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Sweet Home Sioux Falls Pt 4: Drunks Say the Darndest Things

Pairing: Dean x Reader, Reader x OC

Words: 7200ish (so much drama in one part)

Warnings: Manipulative Relationship, Swearing, Drinking, Fighting (More under the cut by the tags- don’t want to spoil!)

Summary: (Very loosely based off of Sweet Home Alabama) Years after you left your old life to start a new and “better” one in New York City, your now-fiance decides that it’s time to meet your father, Bobby Singer, which unfortunately avalanches into him meeting all your friends, family, and your not-so-ex-husband Dean Winchester.

A/N: Remember, guys, the timeline is all out of wack. Basically everyone’s alive and Dean never went to Purgatory. Also, the reader’s current relationship is based off of a manipulative relationship I was in. The attitude and thoughts the reader has after she fights with Patrick? Yeah, that’s not healthy. So if you can relate to her relationship, please please please step back and analyze yours. It may not be as happy and healthy as you think. Always here to talk, listen, and share my experience if anyone needs to hear it <3 Feedback is, as always, much appreciated!



You slammed the door to Patrick’s Prius shut and stared at the bar in front of you. The familiar rotting wood and crooked “Roadhouse” sign stared down at you almost menacingly. Nothing like standing face-to-face with a past you vowed to leave behind.

This was where you had your first beer, hung up your first hunting souvenir, and even where you held your wedding reception. How romantic.

You could almost clearly remember Dean kicking down the front door, both of you hammered and your dress slightly ripped from your groom being unable to keep his hands off you. You remember stumbling into Sam and him telling you he’s so glad he got the chance to call you his sister before everything went down. The night was full of cheerful somber, as everyone drank to ignore the fact that Sam was planning to fall headfirst into Hell’s pit in just a couple of days.

Sam had forced you and Dean to get hitched before his fated sacrifice arrived, begging to let him witness it and just have one last day with his family before it all ended for him.

After the day he fell into the pit, you and Dean drank yourself to the floor for months until finally setting up the apple pie life Sam had made you two promise to pursue. The civilian lifestyle only lasted half a year or so, ending right when a soulless Sam came strolling up to your doorstep.

Then you fought for his soul, Castiel betrayed the three of you, Leviathans poured into Earth, Sam went crazy, Castiel returned, the mother of monsters came to earth, you became…

Before you could think back to what changed you and Dean forever, a ring from your cellphone startled you from your thoughts. 

You quickly pulled it from your pocket and smiled at your fiancé’s name lighting up your phone. You turned away from the inevitable confrontation in the bar and  pressed the answer button.

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Tim and Ken

           Tim walked passed strong smells of Abercrombie and the reflective lights in Swarovski and found himself right where he wanted to be: the Trans-Atlantic Mall Food Court. While this wasn’t his first time being here since he dropped out of college, he loved to observe the people who lined up at Panda Express and McDonalds after a long day of shopping. His favorite thing to do: scope out the chubby guys. You wouldn’t be able to tell this by looking at Tim. He was six foot nothing and weighed a steady one hundred and seventy-two pounds and had always been slim. Alas, he was fascinated by bigger men. From being a small boy who would stare at his uncle’s bouncing gut, to his past experience in a frat house with guys whose bodies were built on beer and buffalo wings, he loved big men who never hid the fact that they were big. His other liking was big men who couldn’t help but get bigger.

           Today, while in line for a salad and diet coke, someone struck his eye. The stranger’s face was hidden from view, but everything else was clearly visible. The man wore a black Harry Potter shirt that was pressing very firmly around his ample belly. He had muscular arms, probably a weight lifter who took bulking a little too seriously. His thick legs were exposed in a pair of basketball shorts, which clung to the man’s bubble butt. Tim’s eyes widened as he recognized the blue and yellow Yin Yang tattoo on his ankle.

           Before he could stop himself, he walked over to the stranger and said, “Ken Richardson.”

           The man turned around, surprised someone here would know who he was, but smiled when he saw Tim. “Holy shit bro, no way!” He stepped away from the counter and hugged Tim. “How are you! I haven’t seen you since last semester.” That seemed like a lifetime ago to Tim.

           “Not too bad. Just taking a break. Got a small apartment a few minutes from here. You?”

           “I came home from the summer, but due to family issues I had to leave. Hey, how about you go get a table and I’ll join you in a sec. Gotta order my lunch.”

           Tim took his salad and sat in the empty section of the food court, around the corner from the Dairy Queen. He watched as Ken walked towards him with a tray stacked with Burger King. Two whoppers, a medium fry, four chicken nuggets, and a large coke. Tim ignored the swelling of his dick as Ken sat down.

           “What’s going on at home,” Tim asked, opening his salad.

           “Oh, just some bullshit, nothing Important.” He looked up at Tim and smiled. “Same old Tim. The only healthy man in Kappa Theta Nu.”

           “Well, someone had to be. One guy out of twelve had to remain sober and somewhat healthy. By the way you’re looking good,” Tim said smiling at him. Tim could tell Ken seemed down, so he thought a compliment would lift his spirits.

