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warnings: language as always

pairings: tom holland x reader

summary: the holland family invite you over for christmas! because you came up a few days prior to christmas (so you could spend christmas with family back home), everyone exchanged gifts before you left. a little gift intended for you is ‘misplaced’, until harry finds it on his ‘bathroom break’ while sam plays the piano, and the holland’s + you dance.

a/n: this is a list!! it’s also the first one i’ve done. this is also a story that doesn’t use any type of pronouns so it could read as any gender!! hope you all enjoy! p.s. the summary is vague for a reason ;)

  • you and tom had been together for roughly three years (how fuckin cute)
  • this year, for christmas, tom had invited you up to his house to spend it with his family!!!
  • with this being the first time you and tom would spend a huge holiday together, it had to be perfect
    • it was like walking into disneyland during the winter season
    • listen there would be mistletoe hanging in every doorway
    • and the mixed smell of cinnamon and vanilla bean would fill the house from all the candles tom safely lit
    • a little stocking hanging beside tom’s with your name on it that he totally made by hand
    • and lets not forget about the huge christmas meal tom helped dom and nikki prepare in hopes of impressing you even more
    • plus how he’d run out last minute before you arrived to grab hot chocolate packets along with apple cider packets
  • christmas songs being sung by everyone, even if you had to beg tom to sing
    • DEFINITELY singing run run rudolph with dom into the karaoke mic
  • but when it started to get late, that’s when the presents started to roll in
    • you had packed a luggage bag JUST for presents for the holland’s
    • and BOY did they do the same for you
    • you were like “look at all these presents i- YOU GOT ME??? OH MY GOD
    • let me tell you, everyone would spoil you so much
    • like
    • you were tom’s long term lover, everyone knew you well, and you didn’t feel awkward about any gifts being given to you at all because they were all what you wanted!!!
    • even harrison left you a gift
  • but after every present from the family was given to you, and all of your presents were given to them, you and the family had just kinda sat around drinking the last minute packets tom picked up
  • until nikki suggested sam play some music on the piano
  • when he agreed, everyone migrated to the den with the piano sitting tucked against the wall
  • sam began to play soft, sweet christmas love songs
  • nikki and dom eventually started dancing, and that prompted tom to ask for a dance
    • which was obviously cut short when paddy asked to cut in
    • and that left tom really pouty
    • probably to the point where he acted as though he was dancing with an imaginary you
  • but everything was be interrupted when harry said he was going to the bathroom
  • so everyone just kind of stopped dancing, and sam stopped playing, but gathered around the piano and just chatted a bit about the day
  • you thanked everyone for all of the gifts once again, and said you loved everyone
    • they said it back without hesitation (WOW i love that idea)
  • a few minutes went by, and you noticed everyone was trying to hide a smile, including tom
  • when you asked what was going on, dom just said it was the christmas spirit tickling everyone
  • that was passed off, until harry came back in with a tiny, neatly decorated present
  • “hey, i think we missed one for you, y/n”
  • you were now facing the family, except for tom, who was in your blind spot
  • harry handed you the present and took a step back
  • “you guys didn’t have to get me so much, oh my god. i feel so loved”
    • a “you are loved” coming softly from tom
    • and a “it’s HOMEmade” coming from dom
  • you carefully lifted the top of the small box that had a “to y/n, from the holland’s” tag on the top
  • you revealed a small key with a cursive ‘H’ engraved at the top, and a key chain of tessa that everyone else in the family had on their key ring
  • you narrowed your eyes in confusion and were like “is this a key? to this house?”
  • and nikki was like “yeah! everyone in the family has one. it’s about time you had one too!”
  • you’d be like “you consider me family? i know i’ve been around for awhile but still!!”
  • and then dom puts his arm around nikki and says “well, you do carry the holland name.”
  • and you’re like “??????????????????????????? i’m a(n) y/l/n
  • then tom would speak out in a volume that sounded like he was at a much lower height than you, and say “that’s if you say snow.”
  • and your eyes would widen, and you’d turn around to see tom on one knee with a snowflake shaped engagement ring (because he’s extra as fuck)
  • he’d say something something REALLY cheesy, like “marry christmas me?”
  • and you’d be crying and laughing along with everyone else, and just lay your head down onto the piano while you cried
  • and he’d get up and talk to you like “listen, if i knew that pun would make you this emotional, i wouldn’t have used it”
  • and you’d just laugh a little more and finally raise up and hug and kiss him, all while he’s holding the ring
  • then the family would look at each other, and paddy would blurt out “well, are you my in law or not?”
  • and you’d finally verbally say yes through coughs and tears
  • everyone would be screaming and clapping out of pure joy
  • harry would rush out of the room, only to come back with a camera he had set in a place where you couldn’t see so he could record it all
  • “Y/N SAID YES!!” would be screamed by everyone while looking at the camera
  • the rest of the night was filled with you and your new in laws singing along to and with sam, who would be playing songs like ‘joy to the world’, and ‘i’ll be home for christmas’ on the piano
    • also, not to mention drinking a little celebratory champagne
  • later the next day, the video would be edited and uploaded to tom’s instragram, which would captioned as “Well, y/n didn’t say s(no)w.”
  • nikki and harry would also post cute pictures they took of you both after the proposal happened!!!
  • so, all in all, it was a beautiful surprise that no one will ever forget.

