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I’m not dead just ridiculously busy with moving and whatnot!! I haven’t had the chance to draw in months and it almost started to physically hurt not to be able to draw so my resolution: to use the time i could be sleeping to animate 8,D

Got dem Sailor Moon feels back from marathoning all the newest musicals and crying at the beauty that is Yuuga Yamato as Mamoru Chiba.



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I absolutely love your art! Your artstyle is so cool... It's the #1 inspiration for developing my own style. You rock.

Oh man, thank you so much, that’s so flattering!! (I’ve been having kind of an art crisis for the last few months so, thanks ;w;)

I know you didn’t ask but, since you like my style and my approach to drawing, I’m going to share some of MY biggest influences and artists that I’ve always tried to emulate, especially while I was first learning to draw!

Tim Sale - my favorite comic artist, everything he touches is gold. My favorite comics from him are Batman: The Long Halloween and Batman: Dark Victory

Bruce Timm - I was obsessed with Batman: The Animated Series in Junior High and it had a huge impact on my art. (BTAS is still aces, you should watch it.)

Eiichiro Oda - One Piece was the comic I was obsessed with when I first tried making comics of my own! Oda’s comic style, brand of humor, character design, and linework has been a big inspiration for a while and I wanted nothing but to draw like him in high school.

CLAMP - Specifically their work on Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle. First manga I ever read! I love their linework, and their really really good use of stark black/white with limited use of halftones (esp in the first half of the series!)! It’s such a sharp looking comic!

Ayami Kojima - JUST LOOK AT HER WORK????

And I’m gonna go ahead and link a couple art blogs that are always so inspiring to me cuz if you like my stuff, you’ll LOVE theirs:
@millionfish @becdecorbin @ohpsshaw @afuchan @whitefoxcub @jakewyattriot @thezombiedogz @neonjawbone @silvermender @dunesand

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i'm flipping tables because SLBP new event is about the lords and their family. the event doesn't include SHINGEN!!! shingen's main route talked a little about his brother and father, it would be a great opportunity to go into depth about shingen's family but NOPE!!! SMH VOLTAGE. it just makes me sad😭

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Flipping tables like this, friend? HAHA. Look alive, dear anon, because I completely agree with you. I know I’m super extra for Saizo in my fangirling, but in all seriousness I like all of them equally from a creative standpoint for what they manage to provide us; the other six lords explore themes, aspects, issues and developments we don’t see with the more ‘popular’ lords. It’s a damn shame, because just like you say, characters like Shingen, or Ieyasu, or even freaking Mitsunari have the potential for incredibly heartfelt stories that ruminate on what it means for them to have something as special as a family/wife. It goes doubly for the lords with tragic family histories. 

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Y’all…………… I met one of my favorite bands, was at the very front during the entire concert, and interacted with the lead singer in the middle of the show and I’m just………………….. dying from happiness rn

The Dream Of Your Heart

anon requested: Hi! I know you’re really busy, but could I request Newt x reader story? Uuuuff, some pretty personal stuff here 😂 She wants to create books for kids, but was often laughed at by other adults. So now she’s stuck at ‘normal’ job she hates and keeps her passion in secret. She only shows her sketches and stories to nephews/Queene’s kids. Newt finds out somehow and something fluffy happens? I really like your writing! Take all the time you need❤Just drop me a line if you’re interested😙

Authors Notes: Hi love, I really hope you like this… a couple of things… for some reason you live with Queenie with your three nephews. Don’t ask me how that happened… it just happened. Maybe she adopted you? :) Haha! Anyway, other than that…I hope you like this. I tried to include everything you requested and I was really inspired by this because I feel the same way when it comes to my writing. So, enjoy. You write those stories, love. Don’t give up!! :) It’s worth taking a chance especially with a passion!


For the millionth time (or so it seemed) you slammed your sketchbook closed as footsteps approached from behind. Your coworkers were the last people on earth with whom you would want to share your drawings. You had heard nothing but constant ridicule from them and your heart was not sure how much more it could  take. 

“Don’t you think you’re a little too old to draw that? To write about that? What is the purpose in this? Don’t you think you should focus on "real life” and not have your head in the clouds?“ 

Every time you felt a small ounce of pride in your work - there was always a critic to pull you down. 

Luckily, the ones who mattered most, always enjoyed your ideas. 

"Auntie. When do we get to read the whole thing?”

You chuckled, ruffling the hair of one of your three energetic nephews, “When I am finished writing.”

“When will it be finished?" 

You sighed, contemplating the answer. It seemed like your work would never be complete at this rate. 

"Soon, love… time for bed boys.”

“Awww..” They groaned, leaning back against a pile of feather pillows. “Will you tell us some more tomorrow?”

