oh you better run

Waverly Singing AKA Oh god I am gay
Wynonna Earp 204
Waverly Singing AKA Oh god I am gay


You think you’re a lion
Out in the wild
You need to be tamed

And ooh
Can you hear the sirens?
I will put you under like novacaine

Boys are like rules
They were made to be broken

Boys are like rules
They were made to be broken

Girls are like guns
You better run when they’re smokin’

Boys are like rules
They were made to be broken
They were made to be broken

Girls are like guns
You better run, run, run, run when they’re smokin’

Boys are like rules
They were made to be broken

You better run

When They Get Jealous (Gotham Villains)

Fandom: Gotham

Prompt: “loved the gotham heroes jealousy post! can you do one for the villains, if you haven’t already?” - Anon

Warnings: Mentions of violence, murder, and torture

A/N: Eyy, so glad someone requested this. Btw this is really old, so I’m sorry to the Anon for the long wait.

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Ship Aesthetic: Harry Potter x Theo Nott

“You’re supposed to put up a fight,” Harry snarls, and then he gets up, and he doesn’t come back.

Good, Theo thinks with brutal satisfaction, letting his head fall. Better if you run.

Better If You Run by @olivieblake


yah so there might be a lot of “humans vs aliens and humanity is awesome, and even ‘aliens get fucked over by nature’”

but now suddenly im thinking, what if aliens invade some kind of fantasy world?

like, they decide to check out earth, and these aliens are not Clefairy/Deoxys/Beheeyem, 

“surrender now, you low-life earthlings!”

“hooh boy, yet another team trying to take over. is this team galactic?”
“nah man, they wanted to create a new world, and last i checked they didn’t wear costumes”
“its probably those ghost-types playing a prank, bet its a bunch of Haunters”

“Alright, troop, according to the human captive, a bit further in, there are berries that can cure us if we get poisoned. let us not forget what happened with the troop in section 6E”

*screaming and buzzing*
“Human, I demand this instant that you tell us what the source of the buzzing is!”
“oh geez, it sounds like a swarm of Beedrills. you guys better run, they’re extremely territorial”

“nonsens! we will fight off these ‘Beedrills’, we are much more evolved and stronger than whatever those things are! our weapons are much more developed than your puny human weapons”

“suit yourself”

and then they get annihilated by beedrills because those things are FAST and have you SEEN those spears??

things the zodiac signs do when you're friends with them

Aries: the friend who chews like a dinosaur in jurassic park and talks themselves into a rage once you’ve mentioned something they know a lot about, unintentionally addresses you with wrong names several times a day

Taurus: always buys gifts for you and lends you books and cds and gives you their food without you even asking for it, it’s a bit awkward but endearing

Gemini: accidentally drunk calls you instead of their mom, cries over dog pictures at 2 AM at sleepovers and makes you wonder why you even invited them

Cancer: sends you a ton of snaps of their cat and artsy photos of the water when they’re in the bathtub

Leo: drinks so hasty the drink dribbles down their chin, burps really loud and doesn’t even care you’re staring at them

Virgo: buys truck loads of washi tape (the expensive one) and cardboard with pretty patterns to make birthday and Christmas cards, gives the ugly and screwed up ones to you

Libra: puts their hand on your arm and hits you with their legs under the table when they want your attention, won’t stop until you tell them to

Scorpio: looks like they listen to you but doesn’t, stares at you for an eternity and then says something really weird like “ Did your teeth grow? they look bigger than they were yesterday. ”

Sagittarius: that one who’s so full of energy and in such a good mood everyday it makes you feel like a lifeless sack of meat next to them, the child your parents always wished they had

Capricorn: stays calm in almost every situation, a soft smile resting on their lips, a dreamy sparkle in their eyes when they look at you. it seems like there is nothing that can upset them. but when they get angry with you, oh boy. OH BOY better run

Aquarius: wears clothes no one else would buy and looks gorgeous, will support you in everything you do even if you go through a super edgy emo scene hardcore neon anime xD sOrANdom phase they’ll give you a thumbs up and say “You do you, buddy.”

