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Happy Birthday Sehun‼️

Happy Birthday to the actual love of my life‼️ I love how sassy and funny he is and i love how proud he is of his family, exo and non exo, I love how he messes with people in the funniest way and how lovely he is to us fans and to his members. I love his laugh and how she scrunches his nose when he laughs. I love how “evil” of a maknae he is, but how loving he is to his hyungs. I love how great his fashion sense is and how he could looks good in literally everything. I love his eyes, his lips, his hair, his long-ass legs, his everything. I love Oh Sehun, and everything that comes with him. I hope he has an amazing birthday because he definitely deserves it❤️

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I still think about heartmouth. Like I'll be going through my day and not really even think about yoi but then I remember yuuri calls him heartmouth and I want to die because are you serious? Like, are you really for real? It's actually the sweetest thing and I need a drabble or something where yuuri teases victor by drawing hearts over his mouth over and over and victor's face is in his hands and he's so red because yuuri has the sly smile and I just die everytime okay ajshfjak

oh my god thank youuuu <333

“Say I’m meeting someone new who uses sign language,” says Viktor. “Do I introduce myself with fingerspelling, or can I just use the sign name you gave me?”

Yuuri shrugs. ‘The name I gave you is yours to use,’ he replies. Viktor thoughtfully traces a heart on his chest and then points to his mouth, and Yuuri has to resist the urge to swoon a little at the sight. 

“What does it mean?” he wonders.

Yuuri purses his lips, before grabbing his notebook and writing heart + mouth. He shows it to Viktor and adds, ‘because the way your mouth makes that heart shape when you smile is really cute’. 

Viktor’s mouth forms that exact beloved shape when he sees the signs. “Yuuri! That’s – that’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard!” And then suddenly Yuuri finds himself smushed into the cushions of the couch, Viktor pressing kisses all over to his face. “I love it, I love it so much!”

Yuuri can feel his face burning. He barely manages to make the sign for ‘thank you’ before Viktor is on him with more kisses, each one sweeter than the last. Finally, Yuuri pushes Viktor back a little to catch his breath, and adds, ‘you know, there’s a shorter way to sign it.’

“Really?” asks Viktor. 

Yuuri nods, and reaches up to trace a heart around VIktor’s mouth, watching in growing delight as his partner turns red at the feeling. 

“Yuuri,” whines Viktor. “That’s too adorable.”

Yuuri only responds by repaying Viktor’s favour, pressing him into the couch cushions and tracing hearts around Viktor’s mouth until they’re both laughing and blushing and content only to hold each other close.

(what’s the one thing about my writing you remember the most?)

Happy Birthday to the wonderful @onceuponalany 🎊🎂😁

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Hallo! Can you please do headcannons about sa RFA+V+saeran reacting to their MC cuddling,kissing and whispering i love u to da pillow cuz she want to make them jealous ...,,, pwetty pwease thank you 😊



  • *crying Yoosung emoji*
  • T_T
  • ;;;;;
  • he’s whining like a 5 year old
  • “MC, how could youuuuuuuuuuuu?”
  • needless to say, he’s upset and wants your attention now
  • you’re hugging onto the pillow for dear life and smooching it
  • “I love you~~”
  • “NooOOooOoOOoO!!”
  • “Oh what’s that, pillow? I should cuddle Yoosung now because he’s getting jealous?”
  • you have a hard time trying to keep up the act while Yoosung’s whining 
  • “MC please cuddle with me!”
  • he dives onto the bed and latches onto you
  • but the force ends up being a tad too much and both of you roll onto the floor
  • and he’s on top of you
  • “You know if you wanted to cuddle with me, you should have just said so.”
  • he’s so done
  • “You’re gonna pay for that!”


  • wHY
  • you’ve never heard the word “babe” used more than right now
  • “Babe! The real deal is right here! BABE.”
  • “Jeez, there’s a weird buzzing sound in here. I wonder what it is?” you say to the pillow
  • o m g
  • “Baaaaabe! I’m a way better cuddling partner than that damn pillow! Give it up!”
  • “The weird buzzing noise seems to be getting louder… Oh well~ As long as it doesn’t get between our love.” you kiss the pillow
  • “MC!”
  • he forces you to roll over by brute strength and grabs the hem of your shirt and lifts it up to reveal your stomach
  • oh no
  • he’s gonna do it
  • he places his mouth on your belly and
  • you scream and can’t resist laughing as he blows raspberries on your stomach
  • “Okay okay! I give up!”
  • “It’s about time! I couldn’t stand not having you in my arms.”
  • “I can’t believe you were jealous~” you tease him
  • “….Don’t talk about it.”


