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Playing with a lazer and a cat – Voltron level

WELL, @klanced made me do this sketch ; and then @loveanimationfan came up with this idea and…

Here is the Lance & Blue comic I promised !
Omg I spent way too much time on this …
I really LOVE to draw Lance & Blue <3 My fav paladin & Lion.
(And yes, Paladins playing with their lions would be the cutest thing.)
(I will definitely draw more lion stuff.)

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Romantic, sleep and happy head canons for Pippa x reader! Plz

OH YES, i haven’t got headcanon requests in so long omg

  • I feel like Pippa would be the kind of person that plays with her SO’s hair as they fall asleep, just mindlessly, while she is reading before bed or something. She doesn’t even notice what she’s doing, but it’s special every time. 
  • Also you’d often wake up with her humming or singing while changing or doing breakfast, and you’d feel all warm and fuzzy inside bc how can you not????
  • Sleepy Pipa is a needy Pippa. She’s a cuddler, and every now and then you’d have to stay awake because of work, usually typing on the couch with your laptop and she’d just be around until you gave in and went to bed with her <3