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RFA + V and Saeran react to overhearing MC's family scold her because they despise who she's dating? Maybe they think they aren't successful and responsible enough or not loyal or trustworthy or feel like MC deserves far better than what she's getting our of them? Specifically I'd like to see Saeyoung's reaction given his insecurities.

And we’re back! Did you guys miss some scenarios?

Hope you like this! ^^

RFA + Saeran and V finding MC’s family disapproval


  • “Sweetie, I just think he’s playing with you.”
  • He heard that coming from your father when you two were washing the dishes in the kitchen, Zen noticed you two forgot a plate and was bringing it to the kitchen.
  •  “And what makes you think that, dad?” “Well, he’s handsome, I bet he has tons of women running after him. Maybe famous women? What makes you think he won’t dump you for some famous actress? He’s a public figure, honey, his image is everything. Plus… he sounds shallow like that.”
  • Shallow? Zen could deal with being called narcissist, workaholic, but… shallow? He was sounding shallow to your father?
  • He wanted to walk into the kitchen, maybe subtly, maybe not. He wish he had some really witty and smart statement to give so your father would realize he wasn’t just image
  • And he was about to step into the kitchen when he finally heard your voice: “If he sounds shallow, maybe you didn’t pay attention enough to what he was saying, dad. Have you listened to his story? His problems with his family? The way he struggled when he started his career as an actor? Have you heard when he told you how much he loves me and how guilty he feels that we’re still not married? Come on, dad. Either you weren’t listening, or you don’t know what shallow means.”
  •  “But, honey…” “His family is broken enough, dad. Let’s not break ours too just because you’re seeing Zen as just another actor, not as the man I chose to share my life with.”
  • Zen could almost cry right there. How did he manage to find someone who can see so deep inside him? Yeah, he definitely likes being known for his looks, but the fact you see beyond them is really overwhelming.
  • When you two are saying goodbye to your father, he gives a firm handshake to the man.  “I hope we can spend more time together, sir.”
  • “I would like that a lot. I see you have a bike, what brand is it?” that goodbye turned into a long conversation about bikes, which was super boring to you, but seeing them bonding was worth it.


  • “I honestly thought it was a joke when you introduced him as your boyfriend, sis.”
  • He heard when you and your sister were in your bedroom trying to find something for you to wear, Yoosung accidentally spilled wine on you.
  • “Shut up.” “No, I’m serious! What are you thinking, MC? He seems like a teenage mama’s boy. Look at what he did to your shirt, he’s so clumsy and… nerve-wracking! You’ll have to play his mommy all the time!”
  • Well, it’s not like he haven’t thought about himself like that before, but listening when it comes from another person, that person being someone who grew up with you hurts a lot more.
  • His first instinct was head out of there without anybody noticing he’s gone. But… then your sister would be completely right.
  • “He just spilled wine on me because his spatial notion is still a little compromised due to his eye. Have I told you he hurt his eye trying to protect me, sis? And yeah, he’s still a little nervous because he doesn’t know my family too well, but your hostility definitely won’t help him calming down. If you’ weren’t such a bitch, maybe you would have noticed by now he’s an amazing smart man that makes me really happy.”
  • “You just called me a bitch because of that guy?” “I did, just so you know how serious I am about him, to the point I’m fighting with my favorite person in the world.”
  • Well, he’s glad he didn’t run and stayed to listen to this. You made him sound like a really cool reliable guy, the type of man he’s trying to be for you.
  • After you and your sister go back to the living room, she makes sure to sit next to you two. “So wait… you asked her to be your pre-girlfriend before you got together? Oh my God, that’s so adorable…”
  • Then you two kept squealing over that photo of his with the roses, and though he’s super embarrassed, he couldn’t help feeling a little smug when your sister said ”Huh, I wish my boyfriend were like this.”


  • “She seems a little cold, MC. Are you sure she really likes you?”
  • She heard when you and your brother were setting the table while she was talking to your parents in the living room, she decided she needed to help as well.
  • “Ugh, don’t even start, bro.” “I’m not saying this to be an ass! Come on, MC, she’s so formal! She’s almost like a granny, you’ll get bored if you stay with her! This if she doesn’t dump you first, she seems cold like that.”
  •  You warned her about your brother’s brutal honesty, but this still felt unexpectedly hurtful.
  • She was really trying to loosen up, and she honestly felt she was doing a good job, at least next to you and to your friends, maybe she wasn’t and people close to you were feeling she wasn’t real about your relationship?
  • “She’s been working her ass off on a very strict company basically since she graduated, she’s still learning to loosen up. You would have noticed this if you weren’t so desperate about finding something to complain about my girlfriend, as you typically do.”
  • “Jeez, MC, calm down! I’m just worried for you.” “I appreciate it, but you’re the one boring me right now, let’s end this before I stop feeling bored and end up getting angry.”
  • She can’t help feeling this warmth growing inside her. Knowing that you are willing to fight for her like this is amazing! Not only because she never had that before, but also because it’s you.
  • Your brother decides to talk a little more to her. “Whooooa, so you’re a judo blackbelt? That’s awesome! You gotta teach me some moves!”
  • Well, giving this guy an ippon after he pissed you off would satisfy her more than she cared to admit.


