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Live Stream ♡ Christian Yu

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“Ah.. Y/N, Y/N, Y/N.. what a gorgeous girl.”

Christian was live streaming once again and I was currently at a shoot getting my necessities together before leaving. I received the Instagram notification and decided to see what my soon to be man had to offer. 

A lot of people figured we were together because of what we post via Instagram, and Twitter. We were just two individuals obviously in love with each other but too afraid to take action. We acted like a couple, that’s for sure. I met Christian when Dabin was searching for a certain someone for his ‘RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW’ music video, and he just so happened to be paired up with my very best friend. 

“Who is Y/N?” Christian repeated from a fan who commented.

“She’s a friend of mine. Such an appealing girl.. ridiculously stunning, and over all just a great catch.”

You’d have to be stupid to not realize how intrigued he was. Not a day goes by of him not expressing his genuine feelings to poor little Dabin about you.

“I’ve hung out with her plenty of times, and not a second goes by where I’m not completely fantasized by her damn beauty of a smile. I swear she’s got to be Santa’s little present to me or something,” Christian grinned before placing his chin on his balanced fist. 

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The Brave and the Consumable #1: Marshmallows

The first instalment in a series of flashfics. Tim eating ridiculous food in ridiculous ways is a headcanon very dear to my heart. This may or may not be based on real events.

Thank you to @scarletforest for inspiring the series title! (It’s both sufficiently nonsensical and a reference to Batman: The Brave and the Bold. Which is a bonus.)  

“Hey, Jason… can I borrow your lighter?”

Jason looked up from his computer at Tim, his mouth twisting in both silent disapproval and pleasant surprise. He leaned back in the swivelly chair and crossed his arms, studying his brother carefully. 

“I’m not going to stop you,’ he began, his voice measured. “But I do want to know what made you change your mind. Especially after you stayed up till four a.m., spamming me with all of those ‘smoking kills’ ads.”

Tim grinned. “Oh yeah… ha. Those were good. But don’t worry. I’m not gonna smoke.”

“Arsony is my thing, Tim.”

“Again. Not planning on committing arsony,” Tim said slowly. “I just want to roast a marshmallow.”

Jason blinked at the massive bag of huge, fluffy marshmallows that Tim had whipped out from behind his cape and was now hugging to his chest. 

“No,” he said, turning back to his laptop. 

“Please?” Tim pleaded, his voice sounding more like a whine than anything else. “We’re not in the manor, and your stupid safe house doesn’t have any fireplaces or grills… or flamethrowers. Shockingly.”

“I am not letting you set fire to my safe house,” Jason threw back. “This may come as a shock to you, but there are actually a large collection of highly dangerous weapons I store in here that will explode if any flames get near them.”

“You’re telling me you don’t smoke in here?”

“For fucks–” Jason threw up his hands, looking at Tim with his mouth hanging half-open in incredulity. “No?! No, I don’t. Because I’m not stupid.”

“Hmm…. sounds fake, but okay.”

Tim got up and grabbed a bucket up from the floor, dumping the spare parts and refilling it with water from the sink before returning. 

“There,” he plopped down on the floor with it. “Fire safety precautions taken. Happy?” 

Jason groaned into his hands, allowing them to slide down his face as he mumbled why me? and begrudgingly pulled a lighter out of his pocket, handing it over to Tim. 

Tim’s face lit up as he took it and proceeded to pull one giant marshmallow out of the bag. Jason watched him, his face completely devoid of all emotion save for the one twitching vein in his forehead, as he held the marshmallow over the tiny clicking flame until the smell of burnt sugar. It was a good smell, reminding Jason of campfires and crunching Autumn leaves and wintery walks in the woods behind the Manor. 

Once it was browned enough, Tim shut off the lighter and stuffed the marshmallow into his mouth, consuming it in one gulp. 

They both sat there in silence, Tim staring at the bag of marshmallows, Jason continuing to stare at Tim. 

“Happy?” Jason asked stiffly, in mimic of his brother. 

“No,” Tim responded, his voice subdued and despondent. “I don’t know… I thought it would taste better.”

“Okay. Well, you’ve had your roasted marshmallow. Can I have my lighter back now?”

“WAIT. Do you… do you have marshmallow fluff?”

Jason promptly smacked Tim in the face and held him down forcefully as he yanked the lighter away, throwing him a disgusted look. 

“I’m disowning you.”

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(( AU where the characters aren’t all spread across the world… :’ ( lol ))

“I can’t believe he has this much free time,” Yuri snorted.

“I think it’s cute that he puts so much effort into it,” Phichit said. “But he got kind of embarrassed when he realized we all followed his ‘secret’ accounts.”

The two skaters were huddled over their phones at the side of the rink, sharing a pair of earbuds.

Victor had to know what was interesting enough to get Yurio to lower his defenses long enough to talk to one of the foreign skaters.

“What are you watching~?”

He leaned in over Yuri’s shoulder.

“Fuck! Don’t sneak up on people like that!” the teen clutched at his chest angrily. Victor was like a ghost on the ice sometimes.

“A game?” Victor guessed, cheerfully ignoring Yuri’s complaining.

Phichit’s phone was flashing with images from some kind of alien fantasy world. Monsters were spewing out of caves in a bio-luminescent landscape, confronting a flurry of blue laser bolts coming from the character behind the camera.

“Wow, what is this? It looks fun,” Victor said, leaning in closer for a better look as Yuri practically did a backbend to get as far away from him as possible.

“What, you don’t follow his videos?” Yuri retorted.

“Whose videos?” Victor asked, blinking.

Phichit’s eyes slowwwly widened as realization dawned on him. He and Yuri exchanged dangerous grins.

“Oh my god,” Yuri was absolutely smug.

“It’s just this really popular gamer,” Phichit explained, easily recovering. Meanwhile Yuri looked like he was going to lose his shit any second. “We’ve all been following him for a while now. Me, Guang Hong, Leo, Emil, Mila, Sara… I just showed Yuri here last week!”

“I started following him as a joke, but… it’s actually kind of fun to watch,” Yuri admitted.

“I want to watch, too!” Victor decided.

“Oh, are you into this kind of thing?” Phichit asked too sweetly. “I would have told you about it sooner.”

“It’s ‘cuz you give off that uppity vibe,” Yuri said.

Victor’s shoulders stiffened a little.

Did everyone still think that?

“I want to watch it!” he insisted. “What is it called?”

Phichit scribbled something on a pink post-it note shaped like a hamster’s head and slid it over to Victor with a devilish smile.

“Let us know what you think!” he said.


Yuuri had a one-on-one training session with Yakov that evening, so Victor settled into the couch with his laptop balanced on his legs and Makkachin squeezed in around his feet. That dog was getting so fat. Victor always felt a bit guilty whenever training took him away from Makkachin. He devoted so much time to the ice, it was easy to get distracted from his other responsibilities. He ruffled Makkachin’s curly forehead.

“Tomorrow we’ll go to the park,” he promised.

Victor pulled out the pink sticky note and found some of the gamer’s old videos on a streaming site. Some of the videos were 6 hours long!

“Well, I’ll just watch for a bit,” Victor hummed to himself as he clicked on the flashiest thumbnail, which read:


Two hours later, he was gripping a pillow to his chest, talking enthusiastically to the screen as if he was giving the player direction from a command center.

“How can you make the jump from there- that’s not possible- y- Wow! He did it!!”

Makkachin’s ears perked up as Victor jumped in his seat.

“Ah, sorry- it’s okay, it’s okay,” he soothed, patting the dog on the back. “I became too invested,” he laughed quietly.

“Oh! It’s almost time for Yuuri to get home~!”

Victor clicked out of the video and saw that the main page was advertising a streaming event coming up that weekend.

“Hmm. I bet they’ll all be talking about it at practice… I shouldn’t miss it,” he told himself, nodding gravely as he subscribed to the gamer’s channel. Just as he closed the laptop, he heard the keys in the front door.



The weekend came quickly- the days leading up to it were mostly filled with training, but Victor did manage to sneak in a few drinks with Chris at a local bar, and he and Yuuri spent an entire evening at the dog park with Makkachin. The life of a professional athlete was hard. Victor was glad that he was able to work and play with fiancé every week. But of course, they needed their time apart, too. Tonight Victor had finally released Yuuri from a long, tight hug at the door-

“Victor, I’ll be late,” Yuuri had laughed after a few minutes had passed, but he was still squeezing back just as hard.

-so that Yuuri could go out with friends.

Victor was curious to meet these mystery friends, whom Yuuri had yet to bring over to the apartment, but he hadn’t pressed the issue. It would happen when Yuuri was ready. Besides, Victor trusted him completely.

With the place to himself, Victor had time to enjoy the quiet. It was so different being alone when the feeling was only temporary. And nowadays, those moments were few and far between.

Victor stretched out on the bed and Makkachin flopped down next to him, breathing softly. Victor was about to close his eyes when he heard his laptop ping!

“Ah, I almost forgot about the stream,” he said, arranging the pillows behind him and putting in some headphones so that the noise from the game wouldn’t disturb Makkachin.

A countdown began and the stream started. Hardcore gamers were sharing their commentary on the gameplay in live time. Some trolls were, too. There were apparently a few diehard fans watching as well. Messages like ‘marry me!’ and ‘you’re literally the best. I’ve been following you from the beginning!’ and ‘your tips have helped me so much!’ kept popping up on Victor’s screen.

