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Sometimes I think kkmin r just very very close friends & jk acts like me with my eldest sister coz she's smaller & cuter than me so I tend to pinch her cheeks & coo at her like a baby & sometimes I even feel like I'm older coz I'm more mature. But then I remember all the questionable looks & skinship btwn jk & jm & this need for jk to be aroud jm & I'm like: nope nothing platonic there lol I feel like jm's role in jk's life is too big, like he overwhelms him sometimes.

anon hello~~~~

1st and foremost, I’m sincerely sorry for only being able to reply to this now. I’ve been so caught up in my exhausting life that I couldn’t find any time to use tumblr *sob sob* 😢😢

Thank you so much, really, for sharing your thoughts with me. I’m really happy to read asks like yours, and to learn to know how other people perceive our ship. And yes, I totally, entirely, whole-heartedly agree with you 🐥🐰👍👍

Yes, whenever I see a moment that is not very usual between them, I try to force every single cell of my brain to work, find a reason as to why it happened, is there a rational/ platonic explanation for it? etc. Will I do that to my close friends, my cute sister-like younger friends etc. It’s a war 🙈🙈. Most of the time it works, but the other times… it just doesn’t make any sense.

You stated a good point there, skinship. The other day when I was working (yes yes my mind is filled with Jikook/Kookmin all the time I need help, for real ><), it suddenly hit me that Jungkook was caught touching Jimin’s chest for at least more than 5 times already, but did we see him do it with any other member? Not once in my goldfish memory. Maybe he did, I was just to blinded by Jikook/Kookmin to see it, but that’s not our main point here. Let’s just take into consideration how some non-shippers or shippers of other ships saying that Jungkook looks at Jimin with the exact same eyes he uses to look at other hyungs (yeah let’s just *pretend to* ignore the heart eyes for a bit), how we see him backhug the other hyungs too, and how he occasionally slaps the others’ butts; you know, how he touches Jimin’s chest… is really worth paying attention to.

(again, all of the gifs I use below are not mine, I include the links to the original posts of the gif-makers under the gif itself)

  • 1st, why? Why is there a need for him to touch Jimin’s chest, when most of the time there really is no need to? And why the chest, out of all place (shoulder, arm, *whisper* abs)

well actually, it’s not like he hasn’t been caught touching other places I mention, but it’s another story, maybe we’ll talk about it the other time xD

(gifs source: http://chimchiminie13.tumblr.com/post/152987266658/once-not-enough-twice-still-not-satisfied)

Well, only Jungkook can answer tbh…

  • 2nd, how. How he actually touches Jimin’s chest. I mean, you can say that the above examples are just… mere accidents (which I doubt), the other times he actually knows what he is doing, not to mention the fact that he looks like he’s… lost in there, it just engrosses him

(gifs source: http://chimchiminie13.tumblr.com/post/152987266658/once-not-enough-twice-still-not-satisfied)

(gif source: http://jikookdetails.tumblr.com/post/157361954874/suuuuuubtle)

Jimin and Jungkook being touchy is nothing new to talk about tbh, we see it all the time, it’s just there. Sure people can say brothers and close friends being touchy is nothing unusual, with I agree. But then, there are times you just can’t use the brother/close friend excuse…

It still bugs me to this day, how I can’t find any reason as to why Jungkook felt the need to be close to Jimin in A SAUNA, hello~, isn’t it hot there, Jungkook ah~? It’s not like he’s not filmed on camera, and it’s not like there isn’t enough space, and it’s not like Jimin didn’t actually move further away, but no means no, Jungkook doesn’t approve…

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(please go to the original post to see it clearer)

Satellite jeon is not made up. It’s a thing, search for it if anyone is in doubt.

The thirst seems to be real…

And I talk about it before, but I’ll talk about it over and over again. Just because I still don’t get it.

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Yes it’s normal to give compliments to your best friends/brothers right. To encourage, support them for the better, sure. But what follows it is what makes you feel… so wrong. Even if you just wanna tease, it sure is a weird way to tease…

갖고싶다 x3, “I want you” x3

Lemme go a bit outside of this. Let’s take Namjoonie for example. You know he’s one of the ones who wanna see Jimin exposing his shoulder in BST too, right?