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I’m No Defeatist - Part 1

Description - Virgil takes Logan’s defeatist comment as an insult. he tries his best to be better, but all he really wants to do is disappear. 

Genre: hurt/comfort

Word Count:  2,111

Ship: platonic/familial lamp sanders pre accepting Anxiety but huge focus on Analogical

Warnings: lots of angst (let me know if something specific needs to be tagged im not sure)

a/n: all dialogue except like one line i think belogs to Thomas Sanders & Joan (maybe Talyn?)


“Logic, you understand reality better than the other two, and that is very comforting, but you are still a clueless moron most of the time.”

Comforting. Yeah. Logan’s comforting. Not only does he keep Anxiety grounded in reality, but he’s calm. He’s not emotional, or fanciful. He’s reasonable. He is reason. Weirdly enough he’s a shoulder to cry on, not literally because why would anyone let Anxiety anywhere near them, but he’s.. He’s there. He’s there, and he’s.. He’s comfort. Yeah. Comforting is a good adjective for Logan.

After that the video continued in a blur for Anxiety. He knew he was there, but he was more focused on why. Why did Thomas want him to stay? Why was nobody actually complaining that he was there? Why were they letting him answer questions? Why were fans sending him questions in the first place? Were things starting to get better? Anxiety could only hope. With what little hope he had left.

Things were not getting better.

Roman forced them all into daydream mode. Okay, so Thomas let him, but still. This was not Anxiety’s department. This was draining, and annoying, but no one cared. At least Logan was sort of on his side for once. At least he had someone.

“But I’m no defeatist,”

Defeatist? What does he mean by- Oh. Oh, I’m the defeatist. So much for having Logan on my side. So much for ever thinking Logan would be there for me. So much for thinking anyone would ever care about a hindrance. That’s all I am.

“Thank you, everyone. Well.. almost everyone.

Ouch. At least that was expected from Princey, but Logan? Logan, the one he thought he could trust the most, implied that he was a defeatist. A failure. A useless, good for nothing, moron.

Logan is right. I should just accept defeat for the last time, and never show my face around here again. Yeah. I’m gonna figure out how to do that.

Just after Anxiety sunk down, with a sullen look on his face that of course no one cared to notice, he could vaguely hear one last thing from the logical side.

“You got this, buddy!”

Really? You’re putting faith into Prince, but not me? What did I do wrong? I’m just trying to protect Thomas.. I swear. That’s all I want.