Victor thought it was strange that the player had accumulated such a large following even though he never showed his face. He didn’t seem to be the only one who thought so- the chat box in the corner was full of people asking ‘when can we hear your voice?’ ‘how come you never show your face??’ He had to admit, he was curious, too. But that sort of thing didn’t really matter when it came to the game, and Victor found it interesting enough on its own. It was like watching a movie, but more intense.

The screen went red as the player’s character was beheaded unexpectedly, after he had progressed to the stage of the final boss in a single go. Victor let out a gentle, disappointed gasp. Some of the viewers in the chat turned nasty, pointing out all of the things the player had done wrong and using some …strong language. Victor’s brow screwed up and he pushed up his sleeves with a huff, taking to the chat himself.

“Don’t listen to them!” he typed. “That was really impressive. Don’t give up! I want to see more!”

The player’s character was frozen on the screen. …Had he left?

“Please keep playing. I’m your newest fan!” Victor added enthusiastically.


“Ohh no.” Yuuri was resting a hand on his flushed forehead, hiding his face. He pushed his massive headphones back around his neck and turning around in his chair to look suspiciously at Phichit, who was sitting on the floor in the corner, snapchatting memes back and forth with Leo. “Did you-” Yuuri’s voice cracked with embarrassment, “Tell. Him?”

“Hm?” Phichit looked up with big, innocent eyes.

Yuuri jabbed a finger at the computer screen where the username nikiforov-v was spamming the chat box with heart emojis.

Phichit shrugged unrepentantly.

“You thought I was going to let you use my room as a gaming office and not have any fun with this?”


“Okay, I didn’t tell him it was you. But he saw me talking to Yuri about one of your videos and he wanted to know what it was-”

“Yuri watches my videos?”

“And he’s bound to find out eventually, anyways~”

“Oh my god this is so embarrassing…”

“Why? I think it’s kind of exciting! I wonder how long it will take him to figure out that it’s you he’s watching.”

Yuuri grumbled something indecipherable and put his headphones back on, continuing the game from where he had respawned.

He didn’t miss the new flood of hearts popping up in the corner of his eye. His heart warmed a little.

Oh, but he was definitely going to get Phichit back for this.

No one knew, really, what Shepard had to do to make N7. They talked, they guessed, in the end they just made shit up – but no one knew

In which Yvaine Ryder meets Eliza Shepard. 

Someone who didn’t know better would think Alec Ryder had never been discharged at all, the way he glad-handed across the reception hall, slapping shoulders and shaking hands like he still belonged here, with all the other Alliance types. Yvaine watched him, laughing over champagne like nothing had changed, and shoved her own glass aside before she could do something stupid or embarrassing, like shatter it with a badly-timed corona flare.

The Ryder family name could stand up to a lot, judging by how no one openly rejected her dad, but public displays of idiocy would definitely cross the line.

“I need some air,” she yelled in Scott’s ear. If he heard her over the music, he didn’t act like it. Just kept bobbing his head and making eyes at one of asari across the way.

Good luck with that, Yvaine thought, her throat hot, and headed for the door to the balcony. That’s one of Matriarch Odrade’s acolytes. You’ll have better luck getting inside that volus’ suit than her panties. Or whatever she’s wearing under that dress.

She made it outside just before the headache hit and left her reeling and dizzy and more than a little sick to her stomach. Shit. Not another migraine, not tonight.

Weakness was the one unforgivable sin in this family, she reminded herself, and forced herself to keep walking, even though the lights made her temples pound and her mouth had gone all dry and sour. Sure, she could get her amp replaced, again, but that meant surgery, and recovery time, and she still wasn’t guaranteed a fix.

Dad would tell her to work through the pain, that she could always find a way to succeed, no matter the odds, but then he didn’t have a fucked-up nervous system, did he? And even if he did, with Dad’s luck, he’d just sail through without a headache or any of the other hundred bullshit ways biotics messed with your life.

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Title: aesthetically pleasing
Kind: aesthetic blogger donghyuck and his cute af bf mark au, fluff af, too sweet
Original link of the fic in aff: http://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/1253571/aesthetically-pleasing-donghyuck-markhyuck-marklee-markchan-haechan-leedonghyuck pls check my other markhyuck fics i need more opinions on them ^-^ (you can check my friend’s fics too, we share the same account ^-^)
Note: it’s my first time posting a fic in tumblr so im nervous af and it might be a failed fluff but here we go:

Donghyuck was trying to choose the perfect filter for the aesthetically pleasing photo he just took a few minutes ago when a notification signal popped up from his tumblr app. He was so used to getting notifications all the time from tumblr, twitter and instagram. He was very popular in social media thanks to other aesthetic lovers like him. His followers were going crazy over the photos he takes or the aesthetics he makes. Even though his blog’s name wasn’t anything close to the name of a normal aesthetic blog he still got over 2000 followers. He was also posting some memes or some shady posts on his blog sometimes which was making his followers get feed on the drama but also have fun.

He opened the app and his eyes went to his url automatically. “Jerrys-tom”. He laughed when he remembered how he forced mark to have matching urls so they chose “jerry’s tom” and “tom’s jerry” and wrote “in love @….” to their profiles and tagged each other. Well donghyuck was an overprotective bf and he knew so many people were after mark and oh no lee donghyuck would never let anyone steal his bf from him. And maybe, JUST MAYBE!, he thought the matching urls, icons and profiles with mark would be cute and romantic af and would make his heart flutter everytime he sees it.

The notification was from his inbox. He rolled his eyes and sighed. If it was one of those “hey check my game pls i need some opinions” kind of spam or those “how you and your jerry’s sex life ? Need some third player in your game baby girl ??” Kind of perverts again he was gonna be very, very pissed off. And not just because everyone who checks his blog just once thinks he is a girl, not that it is something bad but he just simply,clearly is not a girl, but also because it was becoming so annoying after like 283383 times dealing with spammers and pervs.

But thank god it was just a normal, actually way too normal, ask. “Write 5 things that makes you happy then send it to 5 people to do the same 💙”

If donghyuck was a normal aesthetic blogger he would simply aswer with “my bf, my family, my friends, music and aesthetic” but of course he being the lee donghyuck he is answered like this:

1. Mark lee 😙
2. Lee minhyung 😙
3. Mork 😙
4. The ramen hair boi 😙
5. My jerry 😙

And tagged mark’s blog at the end of his answer. Mark’s blog was so different than donghyuck’s. While donghyuck’s was a mix of mostly aesthetic pics, memes and shady posts, mark’s blog was full of memes, short scary stories, heart warming stories, fantaken pics of his fave idols, conspiracy theories, the “5 amazing tricks to do with …..” kind of posts, and yeah memes again. Donghyuck smirked after posted his answer. He knew mark will be blushing like heck when he saw what donghyuck tagged him. Taking his teasing one more step further donghyuck send the same ask to mark’s blog but added the “😙” emoji at the end.

He went back to choosing a filter for his freshly taken photo till he heard his phone ringing “My baby loves me,My baby loves me, My baby ,My baby, My baby loves me”. He used that ringtone for only one person ever so he answered the phone without even looking at screen to see who was calling. “Whats up baby ?”

He couldn’t see mark’s face but he knew he was red like a tomato “h-hey donghyuck w-why you tagged me into that post ?”

Donghyuck almost squealed at how adorable mark sounded. Almost. “Well, they asked me 5 things makes me happy and i answered with full honestly”

“B-but you just wrote me for all 5 times”

“You know you make happy the most mork”

Donghyuck’s heart got in pain, trying so hard not to ran to mark’s house and hug him so tight when he heard mark’s cute little giggle

“Do i really ?”

“You do really. You are my happiness mark lee”

Mark giggled more “since when lee donghyuck is a cheesy romantic ?”

“Since when mark lee giggles like a high school girl ?”

Donghyuck could see mark rolling his eyes even without seeing his face.

“So do i have to answer it too since you sent it to me too ?”

“Hmm hmm” said donghyuck, holding the phone with one hand while checking his tumblr to see if anyone liked his answer yet. Cause most of the times the first person who likes the anon ask’s answer is the person who asked it. But of course he didn’t got surprised when he saw mark liked it first. Probably cause he was tagged to the post so he saw it first.

“Okay then”

“What you will write as the answer ?” Asked donghyuck in a teasing tone, smirking like mark could see him through the phone

“You’ll see” mark said then added “now go do your homework. I wont let you copy mine this time”

“But baaaabe!” Donghyuck whined cutely which would make mark shutter in any other time but now he just sighed, trying hard not to die over his boyfriend’s cuteness.

“No buts lee donghyuck you’ll do your homework or no more cuddles for you”

“Okay okay damn i’ll do it” said donghyuck and heard mark giggle again “good boy”

“Will you give me a sweet kiss if i do it well ?”

“S-shut up and go do your homework idiot” mark said and ended the class

Donghyuck laughed at mark’s cuteness but did his homework anyway cause god knows the cutest boy in this world ever mark lee was turning into a boy who gives scary and cold af looks to everyone when he was angry.

The homework took just 20 minutes so it was okay for donghyuck to do it but teasing mark was always more fun than actually doing the homework. When he finally finished it he thought about checking his tumblr again to see if mark answered his ask. He knew mark wasn’t into social media that much, he would prefer reading a book over scrolling down in tumblr but he still checked it anyway. His eyes widened when he saw he got tagged into an aswer.

