oh yes wow this is so artsy

ID #45898

Name: Halycone
Age: 16
Country: United States

oh hell, where do I start? bullets? bullets.
-artsy but not that good
-I like all kinds of music except cliche pop love songs. no.
-the incarnation of Tumblr and the internet
-probably satan
-very strange
-might possibly make you laugh idk I’ll try
-childish but also responsible and philosophical
-100% trash
-meme loving fuck
-oh yeah and swearing
-suffering through school
-many existential crises are to be had
-much insomnia. very little sleep. so night owl. wow.
-yes that was doge
-what am I doing
-I think this is enough

Preferences: -no bigoted idiots allowed.
-if you support trump, leave now.
-must be able to put up with my weirdness
-don’t be a creep
-axe murderers welcome

anonymous asked:

That polaroid anon fucked me up i want H to take polaroids of me, in like expensive black lingerie but like super tasteful and artsy, i think they'd be so beautiful wow i also want to take some of him sleeping bc he's an angel (only angel) and also some of us kissing each other's cheek kms

YES OH MY GOD he’d take random polaroids all day too like… of you laughing or reading or sleeping or doing like the most mundane shit oh my