Pisces: squeals and laughs and talks and argues way too loud in public and doesn’t even care when you tell them to be a bit more quiet they’ll get even louder just because they can and they enjoy embarrassing you


Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader
Rating: Teens and Up
Summary: Reader bakes cookies for the first time and it turns out pretty interesting and funny when Chris comes in the kitchen.
Word Count: 1.3k
Genre: Fluff!
Warning: suggestive themes.
Author’s Note: it’s inspired by a scene in One Tree Hill involving Leyton (Lucas & Peyton), my one and only ship/otp! This series is actually really good; it’s my childhood even if it wasn’t suited for children… oops.

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As you baked a large number of cookies for your family, specially visiting you the next day, your boyfriend sat on a sofa - with Dodger - in the open-plan living room. He checked his e-mails and other important information about his next films coming up in the following years.

“Chris, it’s ready!” You pulled out the first pan from the oven and dropped some of the dough by large spoonfuls onto another one. The rest containing either chocolate chips or white chocolate chips was divided into two different bowls for the next couple of batches.

“Hey.” Chris appeared behind you and you turned your head to peck his cheek. He winked, stretching his arm and he took one of the cookies on the worktop.

As he chewed the chocolate biscuit still quite steamy, Chris made a face that said a lot about the taste of it. He pressed his lips together until he brought a paper towel to his mouth, spitting the cookie out.

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Cold Outside (Credence Barebone Imagine)

Your parents weren’t wealthy, they weren’t lavished and spoiled or rotten from the inside out with greed like everyone you knew seemed to think.

You were a simple child, perhaps a little too simple, but careful like your parents nonetheless. You sat on your knees behind the counter of your parents’ pastry shop, sniffling every so often - your nose stuffy and red from the cold.

“Y/N,” your mother said from her place behind the counter, “it’s getting warmer out, why don’t you go play with your friends?”

You looked up from your colouring book on the floor to the woman above and sniffed again, “It’s cold outside, Mommy.”

You heard the hum of an impatient woman and shot up from your place on the floor and straightened up your posture, turning into the back room to fetch your overcoat, scarf and matching gloves.

You recognized that woman immediately, the pointed nose and squinted eyes, she scowled down at you from her place behind the counter. Brown hair cupped by that hideous grey hat, skin wrinkled with anger and form shivering from the cold she loomed you, you forced yourself to smile up at her before dashing past both women with a quiet goodbye.

“Y/N, you forgot to pick up y - ” your mother moaned as you rushed out the door, the bell’s ringing and swinging door the only evidence you were ever there at all.

You always hated being seen by customers, especially that horrible woman. Your mind always exaggerated her features in memory but she was still just as hideous inside as she appeared outside in your mind.

Since your parents had realized their dream of opening a bakery together almost eight years ago, that awful woman came every Monday to purchase treats, for herself of course. You knew she had children of her own - adopted, but still hers.

You’d seen them all shuffle single filed out of that dreary old church every Sunday in their ugly blue uniforms, their mother, leader of the Second Salemers preaching to passersby about the danger of witchcraft in America.

Just as you turned a corner, you were blinded by a thick sheet of paper. “Ah!” You swatted the killer paper out of your face and while the wind tried to carry it away, you turned with a grumble only to be blinded yet again.

“P-Please!” You heard a cry, and as you gripped at the paper angrily, scrunching it up and gaping at the dozens of fliers being swept away with the wind you couldn’t help but feel terrible for ever having felt angry at all.

Ahead of you by just a few paces were four boys, “Please, sto-stop it. I need those.” A pale-skinned boy in an ugly blue uniform crawled around on his hands and knees in a pathetic attempt to pick up the fliers.

The other three boys laughed as they stomped the fliers into the snow and dirt, some picking them up to shred them into pieces just to throw them in the Second Salemer’s face. You frowned, those boys weren’t much bigger or older than you and so you puffed out your chest, your coat stretching snuggly across the expanse of your small chest.

Stomping towards the group fiercely, your little legs took long strides that probably looked ridiculous to anyone else, but intimidating to you. “Stop it!”

Your eyes briefly met with the cowaring boy on the ground, who’s knee-high socks and NSPS uniform was completely covered in mud and a flash of sympathy crossed your youthful face before twisting into an angry scowl which looked more like a pout.