“Holy shit he really answered already” said quietly to himself and clicked to the notification.

The question was same of course “write 5 things that makes you happy then send it to 5 people to do the same 😙”

1. Donghyuck 💙
2. Lee donghyuck 💙
3. The sun-kissed prince 💙
4. Most beautiful piece of art 💙
5. My tom 💙

Donghyuck felt his heart melting sweetly. Damn why mark was so sweet ? What have he done to deserve such a sweet angel as his bf ? Really donghyuck was blessed af with mark’s existence

He kept reading mark’s answer with that stupid lovesick smile on his face and his smile widened when he readed the words mark wrote after tagging him “@jerrys-tom i love you darling 💙”

Donghyuck was gonna reblog it with a gif full of hearts and kisses but then he saw mark dm'ed him.

“Have u done your homework lee donghyuck ??”

“I did darling”

“If you make fun of it ever i swear to god hyuck.”

“You know i won’t”

“I know you will.”

Donghyuck laughed and wrote the next words with the fealing of his shaking heart on his chest

“I love you so much”

He knew what mark will send as the answer but he still felt his heart shaken more when he red the “i love you so much too idiot”

Damn he was so in love with mark he couldn’t even stop his heart beating that fast whenever he thinks about him.


“Yes baby ?”

“Why you love aesthetics so much ?”

“They remind me you. They are so beautiful, soft, makes me smile but tbh you are a lot lot lot better than all aesthetics i had ever seen. You are the defination of beautiful mark”


“You love me”

“Damn right i do”

Donghyuck forgot about the photo he was gonna post and all other things he was gonna do. He didn’t care much about them that moment tbh. He closed his laptop and walked out the house and the next thing he knew he was cuddling with mark in his kinda small but warm bed.

Yeah donghyuck loved aeshetic so much. But he loved mark lee the most

Alpha and Omega (Alpha!Bucky x Omega!Reader)

¡Hola, mi compadres!

I thought I would do this as a series of Bucky omegaverse one shots, but where they can be read as a whole or seperately???

Idk I thought it was a good idea.

Enjoy! x

Bucky rested his head in his hands. It was official. He was the only un-mated Alpha in his whole university. He was going to die alone. Every time he caught smell of something exciting, it would turn out to be another goddamn mated omega. Or a beta. And why was he alone? He wasn’t the worst alpha. How the hell did that clint kid get a mate before him? Albeit, lots of girls were put off by the fact he had a metal arm, but his ma always told him that it was ‘beautiful, sweetheart’. He was a better specimen than that idiot. Sure, he was captain of the math something or other. Sure, he held the university’s archery record, but that wasn’t that great, was it? Bucky had muscles. He was hardcore. Since when had girls not liked hardcore?

“Hey, bud, still mopin’?” His best friend, Steve, liked to mock him. “It’s hardly surprisin’, Buck. You’re a mess.”
“Easy for you to say.” Was Bucky’s miserable reply. Steve had it easy. He was nicknamed ‘golden boy’, both in and out of the classroom. All the girls liked Steve. Bucky would just be getting somewhere with someone, and then Steve would swoop in, and the girl wouldn’t even know Bucky’s name.
“Chill, you’ll find the right girl one a’ these days.” His friend flashed a charming smirk, before heading off, no doubt to do annoying couple-y things with his perfect mate. Bucky heard no end about how beautiful this girl was, how perfect she smelled (weird), how shiny her hair was, how the shade of her hair matched the shade of her lipstick, yaddah yaddah yaddah (spam to the first person to guess who she is- y'all know and love her). He hadn’t even met the girl, but from how much Steve talked about her, he often felt like he did know her. The truth was, Bucky found himself surrounded by love, (love is all around me, I feel it in my bones….) and he was sick of it. There were always couples surrounding him, kissing, hugging and being affectionate. It gave Bucky a very depressed state of mind, particularly in and around his rut, which his friends had kindly nicknamed his 'man period’.

And as if that wasn’t enough, his mother was always on at him. He would get daily texts, each reading something along the lines of either 'still single?’ or 'Maxine’s daughter is recently divorced’. Maxine was one of his mother’s many über irritating friends. They were the kind of women who 'lunch’, (since when had lunch become a verb? As far as Bucky was aware, lunch was a meal, and not one he was overly fond of) and that seemed to be the only thing they were any good at. That and screeching 'Oh, Bucky, dahling, you’ve gotten so handsome!“, and kissing his cheek, which would undoubtedly leave an annoying mark on his face. He avoided his mother’s friends, and their stuck up daughters, like the plague. He would rather die alone than with one of those 'snotty moos’, as he was prone to calling them.

“Still lookin’ for a mate, huh Buck?” Sam, another of Bucky’s friends, asked. He found Bucky’s loneliness particularly amusing. In fact, he had been the one to come up with the whole 'man period’ thing, along with a few other unpleasant nicknames.
“Yup.” He replied. “I am inde-” A sharp smell cut him off, something like Christmas cookies and….. Marshmallow? (The kind that get squished between s'mores) It was the unmistakable smell of an unmated omega, and as soon as it had come, it disappeared.
“I have some advice that may be of use to you.” Another, distinctly English, voice added.
“Go on, then.” Bucky said impatiently. “Spill.”
“Well, maybe your, uh, demeanour, could be considered-” The man began.
“Hey, shut it, England.” Bucky snapped. “If you’re gonna tell me-”
“Oh, so should I leave?” A distinctly female voice said from behind them.
“You what?” Sam asked.
“I just transferred here, and was looking for Steve Rogers? I was told I could find him here.” She replied.
“Steve is off schmoozing with his beautiful omega, but you’re welcome to hang with us until he comes back.” Sam told her.
“Sounds good.” She pulled a chair out. “I’m Y/N, by the way. I’m an architecture major?”
“Ah. You shall be with me, and a good friend of mine.” Thor told her. Bucky was too busy being distracted- as Y/N had arrived, the mesmerising smell he had caught earlier had returned. Something about the way the girl smelled made Bucky want to wrap her in his arms and never let go.
“Bucky?” Sam murmured. “You okay, man?”
“What?” Bucky asked.
“Well, Buck, this is Y/N. She’s an omega who just transferred. Y/N, this is Bucky.” Sam said, trying to hold back laughter.
“Pleasure.” The girl, Y/N, held out a small hand for Bucky to take.
“She’s in architecture with me.” Thor told him.
“So I guess you’ll be in Advanced Math with me. Harsh luck.” Bucky told her. “Our professor is a right dick.”
“I’m sure they’re not that bad.” She replied, a slight smile on her face. As she did so, she absent-mindedly tipped her head up slightly, causing her scent to intensify. Bucky couldn’t help but lean in slightly, taking in as much of the entrancing smell as he could.
“Uh, that’s a bit weird.” Sam said. “What’s with the, uh, smelling, buddy?”
“He’s an alpha, and I have a very strong smell. It’s a natural reaction.” She said. “It doesn’t bother me.”
“Aha, sorry.” Bucky rubbed the back of his neck.
“Don’t apologise.” She smiled, moving closer to Bucky and leaning in, towards his neck, and breathing deeply. “You don’t smell so bad yourself.” Bucky felt his jaw drop. That had certainly not happened to him before.

Thank You For 200 Followers!

Just wanted to make a lil thing saying thank you all for following me and showing interest in my version of Grima. Below the cut is hella long, and a whole lotta mush. Proceed as you will. 

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Zutara Headcanons Feels- Part II

(Original Zutara Headcanon meme) | (Part I )

I’ve had this ask and another one saved for like 2 years now but I really am not a writer guys, but I’m so tired of looking at the same unfinished draft so here we go, I tried my best. It’s now or never. 

I’ll post the second headcannon separately for obvious reasons.

♦ - Quirks/Hobbies Headcanon


It all starts with an old book and a rare flower.

Zuko gives her the heavy tome for her twenty-sixth birthday, Known Plants of The Four Nations: A Study of Medicinal Botany, from what was once his grandmother’s own private library. To accompany it, Toph brings her back a rare medicinal flower from deep within the Earth Kingdom Jiang-Xi caverns. It takes her less than a week to devour the whole volume and although Katara would never admit to it, both flower and book quickly become her second most valued possession.