           “Thanks man. To be honest, I’ve been feeling off lately. Had an issue with my ankle after you left and haven’t been able to work out as much.” He placed his hand on his stomach. “The freshman fifteen caught up with me I suppose.”

           “Nah, you look fine.” Tim watched as Ken finished one Big Mac and made his way to the chicken nuggets. “The fifteen never killed anyone. And you’ll be able to lose it in no time.”

           “Eh, whatever. So why did you leave school anyway? What did you parents say?”

           As he recanted the story for the tenth time about how he left school due to unhappiness and was kicked out of his parent’s house, Tim watched Ken as he ate the food on his tray without so much as taking a breath. He took the lid off his soda and seemed to pour the contents down his throat without even swallowing. Tim’s heart started to beat fast as he rubbed his belly and leaned back.

           “Fuck, that hit the spot,” he said, followed by a loud belch. “Hey, do you live alone?”

           It took Tim a few seconds to break from the trance Ken’s gut had put him into. “Umm what? Oh yeah, I live alone. Why do you ask?”

           “Well, I left yesterday and slept in my car last night. I don’t have a ton of money and don’t have anywhere else to go. I was wondering if I could crash at your place.”

           “Shit yeah, that’s cool,” he said, getting up and grabbed all the garbage. “Wait here, I’ll be right back.” Tim left him sitting there digesting his feast, while he went to Dairy Queen. Tim grabbed a small cone for himself, and bought Ken a large double chocolate cone, partly out of kindness, and also because he was eager to test Ken’s limits.  

           Ken’s face lit up when he saw his treat. “Man, you shouldn’t have. I don’t think I can finish this myself.” He took the ice cream anyway and took a chunk off the top.

           The two of them walked around the mall and ate their ice cream. Tim took whatever chance he could to look at Ken’s stomach, which was now pressing tighter against the fabric of the shirt, which was now riding up just enough to see part of Ken’s belly.

           “Tim, you know this is like the third time you’ve looked at my gut, right?” Ken asked him, before biting into the empty cone.

           Tim couldn’t speak, but was luckily cut off by Ken’s loud laugh. “I’m only kidding. But yeah, it is a bit different.” He slapped his gut, which sounded like a tight drum. “Took me a while to get used to. Not to mention the family.” Then he stopped talking and got a sad expression on his face.

           “What’s up?” I asked him.

           “Nothing, can we leave? I’m tired.”


           Later at Tim’s apartment, Ken went straight to the shower and took a nap on the couch while Tim took care of some bills. Frustrated with his credit score and his dipshit boss at the bakery, he looked over at Ken and watched him sleep. Ken’s bottom half was wrapped up in a blanket, and the rest of him was squeezed into a plan white tank top. Probably a medium, it was practically a second skin on Ken’s body. Chest hair rose at the top and his nipples pokes through the fabric. His stuffed belly lifted and sank in the tank top, his belly button looking like a small crater. Tim felt his dick again get hard, which was now hard to conceal in his boxers. He thought about Ken stuffing himself on McDonald’s earlier that day and how he went from athletic with abs to below an ex-jock with muscular arms and a college man’s belly. His dick poked through the hole of his boxers as he imagined Ken eating more and more, his belly becoming rounder and harder to hide in his shirts. His chest would become covered in a layer of fat, maybe his nipples would get puffier, his ass getting bouncier. And all the while there Tim would be, rubbing Ken’s fattening body as they kissed.

           Ken began to stir and wake up, forcing Tim to run out of the room to cover up his boner. Scrambling for something baggy, he heard Ken holler “Hey, is there anything for dinner?”

           Tim walked out, dick fully hidden. “There is a lasagna from my mom in the freezer. It’ll be a while before it’s done.”

           “Hmmm,” said Ken as he sat up, pulling on his tank to cover an inch of exposed belly fat. “I’ll be back in a few then. Please bake it.” He put on his flip flops, grabbed his keys and wallet and was out the door.

           Ummm, okay, Tim thought. He grabbed the lasagna and put it in the oven, deciding he would nap until the timer went off. No knowing where Ken went.

           He quickly dozed off and was woken up by the sound of crumpling wrappers. He rolled over on the couch, his vision going from blurry to normal, as he saw Ken devouring a sandwich.

           “You know, I did put the lasagna in the oven,” he said to Ken.

           “Yeah. And I’ll still eat it,” he said in an annoyed tone.

           “Is everything okay? You seem a little upset.”

           Ken looked up at Tim, red eyed as if he had been crying for a while. “Yeah. I’m fucking fine.” The timer went off, and before Tim could get up, Ken put on oven mitts and placed the steaming hot lasagna on the stove. They sat in silence as the lasagna cooled enough for it to be served. While Ken scooped out hearty sized portions into bowls, Tim went to the table and saw five empty Wendy’s wrappers on the table. He looked up as Ken turned around, bowls in hand, and an even fuller belly barely covered by the tank top. The tank had risen up past his belly button, hair exposed, belly out in the open.

           “Stop staring. Yes, I’m a fat fuck now.”

           Tim took his bowl. “You can lose the attitude. I didn’t mean any offense.”

           “Oh right. You don’t mean it. My parents didn’t mean it. Who the fuck is next?”

