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Lesson Number One: Jack Barakat Imagine

Anonymous asked styleimaginesBand imagine. Engaged and pregnant with jack barakat. You’re an English teacher and you teach like 14-15 year olds and it’s your first day and because your a new teacher all of the kids hate you. Then jack rings you at work because you left something at home so you anwser him and all the kids are like “oo who’s that” then you explain it’s your fiancé then they ask his name and you say jack barakat And they freak out so you bring him in to visit. Really long and cute though. Detailed? Thankyou<3x

A/N: I put her as an art teacher instead! Hope you enjoy :-) 

      You walked down the halls through the new high school where you would be teaching art. You were teaching at a school in Los Angeles, but moved to Baltimore to be with your boyfriend, and new fiancé, Jack Barakat. You entered the classroom full of freshman and you gained a handful of glares. You somewhat understood, considering the principal informed you that the students were not so pleased with a new teacher replacing their favorite teacher. You walked to the desk and set down your sketchbook and tote bag and wrote your name on the board. “Hey guys, my name is Ms. Y/L/N.” You turned and they were all still glaring at you. You were caught out of the stare-off when you received your first phone call through the school phone. You answered and it was the front office, “Hello Ms. Y/L/N! There is a Mr.Barakat on the other line.” You smiled to yourself, “Send him through.”

While waiting, you told the kids to sketch a picture of who they want to be. While they started on that, Jack’s voice rang through the phone. “Hey babe!” You smirked, “I told you to text me on my phone if you needed anything, Jack.” You noticed some kids staring at you so you turned your back to them. “That’s the problem. You forgot you cell phone here, Y/N.” You mentally face palmed yourself at the stupid action. “I knew I forgot something. I was just so anxious.” Jack laughed and you could picture that gorgeous smile on his face. “Oh yeah, how is it so far?” You let out a sigh, “Well, they hate me already.”“It’s okay. Just give it time. In the mean time, that school day better end fast so you and that little Barakat in your stomach can get home to daddy.” You giggled at Jacks statement. You guys said goodbyes and you laid a hand on your stomach.

You were 3 months pregnant with Jack’s baby, another reason why you moved to Baltimore. You slipped off your sweater, revealing your shoulder tattoo and put up your hair into a ponytail, showing your plugs. You stood up from your seat and everyone stared. “You have plugs AND a tattoo!” One girl yelled. You nodded your head and began to walk around the classroom. “Who was that on the phone?” Another asked. “My fiancé.” You went back to looking at the students’ work, “What’s his name?” The same girl asked. “Um, Jack. Jack Barakat.” The girls in the class screamed and the boys had their mouths hanging open. “No way!” “Really!” “You’re Y/N!?” You were surprised on how many people knew him, but on the other hand, you were teaching at the high school he attended. “Yeah. I could bring him in tomorrow if you’d like?” The all let out another scream and you couldn’t wait for the next day to come. 

-Next Day-

You patiently waited at your desk for Jack to come in. The kids were excited and were drawing art to give to Jack, for Jack to sign, and for him just to look at. Jack had said he’d be here 10 minutes ago, but he did say he had another surprise. You were drawing a piece on the chalkboard when you heard multiple screams behind you. You turned and in walked, Alex, Jack, Rian, and Zack. All the guys ran up to you, hugging you and kissing your head and Jack kissed your lips. “Class, as all of you know, this is Jack, my fiancé, and the rest of All Time Low.” The class ran up and surrounded the guys, asking for pictures and autographs. Jack made his way out of the small crowd of students and to you. “So, I don’t think they’ll hate you anymore.” Jack said, putting his arms around your waist. “I don’t think so either. As long as you and the guys are here.” He smiled at you and pressed a small kiss to your lips. “No PDA in front of the children, Barakats! Especially in front of the little one in your tummy, Y/N!” Alex yelled. “You told them?” You asked Jack. “They are the uncles!” You laughed and hugged Jack around his waist. You guys watched as the guys talked to the kids, and watched as more kids piled into your classroom as lunch began. This was going to be one hell of a year.