In this particular video reaction to their own stage, Jungkook and Monie made a fuss about Jimin not revealing his jacket, Monie explained he couldn’t do things like taking off his jacket, that’s why. He also said once while monitoring Jimin’s Lie solo stage at the end of the year, he’d like to be born as a great dancer to know how it feels like. You know it’s natural when someone does sth you can’t, you admire and praise that person. But in Jungkook’s case, it’s just… so hard to understand. If he wanna be sexy like Jimin, or if he wanna take off his jacket like Jimin, he can totally try. Or back to our video above, he can say things like “oh~ what a sexy expression, I wanna have a sexy expression like that too~”, or “I wanna be sexy too”, you know, stuff like that. But no, he went straight up to say he wanted Jimin, JIMIN HIMSELF. The way Jungkook compliments Jimin’s sexiness is really on another level, like no other… I don’t wanna be that shipper, but it really does seem to be in the ‘thirsty’ direction, it’s not just a mere praise… It actually seems to affect him, does sth to him…

Check out all of those compliments in BST era here


One last thing I feel like talking about is feeling like the mature one that you mentioned. The thing that makes me wonder is that Jungkook doesn’t really act like the mature one to the other hyungs, but Jimin. Sure maybe because Jimin is cute, but it seems more than just that. Thanks to my goldfish memory, I can’t really name a particular moment. But I have the feeling that Jungkook tries to be manly, and tough around Jimin, like he’s a man, not a boy, he’s strong, muscular, capable (can drive while Jimin has no license), he can manhandle Jimin etc., yet he still treats Jimin gently (or not once in a while xD). I dunno how to phrase it so that it’s understandable, so I’ll just say it bluntly. I feel like he wanna be the man for Jimin… *oops, I said it*

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Again, these are just my thoughts, and I’m a shipper, I can be biased, delusional. Please don’t take everything I said too seriously.

At the end of the day, no one knows for sure what kind of relationship they have, and how they truly feel about each other. But one thing we’re sure, if these things they do are solely platonic, they sure have weird taste and hobbies there.

I’m sure I wanna discuss many things more, but I just can’t remember them at the moment. I hope this still somehow makes up for your long wait, thank you very much for turning to me to share your thoughts. I look forward to talking to you again 🌸🌺💜

Crass and Confident MC! Part 2

Back by popular demand, here is the continuation of how would our bold and snarky MC and our beloved Jumin slowly, but surely, fall for each other~ XDD

For those who are confused, here is Part 1

  • Somehow, there has been a subtle shift in the chatroom dynamics
  • MC was still her loud self, but somehow, she had gotten softer?
  • lol nah bro, she is still going strong.
  • But she didn’t seem to antagonize Jumin as much anymore.
  • Granted, he still got a verbal beating whenever Jaehee had to stay up later than two am worrying about HIS business.
  • Otherwise? Her scolding had all but degenerated to affectionate sarcasm.
  • Every now and then, she would do something that would always make him miss a beat.
  • Like when she found it VERY entertaining when Zen was recounting the time when he brought Elizabeth III to the RFA party once.
  • In her words “That was fucking genius!!! XDD”
  • And she was a bit more receptive to his projects, even if she was wary of any feline related ones.
  • He found himself calling her at least once a day.
  • Sometimes it’s to bounce off more ideas or getting a little bit of financial advice… but more because he wanted to listen to her speak.
  • Unlike the blazing persona she radiates in the chatrooms, on the phone she was…warmer and more comforting.
  • Days later, when the issues with Glam and Sarah Choi arose, he was exasperated that the rest were not taking him seriously enough.
  • But, with V being out of commission majority of the time, the messenger was the ONLY place he could vent.
  • But later on, when MC logged into the chatroom… oh lord.
  • 707 may or may not have added censorship after that particular tirade.
  • Her rant went all over the place. Sometimes it was cussing, followed by scarily detailed plots of murder, followed by more cussing, followed by actual legal things ways to fight this, to even more cussing.
  • She even called him straight after to ask about his mental state.
  • He assured her that he was fine, and that at these times it was best to keep a cool head, even if he felt that his father had finally crossed a line.
  • He didn’t realize that he was confiding in her until he heard the muffled yawn she was trying to hide.
  • Stopping abruptly, he deeply apologized for inconveniencing her like this, but she waved it off.
  • “Friends,” she yawned in the middle. “do that for each other.”
  • There was silence on the line, reminiscent to the one at their first phone call. Friends…?
  • She kept speaking; it was almost sleepy rambling at this point. “You can’t be afraid to let others know how you feel, you know? Like…I get it, you have that emotions are for the weak thing going on. But emotions aren’t a sign of weakness…I think they show strength, in fact…”
  • She kept talking even when she was most certainly at least half asleep… Jumin was finding this very endearing.
  • “I understand, MC” he said softly.
  • “You better be…cat mom…”  her voice was getting quieter and quieter
  • Jumin chuckled and bid his goodnight.

Hmm…. yeah…It’s been a while since I’ve done Jumin’s route so I’ve been looking back at the chat histories for this. I hope this satisfied all of you who oh so vehemently wanted a part two.

MC’s growing to be… quite the character. The first time around, I had kinda just based her off of some aspects of me. Especially when she’s scolding Jumin for the wasting money thing lol.