  • what on god’s green earth were you doing
  • why were you???? kissing and telling the pillow “I love you”???????
  • she’s not jealous per se, but is slightly irritated that you’re giving that your attention
  • MC… why are you cuddling the pillow when I’m right here?^^
  • when you didn’t answer and kept on saying sweet nothings to the pillow
  • she just
  • rolls over and sits up, putting on her glasses
  • “I guess if you’re going to snuggle with the pillow, I’ll just get up and continue my work for Mr. Han–”
  • but when she tried to get up
  • there were a pair of arms around her stomach
  • and they had an iron grip
  • “I was just joking! Please don’t leave…” you whine into her
  • “So if I come back, you’ll ditch the pillow?”
  • “…Yes. Sorry, I thought it would be funny to try and make you jealous, ahaha….”
  • “I do not get jealous easily, please keep that in mind, MC.”
  • “So if I went over to Zen’s place and–”
  • her glasses glint
  • you never tried making her jealous again


  • “Oh, if only Jumin was here~ I guess I’ll love you tonight, pillow~~”
  • “MC. I’m right here.”
  • “Man, what a weird buzzing noise!” you say to the pillow
  • his eye twitches
  • he didn’t want to have to resort to this
  • inching closer, he leans over you slightly, and gently blows wind in your ear
  • you yelp in surprise and wiggle around
  • that’s when your boyfriend pins your arms down and straddles you
  • you gulp and give him a sheepish smile
  • “Now, tell me, MC,” he leans down closer so your faces are inches apart, “Since when did that pillow deserve your attention?”
  • you lean your head up and give him a quick kiss, which he was not expecting
  • “Never~ But it’s fun seeing you all jealous, especially over a pillow.”
  • “I have my limits when it comes to jealousy, my love. Keep that in mind.”


  • he is not having any of this
  • nOPE
  • he clings to you like saran wrap from behind
  • you’re hugging the pillow tightly, but it’s getting harder and harder to ignore him
  • especially when his feather-like touch is tracing its way along your stomach
  • “MCCCCCC…~”
  • you’re trying to stifle your laughter
  • “Let’s m-marry in the space station, Pillow…!”
  • his hand turns on you and becomes the tickle monster
  • you’re literally wriggling around uncontrollably and giggling
  • and then he finally gets a good grip and wraps his arms and legs around your form, not letting go
  • “Defender of Justice, 707, has finally rescued his princess away from the evil mastermind pillow and his dastardly plans to marry in the space station! Ohohoho!”
  • you’re giggling and then seven breaks into laughter after you
  • giving him a smile, you carefully take off his glasses and set them aside
  • “Don’t worry, I wouldn’t want to marry anyone else but my Defender of Justice in the space station~”
  • you then place a kiss on his lips
  • he’s so happy and hugs you even tighter


  • ok first of all if you’re doing this to a guy like V, you’re a little heartless bitch
  • so confused when he didn’t feel your arms wrapped around him and legs intertwined with his
  • of course he couldn’t see what you were doing exactly
  • but when he heard you making over-exaggerated kissing noises and saying “I love you, Pillow” he realizes that you’re… not giving him your warm cuddles anymore
  • “MC? What are you doing?”
  • “Oh pillow~ You’re so comfy and huggable. I love youuuu~”
  • oh :( so that’s how it’s gonna be, mc :((
  • “It’s so cold… I feel as if I’m going to freeze to death…”
  • you quit fake kissing the pillow and turn your head slightly to look at V
  • “If MC doesn’t embrace me with her warmth soon… It’ll be over for me… MC… where are you?”
  • “D-Don’t worry, V! I’m here!” you throw the pillow to the side and hug him tightly from behind
  • V chuckles lightly, and does his best to switch sides so that he’s facing your way
  • “That was quick.”
  • “The pillow was cold anyway…”
  • “More reason for us to cuddle then, right?”
  • your body fit into his way better than the pillow anyway


