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BTS Reaction To You Pretending Not To Understand What They’re Saying When You Get Into A Fight


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“Oh jagi…you don’t honestly think you can pull that one with me,” he commented, rolling his eyes as he stepped closer to you. 

You furrowed your eyebrows, feigning innocence and ignorance. Jin placed his thumb against the middle area in between your eyebrows, and brushed it over your left brow and down your cheek, causing your act to soften, almost turning timid. 

He leaned forward, pressing his lips against your ear lobe. Jin began to murmur, “Surely you’ll at least understand this.” He paused, now looking you dead in the eyes, irritation still present in his eyes, but now darker, a mix of agitation and desire, before lacing his fingers around your wrist and dragging you to the bedroom. 


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His head head tilted to the side quizzically as you started to speak in English, as you pretended to have difficulty understanding what he was saying. He would have dropped it, waiting until both of your’s tempers had cooled and you were willing to actually face the matter instead of pretending you don’t understand what he was saying.

But you were stubborn and he just as much. Seeing as you refused to drop the matter, continuing on with your little act even as he started to walk away, he now refused to drop the matter as well. 

Turning back to face you, his strides started out small before getting longer and faster and finally forcefully pushing you into the wall behind you. 

“Oh Y/N, you should really be more careful when playing these little “games” with me.” His lips were inches from your. He let out a low growl along with a trail of harsh curses. “You know I can’t stand losing,” he murmured, before crashing his lips to yours.


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Unsure of whether you were serious, joking, or simply acting, a sheepish, uncertain grin would form on his face as he mumbled out, “Are you serious?” 

He knew your Korean wasn’t perfect, but for your understanding to be lacking now of all times, when you just so happened to be having a bit of a quarrel, seemed suspicious to say the least. You tried your best to suppress the light chuckle ready to escape your lips, but it was no use. 

Hoseok’s head snapped towards you, his unsure, confused persona immediately melting. His gaze turning dark, he ran his tongue across the entirety of the inside of his mouth, trying his best to stay calm.

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Of course it wasn’t a coincidence. Y/N is too sly, too cunning for it to be just that, he thought to himself. Briefly closing his eyes to maintain his composure, he stepped towards you. You had played this card before, he had just never realized it until now. 

Hoseok dramatically sighed, pursing his lips together, making small tsking noises with the roof of his mouth as if he were getting ready to scold a child. 

Just how many times had you played this card before? Just how many times had you gotten away with it? Just how many times did he have to punish you tonight…

Rap Monster

At first his expression was slightly flustered. Your Korean was nearly flawless, why now were you messing up of all times? His expression was completely and utterly puzzled, that is, until he realized exactly what you were doing.

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A sly grin formed on his face. You knew exactly what he had said earlier. You weren’t struggling with your Korean skills, you were just trying to dodge the situation. Oh, but he wouldn’t let you, far from it. He would have to “correct” this little act of yours with a helping hand.

Placing a strong hand on the inside of your thigh he squeezed lightly, patronizing you with both his touch and his words.

“Oh, sweetheart, you know your little tricks won’t work with me. Even if you can’t understand me, I can understand you perfectly,” he continued to speak in Korean; why bother putting in the extra effort to use English when he already knew you understood completely? You mentally cursed, realizing just how dumb it had been of you to attempt this method with Namjoon. How could you have been so stupid as to forget Namjoon was fluent in English.

Gently rubbing up and down your thigh, you let out a small whimper. His smirk widened. He had you exactly where he wanted you.

“Good, now why don’t we continue this little discussion of ours in the bedroom, hmm?”


You knew you were in the wrong. You knew you were at fault in this situation. You knew you should have apologized or given in earlier, when you still had a chance. But you were stubborn and refused to admit that you were at fault instead of Jimin for once.

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“Y/Nnnn….Jagiii…” Jimin teasingly whined, dragging out the last syllables in a sing-song lilt. “Just admit you were wrong for once.” He bit his lip, no doubt imagining exactly what he was going to do to you tonight. “Just admit you were wrong…” he paused for effect, “and I’ll go easy on you tonight.” His hot breath trickled down your ear and against your throat. “I won’t punish you… at least not as much as I should…" 

God he was so close, already pressing his chest to yours and your back against the wall. You let out a shaky breath, barely being able to respond to him.


Oh, but what a mistake you had made. You had responded in English. A weakness Jimin had always had, a weakness you knew would only encourage Jimin in his endeavors, in his endeavors of teasing. Oh, what a mistake it was indeed…

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Jimin tilted his head to one side, his already wide smile turning into a Cheshire grin, a mischievous glint building in his eyes. 

He tucked a loose strand from your ponytail behind your ear, his nose now centimeters from your own. "Fine by me. I wasn’t really in the mood for immediate cooperation anyways,“ he breathed.

And with that, Jimin threw you over his shoulder, thrusted the bedroom door open and tossed you onto the mattress, ready to have you in every possible way he wanted tonight.


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His expression was blank as it always was whenever the two of you had a fight. He looked at you with near indifference. The only sign of his anger was the darkening of his eyes that were once a soft hazel brown, but were now black with a flame ablaze behind them.

He didn’t speak. He stayed completely silent as you mumbled forced apologies, even though it wasn’t your fault. Actually, the whole reason you fighting was completely unreasonable. Both of you had been, and were, being utterly irrational.

The reason you were fighting was irrelevant, Tae’s agitation was becoming frightening, and you weren’t particularly fond of conflict in the first place. That’s why originally you mumbled out small apologies, hoping to avoid any further battles.

Ah, but you couldn’t take it any longer. His silence was deafening. He wouldn’t look at you. You were trying to smooth things over and prevent conflict and here he was, refusing to even look you in the eye, even look in your general direction.

Your soft murmurs slowly grew in volume. As your "I’m sorry’s” grew in volume so did your agitation, so did the amount of English you used. It was a continuous loop, the louder you got, the sharper cut your words were and the more you started to slip back into using English. 

Your tone became agitated, contradicting your original purpose of avoiding further conflict.  Ah, your voice just kept getting louder and louder until you were full out screaming at him in English. And now you were the one who couldn’t look him in the eyes.

Abruptly you stopped yelling, realizing it wasn’t going to change the situation. You bet he still had that blank look on his face as he avoided looking at you, as you were now doing to him.

You turned to leave the room. You’d deal with damage control tomorrow, you were too mentally exhausted to deal with anything of the sort right now. You looked towards the ground and started to walk out of the room, unable to keep your chin high after screaming at Tae like that, only to be met with strong arms slithering around your waist, preventing you from taking another step.

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“Please don’t be angry, darling.” Tae’s bottom lip jutted out as he bent down slightly to place his chin on your shoulder and began to pout. You tightly closed your eyes. He was knowingly using his puppy dog eyes against you. He knew you couldn’t resist him, especially with such a look of innocence in his face. “Please, oh please, don’t be mad at me." 

You let out a short groan as Tae’s lips had found their way to your upper jaw, his tongue now lightly tracing your jawline. 

"I promise… I’ll make it up to you.” And then you gave in, opening your eyes, whirling around to face him, wrapping your arms around Taehyung’s neck, and allowing him to do as he pleased with you. 


In all honesty, it wasn’t a fight. It was never a fight. It was always just a one sided screaming match caused by Jungkook’s idiocy. 

He was an adult, for Christ’s sake. He was an adult with the logic of a four year old. God, you were younger than him and here you were scolding him, or attempting to, like a mother.

As if having to scold him wasn’t enough, he wouldn’t listen. Whenever you yelled, he didn’t even flinch. Only a playful expression would be present on his face, like he was amused by your vexation, like he had acted like an utter imbecile just to see that agitated expression on your face. For fuck’s sake, couldn’t he feel at least a little bad for making you worry?!