Darn, I didn’t even get to the last few days of Jumin’s route. Oh well~

-Admin Bloo

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Prompt?: Lance comes down with an illness, and Keith is instructed to take care of him. At first, Lance is milking it for all it's worth, enjoying Keith having to do things for him and whatnot. But his condition quickly begins to worsen, and he really DOES need help, Keith just assumes he's faking it for more attention? I'm a sucker for the "don't believe them until it's too late" sickfic trope. :D

yeEESSSS yes

I’m drunk so don’t hate me if this sucks lol

“Keeeeith,” Lance whined, “I need you.” Keith rubbed a hand down his face. 

“I’m going to kill him,” Keith confided in Pidge and Hunk. “I’m going to lose my shit, and there’s going to be a white-hot flash of light, and Lance will be dead, and I will feel nothing.”

“Oh, go easy on him,” Hunk smirked. “He’s sick.”

“He’s got a cold!”

“A space cold,” Pidge corrected, “and he’s lonely. He misses his family.”

Keith sighed. “I know that. I just wish I weren’t the one in charge of babysitting, you know? I’m so… not good at it.”

“That’s what you get, Typhoid Mary,” Pidge teased. Keith had been sick last week with a nasty cold, and Lance had been the only paladin brave enough to risk getting sick himself to care for Keith. He’d had to admit that it was nice, at the time. Lance was a good care-taker, even if it sometimes got a bit overwhelming. He’d been freaked, Keith could tell, about what might happen with this unidentified space virus, checking Keith’s temperature every hour and forcing him to drink water and eat soup. The attention ranged from much-needed, when Keith was awake and miserable, to downright suffocating, when Keith was trying to sleep or relax.

“You were pretty whiny, too,” Hunk reminded him, “But Lance never complained about it.”

“You’re right; you’re always right,” Keith admitted, throwing his hands up in mock surrender. The red paladin steeled himself and entered Lance’s room.

“What do you need?” he asked. 

“Will you read to me?” Lance asked, looking suspiciously innocent.

“I’m out of here,” Keith decided, turning quickly on one heel.

“Wait,” Lance stopped him, “For real. I’ve got a really bad headache.”

“Go to sleep,” Keith suggested. He felt for his friend, he did. But there was no way in hell he’d read to him.

“It hurts too much,” he admitted. “My sisters always used to read to me, and it helped me relax enough to fall asleep.”

“It’s not going to happen, Lance.”

“Shiro said you were supposed to take care of me,” Lance definitely-did-not-whine.

“Yeah, he said I had to make sure you didn’t die. He said nothing about entertainment.”

Lance huffed, which turned into a fit of harsh coughing. “Fine. Can you grab me something for my head?”

“You just took it half an hour ago,” Keith said, feeling genuinely sympathetic now. “You can’t take anything more for another three and a half hours.”

Lance looked disappointed. “Oh, okay. Thanks anyway,” he muttered, rolling over in his bed to try to sleep. Keith turned his lights off on the way out.

Sitting down to the table once more, Keith let his body sag into the chair tiredly. 

“How did Lance manage to do this for a whole week? It’s only been two days and I’m tired,” Keith said.

“Lance really cares about you,” Shiro joined from the doorway, having overheard Keith’s complaints. 

“It’s not that I don’t care!”

“You wouldn’t even read to him,” Hunk argued. “Not even a little. He’s in there, in pain, unable to sleep, and you wouldn’t read him a story. He didn’t even ask you to do funny voices.”

“You know that he would have,” Keith fought weakly, but he knew that Hunk was right. He wasn’t as good a friend as Lance.

“Lance is just a natural caretaker,” Shiro offered. “That’s why he’s so sick now–he ran himself ragged looking after you, Keith. You complained that he woke you up every hour to check your fever, but have you considered that means he was up every hour, too?”

“And at least you were sleeping during the day,” Pidge added. “Lance still had to do paladin training.”

Keith was stunned silent.

And he wouldn’t even read to the kid.


Keith stood again and walked back into Lance’s room.

“Hey, Lance?” he tried softly from the doorway.

“Go ‘way,” Lance muttered. He was shivering violently enough that Keith could see it from the door. 

“I’ll read to you, if you still want me to,” Keith offered. He had to physically lock his knees to prevent himself from sprinting away from how much he did not want to do this.

“No,” said the lump of covers that was the blue paladin. “Just leave me alone.”

“Come on, don’t be like that,” Keith tried.

“M’serious,” Lance insisted, “Fuck off, Keith.” 

Keith bristled at the language. 

“Look, I know you don’t feel well, but you’re being a baby,” Keith accused, stepping inside the room. “I’m trying my best.” He reached out and turned on a table lamp. Lance jerked away from even the dim light source, burying his face in the covers.

“Lance?” Keith called softly, uncertainly. 

“Turnitoffturnitoffturnitoff,” Lance pleaded, and Keith did so faster than he’d ever done anything in his life. His heart was pounding. 

“What’s the matter, Lance?”

“Head,” was seemingly all he could manage. 

