oh you two give me so many feels

In Sickness

For lateforerebor​, because these two give me so many feels. And I am pleased and thankful you allow me to write for them, dear

“I made you some chicken soup.”

“Amatus, that is hardly-”

“Come on, it’ll make you feel better.”

Dorian sighed, a weary and resigned noise as he slowly nodded his head. He couldn’t deny that Vaxus’ heart was in the right place. Even if any cooking skills might have been… questionable. At best. Even if the soup didn’t go down well, the company was quite desireable.

He shifted up in the bed as Vaxus approached, steaming bowl of soup in his hands and a grin larger than the Breach on his face. Maker preserve him, this would be more difficult than being nearly set on fire after their last dragon encounter.

With a weak smile, he took the bowl from Vaxus’ hands. He shifted just a little to allow his love room to sit beside him on the bed. Unfortunately, the pleased and eager expression on the warrior’s face sent Dorian’s stomach lurching. He sniffed at the soup, smile faltering as he dipped the spoon in. He blew gently across the steaming liquid before taking his first taste.

Dorian blanched and it took all of his remaining free will to keep the smile on his face. He dipped the spoon in again as Vaxus encouraged him to try something other than just the broth. Another mouthful and Dorian was praying to whatever god that would listen to dull his taste buds. Just this once. Let him be blissfully unaware and make his amatus happy. Yet, to Dorian’s great disappointment, such wishes were not in the cards to be granted. Not with the simple stomach bug racking his system.

“Delicious,” he lied. From the first time since he’d met Vaxus, Dorian could simply not imagine doing such a thing. And as their relationship had progressed, it had gone even further. Yet now, in this circumstance. Dorian could not bear the sight of breaking his love’s heart. Not when it had been in the right place. “But I believe I’m quite ready to rest for a bit.”

He set the bowl aside on the nearby table, stifling a frustrating cough as he shifted back over. In the mean time, Vaxus slid off the bed declaring he would return with something to read. As much as he loved him, Dorian was ready to be free of this illness, and as he pulled the blankets up to his chin he prayed he’d be asleep by the time his amatus returned. 

A conversation I had the other day
  • Me: Omg look at my OTP, they give me so many feels.
  • Idjit: Wait what's an OTP?
  • Me: *sighs* OTP stands for One True Pairing. You know that one ship you love more than the others. Tho you usually have more than one...
  • Idjit: Wait hang on, what do you mean ship? Are you talking about actual boats??
  • Me: Oh uhm no, a ship is like two people in a relationship.. Shipping is when you think two people should be together in one way or another.
  • Idjit: Oh okay, but what do you do when you get feels then?
  • Me: Oh I usually go on Tumblr.
  • Idjit: Wait what's Tumblr?
  • Me: *oh fuck* Uhm a site.
  • Idjit: So when u see a girl and a boy that you think look cute together, like in school or something, you start shipping them? Then you go on Tumblr, where other people give you feels, as in likes? Am I right?
  • Me:
  • Idjit:
  • Me:
  • Idjit:
  • Me: I need to go. Right now. Immediately.
  • #Feels are NOT notes #My OTPs are all gay #I do not ship people from school? #For fucks sake mate #I ship people in TV shows #And sometimes actors as well but that's not the point #Do your research idjit
  • me on a date: so how do you feel about janet van dyne?
  • them: oh, you mean hank pym's wife -
  • me, shrinking breadsticks with pym particles to fit as many as possible into my purse: sorry but i have to go home right now immediately