“Goddamn it, Jungkook,” you gritted out, your voice rasping and raising the longer you spoke. “Can’t you think of the possible consequences…for once in your life?!” 

Your breath hitched a bit as you continued to speak, saying anything and everything in an attempt to make him realize how idiotic he had been, how much he had made you worry.

You found yourself becoming more flustered as you continued to speak, gradually switching to English, unable to think clear enough to use Korean any longer.

You turned your head sharply to look him in the eyes. You had been so engrossed in everything you were saying, you hadn’t even bothered to look at him. Oh, and what a mistake looking at him was… 

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A look you only ever saw when he was in one of his moods was etched into his features. The type of mood that would make you scream, but not out of anger like just seconds ago. 

Jungkook’s usual mischievous glint and playful eye roll was now replaced with a sharp look and a lazy grin. It just now hit you. 

You swore. You had swore. You never swore, at least not out loud, at least not around him.

He took a step towards you and you instinctively took one back. He did it again only for you to follow suit. Oh, he was toying with you, and he was enjoying it, his grin widening with every second that passed. 

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“Oh baby girl, don’t be like that. Don’t be so angry with little ol’ me…” His voice trailed off as he gently caressed your cheek with the back side of his hand.

“You scold me as if you’re my noona, as if I’m the only one the wrong here.” Jungkook’s gentle caresses began trailing down your neck, your chest, your waist, your entire body.

“Don’t forget, my darling, I am your oppa, and you are in need of punishment yourself.”

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Rock Paper Scissors

Hey @thing-you-do-with-that-thing, Happy Birthday!  Lots of love from your SPN Family!

The two men who had just completely turned your world upside down, telling you that monsters were real and something just happened to be targeting girls with your exact description, were currently in your kitchen.  You were having a mini-meltdown, debating whether you wanted to believe them or call the cops.

The evidence and clear explanations they had, though… You just had to believe them.

You headed toward your kitchen, ready to ask them what they needed from you, when you saw them playing rock-paper-scissors.  Not wanting to interrupt, you stood in the doorway, out of their line of sight for a moment.

“Yes!” Sam exclaimed when he won, obviously happy.  

“No, no, no, two out of three!” Dean replied, but Sam was already shaking his head.  

“No, you’ll just lose again,” Sam insisted.  “I’m staying here with Y/N.  Gotta make sure she has fun on her birthday while you’re out hunting.”

It was then that you decided to head inside the room, surprising them both with your entrance.  “Were you really playing rock-paper-scissors to decide who gets to spend the evening with little old me?” you teased, twirling your finger through your hair to act obnoxiously like a dumb valley girl on purpose.

You watched both pairs of eyes look you up and down, taking in your outfit of shorts and a tank, the comfy clothes you had donned when you got home for the day.  You realized then that they really had been competing with each other on who was staying, and your eyes widened.  “Oh,” was all you could say, shocked that two such attractive guys would be arguing over you.

“Don’t worry sweetheart,” Dean said as he pulled his jacket on, heading for the door.  “I’ll be back later and we’ll make sure you have a really good birthday.”

You gulped as you watched the door close behind him, eager and nervous at the same time.  Finally you turned back to Sam, seeing a small smile on his face.

“So, what do you want to do to pass the time?” Sam asked sweetly, just a hint of something else in his voice.

Yep, you were going to have a really, really good birthday.

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“A Few More Minutes” (Woozi x Reader)

“What would play fighting with woozi include???”

Name: “A Few More Minutes”

Character: Woozi // Lee Jihoon (SEVENTEEN)

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 790

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You couldn’t have imagined anything more perfect. Your talented, all singing and dancing producer for a boyfriend finally had some time off. Both of you were equally relieved. As the morning crept through the crack in the curtains, you felt someone rustle beside you. The bed jostled a little under their weight. “(Y/N)?” the voice spoke gently. You smiled during your sleep. Jihoon’s voice was always the voice you wanted to hear in the morning, especially when he was far away touring. “Petal?” he called again, upon no response. Your eyes opened. His soft brown gaze crashed into yours at first sight. He smirked. “Morning.” You mumbled something inaudible and you snuggled into his chest. His lips pecked a sweet kiss on your forehead. He chuckled light, causing his chest to vibrate against you. It was strangely satisfying. His arms found themselves wrapped around you slowly. “You want some breakfast?” he asked. You looked up at him briefly. You shook your head. He scrunched up his face in confusion. A peaceful look graced your expression as you simply replied, “I just want to stay here for a lil’ longer.” He sighed. His thumb drew small circles on your back in a soothing rhythm. “Alright, 5 more minutes,” he gave in. He knew that he couldn’t beat your winning ways. “But you don’t you want to do something today?” You reared your head once more. “Nope,” you replied, popping the ‘p’ sound in a child-like manner. “We should just relax and not do something for once,” you suggested. He was silent for a moment, pondering the idea.
“Okay,” he drew out the vowel sounds. A slight squeak in approval left your lips and you buried your head in the exact same spot once again. He tutted at your strange noise but had expected nothing less.

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Hi I was wondering if I could have a scenario on how tyl vongola (adult! reborn and 25y/o lambo) and tyl varia would makeup after a fight with there s/o please and thank you (your doing a marvelous job with this blog I love it!) •~•

Thank you hun! And sorry this one is going to be a little on the short side since you requested so many characters ><”

TYL! TSUNA: Tsuna would give you plenty of space and when he felt you had calmed down, would approach you with your favorite type of flower and an apology. “I’m really sorry _____, I didn’t mean to upset you so much…So will you forgive me?”

TYL! GOKUDERA: Gokudera would have to cool his head before confronting you and even then, you might not be ready to talk with him. But he wouldn’t leave you alone, following you and asking for your forgiveness until you finally gave in. “Please, ______, just listen. I’m sorry, really sorry. I know I screwed up, but can you find it somewhere in your heart to forgive me?”

TYL! YAMAMOTO: Yamamoto would try to talk to you immediately after you argued which could either go really well or really horribly. He would talk with you calmly and evenly so that you be able to see reason versus get even more upset and yell at him. “I’m sorry I said those things to you. I didn’t mean them at all, I let my feelings carry me away. I understand if you don’t want to forgive me now, and I’ll wait as long as you need me to.”

TYL! RYOHEI: Ryohei would give you a little time to yourself and by “a little time” I literally mean five minutes. After those five minutes are up he would follow you everywhere, trying to talk to you and apologize until you finally gave in. “Wait! _____! I didn’t mean what I said! I’m sorry for arguing with you! Please, listen to me…”

20YL! LAMBO: Lambo would sigh and reluctantly give you some time to yourself before approaching you. He would try to talk reasonably, but if you were stubborn, he would get exasperated very quickly and give up for a few more hours. Finally when both of your heads have cooled, he would apologize properly. “Eh, sorry for how I was acting earlier. I was being dumb. Forgive me?”

TYL! HIBARI: Hibari would immediately get up and leave the house when the two of you argued with each other. He would need a lot of space and time before reconciling with you, mainly because he was so stubborn. You would have to apologize first because Hibari would not take the initiative otherwise. “Oh, you’re sorry? Well, I forgive you, ______. I didn’t mean what I said either. So I’m sorry as well.”

TYL! MUKURO: Mukuro would definitely need space before coming to talk to you again. It actually takes quite a bit for him to get angry, so chances are when you get into fights, it gets bad. You would most likely have to approach him first as he can get very stubborn when it comes to apologizing. “Hm? You say you’re sorry? Well, if you say so…I guess I accept, my dear.”

