Hotch was driving you and Reid to the Lowe’s where the unsub worked. While JJ, Rossi and Derek were heading to his residence, in search of the missing boy. The locals had the parking lot contained, but the massive box store had three exits plus a loading dock. The possibility of civilian casualty was too great; therefore, no sirens were used and a discreet entrance to capture the unsub. Hotch had found the floor manager and had him page the unsub to the breakroom. You and Spencer paced the lumber aisle waiting for the guy to show up.

“You know a lot of this wood is imported. Though Wisconsin still has a substantial logging industry of its own.” Reid noted.

“Yeah, tell that to all the closed papermills up North. That will make you some friends.” You retorted bitterly.

“Of course, you would understand the losses in the forestry industry since you attended school here.” Spencer confirmed. “It wasn’t that the source had dried up, or the need gone away. It was that greed had beat the American worker.” He quoted an economics paper you wrote your junior year.

You were taken aback, speechless. This was even slightly touching that this esteemed colleague had bothered to consider your past. He looked at you sideways, gaging your reaction to his famous eidetic memory. But your eyes were focused past his long frame now, watching the unsub storm his way into the breakroom. You gestured from your eyes to the unsub. Reid lead the way to finish the trap that Hotch had set for Davis.

Suddenly, there was a loud shout and an explosion sent you and Spencer across the empty breakroom table. There was glass and plaster everywhere, the pain in your ears was excruciating, luckily you could move. Reid was half on top of you and half on a toppled chair. You couldn’t see his face and with the ringing in your ears make you doubt he could hear you. You tugged on his arm with no response.

Slowly, you sat up, and slid out from beneath his warm body. You hadn’t seen any movement from the manager’s office. It seemed like your life was trapped in stop motion flashes. The fire alarm had been activated and lights were flashing as the sprinklers pelted down on you.

“Y/N,” Spencer grunted slowly coming back to you. You held his wrist to check his pulse, not wanting to invade his space anymore, again, so soon. “Hotch?” he asked. You nodded and scrambled away into the room that held your boss. “Hotch!” You screamed, your throat coarse from the fear and the sediment in the air. There was no response. Your team’s voices were suddenly on the coms. “Talk to me, Y/N.” Derek pleaded.

“Reid and I are conscious. Send medics to the breakroom. There was a minor explosion. I am looking for Hotch now.” You relay to the whole team. “Any visual on Kyle?” You remember there was more to the mission today. “We have him,” JJ answered, “Alive.” You could hear the relief in the female agent’s voice.

“Well done guys,” You wiped a tear from across your cheek. You had needed that good news right now. There was a slight movement up ahead, a desk was being slid across the floor. You raised your Glock and called out, “Freeze, keep your hands where I can see them!”

The movement stopped. A stifled voice called out, “Y/L/N, there was a closet, I think Davis got away.” Hotch called. You turned to check where Reid was, he was staggering toward the fallen desk that hid where Hotch lay.

You barreled through the remaining debris, into the unhinged closet door, falling over the clearly dead store manager. Through the doorframe, you saw a crawl space following the length of the entire building. You double check behind you, no surprises. Your heart is racing, your ears are ringing and your adrenaline is through the roof. You whisper over the coms. “Suspect Davis fled on foot after the explosion. Believed to be in store skeleton walkways. Please send back up. Agent Y/L/N in pursuit.”

You weave in and out of the concrete and steel framework of the building. Your ears are clearing, but no sound has reached you. You have no idea where the unsub is. The unheated space is wet and icy in patches on the concrete floor. You shiver from the sprinkler remnants on your skin. Wisconsin winters were not something you had missed. You keep your head up, but move slower than you would like to be.

A chain rattles in the distance. ”Brandon Davis!” You bellow, gun raised, certain and clear headed. “Come out with your hands up!” A rhythmic clanking noise began, a door opened suddenly and you see it, just ahead. A loading door is opening and Davis is driving one of the store’s forklifts. You repeat, “Brandon Davis! This is the FBI!”

“Park the vehicle and come out with your hands up!” Suddenly Reid is behind you and all of Milwwaukee PD seems to be waiting on the other side of the service door. The spots blind the unsub. He holds up his hands, you get to make the arrest. Spencer’s face is bleeding and his clothes are a mess. He backs you up as you climb the forklift and cuff the predator.

