oh you turkey

  • APH Turkey: How old would you say I was if you didn't know me?
  • APH Italy: Forty?
  • APH Turkey: No, how old do you think I look?
  • APH Italy: Thirty nine?
  • APH Turkey: Most people think I look about thirty, so..
  • APH Italy: Definitely not.
  • APH Turkey: Oh, you calling them liars?! What do you think?
  • APH Cyprus: Well, between thirty and forty.
  • APH Turkey: Yes. More honest.
Christmas Morning - Liam Dunbar Imagine

Christmas Morning – TW Imagine

Prompt/Request: Can you make a christmas imagine with Liam Dunbar? That liam and the reader met on christmas morning and its cute af en all fluff en than idk 10 years later they are married and they celebrate on christmas morning there 10 year anniversary something like that? This is confusing af sorry. Btw i love your acc xoxo

A/N: I AM BACK FROM THE DEAD!! I AM SO SORRY HOW LONG THIS TOOK TO WRITE! I’ve been so busy but I’m planning on writing again and I’m so sorry about the stilinski twins series, I’ll be continuing it after new years. Also, I’m sorry if this sucks – still suffering major writers block. And I’m sorry this wasn’t good. Is it too late now to say sorryyyyyy? Ahah hope you guys like this anyway! xx

Pairing: Liam x Reader

Word Count: 1034

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Your Pov

You went out to the local grocery store in hopes of finding it open on Christmas morning. You had completely forgotten to buy some turkey after your Mum had told you to the night before. You rushed over to the shop and to your disappointment, it was closed. You panicked and freaked out, blaming yourself for forgetting the important meal that you had to buy. It was kind of funny, forgetting to buy some turkey then stressing out about it because you had forgotten to buy one. You stood in front of the doors, banging your head against the glass like an idiot. You cursed to yourself as you did so.  

You had eventually stopped knocking your head onto the door and turned around to find a cute boy staring at you. You instantly blushed, a bright rose color on your cheeks. The young boy looked at you, speechless with his mouth open in a small ‘O’ shape. Crap, he must’ve seen me make a fool of myself, you thought to yourself. As you continued to just stare at him like an idiot whilst wearing your red winter coat and uggs, you saw his expression turn into a small smile. Then, into a wild laugh. You tilted your head to the side slightly, confused like a puppy. What was he laughing about?  

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