TYL! CHROME: Chrome would start attacking herself for getting into an argument with you, thinking of worst case scenarios such as you leaving her. You would make up with her as soon as you had calmed down, taking her into you arms and apologizing to her while she forgave you and said she was sorry too. “I-I’m so so sorry, ________…I didn’t mean to get into a fight with you. I’m sorry…So sorry.”

ADULT! REBORN: Reborn would take deep breaths as the argument began to fizzle out. Right then and there, he would grab your wrist, preventing you from leaving the room and pull you towards him, wrapping his arms around your waist. He would whisper an apology in your ear, hating when the two of you get into fights. “Oi, I’m sorry for saying those things. I just got caught up in the heat of the moment. Forgive me?”

TYL! XANXUS: Xanxus would need a lot of time to blow off steam. This could include throwing plenty of liquor bottles across his bedroom, firing off his X-guns a couple of time, or yelling curses at every Varia member who tried to approach him. After he tires himself out from all of this, you would hesitantly approach him and he would reluctantly forgive you. “Yeah yeah, I forgive you, I guess. Just don’t start another argument with me.”

TYL! SQUALO: Squalo would immediately storm out of the room and throw himself into work, snapping at every member who made even the smallest mistakes or turned in reports late. After a few hours, you would slowly enter his office and mutter your apology. He would promptly close the door then stride towards you, pulling you in to a rough hug. “Dammit, _______. I hate when we fight and I hate that I yelled at you so I’m sorry, I guess…”

TYL! BELPHEGOR: Bel would begin to sulk after your fight, splaying himself out on the couch in the living room with a pout on his face. He would make a sport of chucking knives at anyone who passed by or irritated him. Soon he would get bored and search the mansion for you. Once he finds you, he would let out a large sigh before staring at you expectantly. “Aren’t you going to apologize to the prince? I’ve been waiting. Though I guess I’m a little bit sorry too. But only a little.”

TYL! LUSSURIA: Lussuria would get very emotional after a fight with you and need some time to alone to gather his thoughts. Once he’s calmed down, he’ll get up an extravagant candle lit dinner for the two of you and invite you downstairs where he would apologize profusely for his actions. “I am so so sorry, _____-chan. That fight got out of hand and I said some things I shouldn’t have. Will you please forgive me?”

TYL! LEVI: Levi would honestly be confused and angry after you two get into a fight. It would take him quite a while to understand what he’s done wrong, but once he figures it out he’d be rushing around to find you and apologize. Once he finds you, he’d have to catch his breath before bowing his head and giving you a sincere apology. “_____! I am very sorry for what I said to you. It was uncalled for. Please! Forgive me!”

FRAN: Fran wouldn’t actually be that phased after a fight. He would listlessly wander around the house until he is able to find you, he’d give you a half assed apology. It might start another fight, but after a while, you get used to his apologies and end up forgiving him. “I’m sorry for what I said though I don’t think I said anything that harsh. So yeah, sorry and stuff, now forgive me?”

October 16th: Young! Remus Lupin x Reader Imagine

From the instant your eyes flickered upon him, sat curled under the dim lights of the library, you were smitten.

It seemed like quite the unfortunate occurrence – a bit of the universe pulling over a joke, perhaps. A first year Hufflepuff to find one of her Gryffindor classmates attractive; that didn’t happen. A first year was supposed to fret over the moving staircases, all the while submersing themselves in the wizarding culture. Hogwarts was about making friends; learning new things; cheering respective houses to quidditch victory – not developing a major attraction to someone.

Growing up, your parents had always tousled your hair and cooed, you’re mature beyond your years, and of course, it was satisfying at the time; but the satisfaction had long-since faded into the abyss, and you found yourself, at age eleven, falling into love with the chocolate-locked, bookish Marauder.

The first few weeks of the year had ticked off the calendar with an unexpected ease, and with all your free time, you found yourself at your usual table, three down from Cute Gryffindor Boy and the other guys that hung around him. He seemed quiet and harmless, but nevertheless, intimidating as all hell. You couldn’t even consider approaching him; Merlin, no. Approaching him was as scary as anything you could imagine – admiring him from afar was much safer. Certainly, he’d be nothing but polite to you, but it wasn’t him you were afraid of.

That was the case for what felt like forever, until October 16th rolled around.

On October 16th, you drug yourself through a hellaciously long day of classes. You listened to your teachers drone on and on about wand safety, and other bullshit that seemed needless to be taught. And after loads of eye-rolling and mutters under breaths, and a great deal of homework, you stumbled into the library.

“I’m going to talk to him tonight,” you assured yourself, careless as to whether anyone could hear you. “tonight. I’m just going to march right up to him and talk to him. It’s not hard, not hard at all. I’ve got this.” Hands shaking, fumbling to smooth down your skirt, you exhaled, held your chin high, then waltzed to the section where His and Your respective tables were.

Before you could get to the table, though, you were stopped by another first year. His burgundy tie was undone, dangling like a broken noose around his neck, while mangy black locks curled around his face. “Excuse me, love, but what ever is your dear name?”

You furrowed your eyebrows. This boy was in your year, undoubtedly, and sat in the seat two down from you in Potions. He’d never learned your name – not even in passing? And wasn’t he one of the ones to hang around Cute Gryffindor Boy?


“Mm,” the boy, whom you remembered to be named Sirius, hummed. “Palak,” he turned his head to the side, before speaking over his shoulder in a tone so loud, it made you jump. “Palak. The name’s Palak. Okay, thank you. Have a good night, Palak.” Without another word, he bowed slightly, then scampered off.


You tried not to think too much of it, focusing solely on getting over to Cute Gryffindor Boy.

But, again, before you could make it, a hand caught ahold of your sleeve.

“Evening, love,” another Gryffindor with silver-rimmed glasses and a cheesy smirk to match drawled. “Are you a first year? I’m running a survey for the Prophet, my neighbor from back home is the editor.”

Wait a minute, you recognized this guy, too. He hung around Cute Gryffindor Boy and Sirius. His last name began with a P, maybe? Or a B? Or a C? One of those consonants.

“The last time I checked, I’m a first year. Aren’t you in my classes?” You were nearly positive he sat with Sirius and Cute Gryffindor Boy (who, weeks later, you still didn’t know the proper name of – the adorable fuck never spoke up in class, so you never caught wind of what to call him).

“A first year, huh?” Similar to Sirius, Glasses Guy twisted his head to the side, as if he was talking to someone behind him, and put major emphasis on the first year part. “You don’t say? Why, I’m a first year. Neat. Well, goodnight, darling.” In a flash, he was scurrying away.

You wanted to care, really, you did, but Cute Gryffindor Boy was so close by, you just had a few more feet to go until you got to his table, and-

“H-hello?” A timid voice rasped, appearing from behind some shelving. “It’s Palak, right?”

Fucking Cute Gryffindor Boy was right before you, peering over with curious eyes. Merlin. It was like a scene from those cheesy muggle movies your mother liked to drag your father to the theatre for.

“Palak, right.” You were stunned.

“I’m Remus,” he took a few steps closer. “I’ve seen you around here a lot lately. You’re a first year, I hear.”

Ah. That explained Sirius and Glasses Guy.

“You hear correctly.” Tucking a stray strand of hair behind your ear, you licked your lips. “Are you a first year?”

“I sit behind you in Transfiguration, dear, so, yes.” He teased, playfully. “It just seems like we have things in common – given I’ve noticed your selection in books – and I was just curious if you’d like to study together sometime, as friends? Or mere acquaintances, if you’d prefer.”

“Studying as friends sounds marvelous.”

