oh yes precious baby

Reasons why I love Doctor Robert Bruce Banner:

Those special moments where he loses all of his crap without the need of Hulk’s rage and ends up becoming literally the most adorable thing to ever grace the known universe.

He’s a full foot shorter than Kang and he’s threatening to shove his mask up his rectum with his bare hands.

He’s half naked, has no ways of defending himself, and yet he’s shouting in Wolverine’s face about how much smarter he is.

…At this point, Bruce has literally become the human equivalent of the FIGHT ME emoticon, “(ง •̀_•́)ง”, and I just love it so much~

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I think Yamaguchi deserves a lot of attention, so like at training camp he gets asked by people to play with them because everyone thinks he's so cute and sweet, he usually refuses because he has no self confidence but people praise and flirt with him and give him cuddles and kisses because he's so darn precious and we need more fanfics with people fawning over him because he's a precious baby.


“I know… I know, I’m almost there.”

Bleach chapter 567

I all went from this:

To this:

Then this:

Right onto this:

Strange that reading a frozen chapter yet I felt so HOT!

Then finally this:

Oh yes my baby my precious girl my gorgeous queen Rukia. You are such an awesome soul reaper. What can I say? Badass baby gonna be badass.

Now I just have to wait for her niisama and husbando enter the scene.

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Dennor please!

Who’s the cuddler: Den. He is a big fluffy teddy bear who requires affection 24/7 so he cuddles the shit out of Norge when he can

Who makes the bed: Norway, because he always insists that Den can’t do it right so he does it himself. Den doesn’t do it right on purpose jut to get out of doing it.

Who wakes up first: Den probs. Norge is useless without coffee, so he has to get up to make it for him if he doesn’t want his face ripped off

Who has the weird taste in music: Norway. Between his liking for metal (He blames Finland) and orchestral music, they sometimes mix… Not really that well. But he does have his moments where they’re perfect, I promise.

Who is more protective: Norway, because nobody is allowed to insult Den besides he, Sweden and Iceland or else he will personally choke them.

Who sings in the shower: Den, because he is a massive nerd and he actually has a pretty good singing voice so Norway likes to listen to him from the bedroom sometimes.

Who cries during movies: Den because once again he is a massive sensitive nerd. Norway likes to awkwardly rub his back until he’s only sniffling, especially in the movies where the dog dies.

Who spends the most while out shopping: Norway, because Den likes to spoil him, though they come pretty neck and neck, Norway pays more attention to detail and that usually equals something a bit more expensive

Who kisses more roughly: Norway does, no questions asked. I feel likes he enjoys biting Den’s lips and clashing teeth.


My rating of the ship from 1-10: 10000 OH MY PRECIOUS BABIES YES I LOVE YOU PLEASE BE FREE