           Before Tim could reply, Ken took his bowl and went into the spare bedroom.


           Tim woke up a few hours later, this time to the sounds of clinking and groaning. He rushed onto his feet and ran into the kitchen, what he saw stopping him dead in his tracks. There, on the floor, in just a pair of underwear was Ken. His gut was big and swollen, most of the lasagna gone. One hand was placed on his gut, the other clutching his fork.

           “Ken! What happened to you?”

           Through sobs, Ken explained. His dad was angry when Ken came home, chunkier than when he left. “No star athlete son of mine will be a fat hog.” So Ken left, eating whenever he became upset. When he left the apartment earlier, he got a call from his dad saying how he was now disowned and his college wouldn’t be paid for anymore.

           “I don’t know what I’m going to do anymore, Tim. I really don’t. And now I’m some fat lardass who can’t stop eating.” Tim felt for the poor guy, knowing how far parents’ disapproval and disappointment can push a person. And there was Ken, sobbing on his kitchen floor, lasagna sauce around his mouth, little less than half a lasagna sitting next to him. That’s when Tim got the idea.

           “I know what you’re going to do.” He took the fork out of Ken’s hand, scooped some lasagna, and brought the fork to Ken’s quivering lips. Ken, wide eyed, opened up and swallowed the chunk whole. No words said.

           As the clumps of lasagna got bigger, and Ken managed to stuff more into this already stuffed gut, Tim’s clothes started to come off, and his free hand explored Ken’s body. He felt the bit, tight gut that was still being filled with lasagna. He felt the pecs that began to feel soft, rubbing his hand over Ken’s perky (and sensitive nipples). He looked below Ken’s belly and saw a rock-hard cock, constricted by a pair of tight underwear. He grabbed ahold of the cock and said “That’s right. Finish all this food big guy.” All Ken could do was groan in compliance and as he ate bite after bite, his cock began to get harder and leak pre cum. Tim managed to get Ken’s underwear off his chunky thighs and slowly stroked the big man’s cock as the lasagna was at last devoured. Tim leaned in and kissed Ken, tasting lasagna as Ken breathed deep. He sighed and came thick streams all over Tim’s arm. They kissed some more before Tim helped the stuffed and bloated Ken onto his feet and into the bedroom.

           In bed, right before Tim dozed off, Ken scooted down the bed and plopped Tim’s dick in his mouth. As the fat man worked Tim’s dick, thought of fattening up Ken took over his mind. Smaller clothes, stretchmarks, a bigger ass was all it took to make Tim shoot into Ken’s hungry mouth. As Ken got up on his knees, Tim swore Ken looked bigger than he did a few minutes previously.

           As his vision got blurry and his eyes heavy, Tim muttered, “I love you.”

           The last thing he heard as he felt a stuffed gut press against him was, “I love you too.”

Home alone

Pairing: Lams

AU: Modern / where they are around 17 years old.

Summary: Alex is home alone and he invites his best friend Laurens over, things happen and [spoilers].
Warnings: Cursing (send me a message if you want me to tag anything)

Word count: 2825 words (Is this too long? Too short?)

A/N: I thought of this at midnight one day and couldn’t sleep until I wrote it. This ain’t my thing so, I’m sorry  for the bad writing.

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...You're Home Part 5

(5/10) thats the farthest the series will go I’ve decided that it’s way to hard to not do it in 10 parts because theres a lot of backstory to your character about her & her family members. so here is Part 4: http://soldierallen.tumblr.com/post/164727601722/youre-home-part-4 ( its fucking messy cause i copied and pasted it from my notes sorry for that but im not sure how to fix it )
Summary: you come home after a year and a half long mission and when you come home you find out a horrible surpise

(Warning: Cussing,Kissing, bucky action!!!!!!!!)
onwards with the story ÷

I went into Tony’s room and put asprin and a glass of water on his table i kissed his head “i wish you were my real father tony” i whispered under my breath and walked back into my room

I know im 26 years old and maybe i should get over the whole father thing but henry never treated me like his own tony does..

I gotten dressed and went into the living space waiting for steve to leave
I heard whispering humans i listened at the door because im a sneaky asshole

“Tony did you not know what happened last time she was here! complete chaos happened!” a loud whisper came from natasha

“She’ll enjoy it don’t fuck this up for me agent” tony did the same loud whisper

“I have to tell her she needs to be prepared” natasha said in a whisper of course

“Don’t, leave tony in his disaster” wanda said a little louder than a whisper i heard her foot steps getting closer to the door i ran full speed to the other side of the room

Steve finally coming down

“You’re out of breath?” steve said in a questioning voice

“Shut…up… lets go” i paused inbetween breaths

The day went on slowly four hours passed and we we’re bound to come home sometime so thats what we did

“Hey steve i have a question” the green light flickered red and we walked across the road “shoot”

“I heard tony nat and wanda talking about some girl coming over or something? Chaos happened last time?” steve made an o with his mouth

“You are a sneaky bastard that wasn’t suppose to hear that!” he pointed his finger at me walking back to the tower

“I hate when secrets are kept please tell me steve” i clucthed onto his arm
“Please please please -”
“Alright fine i’ll tell you just stop, tony invited malia”