And from there, the rest was history: you and Remus Lupin, despite being in different houses, were best friends. It started out with meeting in the library every Monday’s and Thursday’s, until over the years, it escalated to sneaking chocolate out to the lake; hanging around Sirius and James, the other guys from the library that October 16th night; stealing his flannels; and a litany of inside jokes never to be understood by anyone but you and Rem.

You loved him from the moment you saw him, and even by being friends, it didn’t die out. Boys had taken interest in you, but Remus was it. He was The One, for you, regardless of the platonic nature of your relationship, or even the harsh reality of his ‘furry problem’. Each time you caught a whiff of his scent, or even heard his wholehearted laugh fill a room, you fell deeper. Every brush of fingers or touch of knees under tables, you lost more control.

By seventh year, Remus was driving you completely insane, while appearing oblivious to it. There was sexual tension up the wazoo, but Remus -oh dear, dear Remus- acted as if the pregnant pauses during your late night conversations were completely friendship-y; that Sirius and James’ get together already jokes were far off the mark; that he didn’t feel his heart explode whenever he made you smile.

Remus was dumb in love with you, and you were dumb in love with Remus, but you were both so dumb, period, nothing was being done about it.

“This is ridiculous,” James finally burst out, one late night that him, you, Remus, Sirius, and Lily climbed the astronomy tower. “How much longer are we going to avoid the elephant in the room?”

“Elephant?” You and Remus asked, both snapping your heads up simultaneously.

“James, don’t-” Lily cut in, reaching to grab her boyfriend’s arm. “Not now, not here, not ever. Let them figure it out on their own.”

“Figure it out?” James bellowed a laugh. “It’s taken this long, and they still haven’t a clue. Don’t you realize, Palak, Remus is so in love with you, he can barely see straight? And Remus – Merlin, Remus. You always bemoan being a werewolf, claiming that Palak could never be with someone like you, without even realizing that you’re all she’s wanted for years. Merlin, Merlin. That feels good. Doesn’t that feel good. Anything to add, Sirius?”

Lily appeared shocked by James’ actions, while Sirius reached over to dish James a high-five.

A thick cloud of awkwardness hung in the air, and you couldn’t even glance anywhere in Remus’s direction. Your head was down, partly in shame, and it would stay locked in that position, forever, all eternity long, while your cheeks burned and your heart thumped from your ribs.

“I don’t know how you two haven’t shagged yet, if I’m at all honest.” Was all Sirius could add to the conversation, still marveling at how easily his best friend spilled the beans.

“Merlin.” Remus gritted out, under his breath. “Would you three please leave us alone for a bit? It seems as though I have some,” he coughed. “Explaining to dive into.”

“Take your time!” James cheered. “We’re going to head off for the night, anyhow. Stay up here as long as you’d like, and remember, no glove no lov-” Lily smacked him hard in the chest before he could choke out the final letter of ‘love’.

Lily shot you a sympathetic-but-not-necessarily-apologetic look, before steering Dumb and Dumber toward the steps.

Once they were gone, Remus cleared his throat. “Look, Palak, what James did was so immature and-”

“I love you.” You blurted out, unable to seal your lips before your heart took over. “And I’ve loved you for a long time; longer than I could probably tell you, without really weirding you out.”

Rem’s jaw opened a little, then closed, then opened again. “I love you, too, fuck.” And he lunged forward, taking each of your cheeks in one of his warm, calloused hands. He pressed his lips against yours clumsily, smiling into the kiss.

The kiss was better than you dreamt it to be, warm and soft, tasting of cinnamon, long enough to need another breath, but too good to want to pull away. Your bodies seemed to attract one another, like a positive and negative charge. Together, you were electric.

After a few moments that didn’t last nearly long enough, he pulled away. “H-how long, Palak?”

“Since first year,” you croaked, voice hoarse from kissing Remus fucking Lupin, of all godforsaken souls. “since seeing you in the library those nights, and then studying together.”

“Wow,” he looked like he could break down and cry, right then and there. “I just, I can’t-why didn’t you tell me sooner?”

“Tell you?” You squeaked. “Why didn’t you tell me sooner?”

“Because.” Remus rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly. “Because, a girl as beautiful and intelligent as you doesn’t fall in love with a monster like me, Palak.”

“Monster? Are you kidding me, Moony? I’ve never met someone as delicate and caring as you. You’re so gentle – it’s one of the reasons I love you. Never, in my eyes, could you be a monster.”

“But I have scars and marks and all sorts of scary, unappealing things about myself.” He mumbled, breaking eye contact.

“Rem? I want to spend every day of my life, from here-on-out, learning and loving each one of those scars, marks, and whatever else you think is a flaw. Okay?”

Your best friend melted into a world-famous Remus smile. “Be my girlfriend, Palak.”

“Be my boyfriend, Remus.”

“Deal.” He whispered, tangling his hands with yours.

And the next morning in class, when your quill went to write the date on the parchment, you stopped dead in your tracks. October 17th.

James had made such a scene over getting you and Remus to confess your love the night before; the night of October 16th.

“James,” You leaned around Remus, who sat beside you, and Sirius, who sat on the other side of Rem. “James, I-”

“October 16th,” he grinned at you. “Don’t act like I don’t remember those things, Mrs. Moony. You two better get married on an October 16th; if not, don’t invite me to the wedding.”

October 16th, October 16th. You couldn’t suppress your smile.

AN: I wrote this for @aveeragemusings since she’s had such a rough go of it lately, but continues to be so kind to everyone on here. She’s a true inspiration, honestly. I really hope she reads & likes this :)

This is my first Harry Potter imagine, though, so I hold it came out okay. I’m also just sort of getting back into HP, so I’m sorry if some details are messed up or it isn’t completely canon.

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Prompt: Jason wakes up his s.o. because he's had a horrible nightmare about the joker :)))))

