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Important Note

Well it’s finally that time I told you all about a few weeks ago!

I’m finally starting my scholarship to travel around the world for a year! I’m so excited and nervous!

I just want you all to know I highly doubt I will be able to upload the comic on the regular schedule of Thursday and Saturday from now on. It’ll still be updated…but just rarely and sporadically. Basically, I’ll upload when I can.

Also, I will no longer be selling the Dream Catchers book since I’m going to be out of the country and I’ll be coming back in August 2018.

On a different note since some of you asked, the purpose of my scholarship is to pretty much go around and ask people why they like/create/cosplay anime/cartoons, especially those geared towards minorities, lgbtqia+, and other marginalized groups, etc.

I’ll be stopping in Australia, Singapore, South Korea, South Africa, and France. Who knows I may even add some more countries. But yeah/// This will be interesting… I’ll see you around ;)


The Time Master




WANNABLES !! Let’s do the self-profile just like WANNA-ONE did✨ write your own on the blank one and post it using the hashtag #profileable so i can track and see your profile too💕 and don’t forget to reblog first if you want to join👌 ✨spread the word WANNABLES!✨

(p.s.: i didn’t make the blank one. credit goes to @snoohij on twitter✨ ( thanks anon !! ) )

(p.s.s.: oh and the second pic is my profileable✨)

When You Least Expect It

This is my submission for the prompt: Unexpected Discovery for the Olicity Hiatus Fic-a-thon organized by @thebookjumper. Felicity goes on an online date in hopes of finding love. Thanks to @almondblossomme for proofing! Also available on AO3.

Felicity looked down at the time on her phone. She REALLY didn’t want to go. But he could be the one, she reminded herself.

Ever since she was a little girl she had been a hopeless romantic. It really didn’t fit with the other aspects of her personality but a romantic was what she was. She loved watching people fall in love, in real life, in movies and especially in books. It just brought her so much happy.

Romance in her own life, had never quite happened. Sure, she had dates and boyfriends but she’d never been in love - yet, she reminded herself. She had never been in love YET. Today could be the day and that was why despite being exhausted and wishing she could go home put on comfy clothes, drink wine and continue with her marathon watching of The 100, she was going to meet Kyle.

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any prompts for a first date?

How about these?

“Oh. Your profile picture didn’t show the … scales …”

“I just met you, and this is crazy, but I need to sneak into that bank vault, so help me maybe?”

“On further reflection, a torture chamber was probably not the best setting for a first date.”

(Also, shoutout to @betterprompts because I used their location lists to write the last one.)

fic: if we were the last, 1/2

Hardy/Miller; set about four months after the s3 finale.


Hardy leant back in his chair and rubbed at his eyes under his glasses. It had been a long day, mostly spent reviewing CCTV footage to do with their latest case, and it had led them exactly nowhere. Waste of time.

Miller had disappeared some time ago; where to, he wasn’t sure, but her coat was still hanging on the back of her chair so she couldn’t have gone far.

He stood up and stretched, then made his way to the kettle, filling it enough for two mugs.

“What are you doing?” Miller asked.

Hardy reached for the teabags and, without turning around, replied, “What’s it look like I’m doing?”

“Well, I don’t want one - I’m off for the night. Aren’t you coming?”

“Coming where?” he asked, baffled, as he turned and leant against the counter. His eyes widened as he took in her change of clothes. “What are you dressed like that for?”

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So I met tumblr user and fellow Souyo content creator @preservedcucumbers last weekend at Animazement, while I was wearing my P4Dan!Yosuke costume, and after introducing myself she went “oh, so your profile picture on Tumblr is actually you”. And then I told her WHY I was facepalming in the picture - because there was a nurse!Souji standing just to my left saying lewd things to me. 

ocean-sunrise  asked:

oh my goodness your profile pic? it's.. you??? but like in art form? (not to say that you're not art, God did a pretty awesome job)

asdjfjsdmdjakdnfjf quid

you’re the best and I love you. Alyssa did a pretty fantastical job, truly :D

ahlam-x02  asked:

Bc I love your art style so much and also your pearlidot art, can you like maybe make a pearlidot Fusion? Idk like how you think they gonna look like if they would fuse ^^

Awh thank you, I actually did draw one here! Anddd I feel like I should add a picture to this so here’s a messy initial sketch I did to figure out her design


but imagine this concept

haruka nanase, aged 18

know how to user the computer!!!!!



haru knows how to use the computer AND EVEN the internet. he can even type in the address. and write a blog. in fact he’s p popular on pixiv.

