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The Birth of Anti - Origin of Anti (a JSE egos fanfiction) Chapter 3 (FINAL CHAPTER)

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We’re at the end folks! I told you this wasn’t going to be very long. I just want to thank you guys again SO much for reading this and reading everything else I write! You have no idea how much I appreciate it! So, thank you!!

I also included some references to One and The Same in this chapter. Can you spot them? :)

Anyway, let’s get on with the finale!



CHAPTER 2: https://alone-with-demons.tumblr.com/post/167205628632/somethings-different-origin-of-anti-a-jse-egos

Jack screamed and fell back at the same time as Chase ran in front of him, gun still outstretched. Schneeple ran to Jack to check he was ok as Angus staggered back, eyes wide.

“You…you can speak?!” He said, awe-struck.

“It seems so,” Jackson replied, “Look who finally found their voice!” His voice seemed to be constantly changing pitch as he glitched around, his black eyes making Marvin’s blood run cold. Chase aimed his gun at Jackson’s head.

“Stay right there!” Chase demanded, eyes narrowing as he looked down the barrel. Jackson laughed in response and shot his hand out. Green glitches shot out of his hand and into Chase, sending him flying across the room and sending his gun tumbling away.

“Chase!” Marvin shouted.

“Pathetic,” Jackson said, reaching out his hand again and sending green, wispy strands flying across the room and spiraling up all of the egos’ legs, tying them up. Marvin tried to use his magic to fight Jackson but soon found his arms pressed against his sides. Jackieboy managed to fly up, but the strands were like homing missiles, firing across the sky and following wherever Jackieboy went. Eventually, the strand finally caught Jackie’s ankle, throwing him to the ground and tying him up. Angus, Jack, and Schneeple didn’t fare much better and were soon victims of Jackson’s glitches too. Jackson even tied up Chase’s unconscious body. Once everyone was caught, Jackson curled his fingers, dragging the strands back and floating the egos over to him as they struggled in his grip.

“Wow,” Jackson said, his black eyes gleaming with insane glee, “I honestly thought all of you would put up more of a fight than that.”

“W-what’s going on?” Jackieboy cried, frantically struggling against the bonds, “What are you?”

“What am I?” Jackson repeated, his blank eyes staring straight into Jackieboy’s own, “Charming. That’s how you greet me now I’m back? Truly charming…”

“Jackson! Please!” Jack cried, tears streaming down his face as the bonds grew tighter, crushing him, “Whatever’s happened, we can help- “

“I don’t need help!” Jackson shouted, his eyes flaring for a moment, “In fact, I’ve never felt better! Although…” he thought for a moment, completely ignoring the screams and pleas of the struggling egos before him, “I suppose this new version of me could do with a new name, don’t ya think?”

“You’re insane!” Angus shouted, “You’ve gone insane! Whatever happened to you in there has turned you into a monster!”

“Oh, hush.” Anti said, wrapping the glitch strands tighter to shut Angus up, “Ah! I have a name! You Jackseptieye, right?” He said, turning to Jack, “Well, how about ANTIsepticeye! But, since we’re friends you can call me Anti for short.”

“I zhink I preferred it when you didn’t speak…” Schneeple muttered.

“What did you say?!” Jackson, no, Anti said, his voice raising suddenly. He threw Schneeple across the room just like he had done with Chase, knocking him out before dragging him back to join the others.

“Anyway…now that I have a new name, I think I could do with a new body!” Anti said happily.

“A new…body?” Marvin asked, confused.

“Oh, yes!” Anti replied, “Didn’t I tell you? This time machine failure did a lot more than give me a voice. It gave me a few…let’s call them abilities that I’m dying to try out. Now, who should I choose…ennie, meenie, minie, mo!”

His finger landed on Jack, whose eyes widened in panic.

“What?!” He cried, his struggling getting more violent. Anti curled his fingers again, pulling Jack closer to him as he flailed and screamed but to no avail. As this was happening, Marvin cast a worried look over to Chase and Schneeple, slumped over and not moving.

