oh my gosh that abs!

OH MY FREAKING NUTELLA!!!! He should ALWAYS do this, you know, lift his undershirt~ or better yet, he should NOT wear any undershirt at all!! *drools* MANU NEUER JUST KILLED ME 1000000000000000000000000000000x!


AJ: Ain’t ya heard of knockin’?! 

AB: Well sorry yer dumb girlfriend won’t stop texting me, and I wanna get to sleep! 

AJ: She ain’t my girlfriend! 

AB: Whatever! It’s not like I walked in on ya doin’ something! 

AJ: Erhm, y-yeah… 

AB: Wait, eatin’ skittles in bed. Oh my gosh, that’s so gross! 

AJ: Please don’t tell nobody about this.

Mod: Hey, just wanted to take a little break from the Nerd Off. To keep things from feelin’ too heavy. Comic references this.

Oooohhhh. I missed it so much. My PT took away running last September. It’s been 7 months! I only did one mile. After my walking to make certain I was loose enough. 1 minute intervals of run/walk.

Running is very difficult for me. So my self pep talk went a little like this:

* Ok, we’re doing it! Good job, you.
* Oh my gosh, already with the hand flailing. Pull that back in line.
* Abs. Abs. Abs.
* Shoulders back. Keep your shoulders back.
* Weird. My lungs seem to be handling this fine.
* Stop with that weird hand flailing. Stay square.
* Your abs!
* Did that drop of sweat just come from my ear? Well that’s awesome.
* Just kidding, lungs!!! You are NOT handling this fine. Don’t pass out. The children won’t even know to come check on you.
* I’m almost done? I wanna keep going!

There’s more, but I can’t remember. I finished up the entire mile of intervals in just under 11 minutes. This is huge for me because when I go out to just run I know I’ll be faster. I’M SO EXCITED. Ok. Now we wait until tomorrow to see how my back handles this.


For anyone who may not know, Yoo Youngjin or E:Psilon of the group AlphaBAT is Ricky’s older brother. The group debuted as 9 back in 2013 with AB City. Since then 6 members have left leaving only 3 of the original lineup. Now with the addition of new member K:Appa The group has Comeback as 4 with the song ‘Get Your Luv’. AlphaBAT started off fairly well but have slowly faded and I know it must be hard for the members and Ricky as well so please support them as best you can❤️


AB City

Surprise Party


Oh My Gosh


Love in the ice
(Original by DBSK)

Bad Boy
(Original by 100% (Teen Tops brother group))

Nothings over
(Original by INFINITE)

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Ramuh uesd Judgment Bolt on the fangirls. It’s not very effective. The thirst is too strong.