With a heavy sigh Anxiety sunk down to his room, put on his headphones, and let the music bring him to a different world. A world where things made sense to him, and him alone. Alone. He was alone.

Great. Another problem. Another video. I really need to learn how to detach myself. Oh well. No time now. Thomas messed up an audition, and now he’s anxious. Time to “save the day” by making everyone hate me more. Fun.

“You screwed up.”

Here we go again. Fitting the role of the bad guy. The antagonist as Logan liked to put it.

“Ah! Anxiety-”

“Anxiety what are you doing here? Yes. This is exactly what you do every time I pop up. Let’s just skip that part. We get it. You don’t want me here, but I’m here, and this is what I do.”

“Oh I don’t think that’s all that you-”

“You did a bad job, Sanders!”

I’m not letting you lie to me, Thomas. I know all I do is make you miserable.

“Where specifically did he do a bad job?”

Everywhere. He messed everything up. I tried to stop him from going. I tried to keep him safe. Why can’t you see that Logan?!

“Try the beginning. He choked.”

Ugh, Logan stop taking everything I say literally. Man, this is too much work. I don’t like to work hard.

“This is theater. Where you only have one shot, and he threw it away.”

Come on, Thomas. Listen to me. One shot. You blew it. Why do you do this to yourself?

“I mean it was colorfully phrased, but it’s not an unfair point.”

Wait, what? Not an unfair point? Is Logan agreeing with me? No, don’t get your hopes up.

Okay, enough of Princey being dramatic. Move this along. I need to go hide under the covers for the rest of the day. Or year. Preferably forever.

“Perhaps this time you may have to consider that you did not do particularly well.”

“Yeah, it was a train wreck.”

“Time out. That seemed very emotionally charged.”

Are you kidding me?

“What are you talking about? I just said what you said only more effectively.”

“Ah, I see the issue, Thomas.”

“What is it?”

It’s me. I’m the issue. I’m always the issue.

“I now realize there is only one persona here holding sway over your feelings, and they fall quite heavily on the negative end of the spectrum.”

Yep. That’s me. Negative……. Cognitive distortions? What? Whatever…. Oh, what’s that? Logic taking Princey’s side? Great.

“Of course, when it comes down to it, you take Princey’s side.”

“I’m not taking his side. Did I say I was taking his side?”

Somehow you always end up on his side. No idea how. Logic, and fantasy don’t mix, but you make it work. You make it work against me because you hate me.

“Quite honestly, I find both you, and Princey to be a little too.. Extra.”

Extra. That’s a new one. Great. Add that to the list of words that describe just how horrible I am.

Blah, blah. Keep talking, Logan. That’s all you do.

“..a clearer vision of the entire situation that this corner of the room is obscuring.”


“I would write an angsty sonnet illustrating my contempt for you if I actually cared enough about what you were saying right now.”

I do care! I care about what you say more than I should! You’re supposed to be on my side! ….No, it’s fine, guys just completely ignore me now…. Hold on. Debate?

Then suddenly with a snap of Logan’s fingers Anxiety found himself in a debate room. A debate room where he decided to take his frustrations out on the side he once, almost, considered a friend. An acquaintance at most.


“I do that when I start reaching my limit with stupid questions.”

“Your mom’s preposterous.”

“Your mom is pointless.”

“If she did exist she’d be preposterous, and pointless.”

“You know what? I’ve had enough of this. None of this makes any difference. You know why? Because I’m right, and you’re wrong, that is why.”

“Here, I’m ready to give my closing statement. This is stupid, he’s stupid, I’m out.”

“Scenario over.”

A snap of Anxiety’s fingers, and they were back in Thomas’s living room.

Now that, whatever that was, was over Anxiety was exhausted. He used all his energy to convince Thomas that he was messing important things up. He tried to warn him. Tried to make him do better. Tried to be.. Vigilant. If only they knew. Heh. Fat chance.

