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God is Good! God’s Promises are never wavering. No matter how bad it looks, or impossible or unlikely it seems to come. It will. God is way too powerful to just back out on His Promises. Stop giving into fear of failure. Start leaning on God’s Strength and not your own. It is by God’s Grace and Strength you are saved and helped, not yours. Fear God, Love God more, put everything inside and outside in His Hands and invite Him into your everyday life. 

Dawn of the Seeker

…since I have a huge weakness for this ridiculous movie, I thought it’d be fun to draw a Cassandra Pentaghast from that part of her life, but a little closer to a younger version of she looks in Inquisition.


Nations & Cities of Thedas.

There are no firm borders in Thedas. But wander into the next kingdom over and the change is obvious. Attitudes start to shift. People pay different taxes, pledge allegiance to different thrones, worship different gods. A nation’s influence may strengthen as you move closer to the capital. And on the farthest edges of some countries, locals may claim no king at all.

They are right after us and getting closer. However, we have one advantage they have no idea about,”
“And what would that be?” she gave him a concerned look.
“You, my Queen,” the admiral grinned.

Yes. After few days of feeling completely screwed, I needed to get back in the bussiness. Speedpainting and trying new techniques were the best option. 2 hrs.

Edit: Guys, I am very tired of all of the Elsanna tags. So even though I didn’t want to write it here directly, the admiral and the person in front of Elsa is Hans. Yes. Longhaired, because I have a thing for ponytails.


Disney animated feature of Tallahassee on its way! Not really but we can dream, right? I tried to make this look like a fake screenshot from a Disney movie haha, not sure if I succeeded but it’s the best I can do right now!

Scene suggested by the-lady-swan :)

Stingue Week: Day Eight (Bonus)
∟ Costume → this might even go as a Pacific Rim AU, but I just really wanted to draw them as Jaeger pilots. Seriously, they are so drift compatible. I mean, it’s all about trust and synchronization, and that just screams “Sting and Rogue”.


dat-profound-bond-tho said // Castiel in 18

send me a character and a number and i will draw it