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— Your smile can brighten even the darkest night. ☆ 

Happy birthday to my precious source of happiness, inspiration and motivation.
Thank you Sehun for everything. ♡
Never stop smiling. ~ ☆ 

Sportacus without his hat on!!

Redraw of [this] because it needed some serious improving!

tag yourself im the camera man taking a step back so he can take pics of sehun smiling cause kai mentioned them learning calligraphy together 

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What are the squad's favorite type of kisses?


  • to give:
    • kisses to his partner’s neck
  • to receive:
    • he loves kisses on his cheek
    • especially if you wrap your arms around his waist from behind and kiss him
    • he’s like “oh!!” and it’s the most precious thing ever
    • he’ll kiss you back–you make him very happy


  • to give: 
    • kisses to his partner’s shoulders
    • he’ll usually sit them on his lap and kiss them there
    • calms him down and calms you down 
  • to receive:
    • kiss him on the lips!
    • soft, slow, fast, rough–it doesn’t matter
    • just give him what he wants


  • to give: 
    • kisses on the cheek
    • he doesn’t give just one though–he’ll kiss you all over your face
  • to receive:
    • forehead kisses and neck kisses!
    • forehead kisses make him feel safe
    • neck kisses just make him blush and he’s just in love with whoever kisses him there


  • to give: 
    • kisses on the top of his partner’s head
    • he’s taller than most people so he kind of ends up doing that anyway
  • to receive:
    • kisses on his hands–on his fingertips, his knuckles, wherever
    • it’s just really endearing to him
    • also likes kisses to his jaw

Can’t believe you made so many hours on the train so beautiful and funny.

The End || Junhui || Oneshot

Word Count: 1614

Genre: villain!au, angst, tw; violence

Summary: You are a hero of a story that you don’t remember and he was the villain that remembered it all. And it was time to give this twisted love story an end.

Your body was frozen and tensed up against the wall. There was a force that held you down but in the dungeon, you saw nothing and you saw no one. You hadn’t heard a door open and you hadn’t seen a light that would give away the coming of a person but suddenly, you had been pushed against the wall and you had stayed there like this for ten minutes. Your muscles were beginning to burn and your head pulsed. The only part of your body you could control was your eyes but those were useless in this dark situation.

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Dirty Little Secret, No More. Part 2

A/N: Hey guys! So again this will be both before and present time, but the majority of the chapter is what the reader’s life was like before. I wanted to give you guys an insight to where the readers life was going before the apocalypse and why she acts/feels the way she does towards Negan and Simon. I ended on a cliff hanger- of course and the flashback may seem a little confusing. But don’t worry I will definitely explain the meaning in the next part. As always, feel free to send in feedback. OH! And as promised, there is smut - you have been warned

part one can be found here.

[As always, gifs are not mine. All credit goes to original owners.]

Word Count: 4,878

Warnings: SMUT, death, (spoilers?) S7 ep 01 storyline, cursing-it involves Negan for fucks sake

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Negan stares down at me with a glimmer in his eye. “Well shit. I never even expected you to make it out of that town you called home after the world went to shit. Seeing you here, with these people though. Matter of fact, what are you doing with these people? How the hell did you end up with shitty people like these folks here.” I can’t bring myself to answer him though, all I can feel is fear about what is going to happen next. I look over to the right of him, where Simon is and he’s still staring at me like I’m a fucking ghost. I don’t know what I expect at this moment but I wasn’t expecting him to just stand there.

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Ignis doing anything gameplay: Oh you precious gem. Wonderful treasure. Most important thing of my life. Sweet little cupcake. Beautiful human being. I love you and every single thing about you and nothing could ever make me love you less, you wonderful creature, best character ever made. 

Ignis chocobo racing me gameplay: you fucKING ASS, SLOW DOWN,  THAT’S CHEATING, OMFG I HATE YOU.

Into the Woods Musical Sentence Starters.