Once Jack was in place, Anti leaned forward with a cruel smile that sent a chill down Marvin’s spine.

“Do excuse me,” he said with a joyous giggle that glitched and twitched as much as his body did, “May I come in?”

Suddenly, to Marvin’s surprise, Jackson’s body dropped down dead, and Jack started screaming.

Oh, do be quiet, Jack heard Anti say in his mind as he felt his brain being combed over by Anti, thousands of memories and experiences clogging his mind as Anti filled through them, it’s not that bad. I’m just having a look-see. Now if you’ll excuse me again, I need to…

Jack’s head snapped to the side before righting itself, his eyes now the same deathly black as Jackson’s were. Marvin screamed.

“There we go,” Anti now said in Jack’s voice, “That’s better.”

“What did you do to him?!” Angus cried.

“Ah, not much,” Anti replied, releasing Jack’s body from the binds and walking round in a circle to test it.

“Is…is Jack dead?” Jackieboy asked nervously, his struggles stopped.

“No no! Of course not! He’s just sleeping! Just like those too!” He said, gesturing to Schneeple and Chase, who were groggily starting to wake up, “Anyway, now that’s over with the real fun can begin!”

“Real…fun…?” Chase muttered.

“Oh yes!” Anti said, his grin widening as a giggle seeped out, “From now on, things are going to get really interesting…”

THE END (This is so cheesy I’m sorry haha)


Yep, I ended it on a cliffhanger! Do you hate me now? XD

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I’m back

The past four days have been so emotional but also very necessary, those who’ve been with me for a while know my moods can be very intense but they always pass. This one felt like it wouldn’t, it was an all time low, even for me.

It’s not over, I know it’s not, but I feel better now. The past days have given me perspective, or a reality check, whatever you want to call it.
Saturday was spent cleaning out our old apartment, a shitty job that had to be done and it also means we can really leave it behind us for now and focus on the new. Did I mention I don’t do change very well?

That stupid rumour was a trigger for me, I never handle those things well but I always handled them before, this one just came at a very wrong time for me, and I cracked. I shouldn’t blame that on Tom, it’s on me, for not knowing when to step back.
Anyway, Sunday was spent as I love them most, at home, quiet, doing nothing and everything at the same time. I need those days, they charge me for the rest of the week. I don’t function well without them, I hadn’t had one in the past month. 

I haven’t looked at Tom’s face for 4 days, that may seem like nothing to some of you. For me, believe me, it’s a lot!
Anyway, this is what helped me:

- I know what Tom is to me now and what he’s not and that is fine, it’s never been anything else and it never will be. I’ll have fits of frustration and sadness over him again I’m sure but when I feel one coming now I’ll take that step back again and go do something else that makes me happy.
- Real life, mine is really not so bad and I should try and be a bit more thankful for that!
- My husband, I’m sure I’ve been a pain to live with these past weeks (well, years) and he’s still here, still being sweet and putting me first like he always does. He may not be a Tom Hiddleston but you know what, he’s mine, always and completely and that’s worth more than anything else right now. And did I mention the healing powers of Sunday morning sex? (because I hadn’t had one of those either in the past month!)
- Friends, I may not have them in real life but I sure have them here, the amount of messages I got, people reaching out to me, even outside of Tumblr, has made me feel so loved. I am still getting back to all of you and for those who asked, yes I am on Kik and I will add anyone who asked or that wants to talk to me outside of this site.
- Writing, oh god writing! I just…YES, writing!

I’ll stop now cause this post is getting a lot longer than I intended to, sorry! 

So I’m back! And I haven’t been on my dash or the Hiddleston tag in the past days, is it safe to come back out there?! What did I miss? Ease me back into this, gently if possible (yeah who am I kidding?!)

You can all tag me in anything Hiddleston again from now, in fact please do, I prefer seeing new shit in my tags than randomly on my dash!

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