Anxiety didn’t want to wrap the video up with a cutesy little conclusion, or message. He didn’t want to hear Logan give him a cliché “I told you so.” speech. He wanted to curl into bed, and forget that he existed for a little while.

Even still Anxiety tried.

“You forgot the song! That’s the whole thing.”

To no avail. Thomas listened to Logan. Of course.

Screw all of this. I’m gonna leave, and never come back. They won’t miss me.

“And Anxiety?”

“Save your insults I’m just gonna duck out.”

Yep. That’s right. Not sink down. Duck out. Detach myself. Leave forever-

“Actually, um, I was going to tell you that was a good debate today.”

Anxiety popped back up.

“What? Wh- What do you mean?”

This is suspicious. He has to be lying.

“I mean, you did a good job.”

No way this is real.

“How? I was barely trying.. I hissed at you.”

“Yes, I must admit that is a fairly uncommon debate tactic, but despite you clearly not enjoying taking part you still participated. You offered your points, and you even reasoned, in your own way, and all that is commendable.”

“This is so pure..”

Logan, why are you saying nice things? You hate me.. What do I even… What?

“I gotta say.. I don’t really know how to react to you complimenting me. I kinda thought you didn’t like me. Especially after last time when you called me a defeatist.”

“Well, you are wrong about a lot of things,”

And there it is.



“I don’t necessarily mind your company.”

Really? Oh. For the first time in a while Virgil felt hopeful. Genuinely hopeful. He was being praised. Not insulted, or pushed away. This could be the beginning of something good.

“The other two can bring in a whole lot of sunshine, and that can be unbearable..”

Heh. Yeah. Anxiety was.. smiling. Nothing close to a grin, but the one corner of his mouth was upturned, and he still felt hopeful. This was nice.

“I can’t imagine having a debate with either one of them.”

“I-I guess I just kind of assumed that-

“You jumped to a conclusion.”

…Oh. Oh, for fu- Damn cognitive distortions. Damn Logan.

Anxiety couldn’t help, but allow himself to smirk some more. As much as he’d hate to admit it the nerd did have a point.

“Touché.. Thanks.”

“Glad to see you guys working some things out.”

This isn’t a Disney movie, Thomas. No happily ever afters here. We get the dark side of it all. Just brief moments of security, and false hope.

“We didn’t work anything out.”

Anxiety sunk down, not to his own room, but this time to the commons. He still had some of that hope swelling in his heart. Please don’t get my hopes up, guys.

“He’s stubborn as ever.”

Logan sunk down to the common room to leave Thomas to finish the video. They’d return soon to record an end clip, but for the time being he had a mission.

Anxiety stood awkwardly in the commons, wondering if he should give up, and retreat to his realm when Logan abruptly popped up.


Too late. They were summoned.

Anxiety sighed, and slipped the headphones he managed to grab, on. He was too tired to deal with end card shenanigans. He decided to just tune it out.

“It’s interesting.”

Or not.


Anxiety slipped one side of the headphones off so he could hear Logan better, but not completely be torn away from his music.

“Now that we’re at a little bit of a standstill I finally feel a sense of peace in this household.”

“I guess?”

“The atmosphere is calm. The air is tranquil, and it finally feels like we are at a point of higher sophisticated thinking.”

Well yeah ‘cause you, and I are left brain, moron. Everything is calmer when the right side isn’t working as well. Logic should know this.

“I’m back! Did you miss me?!”

Spoke too soon.

“Your mom misses you!”

Oh, man. The look on Princey’s face.

“..I’m sorry while that was savage.. It was a little extra.”

Roman turned to Anxiety.

“What did you do to him?”

Anxiety just snorted in response then returned to his music, finally ready to end this horrible day, and that’s when Dad came to the rescue.

“Logic! Now, where did you learn such childish humor? Tsk, tsk.”