“ HE DID WHAT” i stopped in my tracks in a side street of new york city something that wasn’t safe to do

“And there’s the reaction!” steve laughed pulling me into his side “act suprised when we get home”

“Steve she doesn’t know about me and bucky she’s gonna have a fucking shit fit oh my god” my mind spinned in circles

My sister malia y/l/n was a snobby rich asshole who thinks she’s the favorite which she is, amongst my father imagine having one daughter who lived up to all your expectations became the rich doctor with the laywer husband and the other a superhero agent that “saves the world”, mom knew i was special my strength and hearing enough but the way i could fight was just the right amount to send me to her best friend tony stark the man who is like a father to me instead of my real father, mom passed when i was 13 and henry who is my father apparently disowned me told me i’ll never be like the avengers i’ll never own up to what they stand for and malia took his side 99.9% one percent she felt guilty for leaving me so the day after i got finally recruited into the avengers steve came months later they threw me a party,

Malia came and told embarrassing stories about me and got drunk and broke tony’s iron suit with spilling some drink on it i threw her right out

And then years later another party brews she comes and im in a serious relationship with bucky and she flirts with him tries to feel him up buck get uncomfortable tells me what happens, she finds out its my boyfriend and starts a huge fight that bucky is to good for me and i don’t deserve him and punched me in the face and walked out that was last time i seen her

Everytime shes here nothing good happens

“Im not going home you have to drag me there because i promise im nOT GOING WILLINGLY PUT ME DOWN ROGERS” steve picked me up over his shoulder

“Well you said drag you?”

“ i hate you”
“You are a liar!”
“Fine i DONT hate you”


“Im nervous” i fight people who would literally blow up the earth if they felt like it and im nervous and shaking about my sister ruining a party again

“Don’t be i have you.” resuraing words helped we opened the door

“SUPRISE” was yelled loudly by the whole team i was suprised actually

“Oh my god”

Stood in front of me,

Tony in the middle nat on his left bucky and wanda on his right thor and bruce behind them malia and chelsea on the side of bruce

I hugged everyone even bucky his hands fit nicely on my waist his head in my neck it felt real, like he genuinely was glad to see me, i waited for this for the first arrvial when i came home i get it four days later with malia in the background and his girlfriend to my right, strange..

“You’re sister thinks we’re still together and chelsea still doesn’t know we we’re together at all..” he whispers into my ear “i don’t know what to do or how to fix this situation buck, malia’s here something horrible is going to happen regardless” we pulled awah from each other it was a good 10 second hug

I wish i could be in his arms, but he screwed me over! WHY DO I FEEL LIKE SHIT!!

“Fucking y/n! Can someone applauded my little sister a year and half long mission without a fucking scratch hell yeah” some cheered and clapped it was funny

“Thanks lia, how you been?”

“Fine are you gonna ask about dad?” she said with a steady voice

“I don’t care about your father.”

“He’s our father and you haven’t talked the guy in what 6 years?” she was getting angry

“When your father tells you he wants nothing to do with you and for you to lose his number thats what happens, and also its not my job to call him he told me to stay away thats what im doing” i took a shot of something i seen a jello shot and took that

“I get it, well he has a fiancé she works on wall street there getting married in two months”

“Fan fucking tastic” i was already mad tony threw this party and to top it off he invited her

“Can we talk?” bucky said trying to pull me aside

“Take her boyfriend, take her virginity like the first time again” she laughed and sipped on whatever she was drinking

“We broke up two years ago, also do me a favor shut up” i said taking another shot walking with bucky

“What? Ask for another favor? Because i told her we broke up two years ago” i was pissed off at this point i wanted the night to end it was only 7 p.m.

“Don’t let her tell chelsea we ever dated we’ve always been friends since the past 5 years that’s all we’ll ever be okay i don’t need your sister ruining this for me” bucky hated the words that spilled out of his mouth it was harash on his tongue he didn’t want those words coming out he just wanted a normal life

“Wow bucky you get lower and lower every single fucking day, do you not realize im a human fucking being with feelings?? We wasn’t a fucking quckie in a bathroom bucky we was together for 4 years bucky next month would’ve made 5 years and you except me to go out there and lie - you know what thats what am gonna do i’m gonna pretend you never existed im gonna pretend i dont know you, it officially 100% over after tonight i’ll tell you what my father told me 6 years ago lose my number”

I walked away angry as ever

“Malia do me a favor don’t mention to chelsea that me and bucky was evee together i want to be associated with the scum that is bucky barnes” malia was shocked at the words her sister said she wasn’t prepared but took what she said to heart and respected her

I stormed out my own party the loud the people everything was getting to me i ran to the roof top screaming my lungs out until it became hard to breathe, i came home to a bigger nightmare to when i was in russia i was tortured there but i feel worst coming home. I felt a hand on my back

“Whoever you are just kill me”

“Why would i kill my most prized possession?” i knew the voice like the back of my hand

“I thought the suit was your prized possession?”

