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I Want You Back

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: fluff

Summary: Thinking the boys are out, you jump in the shower and sing your heart out. But little do you know, Dean’s back, and he hears you.

Words: 944


A/N: Based on this song!


“Later!” You nearly push the guys out the door as they head out for groceries.

It was very rare that you get a moment alone, and you were really looking forward to having the motel room all to yourself for a bit. 

“See ya lat-” You slam the door, cutting Dean off. 

Sam and Dean look at each other, confused by your actions, but shrug it off and jump in the Impala.

You watch from the window as the boys drive off and do a little happy dance once they’re finally out of sight.

You love having the boys around, but sometimes you missed having time to yourself. The three of you ate together, slept together, hunted together, and drank together. There was hardly anything you didn’t do together.

So the chance to have the room to yourself while you showered would be golden. You didn’t have to worry about the boys bothering you about using all the hot water, and more importantly, you would be able to sing as loud as you wanted.

You loved to sing, but you were never really good, so you always kept it to yourself. Whenever the boys were around, you would softly hum, but you’ve never sang around them before, and you never planned too. 

You run into the bathroom and turn the shower on. You love hot showers. Not warm, but hot. Dean can’t believe you can stand being under that temperature comfortably for so long, but you loved the heat.

Once the room was nice and steamy, you stripe down and jump into the shower. 

As you pull the shower curtain closed, the motel room door opens and Dean walks back inside, cursing himself for forgetting his wallet. 

As he grabs his wallet from the table, he stops suddenly.

“When I had you to myself, I didn’t want you around. Those pretty faces always made you stand out in a crowd. Someone picked you from the bunch, one glance was all it took. Now it’s much too late for me to take a second look.”

You sing as you rub shampoo through your hair, shimming your body along to the beat.

Dean creeps closer to the bathroom door as some steam escaped from the bottom crack.

He had never heard you sing before. He’s heard you hum along to his songs in the car, and would catch you mouthing the words occasionally, but you never sang.

He never bothered to question it, since he had never given it much thought, but now, actually hearing you sing, he suddenly couldn’t figure out why you never would. You were good. Maybe not Mariah Carey good, but damn, you could hit those notes.

“Oh baby give me one more chance. Won’t you please let me back in your heart. Oh darling I was blind to let you go. Now since I’ve seen you in his arms. Oh I do now, yeah yeah yeah.”

Dean laughs as you keep going. Your voice is strong, and happy. He can hear how much fun you were having singing. He would even bet you’re doing some ridiculous dance along with it. 

“Trying to live without your love, is one long sleepless night. Let me show you boy, that I know wrong from right. Every street you walk on I leave tear stains on the ground. Following the boy, that I didn’t even want around.”

You now have your shaving cream canister in your hand as you rock the chorus on on your impromptu mic. 

“Oh baby give me one more chance–To show you that I love you–Won’t you please let me back in your heart.” You spin on your heel, careful not to slip.

“Oh darling I was blind to let you go–Let you go baby–Now since I’ve seen you in his arms–I want you back–Oh oh oh, yeah yeah yeah.” You finish strong, hand with the shaving cream high in the air as you ring out the last note. 

Suddenly, you hear someone clapping, and you jump as you see two hands reaching through the slightly opened door.

When the hell did the door open?

Wow, Y/N, that was great.” Dean’s voice carries through the crack. “You never told me you could sing.”

On the other side of the door, Dean is smirking, imagining how flustered you must be right now. You were great, but he’s sure you only sing when you think you’re alone for a reason.

“What the hell, Dean?” You shout as embarrassment runs through you. You want to smack your head against the wall for not hearing him come back.

“I thought you and Sam were at the store!” You yell over the running water.

“We were. I forgot my wallet.” Dean’s black leather wallet appears in the door as he shakes it, proving his words.

“Well now you have it. Get out!” You lean against the shower wall. You hate that he heard you. You had been singing at the top of your lungs, probably sounding like an idiot.

