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my experience with taz
  • Here there be Gerblins: Classic we are trying to learn how to play dnd properly and establish our characters plot
  • Murder on the Rockport Limited: Fun, crime solving, train murder mystery battling the bad guy
  • Petals to the Medal: Mad Max, Baby Driver, also tragic NPCs
  • Crystal Kingdom: It's time to get in the deep end kids now we have a lot of emotions and the plot thickens
  • The Eleventh Hour: Oh shit its still getting deeper, on the other note time loops are always fun :^)
  • The Suffering Game: The title already lets you know you're going to suffer but it doesn't let you realize how much you're going to suffer
  • The Stolen Century: I'm really emotional pls there's so much
  • Story and Song: Oh thank god I can be emotional, but like in a positive happy way this time
Another beholder, this one blind, wanders into the library of the one we killed while we're exploring, humming a nursery rhyme
  • <p> <b>Beholder, in a creaky old lady voice:</b> Who's there?<p/><b>Aaeye:</b> We mean you no harm.<p/><b>Harry:</b> Easy there.<p/><b>Beholder:</b> Who's there? Are you friends of my son?<p/><b>Me, OOC:</b> It's his- You're making us deal with the beholder's mother??<p/><b>Beholder:</b> Are you Argy's friends?<p/><b>Harry:</b> You know- yes, yeah, he had a couple of books about a couple of my friends here, so we wanted to see what he knew about us.<p/><b>Beholder:</b> Well, where is he? He's late for dinner.<p/><b>Harry:</b> I don't know; he stepped out for a little bit.<p/><b>Beholder:</b> He went out? Why would he do that? He never leaves his basement.<p/><b></b> *whole party bursts out laughing*<p/><b>Me, OOC:</b> He lives in his mother's basement?<p/><b>Harry:</b> Well, you see, the thing is, he wanted to see if he could find a nice, uh, female, to bring home to you.<p/><b>Beholder:</b> What? Is his mother not good enough for him?<p/><b>Harry:</b> No, no no no, he wanted to make you proud!<p/><b>DM:</b> Roll a Deception check.<p/><b>Matt:</b> *rolls* Nope! That's a ten.<p/><b>Beholder:</b> My son has no interest in such things! All he does is sit and read his books!<p/><b>Harry:</b> Well, uh, yeah, I mean, I talked to him a little bit-<p/><b>Beholder:</b> You sound... untruthful. That will certainly not do!<p/><b>Me:</b> Wait, hang on, I want to say-<p/><b>Aaeye:</b> The important thing is that there's no need for further hostilities.<p/><b>Me:</b> Dammit.<p/><b>Beholder:</b> I beg your pardon?<p/><b>Don:</b> I can't do words.<p/><b>Me:</b> *OOC* Shh! I can help with this. *in-character* He didn't actually step out for a female, he stepped out for a book, my friend here misunderstood, he stepped out for a book ON females, I don't know exactly why-<p/><b>DM:</b> Deception?<p/><b>Me:</b> I didn't put ranks into Deception, but I've got a +5 anyways. *rolls* 17!<p/><b>DM:</b> Okay. She just kind looks at you oddly, but you notice that her eyes are kind of swiveling, trying to find focus on you, but it does look like she has cataracts, so she's probably blind. She's looking around the chamber, trying to pinpoint your voices.<p/><b>Beholder:</b> My son would never leave to find a book. He would simply command an organism to do it for him.<p/><b>Me:</b> Well, he seemed very determined to get this book on his own; I can't tell you why.<p/><b>Aaeye:</b> He was certainly determined about something, you know, I can tell you that.<p/><b>Me, whispering:</b> Stop talking. You're not helping. *to Harry* Also, you stop talking; you're not helping either.<p/><b>DM:</b> At this point, Raiya and Kanithar, you two are coming down the corridor. You notice that the passage in front of you, about sixty feet ahead, is blocked by this beholder, who seems to be scolding the people inside.<p/><b>Me:</b> And is clearly some sort of blind maternal figure.<p/><b>Harry:</b> I'm sorry, I did not catch your name, madam.<p/><b>Beholder:</b> Oh! I'm Mama Silax.<p/><b>Me, Harry, and Aaeye:</b> Mama Silax.<p/><b>Me:</b> Pleasure to meet you.<p/><b>Mama Silax:</b> Do you know where my son is?<p/><b>Me:</b> I'm sorry, we don't know. He wouldn't tell us where he was going. He just said he was going out to find the book.<p/><b>DM:</b> At this point, you watch as one large eye in the center of her face opens up, and this one, while the others are milky and kind of blinded, this one can see perfectly.<p/><b>Me:</b> Ohhhh, shit.<p/><b>DM:</b> As she gazes about the room, looking at all of you, and you hear an inhuman screech rock the chamber as her gaze falls upon the destroyed and crumpled remains of her son.<p/><b>Me:</b> Oh, fuck, we didn't get rid of the body!<p/><b>DM:</b> You can see tears forming, milky tears.<p/><b></b> *whole party laughs*<p/><b>Me:</b> Should we roll initiative?<p/><b>Don:</b> I have a power called Emissary of Peace! *in character* There was a misunderstanding, a conflict that we tried to avoid but couldn't, our friend perished, your son perished, it was unfortunate. Let us not repeat this nastiness. *rolls* I got a 22!<p/><b>DM:</b> You see the milky tears form and drip to the ground. Where they fall, you see the carpet steam, like acid.<p/><b>Me:</b> Oh, great acid tears. Nothing is quite as frightening as a mama beholder's tears.<p/><b>DM:</b> She floats a little forward into the room, and where she heard your voice coming from, she just kinda plops down and leans up against you.<p/><b>Me:</b> Oh, amazing.<p/><b>Aaeye:</b> *awkwardly pats Mama Silax on the back*<p/><b>Mama Silax:</b> What happened? Please tell me of my son.<p/><b>Harry, whispering:</b> Blame the dead guy (we lost an NPC party member in the fight).<p/><b>DM:</b> Luckily, her hearing's not too good either.<p/><b>Harry:</b> Well, ahem, we heard tales of your son, and came up here to speak to him-<p/><b>Mama Silax:</b> I don't like you! I asked him *gestures to Aaeye*. You're a liar!<p/><b>Me:</b> We're so sorry, we just wanted to spare your feelings.<p/><b>Aaeye:</b> Anyways, we came up here to negotiate, and unfortunately, our leader and your son did not come to an understanding, and violence erupted, and unfortunately, neither your son nor our leader and dear friend survived.<p/><b>Mama Silax:</b> Dear heavens, why'd you have to take my son?<p/><b></b> *Kanithar and Raiya enter and see Mama Silax trying to curl into a ball against Aaeye, weeping acid tears*<p/><b>Kanithar, imperiously:</b> Is it begging for mercy?<p/><b>Aaeye:</b> I am consoling her over the deaths that we have all suffered from!<p/><b>Harry:</b> It's a mother weeping for her kid!<p/><b>Raiya, baffled:</b> What?<p/><b>Harry:</b> It's a mother, weeping for her kid!<p/><b>Kanithar:</b> This must be some sort of deception. Abominations do not weep for their children.<p/><b>Me, OOC:</b> Oh, no, you don't say that to her face, do you?<p/><b>Evan:</b> I say that very loudly.<p/><b>Me:</b> Oh, no. Kanithar, no, Kanithar, no, you're going to get us all killed.<p/><b>Kanithar, ignoring me:</b> What are we doing with the creature?<p/><b>Aaeye:</b> We're having a moment of understanding for all of us, that we are all somebody's child.<p/><b>Me:</b> My parents are dead.<p/><b>Harry:</b> So are mine.<p/><b>Me:</b> I never met them.<p/><b>Evan:</b> Knowledge check to see what I know about beholders, and to see if this is unusual?<p/><b></b> *Aaeye continues lecturing on unity in the background while Kanithar and Raiya put their heads together to see what they know about beholders and I make desperate "shut the fuck up" gestures at Kanithar, who continues ignoring me*<p/><b>DM:</b> This seems like normal behavior.<p/><b>Me:</b> What, crying beholders?<p/><b>DM:</b> Yeah, he's just like, "is this normal for beholders? Do they have parents?"<p/><b>Me, to Evan:</b> What, did you roll a one?<p/><b>Evan:</b> No, I got a total of 12, it just wasn't enough.<p/><b>Me, belatedly realizing I should probably roll my own check:</b> 24 Arcana? Are beholders a born creature or made?<p/><b>DM:</b> Yeah, they're born. They have parents.<p/><b>Me:</b> Oh, huh. So this is legit. This is awkward.<p/><b>Kanithar:</b> If this is indeed true, then destroy the beast so she does not spawn any further abominations.<p/><b>Kirby:</b> Jesus!<p/><b>Harry:</b> Whoa, whoa, whoa!<p/><b>Me:</b> Kanithar! She's done nobody harm!<p/><b>Kanithar:</b> She does not belong here. She is a crime against nature!<p/><b>Aaeye:</b> She's part of nature.<p/><b>Me:</b> Kanithar, she's not going to spawn any more. She's clearly a widow, she's clearly-<p/><b></b> *party starts laughing*<p/><b>Kirby:</b> Clearly a single mother-<p/><b>Matt:</b> Past menopause or kids-<p/><b>Me:</b> Look, I'm gonna try to be respectful about it, but she's clearly past her child-bearing years. She's mostly blind, she's mostly deaf, her son was the only thing she had; she'll be fine, just leave her alone, she'll die naturally. Or, unnaturally, as the case may be, but on her own. She'll die of old age.<p/><b></b> (Long story short, we found out Mama Silax and her son were brought to this plane against their will. We brought back her son and sent them both back to their home plane as a compromise between Kanithar's desire to murder abominations and the rest of the party's desire not to slaughter a defenseless grieving mother. This conversation lasted a total of about twenty minutes, and it took me half an hour to transcribe ten minutes, so this is what you get.)<p/></p>