“Okay, okay. But seriously, what were you guys doing when Davis was blowing up Hotch?!” Derek joked eyeing Spencer and you affectionately.

You were all in the waiting room. Hotch was being discharged, just a leg sprain with cuts and bruises on the side. Everyone had inquired about his ears, but his hearing appeared to be no worse than usual. Hotch was the agent that just kept going. Reid picked at the bandage on the left side of this face. You were sad that this was your first time in the field alone and he had gotten hurt. No one had seen it coming, but a hardware store would contain many variations of ingredients for cheap explosives. Davis had been ready for anything. You blamed yourself, but you knew Spencer was more logical than you were. The way he thoughtfully looked at you now, told you he wasn’t upset.

You realized that the team was still waiting for you to answer Derek and here you were staring into a different pair of brown eyes. “Discussing 21st century Rustbelt economics,” you finally answered.

Rossi shook his head and patted you on the back. “You know, kid, if it were anyone else giving me that line, I wouldn’t believe them. But with you two, that is the only explanation.”

Everyone laughed.

“I do have a question,” Spencer began, “What would one do in Wisconsin on a Sunday night?” His brown eyes teasing, the other members of the team wouldn’t remember your alma mater was here. Let alone the one thing you did miss about Wisconsin winters…

Thirty minutes later, the BAU was crammed into the closest bar, watching Sunday Night Football starring the world famous Green Bay Packers. Luckily, for Morgan, they were not playing the Bears that night. You would hate to see a grown man cry from such devastation, after all. JJ approached you with another cold beer, “You know,” she sat down next to you. “Spence took me to a Redskins game once.” This revelation floored you, you just shook your head in amazement. “He was gifted the tickets and had absolutely no interest in the game.” JJ chuckled at the memory. “I can imagine, JJ. But, um, why are you telling me this?” You asked staring at the blonde’s concerned face.

“Because, it is a big deal that he figured out that you like football. It’s not something that has come up in the field. Look, Y/N, the Redskins game was eight years ago. Way before Will, and well, of course before Maeve.” JJ paused, seeing if where she was headed had sunk in yet. The name Maeve was only spoken with quiet reverence amongst the team. Garcia had filled you in early on, as no one would dare to talk about her in front of Reid. Frankly, you were too new to even think about asking more questions about them. That she was coming up, was a bit much for the fun filled evening you had anticipated.

“Okay, whoa. Let’s back up.” You made a time out and a reversal signal at JJ, drunk you even talked with your hands. “I am honored, Reid thought about me while we were still in town. But today was possibly the first day I didn’t want to suffocate his geeky ass since joining the team. The fact that we both could have died, might be the saving grace here. I am not trying to make any moves here. I am just trying to get along with the whole team.”

JJ watched your over dramatic explanation, hiding a smile. “Okay, Y/N, I hear you.”

“Yeah, we all hear you!” Barged in a slightly drunk Morgan. “We could just profile you and leave it obvious to everyone in the bar.” You playfully punched him in his meaty shoulder, which you instantly regretted. He laughed at you. Then you glance down the bar, Reid is drawing plays on a napkin and talking at length to an old trucker who is very kindly listening to the doctor’s sound strategies. The pen in his long fingers distracts you, it has been chewed on.

You gulp down your pint of beer, thinking maybe this wasn’t a good idea after all you had been through with the case. You make your way outside to call Garcia, despite the biting chill in the air. You hate that she isn’t here with the team, celebrating her victory.

“Sugar, I am in need of beauty sleep!” Penelope mumbles on the other end. You picture her in her ridiculous sleep mask and silken pajamas; you smile in spite of your panic attack in progress. “Penny, I think he has my pen.” You start to cry and even you, a professional profiler, don’t understand why. “Okay, love, but is this really worth crying about? Or is this the type of drunk you are?” Garcia asked curiously, “No, not a sad girl drunk, not you!” She teased. “Stop it!” You begged. “Spencer has my pen from when he pissed me off the night before we left.” “Okay… but since when do you call him Spencer?” Garcia was too good at this. “Stop profiling me! I am scared. Alright? I can’t be the one to come after her, Garcia, I can’t live up to that!” You gasped at your realization. You were scared and that wasn’t the worst of it. You knew Hotch would kick you off the team if you did anything to mess with Reid, because that would truly hurt the team.