“Of course.”

You walked into the sitting room silently, glancing over to the table of adults. You never fit in with them. They all talked about work and bills. You however dreamed of far off places and adventures in other lands.

Would anyone ever begin to understand your heart?

You sighed sadly and turned down the hall to your bedroom just as a slender, hurried man nearly ran you over.

“So sorry.” He apologized, offering his hand towards you, “I’m Newt Scamander. You must be [your name.]

You furrowed your eyebrows. Who was this stranger coming out of your bathroom?

"Erm…I’m a friend of Queenie’s.” He tried again as your eyes examined him critically. 

Tall. Curly cinnamon hair. Sea green eyes. Blue trench coat. Strange suitcase in hand. 

You shrugged, any friend of Queenie’s was bound to be quirky. 

“Nice to meet you. Um, what are you doing here?”

“Just visiting.” His case began to rattle in his hand and you couldn’t help but nervously glance from it to his eyes repeatedly. 

“What’s…. that?” You inquired, pointing to the case as it shook.

Newt laughed nervously, shifting the suitcase to his opposite hand, “Oh…that’s nothing." 

You raised an eyebrow in suspicion, "Oh really?”

“Yes.” Newt gulped, “Nothing to concern. Have a nice day.”

Newt left through the front door in haste and you couldn’t help but shake your head. Strange man. Strange life. You were so ready for a vacation.

Several days later you found yourself sitting in Queenie’s quiet living room. You loved when the apartment was empty and you could set out your sketchbook and journal to jot down notes about your latest ideas. It was in these blissful moments you felt truly free and creative.

You closed your eyes and rested your head on the back of the sofa. Maybe a few moments of day dreaming would help you come up with your newest plot.

You were awoken a short time later by a light tapping on your shoulder. Confused, you blinked sleepily before your eyes met with two curious ones staring straight into yours.


It was Newt.

How did he get in?

"What are you doing here?"  

"I came to see Queenie. Is she in?”

“No… of course she’s not in. She’s working.” You inhaled deeply, uncertain why his presence annoyed you so much.

“Oh yes… well…” Newt rocked back on his heels and seemed to study the ceiling for a full moment before speaking again. He tapped your sketchbook with his slender finger. “I like your drawings.”

You felt your face flush.

“Oh….” You began, closing your sketchbook and journal, “Thanks. I…”

“They are very creative. Are you a writer?”

“Mmhm..” was all you could muster.

“I’m a writer too.”

This peaked your interest, “Really?”


“What do you write?”

Newt tapped his case gently, “Would you like to see?”

“See what?”

Your face must have looked mortified because Newt began to laugh.

“Well, it is easier to show you then… tell you.” Newt smirked, offering his hand.

Could you trust this man? Was he really a friend of Queenie or just some random guy who liked to break into apartments to use the bathroom?

Your insecurities seemed to melt away as something inside your heart said that you could trust him. You reached out and accepted his hand as he set his case on the floor and opened it.

“This is going to seem a bit… odd… but… do you trust me?”

You shook your head yes. What other choice did you have?

Newt smiled crookedly as he squeezed your hand. “Follow me.”

You could not believe your eyes and your heart pounded in your chest as you stepped from the real world into another dimension. You had to pinch yourself several times to see if you were still awake. Newt led you around his case with great excitement; introducing you to creatures and letting you feed them. You wondered several times if you had lost your mind.

After what felt like many hours Newt sat with you on the shed steps, drinking a cup of tea. You smiled at the sight of his white sleeves rolled up to his elbows and the tender way he stroked his… demiguise was it?… that rested on the step below you. 

You sipped from your own cup slowly, wondering when you would wake up.

“Newt, this is… extraordinary.”

“Is it?” He smirked, “Yes… I suppose it is.”

“It’s like something from a fairy tale or… a fantasy novel.”

“Like the stories you write?”

“Well… yes… sort of.”

“Well, now that I have shown you what I write about… it’s your turn.”

Newt handed you your sketchbook and journal, smiling warmly. 

You flipped through the pages slowly, trying to find the best example you could share but nothing seemed to compare to what was around you.

You sighed in frustration as you felt a warm, callused hand cover yours. “Just tell me, darling.”

Your heart felt like it would burst from such kindness. His tone was completely welcoming and sincere.

“I want to write books for children…” You opened your journal to a page covered in notes about your characters: places they lived, things they ate, how they dressed. You also began to show him some of your small sketches, “I’m only beginning." 

You peered up to gauge his reaction and he smiled brightly at your work, "It’s wonderful." 

You shut your journal quickly, "No…it’s not.”


