oh you mean tonight

10:18 pm  -  joshua

summary; 10:18 pm. a time you would never forget

genre; angst, sad

warnings; death (multiple people crying clear up on aisle seventeen scenarios)

a/n: im pretty sure you guys are going to sue me after this but yeah hello darkness my old friend 

song recommendation is fool by winner and goodbye im gonna cry now

10:19 PM

Can you believe that…anything is possible in 2 hours? Can you also believe that your boyfriend is the sweetest, most grateful and handsome person in the world? He would never break your heart, he’s a true gentleman. That’s…why his nickname for him, is Gentleman Josh, given to him by the fans early on. Yes, your boyfriend was Joshua, or Hong Jisoo, whatever you love to call him, from that one very successful band…Seventeen. About your relationship…a  lot of fans know. They saw you two out before, but have sworn to secrecy amongst themselves, and let you and Joshua be a happy couple, without interfering in any way. And whenever someone would come up to you in the street, they would always say such nice things about you and Josh. Yes, Josh. Your lovely boyfriend. As I said…he would never break your heart…right?

“Wait…Josh was supposed to come see me today….where is he?”

You sat up from your little nap you had on the sofa, looking to your phone. You checked the time; 8:18 PM. You sighed. He was supposed to call you at 6 to say he was coming round…but it didn’t look like you had any missed calls…or even texts for that matter. He would leave little love hearts for you but…none today. You…just kind of slumped back on the sofa, and as you do, you hear your phone ping a good 7-8 times. You think it’s Joshua, so you jump up, with a glad smile on your face! You go to turn you phone on again….and. It’s not Joshua. Instead….it’s your friend…who…from the way she was texting you…sounds angry.

[8:20 PM] From Bestie😺😸: y/n!! 

[8:20 PM] From Bestie😺😸: i’m going to kill your boyfriend for you 

[8:20 PM] From Bestie😺😸: what the actual fuck 

[8:21 PM] From Y/n👽🤘: yOOO chill what has he done 

[8:21 PM] From Bestie😺😸: have you seen this 

[8:22 PM] From Bestie😺😸: sent a photo

[8:22 PM] From Bestie😺😸: sent a photo

At first, you were confused as to why your friend is texting you about trying to murder your sweet boyfriend…but you now know why. The first picture included a shot of a girl, holding hands with someone. They were both in the street, looking like they were having fun. You’re still confused as to why it had something to do with your boyfriend…but then it hit you. The second one hit you. The person who took the original photo was able to get a good photo of them…and…in that moment, your heart broke. You could feel it breaking. The two shared a lovely kiss. The girl, you still didn’t know. The boy? Joshua. You knew it was Joshua, just by the way he looked. He was….happy. Your heart stopped for a second, tears rolling and building up in your eyes. 

[8:22 PM] From Bestie😺😸: i’m so mad at him…you don’t deserve this at all…you really don’t…

[8:22 PM] From Y/n👽🤘: have people said it was him??

[8:22 PM] From Bestie😺😸: people got to pass them..they took photos…..and they said it was him 100% y/n i’m so sorry….😭

[8:23 PM] From Bestie😺😸: sent a photo

[8:23 PM] From Bestie😺😸: y/n are you there?? you want me to come round??

You sat there in complete silence, stunned by what you just saw. The third photo took was definitely him. You saw his light brown hair, the little cross earring he had, the little eevee smile he had…the girl looked awfully familiar too…it wasn’t one of Josh’s friends…or Seventeen’s friends…it looked like someone from your….college. It then hit you; it was a girl, in your homeroom class. They both have the same smile, and the same eye crease. Eye colour, hair colour, little moles on her neck and face, everything matched up your memory and her face. You just sat there in complete laconism, your heart slowing down, letting the multitude of tears fall. You couldn’t do anything about it. You needed to clear your mind and get out of the apartment. And quick.

[8:30 PM] From Y/n👽🤘: i can’t fucking be in here anymore i’m coming round to yours 

[8:20 PM] From Bestie😺 😸: ok just make sure you’re round quick it’s getting darker and darker by the minute

You sighed, your eyes still letting the tears fall. Again, you couldn’t do anything. You felt powerless, loveless…everything -less under the sun. You were suddenly drained of your happiness. Everything in your being was crashing and crumbling down, your whole love life with Joshua…was a lie? You got up from the sofa, placing your shoes on. You were halfway through putting them on, when you heard the lock go, a turn of a key, and the swoosh of the front door opening. Joshua. He seemed to be happy to see you. The other way round….not so fucking much.

“Y/n, you here? I got–”

“Joshua…how….how could you?”

“How could I what?”

“You know what you did, you asshole….”

Walking into the front room to see you, he saw what was remained of your lively, bubbly you. A drained, angry, confused, upset and depressed you. His facial expression changed from being a solid smile, to an equally as confused and woeful frown.

“Babe, what happened, are you ok? Did I do anything wrong?”

“You did something…so…fucking awful…”

“What– oh..no…you saw it…”

“What?! Was your loving girlfriend, who was waiting at home for you, not supposed to see you getting all giddy and lovey dovey with another girl?! And…she was someone I knew too!! Hong Jisoo you’re…you’re just the worst!!”

“Y-Y/n I can–”

“Explain? Yes, I would love an explanation as to why you thought it was a good idea to cheat on me! I would also like an explanation about our relationship! Was it all a lie?! Was everything just in my head? Why would…why would you break my heart like that…? I thought you loved me….I really thought you loved me….I guess not…. I guess that was all a lie…just to cover up for your ass fucking me over with another girl….did she know you had me…?”


“Answer the fucking question Hong! Did she know?”

“Yeah…she did…”

Those words hit you, just like bullets. Your heart was an open wound, that just kept on bleeding. You shook your head, a smile that could only be described as a merciless and soul-less smile. You scoffed a little, giving him one of the dirtiest looks you could ever give him. This wasn’t a joke anymore. You even felt your heart hurt every time you looked at him. Grabbing your bag, your coat and your keys, a cold and hurt sigh left your mouth, as you scanned him and down, the hatred in your eyes was real.

“I hope you’re happy, Joshua. We’re over. I don’t want to speak to you ever again. You know what…right now…I realised something.”


Nothing came out of his mouth, tears still streaming down his face. 

“My friend was right…all the good, loving boys always have something to fucking hide. And in the end, they break your heart. Just like you did right now. Goodbye Josh, tell your new girl I’ll see her in class on monday.”

“Y/n wait!! I can explain, if you just let me!!”

He shouted, grabbing your attention, just before you grabbed the door handle. You saw him run quickly up the hallway, feeling his hand grab your wrist. A look of utter disgust appeared on your face as you turned back to him.

“Get…off me. Don’t you see? We’re over now. And if you couldn’t tell by now…Joshua hong I hate you.”

Your cold atmosphere was now provided by not only the cold bitter air from outside, but your heart too. You walked outside to the hallway, running to the elevator. Joshua..was still inside the apartment, standing by the door. His hands made their way to his face, wiping his tears. This morning…you two were loving to each other….now you hate Josh…how did this…all happen? By the time you were downstairs and exiting the apartment block, Joshua decided to run after you. Whether he would change your mind, he was running after you either way. You made your way to your friends house, when you could hear your name being called, by the same voice you didn’t want to hear ever again. That voice stabbed you multiple times, jogging different happy memories of you two. You gulped, before feeling the tears run down your face again. 

“Y/n!! Y/n, wait please!!!”

You heard the voice getting closer and closer, so the faster you walked. The closer the voice got, the faster you walked. You didn’t want to hear his voice anymore, so you called your friend. You placed the phone up to your ear, looking for him. You could see him in the crowd you just walked through, trying to get through as well.


“Y/n? Where are you?”

