oh yeah im not sorry for the pun ;)

  • Seven: hey, yoosung. whatcha making there?
  • Yoosung: oh. im making a cake.
  • Seven: don't you know the ingredients you need for a cake?
  • Yoosung: well yeah, there's flour, sugar, eggs—
  • Seven: EGGSactly
  • Yoosung: ...im sorry did you just—
  • Seven: im sure you weren't EGGSpecting that
  • Yoosung: oh my god
  • Seven: why did you stop? aren't you EGGScited to make your cake?
  • Yoosung: *disappears in a cloud of smoke*
  • Seven: yoosung, how many time do I have to tell you to stop being so EGGStra?
  • Seven: *internally* this is why i don't have any friends
  • Jin: I'm going to the store does anybody want anything
  • Jimin: yes I DO......care to explain why Taehyung?
  • Taehyung: listen if you wanted the pop tarts so much you wouldn't have just left them on the counter!!
  • Jimin: I didn't leave them there to BE EATEN OMFG
  • Namjoon: oh...where those ur pop tarts? Yeah....I may have had some too, sorry
  • Taehyung: hahahahhahahhaa I gotATE ur pop tarts
  • *jimin left group*
  • Jin: ....so does he want pop tarts?
Teacher!Wonwoo {Req}
  • wonwoo would teach advanced placement literature, no doubt
  • dresses in a sweater with a collar popping out of it, glasses & khaki’s  yeh he cute
  • but even though he’s extremely handsome, he has this ice cold resting face that intimidates his kids
  • like he doesn’t even need to be like “quiet down class!” he just has to do his death stare and they’ll shut up
  • in reality, he is a quiet teacher at first but as time goes on, his students find out he is actually really nice and kind of a dork and that makes it easier to ask for help
  • is patient with all his kids and explains very well when they got a problem
  • lots of literature puns that his students will politely laugh at bc…………no, mr.jeon………no
  • spirit week’s theme that year was disney and wonwoo cutely participated in all the school spirit week activities but quietly lol he’s not about to be teacher!seungkwan and spontaneously sing disney songs in the middle of class
  • wonwoo just loves teaching kids and seeing them grow up but when his kids come back to visit, its like weird for him because he still sees them as his babies
  • and so how did yall meet…?
  • well, for starters, it was at a bar during midnight. now what is socially inept teacher!wonwoo doing in a club? go ask teacher!mingyu, he’s the one who dragged wonwoo there claiming that “you need to stop reading for a little bit and experience life”
  • it was hilarious, really……you were so decked out
  • because you literally drunk-crashed into wonwoo and started mumbling in french, ending it with a dizzy “whOoOOoo!”
  • he was so flustered and even more so when you stroked his face and called him “ma chouchou” (*my cabbage ; its a pet name in france)
  • wonwoo later finds out your name was y/n and that you were a friend of mingyu’s friend
  • so flash forward and teachers are starting to come back to school to prepare their classes before summer was officially over
  • wonwoo was coming back to his class and carrying a bunch of paper when he sees you in the hallway, opening the classroom next to his
  • ofc you don’t recognize him bc you were drunk so you smile at him then enter the classroom
  • and ok……you were good looking when you weren’t all drunk and sweaty but still, wonwoo found it weird enough seeing you drunk only to find out that you’re also a new co-worker……usually the co-worker part came first but whatever……
  • his kids would sometimes mention you and tell wonwoo how understanding and energetic you were
  • but still wonwoo cannot get the image of you mumbling in french out of his head whenever he sees you lol
  • besides teaching ap lit, wonwoo also tutors after school in the library and one day, he saw you walking inside
  • you had teaching credentials for french and history so you were going to help the history kids
  • and like, all the teachers sit at some far-off tables while kids work and they talk while waiting for a kid to raise their hand for help
  • and wonwoo is sitting by himself, reading a book, when you take a seat across of him
  • you: hi! *smiles* // wonwoo: O__O o-oh, hi! *closes book*
  • you introduce yourself and start a conversation and wonwoo finds out that you’re actually really easygoing and fun to talk to
  • from that day on, as you both are chilling in tutoring, you both would talk and wonwoo opens up to you more and you find out that he’s not some cold-faced handsome man, he is actually nice albeit a little dorky but it’s cute
