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art trades?

so recently i noticed that the supply of trixie art has been decreasing, and looks like someone has to do something about it. after i’m done with this other prize giveaway thingy, ill do some art trades if anyone is interested :v think it would be a good way to practice, and be forced to sit down and draw more (instead of doing stupid stuff in tf2)

you don’t draw and do sfm or gmod stuff? sure why not! im open to anything! ill do ocs, cannon horses, all that fun stuff! (don’t ask for anthro or human, can barely do a circle for now)

here’s an example of something i’ve done

like what you see and interested in a trade? send me an ask or something, idk how this stuff works ;3;

himearisu asked:

Hello! I'd like to ask Nakamura for the 'Let's do a weird head canon thing'! (Also, I think he's a major cutie too! I wish we had official art/merch of him!)

aaaaaaaah thank you senpai ;;w;; (no you don’t know how happy i am to read nakamura’s name there oh my god thankyousomuch) and a huge yes to more official art/merch of him because i totally would buy that aaaaaaahhh //lies down

okay let’s do this:

What they smell like: a combination of vanilla, pocari, and sweat. get it? haha ok sorry he loves everything vanilla and actually use a vanilla-scented shampoo.

How they sleep (sleeping position, schedule, etc): nakamura set himself a bedtime at around 10pm each night but always ends up reading horror novels until very late, maybe around 1-2am. even though he’s quiet (or more like he doesn’t get enough dialog in the series), he moves around in his sleep and would sometimes even talk.

What music they enjoy: VOCALOID!! he really really loves ‘em especially the morbid/strange/horror(?) songs like fear garden, hold, release, rakshasa and carcasses and such. nakamura also listens to pop (foreign ones).

How much time they spend getting ready every morning: around 10-15 minutes, probably? it takes him 3-4 minutes to fully wake up and drag himself to the bathroom.

Their favorite thing to collect: everything horror-related. novels, magazines, posters, songs, figures, you name it. hayakawa spends the night in his house once and the next day he spends half of practice crying to kasamatsu because he believes the scary mask on nakamura’s wall is planning to kill him.

Left or right-handed: right handed, but he’s trying to learn using his left hand too.

Religion (if any): shinto is a religion, right? anyway, he’s a typical japanese person who prays at temples and celebrates christmas.

Favorite sport: other than basketball, he likes tennis.

Favorite touristy thing to do when traveling (museums, local food, sightseeing, etc): nakamura loves exploring an unfamiliar place, and he always bring a camera with him. he takes lots of photos and always buy himself small souvenirs.

Favorite kind of weather: snowy days, because it’s quiet, cold and sometimes a bit eerie.

A weird/obscure fear they have: he really, really hates spiders. once, nakamura found a spider on his jersey and he immediately throw the jersey away from him (which landed on kise’s face), screamed, jumped on kobori’s arm because i ship them and refuses to get down until the spider got taken care of. to this day, moriyama regrets not recording that incident.

The carnival/arcade game they always win without fail: he’s a master of crane games. big or small prize, he can get them in a single try.

thank you! <3

caucasus-reborn asked:

I followed you from the days of DeviantART (I'm RobotMaster3), and when I found out you had a Tumblr, I decided to keep up with you here to see all the cute girls and amazing arts you produce.


reinadeperros asked:

okay, since you've reblogged that post about art... more Solas! more dunmers! maybe dwemers? maybe bosmers? anyway, your art is awesome.

Oh god, dwemers? I’d love to see more concept art about dwemers. Or, I’d want to know more about dwemers OVERALL. Bosmers and dunmers? Any specific tes elves you’d want to see?

and thank you ;u;

farplaner replied to your post “farplaner replied to your post “im back to being fruit qator!!!!”n i…”

good!! I just took my last final of the semester and my friends are coming in to visit for the week! Then I’m going to ct for two so i’ve been busy!! How about you? <3

OOOOH THATS NICE TO KNOOW!!! for me, school is stressing me out a lot and my grades are kinds bad omg. My marks are around 70% in all my class (atleast its not a fail like it is in america oh god). Ive been getting better at art more!! so im really happy about that ;u; summers gonna come soon so im also planning on opening comissions and working on art for my portfolio. im basically devoting my free time to art whenever i can, other times im jsut wasting time online or trying to study somehow and pass my classes. 

right now im trying to do computer programming and siiighs i hate this class cuz i suck so much at programming. but im still going by.