  • “Are you sure this is a healthy relationship, honey?”
  •  Your mother asked you when you two were making dinner while he was setting the table, as you asked him, but he didn’t know where to find the forks.
  •  “What do you mean, ma?” “I mean, he seems so intimidating and, everything is happening so fast, you barely know each other and are already engaged, he seems very intense, for that matter.”
  • Well, he was indeed very intense, but… intimidating? He never wanted to come across as intimidating, not to you, not to the woman who raised you.
  • Was he intimidating you to the point you were feeling pressured to get married?
  •  “Mom, I know what you’re trying to say. He’s not like dad, okay? Yes, he is very intense, just because he never had the chance to express his feelings like all of us do.“
  • “Well, your father wasn’t good at expressing feelings either, then he expressed with actions…” “Ma, Jumin would never hurt me, emotionally or physically. I know you might be thinking I’m on a cycle, that I have daddy issues, but… just give him a chance, okay? Let him prove he is nothing like my father.”
  • He was really sad for you and your mother. Two amazing women were suffering due to a man’s behavior, this was awful in so many levels…
  • He walks into the kitchen, pretending he didn’t hear a thing. “Why don’t you just rest while MC and I cook, maam?”
  • “Oh wow, what a gentleman… nothing like her father.” He smiled genuinely, neither of the women were feeling intimidated by that smile.


  • “Your mother and I think you deserve better.”
  • Your father says when you were helping him changing a light bulb, Saeyoung decided to help when he heard this.
  • “Why would you think that, dad?” “Sweetie, he’s a train wreck! He’s immature, irresponsible, you told me how rude he acted with you. How can you be sure he won’t start pushing you away again?”
  • Of course he knew how immature and irresponsible he was, but he never really thought about what if he started getting snappy to you again. He promised he wouldn’t, but… was he good at keeping promises? Ask his brother.
  •  If he had any good sense, he would walk away and pretend he didn’t listen to any of this. He was already immature and irresponsible, he didn’t need o be nosy as well.
  • “He just pushed me away because he was worried and pretty sure he would die at any moment back then, dad. He was scared, he’s been scared his whole life! Have I told you what kind of hell he and his brother grew up at?”
  • “Sweetie, it still doesn’t justify…” “It does to me. He is scared and willing to change for me, I know that because I trust him. Can’t you trust the man your daughter loves? Not even a little?”
  • Well, if you asked him anything with that tone, he would oblige without thinking… ugh, you’re so sweet, so lovely, so caring… he can never push you away again! Not right now his life is so great with you and his brother, but it isn’t perfect, since your parents don’t like him…
  • “I’ll be honest with you, son. I still don’t trust you, but my daughter does and she never failed her judgments, that, and only because of that, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.” You looked at him and smiled.
  • “Thank you, sir. I’ll prove it will be worth it.” Not so immature and irresponsible right now, is he?


  • “MC, listen to me, this guy is trouble!”
  • He heard this through the baby monitor when you and your sister went to check on her son.
  • “Why are you saying this?” “MC, he is… creepy! Are you dating him to punish dad? Look at him, he looks like he’s on the edge of a mental breakdown! Are you sure you want to play his nurse forever?”
  • He wasn’t on the edge of a mental breakdown! At least not now… at least not since you came along, but there were a few says, though…
  • Your sister is so right! He’s so weird and creepy, he doesn’t deserve you at all! Why did he even think he could handle trying to be normal and do normal things with you?
  • “I’m not playing his nurse! I like to help him because I love him, and he had mental break downs in the past, you would have too if you were locked up and forced to drugs after growing up with an abusive mother. All he needs is support and a loving family, not this… judgment from you!”
  • “MC, calm down, I was just…” “I know you’re concerned, but focus your concern on helping me give him what he needs. If you have nothing else nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”
  • Saeran didn’t hear any of this, he hid in the bathroom when you two left the bay’s bedroom and kept talking as you walked into the living room.
  • Then you two heard the baby crying through the baby monitor, but he quickly stopped, you two found it odd and went to check on him.
  • He was fine, Saeran was holding him. “Am… Am I doing this right?” Making yours and your sister’s heart explode from sweetness? Yep, he was doing this right.


  • “What are you even thinking dating this guy, MC?”
  • Your brother asked you when V went to the toilet, he got lost and tried to get back to ask your brother where was it, exactly.
  • “What do you mean?” “I mean, he’s an old blind man, MC! You’re wasting your youth with a guy like this, he won’t be able to keep it up with you!”
  • V already thought about it, yes, you were so young, did you really need to take such a responsibility by dating him?
  • And that coming from your brother, who sounded so worried… he hated being a burden and provoking this arguing between two family members…
  • “He’s just one year older than you, so chill. And what century are we in? Do you think just because he’s blind, he’s not able to have a normal life? Dude, we’re planning a trip to Italy for my birthday, I think that’s pretty normal, don’t you?”
  •  “MC, take I easy, I’m just…” “You’re concerned, but you don’t have to.  He’s pretty good by himself, and he’s independent, he doesn’t need me, yet he wants me, and I want him, so there’s nothing for you to worry about.”
  • He needed you, maybe not to do things for him, yes. But he needed you because he loved you, and he was so happy that you were so sure about him not being a burden.
  • You were saying goodbye, when your brother said: “I’m sorry, dude.”
  • “If you want to apologize, apologize for stressing her out. As for me, don’t worry, I’ll make sure to bring you a gift from Italy as a peace offer.”
SF9 reaction to their gf being really cuddly