Thank god he couldn’t see you dancing. You think with a relieved sigh. 

“Yeah, yeah. I’m going, I’m going.” You watch as the door begins to pull shut but suddenly stops.

“You really did sound awesome.” Dean’s sincere voice arises over the steam before the door clicks shut. 

You bite your lip as you try not to smirk. 

“Dork,” you mutter under your breath and begin to rinse the conditioner out of your hair. 

“I’ve got my ticket for the long way round.”

Dean stands in the doorway and smiles as your voice carries through the room.

“Dork,” he laughs before running back to the Impala.

“We live in adjacent apartments and our bedrooms are on opposite sides of a very thin wall and one night I heard you crying and talked to you through the wall” From this post!

Yoongi wasn’t the most sociable kind of guy. He didn’t have that many friends, he didn’t go out a whole lot and he loved his job enough to get extra hours whenever he felt like it. He was used to staying in the studio long after closing hours and sleeping on the couch if his brain refused to work any more and he was happy like that.

However, much to his displeasure, when his head became dizzy and his skin way too hot for comfort, he had to (finally, as Namjoon put it) take a few days off and go home to rest. 

His apartment wasn’t much; it was just the right size for him to feel comfortable, it had the windows facing the sundown so he wouldn’t be woken up by the morning light, he had nice neighbors that wouldn’t blast their music at the loudest volume possible and the rent was pretty cheap, considering the building was so well placed (just in the middle between the town center and the university campus) So, maybe sleeping his cold away at home wasn’t such a bad idea.

He heated up the soup Seokjin (his best friend’s way too nice boyfriend) had given him and moved to the small living room to watch a movie. He hadn’t bothered buying a TV (why would he, not like he watches it anyway) and instead searched something up online. 

It was pretty late, by the time he finished, around 1 AM. Usually he would be at the peak of his creative moment, but now, all he felt was his muscle ache and his head hurt. He shut off everything, dumped the bowl in the sink and crawled on top of his bed, ready to start his second most favorite activity in the world: sleep.

But then he heard it. A small, barely audible mumble, small and whiny and it reminded him of the one time he heard his brother cry, way back when he was five. He remained still, only tilting his head a bit to the side, just to make sure he didn’t imagine it. But indeed he didn’t.

He remembers his neighbor, a kid a few years younger that goes to the same university (though he’s not sure what section). He always goes for a jog in the mornings and they sometimes meet on the hall, he smiles almost as bright as the sun and offers a small bow and a “Good morning” or “Have a good day”. He has that weird friend of his that gets really loud whenever he sleeps over, but Yoongi never minded, because, for some reason, he really likes hearing his red haired neighbor laugh. 

But he doesn’t like hearing him cry.

It took him a bit to realize that’s what he’s hearing: sniffing, crying and coughing, and it hurts to think the younger is so distressed that he’d choke up on his own tears. Before he even knows it, Yoongi is up on his knees and leaning close to the wall, knocking a familiar tune (you know the one. the same one every five year old learns and uses it until the day they can’t anymore) He beats five times and waits patiently, until he gets two shy knocks back, and smiles.

He’s never really had a full on conversation with the boy, just changing pleasantries whenever the opportunity arose. He only knew his name was Park something, he was at least two years younger, he liked sports, he really liked ice cream (no matter the weather) and he had really energetic friends. Yoongi didn’t know a lot, and he wasn’t good with people, but he didn’t like hearing the choked cries. 

“You know, the human DNA is 90% exactly like that of a banana”

There was a pause “W…What?” Yoongi didn’t like the way the boy’s voice wavered so much.

“All the ants on the planet are heavier than all the humans”

He heard something hit the wall softly and figured it was probably the kid shifting in the bed or something.

“W-What are” another choked sob “talking about…?”