There’s his cue to leave. Anxiety sunk down, and instead of into the commons he opted for his room. Roman, and Patton were back to their normal selves. There’s no way Logan would pay him any mind now. Patton would, but Patton always does. Patton is Patton. Morality. Emotions. Dad. And Roman.. Don’t get started on Roman. But Logan.. Logan is Logan, and Logan does things his way. The logical way. Anxiety has no part in that. Even if they do work on the same side of the brain together. They’re the same yet so different. But that’s okay for now. I’ll stay, and see if things look up. There’s that hope again. That tiny ounce of hope that screams at him to stay away from it. But he had to hold on. He’d hold on for Thomas, even if Thomas hated him, and he’d hold on for dad because at least he had some love there. He’d even hold on for Logan. Even if Logan wanted nothing to do with him. “I don’t necessarily mind your company.” That’s better than nothing, but in reality it didn’t matter. In reality it wasn’t real. It’d never be Anxiety’s reality. Still. He’ll hold onto hope, and will fight to win. No more failures. No more accepting defeat.

I’m not a defeatist.

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Stay Cute Pt.2

http://chimshinehappiness.tumblr.com/post/145851457930/stay-cute Part 1

A grinning Jimin made his way into his dorm in search of his lanky roommate, Taehyung. Glancing towards the small living room he saw no sign of his best friend. The short male noticed the television playing a re-run of the newest drama so he figured the younger boy was definitely home, so he continued further down the narrow entrance way heading towards the kitchen. 

Setting down his slice of strawberry cake on the shiny counter, he turned just in time to see a freshly showered Taehyung, ash blonde hair dripping wet, walk out of his room in nothing but his favorite pair of black cotton boxers with pink rabbits printed on them, a white cotton towel draped on his neck. 

“Jeez Tae, you might as well just walk around in your birthday suit!” the petite exclaimed as he covered his toffee colored eyes with chubby hands. 

The lean male in his underwear shook his head at his dramatic friend, water droplets flying everywhere with the movement, “Chim we’ve legit been best friends since we were in diapers, we have seen more of each other than should be normal.” he stated while he patted at his drenched hair with the towel that hung on his broad shoulders.

Jimin gave him a bewildered stare, “just cause I’ve seen it before, doesn’t mean I want to feast my poor eyes on it everyday for the rest of my life.” he sassed with a cheeky smile, quickly sticking out his tongue as a way of saying that the discussion was over.  

Taehyung sent him a knowing smirk in response, “you’re extra sassy today ChimChim, which means something good happened to you. And if that little twinkle in your eyes is anything to go by, I’d say it must have been REALLY good.” 

The boy in question just gaped at how quick his friend was to realize his giddy vibes. “um, I-I met- umm…” Jimin could feel his plump cheeks begin to heat up as he stuttered in search for a way to explain his feeling of happiness.

At a loss for words, Jimin timidly played with his tiny fingers, a nervous habit of his, and just when he had gathered his thoughts enough to answer, his friend beat him to it. 

“You met a boy didn’t you?!” Taehyung screamed as he rushed forward to grasp the smaller male by the shoulders. “Tell me all about it!” he exclaimed. 

“Tae how did you even figure it out? It makes absolutely no sense, I never even finished my sentence.” Jimin stated. 

“Of course it makes sense, I am your best friend and I can tell just from the way you got all nervous and shy that you must have met a hot guy, and judging from that pink tint on your cheeks Chim, he must have been really hot! So spill!” he said, lightly shaking Jimin when he didn’t respond.

The brunette sighed in defeat, receiving a cocky ‘I knew it’ from his roommate in response, “okay I’ll tell you. Yes I met a guy, and yes he was really hot, he works at my favorite cafe.” he started shyly. He looked at Taehyung through his fringe and after receiving a nod of encouragement, he continued. 

“I saw his name tag and his name is Jeongguk, and Taehyung he is absolutely gorgeous!” his soft voice rose in volume as he remembered the worker’s beautiful features. And so it went on for a good 10 minutes, the petite male animatedly describing what had happened in the Cafe, stopping to describe everything he could remember. 