“Honey, honey, no one is asking you to! I mean have you even talked to Reid?” Garcia’s insight steering you straight yet again. “No, just JJ. And Morgan, but I am never sure when he means what he teases.” You sniffled.

“Do you like Spencer, Y/N?” She just said it, clear as day.

You shook your head and pulled your coat tighter against the cold night. A loud chorus erupted from the bar, signaling a touchdown for Green Bay.

“Probably,” was all you could muster. You thought about sleeping in his coat, how warm and safe his scent made you feel. How his quirks made you watch others more closely, making you a better agent. You thought about delicate fingers and his ridiculous Halloween costumes. He was brilliant and somehow surpassed all the guys you had loved before and couldn’t have because of your insecurities. How had you not seen how you had been so closed off to the possibility? “Oh, my God, Penny. What am I going to do?” You beseeched your closest friend, “I care about the Doctor!”

A slight gasp came from somewhere near the bar’s entrance. You could not turn around. You would not. Garcia was cheering on the other end of the phone and you were frozen in place. Slowly you turned on the spot, forcing this tense moment to end.

Spencer Reid was staring at you from about eight feet away. His breath coming in small puffs of steam. His dark P-coat making him look like more of a Burberry Ad than a renowned scholar. You unceremoniously hung up on Garcia. She would find out about whatever was about to happen, eventually. You stood, shivering and scared watching your coworker watch you. Where was an unsub with explosives now? Why couldn’t you clear your head to make a complete thought come out of your mouth?

“The game is over, your guys won it.” Spencer spoke first, clearly his sports lingo off a little. You smiled, finally exhaling.

“Good, JJ owes me twenty bucks.” You replied, without looking away from his squinting concern. You took a few steps forward and decided it was now or never, all or nothing.

“So, Doctor,” emphasizing the nickname, knowing he wouldn’t be able to deny what he had heard now, “Did you have a good time in the dairy state?”

“Yes, though, of course, technically California produces far more milk than Wisconsin does. Y/N, you know how I love dairy.” Spencer smiled at you, his hands hidden in his pockets, shaking. “I’m the reason we haven’t worked together in the field more.”

That was not where you thought this conversation was headed. “What do you mean?”

“I asked Hotch for some space from you, after Albuquerque.” He was using his very matter-of-fact voice, though the tone usually provided much more information with it.

“But, why?”

“Because you make me uncomfortable.” Spencer declared “And I know sometimes you do it on purpose; just to watch me squirm.”

You panic in an entirely new way. “I am so sorry, I didn’t know I affected you so much!” Your voice was catching in your throat. You had already been drunk crying and now you were being told that you made someone you care about feel awful for at least the past twenty-three days. You continued forward towards the bar’s entrance which was letting a steady flow of post-game fans out. But you had to walk passed him, your heart now destroyed. You moved as if cement was strapped to your boots. You made it passed this tall, infuriating, sweet man and were almost inside, but curiosity stopped you.

“If I make you so uncomfortable, why did you take my germ-infested pen?” You nearly spat the words at him. You felt like an open wound: unstable, oozing and vulnerable to further damage. You spun around and to find that he had followed you. Suddenly he was in front of you, all six feet and curly hair of him was now inside your bubble. His hand had found its way to your elbow, gently holding you, not pressing. You stared up at him, challenging him. His mouth twitched and his eyes refocused on your furrowed brow.

“It had rolled off your desk the other night. I couldn’t just set it back on your files with the floor all over it too. So, I went to wash it off and in the process I may have overheard you talking to Garcia about becoming a workplace shooter.” Spencer sighed, was he embarrassed? You were the one who was being a jerk that night. “And you ended up pocketing the pen as you went back to your desk… I am an ass, Spencer, I am so sorry.” You plead at him, gripping his jacket sleeve for support. “Hardly, Y/N, but I think you need to be more honest with yourself. Especially about me, it would make everyone more comfortable around us both.” Spencer’s eyes were kind and in this moment you remembered that this angel faced man is actually older than you. His social awkwardness did not make him immature, it is was what makes him Spencer, your Doctor. You have been the one being immature this entire case. “Oh, God, they all know. Don’t they?” You lean into Spencer and grab the buttoned opening to his jacket. “Know what, Y/N?” He looks down at you, slightly amused.