“I’m on the way to yours…he’s behind me…I can hear him…is there any way of you meeting me before?”

“No..I can’t….”

Joshua was tired. He was tired of running, crying, everything. To you, this was his way of getting rid of you…to him..this wasn’t how it was supposed to go. He was supposed to get you flowers, and come home to you. All he wanted to do was to hold you in his arms, and just hold you. that’s all. That’s all he want’s to do with you. He loves you too much to let you go, and he wasn’t going to let you go this time. Not at all. Seeing you pick up your pace, made him pick up pace. He was still calling your name out at any given moment, wiping his eyes while he ran to you. You were his other half, his other source of happiness. When half of him is gone, how could he live as one?

“I’m ok now…I think I lost him….”

You say, walking across the road. Everything seemed to be peaceful again. To you, there weren’t any problems. Nothing. No problems, nothing. And yes, you somehow lost Joshua, good. You were calming down a lot, hearing your friend on the other line, being so close to her house too. All you wanted was just love and support from her, nobody else. You were…also distracted. You were paranoid, you were anxious, you were everything under the sun. You were so distracted…that you stood in the road. In the middle of a god damn road. You were that calm about hearing your friend…that you forgot that you were in a road. Luckily, the lights were red. Then went to orange, then to green. No cars came. Good. Wait, in the distance, there were two strong lights coming from the side of the road you were on. You were still on the phone, facing the other way. The lights came closer and closer, but you still didn’t see them. Someone did though. Closer and closer, faster and faster. You heard people shout to get out the way, but it seemed like it was just too late. You finally turned around, but a look of utter shock and fear decorated your face. You were about to be…pushed to the side? Yes, you were pushed out the way by something…or someone. Falling to the ground, you heard your bag and your phone skid across to the pavement, while in the background…it happened again. lying with your face on the ground, you heard that sickening but….calming voice call out your name…one last time before utter silence reigned upon the corners of the street. It was…Joshua. One last time, he saw you, before the car came. 


Bang. Bam. Crash. The sound of a heavy object hitting the car filled your ears, along with the voice you just heard. Joshua. Your eyes immediately widened, hearing people scream and rush over to the scene, and you. Sitting up with the help of a businessman, you shook your head, feeling blood dripping down. You hit your head on the curb as you fell. You could already feel the tears dropping down onto the ground, and you didn’t even see what had happened. Then, you looked up. A hand to your mouth, a hand out to Joshua on the ground. The car windshield was smashed into a million tiny pieces, with the front of car being heavily damaged too. 

“Oh…oh dear god no…no!!”

You screamed out, the look of grief and misery upon your face, escorted by what was now waterfalls instead of tears coming down your face. You got up, but jerked a little, causing you to fall back down again. An injured ankle was diverting you from seeing Joshua, but you weren’t going to let that stop you. Steadily getting up, inducing and enduring the pain, you ran over to Joshua, who laid still, as if he was sleeping. You…crash down next to him, seeing his angelic face, perfectly still on the concrete. His eyes didn’t move, not even once, but yours were moving in a million different directions, scanning his body. Blood was drenching his clothes, and his head was surrounded in a puddle of the crimson liquid, the puddle getting larger and larger with every second that passed. You grabbed his hand, holding it to your face.

“Joshua…please…no…you can’t leave…I love you so much…please no……”

Everything that happened this day went out the window. You realise that you…still loved Joshua. You really still loved him. Whatever happened, it’s forgotten. Your focus wasn’t getting to your friend’s house. Oh, no. Your focus was just wanting Joshua to stay alive. You wanted him here with you for the next…however many years you lived, no matter if he was able to walk or not. No matter if he couldn’t even move. You just wanted him there, with you. Now, it was fair play, either him winning and living, and him losing and dying. You were still by his side by the time the ambulance came, the two vans treating you. Of course, his ambulance was the first to leave, but you stayed at the scene, wishing you were with Joshua at this time. Your friend managed to get to you…but only when you were in the hospital, being treated for your wounds. She rushed into the ward you were in, hoping to find you. And there you were. Sitting in a wheelchair, with your foot propped up, and a bandage around your head. Your eyes and mind still had the look that you gave Joshua as you saw him on the road. Still full of shock, disbelief and grief. 

“Y/n! I’m so happy that you’re ok!! What happened?!”

Your friend was shaking, tears forming in her eyes too. The doctor that treated you came out of the double doors, walking up to you and your friend. You head, still hung low, as if you were still where he was, lying in the road, holding his hand.

“I’m afraid your friend and another person was involved in a car accident. Luckily, your friend was able to get out the way, but that can’t be said for the other person. Do you happen to know a mr. Hong Jisoo?”

Her face dropped, and your heart dropped to the floor. Now the tears were really rolling for your friend. The doctor sat her down, explaining in detail about what happened, while you just sat there.The tv played out the incident, too.

“News just in, Hong Jisoo, member of the ‘self-producing’ idol group Seventeen, has been involved in a car accident, on the corner of Paekche Institute of the Arts. No news has been retrieved of his current state, but there was another person injured in the accident. More on the story, as it goes along.”

Everything was going so slowly. Nothing was moving in front of you. No visible feet, just slowly moving blurs. Your eyes were still being flooded with tears, the lump in your throat making it incredibly hard to breathe. THis was so heartbreaking to hear, because…what about the fans? How would they be reacting right now? What would they do? You know what else is heartbreaking? The members. They knew he went out to see you, and they were probably in the dorms. You wondered what their reaction would be. You wondered…if they would be ok. Out of all of this, you just wanted Joshua to survive. You just wanted him to survive. You just wanted him to…survive. The ward became eerily quiet. Something struck you in your heart, but you weren’t sure of what happened. Everything was in slow motion; the two double doors, the same one that the doctor came out of, swung open, with multiple doctors coming out. Heads down low, hands in front, masks still on.


Bang. That last bullet, that would break you and your heart for good. This wasn’t the news you hoped for at all. You didn’t want this to happen at all. This wasn’t supposed to happen. At all. Just as the doctors came, your heart broke even more, seeing the other members come in through the front door, with different bodyguards protecting them from the paparazzi. Everything became silent again. Nobody spoke. Not even the doctors. Until one doctor came through. Everyone looked to the doctor, who also had tears in his eyes, clear his throat, looking to everyone in the room. 

“O-On behalf of my team…it is without our deepest regrets…that we announce that..Hong Jisoo..has passed away at 10:18 PM.”

10:18 PM. That’s the time that you saw multiple doctors break down, then get back to work. That’s the same time you saw 12 boys break down in tears. That’s the same time that your friend felt her heart broke for the first time. That’s the first time you felt your heart leave your body. You had no heart left. You felt heartless. That’s the time where the other half of you slipped away, and you couldn’t live as one anymore.

10:18 PM. 

(7) Ignis’ pick-up lines.

[Back in Insomnia]

Gladio: Thanks for inviting me for dinner tonight, Iggy. The food was wonderful. You’re the best cook I’ve ever met.
Ignis: …
Ignis: And I cook best in the morning, you know.  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Gladio: Cool! I’ll drop by tomorrow early to taste test.
Ignis: You’re not getting the point, Gladio.