“I don’t know” Yoongi answered truthfully “I just wanted to take your mind off of whatever is making you cry…”

There was a soft “Oh…”

Yoongi gently moved to sit closer to where the voice was coming from and pulled his phone out, playing some songs he’s heard Park and his friend karaoke at a few nights. “Can you hear it…?”


Yoongi let the music flow, calmly rapping along to the lyrics, smiling to himself a few minutes later, when the crying stopped, replaced only by soft sniffs every now and then. Another song later, Yoongi heard a small voice, raspy and a bit shaky, quietly singing along. By the time it reached 2 AM, the kid had fallen asleep.

That morning was the first time Yoongi and Jimin went to university together.

High School Musical
High School Musical Cast
High School Musical
[Troy:] Whoo!
[Ryan:] Come On!
[Sharpay:] Alright!
[Chad:] Little louder now!
[Gabriella:] Hey!

[Troy & Gabriella:]
Lookin' forward from center stage, graduation day, time to get the future started! 
What we leave, what we take with us,
No matter what, it's somethin' we're apart of! 
We learn to fly. 
Together side-by-side. I just want the rest of my life, to feel as good as my,

High School Musical, 
Lets celebrate where we come from! 
With friends who've been there all along, just like, 
Our High School, High School Musical!

[Ryan & Sharpay:]
Improvisation without a script, no ones written it, and now we have the chance too! 
Someday we'll be lookin' back,
Memories we've had, all the songs that we lived through! 
The best of times, 
So why leave them behind. why cant the rest of my life 
Be like my,

High School Musical, 
Who says we have to let it go? 
It's the best part we've ever known, step into the future! 
We'll hold on to, 
High school musical, lets celebrate where we come from, 
With friends who've been there all along, just like, 
Our High School, High School Musical!

[Chad & Taylor:]
Now we finally realize 
Who we are, it just took some time
That you learn and to live to see the truth
Can't you see the truth?
[Chad & Taylor:]
Nothing's ever impossible, into the future with every fall.
Until forever we'll always have high school!

Turn the party, lets celebrate!
[Troy & Gabriella:]
Cause the worlds one big stage, and in it what you want, it can be yours!

Everybody sing, yeah!
Can you show us, now we're wanna go?
It's where the status is here, oh.
High School, lives on forever more! High School, High School Musical!

High School Musical, 
Who says we have to let it go? 
It's the best part we've ever known, step into the future, 
We'll hold on to, 
High School Musical, lets celebrate where we come from, 
With friends who've been there all along, oh yeah!

I wish my life could feel like a,

High School Musical, 
Who says we have to let it go?
It's the best part we've ever known, step into the future! 
We'll hold on to, 
High School Musical, lets celebrate where we come from, 
With friends who've been there all along, just like, 

High School Musical!

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Got any fluffy Hollstein stories?

how about a band au where laura and carm answer questions sent to laura on tumblr… and literally all of them are about her and carm being a couple??? bc band aus make me happy also sorry it’s long omg i wrote it in class it was like 10 pages in my notebook

Laura flicks on the camera with a bright smile.

“Hi guys!” She greets (to, technically, her wall). “So, I’m here with-” she turns to her right, where… absolutely nobody was sitting. “Carmilla! You have to do this!”

“I know,” the familiar brunette appears from the kitchen doorway, two mugs in her hands. She gives Laura the TARDIS one and sits down beside her on the light blue sofa. “Just thought you’d want some cocoa is all.”

The blonde smiles, sipping her cocoa happily. She lets out a quiet hum. Three marshmallows – she remembered! “There you have it, folks: Dark and broody teen heart throb Carmilla Karnstein is actually a big softy.” She tells the camera.

Carmilla rolls her eyes. “Only for you, cupcake.”