“Leave him alone, what’s wrong with you? Those aren’t your fliers!” You pointed accusingly at the group and stomped your foot. “Go away!”

The red-head of the group snorted at you and bunched up a flier with his fist, tossing it at you and raising his eyebrows tauntingly.

“Why do you care? You part of this circus or somethin’?” The brunette of the group turned and laughed at you, poking his tongue out and shredding up another flier.

“I said go away! Do you want me to start screaming?” You threatened, your bottom lip quivering the more worked up you got. “Oh no, guys, we’d better run. Second Salemer’s gonna start screaming.” The ginger taunted. “More like crying.” The brunette smirked, about to open his mouth to speak again when his face met snow.  “Ow!”

Your hand raised above your head, you stomped your foot again, “Go away! Go away!” You screeched as you flung snowball after snowball at the now retreating group of boys.

“Go! Go!” You had long since forgotten about the stray fliers and so as you chased away the group of tyrants, you accidentally trampled a few with your boots. You stopped immediately and let your arms drop, gasping softly as you ducked down onto the ground to gather the remaining fliers. “I’m so sorry,” you apologized, “I’m gonna tell my daddy and he’ll - “ the boy’s shaky hands shot up to catch yours and he whimpered, head down and body quivering, “Plea-se don’t tell anyone! Ma will find o-out!” He begged.

Your eyes widened as they met his properly, his pale face was beginning to grow red, the tips of his ears, nose and lips were all beginning to deepen in colour and as you took in his strangely sharp features, you realized his eyes were also growing puffy and red. He was crying.

“I lost the fliers, Ma is going to be livid with me.” He panicked, scavenging through the melting snow as tears fell from his brown eyes. “These ones are all wet and soggy,” you told the boy, and he almost immediately started wailing, head in his hands - he cried and cried and just wouldn’t stop.

“It’s okay, it’s fine. We can just go get the other ones, right? Those boys threw a whole lot in that direction.” You pointed a finger in the opposite direction and the raven haired boy sniffled, his cries slowly subsiding until only soft hiccups remained. “I-I can’t collect all of them, there’s so many.” You reached out and wrapped your fingers around his wrists, pulling the small boy up into his feet.

“I’ll help, silly.” The boy was completely at a loss for words as you turned, hand-in-hand and running off down the street to fetch his fliers. “We need to hurry, Mommy said it’ll rain today.”

Struggling to keep up with your quick steps, the boy’s eyes wandered from the street ahead to your hand cupping his mindlessly. His eyes watered but he quickly blinked away the tears, he was truly terrified right now. “Look, Second Salem boy - fliers!” You turned to face the brown eyed boy and smiled widely, “I’ll go get those ones across the street, you get the ones here.”

You dashed across the street after a quick left-and-right. You busied yourself catching fliers from the ground, the air and even peoples’ hands to get as many as possible in a nice, neat stack.

On your way back, your eyes scanned the street for the timid boy you’d met, but you saw nothing. You clutched the stack close to your chest as you walked, checking alleyways, looking through glass windows and turning corners. Only when you gave up and began your trek home did you find him again by the side of the street, picking fliers from the gutter.

“There you are,” you pouted, “I thought you left me to do the work.” The boy looked up at you wide-eyed, about to speak when his eyes were forced shut - a droplet of rain had landed on his forehead.

“Oh, oh n-no.” You smiled at the boy, “C'mon,” you grabbed him by the tie carelessly and dragged him down the street and into your parents’ pastry shop away from the cold and the rain. “Mommy, I brought a friend!” You called, smiling at the regulars seated by the window and far wall of the store on your way in. “Mommy, I brought a - ”

“And what’s your friend’s name, dear?” Your mother’s head revealed itself from behind the counter, oven mitts adorning her hands. “This is, uh,” you stopped and frowned almost immediately, your entire body freezing up in thought.

Anyone else who didn’t know you would’ve assumed something was seriously wrong with you at that moment, but your mother and a few customers joined together to laugh at your odd behavior.

“What’s your name, sweetheart?” Your mother knelt down to eye-level with the boy at your side, all the while you stood useless, still attempting to remember the boy’s name. Had he even told it to you at all? It took a moment for him to respond, but he eventually spoke after a long, timid stare at the ground. “C-Credence, ma'am. Credence Barebone.”