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Can you do a post on the Hogwarts houses telling their crush they like them?

Hufflepuff: Hey do you want a cookie *talking really fast and sorta quiet* oh yeah and by the way I like you

Ravenclaw: So… do you? Maybe? Wanna? Sorta? Hang out? Sometime? Maybe? Because? Your? Pretty cool?

Gryffindor: *yelling* HEY YOU’RE AWESOME AND I LIKE YOU

Slytherin: Wait you thought they were actually going to tell them? Nah, they’ll just suffer in silence.

  • Magnus: No! What am I going to do now?
  • Alec: What? What's happening?
  • Magnus: I can't go on without it!
  • Alec: Magnus! What's wrong?
  • Magnus: Leave me here to suffer, Alexander
  • Alec: Magnus!
  • Magnus: He *points at Chairman Meow* ate the last of the cheese! You can't have cheese and crackers without the cheese!
  • Alec, sighing: Magnus. You're a warlock. You can get more with your magic, just steal it or whatever you normally do.
  • Magnus, brightening: Oh, right. Good point. *more cheese appears* So, how was your day?
  • Apostasia: Stop, Arme. Just stop what you're doing.
  • Arme Thaumaturgy: Apostasia...
  • Apostasia: Pity? Is this pity? That's what this is, isn't it?
  • Arme Thaumatury: ... That's not it.
  • Apostasia: Do you consider me a failure? A failed version of you? Is that why you're doing this?
  • Arme Thaumaturgy: I can't... just let you go on like this. I can't see you suffering... so please...
  • Apostasia: Take a good look, Arme. Do I look like I am suffering?
  • Arme Thaumaturgy: ...
  • Apostasia: Just look at us and tell me which one of us is the one that needs help right now.
  • Arme Thaumaturgy: ...
  • ----
  • Erbluhen Emotion: ...
  • Apostasia: ...
  • Erbluhen Emotion: ^^;
  • Apostasia: -_-
  • Apostasia: What do you want?
  • Erbluhen Emotion: Oh, no, nothing. ^^
  • Apostasia: You've been sitting there and watching me read for the past 30 minutes. If you have something to say, then spit it out.
  • Erbluhen Emotion: I just. Uh, how should I say... I heard you and Arme arguing earlier.
  • Apostasia: Don't bring him up.
  • Erbluhen Emotion: He only cares about you.
  • Apostasia: ...Don't tell me you're going to try to "save" me as well.
  • Erbluhen Emotion: No, nothing of that sort. I just... want to keep you company.
  • Apostasia: ...?
  • Erbluhen Emotion: Arme is Arme because he is someone who needs to be in control, meticulously perfecting everything. He will try, if he could, to do everything in his power to correct what he believes is wrong. Seeing you in your state has ruined him. He feels responsible.
  • Apostasia: But I am this way of my own accord.
  • Erbluhen Emotion: I know, I know that. Arme just can't... He can't accept the irregularities in life.
  • Erluhen Emotion: But nothing in this world is be perfect, isn't it? Life is imperfect and that's precisely why it's so wonderful.
  • Apostasia: ... What are you trying to say?
  • Erbluhen Emotion: I understand why Arme is that way, but that also means I understand why you are the way you are. I may not agree with everything that you do but I do accept that you have taken that path because you believed that path was the one for you.
  • Erbluhen Emotion: I know this sounds extremely cheesy, but I really do believe everything happens for a reason. If the Goddess created us for us to take our own paths... then maybe in your world, the path you chose was the one you were meant to take.
  • Apostasia: Are you saying this was my fate...?
  • Erbluhen Emotion: I'm saying, if the world was meant to be like this, then I like it the way it is...
  • Erbluhen Emotion: And,
  • Erbluhen Emotion: I like you the way you are.