“Oh god!” You woke up to the breathless yelp of your boyfriend, as his hands desperately grabbed onto your arms, fingers digging into the skin underneath. It immediately woke you up, the urgency of his cry and his actions forcing you to sit up and reach for Jason’s thigh with one hand while trying to find the gun strapped on the side of the bed with your other. Once you felt the cold metal brush against your skin you yanked it free and frantically searched the dark room for any intruders or abnormalities.
“Whats wrong? What is it?!” After a sweep through, you couldn’t find anything that would spook your hardened vigilante. Confused, you dropped the gun down to your side, after one last good look around. Definitely nothing here. Your heartbeat had started to return to a normal rhythm and the adrenaline that had coursed through you moments before had died down, prompting you to turn and see just why Jason was clutching onto you so hard.
“Jay, what happen-”
The words died in your throat as you saw Jason Todd, the notorious Red Hood, clutching onto your arm, drenched in sweat and breathing as if he had just sprinted a marathon. In your surprise, the gun slipped from your grasp , falling onto the hard floor with a distinct ‘thump’ causing Jason to flinch even further into himself.
“Jason look at me. Talk to me, tell me whats wrong.” You said softly, slowly trying to replace his firm hold on your arm with your hand.
“Shit. Mi Vida, Sorry. I just-just, goddamn it, give me two seconds.” He was quick to sit up and release you, hands moving to the sheets in order twist them into his fists. He tried to angle himself away from you but you could still see the slight shake he couldn’t control run up and down his arms, the way his bare chest rose and fell in a quick, uneven pace. No matter how many deep breaths he took, his features stayed contorted in pain, eyes tightly clenched shut.
“…Was it a nightmare?” You whispered, reaching out to brush off the streak of white, damp hair that stuck to his sweat covered forehead.
“Nightmare? Who do you think I am?” He choked out a laugh. “The Red Hood doesn’t have nightmares.”
“No?” You moved your fingertips to his cheeks, feeling a slight wetness beneath his eyes. He had been crying in his sleep. “What about Jason Todd?”
In a fluid motion you gently pulled Jason to your chest, fingers from your left hand weaving through his hair as your right went to work rubbing up and down his back in an attempt to sooth him. You were careful to avoid touching any of the scars and scrapes that were mapped out all over him, not wanting to trigger and painful memories that might stem from any one of them. Jason’s response was to snake his arms around your waist, holding you tight enough against him that you thought you might break.
“Silly.” You soothed. “You know you don’t have to act tough around me and that I’ll support you no matter what. Its fine if you don’t want to tell me what it was about, but-”
“The Joker.” Came his muffled voice, bitterness dripping from every syllable, before his tone changed, trying to keep it light in order to limit your worrying. “It was so…so vivid. Jesus, I haven’t had one like that in awhile. What a doozy.” You carefully eased back down onto the bed so that you were both laying down, Jason still pressed tightly against you.
“I was back in that damn warehouse and-and oh god.” He took in a shaky breath before continuing. “_____, I could practically taste the blood in my mouth. I could hear his twisted laughter. His fucking taunting. I really thought I was back there-I thought I was going to die.” He somehow managed another chuckle sounding so forced it made your skin crawl. “Dumb, right? I mean I already died, why would the second time around be any-”
Despite how Jason was trying to keep up his tough guy act, his voice was starting to break and your heart wouldn’t be able to take much more.
“Shhh.” You hushed him before he could continue, nuzzling into his hair, absent-mindedly drawing shapes into his back. Your grip on him went tighter as you felt the undeniable sensation of hot tears trickling onto your chest. This made you tuck your fingers underneath Jason chin, pulling his face to look up at you in order to pepper soft kisses anywhere you could make contact, starting with his eyes.
“Stop,” Jason whispered hoarsely, before finding his voice. “Give me a moment. You don’t need to see me like this.” He made a move to get away from you, to roll out of bed, but you kept your arms locked around him.
“Of course I do Jaybird. Of course I do.” He stopped struggling against you, instead wrapping the soft fabric of your shirt into his fist and settling into your embrace. “You’re not at the warehouse, you’re with me. And the Joker will never touch you again because I won’t let him. I’m right here with you Jason. I love you.”
You took one of his hands into your own, lifting it up past both of your heads in order to kiss a scar on Jason’s arm you knew HE had left. You did so to show him that he really was far from harms way, to promise in what seemed like a small gesture, that you would always be here, with him, to chase away the bad dreams. The moment your lips made contact, he shuddered and gasped, pushing up against you while intertwining your fingers with his. “I love you too.” He breathed out, his heartbeat finally settling back to a familiar pace.

After awhile you thought he had finally fallen back to sleep. You were close to drifting off yourself when you heard Jason’s deep voice rumble your name.
“______? You awake?”
“Mhm?” You hummed out a reply, but it took him a few seconds to get any more words out. His grip tightened on you and your clothing before he continued.
“…thank you. Thank you so much.”
It was your turn to pause.
“You never need to thank me Jason. Not for this,” you quickly run your fingers up the back of his neck and through his hair, a small sign of the deep affection you felt for him in this moment. “Now get some sleep.”
He nodded in agreement, secretly amazed at how safe he felt after a nightmare that would have, just a short while ago, driven him into a bar and to the bottom of any and all bottles he could get his hands on. Yes, he was thankful to you. More thankful than he would ever be able to put into words, more than he could ever express.

He falls asleep, deciding that he would attempt to begin to show you how much he cared for you when he woke up.

“Are you guys dating yet or?”

Request from @adsku and anon : “Can you do imagine where Stass, Emily, Sam & y/n is squad. And Sam is in love with you. You don’t just get it. Stassie & Emily gets that you’re “just friends” And Stass & Emily ship you guys! How are you my love ❤️😚?” “Hi 😊 could you maybe write a part 2 to “can you guys just fuck already?” where maybe Sam and yn get together? Idk I just kinda wanna find out what would happen next. Thank you if you do write this!”

Part 1

Sammy’s POV

“Is it just us 3 for lunch?” Stass asks. “Y/N is joining.” I say, putting my laundry away. “Ooh, Y/N. You guys have been getting close lately.” She wiggles her eyebrows at me. “None with that alright? She’s just a friend. We’re just friends.” “She’s a friend that you fell in love with.” “Stop that shit talking alright? I did not fall in love with her.” “Yeah, ok Samuel.” She scoffs, walking off. A few minutes later, Emily and Stass started asking me questions about Y/N. I just annoyedly answered all of them. “How did you even meet y/n?” “From the Jacks guys, you know that.” “And what’s her favorite color?” “Navy blue.” “Right ok, and how long have you been in love with her?” “5 months.” I spat out without thinking about it then covering my mouth. “OHOOHHHHHH WE KNEW IT!!!!!” They both yelled excited. “Nope, nope. I didn’t mean it. That’s now what I said. You guys tricked me!” “And you knew what the question was and you knew the answer! So it’s true!” I just shook my head rubbing my forehead. 

“So when was the first time you knew you loved her?! I didn’t even know you liked her that long! Wait 5 months ago? You guys always argued!” “Yeah well, when I found out she was talking to some guy my heart like broke I guess. And when we had that little wrestling match when I stole her phone, her laugh and smile just made my heart melt and I don’t know. It was a shock to me. Ever since then, I couldn’t get her off my mind.” I shrugged telling them the story. “Awwwwwwwwww.” Their voices sang. “Why haven’t you asked her out yet?” Stass asks. I shrug again, “She might be talking to that guy again.” My voice sounded sad about it. “Well maybe if you tell her your feelings then she’d give you a chance. Maybe she’s afraid of rejection too.” Em suggests. “Hello? Anyone home?” We hear Y/N’s voice from the front door. “Not one word.” I say to them. “Hey guys.” Y/N walks into the living room, hugging each of us. 

“Hey Y/N,” Stass calls her out. “Yeah?” “I know this is really random especially because you just walked in and stuff. But I was thinking about it last night, are you still talking to that one guy from before? I don’t know like 5 months ago?” I look at Stass to shut her up. “Oh haha no.” She denies it. “The guy kept getting mad that I wouldn’t introduce him to any of my friends. So I just dropped him. He was kind of self centered too I noticed. So.” She shrugs. “He’s out the picture. But it’s fine.” “Are you interested in someone else?” Em asks her. “Uh, not really. Not really looking to be honest. Boys are a lot of work. I mean, look and Sam and I. We used to argue all the time. That was a lot of effort to fight back and argue with him. Can I do that on a basis with a boyfriend?” She shook her head. “We haven’t fought in a while though.” I said shyly. “Oh I know. Thanks for that by the way. It’s been relaxing lately.” She smiles at me, putting her hand on my thighs and just leaving it there. “So,” I felt myself get nervous. “Lunch?” I said, getting up quickly. 


“Where’s my cup?” I started looking all around for my cup. “Sam took it. He said he was going to go get your drink for you so you wouldn’t have to.” “Aw he didn’t have to do that.” I told Em. “So Y/N, I see you have a thing for Sammy.” She wiggles her eyebrows at me. “Whaaaaaaat?” I just sang in a high pitch voice. “I do not.” I try denying it to her. “I’m just kidding, no, I don’t.” “Really? You don’t have one little ounce of feeling for him?” She tries to squeeze it out of me. I look at Sammy at the soda fountain,filling up our cups and being polite to other people around him. I just smile a little bit to myself, blushing, “No. I can’t say I do.” Stass comes to join us at the table. “What are we talking about?” “Y/N doesn’t have feelings for Sam.” Em informs her. “Aw you don’t? You guys would make such a cute couple though!” Stass tries to convince me. I turn back to Sam again as he’s looking at us, smiling. “Would we? I don’t think so.” I say still looking at him. “Uh huh…..” I heard them say to themselves. “Besides, Sam deserves a girl with a lot more potential.” I look at them a little sadden in my eyes. “Hello ladies.” Sam comes back to the table. “Thanks Sam.” I smiled as we talked about something else. 