“I don’t think the suit would eveerr come close to how special you are to me, what happened kid?” tony turned me around to face him

“All that my life is, is chaos the people am around the life i live i can never be normal, im moving out” her voice sank into herself as those last words left her mouth she regretted saying them to tony

“I’ll throw out bucky in one minute if thats the problem” he was getting mad that i wanted to leave because of him

“Its not” i lied

“Then what?”

“I want something normal, an apartment i pay rent on or a job that doesn’t involve breaking someones arm or killing someone to get something, i need time to figure my shit out” i sat on the rocky roof top

“whatever you need im here -” his voice was cut off by a door opening

“Leave now” tony yelled in whoevers direction

“Let me talk to h-” bucky said but was cut off by tony “no let me talk to you, you’ve done enough tonight you hurt my kid again barnes how many times are you gonna hurt her in four days she’s leaving because of you.” tony turned towards bucky “you’re a fool barnes” he left

“You’re leaving… Because of me” buckys voice cracked

“Its always you.. It’s never not about you” i bit my lip to stop the tears from falling i was looking into the sky bucky was looking at the ground

“Please go i need to be alone.”

I felt his foot steps get closer to me and he sat next to me

“I’ll move out, i cant let you leave your fanily because of me”

“Well it doesnt matter im leaving nobodys gonna stop me, be happy with the life you chose and leave me out of it im done” tears fell i wiped them quickly and in anger

“I dont want her i want you, its always been you, y/n i keep her because i know you hate me and im disgusting im horrible human being i don’t deserve you”

“Bucky i cant..-” i was in the worse possible state a person could be in anger mixed with sadness and regret and he pulls me into the most passionate kiss.. Ever you felt his love and sadness radiating off of him i pushed him gently

“You have a girlfriend and you’re cheating on her like you did me. Pretend this didn’t happen. Leave me alone bucky” sadness washed over me again as i pushed him away for the fourth time tonight i stood up firmly

“Goodbye Bucky.”


To the Four of Us (Part Ten)

premise: modern AU chronicling the squad as they make their way through college and deal with general life things.
words: 2,604
warnings: drinking/alcohol abuse, swearing, ABUSE MENTIONS  
a/n: laf is my favourite character ever to write bye. (also if y’all don’t leave me messages/asks about this chapter im disowning u!!!!!) ft. TRAGIC BACKSTORY. im really tired and sick lol so if this chapter is poorly written/if u find typos pls forgive me 
all chapters: x
tags: @heythereitsloey@anitheunicorn@newyorkyoucanbeanew@lafbagxette @justafangirlwithanavy @iamgrayfox @ordinaryornate

soundtrack song: Gunnin’ - Hedley

full soundtrack: x
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George had insisted on driving Alexander home after Thanksgiving, claiming that it would be good bonding time for the two of them. Alexander knew, however, that it was because Christmas was coming up and flights were not cheap. So he accepted the four hour car ride without complaint and, in fact, praised the idea for his father’s sake.

“This is a really beautiful car ride, Dad,” he said, staring out the window.

George chuckled. “Yeah, it is. You don’t have to pretend you’re not bored, you know.”

“Oh…thank god. Because I am bored as hell.

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Ain’t No Daddy’s Girl

Request-Sister!Imagine where she’s a witch and the hunts with TFW go pretty well but all of a sudden after a hunt John appears and starts bossing all of them around. Dean thought it would be a good idea to bring him along with them for hunts and everyone else disagrees exept John. During a hunt he finds out she’s a witch and Cas is an angel and he says some pretty hirtful things to them both but she stands up for herself and Cas and John leaves. TFWxReader fluffy ending??

Word Count-1524

Warnings-Just John being a dickhead

Tag- @evyiione

A/n-This is my first time writing the reader as a Witch and writing John so I hope I wrote it well sorry if this is crap. Also season 12 premiere was amazing, my poor Sammy :( oh and one more thing I did use a Harry Potter spell at the beginning lol

“STUPEFY!” You yell throwing a load herbs up in the air and at the Demons. The spell stunned the Demons and allowed Cas to take the rest of them out. Sam and Dean got captured and there was at least 10 Demons around them.

“You know you could just use the exorcism I taught you.” Sam said as you untied your brothers.

“That’s boring plus you gotta admit it me and Cas looked pretty bad ass.” You say high fiving the Angel.

“Whatever let’s go.” Dean said rolling his eyes but couldn’t help the small smirk on his face.

As all four of you made your way back to Baby you saw a shadow figure leaning against the Impala. “HEY!” Dean shouted holding his gun and running to the stranger. The rest of you quickly followed Dean and all got prepared to fight.

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Live Q&A with Marti Starting Now!  (Friday, September 10 at 6 pm eastern, 11 pm UTC)

I’m alone - except for my two doggies - and answering your questions and comments now, live!  Use the instant messenger and send me your thoughts!


reality-kinkI:   was wondering if there are any fetishes you have that you haven’t posted about on here for whatever reason. Also, i was wondering where you guys are from, I’d love to set up a shoot

Marti:  There are several I don’t like to talk about here because they tend to drive followers away instead of bringing them in.  The main one is urophagia.  We are in Florida.


jameshavinfun:  Just curious, if you met one of your fans out on the streets, and he/she asked to have sex with you, what would you do?