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Kai Parker x Reader
word count : 4 840
: smut
summary: Reader squirts for the first time.
*gif by phantom-evil
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An evening at the Salvatores.
Lately it appeared the Mystic Falls gang had started to finally accept that maybe there is good in him , or maybe they were just tolerating him because he was Y/N’s boyfriend and it was more than obvious they were crazy about each other. It’s been almost three months since Kai and Y/N had officially become a couple , but their history went beyond that - stolen glances and kisses here and there. They had played the cat and mice game for a while until Kai figured out he just can’t be without her. He had fallen in love with the human girl and there was no going back. Kai knew Y/N loves him too , not only because she had told him so multiple times , but because it was in her eyes , in her entire attitude towards him. Always , no matter who of her friends would try to say something about him that she didn’t like , she’d try to bite their head off. Kai really loved that fire burning inside her.
Kai had expected everything but this. Since the second Y/N had walked in , his breath had been taken away and his thoughts had been thrown off completely balance. Y/N was wearing knee high boots with a short tight black dress(and no bra!!) , a short black jacket , her hair made in waves but still a tad messy and that lipstick - Kai felt as if he had been thrown straight into Hell. He could barely control himself around her in general and the way she looked in that moment had pushed it a bit too far. How was he supposed to keep his hands off her for a few more hours , when all he could think about was tearing that dress off her and messing up her hair completely ? The moment Y/N had gotten up from the sofa and asked him if he wants to go home , he had hardly managed not to grab her and whoosh them away in vampire speed.

On their way home Kai had held onto the steering wheel so hard , he had nearly broken it to keep himself from pulling over somewhere and having his way with her in the car in the middle of nowhere. Not that they hadn’t done this before but the entire night he had ran scenarios in his head and the car or the woods just wouldn’t do. Finally they got to their house and Kai could barely wait for them to get inside. Y/N’s outfit had droven him completely mad and his skin felt as if was on fire even more with each passing moment , watching her walk a step ahead of him and her dress lightly lift itself up.
The door wasn’t even closed completely when Kai smashed her against the wall lightly wrapping his hand around her neck holding her in place , brushing his nose against her cheek moving towards her neck.
“You did that on purpose , didn’t you? Wearing that short tight dress with those boots , with your hair all messed up. Not to mention that lipstick -” whispered Kai , nibbling on her earlobe. “ I can’t decide if I want to tear that dress of your body or just pull it over your head for you to wear again.”
“I have no idea what you are talking about.” said Y/N innocently , tangling her fingers in his hair pulling him closer to her than ever. Truth to be told , those had been her true intentions since the early evening. Usually they’d go there together but that evening they had gone separately because she had told him there is something she has to do. The second Y/N had walked in and he had seen her , she had known her mission was complete. Kai’s eyes had gone wider than ever and he had nearly choked on the bourbon he was drinking. The rest of the evening she had spent sitting on his lap , playing with his scruff or next to him ,her hip brushing against his and stealing glances from time to time. Kai barely took his eyes off her and his hands were shaking the entire evening as he struggled to keep them away from her.
“So innocent.” he teased resting his forehead on hers , their eyes meeting. His hand slid up her inner thigh to her core , feeling a wet spot on her panties. A smile spread across his face , seeing her eyelids fluttering closed for a second as he pressed on her entrance. Kai had been listening to her hearbeat knowing fully well she had lied to him. Even if he wasnt a vampire , he’d be able to tell by the look in her eyes. Usually she was better at hiding things , not this time though. He wondered why. “I don’t believe you for a second.”
Kai’s lips hungrily attacked hers , kissing her so hard her lips hurt a bit. All emotions he had suppressed during the past few hours came rushing back full speed and he didn’t plan on slowing down at all. He pressed his body to hers so hard her breath got knocked out of her lungs. His lips left kisses down her jaw line to her neck to her collarbone while his hands pushed down her short jacket. Kai snaked his hands down her back to her ass pulling her towards him suddenly , making her feel how hard he was. A small gasp tumbled off her lips feeling his hard on press against her and she bit her lip , her eyes going wide. They were standing so close their lips almost touched as Kai spoke and Y/N could feel his heart racing and she tried to suppress a smile realising his heart was beating as fast as hers , maybe faster.
“This is your fault.” he whispered , looking at her with hooded eyes. “You did that to me the second you walked in. Only you can do this to me without even touching me. Though you sitting on my lap on the sofa , you must’ve already known.”
Kai smirked at her and slid his hands down her hips , hitching them around her thighs as he scooped her up. He could hear her heart rate change the moment he touched her bare skin. He shoved her against the wall again , his nose brushing against hers for a moment as the tension build more. They were starring at each other , none of them willing to look away for more than a split second. Y/N’s eyes darted between his eyes and his lips , holding onto him tighly. Kai’s eyes had darkened to a darker shade of blue and the fact was looking at her with hooded eyes only turned her on even more. She wondered if he knows the effect he has on her. One look from him was enough to get her right where he wanted her - wet on the spot and begging for him. That night had been a payback for all those times. With the help of Elena and Caroline ,she had gotten the hair and make up done and later one had picked out the dress. Y/N darted her tongue out licking his lower lip and a low growl came from deep inside his throat.
“Well…” he trailed off. “Time to pay sweetheart.”
In a flash he whooshed them away upstairs , pulling the dress over her head in vampire speed and tossing it on the floor. Kai’s lips smashed against hers a split second later and her hands pushed away his jacket , hooking around his neck right after. Y/N pulled herself closer to him trying to gain some control , only he wouldn’t let her. He spun her around in vampire speed pressing his chest to her back while slowly trailing his fingertips all the way from her shoulder to her fingertips sending shivers all over her body. Y/N threw her head back , resting it against his chest , turning slightly towards him. Her boyfriend was getting back at her for the entire evening.
Kai could barely hold himself together but somehow he managed knowing if her just pushes her buttons a bit more , things would flip in reverse and Y/N would be the one unable to keep her hands to herself. Their eyes met just as his other hand slid down her stomach to her core , pushing its way in her panties. She bit her lip watching Kai’s eyes darken even more.
“Mmmm so wet.” he whispered , pushing two fingers inside her , curling them around slowly a few times before pulling out. A soft moan tumbled off her lips and Y/N grabbed his hand , shoving his fingers in her mouth licking them clean without breaking eye contact with him. “Damn Y/N..”
Kai’s hand snaked around her stomach , holding her towards him as her ass rubbed against his crotch. Having her lick his fingers was pushing him over the edge as if his emotions weren’t already on an over drive. He wanted her , all of her. In that moment and not a second too late. Kai moved her hair from her neck , whispering in her ear.
“How is it that you drive me so out of control? I swear , I almost lost it tonight.”
“Oh you mean like you do to me every single second of every single day ?” replied Y/N , snaking her hand behind her back towards his lenght catching a glimpse of their reflections in the tall mirror on the other end of the room. Purple black veins flashed under Kai’s eyes and he sank his fangs into her neck at the same time his fingers found their way back inside her panties rubbing slow figure eights on her clit. Y/N titled her neck a little , giving him better access not taking her eyes of their reflections. Kai looked so hot while feeding in general and even hotter in that moment while feeding on her , she couldn’t look away no matter how hard she tried. It all looked so perfect , like they were two pieces perfectly fitting into each other in every scenario. He pulled away following her gaze , purple black veins still flashing under his eyes while her warm blood trickled down his chin dripping onto her neck and slowly down her chest.
“Damn you are so hot when you do that.” she moaned out

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about damn time

@omnipresent-yaoi (I’m sorry this took FOREVER) Thank you SO MUCH!!!


[once in awhile - time flies]


‘W-what?’ Zhan Zhengxi’s eyes were wide.

Mo Guan Shan looked like he’d been slapped in the face.

He Tian smirked.

A wicked smile played over Jian Yi’s lips.

‘You heard me.’

‘You want to…’ Zhan Zhengxi couldn’t seem to force the words out.

‘He wants us to have a foursome, Zhan Xixi, and it’s about damn time someone brought it up.’

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Star of the Show- Andre Burakovsky

Originally posted by antoinebibeau

You smiled and took the nights’ final bow with the rest of the cast as the audience cheered before waving goodbye as the curtains closed.