“Finally the rest of the crew is here!!!” The boys yelled out to us as we walked into the Jacks’ place. “We’ve been waiting to take shots!” Swazz says. We all cheered as we all took shots together, toasting and laughing. We finally started taking a break from taking shots and sat down to talk and vibe out together. When I was going to sit down, Sam immediately moved the stuff from next to him to the floor so I could sit next to him. “Thanks.” I smiled, sitting next to him. “You okay? Do you need some water or something?” “No, I’m fine. Chill out. I’m good. Thanks.” My hand rubbed up and down his arm to reassure him. “Are you guys dating yet or?” Rupp said and we both turned our heads to him, confused. “Huh?” 

“Oh come on.” Rupp groans out. “You two have been inseparable for the past couple months. You guys are always skin to skin. Sam is always doing shit for you, Y/N. Don’t act like you haven’t noticed. He’s always looking at you like you are some kind of prize. You have this little sparkle in your eyes when you look at Sam. Come on. You guys are definitely into each other. Everyone knows you guys love each other. But the only people who don’t know are you two. Some dumb motherfuckers, I swear.” He throws his hands up in the air after his rant, calling us out. I look at everyone in the room, nodding their head or sipping their drink like it wasn’t any of their business. “Well then….” I said awkwardly. “Can we go for a walk?” I look and ask Sam. “Yeah, that’d be great right now.” We both get up from the couch, jogging down the stairs and out the door. “DON’T COME BACK UNTIL YOU’RE A COUPLE!” Stass and Rupp yell at us. 

“Soooooo.” I awkwardly said, stuffing my hands in my pockets. “Yeah… Soo…” He says. “You wouldn’t happen to like me, would you?” I turned to look at him. He just deep sighs, “Kind of.” “Oh…” “Would you happen to like me?” I feel him look at me. “Yeah, kind of..” I admitted. “Really?” “Yeah. I mean for all the little things you do for me and say to me. It adds up you know? Besides, you were kind of the main reason why I dropped the other guy I was talking to… You made me feel more…” I shrug, “Special..” “Fuck it.” He said, grabbing my face and kissing me. In the middle of the kiss, I start to smile, happy about this. “WOOOOOOHHHHHH FINALLY!” We heard a group of people yell and cheer from a far. I push away from him and we turn to see everybody outside the house, cheering us on. “Were you guys following us?!” “DUH! WE NEEDED  TO SEE THIS HAPPEN! WE’VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS MOMENT!” Em yells, running to hug us, the rest of the crew following. I just face palm in embarrassment but Sam grabs my hand and kisses it to reassure me it’s okay to be embarrassed. 

Help From the Boys

Help From the Boys

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Prompt: Casitel finally decides to do something about the lingering feelings between you and him, but unsure about what exactly to do, he enlists the help of Sam and Dean, for better or for worse.

Word Count- 2,580

Warnings: None


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Hello, I just have to say that your one shots give me life! I read and reread some on the daily. ❤️ I was wondering if you could do a one shot of Rucas and the rest of the clique six having their romantic encounters on Valentine's Day? This would be so awesome, thank you! If your writing is a reflection of you, I'd say you must be beautiful af!!

Well this the sweetest thing ever! Thank you!! I’m going to write this one out a little differently.. It’s the same day but from the POV of each ship if that makes sense!! Normally I just write one story but instead I try focus on snippets from throughout the say! 

Riley x Lucas;
Riley wakes up instantly at bliss. This was her first Valentines day in a relationship with Lucas and she was excited to say the least. She glides through her morning routine with a happy heart. Spending a little extra time on her appearance and dressing in rose coloured clothing to match the occasion.

Riley packs her neatly wrapped gifts into her backpack and sets out the door for school. Riley skips down the decorated halls and smiles at each couple she passes along the way. Riley opens her locker and heart shaped balloons pop out and she giggles grabbing them in her hands. She turns around and finds Lucas standing behind her with a warm smile. Riley jumps into his arms and he lifts her feet off the ground and spins her around. 

“Thank you for the balloons,” Riley waves them in her hand as Lucas sets her back down, “I have something for you too.” 

Lucas stands idle by while Riley rummages through her backpack and pulls out a hand decorated card and passes it to Lucas. 

Lucas takes it excitedly, “Dear Peaches…” he trails off reading it and Riley’s eyes widen embarrassed and takes it off him. 

“Wrong one,” she laughs handing him the other card in her bag, “this one’s yours.” 

He grins and looks at the new card decorated with glittery hearts. Lucas reads the hand scrawled message she wrote him and gives her a gentle peck on the lips. Riley hands Lucas the second part of her gift and he unwraps the small box and pulls out a keychain with baseball charm on it. 

“Since you’ll be driving soon,” Riley spins the charm over as Lucas dangles it between them. “On the back it’s engraved.” 

“R + L,” Lucas reads out loud, “I love it, thank you!”

Lucas takes his bag off his shoulder and crouches down looking for his gift, “teddy bears are too common on Valentines day,” he says pulling out his unwrapped gift, “so I wanted to get you something else.” 

“A purple cat!” Riley gasps hugging the plush toy to her chest. 

“Yeah,” Lucas nods pleased with how excited she is, “the collar may or may not be a bracelet too.” 

Riley looks closely at the cats neck and sees a silver chain with a heart pendant. “Lucas!” she squeals as she pulls him into another hug. 

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Chapter 20 Part 3

I sighed pulling my suitcase down the stairs; I guess it is back to LA for us “girl, why don’t you pick it up. Banging it down the stairs trying to get your dad angry” my mom was walking down with me “it’s heavy though, help me” she laughed just watching me “it’s okay him and boys are out” I finally got it downstairs, banging it down to the bottom “I am done” raising my hands “you know if he was here he would be screaming saying you trying to break his stairs” I followed my mom into the kitchen “hmmm he’s not talking to me so I don’t care” sitting on the counter watching my mom “he will get over it, his mom will be here when he comes back and they both going to make it up before we leave. Thank god we leaving late because I have not even started packing” I smiled at my mom “you look happier” kicking my legs around “thank you baby, I’m happy to get my life in order” she just happy dad is being good.

I cleared my throat “mom what does it mean when a boy says he’s waiting for you and don’t play” my mom stopped making the baby bottles “who said this? King?” my mouth hung open “mom!! No” I half shouted “why would you think that?” she laughed shrugging “because I thought you liked him sorry but carry on” my mom is annoying “stop looking at me like that and tell me please” I rolled my eyes “that boy warren you know I told you about” she nodded “oh okay, that bad boy” I smiled “a boy like him, he would mean that you’re acting dumb to the situation or whatever you both in. and the waiting part is him saying he’s being good waiting for you to come home. Do not do anything stupid” my said after explaining “I’m not, I just didn’t know what he meant but thanks” my mom pinched my cheek “don’t grow up too fast please, I like you like this. You have a chance of being young because me and your dad have got you ok? But I have always said go with what feels right because I have” I nodded smiling “I understand mom, it feels right” I could tell in her eyes she wants me to stay naïve “me and your father” she started going back to what she was doing “we wanted different for our kids, we actually want what is best for you all, we are both still here for you even when we get back to LA he will be living away still but that is because we need to work on each other but this does not involve you guys” I put my head down “it sucks because I don’t feel like it’s a family home” I mumbled “are you both divorcing or not” I looked up at her “no we not, just don’t let us get to you because we want the best for you ok? Let me worry not you please” my mom walked over to me hugging me close, I wrapped my arms around her “carry me” I said to her “you trying to break my back” she chuckled.