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Set in high school, Jude's parents are out in the early morning, so for breakfast he fixes himself something and loads it with cheese. By the time he gets to school, he's an incredibly gassy/burpy mess, and when he lets a burp slip out Eden is quick to figure out what's going on. So he's like, "Yea, no, you're going home." And while walking him home, Jude's nausea peaks and he gets plagued with more nauseous burps and strong heaves, until he finally manages to get something up

A/N: So I’ve had this one in my inbox for a while and then it essentially became my opportunity to be gratuitous and write suffering Jude! This is set when Jude is in high school and it’s one of the first times that Eden deals with him when he’s sick! I hope you enjoy! 😊

“Oh for goodness sake Jude!” Jude awoke abruptly as his bedcovers were ripped from around him, eliciting a cold draft on the bare skin of his legs and arms.

Wha-at?” Jude protested, glowering up at his older brother who was standing at the end of his bed.

“Get up!” Damian exclaimed, exasperated. “This is the third time I’ve woken you up! It’s now after eight o’clock!”

“Alright, alright!” Jude moaned, still unhappy at having been so rudely awakened.

“No, it’s not Jude!” Damian insisted, he sounded stressed. “Mum’s left for her conference in Glasgow, so there won’t be any runs up to the school, and I need to leave in ten minutes so I can walk Emilia to school and still get in on time myself! You need to get up and get breakfast for yourself…”

“Fine!” Jude snapped, swinging his legs round and practically launching himself out of bed. “Fine! I’m up now! You happy?”

“Not really, but it’s a start,” Damian accepted, then he dumped the duvet on the end of Jude’s bed and turned to leave. “Don’t you dare go back to bed!” Jude made a face as his brother left the room and then sat down on the edge of his bed.

By the time Jude clattered down the stairs, Emilia was at the front door putting her jacket on as Damian tied his shoelaces. Emilia giggled as she saw Jude stomping his way down, and greeted him by saying:

“Good morning Mr Grumpy!”

“I am not grumpy!” Jude said, scowling even further.

“You’ve got a funny way of showing it then,” Damian muttered, just loud enough for Jude to hear.

“What?” Jude folded his arms across his chest.

“Nothing,” Damian said, straightening up and grabbing his bad. “Emilia and I are going, will you lock the door when you leave?”

“Yup,” Jude affirmed, turning his back on his siblings and stalking into the kitchen.

When Jude had wolfed down a microwaved cheese and ham omelette, which had gone so sticky he’d wrapped it in a tortilla, he felt a little better, and headed down to the bottom of the road where he’d meet Eden to walk to school.

The morning air was crisp, but even that didn’t seem to lighten the dark cloud that Jude had felt was hovering over his head since his rude treatment by his brother. Even as he walked up the hill towards school it didn’t seem to dissipate, instead it trickled down through his body and settled like a brick in his chest. He attributed it to rushing his breakfast – a spot of indigestion that might settle once he wasn’t moving around so much. But the crush area of his year group was busy and bustling, and in the struggle of trying to get to his locker and then retrieve his subject materials, Jude felt hot and sticky. The discomfort in his stomach was still present, and he leant into his locker stack, trying to take deep breaths like that would force his breakfast to digest quicker.

As he fished his maths textbook out of his locker, he put his other hand to his abdomen, and was unsurprised to find it bloated out, straining against his shirt. He tried to suck his stomach in, but that only led to a further pain beginning right the way across his belly. From the back of his locker he retrieved a half full, and slightly crushed, water bottle, which he filled at the water cooler as the bell for registration rang.

“Are you alright?” Eden asked as they walked through the packed corridors with everyone thronging to get to their registration classes; Jude had been taking a large gulp from his water bottle, and mistimed his breathing – coughing and spluttering, to which Eden gave him a sharp pat on the back, sending a jarring motion through his torso which seemed to solidify in his stomach.

“Yeah…” he said weakly, wiping at his eyes which had begun to stream at the fit. “Sorry, just really thirsty…” He explained, before having another swig of his water. Eden didn’t look altogether convinced, and Jude forced a weak smile onto his face as he put his water bottle back into his bag. However, if it had been a solitary dark cloud over his head this morning, it felt like it’d multiplied into a gigantic storm inside his stomach – stretching and bubbling, and battling away.

He leant back in his chair once they were in registration, allowing space for his stomach, and surreptitiously trying to move the waistband of his trousers further down.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” Eden asked; it was unusual for Jude to be so quiet, normally he was talking about something for the day ahead. Jude nodded, not trusting himself to open his mouth as he swallowed down the urge to burp. He had to fight against the temptation to massage his belly openly, knowing that would instantly arouse suspicion from Eden.

“I’m fine,” Jude managed to mutter, although his stomach didn’t feel fine. The expansion of his insides had gotten to the point where the skin over it was stretched taut, and painful – like he might be about to explode. He was taking increasingly shallow breaths, feeling like his lungs had been forced up into his shoulders, and he was beginning to feel a little light-headed at the lack of oxygen.