“Great show everyone!” you heard the director call. “Time to head home! Everyone have a good night and I’ll see you tomorrow!”

You grinned and hurried offstage, taking the red scrunchie out of your wig and going to the dressing rooms. Your musical debut was done and Veronica Sawyer had saved the school from her boyfriend once more. “Great job out there guys!”

“You too, (Y/N)!” Megan, the girl who played Heather Chandler, noted.”I’m seriously impressed. You were a natural out there. I guess all the rehearsals and tech week paid off for all of us.”

“I guess so.”

“And you seriously played the drama well,” Katie- the company’s Heather McNamara- said, “and- not going to lie- Dead Girl Walking got me turned on a little bit.”

Piper, who played Martha, snickered and chimed in. “You and everyone else. Let’s be realists here.”

“Well, it is a song about sex.”

Sam- who played Heather Duke- spoke up. “I still think it was enough to get Eric turned on, though. And he’s not into girls.”

You shrugged. “Well, maybe he was picturing it as Jonathan Groff or Aaron Tveit or someone instead of me.”

“How’d you guess?” you heard on the other side of the door, causing the room to erupt in laughter. He must’ve been walking by at the perfect timing.

“Lucky guess.”

You continued to dress down into your jeans, blouse, and jacket, and swapping your heels for sneakers and putting your costume back on the hanger to put away. You just finished combing your hair back out after taking the bald cap and wig off to put away when you heard a knock and a voice on the other side you recognized to be Alan, the guy who played Ram.

“Hey, (Y/N), there’s a couple of guys here who wants to meet the cast. Some celebrities it seems. Can’t do that without you.” he said. “One of them’s a looker, too. Your type. Just saying.”

You blushed. “What?”

Katie smiled. “Everyone good? No one’s naked. Good. Let’s go.”

“Wait, is this normal?”

“Oh don’t worry.” Piper said, putting a hand on your shoulder. “You’re going to be fine. It’s not common, but it’s not uncommon either. Whenever celebs come to see the show, sometimes they want to go back and congratulate us in person. That’s how I met the Obamas that one time.”

You went out with the other girls to see the other cast members and your male co-stars talking with three big guys. One who was blonde and the other two were brunet. The blonde and the taller of the brunets has long-ish straight hair and the other had curls. Speaking of the other one, he must have been the one Adam talked about.

He was tall, but not lanky and he had a nice jawline and great cheekbones, too. His eyes were bright as he spoke with Eric and Jane, who played Ms. Fleming, probably congratulating them on how well they did when Eric turned his head.

“Ah and here’s our little starlets.” he smiled. “Gents, these are the Heathers, Martha, and our Veronica, fresh from her debut. Or, as we like to call them, Katie, Sam, Megan, Piper, and (Y/N). Girls, these are Nicklas, Tom, and Andre. They play here for the Capitals. It’s ice hockey.”

Megan joked. “Of course you know, Eric. You’re from Toronto.”

He scoffed and put a hand to his chest in mock hurt. “Hey! Hockey loving is a Canadian stereotype that I am proud to uphold.”

The three Heathers and Piper went over to talk to them with the rest of the cast as you stayed behind. Surprisingly, for an actress with the lead role, you were ridiculously shy. Anyone other than someone you’re really familiar with and you’re as shut in as a clam. You opened up to Twitter and scrolled through social media absentmindedly.


You yelped and nearly dropped your phone in fright due to the sudden voice. You turned your head to find you face to face with a pair of warm brown eyes.

“You’re a sneaky one, aren’t you? I barely noticed you over here.” he smiled, backing away so you could see him better. It was the one Adam was talking about. The curly-haired man from before.

You blushed “Uh h-hi.”

“Hi. Sorry for being rude. Just… couldn’t help but notice you alone here. I’m Andre.”

You took the hand he held out and shook it. “(Y/N). (Y/N) (L/N). Nice to meet you Andre.”

“(Y/N)? That’s really pretty… Wait. You’re Veronica!”

You blushed and nodded. “Uh yeah. That’s me.”

“Wow! You were great! Really, I mean that.” he gushed. “You were… God it was so awesome! Congrats on the great show. It’s unlike any other show I’ve seen. It’s so… funny. Like an SNL skit but 20 times longer and darker. But the music was great and the jokes were funny.”

You were red at this point and couldn’t help but smile at him. He was just too damn cute. Like the human embodiment of 20 puppies stacked up in a trench coat. “Oh thank you! That actually really means a lot. It was my debut tonight, after all. That really means a lot to me. Thank you for coming.”

“Whoa, that was your debut? Like your first time?”

You nodded. “Professionally, yeah.”

“Wow.” he marveled. “That’s something else. Really.”

“Thanks.” you said. “Sorry if I’m awkward. I’m kinda shy.”

“It’s okay. Promise.”

“Yeah?” you smiled. “You wanna get a picture?”

He grinned. “That’d be awesome, actually. Thank you.”

You tapped Megan on the shoulder and asked her to take the pic. She took Andre’s phone and had you two stand close together and grin.

“Alright! Say Heathers!”

You stood still until she put the phone down and gave a thumbs up. “You’re good.”

“Thank you.” you said in unison with him before peering over at the phone to see them. “Awww they’re so nice!”

He smiled. “Yeah… Do you want me to send them to you?”

You blushed. “Are you asking me for my number?”

“And if I am?”

You smirked. “If so, just don’t be a stranger and maybe use it for something besides sending the pictures.”

He grinned. “I see you’ve found some confidence.”

“A bit. You’re just really easy to talk to.” you said, taking his phone and putting yourself into a new contact slot and entering your number, using one of the pictures as the saver. “There you go.”

“Thanks.” He replied, taking it back and hearing his friend call him. “I should go. Thank you.”

“No problem. Thank you so much for coming.”

‘It was my pleasure.” he grinned. “I’ll text you. Goodnight, (Y/N).”

“Goodnight, Andre.”

Untitled Classic TordEdd Script

I wrote a short script for a TordEdd scenario made by my friend @brainimated wherein Tord writes a song for Edd and gets Tom to help him perform it! It’s set in the Classic days, so I tried to make it relaxed and comedic rather than cutesy or dramatic, and I also tried to keep the boys’ personalities consistent with their Classic counterparts.

A Cinderella Story (Ethan Dolan)

Part two. Read part one here: https://radwriting.tumblr.com/post/163310914487/a-cinderella-story-ethan-dolan

song used in this chapter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ullaTrrryA

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Ethan’s Point of View

I couldn’t get her voice out of my head. It was so unique and different from anything I’d ever heard before.

“still thinking about that singing girl?” Gray asked coming in my room.

“Is it bad that I am? I mean her voice just sounded so familiar. I need to find her Grayson.” I said looking at my hands.

“what if you can’t find her? I mean you do have another girl who likes you and I think you like her too so why not focus on that?” Grayson said fixing his hair.

“who?” I asked really confused.

“y/n the girl from earlier. I can tell when a girl likes a guy and bro she’s got heart eyes for you. I also know you really well and your not the kind of guy to spend hours talking to a girl you just met unless you wanted to pursue it further.” Grayson said smirking at me.

I thought about what he said. Did I like y/n? Did she like me? I mean I enjoy talking with her and being around her.

“why don’t you invite her to the party tonight, and you never know maybe the mystery girl will make an appearance.” Grayson said clapping me on the shoulder.

There was a big party tonight to kick off the convention and there would be an open mic tonight for anyone who wanted to come up.

“yeah maybe your right.” I said not fully believing myself. 

I was silently praying that she showed up tonight. I don’t know why but I needed to hear her voice again.

Reader Point of View

“what about this outfit.” Ellis asked holding out an outfit for Ava.

“uh how about no.” Ava said rolling her eyes.