You smiled up at your mother almost instantly, “Credence! His name is Credence, Mommy!”

You clapped your hands together and gasped as the fliers flew to the ground. “Where did you meet Credence, Y/N?” Your mother asked as she began collecting fliers from the ground, brows furrowing as she skimmed over the content. “Ah, a Second Salemer?” The boy, Credence, began shrinking under the gaze of everyone excluding yourself, as you were oblivious to the agenda behind the extremist group.

“Well,” Your mother smiled at you and then at Credence, “you can’t hand out fliers in that weather.” She motioned outside with a nod and you turned to look outside where the rain angrily patted against the glass window. Credence panicked at this, turning to you with wide eyes.

“Ma will definitely give me a lashing for this, I-I should go.” You pouted and reached out, caging Credence’s arm in yours and urging him to come with you to the kitchen, “Well I’m sure your Ma wouldn’t mind you staying for a little while longer? I could give her a discount on her next order of pastries.”

Your mother wriggled her brows suggestively and you nodded, “Please stay and play with me, Credence. I’ll even help you hand out fliers next time!”

Credence bit his lip and looked from you to the door for several moments before the alluring aroma of whatever was being baked and your pleading stare seduced him beyond reason into staying. “I-If it’s not too much trouble, ma'am, may I stay?” You squealed and clutched Credence’s arm tighter, looking up at your mother thankfully.

“Of course, dear,” your mother said. “It’s cold outside.”

EXO Reaction when you ambush them with a tickle attack

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*Just stays there, not being able to move* “No… no no more tickles please….” *Probably questioning his life decisions* 


*Galaxy’s gone*


“Do you… I don’t know…. want to tickle somewhere else?” *So nasty*


*Every time he tries to run away* “Pleaseeeee no moreeee~”


“Why didn’t I choose the invisibility super power??? Why?????!”


“Just remember when I tickle you jagi… that you started this war”


Tickles tickles escalating quickly* 


*Wondering why he told you that was his weakness* “… what are you planning baobei?”


“Oh no… oh no… there she comes… I better run” *Knows hiding for you is an impossible mission though*


*He’s the tickle master and you just can’t win against him*


*Well… there’s definitely something going on there… and not just tickles*


*This is him and his costume against tickles* “I know it still won’t work though…. but I tried”

[Masterlist] [Guideline]


Klaus: “You are such a softy, you know. How did you even manage to make me so good. Only softies can do that.”
You: “Softy? Well, you’re a meany.”
Klaus: “That even sounds cute. If I’m that good now, maybe a tickle fight would be a good idea. I just can’t agree with the word meany!”
You: (stand up) “Don’t do that!”
Klaus: “Oh yes I’m really gonna do it.” (he laughs) “So you better run.”
You: “Who even are you! What did I do to Klaus Mikaelson!”

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Sounds like someone is a little insecure about something… Can’t quite put my finger on what it might be though…

Reading Your Comments #1

life is a fist fight
and you’ve given the devil a gun.
—  oh, sinner, you better run | a.m.
EXO when you can’t focus on work

You had been trying so hard to complete, or should I say start your work. For days on end, you had locked yourself away, refusing to see anyone or even answer your phone. You really needed to work but you couldn’t focus. Your mind would always wander and you’d be left staring at a blank page wondering if you’ll ever get it done.

He hadn’t seen you in almost a week and couldn’t handle it anymore. He knew you were trying to work, that it was important but you were stressing yourself out way too much and you needed to socialise. So, he used his spare key to let him into your apartment one day.


He wouldn’t care about your work, not in the sense he wants you to fail but you’re his priority and driving yourself crazy for this deadline is not healthy. He’d drag you away from your desk and into your bathroom.

“Get showered jagi, we’re going out!” He’d grin.

“But, I have work to do.”

“You need a break. You’ve been working too hard. Spend today with me and then I’ll leave you alone to work. I promise.”

And he sticks to his word, taking you out for the day. You had such a great time that your stress floated away and you could look at your assignment with fresh eyes.