He would love to cuddle you after a long and tiring day. That would be actually his favorite part of a day. When it would be extremely hard day for him, he would lay with you on the couch, hugging you tightly to his body without saying a single word because he would know that you understand everything anyway. In this comfortable silence, you two would probably fall asleep on the couch and wake up the next day.
The first time you would hug him randomly when he is with his members, he would be super shy. Like super shy. But then he would get used to your random cuddly side and honestly it would feel weird for him without it. He would probably became that cuddle one in relationship.

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Okay, let’s say it. He would be sooooo confused at first. Like he wouldn’t know what to do. “Should I hug her back? Is she okay? Maybe something happened? Why is she hugging me all of a sudden?” But when he would realize that you are always that cuddly, he would be completely fine with it.
With members in the same room, he would awkwardly hug you back, trying to avoid their attention. Then it would become something natural to him so he would automatically react to your cuddling, without even thinking.

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Honestly I think that the first time you would hug him completely randomly he would get startled and jump a little. “Oh my god Y/N! You scared the heck out of me!”Hehe, sorry ^^;”. After that he would probably get startled a few more times, causing you to be more careful with your hugs. This little cutie would be fine with cuddling any time you want, so don’t worry!

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Oh man. He would love it! He would have that cute big smile on his face and hug you back instantly. He wouldn’t care if there are members or not. Your hugs would be his favorite thing on earth so he would be okay with ignoring everything else just for you. After a tiring day he would cuddle you so long and talk about everything that happened. He would fully accept your cuddly nature and show you his soft side during your daily cuddling. Of course, it couldn’t be without any “I’m a better cuddler and you know it” or “We both know that you love my hugs more than anyone else’s, just admit it”.

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This little cinnamon roll would blush. Hard. Doesn’t matter if it would be with members or without, he would be soo shy. Like he would hide his red face in palms, not sure what to do. But then he would shyly hug you back trying to hide his small smile. So cute.
With other members around he would prefer holding hands than cuddling. He would like to enjoy your warmth without other people around. But he would suddenly become super cuddly every time he would be stressed. It would help him calm down and think about stressing situation again with a fresh mind.

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this gif is killing me tbh


This cute giant, oh man. Just like Dawon, he would love your cuddling nature. And when I say he would love it I mean he would absolutely love it. He would be so happy that you are like that because he loves cuddles sooo muuchh. Seriously you two would be glued to each other. Before sleep? Cuddles. Lazy Sunday? Cuddles. Break during their training? Cuddles. Shopping? Cuddles. I’m serious. It would look like you two have a little contest “who will hug another person more times”. It wouldn’t matter for him if it’s in public or not, he would still cuddle you to death. Like a giant teddy bear. Your arms would be his favorite place on earth.

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you see? cuddling machine


Dang, this boy would love to cuddle you in public. I feel like he would be a little bit possessive type, so it would show the world that you are his. He would have this little cute but cocky smile on his face every time you initiate it. He would love to have you by his side, feeling support and love through your countless cuddles. That would be a definition of heaven for him. Especially after hard dance training or super stressing day, hugging you would take all bad thoughts away and calm him down. He would find his own peace in your warmth.

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so rude


I think that he would be shy about it. He would have a big blush on his face while asking if everything is okay. He wouldn’t know how to react, he would probably stand like a stone for the first time, not sure if he should say something or do something.
He would absolutely love cuddles with you when you two are alone but he would be more cautious with members around. He would prefer them not to see him with his girlfriend in such situation. He likes his privacy.

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Just like Hwiyoung, He would love every time you hug him, but he would prefer to avoid attention of other members. He would be sure that they would mock and annoy him to death because he’s a maknae. He would show you love in many different ways and leaving cuddles for later, when you two would have a time for yourself. That silent moment when he finally embrace you in his arms would give him this feeling, that he is not alone. The feeling that you’re real.

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Hello everyone! It’s my first reaction ever, so sorry for mistakes ^^
Hope you like it!

Oh, and by the way I decided to change my admin nickname from Little M to Boo, because that’s actually how my friends call me ^^

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“Open Heart” - Raphael Santiago

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(not my gif)

REQUEST: Raphael has a huge crush on (Y/N) but (Y/N) is always hanging out with Magnus because they are close friends and Raphael gets angry.
(the gender of the reader wasn’t specified so (Y/N) can be either a female or a male.)