You began to choke up, a few tears escaping down your cheeks, "I will never finish the stories I dream about.”

“Why not?" 

"My whole life I have wanted to be a writer. I want to visit libraries, read my books and share them with children all over the world. I want to make them laugh and smile. I want to convey the messages in my heart.”

Newt rubbed his hand where it rested upon yours. “Then do it.”

You scoffed, “It’s not that easy. People, adults especially, tell me I have my head stuck in the clouds. I need to live in the real world with real work and real life situations. I’m starting to wonder if they are right.”

“[your name], listen to me.” Newt cupped your chin and turned it so he could see your eyes, “Don’t let anyone tell you not to dream.”

You felt your heart fill with warmth… you weren’t sure if it was the words he spoke or the fact that you could smell his sweet mint tea breath as it fanned across your lips.

“I… I have to grow up.”

You received a hearty laugh in response, “No. No. That’s ridiculous. If YOU need to grow up then…” he motioned around the case, “what do I need to do?”

You smirked, he had a point. His world seemed completely fictional…yet, it wasn’t. You pondered that conclusion deeply for a moment and were shocked when Newt spoke nearly your own thoughts.

“My world would seem like a fantasy to someone who had never witnessed it… but here you are. Is it real?”

You shook your head yes.

“How do you know?”

“Because… it’s…” you looked around in all directions, “because it’s all around me. It feels real. It’s… I can see it.”

“Now darling, close your eyes. Can you still see my world?" 

You smiled. "Yes.”

“Right… but you can’t see it with your eyes… does that mean it’s still real?”


"Yet, what if I told you that you were still sitting on Queenie’s sofa and this was all just a story that I had made up. Would my world still be real?”

“Well… yes. In my mind." 

You continued to close your eyes as he spoke.

"Then… believe it’s real. Even if something only exists in your mind - it can still feel real. It’s a place you can go to find comfort… a safe place to find love and happiness. Does that make sense?”

You opened your eyes and smiled, tears of gratitude streamed down your face, “Yes! You’re right. It’s true.”

Newt smiled, brushing your tears away with his thumbs, “Then trust me… don’t give up on your dreams. Write the stories in your heart. Have courage and don’t worry, darling. I know you can do it.”

You caressed his cheek gently, thankful to this perfect stranger full of wisdom. 

Newt Scamander was a dream come true.

Immediately you opened your journal and sketched his face as he turned his attention back to his tea, peering out across the case undoubtedly thinking of which creature he would write about next. You smiled gently, fully aware that you had definitely found your muse.

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Player: Jakob Chychrun - Arizona Coyotes

Prompt: You and Jakob are spending your first family holiday together but it doesn’t go as planned.

Authors Note: This imagine is totally non-cannon. I am sure Jakob’s father is super supportive being a professional NHL player himself but I got this idea and I wanted to run with it. The title will make sense in part two.

Mentions: None.

Warnings: Angst & Fighting.

Preview: “The big deal is that your dad said no monkey business while we’re here or he’ll kill me.” Jakob explained, happy he was amusing you with this. “and I would like to be with you longer, maybe make it to twenty-one, and actually make it to Thanksgiving!” He ranted, noticing that you were offhandedly listening while starting at him, making him sigh.

Characters: 1855 words.

 The Masterlist is here.

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You were nervous, to say the least. You were spending your first holiday with Jakob and both of your families. You and Jakob had met in January and now it was November. It was such a small world, both of you being from Florida, he playing hockey and you going to school and staying for work in Arizona. With the Coyotes having no games for a few days, you both had traveled home for Thanksgiving.

You both had decided to stay with your family and spend the actual day with them. The plan was to go and visit his family for dinner the night before. So here you were, basically shaking in your boots a few hours from leaving. His family lived an hour away and you needed to leave soon.

You heard Jakob in the shower and decided to try and relief some stress.

“Hey, babe.”

Jakob turned around quickly and jumped back against the wall.

“No, Y/N… Get out of my shower!” He said in a low, stern voice, causing you to raise an eyebrow.

This was the first time Jakob ever turned down a shower with you in the almost ten months you had been dating.  

You crossed your arms.

“It’s actually my shower.” you teased, trying to suppress a laugh as you received a harsh glare.

“Oh come on Jakob, what’s the big deal?” you asked, taking a cautious step towards your boyfriend, watching as he pressed his back closer to the wall.

“The big deal is that your dad said no monkey business while we’re here or he’ll kill me.” Jakob explained, happy he was amusing you with this. “and I would like to be with you longer, maybe make it to twenty-one, and actually, make it to Thanksgiving!” He ranted, noticing that you were offhandedly listening while starting at him, making him sigh.