Ellis looked at me ready to kill Ava for being so difficult.

“I’ll just pick out my own outfit.” Ava grumbled walking in her room making sure to slam the door shut.

“I can’t do this anymore!” Ellis said plopping down on the couch.

“at least you have a choice.” I said shrugging my shoulders.

“are you going to the party tonight.” Ellis said smirking at me.

“I’m not allowed. Ever since Ethan Dolan showed interest in me the evil witch has me on lockdown.” I said rolling my eyes.

“wait hold up Ethan Dolan like thee Ethan Dolan? He’s so cute!” Ellis gushed.

“speaking of.” I said holding my phone up showing her a new message from Ethan.

Ethan: Hey! You coming to the party tonight? 

Y/n: I wish ): I’m not allowed to go because my step mother is evil.

Ethan: oh, I’m sorry. Well I’ll miss you tonight

Ethan: well I mean we’ll miss you

Ethan: like me and Gray both

I laughed at how awkward Ethan was sometimes.

Y/n: well you tell Grayson that I’ll miss him too.

Y/n: oh and I guess you too (;

“you like him don’t you?” Ellis said looking over my shoulder.

Did I like Ethan? Did he like me? I mean I enjoy talking to him and being around him.

“Maybe, kind of, I don’t know.” I said throwing my head back against the couch.

“He was going to ask you out you know.” Ellis said smirking at me.

“what? no way!” I said not really believing her.

“listen a boy wouldn’t ask if you were going to a party unless he was planning on asking you to attend that party with him.” Ellis said matter of factly.

I couldn’t help the smile that spread on my face.

“What are you so happy about?” Anna asked coming from the room.

“nothing.” I said looking at my toes.

Ava and Alice came out soon as well.

“Now remember y/n you are not to leave this hotel room.” Alice said glaring at me.

I shook my head watching them walk out of the room. It was quite until Ellis jumped off the couch.

“come on.” She said grabbing my arm.

“where are we going?” I asked getting up as well.

“to the party duh?” She said dragging me to my room.

“Ellis I can’t you heard what she said” I said crossing my arms across my chest.

“Yeah I heard what she said. She said Y/n you are not to leave this room.” Ellis said grabbing her makeup bag.

“exactly my point” I said confused.

“You are not leaving this room, because tonight you’re not going to be Y/n.” Ellis said holding up her styling tools.

“Ellis this isn’t going to work.” I said rolling my eyes.

“Do not doubt my skills young lady! Now sit, I have work to do. Ethan Dolan won’t know what hit him!” She said pushing me in the chair.

After applying a lot of makeup and curling my hair, Ellis picked out a beautiful white and blue dress with a white fuzzy jacket.

“okay you can look now.” She said turning the mirror around.

“wow.” I said looking at my reflection.

I didn’t even recognize myself in a good way of course.

“I look beautiful.” I said touching my face.

Ellis quickly slapped my hand away.

“there is one last final touch.” Ellis said handing me a white masquerade mask.

“A mask, really?” I asked looking at it.  

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“you don’t want to get recognized do you?” Ellis said cleaning up her stuff.

I took the mask putting it on. 

“thanks Ellis.” I said giving her a hug.

“Knock them dead girl.” She said squeezing me back.

I gave her a smile before exiting the room. I walked quickly down to the ballroom earning strange glances from some people. I could hear the music blaring through the closed doors. I opened them admiring the scene before me. There were a lot of people scattered in the ball room just socializing.

 I walked in a little further earning some glares from the girls. I spotted Anna and Ave talking to Jake Paul and the team 10 guys. They all looked terrified, I mean I would be. Suddenly someone bumped in to me causing me to fall backwards on my butt.

“I’m so sorry.” The voice said helping me off the ground.

I looked up to meet the eyes of Ethan Dolan of course. I was silently hoping he didn’t recognize me or else I’d be toast! Thankfully he didn’t.

“It’s okay I’m fine.” I said brushing some dust off my dress.

“a mask? Don’t want anyone to know who you are?” He asked smiling at me.

“something like that.” I shrugged.

“well mystery girl, I’m Ethan Dolan.” He said extending his hand.

I placed my hand in his shaking it.

“you headed out already?” I asked sort of disappointed.

“Uh well I was honestly.” He said shrugging his shoulders.

“party too boring for you huh?” I asked smirking at him.

“It’s not that it’s just that I wanted to bring this girl tonight but she couldn’t come.” He said looking down at his shoes.

I felt my heart flutter a little bit. He wanted to bring me to this party.

“oh I’m sorry, I’m sure she really wanted to.” I said giving him a smile.

“you think so?” Ethan asked.

“She’d be crazy not too.” I said patting him on the shoulder.

Ethan was about to respond when the mic sounded. The director of the convention walked up on stage smiling at the crowd.

“Welcome everyone to our convention. We are so happy to have you here. It’s going to be a great week with all of you and I’m glad were all here tonight enjoying this party. So how about we kick off the open mic night? Any volunteers?” The director said.

Nobody raised their hands.

“you look like someone who wants to come on stage.” the director said pointing at me.

I went wide eyed as everyone turned around to look at me. There was a spotlight now just on me.

“you got this.” Ethan said giving me a side ways hug.

I slowly walked up to the stage feeling everyone’s eyes on me. I’ve never performed in front of other people before. There was a piano on stage. I walked over to it running my fingers over the keys. I sat down taking a deep breath. You got this.

Ethan’s point of view

I was having a terrible time at this party. Y/n wasn’t allowed to come and Grayson ditched me to flirt with some girl. The only thing keeping me here was the thought of my mystery girl showing up.

“you look miserable.” Grayson said coming over to me with his arm around a girl.

“yeah I am thanks for ditching me.” I snapped rolling my eyes at my twin.

“sorry bro duty calls, but hey your mystery girl still might show.” He said shrugging his shoulders.

I got up walking to the door. This party was stupid anyways. As I was huffing away I collided with another body. I looked down to see a girl wearing a mask on the floor.

“I’m so sorry.” I said helping her off the floor.

“it’s okay I’m fine.” She said brushing some dust off her dress.

I couldn’t help but smile at the girl. She reminded me of y/n, how we literally ran in to each other. She was beautiful from what I could see but a mask hid most of her face.

“a mask? Don’t want anyone to know who you are?” I asked smiling at her.

“something like that.” She said shrugging her shoulders.

I studied her carefully. She could be the mystery girl I’ve been searching for.

“well mystery girl, I’m Ethan Dolan.” I said extending my hand for her to shake.

She placed her small hand in my larger one.

“you headed out already?” She asked me.

“Uh well I was honestly.” I said shrugging my shoulders.

However I wasn’t about to leave now.

“party too boring for you huh?” She asked smirking at me.

“It’s not that it’s just that I wanted to bring this girl tonight but she couldn’t come.” I admitted looking at my shoes.

I really did want y/n to come tonight, like I said I enjoyed being around her but this could possibly be my mystery singing girl and I wasn’t about to let her go until I found out.

“oh I’m sorry, I’m sure she really wanted too.” She said giving me a smile.

“you think so?” I asked not really sure.

“she’d be crazy not too.” She said patting my shoulder.

I could feel a blush spread to my cheeks. This was a weird feeling for me. I was about to respond when the sound of a mic cut me off. The director of the convention walked up on stage smiling at the crowd.

“Welcome everyone to our convention. We are so happy to have you here. It’s going to be a great week with all of you and I’m glad were all here tonight enjoying this party. So how about we kick off the open mic night? Any volunteers?” The director said.

I looked around the room but nobody raised their hands.

“you look like someone that wants to come on stage.” the director said pointing at the mystery girl.

Everyone turned to look at her causing her to go wide eyed. Suddenly there was a spotlight on her.