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I’m almost done with my finals so have some fam quotes

-birds are loud
-but cute
+like me

‘‘i have dememepression’’

+your dad is my spirit animal

+It’s one in the fucking morning

‘‘The one where she has 8 legs’’

-My leg
-It’s stuck
-Fuck my leg huRTS
-brb trying to scape
-I’ve been freed
-My leg was stuck in the void
-Aka the side of the bed near the wall

-I’m still not over the fact that I confused an American president with a chicken restaurant

‘‘*notices your bulge * OwO whats this? r u excited for daddi? x3

-* slams the bible on the talbe*
-we need this guys
+I thought you would pull out the Kamasutra honestly

‘‘Well the binder dial me daddy thing was from when we were walking to history class and my friend had her phone on top of her books and binders and she pulled them against her chest when we were going through a crowded area and she accidentally called me??? so then i just kinda turned to her and said ‘binder dial me daddy’ and she stopped dead in her tracks bc she was crying from laughter’’

-And then the thicc sus thing was just me thinking about how to make spaghetti and meatballs really fucking sexual
+Just go to Italy Jesus Christ

‘‘knk is one letter away from kink’’

‘‘Porn + Angst = Life’’

‘‘My teacher said ‘no hugging, no touching, only high fives are allowed’’’

‘‘We played kahoot in music
My name was ‘daddy 666′
And someone used a spam bot and added like 7 daddies’’


-y’all doin the most
+doin the moist

-what is ‘‘cronch’’
+monch but softer
-what is ‘‘monch’’
+cronch but softer


‘‘Bendiddle Counterclock is Dead’’

she was eye eyebrows’’

‘‘if that’s what death looks like death is ho t’’

‘‘Theres literally no middle ground. I either give 0 fucks about it or I will end my life in defense of whatever I have claimed as mine’’

-WE were walking to the park and then a cOYOTE runs up and we’re like wAT
+You’re focusing on the lesser details here
+porn star friends???????
+Oh my god
-it was an experice
+It sure sounds like it

‘‘A glass cabinet of dildos’’

-Put blood plant on shelf
+S t o p

‘‘Jesus Christ I read bore as vore and I was like ‘‘WHY WOULD YOU VORE HIS KIDS’’’’

‘‘That moment when ur used to read fics in Englihs cause in ur native there arent a lot of good ones and then u just find a good one in ur native and u feel #blessed’’

-I just fucking imagined mermaids trying to skate
+Wiggle wiggle

-Sup is one (1) letter away from soup
+Soup is nine (9) letters away from depression
-depression is me
~Where’s the u going 
+Up the ass

-want to come over and eat what my mom made?
+did she made jelly
+i want jelly

‘‘Novi: I know but my brother has to go to bed and we’ve been talking for like 5 hours
Me: It’s ok I understand
Novi: No it’s not I want to throw him into a river’’

-Novi in the VC: ‘‘I didn’t need to see that,,, I’m having a stroke’’
+Also me in the VC: ‘‘I’m not pure, I pronounce Georgia as Heorhhhhhhhia’’

-im gay for hell

‘‘sky has too many colors to be straight’’

-what will you do Ryan
+i guess

-we are all pure and sane people here
+excepting u

+i understand now
-i meant to say aaaaaaaaaaa but i hit s by accident so it looks like i was hissing

~why are yall taking over places???

-im pure cant you tell
+no we can’t
+cause we can fucking see

‘‘how much dong would a dong dong if a dong could dong dong’’

-sshlonguh dongafolay?
~dong long
^novi mispronounced schlong dongadoodle
^so this is what we get
-sslonguh dongadolay
^ye thats how he said it
^sure honey

‘‘Y’all Ryan is Romanian now’’

‘‘an anagram for lulu’s children is uncurled hills’’

‘‘in soviet russia the america lives in you’’

‘‘I am in a call with Ryan and I just messed up the pronunciation of the 50 states of America and I feel proud’’

‘‘>what do when youre nervous when you see your crush
<close your eyes’’

‘‘is elmo hotter than kermit’’

‘‘i just squealed why am i so white’’

‘‘I should be sleeping honestly
How tragic
That I don’t give a fuck


‘‘yes the best zombie ive ever seen’’

-*distant, but very loud * YEEHAW
+it distant bc im in europe

-Lmao Google maps is being stupid as fuck
+wow I’m Google maps the
-I wanna say no bc ily but I also wanna say ‘‘big fucking mood’’ tbh
+I’m what the kids call
-Im what the kids call
-really fucking bad at art why do I even try
-fucking me

‘‘Earlier I was angry bc of fake advertising of granola’’


-choke on that dicc
+I just shoved like 50 animal crackers in my mouth this is the end
-animal diccs
+my favourite animal is a penis
+mhm so tasty
-A wild penis galloping through the fields

-what is rule 63
-no 63

‘‘Guys I just remembered this evening I was working on a few essays with my best friend and then I just stretched and said ‘‘Jesus I stretched my own soul’’ and she answered ‘‘And even when you don’t have one’’ and I was just like,,, true’’

-I once said that I didn’t have a heart and my mom agreed and laughed

-she was like ‘‘oh i love her hald skirt’’ and i was like ‘‘,, hes a guy’’
-and she responded with ‘‘oh you mean from that one japanese skatey show thing’’
-sure mom
-i think thats the first time ive ever heard yoi called that tbh
-ive heard it referred to as ‘‘that one thing with the japanese weeb and the snow man’’
-i died a little after that conversation tbh

-i almost pulled up the rappin for jesus video onto my tv in fromt of my parents
-fuck that was close

-did you not know they were the same thing
+my bad fam
-for fucks sake
-mcr is my chermical romance im actually so offended i might cry

‘‘mama i talk about ghost sex all the time wow’’

‘‘i went straight to my PS3 oops
That’s the straightest thing I’ve done’’

-I literally just typed in ‘horny fish’ and did not get what I expected
+I’m sorry about the horny fish

-i have exams too i dont wanna
+I do wanna (die)

-ur collar bone could kill a man ( me ) and I love i t 

‘‘get your shit together korea be more creative’’

‘‘dad wanted to buy me heelys when i was like 8 or 7
mother didnt let him

-I got sour patch children.
-im killing these children by eating them.

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Monster’s Daughter (Namjoon angst pt. 10) Finale

Summary: Your 4-year old daughter is a HUGE BTS fan. Unknown to her, Namjoon is her father.

Request?: No

Type: Angst/Fluff

Reader Name: Rose Lowe

~~  One  ~  Two  ~  Three  ~   Four  ~  Five  ~  Six  ~  Seven ~  Eight  ~  Nine  ~  Ten  ~~

This chapter is not in chronological order, not messy though.I debated SO LONG (obviously) about how to end this. After a certain point I felt I couldn’t post it unless it was PER-FECT. Finally I settled on this with maybe a few related drabbles for the ideas I didn’t get to include. Thank you to everyone who has read and supported Monster’s Daughter and I deeply apologize for the outrageous wait. Much Love


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anonymous asked:

can you do a coffee shop!au where you work at the coffee shop exo hangs at and you caught baekhyun's eye so the members are teasing him to ask you out~ little does he know you like him back :P extra fluffy plz <3

ahhh sorry this took so long!! i had to restart bc it wasn’t going the way i wanted it to go lol hope you enjoy!! (byun baekhyun kills me)

coffee shop!baek

  • the first time they show up to the coffee shop, all nine of them come in at once, and they’re all wearing dark clothes and looking shady af
  • you think that they’re a bunch of hoodlums because if there’s something you’ve learned from high school, it’s that a group of ridiculously good looking guys means trouble
  • but they are pretty good at keeping quiet and not bothering the other customers and never overstay their welcome
  • so your first negative impression quickly goes away and you actually look forward to them coming in every so often
  • every time they come, they all order the same thing, so you end up memorizing it
  • sehun always asks if you guys added an option for tapioca onto the menu
  • (the day that you actually make it happen, he hugs you tightly and asks for extra, extra boba in his chocolate smoothie)
  • ok so on like their third visit or so, you finally catch one of the guys stealing glances of you and quickly looking away every time
  • you ask kyungsoo what his name is because you’re taking your time to learn all of their names (nine boys holy)
  • you learn that the cute boy with droopy eyes and a nice laugh and smile is named baekhyun
  • you come to notice that the boys always play rock paper scissors before ordering
  • and you’re like “well jeez?? am i that ugly or smth?”
  • but you find out that the winner gets to order (otherwise they’d be arguing about who gets to order this time), and you’re just like these guys……are so cute???????
  • starting from one day, baekhyun comes up to order, smiling shyly and cracking a couple of jokes
  • and he’s so charming??? like you can’t stop smiling and you have to try to so hard not to blush
  • but the next time and the next, it’s always baekhyun that comes up to order, and you soon realize that they stopped playing rock paper scissors and when the two of you are talking, the other boys get quiet and stare
  • the truth is that baek told the boys that he likes you and the boys are so nice
  • somehow you end up getting their kakaotalks (they have to try really hard to keep it a secret from the managers)
  • and like getting random texts from chanyeol like “baek misses you” “awhh i miss him and all of you toooo” “no like…he really misses you. i think he’s crying in the bathroom he hasn’t come out in like fifteen minutes” “omG chanyeol” “oh woops jk he was taking a shower but he does miss youuuu”
  • when you first met the boys, you didn’t know they were exo bc you’re busy with school and work and you don’t really keep up with all the music and idols that are popular rn, but how you found out is that you heard baek and jongdae humming and singing bits of their songs while they were at the shop and you were like “wow they’re good at singing”
  • one day you’re curled up on your bed reading a book and skipping through the tv channels, hardly even paying attention
  • but you briefly hear a bit of the same song you’ve been hearing the boys sing for a couple weeks and you’re like “??? i know that voice???”
  • you find the channel and you stare at the screen with wide eyes bc it’s your coffee shop boys…singing…and dancing on a stage…….and winning first place……..and having millions of fans cheering their names out
  • the next time they come to the coffee shop, you avoid looking them in the eye bc these are not the same guys you thought they knew
  • they’re just like “___???? are you ignoring us??”
  • ok back to baekhyun bc this post is about him
  • he’s the one most upset when you try not to look at him after you find out he’s in like one of the most popular boy bands ever
  • he’s just like “please look at me?? please?????” and omg my heart hurts
  • and when you do, he’s smiling widely like “awwww are you nervous because you’re around a celebrity?”
  • and he snickers like a cute lil shit and you’re just like this boy……..if he wasn’t famous……..
  • baekhyun looks soooo soft all the time - he always shows up in hoodies and just looks tired and smiley and fluffy
  • but one time the boys come right after a music show and they’re still in like makeup and stuff
  • and you see baek with his hair styled up and off his forehead and eyes lined darkly and looking just breathtaking
  • your heart races and this is when you realize……..you’re so into him
  • that night you spam text sehun like “hELP” “what, did you finally realize that you’re into baekhyun-hyung?” “NO I THINK I LIKE BA– WAIT WHAT” “about time, ___. smhhh” and that’s the last thing he sends you
  • but like the other boys spam you like jongdae’s “I KNEWWWW ITTT” and chanyeol’s like “;-)))))” and suho’s like “welcome to the family”
  • and you just sit there blushing furiously at your phone screen before screaming at sehun “oH SEHUN I SWEAR TO GOD”
  • he’s just like “don’t worry, he’ll ask you out soon ;)”
  • you can’t fall asleep that night because your cheeks are still red and hot and you can’t stop thinking about how this all happened

i kinda wanna write more for this coffee shop!baek heheheeheheh ok sorry that i didn’t post most today, but since it’s the weekend, i’ll definitely be trying to finish up all the requests i have as of right now!!

feel free to send in your requests here!!