Without another word you stepped forward, circling your arms around Jakob’s neck loosely.

“I can make it worth your while.” You said quietly, pressing your lips to his neck, giggling against his skin.

Jakob closed his eyes, his mind going elsewhere, trying not to get turned on. “Y/N.” He warned, his hands glued to his sides, looking like an uncomfortable statue.

“Jakob.” You mimicked, pressing your body against his in hopes to make him crack.

“No one’s home…” you added, a playful smirk spreading across your lips as your hand traveled down Jakob’s side, playfully hitting his ass.

He gulped, sucking in a shaky breath. “No one?” Jakob asked, perking up slightly as he scanned you for confirmation.

You nodded, your hand dangerously close to his inner thigh. Jakob groaned and lifted you, your legs wrapping around his waist, kissing him fiercely against the shower wall. Your dad never mentioned any monkey business while no one was home now that he thinks about it.

Jakob checked his hair in the mirror once more, smoothing it out carefully. He wanted to look perfect for dinner at his parent’s house tonight.

“Look at my man.” You said proudly, adjusting the collar on Jakob’s shirt. You shared a smile and a kiss. Jakob couldn’t tell you he was dying on the inside.

He was nervous for this dinner because his dad had the tendency to be an asshole.

“I can’t believe you’re meeting my parents tonight.” Jakob smiled softly, hiding his emotions well as he reached for your hand. You nodded with enthusiasm, giving your boyfriend a genuine smile, excited for tonight.

“Sweetie! Oh, I’ve missed you so much!” Mrs. Chychrun hugged her son tightly, rocking from side to side. She was stunning, with blonde hair and eyes just like Jakob.

You smiled shyly, reaching out to shake her hand, only to be pulled into a hug.

“Hello Mrs. Chychrun, I’m Jakob’s girlfriend, Y/N.”

Someone cleared their throat loudly, making the group at the front door look up, Jakob’s smile fading.

“A girlfriend, huh?” Mr. Chychrun walked out with a smug smile.

“I have heard so much about you already, nice to finally meet you.” Mrs. Chychrun continued, giving you a warm smile.

“And call me Nancy, please.” She gave you a wink, placing a gentle hand on your shoulder as she made her way into the kitchen to finish up dinner.

Mr. Chychrun gave his son a firm handshake. “Son, nice to see you.” He greeted, his face like stone.

After a few seconds of standing there awkwardly, you cleared your throat and stuck your hand out with a confident smile. “Hi Mr. Chychrun, I’m Y/N, Jakob’s girlfriend.” You felt slightly violated as your profile was thoroughly taken in by Jakob’s dad, a displeased look on his face.

Jakob sighed quietly, knowing this was only the beginning.

“Hello Y/N.” was all that you got out of Mr. Chychrun’s mouth before he left the room to join his wife in the kitchen. You placing your arm down in defeat.

Dinner was tense. There were attempts at small talk but no one ever really elaborated on much. It was like the Chychrun’s weren’t really a family.

“So, Y/N, what do you do?” Nancy asked politely, a genuinely interested look on her face.

You beamed. She loved talking about your job. “I’m a teacher at an elementary school,” you stated proudly, sitting up a little taller, you smile brightening.

Jakob smirked, rubbing your knee under the table.

“Do you really think that’s a reliable career?” Mr. Chychrun retorted, making you frown slightly.

“I do, yes. It may not pay a lot and I may be on a yearly contract, but I’m still there and I love what I do.” you defended, placing your fork down, not really hungry anymore.

Mr. Chychrun smirked. “Jakob, how’s your ‘career’ going for you?” He asked smugly, giving him a cocky smile that you wanted to punch off his face. He was being so rude.

“Fine, we are having a pretty good season so far,” Jakob answered quietly, taking a small bite of steak, keeping his mouth preoccupied with chewing so he didn’t have to talk.

“Oh, just fine? Are you regretting not going to college yet? I’ve been waiting to say ’I told you so’ for quite some time now.”

You frowned, looking between Jakob and his father, noticing the sad look on Mrs. Chychrun’s face.

        “Cooper, my boy!” Mr. Chychrun greeted, giving his eldest son a warm hug, a huge smile on his face.

Jakob rolled his eyes, you bit your lip as you tried to stay quiet.

“Hi dad, I’m sorry I couldn’t make dinner, but I’m here to enjoy dessert!” Cooper grinned, reaching out to hug his mom, giving her a kiss on the cheek.

“It’s always nice to see you, honey, glad you could make it out tonight.” Mrs. Chychrun said softly, taking her seat on the couch.

Cooper opened his arms with a wide smile. “Hey, there little bro! Long time no see.” Jakob chuckled and gave him a brotherly hug, you standing beside him with a warm smile on your face.