“you got this.” I said giving her a side ways hug.

She walked up on stage and straight to the piano. I could feel my heart racing as she ran her fingers along the keys. I was sure this was my mystery singing girl. She sat down taking a deep breath. And then she started to sing.

I can hold my breath
I can bite my tongue
I can stay awake for days
If that’s what you want
Be your number one
I can fake a smile
I can force a laugh
I can dance and play the part
If that’s what you ask
Give you all I am

I can do it
I can do it
I can do it

But I’m only human
And I bleed when I fall down
I’m only human
And I crash and I break down
Your words in my head, knives in my heart
You build me up and then I fall apart
‘Cause I’m only human, yeah

I couldn’t fight the smile that spread to my cheeks it was her, it was really her. Her voice was just as beautiful and unique as I remembered it and she played the piano flawlessly. Her lyrics had meaning, deep meaning and that was what I admired most about her.  

I can turn it on
Be a good machine
I can hold the weight of worlds
If that’s what you need
Be your everything

I can do it
I can do it
I’ll get through it

But I’m only human
And I bleed when I fall down
I’m only human
And I crash and I break down
Your words in my head, knives in my heart
You build me up and then I fall apart
'Cause I’m only human, yeah

She looked at me while she sung, It was like she knew somehow that I’d been looking for her.

I’m only human
I’m only human
Just a little human

I can take so much
Until I’ve had enough

‘Cause I’m only human
And I bleed when I fall down
I’m only human
And I crash and I break down
Your words in my head, knives in my heart
You build me up and then I fall apart
‘Cause I’m only human, yeah

Everyone went wild clapping as soon as she was finished. She smiled at the crowd waving at them. She got off stage and someone else went up. I ran up quickly so I could find her but she was already surrounded with people telling her how great of a job she did. I frowned a little before turning away.

“Ethan.” She called making me turn back around.

She pushed through the people stopping in front of me. 

“well how’d I do?” she asked smiling at me.

“you were amazing.” I said smiling back at her.

“thanks for the encouragement.” She said grabbing my hand and squeezing it.

“can I be honest with you?” I asked lacing our fingers together.

“sure.” She said her voice shaking a little as she looked at our hands.

“I uh heard you singing before, you were singing a different song but it was you. Your voice is different from anything I have ever heard before and I was intrigued. I wanted to hear that voice again. I’ve been looking for you since I heard you sing.” I admitted rubbing the back of my neck nervously.

“well you found me, what are you going to do now?” She asked smirking.

I was shocked by her answer at first. What was I going to do now? I brought my hand up cupping her cheek. I ran my thumb on her exposed cheek under the mask. I slowly brought my other hand up grabbing the mask. I was about to lift it off when she stopped me.

“I have to go.” She said quickly looking behind me.

She started running towards the exit with me following her.

“wait can’t I at least know your name?” I called.

She stopped running. She quickly turned around, running back to where I was standing.

“Hopefully sometime soon.” She said before kissing my cheek.

She turned back around disappearing from sight. I held my cheek while her words replayed in my head. hopefully sometime soon. That meant I would be seeing her again soon and that was good for me cause I was slowly but surely falling in love with my mystery girl.

part three coming soon xoxoxo

Jaebum X Reader; Pop Singer AU!

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@sweetlittlequeer​ thank you so much for requesting! Here’s your scenario!

A/N: mentions of alcohol??? idk if i need to mention this tbh?? but yeah??

“Make sure you talk to people.”

“Manager Lee, I will. Don’t worry. I’m a sociable person.”

“You sure? Last time you choked under pressure when talking to those boys before.”

“O-Oh…you mean Namjoon and his group? I don’t think they’ll be there tonight…”

“Well, there is one group going, so you best make a good impression.”

“For what?”

“You’ll have to make a good idea of who you’ll be competing against in the charts.”

A wink that made you shake in your boots. On stage you’re a confident tiger, using your training to the best of your ability to capture the audience’s happiness in a single show. But off stage you were like a small kitten, not that sociable and quite reserved. The last time you were at a party, you nearly made a fool of yourself when you were talking to Namjoon and his group, but you quickly gained your composure back to talk to them again. Never. Again. Your favourite dress was on you, along with a matching pair of shoes, along with a cute clutch bag that was slung on your shoulder. You wished the elevator ride lasted longer, but no. A ding to indicate that they were on the correct floor, and another part of you died inside. And of course, nobody will know who you are. You were prepared for the normal questions like “oh, who are you?” “whats your name?” and stuff like that. Walking along the corridor, the sound of the music drew closer, and with each step, the butterflies multiplied and multiplied. Just as you were about to enter the room, your manager, Lee, pulled you to the side.

“Lee? Whats up?”

“I can tell you’re nervous. Just, try and have a good time. It doesn’t matter who knows you at first, just make sure you talk to a music group at least once. If you need me to start talking, that’s fine. I’ll be walking in with you anyways.”

“Thank you…I think I might need a drink.”

“Save the fainting for after the party.”

“Lee I won’t faint.”

“Those wobbly knees tell me otherwise.”

“Leeeeeeeee I won’t, I promise.”

Walking into the room felt like you were walking into the modern version of the Gatsby party….well…without the jazz band. Or the noticeably large pool in the middle of it, No, it just looked like a really fancy hotel suite, just large enough to hold around 300 guests for a party. Even though it only looked like 100 were there so far. As soon as you step in, you had a man walk in and greet you. He looked to be about 40 and so, and was wearing the brightest pants that you had ever seen. He was also wearing sunglasses. Indoors. 

“Ah, Y/n, L/n! It’s so nice to finally meet you, and your manager too!”

He seemed so pleasant and kind, for someone who was wearing sunglasses indoors. Maybe it’s because of the amount of reflective surfaces in this place, that he didn’t want to blind himself with his trousers. 

“Ah, Y/n, I don’ think you have met Jyp yet, have you?”

“N-No, I haven’t, but it’s a pleasure to meet you, sir.”

You say, shaking his hand. Man, his hands were huge.

“Shes a good kid, a really good singer. If she wasn’t signed, I would have her signed to me straight away.”

“Ha ha, don’t push your luck, Park.”

You could cut the tension in the air with a knife. That’s how tense it was between your manager and the mr. JYP. You needed to get out of that area straight away, and fast.

“Uh…Lee? Is it alright if I leave you two…friends…to have a friendly discussion….?”

“Yeah, go get yourself a drink, you earned it.”

A quick thank you and you were out of that situation faster than your record company releasing other music for musicians. A sigh was let out as you walked over to the bar, inspecting all the liquor, spirits and cocktails that were displayed on the shelves and taps.

“What will it be for you?”

“Just a Jack and Coke, please.”

“Coming up.”

You take a look around at the people attending the event, and wonder how the hell these people got famous in the first place? You shake it off, waiting for your drink. You really took into mind what Lee said, you’re there to have fun, so have fun! At the corner of your eye, you see a small group of boys, too glamorous to be here. Damn, You could feel your cheeks have a light dusting of blush on them, and it wasn’t the blusher you put on either. Not looking back, you felt someone trying to burn a hole in the back of your head. dammit.

“That’s Y/n, I know it!”

“BamBam calm down for god sake.”

You could see the guy practically jumping up and down in the mirror behind the bar. Maybe you’ll have a little bit of hope with this guy?

“But she’s so cool! See! She’s not taking notice of anyone at this place. She’s got this cold demeanour about her, she’s so cool! Should I go up and say hi?”

A firm hand from a leader to the rapper, Jaebum. He sighed, looking to the girl at the bar.

“You can, I’m not.”

“What? Why not?”

“I don’t know her, you know her. Why don’t you get Mark to go—”

“Mark is having fun with Jackson and Yugyeom while they Nae-Nae at the back, just this once, please?”


