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Pink Asters

“Come on, Shadow! It will take us all day to get there if you don’t hurry it up!”

“You still haven’t told me where we’re going yet, Sonic.”

“It’s a surprise! Trust me, it’ll be awesome!”

“It better be, otherwise I’m throwing you in a lake.”

“You’d have to catch me first, and you’re not moving fast enough to do that!”

“You’re lucky I don’t feel like kicking your ass right now.”

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Marvels female lead books in June

Ms. Marvel: One of my favorite comic book of all time Ms. Marvel now faces her “Last Days” come June. However, let’s be real, Ms. Marvel isn’t going anywhere but we are getting a story about the world ending. I believe the writer even said “This is the end of the world not Ms. Marvel” so were all good. If you haven’t read Ms. Marvel pick up the first trade paper back. 

Black Widow: Black Widow is also seeing her “Last Days” as if they would do anything to Marvel’s most famous female character who will only be more famous by June thanks to Age of Ultron. I’ve heard great things about the run of Black Widow and the way the stories are crafted. If you like spy books this is the book for you. 

Runaways: This take on the Runaways isn’t the cast I wanted but I’ve got over that. We have many leading ladies and Molly appears to be front and center in order to properly pay tribute to this alternate reality crew. This is going to be a really fun book that explores battle world as they run away from their evil principle or whatever. Beyond all that we have a female writer on this book so even if it was a male lead book we know were at least getting something that is rather rare in the main stream industry. 

Marvel Zombies: I wouldn’t have thought we would see a female lead Marvel Zombies but Elsa Bloodstone is indeed our core hero. We follow her adventure of trying to save a little girl from Zombie world and get back to her station holding the monsters in. I’m not familiar with the character but this could be a really bad ass series for a bevy of horror fans. 

Star Lord and Kitty Pryde: Star Lord and Kitty Pryde have been dating in the comics and now they have a couples title. Kitty Pryde is coming from the age of apocalypse universe if the interviews are to be believed. It’s said to be a romantic comedy as Star Lord and Kitty from other realities try to make things work together. 

1602 Witch Hunter Angela: We get a look at another part of the 1602 universe. Angela and Sera (Marvels first ever slightly highlighted Trans character) as witch hunters. While not exactly my kind of book I am rather interested in the idea of the book and if given the chance I’ll totally check it out. This should be a more fantasy driven book then really anything else Marvel is putting out. 

A-force: This is the Secret Wars books i’m the msot hype for and only even more hype after seeing this awesome cover. Ms. America looks to be joining the roster and I love seeing Nico front in center. The all female avengers team looks like it’s totally going to make waves and I really hope it does massively well to prove that it’s not a gimmick. It has a wonderful cast of characters and is written by one of the best writers in the comic book industry. 

Years of Future past: Kate Pryde gets to be the lead and a mom in this book. She is the mom of the last naturally born mutant and she most survive in this world despite all the shit that has gone wrong. This is a new take on the classic story and should be great for any X-fan. 

Ms. Deadpool and the Howling Commandos: Shiklah was a new character in the more recent run of Deadpool. She has quickly become a fan favorite and now will be leading an army of monsters. I imagine since it’s the writer of the old Deadpool run this will be a pretty comedic book and fun for fans of classic monsters. 

Captain Marvel and Carol Corps: The Carol Corps are going to love this look at an alternate reality with Carol at the command of her troops. They are an Air Force team so I don’t know how super they will be but I do think we’ll get a bit of superness since it’s said Carol still has her powers. 

Spider-Verse: Spider-verse features a male and female lead in Anya (Spider-girl) and Spider-UK. Anya  is one of the few Hispanic super heroes in existence let alone ones that aren’t at least a little bit racist. Also Issue two will be focusing on Spider-Gwen oddly enough as she faces Norman Osborn (I imagine from another reality).  If the tease at the end of Spider-verse was any indication we should be seeing plenty of Spider-woman along with Spider-mans in this book so I’m going to count it as female lead since so far nothing has shown me other wise from the two solicitations we’ve gotten.  