“Momma!!” I heard Rohan’ annoying voice, my mom stepped back “yes baby!” she shouted back “I’m here” I rolled my eyes, he would ruin everything “look” he ran over crashing in my mom’ legs “awww look at my handsome baby, you shaved all your curls” she pouted picking him up “mommy liked your curls” he touched his head “we get same, me and dad get same” I turned around seeing Marley and Dad, I quickly looked forward “oooohhh look at my handsome boys, all clean shaven” she walked around the counter with Rohan on her hip to hug Marley “why have you taken your curls off too?” Marley shrugged “I thought I would change it up” my mom kissed his cheek “stop” he whined “you still my baby so shut up.”

My dad had his arms behind his back just stood waiting “soooo” he said, I smiled watching them both “so what?” my mom knew what he was waiting for “you called me handsome and giving out hugs and kisses so where mine” my mom waved him off “to my babies not you sir” my dad gasped and then so did Rohan “kiss dad” Rohan pointed at dad “see, he know I deserve it” my dad was smirking, he crossed his arms “you know I look hot so just give me some love” I wish my mom would just hug my dad already, she knows she want too “whatever” my mom shuffled towards him “nah” he picked Rohan off my mom putting him down “now” he said, she hit his chest before wrapping her arms around his neck “aww yay” I said clapping “yay!” Rohan crazy ass was screaming, they were mumbling something to each other with the way my mom was laughing too much.

I wish I didn’t have to make it up with my mom but now since Robyn said I have too I guess I do, I was sat at the top of the stairs not really wanting to go downstairs. I could hear my aunties, my sister and some of my cousins, like they gonna gang up on me down there “Chris” Robyn was stood at the bottom of the stairs “please” I sighed getting up “I’m here, just please be sorry” I pulled a face at her “for what though? I cheated on you not her” Robyn gave me a look “but it upset her and you shouted” I got to the bottom dragging my feet along to the living room, I put my hood up shuffling behind Robyn.

The room fell silent as I entered and sat next to Robyn “Chris!” Robyn spat pulling my hood down “I don’t see why you spoil that boy Robyn” my mom said “for your information ma’am she came here not to see you but for me sooo” Robyn slapped my leg “your spoilt” she glared at me “you sure didn’t spoil me did you?” I really don’t care “shut your damn mouth” my sister spoke up “oh shut up you, you live in mom’ shadow” I know my sister has a temper on her she don’t care what age I am “you what little bitch boy, speak up louder” I laughed “when did your fat ugly ass ever work huh?” I said it loud enough for her to hear, my sister got up so fast to hit me but luckily my auntie grabbed her, she was so close to my face “you a little bastard!! I swear you deserve a fucking beating with your disrespectful ass, you deserve shit” I laughed at her face “but who is living with shit huh? Your own son hates you because you a hoe” Robyn got in front of me, she was trying to take a hit for me “sit your fat ass down” I tried to move Robyn out the way, my sister realised that Robyn was not going to allow her to hit me.

Robyn moved from me sitting back in her place, she looked at me “please” I rubbed my face sighing. The room was so silent and nobody was talking “Chris is sorry, I know he is so can we not fight” my sister kissed her teeth shaking her head “why are you protecting him? Everybody fucking protects him that is why he is like this” Robyn grabbed my leg I know she don’t want me to talk “because I don’t want the arguments this is my battle, he hurt me not you guys and it upsets me that you all are arguing. You three only have each other” my sister just mean mugged me “I’m still ashamed of him” my mom said, I threw my hands up “and y’all are wasting my damn time, all of you can leave now. Bye” I got up from the sofa; Robyn gripped my top “Christopher!” I turned around “your mom is ill please don’t do this; don’t do something you will regret. I beg you she is your mother” I closed my eyes shaking my head “I’m not saying sorry to that fat bitch though” Robyn looked annoyed “please” she said in a whisper. I was turning around to just get on with it and then out of nowhere my sister started attacking me “you disrespectful little dumbass!” I fell back on to the sofa and I just felt her weight on me, I protected my face “tootie get off him!” Robyn was trying to pull her off “get the fuck off me” she had hands around my neck and I had my hands on her wrists trying to pull her hands away from me “I could never stand you!” Robyn and 2 of my aunties had to drag her off.

Rubbing my neck “you okay?” Robyn asked, I nodded “oh god, you’re bleeding on your cheekbone” Robyn was about to wipe it but I didn’t let her “please, it’s okay” I looked at my mom and she was busy crying “I’m sorry ma, I’m sorry I’m not what you wanted me to be. I’m always here for you if you need me and I hope you forgive me but just know that I love you and you got my heart” I got up from the sofa wiping the tears that fell, I needed to get my suitcase packed.

Peter took my suitcase as we had to leave for the airport “you got everything?” I asked Robyn “yeah I have” I smiled lifting her thong in the air with my finger “nigga” she snatched it from me “you took it out don’t lie” I shook my head “I found it on the floor, it smells like your booty” Robyn’ face dropped “how the hell you know that?” I started laughing “why you acting like I don’t know how your booty smell” Robyn’ cheeks got so red “that is not cute ok, my ass does not smell” I snorted “it smell good I ain’t even going to lie” Robyn put her thong in her handbag “you are so nasty, I have no words for you” I picked up my backpack still laughing. “I guess I’ll see this place next year” Robyn walked out before me and I shut my bedroom door “we’ll be back, trust me I know the kids love it here so we will” I didn’t say anything I just followed her down.

My mom and my family were outside saying bye to the kids, I sighed walking slowly “you better look after my house aight” I said to Desean “for sure, you left it a mess so I’ll have to sort it out” I nodded watching on as my mom hugged Robyn “come over to LA though, I got my own place there and it’s just me there so you know” I gave my nephew a hug “aight uncle, have a safe flight” he patted my back “for sure and look after your mom” I walked off to the car. Saying bye to all my cousins felt like the line wouldn’t stop minus my sister and my mom, Peter opened the car door “let’s go” I said about to get in the car “Christopher” my mom said making me turn around “huh” she was just staring at me “I do forgive you and I’m sorry for what I said to you” I took my backpack off throwing it on to the seat “it’s okay” walking over to my mom “just take care of yourself yeah?” I was scared to hug her in case she rejected me but she held me back “love you ma” I said in her ear “love my baby too” kissing her cheek “call me when you get back ok?” I nodded walking to the car.

I will truly miss VA and all the things we have done here, it’s created some cute moments with my family. We was waiting to take off but trust Chris to make the flight late and give us a late charge “my bad” he walked back on “I could not forget my baby Rihanna” I frowned at him with his stupid ass dog, I prayed he would forget her “aww my baby” he was all over that dog like a leech “I’m so sorry I left you” I just hope he will sit somewhere else “if you loved that dog so damn much you wouldn’t have forgotten her, making Desean bring her” Chris sat next to me with his stupid dog “hey! I love you and the dog that is why you both are on this flight” I scoffed rolling my eyes, Marley and Chanise were laughing at us “aww mommy is mad” he placed that dog on the table “Chris can you just take her somewhere else” I snapped “who? Rihanna or you” I gave him a look “fine” he placed her down on the ground “you finna sleep baby anyway” he talks to it like she understands.