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Preference # 40: Disney Songs

Harry: Lion King
“Repeat after me, ahem, Hakuna Matata” “Hakuna wha?” “Ha-kuna Ma-ta-ta, it means no worr-”
“What on earth are you doing [Y/N]?”
You turned around from complete shock not knowing Harry was even home, “I’m singing Hakuna Matata what does it look like I’m doing?”
“Nothing. I mean, why are you doing the bit BEFORE the song?”
“Because it’s fun Harry and I wasn’t aware that you were here.” You said blushing with embarrassment.
“Well, aren’t you gonna finish then?”
He smiled, “Hakuna Matata, what a wonderful phrase…”
“Hakuna Matata ain’t no passing craze..” you sang quietly with a small smile. He smiled and took you in his arms as you guys danced around the room singing back and forth
“It’s our problem free!”
“Hakuna Matata!” you sang together as he just hugged you. “You have a lovely voice [Y/N]” which made you laugh, “Thanks Harry”
He now stood in thought, “’Hakuna Matata’ would make a good tattoo wouldn’t it?”
You turned and looked at him, “It would Harry but don’t get any ideas.”

Louis: Frozen
“Let it go! Let it go! Can’t hold it back anymore!” you sang along loudly with Elsa as you watched the movie… Again. “… Here I stand! And here I’ll stay!”
“Oh my god [Y/N] please shut up. I’m begging you.” Louis shouted from the next room unplugging the earphones from his ears.
“Hey Lou, you said that I should just watch the movie again so I could get better at singing and singing the song.”
He gave you an angry tired look as he now stood at the doorway of the room, “Yeah I know. I’m sorry I suggested it. Just stop. Please.”
“Aw come on Louis. I know you love this song too.”
“I did. Now please stop singing it!”
You frowned, “Fine.” And as he turned to leave you smiled, “Hey Louis!” and he turned to look at you, “Do you want to build a snowman?!… ”
He rolled his eyes and walked away quicker, “I hate you”
“I love you too!” you said continuing to sing at the top of your lungs.

Liam: Sleeping Beauty/Snow White/Cinderella/Beauty and the Beast/The Little Mermaid
“I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream. I know you the gleam in your eyes is so familiar-”
You looked around the room. No one.
You weren’t exactly sure what you were doing but random Disney songs were playing in your head… ALL. DAY.
“Someday my prince with come. Someday I’ll find my love…”
“Tale as old as time. True as it can be…”
You were having a lot of fun with yourself though. With Liam not home you were able to sing and act like you were in the movies and re-enact the scenes, it was great.
“Look at this stuff. Isn’t it neat? Wouldn’t you think my collections complete? ” you said looking and pointing to things out the window, “Wouldn’t you think I’m the girl. The girl who has.. Everything? ” You grabbed a couple of props, “…I’ve got gadgets and gizmos a plenty. I’ve got whose its and what’s its galore! ” you sang loudly, “You want thingamabo-”
You stopped immediately as when you went to show your items to ‘Flounder’ you instead showed it off to Liam who stood there with a smile on his face.
“How long have you been standing there?”
“Since you began ‘dancing with the Beast’” he chuckled.
You just buried your face in your hands, as you heard him continue to laugh.

Niall: Aladdin
“I can show you the world! Shining! Shimmering! Splendid!” You heard and as you turned around you watched Niall just singing and dancing by himself in a daze. “… I can open your eyes! Take you wonder by wonder! Over sideways and under on a magic carpet ride!”
You’d never seen that happen before, and before you knew it your giggles gave you away. He just looked embarrassed.
You smiled, “We watched that movie 2 days ago Niall.”
“Well it’s stuck in my head can you blame me?”
“No. Disney songs always play in my head, and I always sing it. You just never find me doing it.”
“What? Seriously?”
You gave him a smirk and noticed his sunglasses on a table nearby and picked it up; and slowly and dramatically you put them on your face.
“There’s a lot of things you don’t know about me.”
He laughed, “Did you seriously just do all that to try and be ‘mysterious’ [Y/N]?”
“Yeah. Why? Didn’t it work?”
“No it worked, but I just realized that you’re just as lame as I am.”