(altho he prefers drawr or tegaki because uploading pictures on pixiv is bothersome)

aaaaaaaaaand at first he was drawing only water and water stuff like oceans and waterfalls, and people LOVED THEM (and still do!!) because they were not only aesthetically beautiful but also had Soul, as if the artist was born in that place and knew everything about it. he’s kinda known as that wild dude who draws rad-ass water pics….. but is lazy as heck, as people realised when someone told him to release a book and he was like, ……..that would require me doing addional work. mmmmmgh

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Secret Desires 2

Niall: The air was heavier now when Niall was around, you couldn’t meet his gaze like you used to after the last time he was over. You could still feel his fingers in your hair and you shuddered. Your mom was having her annual Christmas party, and of course Niall was here to get drunk with your brother and play video games. You, however, were a mess. You couldn’t get him out of your head. What did it mean? Did he like you? He was still your brothers friend, he could never be fully yours, could he? It had never been like this before. The party was in full swing (you were miserable watching him laugh with everyone all night except you) and you figured no one would miss you if you’d gone. You slipped on your jacket and walked outback, the old swing swaying in the breeze. You, your brother and Niall had built it when you were about ten. It was old and wooden, comfortable and wide beneath your legs. You grasped the rope and swung back and forth, your toe an anchor on the ground. “What’s a pretty girl like you doing out here all by herself?” Niall asked, his hands tucked in his pockets like always. “Getting some air,” you shrugged tracing patterns in the dirt. He grinned and moved closer, his cheeks pink with cold. “I see. I see. So you know, I was thinking,” he said moving behind you and sitting on the open end of the swing so that your shoulders touched even though you both faced a different direction. “We always do Christmas presents but I was thinking of something else this year,” he said thickly, his eyes on your profile. “Oh?” You asked innocently. He chuckled and that’s when you saw the mistletoe in his hands. “Yeah, your heart in exchange for mine,” he whispered. When he raised the little green leaf over your head, you gasped. He kissed you, his pink lips soft and sweet on yours. Niall didn’t need to ask for your heart- he had it from the start.

Harry: Your fingers pressed against your lips and you closed your eyes. You could still feel Harry’s kisses there from the day before. You’d seen him since but you didn’t talk about it. Hell, he couldn’t even meet your gaze because he was terrified everyone could see how badly he wanted you lingering in his emerald green eyes. “Gone for a run, recently?” Harry asked innocently enough, his eyes on your legs. You blushed and looked down into your mug of tea. “I’m running tomorrow,” you squealed out. “Around 9.” You couldn’t believe you’d said that. He lifted his mug, hiding his wicked grin. When you stretched the following morning, you were disappointed Harry didn’t show. You had thought after the look he have you, he’d meet you. You ran harder today, trying to work through the frustration he caused in you. When you reached the woods, you saw him. He was leaning against the same tree he kissed you at the other day. “You’re here,” you gasped, surprised. He pushed off the tree, his bare chest shining with sweat. “Like I’d miss an opportunity to kiss you again,” he said huskily, his hands ghosting your collarbones making you shiver. “I wasn’t sure…” You whispered as his eyes roamed your face. “You should always be sure that I want to kiss you, it’s all I ever think about.” Hotly, his mouth moved over yours earning a groan from you. This was all he wanted, all he craved. And Harry had to admit, as much as he hated sneaking about, it was so much hotter having a secret desire for his best mates sister.

