Please, wake up

genre: Sehun Fluff-angstyi-ish
type: drabble/scenario
characters: Sehun, EXO, reader
Do not copy without permission or use in any way, this is my work.

It was everywhere, it was in every headline, on every news channel, in every social media, everywhere. “Y/N from the girl idol group in critical condition”. Those were the words that made Oh Sehun stop walking and look up at the screens on the buildings. His heart sank, the moment they showed the car after the accident. They said you were still alive, but how could you be after such an accident?

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You and I (#3)

Summary: The pain of being abandoned by a mother I can relate, but being raised without the love of a family? I couldn’t imagine how difficult it must’ve been for Sehun.

Genre: bestfriends-lovers AU, romance, slight-angst, fluff, soft smut in later chapter. 

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 TODAY was one of those days when I deliberately got out late from class just so I could walk home with Sehun. I hadn’t seen him all day and I admitted to kind of miss him. He didn’t reply to my message asking him where he was during recess, nor did he pick up my call. It was unlike him to ignore my call. I couldn’t tell how I knew something wasn’t right, I just knew.

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Mysteries of Exo showtime

  • Wtf was Chanyeol doing behind the foil?
  • Where’s the haunted house video of Chanyeol and Kai?
  • What was Tao doing in Sehuns room in episode 11?
  • Why did the wind blow Chen’s meat?
  • Why was there a juice bottle in Tao’s hoodie?
  • Why isn’t kris’ “I don’t eat ttoekbokki” (and still proceeds to eat it) not as much of a meme as chicken is not my style?

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