Zayn: Mulan
Mulan was your favourite movie and after ages of not watching it, you finally had your chance and once it was on, you realised that you still remembered every word to every song.
“This is what you give me to work with? Well honey, I’ve seen worse. We’re gonna turn this sows ear. Into a silk purse.”
“… Who is that girl I see. Staring straight. Back at me. Why is my reflection someone I don’t know?…”
“You weren’t kidding when you said you loved this movie” Zayn said smiling at you.
“Yeah! I warned you Zayn. If you were gonna watch this movie with me you were gonna have to endure my singing.”
“Hm… then maybe I should-“
“No! Zayn! You’re staying!” you said pulling him back down in his spot next to you. He just smiled and chuckled at your reaction, “I love you please stay.”
He smiled, “Fine. Only because you love me.”
“Yay!” and you turned to the movie again, “BE A MAN. WE MUST BE SWIFT AS THE COURSING RIVER. BE A MAN! ”
Not caring that Zayn was just smiling and laughing behind you.


A/M: I wrote this ages ago and found it again. But I still stand by it cause come on I can’t be the only one guilty of singing Disney songs privately or not so privately.

Meeting Shawn at his concert


I was standing in the crowed. It was my sisters’s idea to go to his concert. I like his music but my sister is like obsessed with him an now we here singing along with his songs. 

Originally posted by murphysgun

During one song I made eye contact and on the inside I was like ‘OMG HE LOOKED AT ME!!!!’. I followed him with my eyes to the side of the stage. he was saying something to someone and continued the show. A few minutes later a security guard approached me Can you please follow me young lady’ ‘uhm, why?’ ‘He wants to meat you after the show’ ‘Oh yeah, let me tell my sister’ ‘Sure’ ‘GreatI said and turned around to my sister who had no idea that there was even a security guard standing next to me. Y/S/N, come whit me’ ‘Why?’ ‘We’re going backstage I said with the biggest smile ever. We followed the guard backstage and waited at the side of the stage till the show was over. as soon as the show had ended he came toward us and hugged us. we walked back to his dressing room and some how manged to dump my sister on the way over. ‘This is my dressing room’ he said while opening the door. We went in side and talked we talked like we’ve known each other for years. We made weird selfies, jammed together and exchanged numbers. We were right in the middle of something when my sister came in.

A/N: Hope you like it! I had so much fun writing it and I know that I haven’t been very active lately but I’m still writing the other meetings whit the boys. Let me know if there are grammar mistakes so I can change them X ILY Guys

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1. It takes Skye and Grant a full week of being a couple to realize that they should put their beds together.  Like, the first night (post ‘At Last’) they sleep in Grant’s bed.  And then the next time, (post 'Perfect’) they don’t really think about it and end up in their respective beds and Grant actually falls asleep without thinking too hard about it and then realizes Skye has crawled into his bed with him and is sprawled on his chest.  And they share his bed for the week except that he really is too big to share a dorm-sized bed with someone so finally Skye is like 'wait why don’t we just move the beds’ and Grant is like 'oh yeah that would make sense’ so now Skye’s bed is pushed against Grant’s bed and it is very cozy.

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Chapter 19: Look What You've Started


                I woke up in the morning and stretched across the bed. I laid there for a minute thinking what I needed to do today. Today I was leaving for my trip to Miami, which meant I had to go back to the house I hadn’t seen in forever and pack up my stuff. I turned and looked over at Jordan who was laid out in the bed. She was laying on her side and the cover was hanging off most of her body which meant I got a peek of her bare ass peeking under the t-shirt she had on.

                My manhood jumped slightly at the sight. I ran my tongue across my bottom lip before I reached over and turned her on her back. She groaned slightly in her sleep as I made my way between her legs.