“ You can talk to birds? ”
“ The prettier the flower, the farther from the path. ”
“ For all that I know, she’s / he’s already dead. ”
“ Slotted spoons don’t hold much soup. ”
“ There’s a dead giant in my back yard! ”
“ What about our anger? ”
“ Do you think it was a picnic disposing of your husband’s remains? ”
“ No one cared when there was a dead giant in my backyard!  ”
“ I don’t remember you volunteering to come to my aid. ”
“ Now I have two friends: a cow and a harp! ”
“ The difference between a cow and a bean is a bean can begin an adventure! ”
“ But where am I to go? I have no one to take care of me. ”
“ There are big tall terrible giants in the sky. ”
“ Oh, my precious calls to me. ”
“ Sometimes the things you most wish for are not to be touched. ”
“ Some of us don’t like the way you’ve been telling it. ”
“ When you’re dead, you’re dead. ”
“ You’re not good; you’re not bad; you’re just nice. ”
“ Careful the things you say children will listen. ”
“ To the people in the woods during the last midnight. ”
“ Will you please go home! ”
“ Well… perhaps it will take the two of us to get this child. ”
“ It’s magic that… defies description. ”
“ I’ve never lied to royalty before…I’ve never anything to royalty before! ”
“ I need that shoe to have a child! ”
“ Oh, these beans are no ordinary beans. ”
“ This is ridiculous, what am I doing here, I’m in the wrong story! ”
“ If you know what you want, you go and you find it and you get it. ”
“ I was raised to be charming, not sincere. ”
“ Worrying will do you no good. ”
“ I can capture my own damsel, thank you. ”
“ What kind of a name is that? ”
“ The harder to get, the better to have. ”
“ What a strange name… Strange, but beautiful and fit for a prince. ”
“ No, there’s a dwarf standing guard. ”
“ Wanting a ball is not wanting a prince. ”
“ What I want most of all is to know what I want. ”
“ Your house was a dream. Now I want something in between. ”
“ When first I appear I seem mysterious, but when explained I’m nothing serious. ”
“ Never can tell what lies ahead, for all that I know she’s already dead. ”
“ Every knot was once straight rope. ”
“ Sometimes I fear you’re touched! ”
“ No, what matters is that everyone tells tiny lies. ”
“ There are bugs on her/his dugs! There are flies in her/him eyes! ”
“ You know nothing of madness ‘til you’re climbing his/her hair… ”
“ Sometimes the things you most wish for are not to be touched. ”
“ The closer to the family, the closer to the wine. ”
“ The mouth of a wolf’s not the end of the world. ”
“ Opportunity is not a lengthy visitor. ”
“ I’m not longer a child. I wish to see the world. ”
“ Don’t you know whats out there in the world? ”
“ Someone has to shield you from the world. ”
“ Who out there could love you more than I? ”
“ Stay with me, the world is dark and wild. ”
“ It’s no sicker than your thing with dwarfs. ”
“ Anything can happen in the woods. ”
“ Any moment we could be crushed, don’t feel rushed. ”
“ Wait a minute though, I chopped down the beanstalk, right? ”
“ So the one who knows what happend to the bean is you! ”
“ Oh, dear! But I didn’t knew it, so I dropped it right here! ”
“ It’s the last midnight, it’s the last wish. ”
“ Broke a little vow, did you? ”
“ Ok, that’s the thing you enjoy: placing the blame. ”
“ If that’s the ame just give me the blame! ”
“ I’m not good. I’m not nice. I’m just right. ”
“ Children may not obey but children will listen. ”
“ Only I can lift the spell, the spell is on myhouse. ”
“ Well, that makes no sense. ”
“ What kind of magic? ”
“ I see you’ve the red cape. ”
“ I don’t believe that egg came from that hen. ”
“ It plays the most beatuiful tunes without your even having to touch it. ”

omg Elise I found this video just now and I swear this is either Combeferre as a child or Combeferre’s child. IM CRYINGF HELP (submitted by a nice anon)



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Can you do the dai companions reacting to finding the inquisitor smokong elfroot.

Cassandra: Walks right up in front of them with her hands on her hips. She gives them a stare glare. “Do you really think this is an appropriate thing to be doing right now?” When the Inquisitor looks ashamed, she sighs and seems to deflate a little. She turns away and shakes her head. “Just…don’t let it interfere with your duties, please.”

