oh you adorable you

hello yes have i mentioned that i love Marius

Bang Yongguk: *smiles*

Me: Listen my bro, my guy, my dude, my good ol’ buddy ol’ pal, I adore you and support you and appreciate you and love you more than anything and if you ever think that you aren’t valued or acknowledged or good enough or worth everything in the world then let me tell you right now my lovely pal, friend, sir: you are incorrect and if you ever think that way again you better betcha I am (read: we are) going to be right there reminding you that all we want is your happiness and health and safety and there is really nothing on this planet more precious than your smile so you just go ahead and try and underestimate yourself my beautiful fellow


└ Seriously old man! You CAN’T look THAT adorably cute when owning up to members!

Cr: VS Arashi 02.02.2017