Keith leaned in close to feel Lance’s forehead with his hand, and cursed at the blistering heat and uncomfortable dryness of his skin. Why hadn’t he made sure Lance was drinking water, as Lance had done for him while he was sick?

But Keith hadn’t been this sick. Like Shiro had said, Lance had run himself into the ground trying to take care of both Keith and all his normal paladin duties, and this was the result–he’d crashed and now he was burning.

“I’m gonna get Shiro,” Keith promised. Lance was shivering desperately still, teeth chattering. He didn’t reply.

“Shiro,” Keith cried breathlessly, sprinting into the common room. “He’s really sick.”

“What do you mean?” Pidge asked. “It’s just a cold; you had it, too.”

“I don’t know what happened to him,” Keith admitted, a pinkish tinge of panic coloring his voice. “His fever’s through the roof and I don’t know what to do.”

Shiro and the others followed Keith to Lance’s room, quarantine be damned. Lance wasn’t in his bed. 

“Where did he go?” Hunk asked to no one in particular.

“He’s in no condition to be wandering around,” Keith said. 

“If his fever’s as high as you say it is, he might be hallucinating,” Shiro deduced. “Split up. Call the rest of us on the comms if you find him.” 

Everyone took off in different directions in search of the blue paladin.

“He’s not in his lion,” Pidge supplied. “She seems really agitated.”

“She’s probably freaking out just as much as we are,” Hunk said. “He’s not in the kitchen.”

“Lance?” Shiro called. Where the hell had he hidden? “Come on out, buddy, we want to help you.”

“Guys, I’ve got him,” Keith finally announced. “He’s under my goddamn bed.” Lance was indeed sprawled halfway under Keith’s bed, looking like he’d passed out where he stood.

“What?” came a chorus of concerned voices.

“What’s he doing in there?” Shiro asked.

“He had a headache,” Keith said. “He asked me to give him something for it, but it was too early. The light hurt his eyes when I came into his room. I think he came in here because it’s dark and quiet.”

“Why yours?” Hunk asked.

“Lance?” Keith tried. “Lance, buddy, what are you doing out here?”

“Gotta check Keith’s fever,” Lace replied, a slurred, worrisome mess.

“I’m right here, remember?” Keith asked. “I’m all better now. You took good care of me.”

“I did?” Lance asked, blinking owlishly at the red paladin. He seemed barely able to keep his eyes open.

“Yeah, you did.”

Lance pressed the palms of his hands hard into his closed eyes, looking pitiful and pained. “My head hurts,” he admitted.

“I know, bud,” Keith soothed. “You’ve got a fever. I’m gonna take care of you now.”

wicdiv 31 thoughts

i didn’t post anything last month because i got my issue pretty late and was busy in general, but thankfully i got 31 a few days ago and decided to write down all of my thoughts while i have time! (and to distract myself from some…wildly complicated email problems. technology is hard and if i was ananke i’d just make woden work in an IT call center as a punishment. sucks for him but great for the rest of us amirite?)