Blackwall: He raises an eyebrow. “Now what are you doing that for?” He comes up and sits down beside them, looking carefully at what they’re smoking. “Hmm, I’ve never tried elfroot, myself. Mind if I steal a bit?”

Sera: When she catches sight of the Herald, she bursts into little giggles. “Watcha doin’ that for?” She plonks down on the grass, and takes the elfroot smoke, waving it about in front of the Inquisitor. “This doesn’ do anything, yeah! You were just smokin’ a few bad leaves, ehh!” She trails off into another loud giggle-fest, which consists of her slapping the ground a few times, and a very red-faced Herald.

Iron Bull: He chuckles a little, and casually walks up to them. “Elfroot, is it? You, uh…you know that’s not going to do anything, right? It’s just for healing, Boss.” He pauses, and seems to chew over a thought for a while, before continuing with a grin. “But hey, if you need to take the edge off, I hear the healers might keep a stash of the good stuff in their office. Care to pay a visit with me?”

Varric: He pulls up a chair beside them and raises his eyebrows at the elfroot in their hands. “Here’s my advice: ditch the elf leaves, lucky. What you want is the pure, dwarven stuff.” He reaches into his pocket and tucks something small into the herald’s hand. If the Herald is particularly stressed, he will hang back and give them a pat on the shoulder and let them know that this may not work as well as talking to someone would. “I’m always here for you, if you need to talk someone’s ear off.”

Cole: He doesn’t have a problem with it unless it’s an addiction- in which case, he would gently give Varric or Solas a hinting nudge. He doesn’t understand why they would smoke elfroot, as he doesn’t sense that it does anything to them. So he’s confused for a while, until he finds someone smoking something harder, and then he gets what the Herald is trying to accomplish. “It’s okay, you’re just trying to breathe a bit. I know, I can feel it. It’s okay. Breathe.”

Solas: Rolls his eyes, walks straight up to them and yanks the elfroot away from them. “What are you doing? Elfroot’s medicinal effect is only achieved through ingestion or absorption, not inhalation.You look ridiculous.” He takes a few breaths, and then calms down. “Forgive me. It…this practice is…disapproved by some. I just thought that the Inquisitor ought to not invite such disapproval so publicly.”

Dorian: Laughs and tuts at them mockingly. “Oh, you precious thing. I hate to tell you, but that’s not going to do much.” He digs around in the satchel of herbs on his belt for a minute, and then tosses a small herb to him. “There. It’s pungent, I know, but it’ll do the trick.” He begins to leave, but then he wheels around. “Oh, and next time? Try not to be so public; you southrons have questionable views on such things and, well…there’s only room enough for one pariah around here, you know.”

Vivienne: Is a bit surprised that the Inquisitor would be engaging in such things, but it’s a common enough practice among the more private Orlesian soirees. She scoffs when she sees that they are using elfroot. “That herb is purely medicinal, dear, and not the ‘medicinal’ you’re searching for.” She sighs before giving them a small dose of a harmless herb. “If you must know, this will give you a calming effect. Use it sparsely.” She also gives them a stern glance and says, “Certain crowds may find this practice…distasteful. I would advise against doing this so publicly.”


Ereri Week Day 03: Caught in the Act

Levi: Eren, I came to return the book I borrowed. As usual, your taste in books is predictable. you really should…OHMYF&$%CKINGGOD! EREN WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!?!?!IS THAT MY SHIRT?!?!?!

Eren: ah… (O/////∀//////O       )

-20 minutes later-

Jean: Hey Eren, can I borrow some of your milk? Marco and I wanted to make some tea and…OHMYSWEETBABYJESUS EREN?!?!?! WTH ARE YOU DOING?!?!?!


Eren: ah… (O/////∀//////O       )

Valentine’s Day Blurb

The restaurants were all booked. There were NO good movies out. The park was too fucking cold on this February day and everywhere else was way too crowded with heavy pocketed men and women who all have hearts blocking their eyes, so they feed out of the bony hands of the money-grubbing Valentine’s Day reapers; out there reaping the benefits of those blind suckers.