Shawn Imagine for Kylie

Another boring day at school had passed. Another day of me sitting through classes that I didn’t really care. Another pointless day. And now I’m sitting in the car on the way to see my boyfriend of seven months, Shawn. He is an amazing guy. Sweet and caring, yet protective and aggressive. He is perfect for you making him your other half. I looked at my mom who was pissed that she even had to drive you home while Shawn sat at your house alone. Since he was so busy with magcon I was barely able to see him. He had driven all the way from Dallas to see me in Florida. I meant the world to him so he didn’t mind doing it. I finally made it home and jumped out of the car. I could feel the excitement coursing through my vines as I ran towards the door. I bust through the front door and he looked up quickly from his phone. He stood up and I ran in his arms. I gripped his back and smiled really big while closing my eyes. This was the embraced that I craved every night, and now it was mine again. I kissed him and heard my mom clear her throat at us. I giggled and took his hand leading him back to the couch. He sat down and i cuddled up next to him. My mom shook her head and went into the kitchen in the next room.
“Kylie! I’ve missed you more than anything” He said letting me nestle my head on him. I breathed in his cologne and sighed. I missed this and realized that I only had him to yourself for like five days. I was sure I was going to make them count. After we watched a movie we decided to play on our phones for a while. I opened up twitter and scrolled through, but most of it was pointless crap. All of a sudden something caught my eye. It was a picture of Shawn and a fan. I swallowed hard. I knew that the girls will still obsessed with him, but he was still mine and I got jealous. I looked up and noticed Shawn staring at me. He shook his head and kissed me on the cheek. The rest of the day was amazing. We watched a movie and then ate dinner. Then I fell asleep in his arms and he carried me to my room. The next morning was amazing. It felt great to wake up and see Shawn. Although we slept in different rooms, it still felt perfect. I made my way into the kitchen and sat down. The seat felt cold so I fidgeted a little. Shawn giggled and continued eating his pancakes.
“Good morning sunshine” He said smiling at me. I blushed and looked away. My heart started to speed up. I returned the good morning favor and we both finished our pancakes. We decided we would go on a walk. On this walk he told me all about Magcon. About how he loved all the guys and how much they meant to him. It was beautiful to see him this happy, but it made you sad because you knew he was going on to bigger things. He took his hand in mind as the trail ended and kissed me. His lips pressed against mine was my favorite feeling in the world. He finally let go of the kiss and guided me back to my house. I sat down on my couch and went on twitter. I scrolled through a spam of follow requests to taylor from some fan and rolled my eyes. Then my heart skipped a beat. I saw a picture of Shawn and some fan kissing. Except it was a full on kiss on the lips. He had his eyes closed and so did she. I felt a tear escape my eye and roll down my cheek. I quickly stood up slamming my foot on the ground. Shawn jumped and looked up at me.
“What the hell?” He asked confused. He looked up at me with his beautiful eyes, but I had to ignore them because I was FURIOUS.
“How do you explain this Shawn?” I screamed shoving my phone in his face. He looked at it with a sour face. I knew that he was trying to cover it up which brought tears to my eyes. I withdrew my phone and sat down on the couch. I felt the tears start to rush down my face. How could he do this? It’s been seven months and I’ve been so good to him? What did I do wrong? I felt him put his arm around me and I shook it off. “Don’t touch me you cheater!” I exclaimed.
“That’s fake Kylie. Calm down please” He said. I could hear the irritation in his voice which just fueled my anger.
“Calm down? Seriously! You fucking kissed another girl and you want me to calm down?” I yelled even louder. I felt my heart beating fast as adrenaline pumped through my body. I shook my head and kicked the couch in anger.
“It’s fake!” He yelled back rolling his eyes at me. I balled my fist and bit my lip. How was he angry at me. He’s the one that cheated!
“You know what. Get out of my house!” I yelled while tears started to cloud my eyes. I heard silence and looked at his shocked face. He took a big swallow and stood up. I saw the tears form in his eyes and looked away. He grabbed his keys off the coffee table and muttered fine. He opened the door and slammed it. I sat down on my couch and bawled. I felt my mom wrap her arm around me and I embraced her letting Niagra falls loose.
Three days later I was sitting in my room reading a book. That’s all I had been doing since my fight with Shawn. I missed him so I needed something to take my mind off of him. I suddenly heard a knock on my front door. I knew my mom wasn’t gonna be home until later tonight so I was really confused. I put my book down and slowly walked to the door. I opened the door and there he was. Shawn mendes. The asshole who cheated on me. I slammed the door but he stopped it with his strong arms. I’m not gonna lie that was a bit of a turn on.
“Kylie I can’t stop thinking about you. Your caramel hair, your blue eyes, your beautiful body. You mean the world to me and you know I would never hurt you. I love you more than I love myself and you know deep down that the picture was fake.” He stated. I felt my lip start to wiggle and my eyes fill up with tears. I threw myself at him and hugged him really tight. A smile took over my face.
“Let me make this up to you” He said in a sexy smoldering voice. I felt him grab the back of my thighs and pick me up. He quickly carried me back to my room. He pushed the book off the bed and started to kiss me. We continued to kiss for about three minutes when I felt him beg for entrance into my mouth. I quickly accepted and our tongues fought for dominance. He obviously one and eventually broke the kiss. He removed his shirt and I gazed at his perfect body. He stated that this was all about me and removed my shirt. He kissed my neck and left a bunch of love bites all over me. He kissed his way down to my breasts and removed my bra. He licked my nipples and I moaned in pleasure. He then cupped my boobs in his hands which sent chills down my spine. After a minute he let go and left little kisses until he got down to my pants. He removed my booty shorts pretty easily and started to rub outside of my clit. I felt myself get a little wet and he bit his lip. He finally removed my panties and licked up my pussy. I moaned his name and begged for him to get inside of me. I was really horny to say the least. He slowly stuck a finger inside of me which caused me to moan again. He started to move it in and out and my breathing got heavier. He added another finger and screamed in pleasure. He was going really fast and I felt an amazing feeling in my stomach.
“I’m… Close…” I managed to make out. He added a third finger and pushed deep hitting my g-spot causing me to release all over him. I screamed his name in the process. He licked my juices off of his fingers and removed his pants and boxers. His member slapped against his stomach which caused me to bite my lip. He positioned himself at my entrance and I nodded at him with approval. He slammed himself into me and I screamed again in pleasure. I wouldn’t be surprised if the neighbors could hear us. The sound of skin slapping against skin filled the room and our moans quickly followed. He started to get all the good places causing me to moan louder. I felt myself go to my climax and I gripped the bed sheets.
“Shawn oh my god. I can feel it” I said between his thrusts. He started to get sloppy and demanded that I hold myself in. It was getting really hard and I felt tears of pleasurable pain fill my eyes.
“3” He got even more sloppy and gripped the headboard behind me
“2” He pushed himself deeper into me with every thrust making it so hard not to cum
“1” We both came simultaneously and we rode out our highs. He pulled out and put on his boxers. He laid down next to me and took my hand in his.
“I hope everything is better now” He said winking

This was written by my babe ( fxkinmagcon ) and if you don’t follow then you should bc he’s perf.

Be Mine (III)

Characters: Taehyung (V) & Reader & Seokjin (Jin)

Genre: A little bit of everything, but mostly angst

Series: Intro, Chapter 1 , Chapter 2, Chapter 3 , Chapter 4 Chapter 5Chapter 6Chapter 7Chapter 8Chapter 9, Chapter 10 Chapter 11Chapter 12, Chapter 13Chapter 14 , Chapter 15

Summary: You were introduced to your best friend’s university friends, but none of them seemed to appeal to you like Taehyung did, and no matter under what circumstances, you couldn’t seem to get your mind off of him. But there was a set back to all this..

Hello Everyone! I hope you guys didn’t mind my little part where I wrote about the character fangirling over T.O.P… it’s secretly me in real life 😅😂 I hope you guys have all liked this chapter? I’ve already finished writing chapter 4, so I’m thinking that I might post it on Monday? Which from where I live is two days from today. As always, remember to like, reblog and share! Happy Reading~

Originally posted by blockyung

Taehyung never called you that night, matter of fact, he never even called you the next day.