Liam: He was losing sleep. All he saw was your dark, dilated eyes and your pink lips. All he heard was the moan you let out as he pressed you back into the wall. He flexed his fists as he watched you walk into the kitchen. Could he do this? He had too. Your brother had run to the store to get some ice cream, leaving you and Liam alone. He moved into the kitchen, his body instantly rigged seeing you in your yoga pants and tank top. “Have you been thinking about me?” He asked huskily. Your body tensed and he grinned, knowing the answer was yes. “No,” you said meekly. You didn’t see this ending well at all. Liam was your brothers best mate, this couldn’t happen. “Liar,” he taunted softly, moving to stand directly behind you. “Do you know what happens to liars?” His voice was sin, washing over you in waves. You shook your head, chest rising and falling rapidly. “You need to tell me now if you want me,” he whispered, “because I can’t take it anymore.” You turned around and looked at him, thickness in your throat. Of course you wanted him- you didn’t want anything else. “Yes,” you said, matching his tone. “Thank god,” he muttered just before he tugged your pony tail, sending your chin up so he could crush his mouth against yours. He tasted dark, sultry, full of forbidden promise as he hitched your leg around his hips so he could grind into you. “Been dreaming about this,” he gasped, pressing you into the counter. “Been dreaming about you screaming my name,” his mouth was everywhere, hands uncontrollable. When the front door opened and your brothers voice rang out, Liam jerked away. He’d had a taste of you though, and the craving and the desire was more than he could bear. He’d finish what he started. He shot you a look and grinned. With a wink, he left you trembling. He’d have you screaming his name soon enough.

Louis:He was going mad. Everyone could see it, but they didn’t know what was making the infamously happy Louis Tomlinson so damn miserable. It was all because of you. He couldn’t date you, he knew that. He couldn’t do anything that he wanted. He’d practically told you that he loved you, and he knew it stunned you. He had hoped though that you felt the same way too. “Jesus, could you be any dumber?” You brothers angry voice shouted at you. You cringed, having made a simple mistake when you were talking about the TV show that was on. Louis twitched, watching your cheeks flush in shame. “God, do me a favor and just shut up!” He growled to you. Louis was best mates with him but he really hated how he talked to you. “Can you leave-” he began to say and Louis bolted off the couch. “God just shut up. You’re being such a dick!” You weren’t sure who was more surprised, you, Louis or your brother. Your brother blinked at Louis who was now blushing. He laughed and shook his head. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you fancied my sister,” he grumbled. Louis shot you a look and sat down. “Maybe I do.” He said inaudibly. Later, when your brother went to grab a drink you whispered, “you don’t have to be nice to me just because I’m his pathetic little sister.” He looked at you surprised. “You aren’t pathetic. Is that why you think I stood up for you?” He leaned closer his thumb skimming your lower lip as you nodded. “Think again love,” his breath caressed your lips and you shivered. “I did it for a whole other reason.” He pulled back and left you to think. It couldn’t be, could it?

Zayn:You were sneaking out. You’d never snuck out before in your life. But Zayn made you do all sorts is crazy things. Your phone went off, signaling a text. It was Zayn asking if you were ready. Your palms were sweating, heart lodged in your throat. You slid the window open (luckily enough your room was on the first floor) and you swung yourself out. You felt dangerous, rebellious. “Where’s your jacket?” He asked breaking the silence. God, you were so nervous and he could tell. You might have been his best friends sister, but Zayn spent more time memorizing you than he cared to admit. “I-I forgot,” you stuttered, feeling the cold for the first time. He snickered, shrugging off his leather jacket and sliding it on you. “C’mon,” he held out his hand and you took it, the roughness from his hands tickling yours. You never though in your life you’d be here with your brothers best friend. He would blow a gasket if he knew. Zayn led you through the trees, his step hurried. When the trees broke and the field came into view, you gasped. It was pretty, secluded and by a river. He pulled you to the grass and looked up at the night sky with you. Whatever you thought would happen with Zayn, it wasn’t this. He linked his hands through yours and raised them between your bodies. “What do you think about this?” He asked giving your hand a squeeze. You thought it was wonderful, exhilarating and just a bit dangerous- like him. He pressed his smoky breath to your fingers. Zayn always smelt like smoke, cologne and danger. It was heady. “I think it’s good,” you whispered. He smiled in response. “Do we tell your brother?” He propped himself on his elbow and looked down at you. “I think for now,” you said pulling his mouth to yours, “I’d like to keep you my dirty little secret.”