(Y/N) had spent the day with her best friend, Magnus Bane. They had known each other for centuries. They were both warlocks and they had been close friends for the longest of times.
“What’s that annoying noise?” Magnus asked.
“It’s my phone, Magnus.” (Y/N) rolled her/his eyes.
“Why does it keep ringing?” Magnus asked, slightly annoyed of modern technology.
(Y/N) picked up her/his phone from the table and looked at the now missed calls.
“It’s Raphael.” (Y/N) stated.
(Y/N) and Raphael had met a few months ago. They both knew Magnus and they met at one of his popular parties. (Y/N) wasn’t surprised to see a vampire at Magnus’s parties but she/he was suprised to find out that both the vampire and the warlock were actually friends.
“Raphael? Since when do you fancy vampires?” Magnus smirked.
“Even you can’t deny that Raphael is really hot.” (Y/N) winked.
“So you do fancy him!” Magnus declared, still smirking. “Do you plan on calling him back?”
(Y/N) looked at her/his phone for a minute, hesitant to call the vampire back while being at Magnus’s.
“I’ll just stop by the Hotel Dumort later.” (Y/N) replied.
Although she/he was really eager to see Raphael again, she/he wanted to spend some quality time with her/his best friend – who was spending more and more of his time at the Institute to flirt with his shadowhunter boyfriend. (Y/N) had found it hard to hang out with the high warlock of Brooklyn for more than ten minutes.
“But right now, I believe with have some catch up to do.” (Y/N) said as Magnus handed her/him another cocktail and before they started to discuss Magnus’s love life.

Later on that night, (Y/N) had stopped by the vampires’ household like she/he said she/he would. It was dark outside, but (Y/N) noticed a shadow moving behind her/him. When she/he turned around, she/he already knew who she/he would come face to face with and a smile appeared on her/his face.
“Raphael. Hi.” (Y/N) said.
But (Y/N)’s smile slowly vanished at the sight of the angry-looking vampire.
“Is everything all right?” She/He asked, frowning.
“Yeah, how could you possibly know when you turn down my calls?” The vampire said, rather angrily.
“I didn’t turn down your calls, I simply missed them. I was with Magnus.” (Y/N) explained.
“Magnus, huh? Seems like you spend all of your time with him.”
“Actually, I haven’t-”
“Are you two dating? Is that what this is? You’ve spent centuries together and you don’t feel the need to let anyone else in you life?” Raphael spat.
(Y/N) frowned at the vampire’s reaction.
“Magnus and I are just friends.” (Y/N) said, defensively.
“Oh, ‘just friends’, really? Is that all it is?” Raphael asked, sarcastically.
“Actually, no. He is my best friend.” (Y/N) replied. Raphael’s anger was giving life to her/his own. “You’re right. Magnus and I have lived through many centuries together and he is the only person who hasn’t let me down.” (Y/N) clenched her/his jaw.
“So that’s why you won’t open your heart to anyone? Because Magnus is the only man in your life and you want it to stay that way?” Raphael almost shouted.
“I have opened my heart to someone else!”
“Oh, right. And who’s the lucky boy?” Raphael asked, bitterly.
“You, idiot!” (Y/N) shouted. “I have opened my heart to you! But you’ve been so blind with jealousy that you can’t even see it!” She/He added.

There was an awkward silence for a minute, Raphael and (Y/N) both standing still and staring at each other. The anger seemed to dissolve rather quickly from Raphael’s bloodstream as he realised what (Y/N) had just confessed to him. Without wasting any more time, Raphael gently grabbed (Y/N)’s cheeks and pressed his cold lips on hers/his. As he did so, (Y/N)’s anger vanished instantly and she/he kissed the vampire back with passion. After a while, (Y/N) broke the kiss in need of oxygen – unlike Raphael for whom breathing was highly overrated. They both stared into each other’s eyes for a few seconds, admiring the beauty that was standing before their eyes.
“I will take great care of it, I promise.” Raphael said, his hands still resting on (Y/N)’s cheeks.
“Take care of what?” (Y/N) asked, breathlessly. She/He had forgotten every word they spoke before the kiss, it felt like none of it mattered anymore. But her/his heart pounding in her/his chest made her/him feel like it might explode with joy and excitement.
“Your heart. I will take great care of it. You won’t regret opening it to me.” The vampire explained.
(Y/N) smiled at Raphael’s words and kissed him again as she/he realised she/he couldn’t get enough of his soft lips pressed against her/his own and the feeling of his touch on her/his bare skin.

(Y/N) had opened her/his heart again. She/He had opened her/his heart to the boy standing before her/him. And, although she/he swore to herself/himself that she/he would never do such thing again in fear of getting hurt and having her/his heart ripped off of her/his chest again, it was so worth it to take the risk.

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I love your ocs so much they have such unique designs!!! But I gotta ask, do you ever think you're designing too many? Or like, you feel like you don't give the ones you have enough attention? Because I sure do.

oh hell yeah man i ALWAYS wanna make new ocs but i know if i do i wont use em at all


but i do it anyways. cuz i suck.

ever see me draw Reese or Atlas? even know who they are?? my two recent ocs who i was obsessed with for the first 3 days of their creation and then POOF GONE WHO CARES 

but if u like making characters you should totally do it anyways. if it makes u happy and u aint hurtin anyone do it 

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can u write something where Bucky and Steve have been going at it for hours, but its slow and intense. Steve with his back to Bucky's chest murmuring nonsense about how it aint fair that Buck knows him so well and all that lovey fluff. Bucky won't let up bc all he wants is to please his baby boy. Him talking shit to get Stevie through it. I would looooove that. You are the best writer i have ever come across I swear.