Ever since Taehyung left, everything else seemed like a blur. You didn’t sleep that night because you didn’t want to sleep through him calling. You felt like you were going crazy from waiting for his phone call hour after hour. Maybe the moment he got home he just knocked out? The next morning was even worse, running on zero hours of sleep, you had to pull yourself together and force yourself to act normal, whatever that means. You couldn’t stop frantically tapping your fingers against your phone screen hoping for it to ring.

The moment your best friend saw your eye bags dragging down your face, she asked,

“Did you not sleep last night?”

Too tired to even answer her, you just nodded and headed towards the washroom. After locking the door, you looked at your own reflection seeing how lifeless you looked. As compared to yesterday when your cheeks were fiery red, your face now looked dull and tired. Feeling the phone in your hand vibrate, your eyes quickly shifted from the mirror to the phone screen, hoping that it was Taehyung you quickly answered without checking the caller I.D.

“Hello? Taehyung?” You breathlessly said.

“Y/N?” You were disappointed to hear Jin’s voice instead.

“O-Oh… oppa. Yeah?”

“I was just um.. wondering when should I pick you up today for our date.” He cheerfully said.

Oh crap. I forgot all about that.. Although you did promise Jin that you would go today, you really weren’t feeling all that up for dessert right now. All you really wanted to do was to hug onto your boyfriend, who just happens to be towns away and hasn’t even called you yet.

“Y/N? You there?” Jin asked hearing that you didn’t respond.

“Uh… Yeah I’m here. I’m sorry Jin… I’m not feeling too well today. Can we go eat another day?”

It wasn’t completely a lie.. you really were not feeling well.. you were tired as hell.. and you were starting to worry why Taehyung hasn’t called yet.

“Oh. Okay. Are you okay? Do you need me to bring you to the hospital? Do you need me to buy anything for you?” He worriedly asked.

“No Oppa. I’m okay. Just going to sleep through this.” Which was a lie. You knew that as tired as you were, you wouldn’t be able to sleep, not while your mind was wondering off thinking about Taehyung.

“Okay. I’ll see you tomorrow right?”

Oh right.. There’s still school…

“Of course Oppa. See you tomorrow.” And with that you ended the call and freshened yourself up before you headed back towards the bedroom, only to have Jennifer stop your tracks.

“What’s wrong Y/N? Did something happen? You look so tired and sad.” She worriedly said.

You weakly smiled at her and lied,

“No. I’m fine. Just tired that’s all.”

“Don’t lie to me Y/N. I know you too well. Tell me what the hell happened.” She demanded.

You debated with on whether to tell her the truth or not. You decided to not tell her because you thought that eventually he would call back, and all is this would just seem silly. So instead you changed the subject and told her,

“Jin asked me on a date.”

Your best friend gasped in surprise and shouted,

“Oh my god! Really? I knew the two of you had a thing! When is it?”

You couldn’t tell her that it was today and you backed out last minute, because you knew that she’d ask why and then you’d be forced to tell her about Taehyung. In the end you lied and said tomorrow.

“Tomorrow? But I won’t be here tomorrow… I’m leaving this afternoon to go back to school..” She pouted.

You laughed at her response and said,

“It’s okay. The date isn’t anything special anyways. We’re just going to hang out. We always hang out.”

“But I won’t be able to doll you up before you leave… wait.. you guys always hang out? Since when? Why didn’t you tell me?”

You shrugged and said,

“I don’t know because it’s nothing special. We’re just friends.”

“You must be kidding me. Jin is like a present from above. He’s beautiful and I bet he’s smart if he can help you in school. That good of a guy would just ‘hang out’ with a beautiful girl like you is impossible.”

You blushed at your best friend’s compliment, but told her that the two of you were only friends. There is no way that Jin could possibly like me. Me out of all the girls who are willing to throw their bodies at him? No way.

“Tell me you’ll at least dress nice tomorrow.”

“I’m going to wear a pair of jeans or leggings, a t-shirt and top it off with a jacket or sweater. Sounds good?” You asked.

“No. Not good. Wear something cute like a dress. You look pretty in dresses.” Jennifer insisted.

You agreed only to make her happy knowing fully well that you were not going to go and wear a dress. Being girly was never really your thing, you were always more into wearing either leggings or shorts along with a t-shirt or sweater. Never anything tight because you were a little insecure with your body.

“I’m hungry let’s go eat breakfast together. I’ll go and wake the other girls up.” Jennifer said before she left and walked towards the stairs.

You went back to the bedroom and decided to text Taehyung just to see if he really did get back safely.

To Taehyung (10:00 a.m):

Hey how was your trip back?…. I miss you.

You hovered over the send button after you added the last part. Maybe it’s too much? Just when you were about to delete the last part, you heard Jennifer call for you and jumped from surprise while accidentally pressing send. Shit… It’s too late to regret now… You groaned out of frustration before you walked out of the bedroom as everyone else got ready to leave.

The rest of the day consisted of you all hanging out at Jennifer’s house before their bus came to go back to school. You regretted not being able to talk to Jennifer as much as you would have hoped for. You hated yourself for being so consumed with Taehyung that you were so distracted from everyone else. There were even several times when Jennifer had to physically nudge you to get your attention. He never answered you text message which you found strange. Maybe he’s really busy?

Just as you were about to leave Jennifer’s house, you noticed that you still had Taehyung’s sweater which was laying on the bed. The sweater smelt just like him, so you held tightly onto it. I don’t have to give it back just yet… maybe the next time we meet I’ll give it back. Just at the thought of seeing Taehyung again made your heart flutter. When you were just about to leave, you gave your best friend a big hug and told her to come back home as soon as she can. In return she said,

“Call me after your date tomorrow. If I don’t get a call by evening time, I will, spam you with multiple phone calls until you answer me. Unless.. you know.. unless the something something happens.” She winked at you.

You hit her arm and said,

“Yes I will call you by then and no, none of that will happen.”

With that you gave her one last hug and said goodbye to the rest of Jennifer’s friends. Although the weather was warm enough, you decided to put on Taehyung’s sweater to feel the extra bit of warmth and comfort from the heat and scent of the sweater. The whole walk back home was filled with you staring at your phone, but still he didn’t answer you. You decided not to text him for the rest of today, because maybe he really was busy finishing his projects… right?

Once you got home, you realized that you had some pre-reading that are needed to be done for Monday’s classes. You busied yourself with the readings, not realizing that it was getting late until Jin called you telling when he would pick you up and drive the two of you to school.

“Okay thank you Oppa.” You said.

“It’s getting late Y/N. Go sleep. I’ll pick you up at 8:30 in the morning since you have linear algebra. I’ll come with you. Good night!”

Knowing Jin, there was no way you could decline his offer, so you agreed. After ending the call, you saw that it was already 11:00 p.m, so you decided to call it a day. Once you were done brushing your teeth, you noticed that there was still no message from Taehyung. How busy can one person be to not even answer a simple text message? Or… what if.. something went wrong on the way back and he got hurt? To settle your anxious heart, you decided to text Jennifer.

To Jennifer (11:10 p.m):

Hey I was wondering is Taehyung there?

From Jennifer (11:12 p.m):

Yeah. Why?

To Jennifer (11:13 p.m):

Is his phone working?

From Jennifer: (11:13 p.m):

Yeah why? Do you have something that you need to say to him? We’re all hanging out right now.

So he was ignoring me…. on purpose… and he’s not even busy with his projects… he said they were urgent….

To Jennifer (11:15 p.m):

No. It’s okay. Can you just tell him that I still have his sweater that I need to give back. Oh. Maybe you can give it back for me next time I see you instead.

That’ll tell him that you know he’s ignoring you. But why is he ignoring me? What did I do? Feeling frustrated, you turned off your phone because knowing yourself, you will reread the messages again and again, or even call him. With so many thoughts running through your head, you spent another sleepless night thinking about Taehyung. As compared to last night, when you were missing his touch, you were now angry at his sudden coldness towards you. Do I not even deserve a simple text message?  

Your alarm rang at 8 o’clock in the morning, forcing you start getting ready for school. Great. Another sleepless night. You felt insomnia slowly getting the best of you, causing you feel extra cranky and annoyed. One look at yourself in the mirror and you knew you looked worn out. No amount of makeup could cover your eye bags, so you didn’t even bother to try. Your appetite and sleep seemed to have disappeared the moment Taehyung left that night. Instead of eating, you grabbed your backpack and headed outside. You turned your phone back on to see that it was 8:30 a.m. The moment you headed out the door, you saw that Jin had just gotten to your driveway. Just on time.

Jumping into the passenger seat, you smiled at Jin and greeted him. Instead of smiling like he normally does, he stared at your weirdly. Why?

“Y/N… you look like you haven’t been sleeping for days. Are you okay?” He asked

You cursed at yourself and regretted not trying to cover them up.

“Yeah. I haven’t been sleeping well..” You explained.

“Why what’s wrong?” He asked.

You gave him a reassuring smile and said,

“It’s nothing Oppa. Let’s just go to school.”