You draw in a deep breath and look directly into those inquisitive eyes, knowing this moment could change your life forever. “The team knows that I, Agent Y/L/N, am attracted and emotionally tied to you, Doctor Spencer Reid.” You say it, clearly, calmly and honestly. Your heart is racing, the air between you two is full of clouded breathes and clarity. He smiles, not his typical smile, but a wide glowing grin. His warm hand reaches up to your face and gently brushes your hair behind your ear. Your breath catches at the intimate gesture.

“Thank you, Y/N, for your honesty.” He leans down and whispers it in your ear. He rubs circles on your cheek with his thumb and suddenly you are undone. You leap on to your tiptoes and pull him towards you. Your mouths crash in clouds of warmth. His soft lips caress yours, you feel unstoppable. But was he always this tall? You worry about straining his neck or messing up his bandaged face and all too quickly break the kiss off, self-consciously. And wait. Because an honest declaration deserves an honest response. He didn’t back away or drop his long hand from your face. He pursed his lips and smiled gently down upon you. “I, Doctor Spencer Reid, really like you Y/N Y/L/N.”

You smile, no, you beam up at this amazing guy. Squeezing him in a tight embrace, you bury your face in the wool of his coat, drinking in his scent. His hands softly play with the strands of your hair.

A long cat-call whistle rips through the air around you, startled you both spin. And a chorus of hoots, hollers and applause fill the air. The BAU had been escorted out of the closing bar and into the brisk night air. Blushing you drag Spencer to the SUV that the only other sober agent, Hotch will be driving back to the jet.

In a Heartbeat

A/N: After watching the animated short In a Heartbeat, (WATCH IT) I can’t help but think of how Spencer would feel after watching it. Like he’s still in the closet when it comes to the fact that he’s bi, but watching this makes him feel like he could come out, so here that is. @coveofmemories @sexualemobitch @jamiemelyn @unstoppableangel8 @iammostdefinitelyonfire26 @hogwarts-konoha


“Oh my god, Jayge, you have to watch it. It’s one of the most adorable things I’ve ever seen and it has such a positive message. Every beautiful child should watch it, and frankly, I think it should be required viewing for all people.” Spencer heard Garcia rambling to JJ as she got off the elevator after coming back from lunch, but for the life of him, he couldn’t tell what she was referencing. “It’s a four minute long animated short that could easily be life-changing for someone who’s struggling with their sexuality.”

That caught Spencer’s attention. He’d never told anyone he was bisexual. There had never been a need in his eyes because he’d always had feelings for women, but one day last year he found himself developing a crush on the cute barista that worked behind the counter of his favorite coffee shop; he’d been crushed when he found out he was already seeing someone, but ever since, he’d been examining his feelings, wondering if they were a passing fancy, a sign of his loneliness, or possibly a true indication of his identity. He’d come to the conclusion that he definitely liked men too, but he’d never said anything to his friends, fearing they might look at him differently. 

While Garcia pulled JJ to the side to show her the video she loved so much, Spencer rolled a million thoughts around his big brain like they were in a tumble dryer. On the one hand, his team loved him. They fought for the rights of everyone on a daily basis, but what if one of them couldn’t handle the fact that he liked men too. Would Morgan see him differently? Hotch? Emily? He’d always been so afraid that they wouldn’t look at him the same way despite all the evidence to the contrary. Apparently, he’d been lost in his thoughts for about four minutes, because when he turned back around, JJ’s eyes were glazed over with tears. “That’s so beautiful.” She was fanning her eyes to dry the tears, which was definitely not her. That was a Garcia move. “Oh, I love that. I’m going to have to show that to Henry.”

The rest of the day went by as it normally did, with various teams in and out of the bullpen, tears, frustration, joy and hope. Even on paperwork days, there was always something going on, but through it all, Spencer couldn’t help but think about this little cartoon that apparently had something to do with sexuality. All day he found himself wanting to watch it, but he didn’t want to do it in front of anyone, so he decided to wait until he got home.