Silk: I didn’t have a ton of faith in the series but when I bought issue one I was instantly in love with it. From the Pokemon reference to the banter with Peter Parker it was a really solid book. If my comic budget gets to high this may be the book I drop but it wouldn’t be without a heavy heart. 

Spider-Gwen: Just because Gwen got her own highlight in Spider-verse doesn’t mean she isn’t still getting her series. It’s a brilliant look at another universe and also really turning Gwen Stacy into a brilliant character. I think we have Emma Stone in part to thank for this book happening because she really made us want to love Gwen Stacy. I’m really enjoying the series so far and think if your a Spider-fan like me then you’ll really enjoy this book. 

Spider-woman: Don’t trust this writer but everyone tells me issue 5 was really good. So if you want to continue to follow Jessica’s adventures trying to be a street level hero grab this book. 

Squirrel Girl: I’ve saved the best for last. Squirrel girl is the best comic book ever written, fact. No seriously it’s freaking great, charming, cute, and funny. It’s totally worth checking out if you haven’t bought it it’s only on issue 3 so quick get the things. If I could only recommend one book from the whole list it be this. 

So we end up with 15 titles that star a leading female as the main character. These books are the books that really can’t be argued are staring the female character. Now a few of these books also focus on their male members but again this is about top billing going to the a woman and these books have that. That’s up from the last time I reported on female lead titles for  April  that had 11. That’s even up from when we also had Electra and She Hulk. Oh and that’s not all that’s just the books no one can argue aren’t female lead.  Click on the read more for 11 other books I think sort of count but i’ll hesitate on.  If I miss any books or you just think I should read a book then send me the digital code and I’ll totally read it.

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anonymous asked:

Where do you buy your drugs from? Or any good sites?

I buy from my dealer who is sitting on the couch watching buffy with me right now haha.

If you want to order you have to access the deep web. 

Make sure you use ‘Tor’ web browser, scatter change or block your VPN, code all messages you send, etc etc 

You cant even access the deep web without doing the basic protection things, and you cant get to it from a normal browser. Don’t go onto any websites that collect cookies, and make sure to use a blocker for those as well. Also get something to mask your wifi codes. Oh, and put some tape over your webcam. Cops and hackers can easily get on it and see exactly who you are. Once you get on there, it is WAY safer to ship within your own country. The site is a bit weird at first, but once you figure it out it gets pretty user friendly, then you can use the filters to find domestic shipping. You have to use bit coins, and encrypt all your information. Bit coin is another thing you are going to have to get personal with before you dive in. I know that sounds like a whole fucking bunch but its really not, follow these guides;

This one is okay, use it to introduce you to Tor and read the rest to kinda get into the concept: https://www.backed.io/posts/post/88

This is a good guide for everything else I mentioned. It also actually shows you how to get to the url, as it isnt as simple as typing in “angora.com” obviously: http://www.agoradrugs.com/agora-market-guide/

The VPN cover I use: https://www.cactusvpn.com/

Bitcoin: https://bitcoin.org/en/

When you are using bitcoin you are going to have to pick a “wallet” make sure you take a few minutes to figure out what kinda “wallet” works best for you. There are a lot of different types of wallets and its really worth it to explore them incase you download one you don’t completely understand (theres a few pretty high tech ones idk how good you are with computers)

Heres a really good FAQ/guide kinda thing: http://www.coindesk.com/information/

Stay safe! 

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could i perhaps have a blog rate? my favorite scene in it was richie’s speech & i Cant Decide my favorite stranger things scene

URL: i don’t understand whopop | oh hell yea | hey u up to trade? (i have 353days if you want it and also day353)

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following?: no :( but i love u!! | yea bruh | you are a god & i would die for you or kill others

no more, please!