Marti:  Have sex!  The only catch would be they would have to use a condom.It wouldn’t matter what they looked like, as long as they didn’t smell bad!


gotjack1:  hi marti do you like to have your gorgeous nipples nibbled on

Marti:  The portal unto my complete sexuality runs through my nipples and tits.  Do what you will with them.


thompsonian-creed:  Finally got to make a Q&A!! What do you look forward to the most on your vacation?

Marti:  This!  And trying to make my site what it should be.  Well, having the girls over will be a close second.  Getting lots a sleep third, I have to admit.

And glad you made a Q&A!  Ask away!


reality-kink:  What are some others? Also, I just wanted to say thank you. A lot of the time i feel like there arent a lot of girls like me on tumblr.  Usually when I see women with sex blogs relating to incest and fetishes its like really deprived and unattractive women, but  its nice having another hot woman (not to sound so full of myself) who is unafraid to talk about these things on 

Marti:  It’s nice to hear from another lady.  More?  I like humiliation, I’ve recently discovered I like sucking a cock with another man.  Bondage - as long as it isn’t painful.  Golden showers - receiving anyway.  Cum drinking (as opposed to cum swallowing).


lizard10161:  Hi Marti do you take two cocks in your pussy at once

Marti:  Absolutely!  Though I do prefer one in my pussy and one in my ass.  The problem with two cocks in one hole is that one either needs to be stationary or they’ll keep popping out - unless the cocks are well trained for dp in one hole.


gotjack1:  when was the last time you milked your gorgeous tits marti

Marti:  I had a couple of fantastic letdowns during/after the Live Q&A’s with Michelle and Gina Thursday.  I just posted a Virtual 3D pic showing it!

Sorry, not all guys know the term “letdown.”  That is a lactation session, usually referred to during nursing. 


reality-kink:  Yeah haha I love cum drinking, bondage, and my boyfriend likes sucking cock with me.  What are some of your favorite/craziest stories? Its really nice to talk to you about this because i know you wont judge me lol

Marti:  My favorite stories are the first times:  the first extramarital sex; the first time with my daughter; the first time with my son; the first anal; the first gangbang; the first porn video.  I could write a book on crazy stuff!

reality-kink:  lol same.  i have always loved incest but i could never ask any family members to participate without them disowning me haha. any advice on that front? id love to fuck my mom, aunt, sister, or dad more than anything.  plus i think my fetishes go too much off the deep end.  maybe even more than yours lol

Marti:  Incest can be dangerous to a family.  Be careful.  But if it goes well, there’s nothing like it!


A lot of questions in a hurry, now nothing.  Is tumblr and my wifi working?  Come on, guys, ASK!


damien-nyght:  Hey love your blog. ❤️Im dying to know what your sons new fetish is..

Marti:  Glad you do!  Thanks for coming to the Q&A! I can’t tell you about my son’s fetish yet  

damien-nyght:  Its OK, I understand.  Its just very interesting. My question is how many loads have been inside you without cleaning up?

Marti:  damien-nyghtIts okay i understand. Oh, God, how many?!  50, at least  Probably more

damien-nyght:  I always dreamed of being like 51.  I had a girl who would set up things like that.  I love cummy holes.Im 29 by the way. And im afro latino.  And those long nipples you have are like a gift from the gods lol..  Why cant i find women like yourself more often. Id marry the next girl who likes to have sex like you do.  I live in nj/nj area. I would host you and your friends anytime

Marti:  Thanks for the nipples comments.  Lots of people want the sex life I have but won’t let themselves do it.

damien-nyght:  Oh ive had alot of fun. I just dont have a girl who wants to be as deviant as me. Im fearless lol  But youre right


Boy, I’ve never had a Live Q&A go this silent.  I’m signing off and will try again tomorrow.  Not sure this cabin’s wifi is working as it should.

Flight 143

Prompt: You always hated flying alone. No one to share your fear with you kinda sucks. That is until a man named Dean and his brother Sam board.

Pairing: Reader x Dean

Word Count: 2228

Theme Song: Round and Round by Ratt

WARNINGS: Swearing, Fear of Flying alone (Let me know if I missed something)

Originally posted by cesaray

A/N: I’ve been flying all day and wrote this while I was on the plane. I’m on layover in Minnesota right now and should get the second part out during my next flight! Enjoy and let me know what you think! (I really need to do some requests that y’all sent in. I promise this week I will!)

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this isn’t the cuddly kind of christmas fic you might expect, but it is the cuddly kind of christmas fic i needed to write

only the lightest of spoilers for elementary s4, tw for mentions of parental emotional abuse, i know neither jack nor shit about nyc so pls forgive any bits that don’t make any goddamn sense

blessed yuletides or w/e

Christmases with Sherlock have never been an elaborate affair.

Their first was simple: Joan ducked out for an hour-long dinner with her family, made polite (if more than a little distant) conversation, dodged her mother’s more intrusive questions, and then cited sober companionship as her reason to leave before everyone else. The taxi ride back to the brownstone was wasted in worrying about the gossip that surely started the moment she closed the door, but arriving at the brownstone–dark, silent, halls completely undecked–felt a bit like a breath of fresh air. She found Sherlock in the TV room practicing his memory game, fell asleep in the armchair with the white noise of eight garbled television programs washing over her, and woke up the next morning with a quilt tucked around her shoulders.