By the time he got home, he would’ve been embarrassed to confess how many hours he’d spent thinking about this little cartoon. It had been all day practically, with the exception of random conversations with Hotch and Emily. As he sat on the couch, his legs crossed in a heap in front of him, he pulled out his phone and searched for the cartoon Garcia had mentioned. It was something called In a Heartbeat.

The music started and immediately he felt a peace he couldn’t describe. The notes were joyous, sweet and hopeful. Watching as the little red-headed boy swooned over the boy he was crushing on made him feel like a kid again, realizing that love transcended childhood and adulthood. If you were lucky, you’d felt it in a ton of different ways, with a variety of people over the course of a lifetime. As a child, he’d been that way with girls, feeling as though they were so out of his league.

The boy’s heart started to beat out of his chest - literally. Spencer found the image so perfect, because although the phrase “my heart’s beating out of my chest,” tended to be a cheesy one, it could also be 100 percent true. When he’d seen the barista, his smile and the way his dimples rounded out his already perfect face, Spencer’s heart had done just that. The heart racing, the stupid grin, the blushing - all of it was spot on.

That little heart. It made Spencer want to smile until his face broke. The imagery was great. The object of his affections literally holding his heart in his hands. Even if he had plucked up the courage to talk to the barista, it wouldn’t have worked considering he was taken, but the little heart made Spencer want to confess his feelings the moment he had them for the next person that made him feel the same way. The little heart dragged the boy all over the place, through the dirt and bushes and towards the school and that’s when Spencer knew the little cartoon was going to get heavy before giving the audience the happy ending. 

The young boy’s fear had mirrored his own. Having people see him for who he truly was could be absolutely terrifying; he didn’t even want to think about what he would’ve done if he’d been struggling with these feelings in high school. As if he didn’t get his ass kicked enough. Spencer’s eyes started to water as the heart tried desperately to keep the two together, but the judgement caused him to rip his heart in half and run for cover - away from judgement and prying eyes.  Tears fell onto the screen as the music turned somber for a moment. The redhead held his broken heart in his hands, but just as Spencer wiped his own tears away, the object of the young boy’s affections came back with the other piece of his heart in hand, with the cartoon ending with the boys sitting side by side, hopeful about what was to come. 

He wasn’t really sure how to feel, but Spencer knew that this little 4-minute long animated short spoke to him in a positive way. Getting up from the couch, he went to start dinner, all the while contemplating the meaning of the short in relation to his life. He wasn’t about to scream from the rooftops that he was bisexual, but maybe next time he saw a man that made his heart race, he’d allow his heart to pull him in that direction without fear of what anyone else would think.

You Did Good, Kid

Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader (Criminal Minds)

Summary: [requested by @mrscurtis4life]: I was just wondering if you could do an imagine about Reid’s new girlfriend and her meeting the team at Hotch’s during a summer pool party or something. And everyone is in the pool but then she goes in and she is really pretty in her bikini so Morgan is impressed that Reid got such a hot girl and the girls compliment her. And Reid gets a little horny in the pool and it’s just super fluffy and cute? Thanks in advance if you do

Word Count:

Warnings: none :))

Other Notes: this is just basically like one of those really fluffy scenes where the whole team is acting like a family that we should see more of lol ;) 

“Hey, pretty boy,” Morgan teased from the edge of the pool, “When is this girl of yours coming?”

Spencer jumped back in his pool chair from the cold water Derek was splashing on him, “Hey, I’m still clothed! And she should be here soon, she told me she got caught up at work.”

Hotch came into the backyard holding a cooler, and set it down near the patio, “Dave, you gonna start the grill soon?”

Rossi looked up at Aaron over his sunglasses, “Someone sure is patient,” he said sarcastically.

“Hey, I’m not the only one waiting. Get to it,” he pointed a finger at him, then led Henry and Jack inside with the promise of juice boxes. As they were getting them from the fridge, the doorbell rang.

“Alright, you two head back outside,” Hotch patted the two young boys on the back, and then went to the front door. When he opened it, in front of him stood a small brunette.

“Hello, I’m looking for Aaron Hotchner?” she asked slowly, as if she wasn’t sure of the name.