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The qunari gender headcanon puts a whole new spin on the comment Bull makes to Cassandra about women (not) being warriors. Pretending, for a moment, that the language was never clarified. Bull is actually saying, scholars/teachers/religious leaders can't be warriors. That he says this to Cassandra (as Seeker, Hand of the Divine) is especially interesting. And I can only imagine her making disgusted noises and asking, "Can't it be both?"


but imagine like everyone sitting around and trying to figure this out

and then Iron Bull finally going “Oh wait so THAT’S what that is?? Gender? Yeah no we don’t have that.”

“So all Qunari are agender?”

“Under the Qun, I guess so! :D”

just imagine how pleased he’d be to learn this and like sending a report back to Par Vollen like “THIS is what they meant!” and everyone back home is like “what kinda backwards nonsense is this??? you gender your children as soon as they’re born based on their genitals??? you even color-code them??? what kind of dystopian hellscape…”


Hello there, and welcome back for the YGO Mini-Exchange! This is open to all Yu-Gi-Oh! fans, whether you’ve only seen Season Zero, exclusively watch Zexal, or just like the trading card game - if it’s YGO, you’re welcome here.

As a Mini-Exchange, the minimum word requirement is a measly 250 words, and you can come at this at any writing level. Whether you’re a long-term fic writer, or just starting out, you’re welcome here. 

Like any gift-exchange, what you want is up to you. Whether you would like to see something romantic, or maybe a mystery-horror- you can request it. We ended up with a massive range of fanfiction last year, so don’t hold back when it comes to your requests.

Additionally, every fic written for this event will receive a review of their story, and the story with the most comments after a month, will receive an special gift as a thank you. More details will be released about this after the reveal on October 1st.

After the absolute success of YGOME 2014, we’re looking to make an even bigger splash this year, and build an even bigger AO3 Yu-Gi-Oh! community than before.

But I don’t have an AO3 Account!

Don’t you worry! We have plenty of activation codes available. If you need an AO3 account, either send an e-mail to summontribute@gmail.com or an ask to ariasune​. You can also go through the AO3 system here~


Sign-ups: JUNE 13, 2015 - JULY 25, 2014
Assignments: JULY 26, 2014 - AUGUST 01 2014
Due: OCTOBER 01, 2015
Revealed: OCTOBER 13, 2015

Contact Us!

Email: summontribute@gmail.com
Tumblr: ariasune tributesummon


Oh hello.

I have decided to do a thing, a mailing list thing where you can sign up and I will send you an email letter, maybe monthly or weekly or several times a day, with thoughts and worries and words about the work I am doing and the things I have seen. And maybe also I will send out details of giveaways and discount codes in my shop to the people on the list.

So if you are interested in hearing from me in that way, do please contact me here on tumblr with your email address, or send me a note to littleworries@gmail.com and then you will have more of my trouble and my thumbs.


please, please, pray for the ladies of Ladies Code. Go Eun Bi will be forever missed. She was too young, too innocent. I wasn’t a big fan of Ladies Code but I was starting to get into them, I can’t believe what I am seeing. I pray for RiSe and Sojung also because they are in a critical state. For those who haven’t heard, I’ve heard that their manager who was driving had also passed away. May you rest in peace also. 

It is so sad to hear that it is Sojung’s birthday. I am sending my prayers to the girls of Ladies Code and their family and friends. Along with to the people that also have gotten hurt or have passed away in the accident.

For those who are happy about this devastating news, poo you. Idols take a lot of hate and also risk their lives for being an idol. Sasaengs, antis, hate, everything is so dangerous. Some are hated for no reason, maybe little reasons like “oh, they’re ugly.” or like “oh, they try too hard.” yeaaah duh they try hard, to go on, to go on with life. with all the hate. so please, please, stop bashing. and please pray.

#PrayForLadiesCode #RIPEunBi 

Go Eun Bi {1992-2014} you will be missed.


I’m moving at the end of the month, so I’m having a sale to make some extra money. You can use coupon code: “MOVING” on my Etsy for 20% off anything $10 or more.

I’m also opening up custom orders/commissions. Is there a cross stitch you’d like made or an amigurumi or scarf or something? Send me an ask here or message me on Etsy. 

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