  • mc why the hell are you whispering sweet nothings to a damn pillow
  • he’s so damn jealous but he shouldn’t be because it’s a pillow? yet you’re giving all of your attention to it
  • “I love you, pillow~” and then you kiss it
  • that t e a r s it
  • Saeran inches closer to your side of the bed where you’re snuggling the pillow and wraps his arms around your stomach
  • and moves your hair to the side, revealing the back of your neck
  • he then places his lips against your skin, making a trail of kisses along the back and side of your neck
  • you instantly stop your little act and your face turns as red as his hair
  • oh mY GOD
  • you’re trying so hard to not give into his temptation
  • but he bites down on the sensitive part of your neck
  • and you squeal
  • Saeran smiles slightly, well-knowing that he’s finally got your attention
  • “W-Why are you being so bold now?”
  • “Because I want your attention directed at me and not some stupid pillow.”
  • you roll over and face him, begrudgingly placing a hand on his cheek
  • he’s got a half smirk on his face
  • “If that happens again, I’ll do more than just bite your neck, MC.”
Warm, Wet and Wild-BTS(Smut)

More sweaty and sweet smuts with BTS. Are you sure you’re ready?

Get the fan and some water again guys, enjoy and more to come soon~

Want Me, Need Me- Suga

Req: Can you write a smutty scenario from tae or yoongi’s point of view?? ps I love you guys and wow your scenarios are 👌🔥👌🔥👌 o k a y bye

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I don’t think I’ve ever tasted anything this sweet in my entire life, licking around her wet folds as she grinds her hips down into my face, gripping my hair with tight fingers. I love how with no effort I can get her so worked up, with one motion of my tongue or flick of my fingers she’s completely drenched in the need for me.  

“Fuck, Yoongi!” Her melodic voice calls as I grip her thighs, holding her in place as I smile.

“Hmmm? Yes, baby? Tell me what you want.”

I’m already hard and throbbing, standing to attention and just waiting for the magic words, her whiny words my undoing as she moans over and over again, letting herself go in the sensation of my tongue slipping in and out of her slit, tight and warm even around the wet muscle.

“I-” She gasps as I work a finger into her, tightening the grip of my hair, painfully erotic and pleasurable. “I want you to fuck me.” She finally gets out, earning a groan from my throat.

I lick my lips, tasting every last drop of her candy like cum before looking up at her, watching her eyebrows scrunch and throat work as I wiggle another finger into her tight entrance. “My baby is so tight.” I murmur, gazing at her parted lips with a newfound hunger. She looks amazing above me, the rosy tips of her breasts hardened with lust, long strands of her hair messed around her head from my fingers, lips swollen and pink from my kisses.

She meets my eyes, gaze intense and heated as she watches me slip in and out of her, breathing steadily increasing with each raw pump of my long digits. “Are you ready to cum?” I rub my thumb over her clit, the sensitive bud bringing a cry from her.

Fervently, she shakes her head. “No, I- ah!- I want to feel you first.”

My lips curve into a smirk, pulling my fingers out of her, listening to her whimper until I swiftly roll us over, the most effort I’ve put into this whole operation since we started. “Let me give you what you want then, baby.”

The Pefect Solution- Rap Monster


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“Do you know what answer this is?”

“Hmm?” I shake my head, eyes lost in the plumpness of his lips as he speaks. Of the pink tongue that slips through them as he licks them, getting them all glossy and wet. “24?”

He laughs, coming right in front of my face. “Nope. You’re not even paying attention are you?”

“No…” I trail, smiling at him before realizing what he’s said. “Wait! Yes I am!” I look down at my paper. “I meant 26, not 24.”

He chuckles, giving me a long look before turning back to the whiteboard and working out the problem for me to see. Let me tell you though: that backside is nice as fuck, especially as he rolls his shoulders and the fabric of his button up strains against the muscle. God, I’d love to just rip it off of his torso, to feel him beneath my fingers as I climb on top of him, sliding down so I can ride his long length, hearing him groan in pleasure, calling my-

“Y/N!” He throws his expo marker at me, face flushing as it sails right down my shirt, the most perfect shot in the entire world. He turns around abruptly, starling as he realizes there are no more markers left.

“I’m gonna need that back.” He says, slowly walking towards me.

“Why don’t you come get it then?” I ask, a challenge in my voice.

He swallows thickly, chuckling as he braces his hands on my desk. “You do know I’m technically your teacher right?”

“Technically.” I echo, giving him a smile.

He licks his lips once more, eyes faltering as they settle on my cleavage, down to my bra where the marker is still sitting, waiting to be found. “You know…?” He begins, eyes flicking to mine before he gets on his knees in front of the desk, tracing a cool finger up my thighs. “I dream about doing this to you.”