Their second was nervous, with both of them still settling into the new terms of their relationship to one another–at least until Sherlock broached the topic of her holiday plans on Christmas morning with an unreadable expression, and Joan admitted that she’d told her parents they were mired in a very important case and she wouldn’t be able to make it to dinner. He visibly relaxed (though he quickly turned to try and hide his reaction) and they spent the day as they would any other.

Their third found them actually mired in an important case, working so hard that she was barely aware of the passage of time, until she picked up her phone to update Bell on their latest theory and found several increasingly concerned texts from her mother and brother. A quick call–yes, I’m alright, yes, I’m sorry, yes, we’re very busy, three people are dead, I won’t go into the details, please enjoy dinner–and then it was back to work.

Their fourth, Joan suspects, is going to be very different.

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Pretty Boy

summary: “the teacher’s all like ‘be nice to your desk partner, they just might turn out to be your future spouse’ and you turn to wink at me are you even real?” au cause why the hell not

notes: I’m not super proud of this but I don’t want it to go to waste so I posting it here

word count: almost 2000 apparently who knew

“Okay, everyone! Please quiet down so we can start our lesson! As you can see, I gave you all assigned seating.” I groaned at that, I was sat next to Dan Howell. For some reason, I greatly disliked (hated) him. It all started out when we were 5 or 6. He did something mean and stupid to me, and it just continued from there. I think when I was 7 he called me ‘stupid head’ and I burst into tears and then punched him. Either way, I still disliked him, even more now. He was a huge flirt and a even bigger player, which was both annoying and stupid. Girls were falling at his feet (at least the ones that weren’t sensible enough to realize they are just going to get hurt) and he picked them up, showed them a good time, and then dumped them on the ground even rougher then they could imagine. It was sickening.

“Problem, Mr. Lester?” Mrs. Greene, the teacher, said, glancing towards me. “No, ma'am, I apologize.” She seemed pleased enough with my answer, turning back towards the majority of the class. “As I was saying, please be nice and pleasant with your desk partner! Who knows, maybe they’ll even be your future spouse!”

I rolled my eyes. Girls started laughing in the back, a boy muttered “I’m not gay”, and do you know what Dan Howell did? Do you fucking know what he did?

He winked.

He turned towards me and he winked. He had the actual audacity to wink at me. He actually did that. So I did the normal thing, I played cool.

No, I didn’t, because I was a blushing mess (boys, they are so annoying). So I scoffed with my bright red cheeks and I said, “Just because I’m the only openly gay boy at this school doesn’t mean you can hit on me.“ I was excepting a sarcastic response or maybe a "Please, I wasn’t hitting on you” from him but instead he laughed.

What does this laugh mean? Is he laughing because he wasn’t trying to hit on me and I blew things out of proportion? Is he laughing because he was hitting on me? I was confused and it obviously showed on my face as the next thing out of his mouth was, “Hey, pretty boy, don’t think too hard.”

What was that supposed to mean? And pretty boy? What type of insult is that? I just glared at him and started to focus on my school work.


“Hey, pretty boy.” Every morning. Every damn morning. For the past two months.

“I know we have this talk every day, and I also know you’re either deaf or stupid, so I’ll repeat myself, like I do every morning. Stop calling me pretty boy.”

“Learn to take a compliment, beautiful.”

“That’s what you say to the girls after you catcall them.”

“Ah, I’ll stop if you really want. But I do have a argument, this is different.” I opened my mouth to protest but he cut me off but pressing a finger to my lips. “Yes, I know what you are going to say. With the girls, which I haven’t done in a few months, it was crude and disgusting things that I would yell after them. Here, it really is a compliment. I really think you’re pretty.”

“Oh, I uh, okay. But you were disgusting to those girls.”

“I know, and I am truly sorry for that. And if the nickname really bothers you I won’t use it anymore.”

I remained silent and started pulling out my schoolbooks.


“Pretty boy!”

After nearly four months, it had become my usual. I would leave class, he would call my nickname (which I will never admit to anyone, but I actually have become fond of it), and then he would race down the hall and walk down the hallway with me to my next class. Then he would say goodbye to me, tell me he would see me the next day and then walk off to his class further down the hall.

“Yes, Howell?” He fell into step besides me, pulling his backpack straps tighter. “Can I talk to you at lunch?” I pulled a confused face before answering. “Sure? You know where I sit, right?” He nodded before gesturing to the door that we stopped at. “We’re here, you know.” I looked to the door number and sure enough, we were at my room. “Okay, so?”

“So you need to go to class, beautiful.”

“I don’t want to though.” He chuckled and then stepped closer to me, my face inches from his. “Well, I am sorry but it is the way of life.” He quickly pecked me on the cheek and then pushed me forward into the classroom. I was in too much shock to realize he had already left to go to his class. I sat down in my chair by Louise, who slapped me on my arm. “Are you dating someone without telling me? Are you two a thing? What is up with this?”

