oh yes i'm having fun at school

  • Wizard: Yes! Ravenwood! Time to learn a lot of magic in a safe, peaceful, fun envir-
  • Malistaire: Young welp.
  • Wizard: Oh joy a villain I have to beat on my own time. Why isn't there police or something why does this have to be my job?
  • Wizard: *focuses on defeating Malistaire instead of school*
  • Malistaire: *dies*
  • Wizard: Oh finally it's over now I can focus on scho-
  • Wizard: *sigh*
  • Wizard: *focuses on defeating Morganthe instead of school*
  • Morganthe: *dies*
  • Wizard: Okay now it's time to do something other than saving the Spiral I'm glad this is finally o-
  • Old Cob: Don't get your hopes up.
Having too much fun
  • Nico: do we have everything?
  • Honoka: YES!
  • UMi: No, Eli is late and we need her to-
  • Nico: F*CK Eli!
  • Nozomi: oh, believe me I have.
  • Nico: I am getting so tired of your s*it Nozomi, it's Unreally.
  • Eli: *comes into clubroom* sorry I'm late. Had to fix the council room after I finished the paperwork.
  • Nico: *looks at nozomi, looks back at Eli* i... I'm done. I'm going home.

i like drawing side profiles and my friend screamed she was hungry (yes you Janesse) so i decided to draw side profile with food oTL

Also, he’s always seen with food.. like MOST OF THE TIME!!

he is so bby

Good Cop©The Lego Movie/WB

art and stuff©moi :U

oh and the flip-up sunglasses (sorry i have to mention but i’m so dumb about these things) -cry-