oh you dummy


yay for shamelessly incorporating my own oc into this :-) 

oh yeah frisk is gonna speak in this too 

i personally headcannon them as mute but for the purpose of this comic they gonna talk 

just not too often 

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anonymous asked:

would remus also smell freesia in the amortentia since kagome's scent is soothing to him?

OH MAN, oh man, idk. i don’t… i don’t think so? the scents one smells in the potion are what they find desirable?? like, without a doubt remus would be smelling his favorite chocolate because he loves to eat it, and hunger is a desire right? sirius smells freesia bc hes head over heels for her,  he wants to be with her. again, desire. so i’m not sure it would fit??

but say he does,  i think he’d recognize that it doesn’t have the same effect on him as it does sirius? like with sirius, he finds himself drawn to it bc it gets his heart racing and gives butterflies in his stomach? whereas with remus it relaxes him, settles him, gives him peace, so he’s drawn to it bc it clams him


   “My oh my, what a completely unfamiliar face we have here.” The sarcasm drips off
    the dummy’s words, lips drawing into a teasing smirk.

    “I must say that I’m rather liking the coat. Although, if it were me, I would have chosen
    a more vibrant color~”



Okay, most of the asks were just comments about the comic update xDDD

For this kind of things I’d love you to take off anon so we can chat, but hey, whatever floats your GOAT, guys ^^


And here, answering some of the actual questions: 

- Frisk is 12, not 7! But hey, their height is really confusing I know xD

- I’m gonna build a gigantic pool so all your tears can go there, yeah :D nice idea!!

- The anon is right, Flowey won’t turn to dust since he’s just a flower, and not an actual monster

- Don’t worry, anon, your kind doesn’t leave anydust behind, so no, it’s not anon’s dust :D

- If you ask Flowey how did that hug FEEL… well, Flowey can’t actually FEEL anything, so… just have that in mind c:

- I’m really glad that you all liked the update ^^ <3 I love you all, my dear flowers!!