Much like Baekhyun, this beautiful lanky ball of sunshine would want to take you out to make you relax. He wouldn’t be as forceful though, he’d be all cute and gentle and perfect about it.(what do you mean my bias is showing)

“Let’s go out.” He’d suggest crouching down next to you. You’d look down at him like he’s crazy. “I know you have work to do but you’re not going to get it done if you force it like this, jagi. You need a break and when we come back, we can sit down and look at it together, okay?” You considered his words and gave in, knowing he was right. After going out for lunch and a walk through the park, he sat down with you and together you came up with the best idea you’d ever heard.


He’d probably annoy you into leaving your work away, doing everything he could to distract you until you gave up and turned to him with a glare.
“I knew you couldn’t resist me!” He’d tease from where he laid across your bed in a mock seductive pose. He wiggled his eyebrows in an exaggerated way and you cracked, laughing at his antics and rolling your eyes. “There’s my jagi! now come cuddle with me.” He pouts holding his hands out to you. “Just for a little bit.” You cave and curl up next to him.

With his arms around you, his fingers tracing patterns on your back, you fell asleep pretty quick. The second he saw you, he could tell you hadn’t been sleeping so that became his goal. He knew you couldn’t refuse cuddle time when he was being cute and more often than not, sleep would take you.


This little cutie would want to pamper you. He’d walk straight to your bathroom a bag in his hands, completely ignoring you. Curiously, you’d get up to follow so you could find out what he was doing. But, he wouldn’t let you, he’d shut the door and you’d resign to your chair. After a little while, he’d approach you,a  shy smile on his face.

“What’re you doing?” You’d ask. He’d just hold out his hand for you to take. Of course you did, allowing him to lead you to the bathroom. “You’re the cutest person to ever exist.” You’d beam seeing he had run you a bath full of bubbles, candles lit around the room which smelt amazing. Gentle music was playing from the speakers across the room. Carefully, he’d pull your cardigan from your shoulders. “Are you joining me?” You questioned turning to look at him. His cheeks would tinge pink but he’d shake his head causing you to pout.

“I need to set up part two.” He’d smile and kiss your head before leaving you in peace.

Once you were all bubbled out, you’d go into your room, the fluffy towel he had left out for you wrapped around your body.

“What is this?” You’d laugh seeing protective sheets on your bed with more candles around the room. “What are you into?”

“No, it’s not like that.” His face would redden again. “This is so massage oils don’t get on your sheets.”

“Wait, massage oils? Are you going to massage me?” He nods shyly and you bounce over excitedly. “I have been waiting for this day.”

Kyungsoo (D.O)

Kyungsoo wouldn’t quite know what to do exactly. Of course he’d want to do everything he could for you, to make you relax and feel better but the affection and knowing the right thing to say wasn’t his forte. After sitting and watching you struggle for a little bit, he got up and left without a word. You’d hear the door close and look around, feeling your heart drop into your stomach. Just having him there helped calm you. You knew he wasn’t good with comfort on a conscious level but knowing he was there was more than you could ask for. It was at that point that you cracked and shoved your papers from your desk angrily and stormed off to the bathroom. A shower would calm you down you decided so you took as long as you could, letting the warm water relax your tense muscles. When you were dressed, you walked back to your desk to realise there was a smell coming from the kitchen. You’d go in and your heart would melt seeing Kyungsoo setting up food on the table.
“What’s this?” You asked. He jumped and turned to look at you.

“Ah, I didn’t know what to do but I can cook so I made us dinner. I guess you haven’t been eating properly and good food helps brain process.” You smiled and hugged him gratefully.

“This is amazing, thank you.” He’d beam knowing he had done good then the two of you would sit down together to enjoy the meal.


This ball of sass would tease you into stopping work. It would both annoy and amuse you at the same time in only a way Sehun could achieve.

“Ah come on jagi, why are you working on that when you could be working on me?” He’d tease and that was the last straw. You’d turn and glare at him to see you smirking. “Oh are you angry little bunny?”

“Bitch better run.” He’d grin and jump up allowing you to chase him around the apartment until he stopped abruptly and turned making you freeze before spinning and running from him. He’d be grinning madly knowing that he was getting you distracted, at least for a little bit. When eventually you’d give up and flop onto the sofa to catch your breath, he’d fall down next to you and you’d both be giggling messes.

