oh you horrible fathers


When I was a teenager – it was a long time ago – um… I slept with my brother. I’m sorry. God, I’m sorry to have to tell you this. Oh, it’s horrible. I’m sorry. He’s Dylan’s father. Norma, you were young. It was a mistake. Mistake? It was not a mistake. It was a way of life. It happened for years. I loved him. Our home life was a torture, and we were all we had. I finally tried to stop it, and he got really upset and he raped me. You know how horrible it is to be raped by someone you love? And I hate him. I hate him. I hate him. But I don’t hate him enough to hurt him. And it’s a mess because I don’t know if part of why I hate Caleb so much is because I hate myself. So now you know who you’re married to. And I should have told you before, but I’ve never loved anyone enough to feel obligated to be honest with them. And… it sucks. It sucks because I can’t hide. And I want to, but I can’t. And Chick found out. He met Caleb when he was up at the farm working with Dylan. He just figured it out. And he has issues with my brother, and he was trying to find him, and he hold me that if I didn’t help him that he would tell you all of this, that he would spread it around town, and that he would humiliate you. So – I don’t know. Just go pack your bag.

Theon x Reader...

Imagine being a betrothe to Theon greyjoy and marrying him after escaping King’s Landing.

((Sorrry I didn’t really know how to write this one))

((Word Count: 1,173))

It had been on instinct. A quick thought of action that had you racing into Lord Stark’s study and grabbing Ice from off the table, and another quick thought of action that had you racing down to the chambers above the kitchens to Arya Stark.

The two of you just barely made it out of King’s Landing. The city watch was everywhere, all looking for you and Arya but mostly just the youngest Stark daughter. They had Sansa, you heard, the Queen had gotten to her before the attack on Lord Stark and his House guard even began. You had to make for Riverrun. It was where Lady Catelyn’s family was, and it was the only place you knew Arya would be safe. You would never make it all the way North, you had no other choice but to take her to her Mother’s house As the daughter to Lord Rickard Karstark and a companion to the Stark daughters since their birth, you knew it was your duty to get her to safety.

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I believe that he has put Ziva in a drawer. The difficult part for him is that he said, “Come with me” and she said, “I can’t do that.” He was rebuffed, he was rejected, and the sting of that has been there for him all season. I don’t know how other people, including the viewers, see it, but that’s just how I processed it. And it was bittersweet because as Sting would say, “If you love someone, set them free.” Maybe Sting didn’t coin that, but he certainly put it to music. Tony had to let her go to follow her dream and her passion — and that didn’t include him. That’s a bitter pill to swallow, but he knows that she’s following her dream. And that couldn’t make him happier, right?
—  Michael Weatherly (x)