“That would be me. Are you Y/N?’

Her nervous expression was immediately replaced by a smile, “Yes I am!” she extended a hand, which Hotch took.

“Come on in, we’re all out back.”

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Episode 01 – Mayhem

Okey-dokey. So I’m gonna start prefacing by saying that I have no idea how people handled season three’s finale and not just stormed down the doors of the Criminal Minds offices. Because holy shit, how dare they finish a season like that and force people to wait an entire summer for the new season? ASSHOLES!

So here we go.

Who cares about “previously on Criminal Minds”??? I want to see who was in the car!

Okay. So Hotch is alive. Okay….

Shit. Kate was with him in the car. Fuck.

I really don’t like her, but that doesn’t mean I want her to explode. Shit.

Oh, Hotch, you are seriously putting yourself in danger to save her? Oh god.

Who’s that? Is that Kate?

Oh thank god, she’s still alive.

Kate, listen to Aaron, he’s good. He’ll take care of you.

Oh god, now Aaron has to tell her that she can’t move her legs at all. Fuck.

Wait. They told the response team not to come? Oh god.

Ernest Hemingway: “Never think that war, no matter how necessary nor how justified, is not a crime.” Amazing guy.

Oh thank god, poodle is okay.

Why did my poodle just double the number of the suicide bombers?

Oh god. They’re going to hit the second wave of emergency responders so they’re setting off two bombs. Fuck.

Thank god, my goddess is fine, too. Fuck.

OH THANK YOU FUCK! My baby is okay.

I love you so much, Derek, how you’re concerned for your family. Keep him posted, goddess. Come on.

Good, Emily is okay.

Wait, why did JJ’s mobile go to voicemail?

Why are they blinking off my screen?

Oh my baby freaking out about not being able to contact them, baby, it will be fine.

Oh thank fuck, JJ is okay.

Oh honey, I love you.

But the car went off before they even made it into the car. Fuck.

Oh wow. I haven’t seen Garcia flip out this much in a while. So amazing.

So terrible, but amazing.

Oh I love her mind. She’s initially freaking out because it involves people she loves, and then she’s like, wait, they need me to analyze the shit out of this to solve this and to get everyone into a safe zone so I better get my shit together. In the zone.

Amazing lady.

“Get out of my face, or I’ll have you bodily removed, agent.” WHAT?

Fuck you, damnit!

You assholes! Hotch is screaming there, and you’re not letting Morgan get there? FUCK YOU!

“I don’t give a damn what your orders are.”

Oh thank god. Thank god Derek is so emotional. Fuck.

What? The bastard watched the explosion? Fuck you.

Oh god, the guy who came to Hotch was the guy who did the explosion? Fuck. Get them on the line, Penelope. Quick.

Oh thank god, Morgan go to them.

Oh I love how he’s concerned for civilians and trying to help Hotch all at the same time. My perfect man.

Oh thank god, she informed hot stuff. Thank god.

Oh thank god Garcia can contact them and tell them that Hotch and Derek are alive. Shit. Please tell me that the kid is down.

Get him, baby!

Whoa. That guy is in a panic and literally shoving people to the ground? Asshole.

“Show your face, you son of a bitch!”

Um, I never heard Shemar say ‘bitch’, and I know it’s serious, but it’s hot to hear him curse.

Can I just say something? Derek’s instincts are so amazing. He’s moving through carts, looking for this asshole kid who just blew up his boss’s car, and he makes sure he closes the door of the cart so he can hear if anyone is coming up behind him. Damn.

Oh, and just so you know? This is going to be long too, I haven’t even reached 20 minutes into the episode. Whoever is reading this is amazing.

Fuck this is terrifying.

Wait. Why didn’t he close that one? Oh, he closed the one behind it, okay. (I’m talking about the doors)

Wait. Hold up. Is Derek seriously hunting this asshole down the subway track? Oh shit. That’s dedication, right there.

“Show me your face, you coward!” I love you so much, Derek. Come on.

Shit. He’s there. He’s actually fucking there and watching Derek. Damn.

Can I just say that the array of emotions on Shemar’s face is seriously driving me nuts? Like, both sexually and emotionally, this man has got the whole caboodle.

Why is that idiot walking barefoot on the track? Is he insane?