Although, you had to admit… you did love Valentine’s Day. Not because of these perpetuated holiday traditions. But because of the traditions that you and Harry had made on your own.

It started with your first Valentine’s Day together not long after you started dating. The dope forgot to make the reservations at your favorite restaurant and everywhere else was full. Thinking that he had completely fucked up his first Valentines Day with the girl he found himself rapidly falling for, he drove you home in shame.

However, you invited him inside to help you eat your leftover Pad Thai …and the night sorta took off from there.

Ever since then, your Valentine’s Days have been characterized by one thing: Scrabble. After the bad Pad Thai left you guys feeling a bit icky, you broke out the board to get your mind off of the gray chicken you just consumed. You came to find out that Scrabble was actually one of Harry’s favorite past-times. He played it with his mother every time he visited home and, after all those years, he was actually pretty good. You weren’t so bad, yourself…

Not only did Scrabble become a V-day tradition, but it was a go-to for many subsequent date nights afterward, which bothered you none.

So this Valentines Day, you found yourself sat across from Harry, sipping on a glass of wine as he meticulously lays down the letters V-I-B-E-Y.

“What the fuck? ‘Vibey’ isn’t a word!” you exclaim.

“Sure it is,” he smiles and writes down his score.

“In what way!?”

Harry shrugs, “Well, let’s say you go to a place and it has vibes.” He digs his hand into the letters bag and picks out 5 squares. “Yanno…like vibes vibes. Therefore, it’s vibey!”

“You’re so full of shit!” you shake your head as you pour another glass.

“C’mon just let me have it. You’re winnin’ anyway.” His cheek pulls up as he looks at you with sweet eyes, and you could puke.

“Yea, I think I’m actually kicking your ass, so.” You throw a strand of hair over your shoulder and match his sweetness.

“So cocky, muppet…” he smirks. “You wanna make a bet, then?”

“I’m listening.”

He raises his glass of wine to you. “What’s say, loser has to clean up the mess we made from dinner, hmm?”

Ever since that first Valentine’s Day where you almost had food poisoning from the Pad Thai, you vowed to always make your own dinner on that special night. You guys even eat it in the middle of your living room—indoor picnic style—because you’re such a gross, cliché pair of nerds.

You clink your glass with his, “Deal.”

You look down at your arsenal of letters. A-G-Z-M-R-E-A. You eye a dark blue tile on the board marked “Triple Letter Score” …the perfect spot to drop the A-M-A-Z-E bomb and completely fucking obliterate his chance of winning.

But first… bathroom.

“Shit. I always have to pee so much when I drink wine.” You get up from the floor with creaky knees and a wrinkled dress. “Don’t look at my letters. And DON’T CHEAT.” You point at him.

“Heeeeeey” he says, slightly offended.

You waddle towards the bathroom and do your business. As you wash your hands, you stare at yourself in the mirror. The apples of your cheeks are tinted cherry and, goddammit, your ears are as red as Hot Tamales, too. Wine always does that and the hangovers from it are just the worst.

“Hey,” You say, walking out and feeling the effects of the alcohol throughout your body; all fuzzy limbs and burning tips of noses. “I should probably stop with the wine tonight.”

Harry looks at you in a sorta dopey kinda way. His eyes practically twinkling as you sit down across from him. No doubt, about to make some condescending remark like Oh, your pretty petite body can’t handle its liquor? You precious little thing!

“—and before you say I can’t handle my liquor—” You warn while glancing down  and noticing something strange. “—Hey!” you exclaim looking at your letters: G-Z-E-A …you’re definitely missing three of them.

“Did you steal my letters, Harry?” You accuse and look up at him. He is just sitting there, smiling like a dumb fool, you could smack him.

“What did you do with my A, M and R tiles, Harry?” you narrow your eyes. What the fuck is he up to?

He doesn’t answer, but he pointedly looks down at the board. You follow his gaze.

He wiped your game clean and in it’s place, he wrote:

W-I-L-L  Y-O-U  M-A-R-R-Y  M-E

Thanks for reading! This is my first of hopefully a couple blurbs today. Pick one right here! Stick around..


Thanks guys and Happy Valentine’s Day!