  • speaking of woden, i looked at the back cover quote as i was leaving my comic book store and laughed. “that’s your problem.” that’s 30% of woden’s character right there.
  • gillen’s right, i do want persephone’s leggings. i wonder where she shops and if she actually goes and buys clothing in broad daylight or if she sneaks around just before closing to get stuff when there’s less people.
  • i get more invested in sakhmet/persephone with every issue. more than a party, sakhmet’s inviting persephone to her favorite place, which we later see is the museum from issue 17. not sex not drinking not fighting! this is as sober as sakhmet gets on her own and she wanted persephone’s company. excuse me while i cry…
    • also persephone’s ‘be safe’ has a lot of emotion in it, but especially because that third panel is when you see that she’s making the decision to do something that might make sahmet considerably less safe
  • that face dio’s making to cass and woden? i’ve made the exact same face at 1am as i tried desperately to stay awake studying. also when i’ve had to drag drunk friends back to their rooms. the True Exhaustion face
  • another point about clothes- where is cass getting hers? persephone wears stuff that i could see being sold anywhere from forever 21 to st laurent, but cass’s wardrobe is much more custom and verging towards costume-y at times. lots of capes, which i love but where is she buying them? how expensive are they?
    • these are questions baal probably texts to cass on a weekly basis. he texts them to ammy on a daily basis with a lot of upset emojis because she has no concept of a clothing budget.
  • cass might be right about dio’s health being fucked, but she looks absolutely translucent- i wonder if her neglect of her health contributed to woden being able to take her down later on or if woden was just able to plan everything really well.
  • “like all great prophets” made me think about similarities between the greek cassandra and wicdiv cass. cassandra always told the truth but was never believed. wicdiv cass loves telling ‘truths’ to other people but isn’t quick to believe things about herself. or at least she takes new information and processes it in a way that’s already compatible with the way she thinks and how she’s ordered her world. ananke just transformed her into a god? well it’s still bullshit but i’m gonna roll up my sleeves and figure some things out!
  • anyway one of the things i love about cass this issue was after woden told her that dio likes her, she immediately went to dio to try and figure out what was going on. communication!
    • dio single-handedly ended the concept of the friendzone AND declared that his big motivation is just making people happy
    • i’m crying in the club just re-reading this
    • actually i feel like the crying in the club meme is a great wicdiv meme in general
  • persephone’s contact picture for baal is his cover from a few issues back…interesting that it’s that and not, idk, a candid picture or selfie or something. much less personal.
  • i can feel baal yelling through the phone lmao
  • i too have always wanted to rave inside a giant brain
    • one of my profs always liked to say that you have more connections in your brain than there are stars in the galaxy, and i thought of that the moment i saw the page. i think dio would like it too.
  • i died at ammy mentioning cass yelling at them through the phone
    • baal and cass are the mom and dad friends who express concern and affection through a lot of loud, aggressive yelling about responsibility and property damage
    • to me this was another quiet but interesting bit that fleshed out baal and cass’s relationship- “she is very mean.” “yeah, but she was right.” they disagree on many things and have spirited fights but i do believe that each of them have a healthy amount of respect for the other.
  • ammy saying she’s the best performer is……very ammy
  • i’m not really sure what woden’s endgame is here. all i’ve got is “shithead god doing shithead god things”
    • i mean really what does he need 44,444 people for…is he trying to tap into their brainpower to solve some kind of problem? am i only saying that because of the giant glowing brain?
  • love the way mckelvie drew sakhmet looking at the statues- lots of emotion in there 
  • oh ammy….
    • i feel like i’ll eventually have more to say about her death but even when i was reading the issue my reaction was “oh… OHH SHIT OH…oh wow” and then i went back to sipping on my matcha latte. part of that is that ammy was never a character i got attached to and i think part of it is that i haven’t really been in wicdiv analysis mode in a couple of months. more thoughts will be coming soon i’m sure!
  • oh also i read the whole issue while listening to “set it off ( 觸發)” by lu han which i think was a good choice. the chorus goes “our bodies are on the countdown/ love like a boom/ blow it up” so, y’know

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Hey! I'm the anon who sent you the angst fic request. Thank you for your kind answer and I totally understand, it's a huge a fanfic to write. I love reading but I'm not good at writing, I have no talent for that especially in English because it's not my native idiom. I hope for someone who reads your blog takes an interest on the idea :) So for the fic request how about a what if Chichi discovers she's a half sayan from her mother's side, how would Son family react to that.

Author Notes: 9 months ago this came to my inbox; so sorry for the super long wait, anon, if you’re still around. I took a little time before writing this, debating about what time period to place this and finally decided on Cell Games before the, uh, actual Cell Games. There isn’t much to it and I apologize. I’m not good at this kind of scenario, I don’t think. It’s more of a conversation between Goku and Chi-Chi than anything. Ah, well. I tried.

(Funny note: I was kinda tempted to title this “I’m a What?!” but I refrained. Lol…)

Pairing/Characters: Goku x Chi-Chi

Time Period: Peaceful Days before Cell Games

Words: 1,162

Rated: K+ / PG

Title: A Hidden Truth

At first, she had been surprised by the news. Her father had come to her the other day, having gone through piles of forgotten boxes in his castle. Boxes filled with things from her mother. One of which was a letter addressed to her. A letter that revealed a very…interesting…secret.

So her mother was a Saiyan.

That was a strange thought. What were the odds? Why? How?

Chi-Chi sighed and shook her head. It didn’t matter. She’d been staring at the letter for hours as Goku lazed around the house and Gohan went on an errand for her. She really didn’t know how to process the information. Or what to do with it.

Though she supposed she should tell her husband at least. And Gohan would deserve to know, too. Gohan had more Saiyan blood in him than they’d thought, apparently. Goku would be surprised, she was sure. Huh. What would Goku do?

Well, she could find out easily enough. Chi-Chi smirked as she stepped out of the bedroom, tying her hair up into a bun on her head, letting her bangs hang loosely for now. To be honest, the information didn’t really mean much to her in the end. She wasn’t going to change a thing about herself. Her past didn’t change who she was or what she liked to do with her spare time. Fighting was a thing of the past to her, even if it was more in her blood than she’d ever considered.

But what would Goku think?

Humming to herself, Chi-Chi walked into the living room where Krillin and Goku were hanging out on the floor. Goku looked exhausted. Or bored. Maybe she’d been pushing too hard in the bedroom lately, not leaving him much time to sleep. Or he was just yawning because he had nothing to entertain himself, though he was usually pretty good at finding ways to entertain himself. Granted, he hadn’t been training much since him and Gohan had returned from their training, since they came back to her as those Super Saiyan things with the golden hair and teal colored eyes. She sighed and crossed her arms. Well. Maybe she could tease Goku a bit with this new information. Just to see his reaction.

