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Harry Hook - “Protective Tendencies”

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Request: “Overprotective Harry Hook please with #90 and #94 basically he scares away the guys that are hitting on/checking out the reader but not before telling them those things. Harry is basically overprotective of his girl and then tells #87 to the reader and she doesn’t mind what he did because she loves it when he’s protective of her! Sorry this is kind of long but thank you💓”

Pairing: Harry Hook x Reader

Warnings: A tiny bit of violence and swearing?

You weren’t the type to be very assertive and stand up for yourself. 

It just wasn’t in your makeup to be harsh and mean, and you kind of resented that part of you because of who you were. 

In being a part of the four leaders of Uma’s crew, you were supposed to be a disciplinary, stand up for yourself. That wasn’t happening anytime soon, so you just stayed quiet and hoped no one would notice.

 Your boyfriend Harry insisted he loved you for it, but you could never seem to keep up with his proud and sarcastic attitude at all.

Currently, you were walking through the marketplace in search of a birthday gift for your younger cousin Dizzy. 

Being Anastasia’s daughter and raised by her and Lady Tremaine hadn’t affected your compassion.

 You and Dizzy were as close as can be and you wanted to keep her safe from all the negative behavior that happened at home. 

You had stumbled upon a pop up shop of certain jewels and intricate chains. Dizzy had been working on more jewelry lately, so she would love something like that. 

“How much would something like this be?” You began to question to the boy working at the stand.

 “Oh, for you darling, no charge.” He smirked. 

You realized that this “boy” was actually Quinn Heart, the most renowned flirt on the Isle. 

You rolled your eyes, ignoring his comment. 

“Price, Heart.” You urged glaring at him.

 “Ah, don’t deny all this baby. You know that dirty pirate can’t compare to me,” He flirted winking at you.

 “Whatever, I’m—“ You started.


You smiled at the familiar voice and turned around to see your boyfriend, Harry stomping over. 

“Oh, you’re in trouble now.” You mumbled to yourself as Quinn tried to run away, but failed.

 “What do you think you’re doing lad?” Harry snarled grabbing Quinn by the collar menacingly. 

“I-I was just…” He stuttered. 

“I-I just! Save it bastard I know what happened.” Harry mocked pulling Quinn’s collar tighter. 

“This is mine. Are we clear?” He continued pointing to your amused figure leaning against a column. 

Quinn nodded feverishly and swatted at Harry’s fists, attempting to break loose of his hold. 

“Listen here, If I ever see you anywhere near her, you’ll have to deal with me! And it will be much worse than this.” Harry growled letting the small boy go. 

“You-you can take that, free.” Quinn trembled gesturing to the necklace I held in my hand. 

“Pleasure doing business with you.” You smirked, earning a shocked but amused smile from your boyfriend as the two of you left the stand.

 “Y/N…” Harry started putting an arm around your waist. 

“Why’d you do it?” You questioned, an entertained smirk creeping onto your lips. 

“He was hitting on you.” He mumbled kissing your forehead tenderly.

 You chuckled kissing him on the cheek lovingly. 

“Thank you.”


HE’S SO FUCKN!!!!! GOOD!!!!!!!

My stomach turned to mush I love him

Once Upon A December: Prologue.

Hi! This feysand AU fic is based of the animated movie Anastasia.I really hope you enjoy it.This was suppose to be longer but I have to leave for 5-6 days and net will not be available.So,this is part one for the prologue.Next part will be up by Tuesday or Wednesday.

Thank you @illyriangoddess and @sparkleywonderful for helping with this idea.




Part 1| Next Chapter.

He looked outside through the window to search for her.It was the year 1916 and a ball was to be held in celebration of Christmas.Rhysand Chernenko,ten years of age didn’t care for such frivolous affairs.The only thing he was concerned was with his mother who was coming back from Paris.He had missed her while Rhys(as he was called by his mother and sister) had stayed back in Russia with his father and sister.

“Father’s looking for you,Rhys.”said Larissa Chernenko.His twin sister looked like he did,soft midnight blue hair with startling violet eyes and the tanned skin they shared.He loved his sister,his other half but alas,as old fashioned his father was,she was to married by the time she was eighteen and she was already betrothed to a Lord’s son.His father,Emperor and Tsar of Russia had told him many times before that Rhysand (his father always called him by the full name) was the heir to the Russian throne and he should start acting like the Prince but he longed to be free and travel the world with his mother and sister,free of responsibility.

“I’m just waiting for Mother,that’s all.”

Larissa looked at his brother and walked to him.He was standing near the window waiting for his mother’s carriage to arrive.Every year when it first snowed his mother,Selena had left for Paris and Larissa and Rhysand didn’t know why.

