oh god i was gonna cry

lms if u think i should give into the rp urge one more time 

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You are amazing and pretty and really kind and that's just all kinds of problematic honestly.

I can’t help that I’m so amazing, you’re just gonna have to live with it.


But I can’t help but cry because all of you are so nice. You don’t truly know how messed up I am. 

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crush meme: oh god where do i start. First off you're the fucking cutest person in the world, second you're so sweet and pure for the universe like damn the earth doesn't deserve you and it breaks my heart to know you dont think anyone has a crush on you or that you dont get noticed often i just wish i could make you happy like you deserve to be

Whaaat oh my gosh noooo ;/////; ur gonna make me cry that’s too sweet

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Awwn, Thank you! But I do really mean it when I say long stories are the best! And just to let you know, you are my favorite author. You are number one on my list! I really do love your stories, and please, don't think they are crap, because they aren't. You are the awesomest writer in this world. If you wrote a book with a lot of stories, I would definetely buy it! ❤

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Are you an actual Angel? Golly gosh, oh me oh my, I’m blooming flustered. That’s quite the compliment adorable anonie. Goodness, I don’t know what to do with myself, I’m gonna cry, you’re too sweet. I can’t even, I honestly don’t think I’m that great but thank you so much, this is the sweetest message. GOD I LOVE YOU SO ♡

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I'm gonna die in a couple days when Robert tells Aaron he's proud of him, I might as well write my obituary now. Like him continuing to support Aaron and giving him all the strength he can:(.

i’m glad i can’t cry because holy hell on a cracker I can see tears happening when he says that to him. He must see Aaron with a shining light around him….oh god he loves him so much and he is gonna stand by him for the rest of his life and just…..jesus we need help. Stupid Robert. I hate him. I wanna rip his face off and throw it in the street.

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oh my god, these old drawings you showed us... are they your very first drawings or just the first you made digitaly? because if it's the first one than I'm gonna cry in a corner now because they look so good...

omg asdfjlk noo those are my first digital artworks! ..idk what you’re talking about–they are bad tho ahhahaa. my first actual drawings were probably preschool crayon scribbles :’D  ..but i think you will laugh if you see my old,old traditional artworks when i first started trying to draw people (*^艸^);; 


-I bite my lip to keep myself from crying out I. Pleasure my breathing picks up a little as I feel myself starting to get my to my high - oh my god ur so good at this baby - I moan - -kat

are you gonna cum babe? I wanna taste you so bad *i moan as i slide my finger into you* -Harry