The bell had gone without Jude even noticing, and it was Eden who alerted it to him:

“Jude? You coming?”

Hmm?” Jude looked up at his friend who was standing next to the desk, waiting for him.

“Maths…” Eden said calmly, and Jude scrambled to get up from his chair; his stomach gurgling inside him at the sudden movement.

“Oh yeah, sorry…” Jude swung his bag on to his back, and followed Eden out of the class. His stomach felt so heavy that it almost bowed him forward physically. The throngs of students in the corridor made his head feel fuzzy, and the distension of his stomach weighed on him. He had no idea of how he was going to concentrate through maths.

Turning into the maths corridor, a first year student collided hard with Jude, and his stomach jostled. Ducking into an alcove in the corridor, he clutched his bloated belly with both hands, taking deep breaths while leaning heavily against the wall. His stomach was burbling and churning inside him, and he was sure his face must be as green as he felt on the inside.

“Jude?” Eden turned back when he realised Jude was no longer beside him, and stood in front of Jude in the alcove. “What’s wrong?”

BuuuuuuuuUUUAARRRP!” Jude had opened his mouth to reply and a squelchy sounding belch rumbled up from his gut. “Sorry…” Jude apologised, but he still clutched protectively at his stomach.

“Is your stomach hurting you?” Eden asked, noticing the way Jude was holding onto his belly. “Is that why you were quiet during registration?” Very slowly, Jude nodded. “Why did you come in if you weren’t feeling well?”

“It only really started when we were walking to school – brruuuuup!” Jude covered his mouth as another burp rolled up. “Sorry…” He excused himself, wincing. The number of people in the corridor had died down as people headed into their classes, but Eden stayed resolutely where he was, watching his friend leaning against the wall.

“I think you should go to the office,” Eden bit his lip nervously. “If you’re not feeling well, you’re not going to be able to concentrate in class are you?” Jude shook his head, stifling another wet belch behind his hand. “No, come on, I’ll come with you – I think you should be going home.”

Jude pushed away from where he was leaning on the wall, one hand still at the waistband of his trousers as he walked quietly alongside Eden towards the school office. Periodic burps slipped out of Jude, and Eden grimaced at every one – it sounded like Jude was going to be sick.

By the time they’d reached the corridor where the office was, Jude’s face was a delicate shade of green and he was clutching his abdomen with both hands. There was a row of plastic chairs next to the hatch window, and Eden tried to direct Jude towards them.

“You have a seat,” Eden told him gently. “I’ll speak to the office for you.” Jude sat down and rested his head back against the wall with his eyes closed, he was feeling absolutely lousy – and the bubbling ache in his stomach felt like it was getting worse.

Brrrruuuuup!” Jude moaned slightly, his hand rubbing across his stomach, and Eden could see how bloated Jude’s normally slim abdomen was. Eden tapped nervously on the glass window at the office, which slid back almost immediately.

“Morning, how can I help?” The woman in front of Eden was older, her grey hair drawn back into a tight bun and she looked severe.

“Uh…” Eden struggled, his heart freezing in his chest – he hated talking to the office people, but he thought of Jude. “It’s my friend, Jude, he’s got a stomach ache and feels sick.” Almost on cue, Jude let out a humungous belch which reverberated along the entire corridor. “I think he needs to go home.”

“What’s his name?” She asked, without hesitation, tapping the keys on her computer to bring it to life.

“Jude MacPherson,” Eden replied, “his mum is Kate, uh – Catherine MacPherson.”

“I’ll give her a call,” she nodded, then paused. “Do you want a sick bowl for him?” Eden considered for a moment, then nodded.

“Please, just in case.”

“Here,” she handed him across a cardboard bowl.

“Thank you,” Eden turned to where Jude was sitting; he’d moved from leaving back against the wall. He was leaning forward with his legs apart, cradling his stomach with one hand and his head resting in the other. “How’re you feeling now?”

Uuuuurrrrpp!” He shook his head while he burped and Eden took that to mean he wasn’t feeling well enough to reply. Eden watched in concern as Jude rubbed his hand across his belly, and he could hear breathy burps slipping past his lips followed by groans.

“You’ll be okay,” Eden said quietly to Jude. “Once you get home, you should get a hot water bottle for your stomach and curl up.”

Mmmhmm…” Jude hummed. The office door opened and the woman Eden had spoken to appeared.

“I’m not getting any response from home or mum’s mobile when I phone,” she explained, and Eden could see her eyeing Jude warily.

“Oh no…” Jude groaned, straightening up, and surprisingly he sounded very emotional. “She’s at a conference… You won’t be able to get her…”

“What about your dad?” She asked.

“He’s ab- bbbrrruuuuuup! Excuse me,” Jude covered his mouth, then spoke again. “He’s abroad with work…”

“Right,” she said slowly, “that’s a bit more of a problem.” Eden stared at her, she couldn’t honestly insist that Jude had to stay here when he was in this state.

“Can you get my brother?” Jude blurted, desperation in his voice. “I – I don’t know what class he’s in…”

“What’s your brother’s name?”

“Damian,” Jude moaned, and his chest hitched slightly as he held back a burp.

“I’ll find out for you,” she agreed, “and I’ll leave a voicemail on your mum’s mobile.”

“Thanks,” Jude whimpered as she went back in the office, and his face was creased in concern. “You’re… you’re missing class.” His eyes opened wide as he looked at Eden, and they sparkled with unshed tears.

“I don’t mind,” Eden told him instantly, “especially when you’re not feeling well, I’d like to know you’re okay.” Eden could feel his cheeks going pink, Jude was his best friend, and he cared so much it often ached like a physical pain in his chest.

“Thanks Ede,” Jude murmured, his hand palming at his chest for a moment.
Ah…” He grimaced as he pressed into his stomach.

“You look like you’re in a lot of pain,” Eden muttered.

“It just feels – urp! Really full…” Jude said, moving his hand tentatively across his abdomen. “Urgh, I feel rubbish…” He bemoaned, and Eden nodded sympathetically.
“Jude?” Damian’s voice called along the corridor, emerging through a set of double doors. Jude shrank back into his chair as his big brother strode towards him. “What’s going on?” He came to a stop in front of Jude and Eden, frowning at them.