“Um, Coop, this is my girlfriend, Y/N.” Cooper’s mouth opened in shock, pointing to you with a laugh.

“This is her?” He asked, looking at you with a smile.

Jakob nodded proudly, catching the sour look on his dad’s face.

“Well, it’s nice to finally meet you Y/N, I’ve heard quite a lot about you because this one never shuts up about it when I ask how he is on the phone,” Cooper said sincerely, giving you a welcoming hug.

Jakob relaxed slightly, glad his older brother was here to break the tension that’s been in the room since him and you had arrived.

Jakob crossed his arms uncomfortably as his dad went on about how great Cooper is and how wonderful it is that he’s getting a lot of big cases. Just like a mini him. A lawyer.

“See Jakob, you could have gone to school and turned out like Cooper, successful with a good head on his shoulders, doing what he loves.” Mr. Chychrun stated, sitting back on the couch as he looked to his eldest with pride in his eyes.

You had just about had enough of this praising Cooper thing.

“I am doing what I love dad. I didn’t want to go to school. I wanted to be a Hockey Player.” Jakob said softly, trying to defend himself when he knew it was no use. 

“That’s a child’s dream.” His father said sternly. “You could have gone to medical school or law school, basically anything besides what you are doing.” He continued, leaning forward in his chair, locking eyes with his son, hoping to get his point across.

You held your tongue for long enough. “Mr. Chychrun, Jakob is one of the best men in the league. He’s always there when they need him and even putting in extra practice because he wants to be there and loves what he does. I have to practically drag him from the practice facility most days” You began, your hands folded together.

“He works his ass off and studies tapes and works towards being an all-around better player. I can’t be any prouder and one of the reasons he works so hard is to make you all proud as well.”

Nancy smiled widely, looking at her youngest son, her baby. She was so proud of who he’s become and is glad someone else sees that.

“And this is coming from the girl who became a teacher. The easiest career out there. These jobs are not going to support you like you think they are. What is he going to do when he gets older?”

Jakob remained emotionless, his mind racing as he listened to this argument going on between his dad and his girlfriend.

“If he continues on his path he will obviously be in shape, so him getting older won’t be a problem. He’s going to be one of the best players in the league someday.” You defended, sitting up.

“You can insult me and my choices all you want, I don’t care. It’s you insulting Jakob I have a problem with.” You took a deep breath. “Why can’t you just be proud of him and what he’s accomplished?” 

Mr. Chychrun frowned, his eyebrows pulling together in anger. “Why can’t you mind your own business and not meddle into our family discussions?” He shot back, no one saying a word as they stared one another down from across the living room.

“Why can’t you just accept him for who he is and not play favorites between your sons?” You said loudly, making Mr. Chychrun rise from his seat, finger pointing toward the door.

“I will not tolerate being disrespected in my home, in front of my family. I think this dinner is over.”

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Prompt! Erwin is searching the web when he comes across an article about pop-rocks and pleasing your significant other.

Oh thank you so much for this one, it is such a good prompt!

Boring. Seen it. Not interested.

Erwin sighed and leaned wearily into his palm, squishing his cheek and squeezing one eye shut. For three hours he’d been sat trawling the internet, empty candy wrappers and now cold coffee surrounding his workspace. When Levi worked late, this was what happened to Erwin - a pointless search for something random, no true mission in mind.

Now and again he’d find a gem, an absolute treasure of a You Tube video or Yahoo answers post, but tonight his prize eluded him. Nothing of note, not even a funny news item. Fuck all.

Another heavy sigh joined his next click and Erwin found himself on a forum of questionable repute, all the users claiming to have achieved the perfect sex life. Most of it was old information, nothing new to Erwin and he tutted at the exaggerated boasts, rolled his eyes at ridiculous suggestions.

One thread piqued Erwin’s interest though and he got closer to the laptop screen, reading all the feedback and positive reviews…

“I’ve got some in the cupboard.”

He spoke out loud in the quiet house, skin flushing slightly at the thought and he licked his lips, nervously deciding to give this one a try. Tonight.

As it transpired, Levi was far from being in the mood when he returned home, three hours of overtime with vacant-minded fools leaving him with nothing but the desire to kick back with some (a bottle) of wine and reruns of his favourite documentary (Family Guy). But Erwin had been attentive. Loving. Poured them drinks. Rubbed Levi’s throbbing feet and planted light kisses on his strained neck. He was on point.

Later into the evening, Levi laid back on their bed and let Erwin continue his adoration, slightly bemused at the reasons why, however Levi was enjoying himself immensely. It had been a while since they truly took the time to explore one another, really immerse themselves in pleasure. The older they grew, the more hurried their encounters became - tired from work, up early in the morning, just generally worn down by life.