Oh,” Steve moans. “Oh, you ain’t playin’ fair, Barnes.” 

“When in our lives,” Bucky asks, “Have I ever played fair?” 

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hi may i request a reaction of the main 5 rfa members seeing mc faint or is about to faint while they are talking about their day

(I’m sorry, I think I ended up changing it a bit)


  • You two have been studying so hard for the upcoming exams 
  • You were so stressed about this one test that you have practically did not move from the studying room. 
  • You’ve been skipping meals and sleep hours. 
  • “MC, you are ready for the test, rest up a bit. Come cuddle with me, pleeease.“ 
  • "I- I’m sorry, I still don’t understand this lesson… I can’t fail, Yoosung.”  
  • He’d make anything to distract you, but you kept studying 
  • So he was more than happy when he saw you in the kitchen drinking water. 
  • He was walking towards you, determined to make you rest and cuddle with him. 
  • But you just collapsed. 
  • He’d be so scared. 
  • He ran and hold you in his arms. 
  • “MC? M-MC!” 
  • He wouldn’t know what to say, 
  • He called an ambulance and then Zen 
  • He’s all panicky and crying a telling you how much he loves you and weakly scolding you for overworking yourself. 
  • Once you wake up, he would be right by your side with puffy eyes for crying so much. 
  • “I was so worried! Just.. Just promise me you’ll never skip meals again and if you’re studying, don’t overwork and rest, MC" 
  • "Calm down, Yoosung, she’ll be okey”, Zen was there with you two. 
  • “I’m sorry, I didn’t want to sound as if I was scolding you, but I was… I- I feel so bad" 


  • You both were on the set of his new project, you were watching him while he recite love lines to his co-star 
  • He was focused on his acting and he was so handsome, he took you breath away 
  • Every time the camera stopped rolling, he’d come to you and give you a kiss 
  • Many staff members would always go "Awwww” at you two 
  • Oh Zen, stop
  • It was almost the last scene of the day and it was pretty late at night 
  • “Please, don’t leave me. What am I supposed to do without you? Where…” He froze 
  • A staff member had you in her arms and you were unconscious. 
  • He dropped everything, he did not cared about anything else. 
  • He’d carry you bride style into his dressing room and called the paramedics 
  • The director kept telling him that they need to finish the shot 
  • But he’s just so worried that he just holds your hand all the time 
  • They finally convinced him saying that he could soon go home and take care of you if they finished quickly. 
  • When you wake up, he’d give you anything you wanted, he would spoil you and hold you in his arms and check that you were okey. 


  • He was a busy man.. He’d be always working nonstop 
  • But when you started to feel unwell, he’d just focused on you 
  • He prepared a nice meal to make you feel better 
  • “Okey, I’m all yours for the day, I’m sorry I’m always busy." 
  • You smiled, "how’s work been?" 
  • He started telling you entertaining stories about his work that may be lies 
  • But it was okey, they were definitely making you feel better 
  • You started feeling dizzy so you got up saying you had to use the restroom 
  • But you just took two steps and fell 
  • Seven would hold you, put you in bed, run for a wet cold towel and press it against your forehead. 
  • He wouldn’t leave your side and take good care of you 
  • "It’s okey, I won’t go anywhere, I’ll take days off to take care of you” 
  • I’m weak for his sweet side sorrynotsorry 


  • You were finally able to see each other during her break 
  • You met at a coffee shop near her job 
  • Jaehee was talking about how she was stressed af and that she wanted to kill Jumin for his new cat business. 
  • Actually talking to you was relaxing for her, she just loved it and you loved listening. 
  • Time flew and she had to go back 
  • You two were heading outside and she felt a grip on her shirt, when she turned around you just fainted 
  • She tried her best to hold you 
  • Poor Jaehee, she was so worried, «was she feeling unwell? Why didn’t she say so?» she thought (out loud) 
  • She was the only one out of the 5 that didn’t panicked though 
  • Called the paramedics 
  • Called Mr. Han and just told him she had an emergency 
  • She would just stay by your side 
  • When you wake up she’d be like “You should take care of your health before anything, MC! I was so worried” and hug you 


  • It’s been a while since Jumin wasn’t busy or had a break 
  • Although you always talked on the phone, you missed each other
  • So he invited you to his penthouse for dinner 
  • After he finished working, he headed towards your home to pick you up 
  • You got in the car and first things first, you hugged him. 
  • You smiled at him and both started talking about how your day went 
  • “Oh, Jumin, when I woke up, I wanted a cup of coffee, and…” You awkwardly paused.. 
  • “And..?" 
  • "Eh.. Ah, my favorite cup broke.. I really liked that cup” you closed your eyes and shook your head. 
  • “Are you okey?” Jumin said while cupping your face with his hands 
  • “Ye- yeah” and you just fell forward 
  • “MC!?" 
  • He actually panicked 
  • What should he do? Stop the car? Make the driver go faster? 
  • He changed your position so he could hold you and see your face 
  • He told driver Kim to call the penthouse and ask them to prepare a medic. 
  • He maybe called V and if he reached him, he would just start to speak quickly asking what should he do. 
  • He wouldn’t calm down until you wake up 
  • He’d spoil you nonstop for the rest of the evening.

phuonnie  asked:

I'm so dead with Yana's cliffhanger. Every month, I read the last page of a chapter and I'm always like "wth Yana, are you sirius, noo it can't end like that aksiskskda...*several days later*...ok fine nexth month you should better give me a good chapter and explain all the shit...". And then nexth month comes, reading new chapter, I feel the same shit. *cry a river*

Ah haha yes, and of course it’s on purpose.