Baaaahhhhuuuuuurrrrppp!” Jude opened his mouth and the largest burp yet came out; it was so deep that the end of it turned into the beginning of a shallow heave. He made a sudden grab for the cardboard bowl Eden had been holding loosely, and held it close to his face with trembling hands.

“Oh…” Damian looked surprised for a moment, then his expression softened considerably.

“He’s not feeling well,” Eden stated the obvious, as Jude leant back into the seat again, resting the bowl on his bloated belly. “He really needs to go home, but the office lady couldn’t get your mum.”

“Ah no…” Damian bent down so he was squatting in front of Jude, then rested his hand on Jude’s knee. “She’s at a conference…”

“I feel really sick…” Jude managed to say, his voice wobbling.

“Is that why you were so difficult to get out of bed?” Damian asked softly, he looked guilty as he watched his younger brother nod. Jude, however, was pretty sure he knew exactly why he was feeling so bad – and it had nothing to do with Damian, and more to do with a certain breakfast he’d made for himself. “I’m sorry Jude…”

“It’s okay,” Jude answered slowly. “I just wanna go home…”

“We’ll figure something out,” Damian reassured him, patting his knee gently. The office door opened again and the office lady came out again; instantly Damian rose from where he was crouched.

“I’ll take him home,” Damian said quickly, pre-empting what she was about to say, but she held up her hand.

“I managed to get your mum on the phone,” she explained, “and she’s more than happy for Jude to go home if he’s not feeling well.” Eden heard Jude give a sigh of relief from next to him.

“Oh, that’s good!” Damian nodded appreciatively.

“Would you like me to phone you a taxi or anything?” She asked, still wary about how tightly Jude was holding on to the bowl.

“We just live five minutes down the hill, I’ll get him home,” Damian answered; she nodded and went back into the office. “Right then…” Damian turned his attention to Jude, who tried to sit up more, clutching one hand to his stomach again.

“Why don’t I walk him home?” Eden offered, and Damian looked at him in surprise. “I mean, you probably want to get back to class, and I’m on a free period…” This was a lie, and Eden knew that Damian would probably twig that straight away, but he was willing to try.

“If you’re okay with that…” He shrugged.

“Yeah, that’s fine with me,” Eden agreed, looking across at Jude, who seemed not to care who was going with him as long as he got to go home.

“Alright, text me if you need anything,” Damian instructed. “Oh – and if you do end up hurling, please try and get it in the toilet.”

Uuuurrrgh, Damian…” Jude moaned, screwing his face up at the thought.
“See you later,” Damian turned on his heels to head back to class, and Eden and Jude were left alone in the corridor.

“You feeling up to moving?” Eden asked gently after a few minutes silence; slowly Jude nodded. “Let me take your bag, and then all you have to do is walk.” Eden stood up from the chair and hauled Jude’s bag onto his back. It took Jude a moment to work up the effort to move, and when he did so, he moved very gingerly, clutching at his stomach and looking pale.

“You lied,” Jude said in an accusatory manner as soon as they were out of the school doors; Eden felt his cheeks burn at the accusation.

“Well…” Eden was trying to think of a convincing reason that didn’t sound too creepy. “I just thought you might prefer me walking you home than your brother?”

“That’s true – aaahhhh…” Jude agreed, then doubled forwards a little, halting in his tracks in the small alleyway that led out of the school complex.

“Is your stomach not getting any better?” Eden reached out and touched Jude’s shoulder lightly, Jude shook his head.

“I feel – brruuup – really sick…” Jude muttered, walking slowly again. “Like, worse than before…”

As they emerged from the alleyway, Eden was watching the pallor of Jude’s face – he could see sweat across his brow, and the discomfort he felt was clear on his face. He stopped at the edge of the path, bending forwards so his hands were resting on his knees as he could feel his stomach doing torturous lurches inside him.

Buuhhhuuuurrrp!” Jude belched openly, and Eden could hear small distressed noises in his throat. “Huuurrrrp!”

“Oh dear, that sounds awful,” Eden commented, the gurgling burps issuing from Jude sounded sick, but Jude was still hunched forward, seemingly getting no relief.

“I can feel it…” Jude’s voice was wet, and he reached up to touch his throat. “It just won’t come – brraaaap!”

“Can I do anything to help?” Eden asked, he was struggling to watch his best friend feeling so awful.

“Can you – brrrp! – uuurgggh…” He groaned pitifully. “Could you rub my back please?”

“Of course!” Eden put down his and Jude’s bags at a safe distance in case Jude was sick, then stood next to him. Eden’s hand was trembling as he reached out and placed it onto Jude’s back.

Bbrrrrrpuurgh!” Jude moaned in frustration; he was massaging one of his hands backwards and forwards across his belly. “Why won’t it just come up?! Baahhhuuuuuurrrrp!” He was sounding emotional again, and Eden rubbed slightly firmer circles into Jude’s back.

“I’m sorry,” Eden muttered, “maybe if you relax it’ll happen?” Short of sticking his fingers down Jude’s throat, Eden didn’t know what else to suggest. From Jude’s whole demeanour, it really did seem like he needed to throw up, but something was holding him back.

BaahhhhHHUUURRRR!” The burp became a heave and his shoulders rolled forwards. “Brrruuuuaaarrrrpp!”

“You’re doing okay.” Eden encouraged.

Brrruuuaaarrrp!” Jude spat into the grass at the side of the path; his mouth was overflowing with saliva, and he could taste the egg from the omelette he’d had for breakfast. “Huurrk!” Eden winced slightly as that retch sounded more productive; Jude’s knees were trembling underneath him. “Brrrruuuaaaallllccchhh…” A splattering of semi-digested breakfast hit the grass with a disgusting squelch.

“That’s it…” Eden patted Jude’s back as he coughed and retched again.

“Sorry – huuuaaalllkkk!” Jude wobbled as more sick cascaded from his mouth onto the grass. “This is – brrruuuuaccch! – gross…”

“It’s okay Jude,” Eden told him as he coughed roughly and brought up even more puke.