One tug of his shirt, and the leader was already being dragged along the room to the bar, where they stayed a couple feet away from you, separated by one person. 

“You stay here, I’ll go say hi.”

“Yeah, sure.”

A tap. A tap scared you. For gods sake. You turn around, trying not to let out a yelp of cowardness, but yet again, you regain composure- again. A sigh, and a smile before you faced the person you were talking to.

“Oh, sorry, am I in your space…or are these your drinks?”

“No, no, it’s just…I’m a big fan of your dancing, and your singing. I’m BamBam.”

“Oh, I– wait, did you say…fan?”

A wave of happiness just overcame you, making your slightly embarrassed smirk into a genuine smile. 

“Nice to meet you BamBam. I think I’ve heard of you before as well…you’re in that group…I’m sorry I forgot the name.”


“That’s it! My friend is actually a pretty big fan of yours.”

“Really? That’s great! Can we take a picture together?”

“That would be nice.”

You leaned closer to him to be in the picture, and smiled with him. You took quite a few, with different faces in there too. You were actually enjoying yourself, what a good relief. As soon as you stop, you see another guy at the bar. he seemed displeased with everything going on at the event, cringing at what JYP was doing with Jackson in the background. Seems like crazy hour. You kind of…get stuck in a trance. He’s pretty handsome, whoever he is. You happen to notice that he was staring too, the blush was coming back. And…his cheeks had a fair dusting of blush too. That may of been the alcohol though. A smile spread on his face, giving you a wave too. You wave back, with BamBam noticing who you were waving to.


BamBam called over, with you gazing at the guy again, He lifted his head up and started to walk over. Oh god, Y/n don’t make a fool of yourself. 

“This is JB, hes our leader.”

“Ah, nice to meet you, JB.”

“You can just call me Jaebum. BamBam and Mark have mentioned you before,  but they didn’t tell me you were pretty.”

“Oh, thank you.”

A smile spread across your face, hiding it in your hand. Oh my god, you were actually having fun. A tap on your shoulder, and your drink was ready. 

“Thank you.”

“Hey, why don’t we sit down somewhere? I heard the balcony is beautiful at night.”

“Oh, sure. It was really nice to meet you BamBam. I’ll find you again to talk to you!”

You said, as you were whisked away from the area. BamBam was left in the dust by Jaebum, as he turned back to wink to him. A sour look spread across his face, but he laughed it off anyways. Walking over back to his group, he kept on looking outside to the balcony, looking to the two. 

“Huh? BamBam? What are you looking at? Is….is that Jaebum?”

“Hey Jinyoung eah, he’s talking to Y/n.”

“Really? I thought he didn’t know her.”

“That’s what I thought!”

“Maybe it’s good for him.”


You and Jaebum seemed to talk about everything and anything while you enjoyed the scenery of the city. It was so peaceful and serene, like a movie. 

“I guess you were right.”

“Yeah…wait about what?”

“The view is amazing.”

“Mine is better.”

You turn to him, a light dusting on your cheeks suddenly appeared, as you smile to him again. Jaebum was sweet with his words, even though he didn’t know who you were an hour before. It was like a movie you had watched the day before; two people are singers, and they meet each other at a party while talking outside. Fiction was replaying in reality, magical.

“Oh, it looks like I have to go…my manager is calling me. It was really nice talking to you, Jaebum.”

The way you said his name made him have shivers roll up and down his spine, a smile appearing on his face again. Before you could go back inside to find your manager, he stood up, holding your hand quickly. It seemed like those dustings of blush were heavier each time.

“How long will you be staying here?”

“Maybe another month…?”

“We should meet up.”

“Yeah, that would be nice. I really want to meet the other members of your–”

“On a date…?”

Yet another flurry of blush attacked your cheeks as you blinked, giving back one more smile. 

“That would be lovely.”

“Have you got a piece of paper?”

“Oh, no I don’t.”

“Then could I have your hand?”

“Huh? My–”

You could feel the ballpoint of the pen scribble across your hand, tickling each centimetre of your skin. Another smile creeped up on your face, with your eyes connecting with Jaebum’s. Bidding farewell on the way to the elevator, you also said goodbye to BamBam, which made him go ecstatic again with happiness. 

“Oh! Y/n! Come on, you have a radio interview in the morning, lets get you to your hotel.”


“Whats that on your hand?”

“Oh, its…nothing.”

A suspicious look came upon Lee’s face, with a sneaky smile coming out from yours. 

“So…did you enjoy yourself tonight?”

“I…guess you could say that I did.”



JEREMY: don’t say that.

MICHAEL: sorry..




MICHAEL: I don’t know just take her to that place jake always talks about

JEREMY: that place is in the mall right?

MICHAEL: sparros or something

JEREMY: that could work! thanks so much man!

MICHAEL: anytime jer,

JEREMY:i mean it! oh!..um hey are you going to the party tonight?

Dream Come True

(A/N: Oh my god I literally do not know when the last time I touched this blog is.  Almost a year ago, for certain.  But idk recently I’ve feeling kinda writey and emo and thought it might be nice to revisit this blog.  So I went into my inbox, found a prompt I liked, and did this.  I experimented a bit with perspective for the first time.  Hope you like it! xx)

Anonymous asked: could you do one where there’s a boy and girl best friend and everyone knows they’re in love with each other except the two of them and somehow the truth comes out? Idk you can go wherever you want from there.

WC: 5146

(y/n) = your name

(c/n) = crush’s name

(f/n/1 or 2 or 3) = friend 1 or 2 or 3

(c/f/n/1 or 2 or 3) = crush’s friend 1 or 2 or 3

(g/n) = girl’s name

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OK but there was definitely a little while after they got to the cabin and before the goons showed up, right? - before Sam went through the trap door and Dean went outside, ten minutes where Sam put the first aid box down on the table and crossed the room in two steps and they’ve gotten into such bone-deep sync, dead together and then suddenly alive, moving almost wordless through the forest, they’re fighting as far into the fucking drift as you can go 

and so when Sam crosses the room Dean just turns into him and runs a hand up the back of his neck and pulls him down so they’re breathing against each other’s mouths, pressed up close and shifting against each other’s bodies, centres of gravity falling in endless imbalance, and then Sam wrinkles his nose up and shifts back on his heels and Dean pulls a wry kind of smile, hitches his head to the side, says ‘later’ and Sam breathes ‘yeah’ and they get into position 

  • people: who do you want for president? trump or hilary?
  • me: kiefer sutherland
Anthony Rizzo #1

Requested by @lclb12:  I need a cute and fluffy Anthony Rizzo ? She goes to the game unaware that the newly single Anthony is looking at her. He couldn’t take his eyes off the blue eyed brunette. She sees how amazing he is, at the end of the game she gets up to leave when the security guy stops her and brings her back, what would come of the too?

*Hi Lauren! I hope you like this. Thank you!! Enjoy. :)*

Word count: 962

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The imposing figure was still looking at you. You really should not call him a ‘figure’ since you know he’s human, duh, and he’s waiting for you to stand up and follow him.

“I really just don’t talk and follow people out of stadiums,” you told him, confusion in your voice.