I pulled her t-shirt up and separated her legs. I eyed her pussy lustfully before I slowly started placing feather soft kisses down her inner thigh. I took my time making my way to her pussy. When I finally made it there, I placed multiple kisses on her clit. She moaned as she slowly started to stir awake. After I was done paying special attention to her clit, I flicked out my tongue and ran it from her clit all the way down to her entrance. I stiffened my tongue as I started stroking it in and out of her.

“Mmmm. Oh my god.” She moaned as she fully came awake. I looked up at her as I continued to feast on her pussy and made eye contact with her. She gripped the sheets around her as she started to squirm.


She threw her head back on the pillow in ecstasy as I went back to her clit and started to suck on it. She brought her hands up and gripped my head while bringing her legs up so that her thighs surrounded my head at the same time.

I continued to suck on her clit as I brought two of my fingers, pushed them inside her, and slowly started stroking them in and out of her. I heard her gasp before she started panting.

Tre-maine!” She exclaimed through her pants.

No more than a minute later, her legs started trembling and her pussy started throbbing around my fingers indicating she was coming. That only caused me to suck on her clit harder and move my fingers in and out of her even faster. I looked back up at her, saw her grab a pillow, and saw her place it over her face to muffle her screams.

As she as coming, I pulled my fingers out to allow myself soaked up all her juices and lick her dry. I gave her pussy one final lick before I pulled her legs from around my head and made my way up between her legs.

I chuckled lightly as I pulled the pillow from her face. She had her eyes and her chest was slowly rising and falling as she came down from her orgasm. I leaned down and kissed her lips.

“Goodmorning baby.” I mumbled against her lips. A slow smile started to spread across her face before she finally opened her eyes.

“It is indeed a good morning.” she replied lowly before she brought her hands to the back of my head and pulled me down for another kiss.

In the mist of the kiss, I felt her reach down into my boxers and pulled my hard dick out. I broke the kiss and pulled away with a smirk. I leaned back and pushed her legs back, getting ready to slide up in that; however, just as I was halfway in her wetness, we were interrupted by little knocks at the bedroom door.

“Mommy, daddy! I hungry.”

I groaned and dropped my head in the crook of her neck while Jordan started giggling.

“Daddy duty calls.” Jordan whispered in my ear. I lifted my head to look at her and pushed all the way inside her just to fuck with her. All amusement left her eyes and was replaced with pure lust.

“Wake up!” Ty yelled from the other side of the door.

“Mommy duty calls.” I mocked her with a smirk before I pulled out and rolled off her.

“Ass.” She mumbled as she pushed against my chest before she got out of bed. I laughed at her.

“I’m coming baby.” She called as she walked over to her dresser, pulled out some shorts, and quickly slipped them on before she headed to the door.

“I wish I was coming.” I mumbled sarcastically as I unwillingly placed my dick back in my boxers and got up to walk into the bathroom. I heard Jordan laugh at me just as she opened the bedroom door.


                “Ty, say YUPPP!” Trey said from his position in the driver seat. We were currently on our way to drop him off so that he could catch his flight to Miami.

                “YUPPPP!” Ty repeated from her car seat in the back, trying to sound just her daddy. Trey busted out laughing and Ty started giggling right along with him. I just smiled and shook my head at their silliness.

                “Oh my god. You’re tormenting my child.” I said through my laughter.

                “Like father, like daughter. That’s my lil mini me.” he said with a smile as he glanced over at me. “Ain’t that right baby girl.”

                I turned in my seat to look at her and saw her nodding her head in agreement. I dropped my mouth in mock shock.

                “But I thought you were mommy’s baby?” I said as faked as if I was hurt.

                “I am mommy!” she said with a giggle before she placed her little hand on her forehead as if we were driving her crazy.

                “Alright, just making sure.” I responded before I turned back in my seat and stuck my tongue out at Trey. He just laughed before he turned his eyes back on the road.

                “Naw, don’t try to confuse my baby.” He replied.