He payed extra attention to detail once he got to the part about his cute supportive note, all the while the lean male in front of him flailing like a fish out of water and squealing like a deranged fan girl. Once he finished his short story they both sat on the stools positioned at the counter, one still trying to take in all the new events, and the other trying to fan away the heat that had built up in his cheeks. 

A long pause ensued, until suddenly the taller boy jumped up off the seat, a sharp gasp released from his rosy lips, “Jiminnie you have to take me to meet this boy, by the sound of it he seems to be pretty interested in you and if he’s anything like the prince charming I’ve conjured up in my mind, then you seriusly need to get with that.” 

“I can’t go back, I’ll look weird visiting the cafe a second time in less than an hour.” 

“Don’t worry about it Chim, we’ll just say that you brought me along cause I wanted some more of that cake, it smells delicious.” he looked down at Jimin pleadingly then jumped for joy at the curt ‘fine’ he got in response. 

So go back they did, after Taehyung jumped into an over-sized pink T-shirt and a pair of black sweats, they walked the few miles to Cafe Papillon. Inhaling the mouth-watering scent of freshly made chocolate chip cookies, they waltzed in and up to the counter ready to place their order for a slice of strawberry cake.

What they weren’t expecting was the object of their squealing just moments before to be the one to take their order, he turned away from the machine he was working at and handed the finished drink to the awaiting customer. His piercing gaze then landed on them and his dark doe eyes lit up slightly as they noticed the cute boy who had been in the Cafe earlier that day.

“You’re back cutie.” he stated. The other two just gaped at him in amazement, Taehyung managing to snap out of his daze nudged the shorter male at his side with his elbow. 

“Oh um, yeah. My friend here wanted to try some more of the sweets here, he really enjoyed the strawberry cake I took home.” Jimin said softly. 

Jeongguk smiled at the two students, “one slice of strawberry cake coming right up, anything else?” he inquired. 

The petite male shook his head, his fluffy brown hair following the movement, then looked up at his taller friend, “do you want something to drink TaeTae?”

“I’ll take some hot chocolate please.” The worker nodded his head and told them to wait for their order at an empty table. 

They chose one closer to the counter, and sat facing each other, Taehyung was the first to speak, “Jesus Chim, I know you described using all these beautiful words but none of those could prepare me for seeing him in real life.” 

“Tae don’t speak so loud, in fact just don’t say that out loud, someone could hear you.” 

“So, maybe mister hunky pants over there will ask you out then” he said with a wink. 

“That’s definitely not gonna happen TaeTae, guys like that don’t go for guys like me.” Jimin sighed deeply. 

“Now who said that cutie?” both boys in the booth whipped their heads to the new but familiar voice.The cherubic boy felt his cheeks burn, he looked down at his folded hands in his lap, he mumbled a ‘oh nevermind’ in response. 

The raven haired boy placed the order on their table and then turned towards Jimin. The blonde boy reached for the cake and watched on in fascination and excitement for what was to come next. 

Leaning in towards the small brunette, he stopped only a few centimeters away from his youthful face. “Tell you what Jimin, my shift ends in 5 minutes and it’s only 7, so how about I take you out we can find out if guys like me don’t go for guys like you.” he said tauntingly. 

Jimin looked up at the taller boy and sat frozen, a kick to his shin snapped him out of it and his eyes widened with disbelief. 

“So, how about it? Do you accept?” Jeongguk asked. The boy in question nodded slowly, at a loss for words. 

“Great cutie, I’ll be back in a bit” he said with a charming smile, then he walked back towards his station. 

“Jimin did he just ask you out, do you actually have a date?!” Taehyung exclaimed. The brunette nodded again, “I guess I do.” he giggled. 

Annnnnnd I’m done, it’s still Jiminnie’s b-day in korea, granted it’s the afternoon, but nonetheless this is for my baby’s special day. He deserves so much love <3

I feel like it didn’t come out the way I wanted it to, and it seemed kinda short and rushed, was it okay? Should I make a third part? Like them on their little date? Feedback is much appreciated. I might end up editing it too though.