Chris shuffled even closer to me “you smell like dog, no!” I tried to move “I also smell like you at times” I know he wanted to say more but the kids were looking “Rohan sleep?” he looked around “yeah he fell asleep, he’s not well so I got them to make the bed up for him” Chris poked Mel that was sat at the side of us “why you acting like you ain’t see me sleep?” she said in such a calm manner “checking if y’all were alive, why you both look like you both ain’t sleep” Chris squinted “I swear I heard y’all fucking last night” the kids made sick sounds “that was actually us” Mel openly admitted “see!! Y’all couldn’t beat me and Robyn. I made Robyn scream louder” Mijo flipped him off and I slapped the back of his head “you have kids here, shut up” he went silent looking at them both “well this is awkward” he said looking around all innocent, I smiled shaking my head.

I laid my head on his shoulder, I was feeling so sleepy myself “I thought I smelled like a dog” I looked up pouting “I don’t like your dog, she gets your love and I don’t” Chanise moved her tablet slowly “that is so corny mom, what?” Chris nodded in agreement “actually you both corny, I have heard nothing but corny things from you both all my life” Chanise was telling us both off “dad I still remember when you used to tell me you and mom played games, I always wanted play them games and this one time I went to Marley’ room to wake him up because you came home and mom was so excited so I know you both was going to play game” I already put my head in my hands in shame “so Marley stayed in my room and we waited but this time it was different you both were so loud and then we heard you both go downstairs like running, so I was thinking oh no so what do we do now. So anyways we went to your room you both weren’t there, so I dragged Marley downstairs and I was scared because it’s dark but I knew if I follow the light you both will be there. So me and Marley walked slowly towards the kitchen and I swear we was stood there for ages just watching and you both did not even see us, it got to a part where I was like nope we need to go so we ran but I realised that daddy was lying to me about this game you both played” Chris was laughing so hard “what did you see?” he questioned like we needed to hear it “I think from what I remember is the counter work top, food and then dad took his top off and I was like no” I was so ashamed I couldn’t even look “I told you princess we was just preparing food” Mijo busted out laughing “negro shut up” Mel perked up “Chanise these two are awful, that is nothing trust me oooohhh the things I have seen in my lifetime” I was hating this, it was shameful.

Chanise eyes got wide “like?” I gave Mel a look “let’s just say I have seen everything, I mean everything and I will never go away with them, I always say no but I can’t help but still be here. I love them both too much” I got Chris’ arm wrapping it around me to hide “don’t be ashamed” Chris said laughing “Wait, you remember when we was on the highway and they was both arguing, out of nowhere dad put the window down grabbing mom’ phone throwing it out the window” Marley said looking at Chanise and she was trying to remember “oh yeah, but you started crying Marley and then mom and dad argued about you crying” I shook my head “any good stories about us?” I asked, they both just stared, I waved them both off “When we had a birthday party for Marley and Chanise got jealous, she purposely hurt herself so everyone could just feel sorry for her” Chris said and Marley started laughing “she even hit kids that we even hugged, Robyn was playing with a child and crazy ass over there comes and kicks her” Chanise was not impressed “yeah but Marley wet the bed” Chanise quickly added “so did you Chanise” Chris said back, which was true “look at you all being petty” Mijo said laughing at us “y’all got stories and that is the best part” he is right.

I held on to Rohan as we walked through the airport, he was still asleep and wasn’t bothered so I know he’ not well when he don’t care about anything. I honestly hate nothing more than the paparazzi so I always try to rush out, welcome back to LA I guess. Robyn and the kids went in the SUV while I went in my car, I got my friends to pick it up for me and meet me here. Robyn knows I’m going back to my house first so it ain’t any surprise when I get there “thought you said you was not allowed there?” Mijo asked “I’m being a good boy, I’m allowed inside my house now” he raised an eyebrow “so shit been working? What I tell you negro, treat her like a princess and you will reep the benefits” he patted my shoulder.

I parked up behind the SUV getting out my car; I think I’m going to enjoy annoying Barbados army “ugh!” Marley got out pulling a face “it’s so hot” he moaned “why you wearing a damn hoodie then” he dragged his backpack along, everyone looked so damn tired. I let Chanise get out and then looked in the car seeing Robyn “he’s awake and whining please deal with him” Robyn said as I poked my head around “Rohan” I got inside the car to unbuckle him, he rubbed his eyes crying “you not feeling well huh” I picked him out “don’t be wiping your nose on me” getting out the car “where you want him” I asked Robyn as Rohan laid his head on my shoulder. I watched Robyn trying to get everything together, she gonna struggle especially if he is ill because he will want all her attention and then Cayden “come here” I got my hand out for her to hold it as she got out “just put him upstairs in bed so then I can deal with him once I got Cayden off to sleep” I nodded walking inside.

I sat with Rohan in his room because he would not let me move, he let out a chesty cough “you was okay earlier what happened?” he shrugged with his little face all sad “Chris” Robyn poked her head around the door “sorry I took my time” I got up “nah it’s cool, I was thinking let me take Raelynn because you have enough to deal with here. I want you to have rest too and twins are not rest so let me take her” I think she was more shocked I’m asking “you sure?” she quickly asked “for sure, I don’t mind it. I would take the older two but they need to get ready for school and unpack and I don’t want them to leave it on you” she seemed so happy “ok I’ll get her bag ready, as long as you okay with it” I smiled following her out the room.

I waited downstairs for Robyn to pass me Raelynn’ bag, she was already awake in her car seat so I took her out “we going to have some daddy and daughter bonding” kissing her cheek, Chanise saw me and I could tell she was jealous I found it funny “where you going with her?” she walked closer “she staying with me” her facial expression just softened and she looked so sad “you know you can stay whenever but I’m just helping your mom out because you know what Barbados army are like” Robyn came down the stairs, she was actually skipping down “aww I’m gonna miss you” she stroked her cheek “I put everything in here and give her a bath tonight” I sniffed her “she don’t stank though” I put my arm around Robyn “I’m playing, don’t worry I will” kissing her head “aye Adrian stop calling Barbados or I’m going to stop paying for your phone bill” Robyn busted out laughing “stop it” Adrian looked embarrassed “what are you doing here anyway?” Chanise asked “he’s a family friend” Robyn said “he’s not my family” Chanise added, I wanted to laugh but I didn’t want to seem childish “Chanise it’s cool, be nice to them please” and then her mother came out of nowhere, she’s a witch even look like it with that wig of hers “Monica you must be happy your son in law is back” I said smiling, her face dropped “nah sike I’m going now just don’t get too comfortable aight” I moved my arm from Robyn taking the bag “I’ll help you” she said picking the car seat up.

Once I strapped Raelynn in “forever got your ass hanging out” Robyn said as I shut the door “why you looking then?” pulling my jeans up “well wearing red boxers I couldn’t help it” I looked over seeing Monica staring at us “your momma tripping, she looking like momma dee” Robyn hit my arm laughing “stop it” she couldn’t even contain her laughter “nah I’m serious she looking like momma dee like nobody gonna enter her palace” I grabbed her hand intertwining our fingers “I mean it, I’m gonna win you back” she gave me a faint smile “you’re getting there” she said which made me smile even more “I love you” pulling her into me “love you too” she said holding on to me “you call me whenever I will be here and you’re free to come anytime” I was going to pull back but Robyn didn’t shift “I’ll miss you” she said “miss you already though” she finally let me go. “Kiss me fool” Robyn said to me which I didn’t think she would, she didn’t have to tell me twice. Pulling her into me and our lips met for a peck on the lips “she  probably wants to shoot me right now” I pecked her lips again “she going to have to shoot me first” Robyn latched onto my bottom lip as our lips raced against each other’s with not a care in the world.