                “Daddy! It’s you!” Ty exclaimed referring to the song playing on the radio. I looked back at her and saw her dancing in her seat before she started singing along. “Oh na na, look what you have started.”

                The second part sounded like a bunch of gibberish coming from her but it was clear she was singing along. I started grinning and my heart melted watching my baby sing her daddy song.

                “Sing it baby!” Trey exclaimed as he turned it up so that it was blasting throughout the car. He too started singing along with his song but he started directing the words towards me after winked at me.

Baby I’m the one you lying

I'mma get you as a liar

Oh yeah

I'mma give it to you right now

Best time oh your life, yeah, oh yeah

Baby when you ready tell the waitress get the check

Girl I know you ready I don’t even gotta check

You been through the worst let me show you who the best

You know I'mma get you right, get them boys to the left, like

Ooh nana

Look what you did start it

Ooh nana

Why you gotta act so naughty

Ooh nana

I’m “bout to spend all this cash

Ooh nana

If you keep shaking that oh oh!

I just kept a smile on my face as him and his daughter continued to sing along to the song. By the time the song ended, we were pulling up to the private gate of the airport where he was catching his flight. He turned the radio back down as he drove near where him and crew were supposed to board the plane and parked. He just sat back in his seat for a minute before he turned to look at me.            

                “I guess I gotta go huh?”

                “I guess so.” I responded lowly. He just sighed before he finally climbed out the car. I too turned and did the same thing. While he walked around to trunk to get his bags out the trunk, I walked to the back door and opened to get Ty out so she could say bye to him. I placed her on my hip and waited for him to get everything out the trunk.

                Just as he was walking over to where we were standing, Bugzi, his bodyguard came walking up from where everybody was standing to board the plane.

                “What’s up Jordan.” He greeted me before pulling me into a hug. He then turned to Ty.

“Hey baby songz.” He said with the name that he gave her from when she was baby.

“Hi bugz!” she responded with a smile. He laughed before he turned to Trey and quickly dapped him up before he took the bags out of his hands and started taking them towards the plane.

Trey then sighed before he grabbed Ty from my hands.

“Daddy has to go alright?”

“Where you going?” she questioned as she looked up at him.

“I have to go on a trip to handle some business.”

She frowned slightly before she came up with another question.

“When are you coming back?”

“In about two weeks.” He replied. Her eyes widened.

“Daddy! That’s a long time!” She exclaimed. Obviously, my baby was feeling how I was feeling. We were on the same page. But she has never dealt well with him going on his trips no matter how long they were.

“No its not.” He said with a chuckle. “I’ll be back before you know it. And it won’t even be like I’m gone because I’m going to call you every day and I’m going to have mommy facetime every day. Alright?”

She just nodded looking all sad.

“Can I have a kiss?” she nodded again before she leaned forward and placed a kiss on his lips. “I love you.”

“I love you too daddy.” she responded. He kissed her again before he handed her back to me. She immediately laid her head on my shoulder.

He then turned to me and pulled me to him while wrapping his arms around me.

“Now it’s time for me to handle my other baby.” He said as he bent down and pecked my lips. I smiled.

“Mmmhmm because we’re both going to miss daddy.”

He smirked before he leaned down towards my ear.

“Make sure you have the pussy ready for daddy when I get back.” He whispered in my ear. Clearly he was still feeling some type of way after our lil rendezvous this morning and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t feeling the same.

                “You know I will.” I responded with a smirk before I pulled the front of his shirt and placed my lips on his. I kissed him slowly and deeply before I settled on small pecks.

                “I love you.” He mumbled against my lips.

                “Love you too babe.” I replied.

                We finally pulled away and he turned back to Ty who was on my hip with her head still laying on my shoulder. He leaned in and tickled her before kissing her face.

                “Bye baby girl.”

                “Bye daddy.” she said while giggling. He then turned and kissed my forehead before he turned to walk away.

