oh god i was gonna cry

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the kagehina matching shirts and wedding rings and then the cuddling art oh my god it's too much it's too beautiful im gonna cry I love it

Sssshhh come here and cry with me! :’)

today was so so good oh my god my friends made me do that laugh where u literally feel like a six pack is forming and u feel like ur gonna pass out and die becos ur laughing so hard u can’t breathe and actual pee is coming out and it was the best fucking feeling ever after having such a shit week of not stop crying ahhh i loved today and i love my friends tbh we didn’t even do that much but i had the best time

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I don't know if you've played any Final Fantasy but I just watched the epilogue to Lightning Returns and it's almost exactly like Brotherhood's (it even looks like it's Resembool) and idk I thought like sharing because it freaked me out a bit (youtube/watch?v=NKYktEk4zr0)

Omg someone else mentioned it to me once but I never actually saw it until nOW AND OH MY GOD??? THAT WAS CRAZY THEYRE SO SIMILAR IM GONNA START CRYING ALL OVER AGAIN

tattoo artist!luke sounded so distressed whwen he called you. he spoke quickly, his words blending together as he started another sentence before even finishing the first. you could only make out crying, won’t stop and i’m gonna kill jack.

“luke, luke, luke,” you chanted, trying to cut off his rambling. “calm down, okay? calm down and speak a little slower so i can understand you.”

“she won’t stop crying!” he exclaimed, more out of confusion instead of anger.

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Plushtrap: make sure to brush your teeth everyday.

I read this and now I can’t stop thinking Plushtrap is actually one of those dentist teddy bears.

Okay but is there ever a note or chord in a song that you play or sing or listen to that hits you and it’s like the clouds to heaven have opened up and you feel it deep in your soul and know that this is what it’s all about

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Head canon that Blackwall watches his Inquisitor sleep when they first start "dating" because he thinks it's all some kind of twisted dream and he never wants to wake up B) and the inquisitor catches him one night and she scREAMS BECAUSE HES RIGHT THERE LOST IN THOUGHT AND THEY BOTH CRY AND THEN LAUGH

oh my god i thought this was gonna be sweet and sad but no it veered into HILARIOUS rly fast