I release a slow breath, squirming as he toys with the hem of my skirt. “I do too.”

“I know you’re smart baby girl. You don’t need this tutoring…” He pinches my inner thigh, earning a sharp inhale from me as my eyes flutter closed. “It only seems like you need me.”

“And you?” I arch against my chair. “Do you need me?”

“Does this answer your question?” He traces a finger up my throbbing clit, hissing at how wet I am.

“Ah! Yes!” I moan, gripping the desk with white knuckles.

“Wow, I’m impressed, who knew math could be this… stimulating for you.” He smirks at my breathless form, pressing his thumb into my clothed core.

“Namjoonnn, ngggghh.” I whimper, rocking my hips into his finger. God I’ve wanted to feel him for so long and who knew he’d feel so good, pressured and firm against me, driving me crazy without having to do anything.

“Y/N!” My eyes shoot open as a marker hit me square in the forehead hitting the desk with a loud clunk and rolling ot the floor. Kim Namjoon is looking at me from the board, everything on him still intact and lots of extra markers stacked behind him. “It’d be great if you didn’t sleep while I’m trying to teach you.” He pauses, giving me a small smirk. “Especially when you sleep talk.”  

Makeup or Makeout?-V

Req: hella intense make out session with tae (no sex) while watching a movie or something (?)… thank youuuu!

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“Oh, please!” I scowl at him. “You and I both know that he’s a better actor.”

Taehyung makes an exaggerated gesture and rolls his eyes. “Shut up, you uncultured duck, you wouldn’t know what a good actor was if he hit you in the face.”

“Excuse me? An uncultured ‘duck’?” My eyes narrow dangerously.

“Yeah, an uncultured duck.” He reiterates, leaning forward until he’s an inch from my face.

I can feel the smile on his lips without looking, loving how easily he can get me riled up. Gripping the back of his neck I pull him against me, gaining some sort of victory as I seal his lips to my own. “You’re hot when you get angry.” He says into me, hot and ragged.

“Oh, shut up.” I chuckle breathily, gripping his shoulders and pulling him back to me.

I love the way his lips feel against mine, soft and plush and pink. So perfect and moldable to my own. “Taehyung…” I moan lightly, crawling into his lap as his wet tongue slides with my own. He tastes like butter and popcorn, smells musky and sweet. I can never get enough of him, not of his smile, his laugh, his humour, his love, his passion.

Everything about him breathes life into me. Gives me air to keep on living.

A small trail of saliva connects us as he pulls back, placing his forehead against mine and fitting his hands into the curve of my waist. “Baby?”

“Hmm?” I hum with closed eyes.

“I love you.”

I open my eyes, smiling widely and contently. “I love you too.”

And faster than I can blink he’s back against me, hoisting me up so I drape over him as he lays back, bodies moving as one whole unit. I can feel myself getting worked up by him, grinding my hips down into him and playing a domination game between our tongues.    

His rough growl washes me in a sense of euphoria, resounding somewhere deep inside my chest. Running my hands down his chest, I feel the muscles flex beneath the cotton, moaning as he rolls his lower body up again. He adds more pressure to the kiss, my stomach churning with lust and fire as he continues our hot and heavy session.

Taehyung’s lips slip from my own and go down my jaw and over my neck, sucking on the skin harsh enough to leave a blossoming love bite on the supple skin, hands sketching outlines over my lower back. His tongue flicks over my pounding pulse, teeth gently grasping my earlobe and tugging.

“I have to tell you something.” He whispers sensually into my ear..  

I nod, too breathless to say anything.

“I don’t really think you’re an uncultured duck.” I can taste and feel and hear the smile in his words.  

“You better not.” I purse my lips, tracing my hands beneath his shirt.

He hums, lips going further south to nip around my collarbones, earning him little moans of shock and pleasure with each new purple flower. He pulls back to look at me, an innocent look on his face. “Taehyung…” I maon. “Do that again.”

He slips my shirt off with ease. “Do that mean I’m forgiven?”

Leaning to meet my chest he begins to do wicked things with his tongue, licking and nipping and continuing the journey I’d begged for. I can’t even comprehend anything other than his lips, the only understandable thing coming from my mouth a long moan, full of sensuous need. “Yes.”