Wait. That kid electrocuted himself on the track? Oh damn.

At least hot stuff is okay.


“Kate’s SUV – none of the shootings were anywhere near it.”

Personal? Why would you think that, JJ?

I’m so confused.

Wait. So because of the emergency they are redirecting the emergencies to a different hospital? What part of emergency makes them think it’s okay to move it to a different locale? That’s the whole point of an emergency, it has to be dealt with immediately, with emergency! Fuck you, secret service.

Thank fuck.

I mean, not thank fuck, cuz she’s crashing, but thank fuck that alerted them to the exigence of the situation.

Did Aaron just collapse? Oh my god.

“Morgan’s safe.”

Best two and a half words I’ve ever heard in my life.

Wait. So because 9/11 was memorable, they accomplished virtually nothing, yet murdered eight people, shot a cop, sent two federal agents to the hospital, put my baby boy at risk, and yet they aren’t finished? FUCK YOU!

Aaron, put your white ass down on the bed and lie down so they can take care of you.

Listen to Morgan.

God, Hotch freaking out and trying to get things done and not feeling helpless is so heartbreaking.

Also, if I were him, I’d do whatever Morgan was telling me to do. You did NOT see how he handled that fucker in the subway and you do not want to make Morgan angry, well, unless you’re roleplaying in bed, then it’s different ;)

Wait, Hotch and Kate were a diversion?


“I think the idea was to maim, not to kill.”

Well, that’s comforting.

“One target, one bomb.”

So why the multiple unsubs, pretty man? I’m confused.

So the fucker lied to Hotch about calling 911, well, that was obvious the minute they understood he was the asshole.

And the number he called went dead after he died? What the fuck is going on here?

Shit. They’re sitting ducks in the hospital? Oh my god. Get them out of there, Hotch. Quick.

Oh god. It’s the fucking medic who got Kate and Hotch to the hospital. Shit.

“Hey, who you got in here?’

“Why is that information important to you?”

Because my baby boy cares about everybody and you’re a dick, that’s why.

“There’s a bomb in it.”

Yup. They have a bomb in their basement. Shit.

Get Garcia on the job. Come on.

Wait. Morgan went alone to find the ambulance? WHAT?


Who the fuck are they protecting?


“Yeah, baby.”

“You sound stressed.”

“Do I?”

“Where are you?”

“Not where I wanna be right now.”

Damn straight. About to discover a bomb and trying to diffuse it, is not an exciting locale.

Why did the asshole just empty his gun into that elevator? Who did he kill? And why did he make sure they were dead by firing off another shot? Oh god.

“Garcia take this down for me, FDNY 108.”

“That’s an ambulance. Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. Just track it for me.”

I’m not so sure, baby.

Baby, please, leave the bomb alone and wait for everyone. Please, please, don’t do this. You don’t always have to be the hero.

I mean, I love you for it. But no.

“Garcia, how long can you keep jamming the cell phone lines?”

“A few minutes, max. Why?”

“’Cause I’m gonna have to get this ambulance out of here.”

“Or you could just evacuate the building like everybody else.”

Yes. Good. Listen to Garcia.

“No. As soon as the airwaves are clear, this thing’s going up.”

“Going up? Oh, my god, that’s like three minutes, ‘cause that’s when the satellite moves position.”

Oh my dear lord.

“Garcia, listen to me.”

“I need you to find an area of town I can drive this thing, and you need to tell everybody, and I mean everybody, that I’m coming, you hear me?”

Oh my god. He’s going to drive the car in three minutes out of NYC? That’s insane!

“All right, talk to me, Garcia.”

“Okay, head north. And floor it. I’ll tell you where to turn.”

Oh damn.

Oh god, he got out of the hospital. He got out of the hospital, the fucking moron found him and tried to fire at the ambulance, but he got away. Thank god.

Thank you for giving my poodle a gun. Seriously, guys?

“How am I doing, Garcia?”
One minute and fifty seconds.


“Why does it always have to be you?”


“Why do you always have to do this?”

Amazing. Thank you for voicing my thoughts. Oh my god.

Oh thank fuck, the asshole doesn’t have a signal on his stupid phone so he can’t detonate the bomb. Thank fuck.

