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Do not be fooled. If a kdrama looks all nice and cute and fluffy I can garentee that there is a massive shit storm on the way to make you cry until your a sobbing mess.

  • Random Korean Drama: Here is the full season posted for your binging pleasure.
  • Me: But...... I have two essays I need to write..
  • Random Korean Drama: It has romance and love triangles!
  • Me: *drops everything* YOU HAD ME AT ROMANCE!
  • Professor: Why didn't you turn in your essay?
  • Me: Ummmmm...Computer issues.

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Kiss Me (Carl Grimes x Reader) (The Walking Dead)

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“God Y/n. You are so damn annoying!” Carl complained. Y/n laughed, poking his side. Annoying Carl was the highlights of her days. They hated each other. Enid, however, insisted that their hatred for each other was simply sexual tension. “You too, pretty boy.” Y/n smirked. “Oh so you think I’m pretty?” Carl smirked, leaning down to Y/n. Their faces were only inches apart. “Because if I remember correctly, we hate each other.” His lips barley brushed against hers. She couldn’t give in. “Hmmm. I guess we are.” She pulled her face away and turned to walk off. Carl’s hands roughly grabbed her hips and spun her around. “Where do you think you’re going?” His warm breath hit her ear. She shivered. He chuckled. “Just shut up and kiss me, already!” She grabbed his neck and pulled his lips down to meet hers. So much for not giving in. “Sexual tension, much?” Enid yelled from across the street. Carl and Y/n, however, paid no attention to her. They were a little busy. Enid laughed as Y/n pulled Carl inti her Alexandrian house and shut the door without breaking their kiss.

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William Weasley loves and adores all his boyfriends, and he’s so thankful to have every single one of them <3 

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Tfw you’re getting so much into a rp that you’re actually making the mixtape you mentioned

  • Keith: You do swim, do you not?
  • Lance: Oh, I swim pretty boy... Pr-Pretty *good*, pretty good. Sw... Good. Swim good. Pretty good. I swim pretty good.

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Dating Poly! Hyungwonho Includes

hyungwonho is so cute thank you for requesting this @metallicaddict


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- it would be mostly innocent and awkward at first

- you probably met through the company and were friends with the boys

- and then hoseok realized that holy shit were you beautiful

- turns out, baby hyungwon thought the same

- the boys originally were going to compete for your love

- and let you pick who you thought was more compatible with you

- but after a while it got boring and put a strain on their friendship

- so they decided to not do that anymore

- if you liked one of them, you would come to them

- but through all that, hyungwon was shocked when he considered dating hoseok and you

- it was a weird concept to him, having two significant others

- but he wasn’t against it

- he brought it up to hoseok first, asking him how he felt about it

- hoseok probably didn’t answer him, his face covered in shock

- hyungwon, being the little anxious precious bun he is, probably freaked out, apologized and ran like a mother fucker out of the room

- hoseok was ??? because his best friend just kind of confessed to liking him?

- but he blushed when he realized that he didn’t hate the idea

- he was actually quite fond of it

- so he sprinted after hyungwon to tell him that

- I so happily imagine them cuddling after, both blushing as red as tomatoes

- uhh hyungwonho makes me so emo

- anyway, how you got involved

- remember how they tried fighting for you?

- while they were doing that, you probably had feelings for both of them

- like lol how could you not

- have you seen them

- they are precious buns

- so when the boys showed up at your apartment door, with their hands intertwined

- well, you kind of died a little

- but when they said they wanted to include you and become a trio

- no shit, hoseok probably said he wanted to be in a trio with you guys

- *face palm*

- anyway

- you were like wat

- and hyungwon got all blushy again and explained that they both liked you and would like to date you

- and hoseok wiggled his eyebrows and was like ‘and other stuff’

- which made you cringe just like the rest of us

- when you guys started being the three of you

- movie dates were a must

- but at home movie dates where you made kihyun make all the food

- but kihyun spoiled you so he made it willingly

- kihyun spoiling you probably makes the boys v jealous

- which probably leads to anger sex tbh

- so you make them jealous on purpose

- and they know it but don’t complain

- because sex ayy who can complain about that

- if your ace or demi, im sorry

- you might want to skip a few lines

- i live for dom!hyungwon

- and sub!hosoek

- best believe hyungwon has a daddy/oppa/master kink

- hoseok probably has a thing for chokers so you wear those often

- breathplay probably. i mean, have you seen hyungwon’s pretty ass fingers

- and oh boy their pretty mouths love you so much


- backhugs on the regular

- playing with hyungwon’s hair when he’s sleeping

- drawing soft shapes on hoseok’s back when he’s stressed

- singing all the time, and the boys looking so endeared even though you swear you can’t sing

- y’all im dying

- cuddles

- so many cuddles

- all the time

- eating ramyeon all the damn time

- and chicken

- y’all probably would be the most unhealthy couple

- learning their dances because you spend so much time at practice with them

- they would love you so much

- can you just imagine that

- them watching you as you do so much stuff for them

- having no idea how they got so lucky to have a lover like you

- seriously considering marrying you

- oh god

- kill me I can’t go on.

- i can’t stop imagining their love struck faces while they watch you sleep in their shirts

- hyungwonho would be so cute as boyfriends

- the cutest assholes ever

ah…when you are listening to one of those old cheesy songs and suddenly it reminds you of your ship.