“Goku,” she said as she hung by the doorway, gaining his immediate attention. “Can I talk to you alone for a moment?”

Her husband blinked, glanced to Krillin, and then climbed to his feet. “Sure?”

Chi-Chi slid her way into the kitchen, leaning against the wall next to the doorway. It wasn’t that she was trying to hide any information from Krillin or anything. She just wanted to see Goku’s reaction without getting Krillin’s on top of it.

When Goku walked in, he tilted his head, eyes watching her carefully, as if he could read the look in her eyes already and was wary. “What is it, Chi-Chi?”

“I just received a letter from my father.”

“Uh huh?” When she didn’t go on, he reached up to scratch the back of his head. “And?”

“It came from my mother.”

She paused again and Goku practically whined, stepping around to get closer and lean one hand on the wall next to her. “Okay, Chi-Chi, what’s this about? Why -”

“Apparently my mother was a Saiyan.”

There it was. The instant shock. His words stopped almost instantly and his mouth hung open for a bit. She could see his mind working as his eyes looked her over. He even glanced down as if searching for a tail. Chi-Chi had to hold back a giggle. Why would she suddenly have a tail now? That didn’t make any sense. But her husband could be silly sometimes, and she supposed it was a decent knee-jerk reaction.

“A what? Really?”

Chi-Chi nodded, then giggled ‘cause he was having more trouble processing the information than she was. “Yeah, apparently I’m a half-Saiyan. Which makes Gohan more than just a half.”

“Huh…” Goku said, pulling back and crossing his arms. “So does this mean you’re gonna want to fight Cell now?”

The look in his eyes, the slight frown on his face, clearly showed her that he wouldn’t be happy with such a decision. But he never had been one to hold her back from what she wanted. He didn’t even try to hold her back. In fact, she practically ran the house and he let her do whatever she deemed important. Though that strange mix of fear in his eyes meant he might actually try to argue with her if she said she did want to join him on the battlefield.

Chi-Chi simply rolled her eyes. “Oh please. I’m not going to change and suddenly get stronger or crave fighting as much as you just because of the new information.”

“Oh,” Goku breathed. “Okay.”

She raised an eyebrow at his obvious relief. “You like that, huh?”

Goku shrugged. “Well, Saiyan or not, I don’t know if I’d be comfortable with you on the battle. It’s hard enough having Gohan sometimes, but I trained him enough now to not be as worried. But you…”

“I know, I know,” she said, waving a hand in the air. “I’m still pretty weak compared to you guys.”

To her surprise, Goku frowned at her words. He mumbled something under his breath that she couldn’t hear. Before she could pressure him into explaining, he had his hands on her shoulders. And his lips to hers. A quick little peck as he whispered.

“You’re strong enough, Chi. You don’t have to call yourself weak.”

Her heart melted a little at the words, recognizing that he was trying to reassure her and not allow her to even slightly insult herself, regardless of how true her statement was. “That’s sweet of you, Goku, but, really, I’m no match for any monster you fight. And I don’t really want to be. I’d rather you two not fight at all, but I know holding you back isn’t going to work. I’d at least feel better if I knew Gohan wasn’t fighting.”

Before he could interrupt, she went on, “But, well, it doesn’t matter. Interesting information, huh? Knowing I’m a little closer to you than we previously thought?”

“You’re always close to me,” Goku mumbled, but then he laughed. “I guess it explains a lot, though.”

When he didn’t explain further, Chi-Chi narrowed her eyes. He actually smiled at her and pulled back, stretching his arms. So much for a crazy period of shock. He accepted it almost easier than she did. Because, well, she’d already told him once that it didn’t matter what his roots were – he was Goku regardless of his heritage. And she was the same.

Still… “Explains what?”

Goku smirked and leaned in to whisper in her ear. What he said made her blush and smack him lightly on his arm. Bringing their bedtime antics into this was the last thing she had expected.

Though, she guessed, he did have a point.

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Athlete AU

Oooo I’m going to use a good old fashioned trope here.

Aaron isn’t good at sports, not that he hasn’t tried, it’s just he’s got terrible hand eye coordination and his heart’s not really in it. But that’s okay, he’s good at plenty of other stuff, academic stuff. So whatever.

But Hercules? He’s the captain of the g-damned football team and he is ripped and sculpted like a greek god! He loves football, he’s super smart, a real catch *lol sports puns* The rest of the squad are also on the team and they all have a gay old time (ahahhAHADH) Until one day WHOOPS Herc’s running late and is sprinting through the halls and runs straight into Aaron and they both fall to the ground and Aaron’s books and papers go flying.

“Jesus, can’t you watch where you’re going!?” 

But Herc’s not listening, he’s staring at this adorable boy he’s fallen on top of, in his little polo shirt, and Herc is just gone, he’s so far gone in that second it’s too late, he’s in love. Aaron of course is trying to push him off b/c he’s going to be late for his English class. The squad shows up and are like, “Mulligan c’mon you’re late and he’s like oh shit yeah so he scrambles off of Aaron and runs off leaving poor Burr to gather up all of his papers and books and stuff alone.