“Derek, you don’t have much time. Please be smart about this.”

Yes, please.

“Signal’s back online.”


“Derek, drive to the opening and then get the hell out.”

“There’s something I really want you to know, Garcia.”

Nope. You’re gonna tell her in person, dude. Stop it.

“Save it. Just get out.” EXACTLY!

“No, no, no, I’m not quite there yet.”


“Just listen to me.”

“Morgan, please.”

“You know what you are, Garcia?”

Oh fuck.



Why did they not show Morgan jump out of the ambulance before it went boom? FUCK YOU ASSHOLES!

So he blew up the ambulance, the team cornered him, and he slit his own throat? Oh god, this makes no sense whatsoever.

But you know what? I don’t care. I need to make sure that my baby boy is okay. I’m not okay right now. Repeat. I am not. Okay.

OH THANK FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“I’ll tell you what you are to me. You’re my God-given solace.”

“Woman, you promise me one thing.”

“Whatever happens …”

“Don’t you ever stop talking to me.”

“I can’t right now, ‘cause I’m mad at you.”

Oh that pout is going to do me in.

Oh, and yeah, I’m fine now.

“I can wait.”

Oh god. This was the most intense fucking thing in the entire world, and I can’t believe they actually did this to me, the fuckers.

Whoa. That’s one disgusted face, Hotchner. Damn. I’m scared.

Oh god, after everything he went through? Kate died? Oh god.

Poor Hotchner.

“Smoking in a hospital is a federal offense.”

“You’re on your own kid.”

So let me get this straight, you coerced him into smoking and you’re leaving him high and dry? YOU FUCKER. But you’re okay.

“And a catheter connected to my … skididdibup.” Oh my god!!!!!!!!!! THAT IS THE FUNNIEST WORD I HAVE EVER HEARD USED FOR PENIS ON A DAYTIME SHOW! OH MY GOD!

Hold up. She got him and his family fucking good seats to a Mets game? DAMN.

Aw, Derek took over the agent and volunteered to drive Aaron! I love you guys!

“Don’t you have something better to do?”

“Than to annoy you for three hours? Hell no.”

Oh my cupcake! I just want to smoosh his cheeks and give him the biggest, sloppiest, wettest kiss ever.

AND HE’S DRIVING? I love you so much.

Wait. Hold up. So they didn’t even get to find out who the secret service were protecting in that fucking hospital that was the target? Oh my god.

Wait. So Joyner isn’t even buried yet, and they already requested Derek for the New York office? Oh god. Please tell me he’s not taking it. I can’t.

Wait. So Hotch didn’t even give his recommendation because Morgan defied everyone and went on his own to save everyone?


“My opinion doesn’t matter. Job’s yours if you want it.”

Wait. So he got the job, and whatever Hotch said, didn’t matter? How come? He’s his boss. I don’t get the FBI at all.

“Your opinion matters to me.”

“My life matters to me, and I have and always will entrust you with it.”

“Would you do the same for me?”

Are you implying that you think Derek doesn’t trust anyone to help him? Come on. You know he has issues with stuff, and you know he has a hero complex. Come on.

Don’t be rough on my yummycakes.

Oh god, I can’t take Shemar’s acting. He just has these little mannerisms that get me in the core and it’s simply unfair.

*comes out from my cocoon* am I still breathing? Um … checks typing fingers … apparently so.

Okay, I really have no words to summarize these last two episodes, I truly don’t. I think the screenshots say everything. And you all know my stance on Derek, Penelope, Hotch, Reid, and basically everyone to understand that I’m so emotionally fragile and my wires are all frayed inside my brain that I can’t make sense of this. Except that even though he hasn’t said it outright yet (what the fuck are you waiting for, you dummy?), it’s obvious Derek is in love with Penelope. And I really hope he does something about it soon or I’m going to boink him on the head.

Here’s whatever I couldn’t fit into the episode.

And I am astonished I haven’t said this before, but none of this is mine. Okay? You can copy, paste, print, drool over, whatever you want to do with them, they are the sole property of the actors, creators of the series, and whatnot, and I only took screenshots to illustrate my opinions.

Thank you for sticking out with me, and I’ll see you all next time, when I’ve set my pacemaker.