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Love this blog! Would any of you mind doing headcanons or a scenario for each of the rfa members with mc as a chubby girl? Either swf or nwsf, which ever you prefer or both lol

I’m not exactly satisfied with this – however, I feel it’s still special the way it is.

I say I’m kinda chubby, but I am trying to get over my insecurities with it too. It’s slow, but I’m doing it.

~ Ion


  • Immediately pulls you in front of a mirror every morning when you wake up
  • “You know what I see? I see a strong, confident, beautiful, young lady”
  • “Oh look, I’m here too?”
  • “Oh come on now, you know that I am a man! A beast! But we are both amazing people, okay? We are both good looking, amazing, beautiful and handsome! Be confident!”
  • … Obviously, there are also times where Zen doesn’t feel up to it. His past will still creep up to him and he will criticise his own looks. He’s also still insecure at times.
  • You will be the one encouraging him at those times…
  • … and he really appreciates it. He truly does. It helps him a lot.


  • He finds it cute. Is there anything wrong with being chubby?
  • In fact when you two cuddle, it’s the best time ever okay
  • He will be that physical person who keeps initiating physical contact to show his love
  • (Unless you don’t like physical contact. It’s okay. He’ll ask when he wants to, but if you don’t like it, he respects it. Not gonna force it down.)
  • But does he care about you being chubby? Nope, doesn’t care. There’s nothing wrong with being chubby, and he just loves you the way you are.


  • It’s okay to be chubby – in fact, she has her own struggles with certain parts of her body too.
  • When you two are buying clothes together, she suggests styles that you can wear
  • From sweaters, tops, to dresses, she doesn’t mind trying them out with you!
  • Sometimes you two talk about your insecurities, but you two keep cheering each other on
  • She’s more sensitive on talking about them, but she makes sure that everything is fine and all.
  • Then again… It’s sort of a routine of losing weight from running/jogging together but then gaining weight again because of cafe visits. Do you two regret it? Never. The food is fucking amazing.


  • Does it matter if you’re chubby or not?
  • I mean okay, if there’s clothing you’re trying to buy but you just CAN’T find any clothes, ask Jumin
  • He would seriously make your life better with custom clothing
  • Sometimes you got to tell him not to go overboard, but he simply wants you to have comfort and happiness when you wear them.
  • “Clothes maketh the man, my princess. Just wear the stuff that makes you the happiest so I will be happy too.”
  • Like really, from casual to party dresses/suits, to lingerie. Legit.
  • Now Ion’s gonna stop here because she can’t write NSFW well lol.


  • It doesn’t matter if you’re chubby, or skinny, or whatever body type. He loves you.
  • Yes, he really does love you
  • No, it’s okay – He loves you more than he loves himself
  • No, stop hating yourself Seven
  • No, Seven please stop hating yourself you deserve more!!
  • Yes, it’s okay you and Seven will love each other
  • Yes, Seven, you are loved
  • … You might worry more about him, to be honest.

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Do you think Will is, as Bedelia said "not a killer; capable of righteous violence because (he) is compassionate" normally and that Hannibal's influence just brought something out in him that he never would have found otherwise? Or do you think it would have come out anyway? Do you think Will's a killer at heart?


The mistake I see people make, again and again, when it comes to defining Will, is this: 

You can’t define Will. 

I know, I know!

It’s annoying, that you can’t get a solid yes or no or a straight answer about him, but that’s the very essence of a character who (in the words of Hugh himself) never knows he who is.

Morally speaking, he’s not black or white. He’s not even grey. He’s the full gamut of colours.

It’s funny, but no one seems to have this trouble with Hannibal. 

Perhaps because we’ve always seen him as Other from the very beginning, this strange creature who has his own specific nature which he has to follow. 

We accept that the reason for his actions is: because he’s Hannibal. 

But because Will was framed as the normal, everyman, when he does something that Hannibal would do, suddenly it has to be agonised over and picked apart. 


The reason he does things is: because he’s Will. 

Like Hannibal, he is a creature with a specific nature that he has to follow. 

In the beginning of this episode (which, to be fair, I think most of us were too busy reeling from the Will/Bedelia conversation to notice) Hannibal summed it up beautifully when he said: 

Will’s thoughts are no more bound by fear or kindness than Milton’s were by physics. He’s both free and damned to imagine anything.

His thoughts can go anywhere, and because they can, they do. It’s not a matter of choice, or morality. That’s simply what his Nature is.

It’s like when someone says: Don’t think about elephants.

What do you do? 

You think about elephants!

Now imagine that your imagination is so powerful that it can make the walls of reality melt away 

So that when someone says Don’t think about elephants 

you blink, and there’s an actual fucking elephant looming over you

you can look in its small wise old eyes, count its eyelashes, see the tiny dragonscale paper creases in all the folds of its hide, smell the straw, hear the crunch of its feet, the deep rumble of its breath, feel the cold of the massive shadow it casts over you, the gust of hot animal air as its waving trunk sways past your face, feel the earth-shuddering reverberation of its footfalls in your leg-bones, see the white hard outline of light that edges its ears when it flaps them, like clouds obscuring the sun, feel your knees going weak with that quaking little-child-gazing-up-a-rollercoaster vertigo of the enormity of the thing towering over you. 

The second someone says don’t think about elephants, 

there are actual real elephants.


Are you imagining that?

Now replace elephants with murder.

That’s Will Graham’s brain.

There is a darkness - a violence - in Will, yes; because there is an everything in Will. 

Before he knew Hannibal, he was conflicted about this fact of his nature. He wanted there only to be the good things in him. He couldn’t accept that there would always, always, be all of the things.

But accepting all the things - the bad, violent, as well as the good, kind - gives him equilibrium at last. He is, like Hannibal, finally calm. 

This is why murder-husband!Will seems smoother and more elegant than nervy, highly-strung ‘trying to be a normal person’ Will. That man is nervy because deep down he knows he is walking a tightrope over the Abyss. Murder-husband!Will is calm because he knows he is perfectly balanced. He’s not afraid of falling. He could walk the tightrope with his eyes closed.

Righteousness and compassion are the connective tissues which allow Will to reconcile these two extremes in himself, morally speaking. And Will does have his own personal morality. He is a kind man. His instinct is to help the wounded bird, not to crush it. But he could do either of those things, or nothing; he holds all possibilities.

Righteous violence, compassionate cruelty; because they combine disparate (you could say opposite?) elements, he can indulge in them without becoming unbalanced. They balance each other out inside him. A tightrope walker can’t be carrying weight all on one side - it has to be equally spread.

So the murders he would prefer to commit would be righteous or compassionately motivated – Bedelia was bang on the money in that sense. 

This week he put someone in harm’s way merely because – by chance – his wandering, all-embracing/nothing-rejecting Thoughts whispered to him aren’t you curious…? 

To recoil from that thought and say ‘no! I’m not!’ That would be stacking all his weight on one side. He can’t do that, he’s a balancing act. His thoughts can and do go everywhere, down paths dark and light, good and bad, kind and cruel, safe and dangerous. 

Once that thought occurs, he has no choice in the matter. To be at peace with himself - to be true to himself, to follow his own nature - he has to go wherever his thoughts lead. 

He has to imagine elephants. 

  • Raven: Terra wants to ask you something, and it would mean a lot to the both of us if you said yes.
  • Beast Boy: [mentally] Oh my God. Would I have a threesome with Raven and Terra? Well, it's certainly flattering, and I don't think they'd tell anyone...
  • Terra: Will you be my man of honour?
  • Beast Boy: ...Oh.
  • Terra: Huh?
  • Beast Boy: I mean, yeah, of course!