Was It Worth It?- Jimin

Req: The title I thought of was “was it worth it?” You’re an amazing writer so I’m sure you can do spending with this ^^ pls make it with jimin too!!

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Lips. Hands. Moans. Sighs. Pleasure. Pain. A beautiful symphony of Park Jimin.

This is what I remember as I open my eyes after a very hazy night in someone’s apartment other than my own. Jimin’s hand is still tight around my naked waist, peaceful and cute in his sleep, so different from the dominating, rough demeanor of last night.

I run my fingers lightly over his hair, holding my best friend closer to my chest as he snores lightly.

But I guess we are more than best friends now.

I move my legs a tad, soreness making me gasp aloud a little, the soreness that he’d given me. But this amount of pain doesn’t even compare to an ounce of the pleasure he’d given me until the dawn broke through the night sky, until my voice was raspy from moaning and my knees were too weak to stand on my own.

Jimin stirs a tad, throwing his leg over mine and snuggling me closer, warming me against the cool morning air. My head is beginning to pound with the effects of a hangover, one that I know we both will be suffering today.

Yet even though we both got drunk and horny off our asses last night I can still remember every hair standing, pulse racing, goosebump inducing detail, down to the first kiss, the first touch, the first orgasm.

“Is it going to be worth it?” He’d asked me, kissing down my neck.

“I’ll tell you in the morning.” I’d slurred, too wet and needy to oppose his love and lust.

Swallowing down the dry lump in my throat I tighten my grip around his muscular torso, sighing as I settle into him. “Yes. It was worth it.”   

“Babyyyy?” Jimin’s deep, throaty voice suddenly whines, nuzzling into my bare side with the tip of his nose and the flesh of his lips. “My head hurts.”

I smile, running my fingers through his hair and humming softly. “You’ll be okay. We can hurt together.”

I feel him smile. “Okay, jagi. We can help each other with more love.”

We eclipse into a moment of comforting silence before I speak again. “Hey Jimin?” I lean my head against his, inhaling his musky scent. “Do you-”

“No.” He says firmly, knowing exactly what I was going to say without saying it. “I don’t regret it.”

“Neither do I.” I say, honestly, kissing the crown of his head.

“Well in that case…” He rubs his lower half against my leg, hard and ready to go again, a mischievous grin painted on his face as he looks up at me. “How about a morning round?”

I laugh, burrowing my head under the blankets with him and kissing him passionately, pouring everyhting I have into this kiss, and into our new love story. 

//Part Two with the rest of the members is coming out tomorrow! Anticipate it a lot and much love! Tell me what you thought of these please~:)//

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I associate you with light blue clear sky and cotton candy while "Baby Baby" plays in the distance

(i screeched, oh youuuu agsggshsjk!!!)

and I associate you with bubbly laughter (the kind that makes you cry and stomach hurt), deep conversations at 3 am, spontaneous walks in the park, bookshops while its raining outside and a cup of warm tea ✨🌼💞

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hi! i really liked your bunny boy series :-) now i want to read other first time stories hehe.. do u have any recommendations?

thank youuuu!!!! oh dude I read a really good first time fic the other day :-) it was called cupid’s bow and it’s by @tayegi. it’s a jimin fic. 

Holy Maloley (Nate Maloley Smut)

“NATHAN MONTGOMERY MALOLEY, get back here you baby back bitch” I screamed at the top of my lungs, currently I was laying in mine and Nates bed soaked in water because Nate thought it would be so hilarious to wake me up by dumping cold water on me. “Yes Y/N”? Nate came back in with his hands behind his back laughing. “I’m so close to decking your shit boy, go get me a towel” I said pissed off but smirking as well, “Okay baby, but first” Nate said lifting his hands, “But first wh- NATHAN OH MY GOD”!!! I was covered in eggs that Nate decided to throw at me. “YOU’RE DONE” I said jumping up to tackle him, “Bring it on Big Booty Judy” Nate said shaking his butt but then running down the hall. As we were running down the hallway, I noticed Nates man bun bouncing all over the place, so with me being the sneaky bitch I was that day, got paybacks at the right time “YAGAAAA!!!!"I screamed grabbing his bun, Nate then fell backwards on the last step and luckily I had jumped because otherwise I would’ve fallen right on top of him (But okay like that would’ve been a bad thing ;) ) "OWCH DAMN Y/N, THAT HURT BABY” Nate screamed laying on his back holding his head. “That’s what you get, I mean look at me I’m soaked Nate” I said laughing. “Are you done being a punk” I said looking at him like a serious parent. “Yes Y/N, I’m sorry, come on baby let’s go shower together, I’ll make you feel better” Nate said standing up coming close to me, “Nah fam, I said laughing while walking away, you’re staying out here and cleaning the bed up” “But Babe, who’s going to make you feel better” Nate said following me, “Don’t worry, I’ll call Swazz as soon as I get in the bathroom” “I said running into the bathroom and locking the door.