And it’s likely to continue for many upcoming, horribly SHORT, chapters…. With a fast-paced story (now… *despite* the weird missing two weeks situation), this monthly wait feels so awkward… downright painful.

Remember when chapters were generally over 30 pages? Now we cross our fingers for more than 20…. smh, but oh well.

Colour Pencil techniques

I use colour pencil a lot (p much exclusively) at this point for all my serious art stuff, so I thought I’d share some things that I have learnt technique-wise. If you have other tips or tricks, please reblog and add!

  • Layering is everything. Blend different colours by first colouring lightly with one colour and then colouring over it with another colour. Both darker on lighter and lighter on darker, different shades of the same colour for more vividity, white over colour to blend and flatten, colour over black for dirty, dark, blended colours, etc… Test patches are recommended. 

  • Do lighter areas first (so like if there is a white flower in a green bush, do the flower first) so you’ll avoid getting smudge on your pencil and fucking around with that.

  • To avoid that “everything is separate” feel that colour pencil drawings often have, colour over the edge. Like if you have a red area next to a black area, do the red, do the black, and then colour over the black with the red in the area where they touch, to make sure it doesn’t leave a white line peeking out from between the two (if working on white paper).(PS. if you want that “everything is separate” feel, that is fine too, I’ve seen things where that works very well)

  • Nowadays there are all sorts of cool sorts of pencils, like watercolour pencils and such. Those give a really awesome vibrant paint-like line if you lick the tip (oh glob I’m going to get so many porn blogs following me for saying that -_- ) of the pencil and draw with that. (Pls note that I do not recommend licking pencils as I don’t know if it would have any harmful health effects. Do at your own risk >_> ) Like Derwent’s Inktense colour pencils will basically result in ink-like uneraseable colour pencil lines if you lick them, it’s v cool.

  • Colour pencils over dry pastel or chalk. If you treat the entire paper with white dry pastel or chalk and then draw on with colour pencils, the result is more vibrant colours. Or you can lay down flats with dry pastels and then go over them with the same colour pencils for really smooth, vibrant colours.

  • I’m not getting paid for recommendations, but holy fuck Prismacolor Premier pencils?!?! :O They will colour over other colours (even the light ones like white and yellow!) no matter how many layers of colour you’ve got on already! Honestly they feel and work like the holy lovechild of colour pencils and crayons. Such good vibrant colour, and like a blessing upon layering and blending, and they even bring the possibility of fixing mistakes a little with the white one.

  • As the last step, blend skintones with grey. Especially for white people skin: the shadows on white people skin are grey, not brown (and now you know everything I learnt in art school). So investing in several light shades of grey pencils is worth it if you draw people a lot. Even in just blending colours on not-skin gets interesting results when you go over the whole thing with grey, it sort of takes off some of the edge from colours. And if you go over the whole drawing with the same grey pencil it’ll bring the whole thing together. I have like four different greys from Faber-Castell’s Polychromos line.

  • Gold metallic pencil rarely looks like gold. Use copper instead, or blend gold and copper, or help the gold along with some regular yellow or white or light yellow or off-white etc…

name: erin

pronouns: she/her

timezone: gmt+1

give us two fast facts about you: i drink way too much tea and the cherry blossom outside my bedroom window has bloomed and it makes me sO happy 🌸

what are you excited to see on down: great ppl great characters. an active, friendly community where everyone feels involved!!! 

anything you don’t want to see?: just like the usual. no one wants to see ooc drama and just general unfriendliness

what kind of plots get your heart going?: oh man so many things. big families and tightknit friend groups and angsty relationships that tear my heart out tbh

how do you feel about this classic : a jam

anything else?: i’m so ready for this 🙌


» Daemon Black x Katy Swartz (The Lux Series)

“You know what they say about boys next door…”

I stayed up all night finishing Obsidian and wanted to make myself a sidebar and then this happened…oops. These two are giving me so many feelings and i’m only starting book two. Oh boy am I screwed :) I guess i’ll dedicate this to katyswartz and sinnerlikedamon while I still like you two since i’m probably going to be screaming at you both in about a week when i’m caught up and my heart is in pieces. ISN’T READING GREAT??? *goes back to crying over daety*

anonymous asked:

Your symbra art is so lovely!! I feel so many things at once when I see something you've drawn in the tag and they're all good feelings :) honestly love those two to death and your stuff makes me love them even more! ty for sharing!!

oh my god, thank you too for taking your time to give me this compliment, anon!! people like you give me good feelings too just like symbra <3

For anyone having trouble getting your parents to let you sign up for GISHWHES, I have the solution! It’s Guaranteed* 100% effective! Just fill in the blanks on the letter below, forge my signature in blue pen (it looks like this): 

 and give it to your parents! They will definitely think it came from me*** and will have to let you participate! 