And then Hercules just can’t stop thinking about him, and looking for him in the hallway and at lunch time, (turns out he sits with Jefferson, who’s also on the football team, and his boyfriend James Madison) and he just starts hanging around him more and more, doing that weird thing where Aaron closes his locker and Herc’s just there, ready with a cheesy pick up line and terrible flirtations. He’s got it bad. And Aaron thinks he’s just playing him, b/c there’s just no way the CAPTAIN OF THE FOOTBALL TEAM would be into Aaron Burr, Captain of Nothing. So he ignores him. But Herc thinks he’s just playing hard to get and we know how he loves a challenge. 

So he keeps at it, following him around, buying him lunch, even hanging around with Jefferson and Madison when Aaron’s with them, until finally he comes up to Aaron’s locker again and Aaron rolls his eyes.

“You doing anything later?”

“Why?” Aaron’s suspicious.

“Cause if you’re free, do you wanna go out somewhere….with me?”

And Aaron loses it, yells at him, telling him to stop making fun of him! And Herc has no idea what he’s talking about and says as much. Aaron slams his locker shut and tells him to leave. him. alone. and storms off, leaving Hercules very confused, alone in the hallway. And then Aaron’s avoiding him, sees him coming and just turns the other way, gets up from lunch tables and leaves, the whole shebang. 

And Herc’s confused and upset b/c wtf he’s not trying to make fun of Aaron he just wants to date him! Also his pride’s a little hurt too, b/c no one usually shoots him down, i mean look at him, he’s gorgeous. So he corners Aaron, in the same hallway they first ran into each other.

“Move. I have to get to class.”

“No, we have to talk.”

“There’s nothing to talk about, now move.”

“I want to date you!”

Aaron laughs bitterly, “You don’t have to keep doing this, i figured out your game, and i’m not interested in being made a fool of.”

He tries to move, but Herc traps him with his arms on either side of him.

“This isn’t a game, I’m being serious.”

And now Aaron’s having doubts. But that little voice is telling him it’s all lies.

“Stop it.”

“Why won’t you believe me!?”

And Aaron can’t answer b/c he doesn’t KNOW why! He just knows that someone like Hercules isn’t supposed to like someone like him, so he stutters, trying to find words to communicate this, but then Herc’s leaning forward, and kisses him quickly. Now, Aaron’s REALLY speechless. And then they hear cheering and look over at the squad who are watching them and like “YEA HERC KISS HIM AGAIN!”

“At least give me a chance.” Hercules whispers to Aaron.

“Mmmmmm.” he’s blushing real bad here, “fine.”

And Hercules just grins super wide, kisses him again, and then it’s time for football practice and his friends drag him outside, but not before he yells,

“Wait for me by my truck after school! It’s the blue one.”

Aaron knows it’s the blue one.


Cyber Love | Swanchester AU: Emma and Henry have been living their new cursed lives in New York for six months. Henry grows worried about his mom’s love life. Without her knowing, he creates a dating profile for her. When she gets matched with Dean Winchester, Henry sets up a face-to-face date for the pair.

“Macaroni and cheese tonight, or pizza?” Emma asked, making sure the crosswalk was clear before they crossed the street. “I figured I could whip up a big pan of those big twisty noodles you like and bake it with some crumbs on top.”

She waited for a response, but none came.

“Or… we could pick up a pie from Royal Pizza and pig out in front of a movie.”

Silence. She could almost hear the imaginary crickets chirping.

“Or I can make some chimera for dinner. That’s one part lion, one part serpent, and one part goat,” she said facetiously, finally looking over her shoulder to face her son and see what had captivated his attention so fully.

Henry shook his head, his eyes still glued to the screen on his phone as he followed her. “I’m listening to you. Mac and cheese.”

Emma slowed down her pace, wrapping her arm around Henry as they continued down the sidewalk. She sighed. “Ya’know kid, we had an agreement when I got you that phone. That you wouldn’t spend all your free time on it and when someone’s speaking to you, you look up.”

“I know, mom,” he replied, finally looking up to meet her gaze. “But it’s a, uh… a project.”

“For school?” Henry hesitated; Emma knew what that meant. “What kind of project?”

He reluctantly handed his phone to his mother. “Before you get mad and yell at me, just hear me out. I’m worried about you, mom.”

“Worried about me?” Emma’s brow creased at her son’s words as they stopped in front of their apartment building’s gate. Finally, she looked down at the screen.

A picture of her.

A few months prior, the mother of one of Henry’s school friends was taking a photography class and asked the pair to volunteer as models. One of the pictures of just Emma was on her son’s phone screen. She scrolled down and began to read the description under the photo.

