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Suggs vs Maynards

“Mark this day. Because it will go down in history.” Jack says to the camera, “I have managed to not get just one Sugg on my channel. But both of them!” He mock gasps, looking over at Joe and Zoe who are both sat there.

“Hello!” Zoe waves, smiling.

“Managed? How many times have I been on your bloody channel now?” Joe asks, facing Jack.

“Don’t ruin it, babe.”

“I’m not ruining anything.” Joe laughs.

“Yes you are.” Jack tells him, “Oh, and Conor’s here too.”

“Shalom.” Conor waves at the camera.

“Now, I know all of you are wondering why in the world Zoe Sugg is on my channel…” Jack continues, smiling, “And that is because it is time. The ultimate sibling challenge.”

“Suggs versus Maynards!” Conor chimes in.

“You mean Suggs kick Maynard’s asses.” Joe smirks.

“Please,” Jack rolls his eyes. “Like you can beat the brotherly bond Conor and I have.”

“We’ll destroy it.” Zoe tells him, “No one is better than Joe and I.”

“Pretty much.” Joe shrugs, throwing an arm around his sister’s shoulders. “So bring it.”

“We will.” Conor leans across Jack, narrowing his eyes.

“Anyway!” Jack pushes his brother out of the way, addressing the camera once again. “We each have some questions for the other set of siblings, and we’ll see how well everyone knows each other. At the end of it, the great sibling will come out on top.”

“And hopefully we all leave as happy siblings!” Zoe comments.

“First question,” Conor glances at his phone. “Zoe, what insect has never attacked Joe?”

“What?” Her faces turns to one of confusion, “What type of question is that?”

“A good one. Now answer it.” Jack prompts, a knowing smirk on his face.

“Why are you so smug?” Joe asks him.

“Because I know the answer.”

“Why do you know it?”

“Because I’m a good boyfriend.”

“Oh!” Zoe suddenly calls out, “He’s never been stung by a bee!”

“Correct!” Joe cheers, high fiving his sister before he looks back at Jack, “But why in the world do you know that?”

“Like I said, I’m a good boyfriend.” Jack shrugs, “That and you told me last week when we were drinking.”

“And the truth comes out…” Zoe laughs, “Alright. Conor, what is Jack’s favourite drink?”

“Come on, bro. You know this. We’ve been asked this before.” Jack looks at his older brother, trying to silently pass on the answer.

“I honestly have no idea.” Conor shakes his head, “You keep changing it.”

“That’s true,” Joe nods, “He does change his favourite a lot.”

“But I always have a fall back.” Jack tells them, “What’s my fall back?”

“Uhm, tequila?” Conor shrugs.

“Wrong!” Zoe says cheerily as Jack groans.

“Vodka lemonade.” He mutters, crossing his arms as he falls back into his seat.

“I thought you were over that!” Conor protests as Joe pats Jack’s arm sympathetically.

“It’s okay, I’m sure you’ll eventually get over me and Zoe being better siblings than you and Conor.”

“Piss off.”

“Next question!” Conor declares, “Jack, ask it.”

“Fine.” Jack grabs the phone, “Joe, what are Zoe’s guinea pigs names?”

“Oh shit.” Joe’s brow furrows, “I know this.”

“Do you?” Zoe asks, tilting her head, “Because you never seem to get their names right.”

“Uhm,” The younger Sugg thinks for a moment, “Perry and Pippin?”

“So close!” Jack laughs, “We’ll give them a half point.”

“It’s Percy, Joe!” Zoe smack’s Joe’s arm lightly, “You should know that!”

“Sorry!” He leans away from her and into Jack, “Save me!”

“Nope. She’s your sister.”

“Rude.” Joe mumbles, taking the phone from Zoe. “Alright, Jack. What is Conor’s newest song called?”

“Are you suuuureeee!” Jack sings, off key. “And you can get it from the link below.” He winks at the camera.

“Cheers, bro!” Conor grins over at him.

“You always get it wrong every time except this time.” Joe shakes his head.

The game continues on for a while longer, the siblings getting more competitive, until the final question is asked:

“Alright, Joe.” Conor looks over at the younger Sugg, “Who does Zoe love more: Alfie or Nala.”

“Oh my gods,” Zoe laughs.

“Easy. Neither.” Joe grins, “She loves me more.”

“Awe, cute.” Jack coos as Zoe wraps her arms around her brother.

“And he’s right. I love my broseph the most.”

“Well, there you have it.” Jack claps his hands togethers, “Apparently the Sugg siblings just know each other better. Because I have a shit brother.”

“Hey!” Conor protests, but Jack pushes him away.

“Make sure to go check out all these lovely people, especially Joe, because I appear in quite a few of his videos.”

“Only my vlogs.” Joe corrects.

“Does it matter?” Jack looks at him, “My face is in it. They should go watch it.”

“You are such a dork.” Joe mutters, but there’s a fond smile on his face.

“Remember to like the video, and subscribe to me and Conor and Zoe and Joe if you haven’t already. And I will see you next week!” Jack waves at the camera, the other three joining in.

Once the camera is stopped recording, he looks at Conor.

“Dude, we really need to have a talk. Because you know nothing about me.”

“Even I knew more answer’s than you.” Joe laughs.

“You’re dating him,” Conor points out, “You have to know the answers. I’m blood. He’s stuck with me.”

“Then how come Zoe knows so many answers about Joe?” Jack questions.

“Because she’s not a shit sibling.” Conor grins, laughing as Jack throws a pillow at him.


Burn It Down —  a Pandora Hearts fanmix following the calamitous relationship between Jack Vessalius and Oswald Baskerville

// A Dangerous Mind - Within Temptation // Empty Eyes - Within Temptation // Cry - Two Steps From Hell // Burn It Down - Linkin Park // Things We Lost In The Fire - Bastille // Who We Are - Imagine Dragons // Smoke and Mirrors - Poets of the Fall // Silhouettes - Of Monsters and Men //

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