(When you’re done, do me a favor and post a photo to social media of your parents reading the finished letter with the hashtag #MyParentsAreSuckers & #GISHWHES.)

Dear Parent(s) of _______________,

I’m writing this letter because ___________ recently told me how much they would love to join my scavenger hunt, GISHWHES, this summer. Now, I know what you’re thinking: What is this “GISHWHES” thing, anyway? (Kids these days find all kinds of questionable stuff on the Interwebs, after all.)

As a parent and a licensed*** parenting coach, I’m here to tell you all about GISHWHES and exactly why letting your progeny**** join GISHWHES is the best parenting decision you’ve made since you decided to potty train them (good call, by the way).

GISHWHES is “The Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen.” It’s a week-long  global scavenger hunt that encourages participants from all over the world to engage in acts of art, creativity, silliness, and kindness in their homes and communities.  But GISHWHES is so much more than a mere “scavenger hunt." 

GISHWHES is a chance to step outside your comfort zone, redefining your perception of what’s possible and learning that you’re capable of more than you’ve ever imagined. It’s an event even NASA couldn’t resist being a part of.****** 

As an excellent parent, I know you want your child**** to flourish. You want them to discover that they are extraordinary and capable of making a difference in the world.  You don’t want them to go passively through life— you want them to actively engage with the world and be excited about making their mark, like that time that you let them ________________________________ with no training wheels and they _____________________________________ all over the pet shop!


With GISHWHES, your child**** will never forget the thrill of _______________________________ at the _________________________ while dressed as a _______________________ or the way they were able to _______________________ with only cotton candy, a harmonica, and dental floss.

Think of GISHWHES like a sending them to the world’s best summer camp— but without the hassle of having to pack! They can participate in GISHWHES from anywhere— even from the comfort of the basement where you’re keeping them locked up this summer (another good call).

Best of all (and don’t tell them I told you this), but you can use GISHWHES as a sneaky way to reconnect with your child.**** Anyone over 14 is welcome to join the Hunt— and that includes you. Countless families have told us that creating a GISHWHES team help them share amazing memories that they’ll cherish forever. You can participate as much or as little as you like, so it won’t interfere with other obligations  and you don’t have to worry about expenses. Imagine the joy of watching them suffer through a whole week of family bonding with you!

Oh, and did I mention that the winning team gets to go on an all-expenses-paid adventure with me to Iceland? So, the two of you may win an extraordinary adventure with me. We’ll be going dog sledding on a glacier, partying in a volcano, and hanging out in hot springs. Seriously. It’s going to be awesome.

Finally, many of the items on the list will encourage your child* to contribute to their community through acts of kindness and charitable endeavors.  A portion of GISHWHES proceeds help support charity, too, so you can feel great knowing that you’re giving your kid* something awesome that they want, reinforcing some great values, and making the world a better place- all at the same time. Talk about efficient!

And because they want it so badly, you can probably negotiate a few extra chores in exchange for letting them join. For instance, they’d totally be willing to take _____________________ out on _______________________ and ____________________ your car with _____________________.  It just doesn’t get any better than this.
So be a sneaky, clever parent and let them think you’re the coolest parent on the planet**** by letting  ________________ join GISHWHES (and join with them)! You’ll never regret this incredibly sound decision. "Letting them” join GISHWHES is like tricking them into eating their vegetables by hiding them in their peanut butter and marshmallow fluff sandwiches. You’re giving them something awesome, which they don’t have to know that you know it’s good for them, too. It’ll be our little secret.

If you have any questions, please check out our website at www.gishwhes.com. I hope to hang out with you in Iceland soon!

Your friend and parenting coach,


*By “guaranteed effective,” i mean, “may possibly work.”

** Based on empirical evidence and clinical tests in which I forged my own name and showed it to my mom. She totally believed it was from me.

***Not actually licensed

****Who is over 14 years of age.

*****In some major metropolitan areas.

******No, really. We got a mountain on Mars named after GISHWHES in 2014!

*******aside from me, obviously.


Two letters exchanged between Princess Alix of Hesse and Tsarevich Nicholas Alexandrovich of Russia. In late 1893 they had already been in love for several years, but Alix was unwilling to change her religion which led her to reject Nicholas. In the letter above she wrote to him:

Dearest Nicky, I send you my very best thanks for your dear letter, I enclose the photograph you wished to have, which Ella will forward to you. I believe it must have been a stronger will than ours which ordained that we should not meet at Coburg, for like this it gives me the chance to write to you all my innermost feelings which perhaps out of spur of the moment I might not have said, so that you may have misunderstood me. You know what my feelings are as Ella has told them to you already, but I feel it my duty to tell them to you myself. I thought everything for a long time, and I only beg you not to think that I take it lightly for it grieves me terribly and makes me very unhappy. I have tried to look at it in every light that is possible, but I always return to one thing. I cannot do it against my conscience.You, dear Nicky, who have also such a strong belief will understand me that I think it is a sin to change my belief; and I should be miserable all the days of my life, knowing that I had done a wrongful thing. I am certain that you would not wish me to change against my conviction. What happiness can come from a marriage which begin without the real blessing of God? For I feel it a sin to change that belief in which I have been brought up and which I love. I should never find my peace of mind again, and like that I should never be your real companion who should help you on in life; for there always should be something between us two, in my not having the real conviction of the belief I had taken, and in the regret for the one I had left. It would be acting a lie to you, your Religion and to God. This is my feeling of right and wrong, an one´s innermost religious convictions and one´s peace of conscience toward God before all one´s earthly wishes. As all these years have not made it possible for me to change my resolution in acting thus, I feel that now is the moment to tell you again that I can never change my confession. I am certain that you will undestand this clearly and see as I do, that we are only torturing ourselves, about something impossible and it would not be a kindness to let you go on having vain hopes, which will never be realized. And now goodbye, my darling Nicky, and may God bless and protect you. Ever your loving Alix.”

However Nicholas did not understand , feeling nothing short of devastated. He eventually wrote a reply, almost a month later:

My dearest Alix, Please excuse my not having answered your letter sooner, but you may well imagine what a blow it proved to me. I could not write to you all these days on account of the sad state of mind I was in. Now that my restlesness has passed I feel more calm and am able to answer your letter quietly. Let me thank you first of all for the frank and open way in which you spoke to me in that  letter! There is nothing worse in the world than things misunderstood and not brought to the point. I knew from the beginning what an obstacle there rose between us and I felt so deeply for you all these years, knowing perfectly the great difficlties you would have had to overcome! But still it is so awfully hard, when you have cherished a dream for many a year and think - now you are near to its being realized - then suddenly the curtain is drawn - and you see only an empty space and feel oh! so lonely and so beaten down! I cannot deny the reasons you give me, dear Alix; but I have got one which is also true: you hardly know the depth of our religion. If you only could have learnt it with somebody, who knows it, and could have read books, where you might see the likeness and difference of the two - perhaps then! it would not have troubled you in the same way it does now! Your living quite alone without anyone´s help in such a matter, is also a sad circumstance in th barrier that apparently stands between us! It is too sad for words to know that that barrier is - religion! Don´t you think, dearest, that the fiver years, since we know each other, have passed in vain and with no result? Certainly not - for me at least. And how am I to change my feelings after waiting and wishing for so long, even now after that sad letter you sent me? I trust in God´s mercy; maybe it is His will that we both, but you especially should suffer long - maybe after helping us through all these miseries and trials - He will yet guide my darling along tha path that I daily pray for! Oh! do not say “no” directly, my dearest Alix, do not ruin my life already! Do you think there can exist any happiness in the whole world without you! After having involuntarily! kept me waiting and hoping, can this end in such a way? Oh! do not get angry with me if I am beginning to say silly things, though I promised in this letter to be calm! Your heart is too kind not to understand what tortures I am going through now. But I have spoken enough and must end this epistle of mine. Thank you so much for your charming photo. Let me wish, dearest Alix, that the coming Year may bring you peace, happiness, comfort and the fulfilment of your wishes. God bless you and protect you! Ever your loving and devoted Nicky.

Indeed in the spring of the following year Alix finally relented and by autumn the two were married. Ahead of them were 24 years filled with devotion and support, but also tragedy.

DΞΔN - And you? [7]

Originally posted by xiuhun

My eyes are forced open by a call

It’s my ex
My fucking ex

No seriously, I try to calm down
But your voice
It sounded so shamelessly unaffected
How have you been latey? Is everything going well?
And this bastard. What is he like?

Are you satisfied?
I’m so curious, but I say nothing

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A conversation I had the other day
  • Me: Omg look at my OTP, they give me so many feels.
  • Idjit: Wait what's an OTP?
  • Me: *sighs* OTP stands for One True Pairing. You know that one ship you love more than the others. Tho you usually have more than one...
  • Idjit: Wait hang on, what do you mean ship? Are you talking about actual boats??
  • Me: Oh uhm no, a ship is like two people in a relationship.. Shipping is when you think two people should be together in one way or another.
  • Idjit: Oh okay, but what do you do when you get feels then?
  • Me: Oh I usually go on Tumblr.
  • Idjit: Wait what's Tumblr?
  • Me: *oh fuck* Uhm a site.
  • Idjit: So when u see a girl and a boy that you think look cute together, like in school or something, you start shipping them? Then you go on Tumblr, where other people give you feels, as in likes? Am I right?
  • Me:
  • Idjit:
  • Me:
  • Idjit:
  • Me: I need to go. Right now. Immediately.
  • #Feels are NOT notes #My OTPs are all gay #I do not ship people from school? #For fucks sake mate #I ship people in TV shows #And sometimes actors as well but that's not the point #Do your research idjit

slayveronica  asked:

destiel or cockles?

oh my god why must you ask me this awful horrible difficult question!

no okay let’s see do i like these two fuckers more

or these two

okay okay i put so many gifs and im so sorry but i just love these two so much and i put more cockles gifs so im thinking i love them more but iDK destiel gives me feels too but COCKLES

i might need some therapy