“I need to get back to work.”

“Nope.” He’d lay down on your lap to prevent you move.

“Sehun.” You’d warn.

“Y/N.” He’d mock and you’d roll your eyes. “Today is me day, focus on me.”

“You make every day we spend together you day.”

“Okay, it’s you day too. It’s us.” He’d take your hand and lace your fingers together. “Forget about everything but us.” The suggestion was so tempting you couldn’t refuse.


Out of all of the boys, he’d understand the importance of deadlines the most, being the leader. He wouldn’t try to distract you or make a deal with you. He’d sit next to you and offer his help, listening to your breif and asking any questions he needed to so he fully understood. You’d brainstorm together for a while and make a plan of action. That was a big step towards completion and he’d see the weight start to lift from your shoulders.
“Oh, I got you something.” He announced picking the gift bag up from the floor and putting it on the desk infront of you. Inside you’d find a stuffed bear with a collar with his name on it. “It speaks.” He pointed to the collar. “It’s got a button.” You inspected it then pressed the small button on the back of the heart pendant. A cuter version of Suho’s voice played and you smiled. “This way, even when I’m not here, you know I believe in you and am cheering you on every step of the way.”

“This is so cute, thank you.” You kiss his cheek and press the button again, your cheeks lifting asyou smiled happily at the gift. “This will definitely help me.”

“I hope so.” You place the bear carefully on the desk so you could see it at all times before getting back to work, a new wave of inspiration hitting you all thanks to Suho.


Of course this boy would turn up with coffee for you and you’d take it glad Xuimin shares your love for cofee because you had run out and felt like you were working on fumes.

“I found that movie you said you wanted to watch!” He’d announce proudly, putting his bag on the coffe table to pull out a dvd.

“I’ve been searching for that for months!” You had fallen for his trap and he smiled up at you as you approached him, taking the case from his hand to inspect it, making sure it was the right film.

“Let’s watch it!”

“I can’t, I have work to do.”

“But this is the only free time I have.” He pouts at you cutely. “Come on jagi, I don’t have too long with you.”

“Okay, fine.” You cave and let him put the disc into the player while you settle down on the sofa with your coffee. Before he sits next to you, he empties the contents of his bag onto the table, it was full of your favourite snacks and you wonder what you did to desrve someone as wonderful as him.

After the film, he gets up and puts in a different disc.

“I thought you don’t have long?” You questiona nd he grinns cutely at you. “You little shit.”

“I knew you wouldn’t agree if you knew I have as long as I want with you.” He confesses sitting next to you and resting his head on your shoulder. “i miss movies nights with you.”

“So do I.” You sigh. “Tomorrow I really do have to work though.” He grinned and played the film, excited you agreed to spending time with him.

Yixing (Lay)

Lay is pure undeniable love and happiness and everything good in the world(can you tell he is my bias wrecker). He’d be willing to do anything for you but knew if he asked you’d say you want to be left alone to work and he knew that was only a good idea for so long. He didn’t have a plan as such when he entered your apartment, he was making it up as he went for the most part.

It took you a few minutes to turn and look at him but when you did, your face broke into an amused smile. He was just stood and watching you, a giant teddy in his arms.

“What are you doing?” You laugh.

“I miss you.” He states simply and you smile lightly, feeling guilty.

“I miss you too Yixing but I have to work.”

“I know and that’s why I bought this.” He lifted the toy slightly. “You carry on, I’m going to cuddle this in your bed because then I can at least smell your scent.” He walked away then as if it was the most normal situation and you watched still highly amused. You had a feeling he was trying to get you to join him but you were determined to stay at your desk.

A smile lifts his lips as he feels the bear being removed from his grasp. He lets it happen and opens his eyes to watch you crawl under the covers next to him.

“How dare you try and replace me with a toy.” You scoff cuddling up to him. He wraps his arms around you and presses a kiss to your head.

“I could never replace you.”