Brrruuuuuurrrrp!” Jude was holding his stomach more tightly now, pressing into it as he continued to heave. “Urgh… I can still feel it…”

“Just relax and let it out,” Eden patter his back more firmly again. “Just take your time…”

Huuuullllpppp!” With a massive belch, a copious flood of vomit joined the puddle on the grass, then mouthful after mouthful came up in punctuating burps – so rapidly that Eden was worried that Jude wouldn’t be able to draw a breath.

“Oh Lord,” Eden felt his chest tighten with panic; maybe he should have let Damian take Jude home? What did he do if Jude collapsed, or couldn’t stop throwing up?

Huuuurrrp!” Jude heaved emptily and then panted for breath; Eden sighed in relief as Jude straightened up. His face was the colour of soured milk, and sweat was pouring from his forehead as he wiped his mouth on his sleeve.

“Are you okay?” Eden asked worriedly. “Well… I know you’re not, but I mean…”

“I know what you mean,” Jude’s voice was hoarse, but he didn’t sound quite so queasy as he had done before. “I think I’m done for the moment…”

“You sure?” Eden asked as Jude stifled an empty burp behind his hand.

“Yeah…” He answered, stepping away from the gargantuan puddle of sick. “I just want home…”

“Okay, come on,” Eden retrieved their bags from where he’d dropped them and walked alongside the slightly unsteady Jude.

“Man that was horrid…” Jude commented, his voice was a little stronger now, but his hand still at his stomach which looked a little less bloated after forcibly ejecting some of its contents.

“You should take it easy for the rest of the day,” Eden advised, thinking of all the things his mum told him when his stomach was upset. “Drink water, and get rest.”

“Yeah,” Jude nodded, “I will.”

As they reached the bottom of the hill Jude stopped abruptly again, and Eden turned to him, concerned that he might be about to throw up again.

“Thanks,” he said, looking at Eden.

“What for?” Eden asked instinctively.

“For bringing me home,” Jude replied honestly, “and for insisting I go home…”

“You’re not well!” Eden exclaimed. “You clearly shouldn’t have been in school!”

“Yeah… Just imagine what would’ve happened if I’d hurled like that in the middle of maths!”

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Hi! I just finished playing solasmance (my heart is in PIECES) and I found your blog a few days ago & just wanted to say your art for the series is beyond amazing. All the poses and colours you pick! I could spend days just sighing over it, the happy modern stuff and the dramatic canon stuff. The way you draw Solas and your Nalia makes me so starry-eyed! Thank you for giving people with their hearts ripped out by the canon a place to go ; U ; (to mend it AND rip it further hahaha—you're amazing)

Thank you so much!! 💕💕💕 I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed my work and the romance, I’m always happy to drag people down this path of suffering with me hahah if you just finished you should go read all the meta oh man It is the best feeling, I remember I spent a week just reading everything I could find and there is SO MUCH you fall in love with their story ten times harder eeughh

anonymous asked:

Thank you so much for chapter 2. I think whilst most of us are just here dying at all of viktor's suffering and angst i am living it up because it's so like touching in a way after all of umfbamha's yuuri going 'oh he doesn't think i'm special i'm just another dime-a-dozen skater'. Still, because I know how the events of this one will go it's soo frustrating to read since everytime viktor's like 'how hard can it be???? ' i'm just internally going 'boy you're going to suffer'

I’m really enjoying finally getting to write an outside perspective of Yuuri because while he does come off as a complete dick in chapter 2 and he has a lot of growing up and character growth still to do, you finally get to see him without his own lenses of anxiety and low self-esteem clouding everything 

anonymous asked:

I love that you're starting to get in to actual cosplay as well as just Rp on tumblr! I'm just wondering what cosplays are you working on at the moment and whats one dream cosplay you'd love to do? love you

((OOC: *long suffering sigh* Oh lord how much time do you have… 

Okay so the cosplays I am going to be working on this year/next year are: 

- Keith (Voltron) 

- Yuri Plisetsky (Yuri on ice) 

- Kim Possible 

- Roy Mustang (Full metal alchemist) 

- Izaya (Durarara) 

- Haruka Tenoh/ Sailor Uranus (sailor moon) 

I think thats all of them….A dream cosplay would probably be Usagi/Sailor moon but I don’t really think I have the cute face required for a character like her, hence me going for the more androgynous Sailor Uranus XD)) 

celtic-edo-mist  asked:

ladybug “I don’t think I can do this anymore.”

“Blake… I can’t do this anymore!” Ruby panted. 

“Yes you can.” Blake informed her from her place in her arms. “Do not put me down.” She hissed when Ruby leaned over.

Blake….” Ruby whined.

“Ugh, will you quit complaining?!” Weiss complained. “Do-ohh.. don’t pretend for-ahhh- a minute that…nnhh…that… Yang, I will drop you!” 

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Lovely Thing Number Fifteen:
  • Hypocrites: We support asexual people, but they're not oppressed. Also, heteromantic asexuals are straight people trying to be special.
  • Heteromantic ace: So, you don't support us?
  • Hypocrites: No.
  • Every other ace: You're aware that straight people think all aces are unnatural, right?
  • Hypocrites: Shut up, you're not oppressed and you're just trying to steal our safe spaces. Get out.
  • All aces: Oh, so you don't support us at all. Right. Okay.
  • Hypocrites: We literally said we support you, just not here. Go exist quietly somewhere else.
  • Aces: *suffering sigh* Already on it.

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So I've been seeing littleluxray's art of Deku being critically (fatally) injured in battle floating around (please go check out the art if you can it's gorgeous and heartbreaking). And I know that I love your headcanons, so if you're still doing them, how do you see Todo reacting if Deku is badly injured? You can do Deku as well, but we know that Deku is so expressive and worried for everyone, so I really just want t o see Deku suffering and Todo suffering and I'm a terrible person.


Oh goodness ok @littleluxray‘s one of my art inspirations (I hope you’re ok with me tagging you!) so I’m gonna get shy but YES GOD I’VE BEEN EATING UP EVERY ITERATION OF THE INJURED DEKU SERIES AND LET ME TELL YOU GOOD ANON…..

Just call me Jesus ‘cause I’m Tender & Mild with emotions about my poor kids getting injured.