Seeing that you weren’t going to say anything else, he started to drive off to school and filled the silence with some music. It was one of your favourite songs, Lies by Big Bang. At this moment in life, it seemed like the lyrics were perfectly describing your feelings towards Taehyung.

A day without you is too long…

Without you happiness cannot be found in me…

I’m going crazy in thoughts of you…

Wanting to drown your thoughts with the song, you turned the volume up.

“You like this song don’t you?” You heard Jin ask.

“I don’t just like the song, I love it.” You emphasized on the word love.

“How much do you like Big Bang?” He curiously asked.

“I love them.” You simply answered.

What else can you say? Sometimes you just love people without an exact reason. I love their presence? I love them for them. It was as simple as that.

“Do you love them more than me?” Jin quietly asked.

Shocked by his question, you stared at him. You were curious as to why he would ask this question, but then again, the two of you had always threw the L word at each other, because that’s just what you’ve always done with your close friends. You smiled at him and said,


He brought one of his hands to his chest looking like as if your words hurt him, he said,

“How could you Y/N? I thought you loved me.”

“I do. But have you seen T.O.P? Have you heard his voice? Have you seen his beautiful face?” You were completely gushing over your ultimate bias by now.

“You know.. I’m Korean too.” Jin proudly said.


“And that means I’m the closest thing to your dearly beloved T.O.P oppa. I can rap too you know.” He said.

“Oppa… I don’t only want to date Koreans okay? And no thanks… I’ve heard you rap before… never again please…” You groaned at the memory of Jin freestyling.

“It was not that bad.” He pouted.

“It sure was something.. but T.O.P, he has such a beautifully deep voice that just makes all their songs so much better. I love guys with deep voices, their voices just melt my heart.” you happily said.

“Okay. That’s more than enough of you fangirling that I can take in one day.” He grumbled.

You laughed at his reaction, but was quickly distracted when you heard your phone ring. You checked it and saw that it was a message from Jennifer. With one look at the message, you felt your body freeze, and suddenly your hands were sweating. What? You kept checking the message hoping that it was lie, but each time you checked it, you were reading the same thing over and over again. After each time, your heart only broke more and more.

From Jennifer (8:45 a.m):

OMG! Taehyung and Angelica are dating!! They look so cute together. Omg.

Dating? Taehyung is dating someone else? This has to be a lie, he said that he loved me, not whoever Angelica is. How could he date anyone else, when he loves me? I thought he was too busy doing his projects… or was it all just a lie? Was him telling me that he left his notes at school also a lie? Did he even love me?

For @not-that-edgy, to thank her for all the work invested into @thatonedaydream, and a Christmas present in exchange for her nice, veeeery nice present that had me internally screaming this morning when I got to read it /snickers. I also needed to practice my English, so I just went with it.

On we go!

Mild ffxv spoilers ahead bois, up till chapter 8!

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Spellbound- part 2

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Spellbound part 2

Genre: AU, kind of angst and fluff i guess??

Word count: 3527

Warnings: none!

Summary: Dan and Phil visit Diagon Alley and just generally continue preparing for their first day at Hogwarts


“Phil, is the post here yet?”

“Nope,” I sighed.

 7am. I sat on the third step of the stairs, fingers interlocked and placed in my lap, my left index finger jittering uncontrollably. It always happened when I was nervous, and today I was nervous- extremely so. Today was the day.

 The day my Hogwarts letter should arrive.

 As a half-blood, I was terrified at the prospect of my letter arriving- or not arriving. Although my mum had assured me many times that I had would, I still wasn’t sure I would receive a letter. My sister, Emma, had got one two years previously, but it was obvious that she was a witch. She was just like our mum, sparks flying from her fingers and all these magical things. I never had any of that, even though my mum had assured me I had ‘wizardly qualities’ I didn’t feel like I did at all. A muggle, just like my dad. But today was the day I would find out.

 The letterbox rattled. I leapt up, my limbs shaking from paranoia as I opened the door for the postman. I started to greet him, but no words came out so I just stood like a stunned goldfish with my hands out for the post. I felt like Oliver Twist, asking for more. With a slightly bemused look, the postman handed me a pile of letters into my begging hands. Still unable to get a word out of my sandpaper dry mouth, I nodded by way of thanks and shut the door.  I could feel my heart pounding in head as I flicked through the letters. No, no, no, no, please, it has to be here no, no- I dropped all the letters onto the doormat.

 It was here!

 My legs gave way and I leant against the wall, breathing heavily. It was here. It was here! I was no longer embarrassing, boring, clumsy Phil, but embarrassing, boring, clumsy Phil who happened to be a wizard.

“MUM!” I yelled up the stairs.

Pounding slippers made their way to the top of the stairs

“Oh Phil, is it here?” called my mum, concern showing through the early morning bags under her eyes.

“YES!” I shouted, holding up my letter in triumph. “I’m a wizard!” I smiled under her smothering hug.

“Not yet you’re not” She chuckled, stroking my fringe.

 I realized I hadn’t actually opened the letter yet- the pale yellow parchment rustled under my fingers as I pulled up the flap and unfolded the handwritten letter.

 Dear Mr Lester,

 We are pleased to inform you that you have a place at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment.

 Term begins 1st September. We await your owl by no later than 31st July.

 Yours sincerely,

 Professor McGonagall

Deputy Headmistress

 The very words I had been waiting to hear since before I could remember.


 My eyes widened and I struggled to keep the letter still in my hand. What did this mean? Spam mail? Creepy pedophiles trying to summon me to another school? 1001 thoughts spun through my head. I tried to brush it off as Kit and Dotty dragged me off to the park down the road but I couldn’t get the strange letter off my mind. I turned to my main source of information in a time of confusion- the internet. As the twins ran off to the swings I sat on a low wall and brought up safari on my phone. (Good supervision I know)

 Google search:

Who is minerva mcgonnagall

What is hogwarts

Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry

Professor mcgonagall

 Literally nothing.  For the first time in my life the internet had failed me. I lay down across the wall with my arm over my face to shield my eyes from the sun. There had been so much confusion since this letter arrived, which added to the stress from the move and changing schools too. It felt like my head was going to explode. To try and clear my head, I pulled out my headphones and started blaring my music to try and block out all the thoughts that were crushing my mind. I unfolded the letter from my back pocket and began to read through again, to see if I could find anything else from this meaningless piece of yellowing paper.

“place at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry”

 Because one day, I’ll leave you

 “we await your owl”

 A phantom, to lead you in the summer

 “term begins first of September”

 To join the Black Parade

 The climax of the guitar solo hit with the climax of my anger. Why was nothing explained to me? Why was I left without a clue to google everything that I question in life? And what the hell was up with this letter? I angrily yanked my headphones from my ears and shoved the letter back into my pocket. “C’mon girls, time to go home” I called to my sisters on the roundabout.

 I sat in the kitchen, in the midst of the removal chaos, rifling through the post for yet a third time. Surely there was something I’d missed? I needed any clue I could get. Usually, I would probably brush this sort of thing off, but something was drawing me to it, like magnetism. I kept trying to brush it off as spam, but I couldn’t get this weird letter out of my mind. All day, unpacking boxes, moving stuff around, it was all I could think about. Maybe I could sleep on it I thought as I lay on the bed in my new room. Cold and confused, I fell into a light and restless sleep.

 In a state of half consciousness, I felt a rush of air brush on my face and a small weight land on my chest. Thinking nothing of it, well, thinking nothing at all in fact, I rolled over and continued to try and sleep. But in the early hours of the morning, the light filtering through my curtainless window and I decided there was no point in even attempting sleep. I rubbed my eyes and sat up in bed. And there, folded from sleep, but resting on my stomach was another yellowed parchment envelope addressed to me. My half asleep brain suddenly woke up as I hastily ripped open the envelope.

Dear Mr Howell,

 As you are on the list of muggleborn wizards, we have sent you this letter to inform you about Hogwarts.

 Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry is a school for 11-18 year olds who hold the power of magic. You are one of these people. Hogwarts is a boarding school, so should you choose to accept our invitation, you will be away from your family for many months at a time.

 To buy all of the things necessary to attend Hogwarts, visit The Leaky Cauldron pub on Charing cross Road. From there, state to the bartender that you are muggleborn and they will give you advice so you may go on from there.

 It is advised that you do not bring any non-wizard relatives, but you may if you feel it is a necessity.

 We hope to receive your owl with your letter of acceptance by no later than the 31st of July.

 Professor McGonagall

Deputy Headmistress


“Do you reckon its time for a trip to Diagon Alley, Phil?”

“Yes, definitely!”

 I had only been to Diagon Alley once before, when Emma had to buy all of her Hogwarts equipment, and it was the most magical experience of my life (I guess you could say it literally was) For the past two years, I’d been dying to go back there. I remember the day I first set foot in Diagon Alley, as the day I decided I must become a wizard. So you could imagine that this time, I was bursting with excitement.

 London in summer is tourist central; we had to weave our way through thousands of people, snapping away with their cameras. The muggy August air was so thick you could practically eat it with a spoon, and the breeze, not so much cooling, but with the feel and smell of someone blowing cigarette smoke into your face.

 Suddenly, my mum dragged me around a corner to reveal a very tumbledown looking pub. The eaves overhung so far, it looked like the building could topple over any minute. It didn’t, and she pulled me inside.