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wonnwoo  asked:

YO V MAKE A RAP FROM MINGYU TO WONWOO extra points if you also make a Wonwoo one for Mingyu 👀

wassup rina 👀

mingyu to wonwoo

yeah here i am cooking
being oh so good-looking ;)
to my right there’s won with a gun
oh shit i better run

wonwoo to mingyu

you can run, you can hide too
but theres no escape, nothing you can do
i will always find you
and i make my promises come true

*BONUS* josh

ayo im josh the mc
you gotta see
the rap between mingyu and wonwoo-sshi

Responding to Cowards

So lets respond to @kingoftheromans here real quick

If George the III was a good king..he wouldn’t have lost the Americas.  That war was his to lose 

If Nicholas II was a good king, he wouldn’t have lost the Russo Japanese War (a war he should have used have won), he would have been able to manage BLoody Sunday more competently by appointed actual competent representatives, and wouldn’t have lost his throne

If Lious XVI was a good king he wouldn’t have allowed Necker to mess up his economy, he would have reformed the tax system decades before 1788 when he had the chance, he wouldn’t have supported the American revolution (and failed in the subsequent treaty), he wouldn’t have fallen asleep during the royal session, he woudln’t have messed up the Estate’’s General with his constant flip flopping and he wouldn’t have screwed up the Flight to Varennes. 

If Charles I was a good King, he wouldn’t have attempted The Incident, he wouldn’t have screwed up two wars, and above all he wouldn’t have attempted to impose the book of Common Prayer on the Scottish.  @ayeforscotland can tell you how good of an idea that was (as a rule, trying force the Scots to convert to a religion they don’t want is a very bad idea.   He also would have accepted the four compromises offered to him by Parliament  that would have resulted in him keeping the kingdom to say nothing of his head 

   If King John was a good king, he wouldn’t have ruined the economy and caused a rebellion which lead to him being forced to put limitations on his power.

    If Nicholas I of Russia was a good king, he wouldn’t have utterly bungled the Crimean War and caused an internal rebellion in the problem

   If Commodus was a Good Emperor, he wouldn’t have single handledly ended the Golden Age of Rome

   If Nero was a good Emperor, he wouldn’t have economically ruined his Empire, lead to a four way civil war and gotten himself assassinated. 

If Caligula was a good Emperor, he wouldn’t have economically ruined the empire and gotten himself assassinated.  Oh and messed up in Germany and attacked the ocean. 

   If James II was a good king, he wouldn’t have gotten himself deposed in the Glorious Revolution by being generally shit.  

   If Peter III of Russia was a good ruler, he wouldn’t have given up to Prussia just as Russia was about to defeat Fredrick the Great, and then spent more time playing with toy soldiers rather than resist a coup.

   If Paul I of Russia was a good ruler, he wouldn’t have absolutely failed on every level.

     If Charles II of Spain was a good king…actually considering he was an inbreed severely disabled man with the mentality of a child….who was allowed to be king because when you based your ruler-ship on hereditary monarchy sometimes you run into 

Yeah, seriously you are like “oh better genes” so what, this is a good idea?

   I could go on with literally every single example on the list I gave you (because again, I clearly know monarchy better than you do) but my point is made, clearly being the child of the former ruler has a absolutely no guarantee of quality, and if you get a moron, a child, or a madmen (which happens a lot) they ruin their country.  

I mean say what you will about democracy, you never get actual children running the country.  

Again the US has lasted 240 years and we haven’t had a single ruler over thrown violently, which is more than any monarchy can say 

♡ Ticklish ~ Justin Foley ♡

Anon asked: “73 Justin Foley” 

☆ Prompt 73: “Oh, you’re ticklish?” ☆

I laid in the floor on a palette made of blankets as my boyfriend, Justin, laid on top of me with his hands on my hips. I watched the tv as whatever was playing finally went off. I ran my fingers through Justin’s hair in an effort to wake him up. “Justin. Wake up.” I whispered and he groaned but rolled off of me. “Come on, let’s go to bed.” I took his hand and led him into my room as i went to the bathroom to change. After changing, i stood in front of my mirror on my dresser and took off the day’s makeup. Justin came up behind me and placed his hands in an unfamiliar place on my hips; my ticklish spot. I yelped and jerked away as Justin smirked. “Oh, you’re ticklish?” Justin said and i nodded, smiling shyly. “Very.” I responded and he smiled. “Oh, you better run.” He smirked and chased me around my house.