Following Deku getting injured, my god. Shouto’s not one to panic, but I am. Don’t worry Anon, I’m terrible too I crave this shit

  • I don’t know what’s worse, Shouto seeing Deku getting the shit knocked out of him, or arriving too late and seeing the aftermath.
  • Because I’m also a shining beacon of Sin and Degradation, let’s say Shouto arrives too late.
  • Deku’s shuddering on the ground, blood pooling. He’s battered and bloodied and honestly, it looks like a murder scene. Ribs punctured, breaths barely there, eyes glazing.
  • The natural instinct is to panic, but Shouto won’t let himself. Of course he’d run to Deku’s side, but his hands have never trembled like this.
  • Thank god for littleluxray’s art of Shouto and Deku today my god I’m weak
  • Can you imagine? Shouto doing everything he can to keep Deku from writhing while he sears the wound closed. He’s been taught emergency first-aid but this – this is beyond his repair.
  • Somewhere in his head he knows that all he can do now is stop the bleeding and bring him to the hospital, or wherever’s closest that can help. Is he consciously thinking that? God no, his only instinct is that Deku, his first friend, the person closest to him, is dying right in front of him and this is all he can do.
  • The other thing I want to point out is that from Horikoshi’s author notes on costumes, Shouto’s second outfit’s belt capsules are compact first aid tools. (what a good kid, he’s practically a boyscout) So I’m sure he’s practiced at it, but has he ever had real medical combat experience? Certainly not.
  • Shouto’s probably worse for wear too by the time Deku passes out from pain and/or exhaustion. Used his cold hand for Deku to bite down on so he didn’t bite his tongue, half-covered in the blood that Deku’s already lost.
  • Shouto doesn’t remember getting to the hospital. Only that he’s now standing outside the intensive care unit, and can hear the heart rate monitor barely, just barely sounding.
  • It’s stepping away that he realizes. His legs tremble and he nearly passes out himself. One of the nurses catches him and escorts him to another room to be fixed up and let him rest.
  • It’s only later that he’s told that he was aiding Deku for hours. Searing the wound, stopping the bleeding, making sure Deku didn’t give – and then carrying him to the hospital. Shouto didn’t realize at all. It felt like seconds with how fast his heart was going, trying to keep the anxiety down his throat.
  • He doesn’t ask about Deku’s condition. He’s almost – almost – afraid to. All he needs to believe is the sound of that faintly beeping heart monitor.
Avatar: tla {Sentence Starters}
  • "Monkey feathers!"
  • "Sometimes the shadows of the past can be felt by the present."
  • "He had a complicated past. Family tradition, I guess."
  • "So, do you feel less stressed? Ready for a good night sleep?"
  • "Baby, you're my forever girl."
  • "I'm sorry I ever doubted you."
  • "Just relax! You're taking all the fun out of this!"
  • "What? How is that possible?"
  • "Yeah, that's not you at all."
  • "I know it's upsetting, but it sounds like you're overreacting."
  • "I'm sorry but right now, I'm just really confused."
  • "Back there you acted like you didn't care."
  • "No. I don't think that's a good idea."
  • "I don't need any calming tea!"
  • "I've spent years preparing for this encounter. Training, meditating."
  • "You're just a child!"
  • "I didn’t steal it if that’s what you’re wondering."
  • "You will learn respect. And suffering will be your teacher."
  • "The world needed me, and I wasn't there to help!"
  • "It's so hard to lose someone you care about."
  • "Oh, well, heh heh. You can go ahead and let me drown now."
  • "Oh no, what a nightmare!"
  • "The universe just loves proving me wrong, doesn't it?"
  • "Oh, everybody's a critic!"
  • "Really? You're going to take me out? You're not even wearing pants!"
  • "How can you forgive me so easily?!"
  • "I thought you would be furious with me!"
a conversation with my cat
  • cat: I love you, I love you so much
  • me: aww, you do?
  • cat: I love you so much look I will climb into your lap and purr
  • me: omg baby
  • cat: look how much I love playing and being brushed and having my ears scratched and now I'm purring in your lap again
  • me: I'm really glad you feel that w-
  • cat: which is super nice of me seeing how I am being CRUELLY STARVED
  • me: uh
  • cat: look. look at my food bowl. it is empty. I have checked it five times.
  • me: look
  • cat: I just checked again and it was still empty. LOOK at this INJUSTICE. even though I love you, I love you, here I am purring again
  • me: I think you've already eaten all your food, is the thing
  • me: and you're actually looking kind of chubby so I think
  • cat: I am STARVING TO DEATH. flops dramatically on back. purrs to show I am not taking this personally.
  • me: oh come on, you -
  • cat: begins to play a tiny violin
  • me: ok. ok. you win. you can have a cat treat. ONE cat treat.
  • cat: eats treat
  • me: there now let's go back to the part where you love me
  • cat: actually I don't give a shit, bye
Me watching Miraculous Ladybug for the first time
  • Heart: What a cute and funny cartoon.
  • Brain: Oh no. You're not doing this again. Not this time.
  • Heart: Ahww, Adrien/Chat Noir and Marinette/Ladybug look so cute together!
  • Brain: STOP IT.
  • Heart: OMG! They love each over without knowing it, THIS IS SO TRAGIC AND SO ROMANTIC!!!
  • Brain: Get a grip on yourself! This is NOT going to happen. We are not going to ship them. Remember last time? All the pain and suffering?
  • Heart: Did you see that? THEY ALMOST KISSED!!!
  • Brain: Are you even listening to me?
  • Brain: Are you crazy? It's a kid show and - WHAT ARE YOU DOING?
  • Heart: *pulls the S.H.I.P control lever*
  • Brain: YOU ARE SO DEAD.

anonymous asked:

You're my favourite person on Tumblr. Honestly. And you're such an amazing and authentic writer. When shall we have an update on either of your fics?

Oh you darling, darling anon! Thank you! You’re much too sweet :) I hope to update soon - the end of the school year is so close and I’ll have more time to write!

But for now, here’s a little something that goes along with Things Given to Tomorrow - a bit of in-between story. I’m rusty, and I’ve been suffering from some writer’s block, so sorry if it doesn’t go as it should. And it’s sad. So sorry for that, too.

