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In which Richard Armitage is a Tolkien fanboy (1/∞)

Interviewer: Probably a lot of people are going to see [the film] at Christmas. I think a lot of people have memories from Christmas of going to see a movie. Do you have any Christmas memories from your youth that you’d be willing to share with us?

Richard: Yeah, you know, I think…the first time The Lord of the Rings happened. It was such an event, and again, waiting a whole year for the next one… And I saw the Rings film, I think it was in Ireland, in a cinema where they still had an intermission. And I remember coming out in that first intermission and I couldn’t stop talking about how exciting it was to finally see this. I think Christmastime, when the family can get together to go to the movies together… nothing’s more perfect than The Hobbit, I hope.

Interviewer: Who did you go with? Do you remember? (x)


“’Save the Princess’ was a game of family fun where everyone wins. There was no winner. That was the whole point of the game, to spark team playing and friendship blah blah blah. And like, I would always just get so angry and insist that I helped saved the princess the most out of everyone and that’s when my parents knew they should get me into sports or something.”