 When my eyes got used to the gloom, I could make out figures, sitting at tables, drinking and chatting. They weren’t exactly normal people either- a man with one eye sat in the corner stirring his pint glass with a long, scabbed finger and muttering to himself. A group of woman all wearing neon pink pointed hats shrieked with laughter at a dancing frog on their table. I knew the wizarding world would be different to the ‘muggle world’, but not as weird as this.

 My eyes still fixed on the dancing frog, now doing an Irish jig, we made our way through the small door at the back of the pub. My mother tapped several bricks with her wand, and the wall parted to reveal the most amazing sight of my whole life.

 Diagon Alley was still almost the same as the last time I saw it, but my memory of it had begun to fade, and now here it was in front of me, in full 3d, technicolour. Mouth still open wide in awe, I noticed a group of slightly older wizard boys laughing at my face. I quickly shut my mouth as they swaggered off. One of them called “Did you see that kid? Must be a newbie” ensued by laughter from the others. I felt my checks grow bright pink, and I looked away to continue to admire the beauty that was Diagon Alley. “Ready to go?” asked my mum, her hand firmly in mine. I grinned as we headed off into the crowd.


 Somehow I was here. Somehow I had made it to the centre of London, in summer and alone. And somehow, I had found my way to Diagon Alley.

 I wasn’t about to go stressing my parents out even more by informing them I was a wizard, just as we moved house. The letter said it was okay to bring a muggle parent, but only if necessary. I thought that the state they were in at the moment, they would be in no way able to comprehend that I am in fact a wizard. So, I just told them I was visiting a friend for the day to get out of their hair, as they wouldn’t notice the absence of just one child.

 And although so far, I had been just about fine making my way through heaving central London alone, nothing could prepare for the sight that the bartender brought to my eyes when he tapped the brick back wall of the pub to reveal Diagon Alley. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen in my whole life. Hundreds of different of people jostled for room on the narrow street, making their way into shops of all colours, shapes and sizes, shops with strange names such as Magical Menagerie and Quality Quidditch Supplies. Not to mention the contents of the shops: jars of ‘bats eyes’ and ‘unicorn horns’, stacks of books with a whole array of weird titles and glorified broomsticks with golden handles and shining twigs. I couldn’t quite take it all in, and I felt lost and alone in a world that was entirely new to me.

 To try and make some sense of the chaos, I looked down at the list of equipment I would need to be able to go to Hogwarts:


First-year students will require:


Three Sets of Plain Work Robes (Black)

One Plain Pointed Hat (Black) for day wear

One Pair of Protective Gloves (dragon hide or similar)

One Winter Cloak (Black, silver fastenings)

Please note that all students’ clothes should be labeled with securely fastened name-tags.


The Standard Book of Spells (Grade 1) by Miranda Goshawk

A History of Magic by Bathilda Bagshot

Magical Theory by Adalbert Waffling

A Beginner’s Guide to Transfiguration by Emeric Switch

One Thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi by Phyllida Spore

Magical Drafts and Potions by Arsenius Jigger

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them by Newt Scamander

The Dark Forces: A Guide to Self-Protection by Quentin Trimble

Other Equipment

1 Wand

1 Cauldron (pewter, standard size 2)

1 set of glass or crystal phials

1 telescope

1 set of brass scales

 Students may also bring ONE of an Owl, Cat or Toad.



The list in itself was daunting enough. But it was the last statement that amused me the most: not allowed your own broomstick? Are first years forbidden to do cleaning or something? I had to suppress a small chuckle that bubbled up inside me.

 I wandering along the street and my eyes fell upon ‘Flourish and Blotts’ which appeared to be a book shop, judging by the piles of books that were stacked in the window. Books. They have them in my world, I’m sure I can cope with that, I thought, and nervously ventured inside.

 I immediately breathed in the glorious scent of old books, and felt instantly calmer. I squeezed my way through the crowds of people inside and began weaving my way along the bookshelves to find what I needed. I was beginning to feel pretty confident, as I soon collected everything I needed. I reached the counter and placed my stack of books carefully on the counter.

 “First year I’m guessing?” smiled the kindly looking man through his thick spectacles. I nodded fervently as I reached for my wallet.

“That’ll be 8 galleons please my son” said the man behind the counter, placing all the books in a huge paper bag.

“Sorry?” I asked, rubbing a £5 note between my fingers.

“8 galleons if you please”


The man sighed gently and leaned in a little closer to me. I could smell his pickled onion breath on my face and tried not to breath in too deeply.

“Are you a muggleborn?” he asked, his voice slightly lower.

I glanced behind me, and saw the long line of people watching us and tutting as the line built up. I nodded quickly, and the pickled onion man took me by the hand and dragged me over to a lady on a long ladder behind the counter. “Mildred? Please take this poor young boy over to Gringotts and get him a bank account sorted will you?”

“Oh my poor boy, are you a muggleborn?” She asked with a sickly sweet voice

I nodded again.

“Okay then my love, come with me” she said as she grabbed me by the wrist and pulled me out of the shop and along the street.

“Its such a shame that they still don’t help out new muggleborns into the wizarding world” She nattered on, and reminded me a lot of my mother “If it was up to me, I…”

 I tuned out as she continued to pull me down a winding street to a huge white marble building inscribed with ‘Gringotts Wizarding Bank’ in gold lettering. She pulled me inside and along the edges of the high walls sat strange wrinkly creatures on mahogany benches, peering down at me

“Those are goblins my dear” whispered Mildred in a low voice, still drawing the attention of several angry looking goblins. I felt I would never get used to anything in this extraordinary new world.


 I sat on a bench outside Ollivanders with my mum eating ice cream. Everything had been bought, the robes, the books and even beautiful tawny owl who I was yet to name. Now all that was left was my wand. Bursting with excitement, we finished our ice cream cones and stepped inside. The shop was dark and smelt musky and damp, but you could practically taste the magic in the air. My fingers started to tingle and my heart began to pound. There was a few other people in there sat on a small bench by the window, and a girl who must have been around my age testing out a wand.

“Yes, this wand has chosen you” whispered the incredibly old shopkeeper.

I found this pretty odd, but I had to go along with it. Everything in this incredible world felt very surreal.

 Soon, it was my turn to be fitted for a wand. The old shopkeeper inspected me from head to toe, and then handed me a long thin box.

“Try this one,” he said, in a hoarse whisper.

Just as I raised the wand, the bell on the door tinkled gently, and a boy about my age stepped into the shop alone, laden down with shopping bags. He had dark brown hair, swept to the side in a long fringe and his chocolate brown eyes stared at me intensely across the small shop. I suddenly felt incredibly intimidated. Why was this boy staring at me? I felt like an electric current was running from his eyes to mine, but couldn’t shake it off. All I wanted was to buy a wand, yet I couldn’t take my eyes off this mysterious and slightly creepy stranger. I dragged my eyes away and turned back to the shop owner, trying to keep my eyes fixed on the wand.

“Now, concentrate.” Said the shopkeeper “What is the wand saying to you”

 I closed my eyes and tried to concentrate, but all I could think of were the eyes of the boy sitting across the room to me. I felt like they were piercing my mind and I just couldn’t shake it off. How the hell was I supposed to concentrate like this?


 I stared at the boy testing the wand. His blue eyes burned in mine like icy fire and the current between us was so strong that you couldn’t break it with a sharp knife, even if you wanted to. As he broke what I like to think of as a staring contest, he turned back to testing his wand. I continued to stare. For some reason I couldn’t stop watching. His jet black hair was in a fringe similar to mine and the concentration on his face was amusing- his eyes were clenched shut, and he was holding the wand so hard that his knuckles were turning white. I know he had felt the current that I felt, and I wanted so hard to stop watching, but it was just impossible. I couldn’t tell if the process of buying a wand was more fascinating, or if he was. My fascination began to turn to anger. What was wrong with me? He’s just another boy like me, and what was with the whole eye connection? This wizarding world was scaring me more and more by the second.

 Before I knew it, the boy was done and he walked towards the door with his mother. As he passed, our eyes met for one last time, and the world felt as if it was going in slow motion.

The connection broke with the slamming of the shop door.

  I sat completely still in the silence and dark of the shop.

 I heard a small cough that hooked me out of my thoughts.

 “Your turn sir” said the shopkeeper, and I rose to receive the first wand.


 I was quiet the whole journey home.

 “Are you okay Phil?” my mum asked as we reached the outskirts of London.

 I nodded.

 “Did you not enjoy the trip? I thought you loved Diagon Alley!” she asked, perplexed by my rare silence.

“Of course I did! I’m just-” An excuse quickly formed in my head “-really tired that’s all. I think ill have a nap for a bit if that’s okay”

My mum smiled “Sure sweetie, I’ll tell you when we get there”

I gave her a small grin. “Thanks. And thanks for taking me, it was amazing”

I shut my eyes and leant my head against the window. Fake sleep- the best way to think.


 I arrived home late pretty late that evening. My train had been delayed, and I struggled to find a place to sit with all my bags. When I got home, I raced up the stairs without greeting any of my family and hid all of the bags under my bed. If they found them, they would probably think I was a lunatic, so best to keep it secret. I knew I couldn’t keep Hogwarts a secret- the 1st of September was drawing ever closer, and there was still the matter of returning the owl.

I lay down on my bed, exhausted, and allowed thoughts of the boy in the shop to fill my mind. Full of confusion, I fell into sleep, and dreamt of owls with blue eyes that could read my mind. 


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