‘Mum, hi,’ Theia babbled into the phone. ‘I suppose you’re in a hospital, they don’t let phones in there, do they? I don’t know… Anyway, call me when you get this… Actually, no don’t, it’s evidence, don’t call this number-’ She wanted to kick herself. Why couldn’t she leave a simple voicemail? ‘Um, yeah, I’m just… I’m really worried about you, Mum…’ Her voice cracked a little, and she impatiently wiped at her eyes which were becoming increasingly hot and wet. ‘I’m really worried, I don’t know where you are or if you’re upset at me or something… Couldn’t you have left me a proper note? I need you, Mum, I’m starting to think… Oh, it doesn’t matter what I think, really, I could just use some… Some reassurance about something… I think I’m going mad, actually. Call… Call the house phone when you get this and leave me a message, yeah? Love you.’
—  Upcoming chapter of The Aurors
…Daenerys, who grew up in exile, is a queen sailing to claim what is hers. And her nephew, Jon, who grew up banished to the back of the hall, is now a king, sitting at the head table. Yara Greyjoy, Olenna Tyrell, Ellaria Sand—to the south an alliance of women has coalesced around Daenerys. And in the North, Jon Snow’s best allies are his sister-cousin and a ten-year-old girl with more moxie than men three times her size. Between them is Cersei Lannister, an evil queen if ever there was one. Over six seasons, women have been tortured, abused, violated, and defiled. Now, women rule almost everything. Winter is here, and so are the women.


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