Anonymous: Can I get a Joe sugg imagine where you’re best friends with Tyler Oakley and he’s visiting England to do a video with caspar and while he’s doing that you hang out with Joe while he’s doing a video for his gaming channel and asks you to be in it and it’s all cute and fluffy and kind awkward (in a cute way) and after he posts it so many people “ship” yall and everyone starts freaking out over you and he ends up asking you out on a date??(: just cuuuuute and fluffy?((: thanks!

Word Count: 871

P.S. This is in your POV not a third person POV

Hope you like :)xx


“Tyler I dont know about this”

“Come on they’re gonna love you!” Tyler said dragging me to his friend’s apartment

Tyler and I are visiting England, for the summers. And so far all we ever did was meeting up with his youtube friends, I mean I dont really mind but I really wanna go sight seeing.

As we enter the apartment, I realized it wasnt just an apartment, its Joe Sugg and Caspar Lee’s apartment.

“TYLER!” A voice yelled belonging to the one and only Joe Sugg

I gotta admit he’s not that bad, I mean those eyes are just to die for. Tyler always forced me to watch his fellow youtubers and I always end up subscribing to all of them.

“If it isn’t the famous (Y/N), its so nice to see you” He said hugging me. The hug took me by surprise but once I feel his warm embrace everythings all good.

“Hello what about me?” Tyler said being the drama queen he is

“How can I forget about you!” Joe said ending the embrace, I glared at Tyler for ruining the moment.

“Aww is (Y/N) jealous?” Tyler teased

“Shut up!” I felt the heat rise to my cheek. Oh God! This is so embarassing! So much for making a impression

“Now if you excuse me, I want to have a little playdate with my favorite South African” Tyler said leaving me and Joe alone

I scoffed “More like the only South African you know”

“I heard that!” Tyler yelled

“I know you did!” I shouted back. Joe chuckled

“Sooo, how long have you known Tyler?” Joe ask trying to make a conversation

“Our moms are like bestfriends, so I’ve known him since I was born I guess”

“Cool cool” He said

The next thing you know it, awkwardness swallowed us. It stayed like this for 5 minutes.

“Hey! What time is it?” Joe said breaking the silence

“Umm like around noon I think”

“I haven’t made any video for awhile now, you got any suggestion? I think making a video is a good way to kill time”

“What about a tag? Or I dont know like you playing a game for your gaming channel?” I suggested

“Thats a great idea! And you can be in it!” He said excitedly

“Nah, I’m very awkward when it come to this kinda things”

“C'mon it will be fun! Pleaseeee” He said pouting

“Fine but I get to choose the game!”

Joe rolled his eyes but I can see a little smile playing on his lip.

“So what game?” He asked setting up all of his stuff

“Lets play Slender! I always wanted to play!”

He looks at me unsure “You do know that’s included as a horror”

“Yea I know”

“Okay but this is your choice, remember that!”

I rolled my eyes “Yes father”

“Shut up!”

He did his intro and I introduced myself. The game consisted of me cussing. Everytime I see slenderman I would jump and Joe would always tease me. I see why Joe warned me about this game. We finally finish the horrid game and the video ends.

I looked at the clock, its only 2.

“Now its time for editing. Now get out of my room” He shood me out of his room

“I see how it is Joseph, after all the things we did together you just kicked me out?” I said hoping he was gonna play along

“Wow I can see how Tyler’s rubbing off on you” He said ruffling my hair

“Hey! Dont mess with my hair!” I said hitting his hand away

“Ow, you hit me!” He said pouting “Your gonna have to kiss it better” He said holding up his hand for me to kiss

“Your such a big baby!” I whined

“Am not!”