  • you both become really close and tbh the kids are always giggling whenever one of you pass by because asdfghjkl so cute
  • one day, you ask him a question while you’re both walking to your cars after a day of tutoring
  • you: “wonwoo? you know before we spoke? every time i see you, your eyes get super wide and you go the other way…..um…..i’m not trying to make you uncomfortable but….”
  • wonwoo: *chuckles* “oh….well, um. its because i kind of saw you before school started.” and you’re like ???? bc you would’ve remembered seeing someone as handsome as wonwoo (not that you’d admit that LOL)
  • and as wonwoo tells you of how he was at that party at the bar, your eyes get wide in embarassment and when he tells you that you called him “ma chouchou” you laugh and immediately face palm while wonwoo laughs too
  • you: “oh gooosh…..im so sorry, wonwoo. no wonder you’ve been looking at me weird this whole time”
  • wonwoo: *smiles* it’s okay. you’re actually really nice to talk to
  • you: *smiles in pleasant surprise* oh? // wonwoo: *realizes what he just said* um- yeah! you know, like, it’s fun….(smooth jeon wonwoo…..real smooth) // you: *laughs* well you’re really nice to talk to as well!
  • as you’re smiling and talking, wonwoo also realizes that wow you’re cute and that’s when his crush begins to develop
  • cue wonwoo reading france-based books like Les Miserables and assigning them to his class
  • tells you french puns sometimes……not too much, but in this case, less is more
  • “hey y/n, what is a sleeping napoleon?” “idk, what?” “napoleoff” lmaooooo
  • accidentally said “oui?” one time when one of his students came up for help and his kid was like “huh?” and wonwoo was like “ah- are WE done here? how can i help you~?”
  • wonwoo also learning french phrases and shyly trying them on you and smiles when you begin clapping like “trés bien!!”
  • and also wonwoo thinking about how he should confess to you and he decides to do it on valentines day……french is the language of love after all
  • wonwoo also writes his whole letter in french and every time he sees you, he thinks about that letter and gets nervous when he notices valentines day is coming up very soon
  • then the day came and the whole school is filled with balloons and gifts and chocolate boxes and giggly students, it’s a great day
  • except……wonwoo was freaking tf out internally and he had the letter and a cute teddy bear for you in a gift bag he hid under his desk because the kids might get 🤔🤔🤔
  • and he decides to just pop into your classroom during recess and thankfully, only three kids were in there + the student teacher so it’s easy for him to just wave and then hurry to put the bag on your desk then get out
  • the whole day, wonwoo is on edge and he hasn’t seen you that whole day bc he was busy with his students that were studying for his third quarter exams
  • its after school and theres no tutoring since its tuesday and wonwoo goes home super anxious like…..he couldn’t even sleep until one in the morning
  • ok so the next day right?? he saw you but you only gave him a small smile and a wave which just makes wonwoo like whAT DOES THAT MEAN
  • but when he goes into his room, there’s a small book on his desk and its called The Little Prince with an Eiffel Tower note that says: “And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”
  • and when wonwoo read the book, he is like oMG I AM IN LOVE-
  • then guess who asked you out on a spaghetti date ((((:
  • lol at one point you tell wonwoo that he doesn’t have to take you on all these french-themed, its perfectly okay to take you to a carnival or whatever but tbh its cute how he comes up with these ideas
  • wonwoo being a total sop and sneaking cute poems into your lunchbag in the refridgerator in the teachers lounge
  • also him wanting to visit the eiffel tower w you asdfghjkl
  • getting to put wonwoo in a mardi gras crown with a sparkly tattoo on his face
  • being shy shy shy when you want to do that lady & the tramp spaghetti thing its like the pepero game all over again
  • mingyu teasing wonwoo like “dude you totally owe me, i’m the one who took you to that party in the first place~” // wonwoo: lol whatever
  • mingyu teaching wonwoo how to make creme brule because its your fave
  • lol omg bye i just had an image of wonwoo in a beret
  • ciao, gotta go find myself a wonwoo~  
*After Brain Invaders*

Anakin: Oh boy that was pretty bad.

Ahsoka: Yeah, it was.

Anakin: I guess Barriss probably feels pretty bad about getting infected huh?

Ahsoka:…. Yeah?

Anakin: Yeah. You know…


Anakin: She probably feels really…


Anakin: Em-BARRISS-ed



Ahsoka: oh my god