“He’ll get angry,you know that.”

Rhysand sighed and followed his sister to the throne room. As you walk into the palace throne room you can feel the power that emanates from the throne its self. The throne is a high back chair made of a deep dark oak finish with a red velvet cushion. The throne sit at the top of a three stepped platform which just adds to the Prestige of power that you feel. The rest of the room looks to be the same as the rest of the keep. High windows, many tapestries hang from the walls as well as a crackling fire to warm the room on those cold and dismal winter nights.There were four thrones in the room.Two,one big and one small were on the dais.Three steps below it were two other thrones which were the same size as the small throne.His father was standing near the fire place.

“Father,you called?”

“Rhysand,your late.You know that a ball is to be held today and the royal family has to be present.”

He nodded”I know,sir”

“Your mother is already here entertaining our guest.I suggest you get your sister and do the same,I will be there shortly.”

Rhys took a bow and walked a little too quickly.His sister was just outside the throne room,he grabbed her hand and ran to the ball room.Larissa laughed behind him.They entered the ball room and it was full of life.

Paneled ceiling from which two chandelier hung,vertically opposite to each other.Four huge French windows could be found in each corner of the room and one of them window brought moon light which illuminated the ball room,further more.The floor was made from the finest marble and was checkered.Tapestries of Tsars before his father were hung in this room.

Larissa ran down the stairs and squealed as she saw someone.Rhys followed her down to see his cousin,Morrigan or Mor as she liked to be called.Larissa engulfed her in a hug and they started chattering away but Rhys cleared his throat.Mor smiled and tightly hugged him.

“You couldn’t live without hugging me,Cousin” Mor stuck her tongue.

“Oh please!You’re the last person I wanted to see.”

Mor shrugged and started talking to Larissa.Rhys saw his mother and ran to her with open arms.Selena,his mother hugged him as tightly as she could.

“Oh my darling boy!How I missed you so.”

He hugged his mother even tighter.No words were needed for no one knew the love a mother and son shared.This moment was ruined when he was pulled out of his mother’s embrace.Rhys glared at Larissa’s back.She was strong,he’ll give her that.

“I missed you so much,Mother.” Larissa said.

While Mother and Larissa were talking,Rhys’s eyes landed on a girl about his age.He couldn’t see her face only her hair which was brown-gold in colour.As he was about to follow her,his mother put her hand on his shoulder.

“I’ve got something for you,both of you.”

She pulled out two boxes from her purse.One was black and silver and the other sapphire and silver.They were instantly enchanted.

“These are music boxes.For both of you.”

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Andre Burakovsky #1

Requested by Anon: Hey! I was wondering if you could do a cute Andre Burakovsky one?? where you meet him by chance but don’t know who he is but he thinks you’re super cute and tries to woo you?? :)

Warnings: alcohol(?)

Word Count: 2283

Author’s Note: Holy crap this one got away from me. I’m so sorry. This imagine really did not want me to write it. I tried to be really creative and not do a typical “at the bar scene” (it kinda turns into that but you’ll see if you read it) I got the inspiration from Andre’s post on instagram. I hope you enjoy it and I’m sorry it is so long. And just in general I wish it was better! Please request again if it isn’t what you wanted! I’d love to right more of Andre because his smile is adorable.

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You finished your makeup and went to help her locate the other heel. Why? Because she invited you to go to the Washington Wizard’s game. You loved sports, all sports and even more you loved D.C. sports. You weren’t the type of fan as in you knew every player on every team but you went to games when you could, especially when you got free court side tickets.

With some help from the Verizon Center staff you found your seat, right on the court. Your friend squealed in excitement. “I can’t believe these are our seats,” you raved. Your boss smiled out you, “honey you better believe it.” As you and your boss sat there talking about work, two very attractive guys took the two empty seats next to you. The one closest to you had brown wavy hair and deep brown eyes. While the man sitting next to him had black long hair and a rounder face with blue eyes. They both had athletic builds and simple senses of styles. “Hi,” the one closes to you said with a glowing smile and dimples to match. “Hi,” you responded with your own glowing smile. The guy next to him looked over at the two of you and also gave a soft smile. “Hello, I’m Tom,” he reached out to shake your hand. You grabbed it firmly, and introduced yourself back and your boss. Then turned to the guy next to you. “And you are?” you questioned. “I’m Andre,” he replied. You smiled at Andre, it’s nice to meet you Andre.” You turned yourself back towards your boss where she was giving you that “look”. “What” you jokingly retorted. “Oh nothing, I just enjoy seeing you flirt. Especially after seeing you reject Roger at the office so many times,” she laughed and you couldn’t help but laugh back. “When will he get the memo?” you agreed. “Oh darling boys are like rocks they never understand women even if we were to spell it out for them, especially Roger,” she continued. You two laughed again at how Roger comes to your desk for any excuse possible. “What’s so funny” Andre asked while giving you a goofy smile. You let out a small laugh and tried to compose yourself. “Nothing just some funny things that happened around the office,” you responded. He smiled back, “well you have a pretty laugh,” he noted. You bashfully smiled, “Thank you, Andre,” you responded. He flashed you a smirk that quickly turned into a smile.