                “I’ll call y’all when I land.” he said before he blew us a kiss before he started jogging towards the plane. We stood by the car and watched him as he walked up the stairs that led inside the plane.

                I sighed.

                “I guess it’s just me and you lil munckin.” I mumbled before I kissed the top of her head. I then turned and put her back in her car seat before I walked over to the driver side and got in and drove off.


                I sat on the couch of the studio Chris was working in as I waited for him to finish his session. Once he finished up, we were supposed to be going out. Lately, he has been a lot more attentive and has found time to actually spend with me. I am positive I knew what caused his change in action. Let a man even think that there was even a slight chance that he could be replaced and he would change his whole attitude.

                As Chris and his producer played what I guess was the finished product of a song, my phone vibrated in my hand. I looked down at it and saw that it was a text from Adrian.

Adrian: I’m sorry

                I rolled my eyes and automatically locked my phone back. Just the sight of those two words along with his name irritated the hell out of me. After our little argument at the beach, I haven’t bothered to talk to him. I honestly didn’t need the extra drama in my life and Adrian was bringing that shit unnecessarily.

                “Alright, I’m done.” Chris said as he walked over to me. He placed his hands on either side of me on the couch and hovered over me.

                “Okay.” I replied as I looked up at him.

                “You alright?” He questioned with a slight frown. I nodded and smiled.

                “Yup.” I said I grabbed the side of his face and placed a quick kiss on his lips. “Let’s get out of here.”

                He nodded and licked those thick lips of his. He leaned down and gave me another sweet kiss before he leaned back up. He grabbed my hand and pulled me off the couch.

                “I’m out man!” He called out to everyone in the studio. They all hollered out their goodbyes as he led me out the door. We exited the studio building and made it through the rude ass paparazzi before we finally made it to his car. I hopped in the passenger side and he sped out of the parking lot.

                “Where are we going baby?” I asked.

                “I have to stop by Tyga’s real quick and then we’re going to Greystone.” He replied as he maneuvered through traffic. I instantly got excited. Greystone was definitely one of my favorite spots to go.

                We joked and played around until he pulled up to Tyga’s house.

                “I’ll be right back.” He said before I hopped out the car and jogged inside the house. As I waited for him, I occupied myself with going on Instagram. Scrolled through my timeline and liked a few pictures. I wasn’t sitting there too long before I heard a phone vibrate. Seeing how mine was in my hand, I was slightly confused. I looked down when it vibrated again and saw Chris’s phone sitting in the cup holder. It vibrated again. I picked it up out of curiosity of who was blowing him up.

                It was three messages from an Erica.

Erica: What happened to you last night?

Erica: I stayed up all night waiting on you

Erica: I’m guessing you got caught up with HER

                “Hmmm.” I mumbled as I my eyebrow shot up. I slide the screen unlock, quickly put in his code, and opened the messages. I reread those three messages again before I scrolled up through their message history. As I read them, most of them were from her obviously being the hoe that she is but the few messages he replied to indicated that their relationship wasn’t one-sided. I continued to go through the messages and stopped when I came to some pictures she had sent. It was about four of them and she butt naked, in various positions. At that point, my anger was through the roof.

                Once I saw those pictures, I saw enough. I locked the phone and threw it back in the cup holder. I sat back in the seat, crossed my arms across my chest, and bounced my leg vigorously as I tried to control my anger.

                I was sitting there for another five minutes before he came out the house. Tyga was behind him and when he stepped outside, he waved at me. I waved back as they exchanged a few words before Chris came walking back to the car.

                “Tyga and Chyna are going to meet us there.” He said as he got back in the car. I didn’t even respond. He started to pull out of the driveway but stopped when he realized I hadn’t replied.

                “What’s wrong with you?”

                “Unlock your phone.” I said as I turned and looked at him blankly. He frowned in confusion before he went to grab his phone.