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delightfullyfree95 said: hi! so I’ve been checking (um stalking) your blog. and let me just say i was/am a lowkey v/min & yoon/min stan, but you made me convert to kook/min oh my god.. anyways i just wanna ask if you read the singles magazine interview(?) there’s a part where yoongi says “you will feel like falling for jimin if you look into his eyes” and another translation “everyone falls in love with jimin when they look at his eyes” like?? he highkey confessed?? tbh looks like all bts has/had a crush on jimin lmao   

I don’t quite remember that article but I understand exactly what Yoongi’s talking about. Jimin’s eyes are nothing short of magical. And nobody can resist them. Nobody.

 ^ (Around 7:45) The MC couldn’t stop talking about “Jimin-ssi, who has beautiful eyes.” He was legit flirting with Jimin in front of his boyfriend. The man went on to say: “It was the first time my heart fluttered because of a man.” Also, note JK and RM’s reactions throughout the whole exchange. 

And as you noted, Yoongi is well-known for liking Jimin’s eyes. But he’s not the only fanboy within the group. (Wow, I wonder who it is..)

 ^ Q. asks what each member finds the most appealing about Jimin. 

JK: Eyes  ♡ 

Yoongi: Eyes.

(Also, Taehyung said there was none. I love that kid)

…By the way, did I mention Jungkook really, really loves Jimin’s eyes? Because he does. 

JK: Jiminnie-hyung..is like, his eyes are.. pretty.

No, I’m serious. He will not stop talking about how much he loves Jimin’s pretty eyes and his pretty eye smile. It’s like he has this constant need to tell the whole world even though we all know that yes, Jimin is attractive and yes, Jungkook, we know that you find him pretty too. Like god, he’s so smitten. They all are. 

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I bet every time harry gets horny,he opens the YSL page,and masturbates at every new collection they have

OH MY GOD. His version of porn magazines are actually YSL fashion magazines. xx

Jacksepticeye in polish magazine?!

Yesterday… I was in one of bookstores/newsstands/shops called “Empik”. When I was there I decided, to check the newest “Tube News”. “Tube News” is a (duh) polish magazine, basically talking about (duh again) polish youtubers (Which I hate them. Ok, not everybody, but most of them), but few months ago, they started make an article about youtubers from other countries, such as Markiplier. 

Anyway.. I grabbed the magazine and opened it in a random page. Suddenly before my eyes i had this image…


I almost danced and screamed, because of that!  ゝ(▽`*ゝ)   (ノ^o^)ノ

And yeah..  as you may surmise.. I bought it because of @therealjacksepticeye only.  ᕙ(-Ꮂ-)ᕗ

Maybe I spent 4 zł for this… but it was worth it.   ¯\_◕ツ◕_/¯

And… finally I know how to say his intro in polish. (づ^ᴥ^)づ

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London Fashion Week is hands down the best week of the year for people like myself, oh my god. I’ve already done a magazine signing, taken a bunch of photos, had a bunch of photos taken for Love ‘17 and last night I got to host an amazing Love Magazine party with people I love. If the weather in London wasn’t so miserable all the time, I think Royal would have some competition on it’s hands…