I sighed and eventually kissed his hand “There you go Baby Joe”

As the night went on, Tyler and I decided it would be better if we had a sleepover. I actually brought my overnight bag because Tyler said it was just incase.

We delivered pizza and watch some movies.

I wasn’t so happy with the choice of the movie. We watched The Conjuring and to my luck I was squished between Tyler and Joe. Tyler was not the best when it comes to horror movies so Tyler cant really soothe me when he is freaking out himself. I jumped when the ghost suddenly appeared and without noticing, I snuggled up to Joe. I didn’t really realize until Joe wrapped his arm around me. I tried to get out of his grip but he was just too strong. I relaxed and enjoyed his embrace. Despite the scary movie playing I manage to fall asleep

Joe P.O.V.

I look down to see (Y/N) all snuggled up and asleep. She looks so adorable. I really enjoyed spending time with her. She’s so funny and beautiful. I think I might have a crush on her

“Joe did you make a new video?” Caspar ask

“Yeah, whats wrong?”

“Look at twitter” He said simply

I opened twitter and saw #(Y/N)Joe

I blushed.

I guess I do have a crush on (Y/N)


Hope you enjoy it

so summerfelldraws posted these fucking amazeballs fan arts of pricefield in the tag and there was two in particular that were just begging to be wrote about, so i just decided to go for it

(the two in particular are the first and the third. my head kinda tied them together… originally, it was super fluffy. now it’s fluff with angst mixed in. go figure)

Title: Time Enough for Two
A/N: also, didn’t edit this before hand, so there’s probably gonna be mistakes, i mean, it’s almost midnight rn soo…. there’s that also. enjoy!! feedback is /extremely/ welcome, especially tags. i love tags.

Chloe first realized that Max was beautiful after she almost died for the second, no, third, time on the train tracks behind her. The tracks that Max had just pulled her away from. “Now we’re totally bonded for life!” she had exclaimed as she had wrapped Max in a relieved hug.

But now that some of the heart-racing adrenaline was slowly pumping its way out of her system, a new heartbeat started racing her heart anew. Max’s starry eyes staring into hers as she clutched her forearms like they were her only lifeline. “We’re totally bonded for life…,” she murmured again as her gaze dropped unconsciously to Max’s lips.

“Yeah… bonded,” Max replied, her volume matching Chloe’s. And that low pitch made Chloe burn with want. 

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don't touch

so everyone knows about the gay chicken trope in fics right? well I happen to love it so last night when I was falling asleep watching the thanksgiving things to do I was a bit sidetracked, thinking about geoff, ray, ryan, and gavin filming themselves doing stupid shit as they do. which so happened to be gay chicken or something similar to what people do when its late at night and the sexual tension in the room is high as fuck

So this somehow ended up as a fic. There’s nsfw fun times ahead which I promised the tag so uhh.. enjoy

Also if you actually get off to this, I salute you, but I’m not writing more for now

Rated: Explicit

Ship: Raywood

WC: 2,091

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Hello everybody!!! You might wonder; “Is it a new crappy edit? Is it a follow forever?!" 

No! It’s a ”Thanks to“ post! 

Because I can’t promise to people I will follow them forever, and because I also wanted to thank people that follow me, I decided to make this, instead of the classic follow forever.

So, my blog officially turned 1 year old on August the 3rd! *yay congratz* And I wanted to make something special, like this, thanking people, because you guys are the ones keeping my blog alive!

Ok ok, let’s talk about this edit. Well, "first year” of being and EXO blog? Yeah, it had to be an EXO first year pic, and Luhan of course. And I just wanted to make him look pretty and now he’s Luhannie Monroe (by Aurélie Warhol u_u), okay!

So, the names aren’t gonna be by alphabetical order, but by my own categories. And some sort of tiny message will be added. You’ll understand soon why I couldn’t make it as a follow forever!

Aaaand it’s gonna be very long, so here is a little read more button; and for those who, like me, have the xkit thing that automatically opens read more on the dash, I’m sorry xD

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