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FlashVibe, roommates

This isn’t what you wanted I’m pretty sure but:

  • Imagine an AU where Barry and Cisco each have their powers but they don’t know each other outside of the occasional team-ups of Flash and Vibe
  • Barry’s moving out of the place he’s been sharing with Iris because she just got engaged to Eddie and he wants to give them space (but at the same time he’s whining about how now he’ll have to deal with someone who doesn’t know his secret identity, Iris, ugh)
  • He answers an ad for a “well-behaved roommate who doesn’t mind music playing at all hours and shifting schedules, non-smoker, preferably tall enough to reach the top shelf that I can never get” and they hit it off instantly
  • Barry could move himself in in about three minutes flat but Cisco is so eager to help that he ends up doing it all the slow way and blows an entire weekend, but it’s cool because they have lots of great talks and this is gonna work out just fine
  • Cisco even has a job with a really weird schedule, which means he won’t notice Barry dashing in and out all the time, since he does the same thing
  • Cue weeks of “oh shit that’s my phone um I have to… go… for reasons… legitimate reasons…. oh you have to go too? haha isn’t that weird do you need a ride…. no? oh good, I mean, see you tonight…”
  • This is literally the best trope in existence just such mutual cluelessness even as they freaking JUMP out of windows to get to the crime but they’re so busy covering for themselves that they end up making excuses for the other guy too
  • “He probably got those bruises during his very active day job as a scientist in a lab, yes, that makes sense.” “Of course he doesn’t smell like smoke he specified non-smoker on the roommate advertisement.” “He knows a lot about current crime statistics he must watch the news a lot. When I’m not looking.”
  • And somehow they just DON’T PUT THE PIECES TOGETHER
  • Even though Flash and Vibe are teaming up more and more often lately, they’re not sure why, they just work really well together
  • Iris would probably figure it out in a second and smack some sense into Barry except she’s busy planning the wedding
  • So they just learn to live with each other’s quirks y’know
  • Barry always has a cupboard full of a zillion nutrition bars and Cisco doesn’t know how anyone can need that many calories but whatever
  • Cisco has trouble sleeping through the night and Barry doesn’t ask about the nightmares, just plays the occasional late-night session of Left 4 Dead 2 and lets Cisco fall back asleep on the couch
  • Wow he’s really cute when he does that NO BARRY STOP THAT
  • Because he’s already doing some kind of pseudo-flirting thing with Vibe and he really doesn’t want to mess that up
  • The pseudo-flirting turns into what could almost be a legitimate ~thing~ and it’s a little weird because they’re both still in masks but hey it’s pretty cool
  • Except things are also kind of heating up with his roommate, much to Barry’s chagrin
  • And then one night they’re up late and they’re laughing too much and sitting too close on the couch and one of them leans in and then they’re kissing
  • It’s awesome
  • No, wait, no it’s not, crap
  • Barry pulls back and Cisco’s giving him a weird, awestruck look and Barry just groans because “aw shit I think I just cheated on my boyfriend”
  • “Nope,” Cisco says, still with that weird look on his face (which Barry will look back on later and realize it’s the ‘I just got the craziest Vibe’ face). “Nope, you didn’t.”
  • “No, really, I-”
  • “Barry, listen to me.” Cisco puts his hands on Barry’s shoulders. “We’re idiots.”

How that Sherlloly scene should of gone

Despite the anxiety of the moment Sherlock couldn’t help smiling when Molly glanced at her phone and her face lit up. She smiled and when she answered he thought he could hear the smile in her voice. 

“Well this is unexpected. You told me you would be unreachable for the day.” 

“Change of plans.” Sherlock didn’t even struggle to keep his voice light. Molly calmed him. Eurus had meant this to be a heart wrenching test but–explosives and threat of death aside–it was like a balm to his soul.

On screen Molly’s smile grew. “Oh does this mean you will be round for dinner tonight?” 

“Might do.” 

Molly rolled her eyes and Sherlock smirked. He quite liked being able to assess her reactions without her knowledge. 

“Sherlock?” John’s voice brought him back to reality. Sherlock turned around to see his friend and his brother staring at him with various levels of confusion and shock. He had his reasons for keeping his relationship with Molly a secret–none of which John and Mycroft would agree with–but that would have to be dealt with later, right now he needed to get Molly out of danger. The counter ticked ominously but there was still two minutes. And given what Eurus had put them through so far he didn’t want to squander what might be the last time he spoke to Molly. 

“Did I ever tell you that before I met you I went through five medical examiners?”

“Why doesn’t that surprise me?”

“Not because I was difficult but because none of them could keep up with me. You keep up with me. Always.” 

And it wasn’t exactly a Shakespeare sonnet but he could tell by Molly’s expression that she knew what he meant. She always understood. 

“I love you too, Sherlock,” she replied in a soft whisper, not the first time he had heard those words but perhaps the last. 

And before he could repeat the sentiment his sister was cutting off the communication. Sherlock sighed. Back to the game. 

Thinkin’ about a Danny Phantom/Trollhunters crossover AU where Jim and Danny somehow become friends through their hidden crime-fighting personas

Imagine if they alternated bad guy fighting based around which one had a more important test tomorrow like “Hey Danny I’ve got a Spanish final tomorrow can you take over tonight? It’ll mean a lot” “Oh yeah of course as long as you take Thursday ‘cause I’ve got a history test” “Sweet man”

Pretty chill. Group of six total besties, all the comedic banter you could imagine and more. Imagine Tucker and Toby geeking out about stuff together, and Sam and Claire talking about their awesome butt kicking equipment. Danny and Jim talking battle strategy and bonding over conversation on their general stress from keeping their alter egos secret. I mean. Come on.

Think about the similarities between Vlad and Strickler, imagine the common ground they share. What if they worked together on something and all six of the kids had to team up to defeat them?

Just imagine Jack and Maddie meeting Barbara over dinner or at a school event. What if the kids coordinated stories to say they were at the other’s house and the parents found out both Danny and Jim were lying? What would ensue there?

Lancer and Strickler hanging out. “I know Danny’s got potential, he just… doesn’t apply himself enough.” “Oh, I know what you mean.”

Jaz becoming a sort of adopted big sister to Jim, since he really doesn’t talk to his mom that much and is an only child. She gets attached to people easily and I can totally see her getting protective of Jim when she learns about all he does and stuff like that.

Just kind of throwing some ideas around here.

What would it be called? Phantomhunters? Ghost Trolls? To be perfectly honest this may already exist…

Still the same part 2 - Joji

Someone requested a continuation of the fic ‘Still the same’ (which can be found here X , read it first to get the general idea of it. Or don’t. Your choice). Hope you enjoy it!


“ARGHH I’m going to do it!” you encourage yourself, your phone trembling in your hands, fingers twitching nervously over the keyboard. Your eyes could only see the name of the person you were trying to message—Joji Miller. Your ex-boyfriend which you recently reunited with after long arduous years. It all went better than expected, you have to admit. You never thought he’d get you to explain why you broke up with him in the first place right on the first accidental meeting; or him to forgive you so…easily?. A crease forms between your brows, as you pondered over the word ‘forgive’. He did seem to forgive you for your mistake, didn’t he? You wanted to believe that was the case because the sentence that make you wonder the most was…

‘Let’s slowly fall in love again.’

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EXO Reaction to you Being Super Flexible

So this one is actually going to be a little smutty just so you know. If you have any request leave them in my ask box and i’ll get to them as soon as i can. 

( none of these gifs are mine)


SEHUN: *everytime you guys cuddle together he likes to play with your leg* 

(weird maknae)

KAI: Oh does that mean you will show it off to me tonight? 

TAO: *you start showing off how flexible you are* Woah thats impressive jagi!!!

D.O: *he can’t control himself when you decide to start stretching, he just stares from a distance* (pervy kyungsoo)

CHANYEOL: Just wait till tonight jagi….

CHEN: *can’t help being turned on* oh no

BAEKHYUN: How about we combined my body rolls and your flexibility to make a new move (i’m sorry>.<) 

SUHO: Stop that you’re turning me on

LAY: oh my…..*the unicorn is getting turned on*

KRIS: *just sits there not saying anything*

LUHAN: Now let me show you my moves (i use this gif to often)

XIUMIN: *likes what he sees*