So to have such intimacy made Levi’s heart flutter as it did when they first met, his toes curling and ragged soul soothed by gentle laps of Erwin’s tongue.

He hadn’t taken Levi fully in yet, teased at the tip and ran trails of saliva all over hard flesh, savouring the taste of his husband. It was maddeningly arousing, Levi’s resolve close to breaking and he heard the sound of a something being opened, convinced that a step-up in proceedings was on the way.

Levi gave a deep moan as finally, finally he felt himself being swallowed down, sure that Erwin would soon start to open him up slowly like he used to, patiently and with a sensual rhythm.

But he didn’t.

What happened instead was the most bizarre and disjointed sensation that Levi had ever experienced, tingling crackles spreading across his cock and he yelled, shocked out of his blurry ecstacy and sitting up.

“Erwin what the fuck?”

Erwin didn’t stop though. Levi didn’t stop him either, simply flopped back to the mattress and thrust upward with his hips in tiny jolts, eyes wide and mouth slack.

“Holy fuck…ho-ohhhhh.”

Levi had no idea what Erwin had used, or why, or if this would cause him any problems later on down the line but for now he didn’t give a shit, allowed Erwin to drive him crazy with this new technique and when Levi came hard and fast down Erwin’s throat, he swore he could hear the satisfied sounds which his husband usually only made when eating candy.

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Hey, i really love ur comic and im amazed at the self motivation skills u seem to have cause u draw so much for it. I always get weirdly sad for some reasone whenever i try to draw and then i dont do anything instead lmao >.>; So ur really amazing for that and just in generall \0/ Rock on buddy °Г°

oh my god thank you so much ;\\; I know it’s not always easy to draw something ;-; especially when you keep trying but it never turn out as you want. But you have to get over that. take a break from it but then try again. I do it a LOT of times and even if it’s not perfect in the end I’m always happy to see the work done ;\\; You are amazing too just don’t give up 

I have shown my love for Gravity Falls… deertaur Dipper was inevitable. XD Now the question is how many of you guys saw this coming.

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Hey Ashlee! Casually dropping by to say that FUCK TOXIC INFLUENCE YOU'RE LIKE THE BEST INFLUENCE I'VE HAD IN MY LIFE IN THE LAST COUPLE OF MONTHS I'VE BEEN FOLLOWING YOU. Your posts are helping me get through some unhealthy thoughts I've had for years and you're one of the most respectful people I've seen here. Keep rocking on sis!

Oh thank you, that means so much!!! I’m so glad to hear that my posts might be helping you and for you to call me a good influence is just??? such an honour oh gosh, thank you so much!!! I hope you’re doing well and have had a great day today <3


The Rasmus, 2nd of April, 2014. Voronezh. Event Hall.

So… This is it! This is was the first The Rasmus concert in my life.

The first time I heard The Rasmus… When I was 11 years old - in 2003. This is was a song and MV called “In The Shadows”. Well.. That was the begining of being TR-fan with lots of cd’s, posters, notebooks.. Till now.

Yesterday I was really excited about concert. My breath was stollen. I.. I really love these guys and their energy! 

Lauri’s voice so adorable. He is really excellent in live-singing.

So sad, that I took only Lauri’s photos, cuz I was surrounded by the crowd behind me. But~ thinking that at my first The Rasmus concert I was in the first row…!!! Wow! Thanks girls, that I met here, they’re helped to me to take the first row! Oh Goooood! Rock on! Rock on!!!

Dear The Rasmus, I love you so much all my TR-life. Thank you a lot for your music, lyrics, voice, moods, inspiration. Love you!

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You! Youuuuuu! Best blog ever! I am in Disney Heaven! Love Aurora the HBIC! All because you care! #tumblrqueen

hello omg i love you so much thank you for being so nice you are so sweet you are a tumblr queen!!

i have over 600 messages in my inbox and even though i haven’t gotten to reply to every one, you all must know i have read EVERY ONE OF THEM and i loVE ALL OF YOU SO MUCH oh god

have an unfinished 80s au ROCK BAND RAPUNZEL heck yeah!!!




Notes: I switched this up a bit, still hope you like it. In TBS’ POV. Also, I made myself cry, so I hope all you cry, too.

Thomas rushed over to where his mail was. He’d gotten one letter and it was from you. You were his best friend, and you were sick with cancer. The doctors said you had a 60-percent chance of living, so you took medication and treatment. Things were going well. Sadly, Thomas couldn’t be there for most of it since he was busy filming and working on projects. So you came up with the idea of writing letters to each other.

