oh yes i'm having fun at school

Having too much fun
  • Nico: do we have everything?
  • Honoka: YES!
  • UMi: No, Eli is late and we need her to-
  • Nico: F*CK Eli!
  • Nozomi: oh, believe me I have.
  • Nico: I am getting so tired of your s*it Nozomi, it's Unreally.
  • Eli: *comes into clubroom* sorry I'm late. Had to fix the council room after I finished the paperwork.
  • Nico: *looks at nozomi, looks back at Eli* i... I'm done. I'm going home.

Druck Ask Game: Send me an ask with a Druck character and I’ll answer your question!

Hanna: Which book do you want to read next?
Kiki: How affectionate are you with your friends?
Mia: What are you most passionate about?
Amira: What is/was your favourite subject in school?
Sam: What kind of music do you listen to when you feel energized?
Jonas: What’s your favourite food when eating out?
Matteo: Do you like playing video games?
Alex: Do you own a driver’s license?
Samuel: How would you describe your clothing style?
Leonie: Can your friends read you like an open book?
Jule: Do you give advice to your friends?
Sarah: What was the best party costume you ever wore?
Carlos: What are your favourite holiday sweets?
Abdi: What do you own that has the most sentimental value for you?
Hanna’s Dad: Do you have plans for the future?
Lasse: Do you have any siblings?
Doctor: Have you ever had an uncomfortable sex talk?
Welcome AG: Are you involved in come extracurricular activities?