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Victoria Smurfit giving the best answer to my question at OUAT Chicago
  • Me: My question is for you Victoria
  • Victoria: *Gets up and dances tells Jaime to sit back and relax* (there had been a ton of questions for Jaime about Warehouse 13 prior to me)
  • Me: We all know Cruella has some great one liners, my personal favorite was when she referred to Hook and Arthur as a stubble sandwich.
  • Victoria: And they are!
  • Me: So my friend and I have a theory that maybe Cruella and Arthur got together in the Underworld and are ruling it together. So I wondered what you thought she is doing down in the Underworld?
  • Victoria: Oh darling the poor boy is exhausted right now. You know what I'm saying, she destroyed the man. Um...yeah that could be fun. Ok. Yeah I'm up for that. You're right.
  • Me: Cool, thanks!
  • Victoria: Can she not just be like, ruling everybody? He can be Monday to Wednesday. Everyone else can be Thursday, Friday. Saturday she takes a day off, and Sunday she just randomly chooses. It's the Lord's day after all.
Quite a Surprise

This is a one-shot in the Worth the Wait verse. It can be read on itself, but of course it makes more sense if you’ve read the main story first :-)

I’m dedicating this story to @lallagoglee and @sunshunes, who recently celebrated their birthday. I totally meant to finish the story by their birthday, but time management has never been my strong suit, sorry… Happy belated birthday, sweeties!

Pam looked around her, admiring the tasteful decorations. The room was huge, yet it wasn’t draughty in the least, unlike the medieval castles Pam had visited all over Europe.

At first sight, the blocky grey building had seemed forbidding – a fortress, only meant to house soldiers – and she’d wondered why on earth anyone would hire this venue for an engagement party. Surely, the Plaza was way more elegant, and probably cheaper than this.

Then, she’d been escorted inside, and she’d started to see just why Blaine’s boyfriend – what was his name again? I’ll have to ask Cooper – had chosen to have the party here. No, there were no crystal chandeliers nor gold-plated crown mouldings, and the floors weren’t gleaming patterned hardwood. But there were soft carpets and beautiful antique furniture, the ceiling boasted intricate detailing, and there were flowers in vibrant colours, their sweet smell following you everywhere. This place had character and heart, and Pam approved.

The invitation had come as quite a surprise. Well, that was an understatement. It had come as a lightning bolt from a clear sky. Pam hadn’t even known Blaine was seeing someone, so to find out that they’d been together for five years and that they were so serious that Blaine’s boyfriend – Keith? Was it Keith? – was planning on proposing, well… That had been quite a shock.

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More of the Sugar Daddy AU

This fic has gotten so much attention. All y’all need Jesus. So do I for that matter but shhhhhh. Enjoy the sin while you can.

Part 1

More Filth Under The Cut

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My Guardian (Part 5)

Cas x Reader

Word Count: 1766

Warnings: kissing, angst, swearing, violence, mild gore, brief mention of sexual arousal.

**Sorry for the late night posts. It’s also when I write, so some of this may be weird. Anywhos, enjoy.

My Guardian Master List

“Sam and Dean will be back any minute,” Cas grumbled into your ear. He nuzzled his nose into your neck and nipped. You were actually sad that the brothers were coming home. The time you had spent alone with Cas had been wonderful. You had expressed to Cas that you wanted to keep everything that had gone on between the two of you a secret until you found Crowley.

No distractions.

Sure, Cas’s presence anywhere near you was now a distraction, but he was also a lot of help. The two of you had spent the morning drinking way too much coffee and planning your attack on Crowley’s new fortress. The boys had texted Cas pictures of the warding symbols that littered the house’s concrete barrier. You had come up with a few plans of how to take them down to allow Cas entrance.

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In Sickness and In Health - Chapter 4

{ I’m excited and nervous to see what everyone thinks <3 }

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aurora: (n.) dawn

It had rained for weeks it felt like, weather reporters in the Evening Broomstick had claimed it was the wettest November on record, Graves told Credence they said that every year.

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