Thomas opened the letter.

Treatment is so… time consuming. It drains me, too. I wish you were here to hold my hand. I miss you lots. I miss talking to you about everything face to face, but hey, it’s okay. We’ll see each other soon, right? Anyway… the doctors found something, and are going to be taking more tests soon. Sorry this one isn’t long like the others. Talk soon, I love you best friend! xx

Thomas grabbed paper quickly, writing his response.He wrote it so quickly, telling you about a funny thing on set that you would love. He signed it off, getting up and putting it in the mail room to be delivered out.

You and Thomas wrote a lot. Wrote so quickly. Letters were coming for him every week from you. Once a week, one letter would be there for him. This had been going on for five weeks.

“How’s she doing?” Dylan asked as Thomas read another letter. He was frowning, tears in his eyes.

“They found another tumor. A brain tumor.”

“Thomas, I’m sorry.” Dylan patted him on the back, keeping his hand there.

“She’s my best friend, Dylan. I love her. I can’t imagine this world without her.” He let a few tears fall. Dylan frowned, hating to see such a beloved friend so sad.

“She’ll pull through. Y/N is a strong girl. She’s a fighter.”

Thomas nodded, but said nothing. He just kept reading over your words,The lines that said They found another tumor, except this time it’s in the brain. Don’t know what will happen now. Thomas was scared. He couldn’t imagine his life without you in it. You were supposed to to be interning at a magazine company, being a photographer. And you were doing great for your first week… until you collapsed one day while taking pictures. That was three months ago.

Thomas got to writing. 

Hey Y/N.
I really wish I could be there with you write now. You know I would. I should be coming home in about a week or so. I’ll be there and make the tumor disappear… I still miss. You’re always in my thoughts, hope you know. Everyone on set wishes you get well wishes, and they miss having you on the set lurking! I’ll see you soon. I love you so much.

The next week, two things came for Thomas. Though he didn’t pay attention to the second thing. Only the letter from you. What he read tore him apart. He broke down within the second sentence.

I believe this will be my last letter to you. Um…. I don’t know how to say this… you haven’t been responding. But I understand that you’re busy. So it’s okay, and I forgive you. Please don’t feel guilty. To get to the point, doctors say I won’t last much longer. That tumor I’ve been telling you about, it’s not going away. I’m getting weaker. My hands are shaking and I sleep most of the day. I’m going. I’m… fading fast. And I won’t be here much longer. Just know that Thomas, you are my very best friend. You always will, and I love you so damn much. My final wish to you is to not replace me, and to speak at my funeral. Please. I know it’ll be hard, but I want you to speak. Please. I love you, and I’m sorry I couldn’t keep fighting. Goodbye, best friend

Thomas was sobbing. He was crying so hard, letting all the sounds escaping his throat. He couldn’t believe it. And what really threw him off was that you mentioned he wasn’t replying. He was so confused. He had been replying, and you’d been talking back to him.

But then, as Thomas turned your final letter over, he noticed that you wrote the date on the back in tiny writing. 16 November 2016. You wrote and sent that two weeks ago. Two weeks. He quickly rushed over to the other stashed letters. They all had the date written on them in tiny writing. They were all delayed. They must’ve gotten lost in the mail of something. 

Thomas’ heart dropped. He remembered the other thing in the mail for him. He noticed it was colorful and laminated. With his trembling hands, he walked over, picking it up. Seeing it, he nearly screamed.


8 February 1991 - 17 November 2016

It displayed a picture of you on the front, smiling and looking healthy. Then Thomas opened it. One side was information, the other side were pictures of you. Dead center, was a picture of you and Thomas last year. You were both tipsy, both making silly faces. It was New Year’s Eve.

One the left side, it said where your service would be held and what time. It was happening tomorrow. Thomas had to be there. He was crying so hard though. He was panicking, forgetting where he was at for a moment. He lost the girl he knew since he was a baby. The girl who’d created so many memories with him. The girl who was there through it all. He was sobbing loudly in the room he was in, not being able to hold himself up. He sat on the floor, your final letter and program in his hands. He cried, tears drowning his face and hitting his hands.

“Thomas?” It was Dylan again, but this time Kaya was also with him. His two friends ran to him, crouching down on both sides of him.

“Thomas, what happened?” Kaya questioned, before glancing down at his hands. She was your picture, and the dates. Kaya, who had met you and become good friends with, instantly started crying. She hugged Thomas as he said nothing. He only cried, letting out sad noises.

When Dylan saw the program as well, he even started crying. Dylan loved having you around on set, teasing them between breaks. Everyone loved having you there. Knowing that they’d never see you again broke them. Dylan joined in with the hugging.