“Louise, please. I had no idea he was going to do that.”

“Okay, fair enough.” She said with an eye roll. 15 minutes passed and she leaned over to whisper in my ear. “He is pretty cute, though,”

“I know, right?” I replied, not missing a beat.

“Ha! I knew it! You like Howell.” I quickly glared at her and pressed my finger to my lips. “Don’t tell a soul.”


“Hello, pretty boy.” I looked up from my lunch, watching him sit down next to me. “Hey, Howell. What did you need to ask me?”

His hands were clasped tightly in his lap, his lunchbox resting on the table in front of him. “Do you mind if I ask you a semi-personal question?”

“Sure? I mean if it’s too personal I’ll just not answer it-”

“Yeah, yeah of course.” He looked up, his face almost desperate. “How did you know you’re gay?”

I looked at him, holding his gaze. “I just kind of knew? I realized I really liked boys and I didn’t really care for kissing girls and just came to the conclusion I guess. Why are you wondering?” Then it hit me. “Do you think you’re gay?”

“Please don’t tell anyone.” I nodded my head slowly, my hand coming to rest on his shoulder. “Of course, it’s safe with me. But don’t worry, if you are gay or anything else, it’s alright. You won’t go to Hell or anything. It’s perfectly okay.” Dan shook his head, looking at the floor. “My dad, if he, if he found out I would get kicked out. Disowned. I don’t know how my mom would react but it wouldn’t be good either.” I immediately leaned over to hug him, my chest pressed against his side, my head leaned against his shoulder.. “I’m sorry. They’re assholes. Who would ever willingly get rid of you?” He sniffled and a single tear ran down his face. A sad smile forming on his face as his leaned his head on mine. “Thanks, pretty boy. I’d even think you were flirting with me.” I giggled, my arms squeezing his body slightly tighter. “Whatever you want, Howell.”


“Pretty one.” I raised a brow at him as I sat down in my chair. “I thought I was 'pretty boy’? It’s been that way for the past 5 months?” He shook his head as he laid his arm across my shoulders. “I thought about changing it for a chance.”

I grabbed his chin, pulling is face closer, almost kissing him until- “Mr. Lester, I would advise you not to do what I think you are about to do. I do not tolerate PDA in this classroom.” I groaned and dropped my hand, turning to face my teacher. “Ma'am, I thought you wanted us to date and marry our desk partners? That is how this entire thing happened.” Mrs. Greene laughed, “Mr. Lester, I will tolerate one peck, but I better not see anything else for the next 45 minutes.” I whooped and quickly pecked Dan’s lips, grabbing his hand right after and holding on to it. Dan laughed and squeezed my hand back. “Oh pretty boy, what am I going to do with you?”


“Phillip Michael Lester!” Louise yelled, plopping down on the seat next to me. I held my finger up, swallowing my food before responding. “What did I do this time?” I took another bit of my sandwich, letting her go off as she unpacked her lunch.

“Honestly, Phil? You started dating Howell and you didn’t even tell me!”

“Okay, I can see why you’re upset, but we literally started dating yesterday, I was going to tell you today anyways” I raised a eyebrow. “How’s you find out anyways?”

“Well, Phil, I’m sure you know you are the only openly gay boy at our school.” I nodded. “Yes, I am incredibly aware of that. It’s basically the bane of my existence.”

“Well, when one openly gay boy kisses another boy in front of an entire class, things spread.” I winced. “Yeah, forgot about that.” I shrugged, a grin across my face. “Oh well, I wanted to kiss my boyfriend and I don’t regret it.” Louise laughed and took a bite of her sub.


“Okay, last day of school and you’re off! This is your last official day of school before graduation. Use it wisely.” Mrs. Greene said. “Please be kind to your classmates, you’ll all be out of this hell hole in a few hours.”

“Pretty boy.” Dan said, slipping into the chair besides me. “Ah, Mr. Howell. You’re late.” Mrs. Greene said. Dan reached into his pocket, pulling out a piece of paper. “I have this from the office, my dad signed it and everything. Sorry about that.” She took this piece of paper and smiled. “All is forgiven, Mr. Howell. I hope you have a good last day.” Dan smiled at her, grasping my hand unconsciously. “I hope you do, too, ma'am.” She returned to the board and started drawing a game of hangman. “Alright, class, listen up. Any guesses?”


“Ma'am?” My teacher turned to face me, raising a eyebrow in reply. “I just wanted to say thank you for assigning me and Dan as desk partners. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but we’ve grown really close in the past two semesters.” She laughed and patted me on the back. “Trust me, I’ve noticed. I’m very happy you two have found each other. Invite me to your wedding if you ever get the chance.” I laughed, promising her I would and went out the door to find Dan.


Samantha Greene walked up her driveway from her mailbox, opening up her front door and walking through. After shuffling through the mail for a few seconds, she opened a letter that interested her. It was from Phil Lester and Daniel Howell, two names she hadn’t heard in 8 years. She quickly pulled the letter out and opened it.

'We invite you to attend the wedding of

Phillip Michael Lester


Daniel James Howell’

Her face broke out into a grin, knowing that they were still happy all these years later.