Little Canada Things! :)

- the systemic oppression/abuse/harassment/murder of First Nations people by the government/cops, especially FN women, all while sweeping the residential school narrative under the rug

- the rampant epidemic of sexual misconduct in the Canadian military against female soldiers, ranging from harassment to assault

- the increasing monitoring of our activities online and the threat of revoking citizenship in the name of “fighting terrorism” 

- the current government’s extreme disregard of environmental conservation 

- the current government’s extreme silencing of Canadian scientists, removing them from both sharing findings with the public and participating in the international scientific community

- the passive and apathetic attitude Canadians can take towards their own politics

The list goes on….

14 Ways To Sing 'O Canada' In A Language Other Than English Or French
Canada is a multicultural country, so it only makes sense to hear how our beautiful anthem sounds in other dialects and languages.

The languages are:


-Cree (First Nations)

-Uummarmiutun (an Inuit language)

-Inuktitut (an Inuit language)

-Dene (First Nations)

-Ojibwe (First Nations)







-Scottish Gaelic

-American Sign Language