20 Minutes later I was done with my shower and Nate was done cleaning the room back up, everything settled down, atleast I thought. As soon as I walked out of the bathroom with my White bra and panties on I was slammed against the bedroom wall with my arms pinned above my head. "Lil Mama, Nate said against my neck sending chills down my body, "That wasn’t very nice of you to lock me out of the bathroom for shower time” He said in a very deep tone. “Oh well” I said looking at him dead in the eyes. “Now you see, now you have to be punished” Nate said now gripping my hands even tighter still above my head, “You won’t do shit” I said smirking. And with that he threw me onto the bed. Climbing right on top of me, and pinning my hands once again over my head, “No touching, or else.” Nate said, as he finished that sentenced he kissed me from my lips, to my neck, to my boobs, licking each nipple, his hands roaming all over my body, I couldn’t help but pull his hair “Naaatteeeee” I said moaning like crazy. “No no no, put them back baby” Nate said pinning my hands above my head again. Nate then made his way down to my vagina, I couldn’t help myself, I had pushed my head back onto the pillow, feeling his hot breathe near my area had driven me crazy. “Well you don’t need these” Nate said looking at my panties, “Well just be careful with these pair beca-NATHAN OMFG THOSE WERE BRAND NEW” I screamed at him as he ripped them off and threw them off, “Oh stop, I’ll buy you a new pair” Nate said laughing, “Yeah I guess you would, or better yet, Swazz would” I said smirking “Oh that’s it” Nate said getting off the bed, Nate then came back a few moments later with handcuffs, “You’ve been warned many times Y/N, now, you’re done” Nate said as each of my wrists were being cuffed to the headboard. Nate then proceded back down to my clit, without being warned or anything, he stuck 3 fingers in, plumping them in and out “Nateeee oh lord” I said gripping the headboard with my eyes rolling to the back of my head. “Tell me what you want baby” Nate said looking up at me, I looked back down at him, and I smirked and said “Swazzzzer” And without any warning Nate was inside of me, “NATE JEEZ-OH FUCCCCCCK!” I said screaming, “WHO MAKES YOU FEEL GOOD BABY? WHO’S THE BEST?”! Nate said looking down at me, “SWA-OH FUCK YOU NATE, YOUUUU” I said. As 20 minutes or so passed, and I was handcuff free, and laying in Nates arms, “Holy Maloley” I said panting, “Did you really just use me in a pun?” Nate said laughing, “Yassss don’t judge me” I said laughing.

Just then the doorbell rang, “I’ll get it” Nate said jumping out of bed, “Round two when I get back baby” And with that he was down the hallway. God I love this man I thought. “Hey whats up man” you heard Nate say, “Hey nothing much man” It was Swazz, how ironic I was just talking about him, I said laughing to myself. “Yo by the way man, Y/N was just talking about you” Nate said laughing hard, “NATHAN GOD DAMMNIT” I said screaming running out of the room and heading downstairs.

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Hi~ :3 Can I get a gif reaction where Jungkook up and went traveling the world via train, hiking, etc. with a girl without telling his hyungs? (I kind of want to do that after college so idk :P) Thank youuuu :)

Oh cool I hope you get to do it! Here’s your reaction sweety!~

Jin: *video calls him immediately* Hey hey hey why did you just leave? Do you know how worried I was? Oh but make sure you’re eating, and make sure she is too *goes on like the Mom he is*

Suga: *sad grandpa*

Jhope: *gif*

Rap Monster: Why would he just leave? I mean he at least should have told us he was leaving!

Jimin and V: *video calls with them all the time while they’re gone* “Are you seeing all the cool sights?” “No they’re probably just staying in the hotel room doing ‘stuff’ or something.” “Ew. Send us back some cool things okay?” tbh Jungkook and his girl wold barely be able to get in a word when these two call

Jungkook: Come on guys I was going to tell you later. How am I supposed to have peace and quiet with my girl if you keep calling me!

~Admin Red

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