“I need to go,” Thomas said, voice strained.”Her funeral’s tomorrow, I need to get on a plane now!” His voice shook as he stood up. He quickly grabbed all the letters he’d gotten from you, grabbed his phone, passport, and wallet. He didn’t need anything else. No clothes or anything. He got up and left.

Your friends and family gathered around. They sat in between the pews. Even all the Maze Runner people who you grew close to over the years were there. Once they heard Thomas, everyone who could also bought a plane ticket to England to attend. Thomas, your parents, and grandparents all sat in the very front. Thomas’ family sat right behind them.

The service went on, you being an open casket. People spoke and people cried. Then it was Thomas’ turn to go up and speak. He had never in his life felt so nervous and scared and sad. He’d never thought this day would come.

“Hello, everyone,” he began, voice shaky. “Um, just for the record, sorry if I start crying and become incomprehensible.”

Thomas closed his eyes quickly, holding the crumpled up paper that had smeared writing and dried tear stains on it. He looked terrible, being sleep deprived as he never went to sleep last night. He was shaking, too. Thomas inhales and exhaled, then officially started.

“I’ve known Y/N since about she was born. Our mum’s are best friends, and so Y/N and I became best friends. Um, so… we’ve been through it all.” He wasn’t even looking at his paper anymore, going off on a whim. “Y/N was always a beautiful girl. At least I always thought that. She was funny and sarcastic, and never treated me differently with all my acting projects. She’s seen me at my absolute worst for the most part… I’m sorry, I’m at my… absolute worst… right now. And I really wish she was here to hug me.”

Thomas was beginning to break down already, staring at all the faces he knew, crying along with him. He continued.

“Y/N was smart and an all around fantastic girl. She was the best. Her and I used to take bubble baths together when we were younger. We’d get bubbles everywhere and have a bubble party. She always spent the night, and me being the chicken I was, was afraid of the dark. She always knew how to make it better for me. When I’m away, she’d always call me at random hours just to check in…” Thomas was crying, but trying his best to keep his voice steady.

“And when she got sick, I was with her. She wanted me to come with her. She kept telling me that she wasn’t feeling good, and she wanted me there. I was the first to find out that she was sick, and she looked at me and told me ‘Don’t cry, Tommy. Everything will be okay in the end.’ And it really sucked because I had to leave for my next project at the worst possible time. And since Y/N didn’t really have access to a computer or her phone, she thought writing letters would be fun… little did I know her letters got lost in the mail, but they all came and I responded to them without knowing what had happened. And in her last letter, she asked me to speak at this service, and to never replace her.”

Each word was getting harder and harder for him. He loved you so much. You were his rock.

“Oh God… I h-hope she knows that I wa-wasn’t ignoring her letters. I h-hope she knows that I could never replace her. Never. Not with anyone. I love her so much, and I always will. She is by far the greatest human I know. She is the best person anyone could ask for, and I hope everyone in here realized how amazing this girl was and still is. Y/N is my rock, my best friend, the first person I ever loved. She was willing to help anyone and everyone, dropping what she was doing to help them… I miss her. We all miss her… But let us not remember her being sick. I know she’d hate that. Let’s remember her as that funny little girl with a bright smile on her face. Remember her as someone who could light up the room with her presence. Remember her short time lived on earth, and remember all the amazing things she’d done… I’m sorry this was long, I have so much more to say, but I’m not going to hog the podium. I love Y/N; we all do. Thank you for listening.”

With that, Thomas left his spot. He couldn’t go back to his seat next to your mother. Instead he walked down the aisle, needing a moment by himself. He couldn’t do it. He was weak; at his weakest. He felt terrible for needing to remove himself, but he couldn’t take it anymore. He couldn’t stand seeing you in that casket. Every time he looked at you, he swore he saw you breathing still. But he knew you weren’t. 

Thomas knew this would take a while for him to get used to. He wasn’t going to be able to call you anymore, or hear your voice. He didn’t want to say his final goodbye when they put you six feet underneath the ground. He wasn’t ready. He was never ready.

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aaaaa you're so pretty!!! have u ever thought of cutting bangs in a brigitte bardot style?? you'd rock them!!

oh my god thank you so much angel!!! 💞💞💞 so sweet 😭 aa you really think so?? i’ve never thought about it before but now that i’ve looked at her pictures i’m kinda loving it 😍 though i used to have thick bangs and i have to say it was a burden, especially with my oily forehead :’)) but we’ll see!! 💓

* Your high chances of winning this battle have been practically inverted as you dodge the hits of this wrathful and possessed puppet.

* You think as you battle of how you’ll be able to tell your friends about this twisted turn of events.

* It fills you with that much more determination.

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