——- /// ——- /// ——-

Late January 1946

She could hear her small noises within the library. Even before she entered that space, the sound of Granny’s needle puncturing her delicate cloth, the whisper of pink thread being pulled taut and jerked in place, her soft breath leaving her chest; Sybbie could hear every noise that her grandmother made. The snow outside seemed to cocoon the sound, and the anger - the hurt - that Sybbie felt burned every precious inch inside her chest and made the tender little noises of her grandmother reverberate inside her head. She had to swallow down, hard, to stop the silent tears strangling and struggling to fall as she walked into the library.

Quietly, very quietly, Sybbie moved inside her granny’s space, sorrow she refused to feel stinging the bridge of her nose. The letter she had found, the words inside the envelope she’d read, the “six months” and “palliative care” and “deepest regrets” were heavy in her hand; under their weight, her knuckles cramped.

It took a moment for Granny to notice her, to notice Sybbie standing silently behind the sofa opposite, her woolen coat and hat now somehow failing to warm her. But Sybbie still stood there, letting herself watch her grandmother amongst the sound of pops and crackles of the fire. The smell of this room, the smell of her grandmother’s perfume, created a small nausea born of nostalgia and now a new fear; Sybbie clenched her jaw. Her nostrils flared, a precursor to tears, and she lifted her chin, pushing them down again. She forced in a quick breath, and at the sound, Granny looked up at her at last, her eyes abandoning the flowers of her needlepoint and coming to Sybbie. The blues of them were bright and yet, yet Sybbie could see they were tired. The color looked worn thinner. And it only made the tightening behind her ribs burn more.

“There you are,” Granny smiled, and the lines around her eyes smiled with her. “Did you find it?”

Sybbie did not move. She could not move. She could only stare - only glare. And after a moment, Granny’s smile faded slowly as the knot in Sybbie’s brows tightened.

The fire grew louder between them; the knowing silence grew louder between them, too, when Granny’s eyes flicked down to the envelope Sybbie held balled in her fist and then back up again.

This time, Granny was quieter. The warmth was gone from her voice. Sybbie watched as she swallowed, and out came her Christian name, solemn and heavy, the weight of the acknowledgment of what she’d discovered evident in the sound.

“Sybil -”

The tears that Sybbie was trying so hard to keep at bay fought at her anger. “How long?”

“I won’t discuss this now -”

But Sybbie ignored her and crumbled the letter more tightly in her shaking fist. “How long have you known?”

Her grandmother dipped her head to her lap, pulling in long breaths.

“You went through my desk. You had no right to do that.”

“No right?”

Granny’s voice was quivering as well, but her words stayed firm. Her eyes came back to Sybbie. “You were to look for your glove in my office. I did not grant you permission to sift through my personal things -”

“Do you think I wanted to find this?” Sybbie, too, pulled in a breath, shaking the envelope, and she realized she was crying. “Do you think I went searching for it? How could you? How could you not tell me?”

“It wasn’t yet time -”

“Wasn’t time?” Sybbie stared at her grandmother, stared at her, her heart beating madly now in her aching chest. “Six months?” her voice was now suddenly a whisper. A harsh, breaking whisper. “It says you – ” and then she broke, quieting. “Granny?”

Granny was quiet. All her tiny sounds had evaporated from around them, and Sybbie felt scared of the silence.

“Granny, how long have you known?”

“For some time.”

Her vision blurry, Sybbie blinked and looked about the room, turning herself here and there, making herself look anywhere but at her grandmother. “And Dr Clements?” She moved the letter, gesturing with it. “Who is he? Some, some so-and-so practitioner you’ve been told -”

“Please, don’t be harsh. Please.” Sybbie looked at Granny, and she held her breath. Granny blinked heavily, rapidly. “Darling. I…”

Sybbie looked down then, she looked down at her feet, at the letter, and then at the rug on which she stood. “When were you going to tell me? And George? Was anyone going to tell us?” she whispered at last, and lifted her eyes.

“Yes, I was.” Sybbie watched as Granny shook her head and looked away from her, to her needlepoint. “I just never could quite…”

And Sybbie nodded, though she didn’t agree. She nodded, even as the sounds of Donk coming through the hall called out to her, his bounding return from the car, the purposeful footfalls at the far end of the library now.


Sybbie arranged the letter before her and pulled her chin up, waiting for her grandfather to see her. To see that she knew. To see they had things to discuss. Things to make clear, to go over. She was an adult, after all. She’d been through a war. George was now a married man. They deserved to know; they needn’t protect them.

But Donk did not see that written on her face.

“Sybbie! What are you doing here?” Donk smiled brightly at her, coming nearer to where Granny sat and pausing there. “Has the post come? I’m expecting a letter.”

She furrowed her brow.

“What’s that?” He nodded at the envelope she held, and Sybbie pulled in a breath.

“It’s Granny’s.” Sybbie looked down to the letter she held, and then up again at Granny, Granny who blinked heavily at her, Granny’s whose pale eyes were thick with unshed tears. “Dr Clements…”

“Oh?” Donk, though…Donk frowned thoughtfully at the name. “I’ve not heard of that one. Is he new at the hospital, Cora? Or from York?”

But Granny was silent. Too silent. Her features leveled out to straight lines; Sybbie watched as she took in a slow breath.

And Sybbie realized. She hadn’t told them, no, but she hadn’t told Donk, either.

“Cora? Are you quite alright?”

Sybbie found she could not breathe.

Looking at Donk, his concern etching creases in his brow at Granny’s pale expression, she suddenly understood why. Why Granny had said nothing. It was so like Granny, to not cast a pall. To not put a dampener. To not be pitied. It was so like Granny to guard him from any worry. At least, not yet. Not while she was able to hide it…And it broke Sybbie’s heart.

“She’s…yes,” Sybbie shook her head. “Sorry. No.”

Both of her grandparents looked at her silently. She folded in the envelope into a tiny square. “No. She’s been too kind and I…I’m afraid I’ve tired her out, um,” she swallowed. “So. I’ll leave you. Let her have a rest from my wild dramas.”

Donk laughed. Sybbie’s heart broke further.

“Yes, then…” And with a small smile to Donk, and then another softer smile to Granny, Sybbie turned away from them, and away from the tiny sounds of her grandmother, their echoes seeping sleepily in the corners of the room.