“Emma Swan. Age: 30 years old. Location: Manhattan, New York, United States. Seeking: Men – wait a minute. Is this a dating site?” Emma asked, shooting her head up toward her son. “Henry, why would you – do you know how dangerous it is to put private information out on the web? We went over this when you got your computer.”

“I know, mom! But you need a boyfriend. You haven’t dated anyone in years.

Emma sighed, shaking her head as she unlocked the gate and continued toward the building. “First of all, I don’t need a boyfriend. Second, it is neither your job nor your responsibility to worry about my love life. It is not another one of your clever operations that you –“ Henry cringed slightly; Emma groaned. “Oh, you’ve already given it a name, haven’t you?”

“Operation Swan Match,” he said proudly, following his mother as they walked up the stairs. “Come on, mom. You don’t even go out on dates any more. I thought something was going to happen with that Walsh guy when we first moved here, but you pushed him away. You didn’t even give him a chance.”

Emma swallowed. Truth was, she had given him a chance. They’d gone out to lunch, but that’d been as far as it went. Something just didn’t feel right, and Emma had learned a long time ago to trust her gut. She cleared her throat. “I have certain standards, kid. And there’s no shame in that.”

Henry shook his head. “Just give this a shot. Look,” he took the phone from her and scrolled through the site, “I already found this guy who scored a 95% on the personality match. He’s from Kansas, but he travels a lot.”

He handed the phone back to Emma and she gave it a look. “Impala67? What a cheesy username,” she said with a scoff, unlocking their apartment door.

Henry chuckled. “Yours is YellowBug83.”

“Oh,” Emma said, embarrassed. She continued to scroll down his profile. “Dean Winchester. Thirty-five years old.”

“What do you think of his picture?”

Emma scrolled back up and looked at it closer. She shrugged. “He’s handsome, I’ll give him that. A little too blue steel for my taste, but still.”

“What’s blue steel?”

Emma chuckled. “It’s from a movie you’re too young to see yet.”

Henry grinned. “So you like him? Good! Because I already contacted him and he’ll be in town tomorrow with his brother to work on a job.”

“Henry! That’s incredibly dangerous and not to mention a mild form of identity theft. What if this guy is married or stores bodies in his freezer? I’m just not comfortable with the whole online thing.”

“That’s why you’re meeting him this weekend,” Henry said with a satisfied smile. “It’s dinner at that Ostria restaurant tomorrow. I’ve already made plans to spend the night at Tim’s, but I require updates to make sure that you’re safe.”

Emma exhaled deeply as she looked down at the phone screen, and then up at her son. “Fine. But if he turns out to be crazy, you’re grounded. Now, can we get started on dinner already? I’m starving.”


“So, this woman thinks her cat is possessed by a demon,” Sam started, reading through the paper in his hands as he took a sip of his coffee, “because she’s avoiding her, giving her mean glares, and making demonic hissing noises in the middle of the night. That’s the case? That’s why we’re in Manhattan?” he asked his brother, sitting in the seat across from him.

“Mm-hmm,” Dean replied, holding his burger in one hand and his phone in the other.

Sam shook his head, taking another bite of his salad. “Sounds like a regular cat to me. Besides, since when did we start exorcising pets?”

Dean didn’t reply. His phone beeped; the third time in five minutes.

“Dude, you are blowing up. Who is that?”

Dean shrugged. “Just, uh, ya’know, those alert thingys.”

“For what?” Sam asked, creasing his brow.

Throwing his phone on the table, Dean sighed. “Uh, ya’know. Monster stuff.” Sam nodded unconvinced, then reached across the table and snatched his phone. “Woah, hey, come on! No, give it back!”

“Wa-what?” Sam asked, acting innocent. “Why?”

“Because privacy… and stuff.”

“Oh, privacy,” Sam said with a chuckle. He looked down at the screen, his mouth falling. It was the last thing he ever imagined. “You’re on a dating site?”

Dean stayed quiet for a moment, his lips narrowed in a line. Finally, he rose his hands in surrender. “You know what, yeah. Don’t knock it till you try it.”

Sam scrolled through his profile, then laughed. “Nice screen name Dean. Impala67,” he said in a deep voice, mimicking his brother.

“Alright, give it back. Come on.”

Sam continued to look through the site. He clicked on the conversation he was in, “Emma, huh? There are quite a few messages here. They sound pretty serious.”

A defeated sigh left Dean’s lungs as he finally dropped trying to hide it from Sam. He smiled, “Yeah, check out her page.”

Sam opened up her profile. “Wow. She’s actually really pretty. And, well… normal.”

“What does that mean?” Dean asked, his brow furrowing.

“I guess I was just expecting, um… less clothes.”

Dean chuckled, which surprised Sam. Dean didn’t always take dating seriously; his outings with women usually ended when he either ran out of ones or drove off after a night in the sack. The older brother took another sip of his beer before he continued, “Well, that’s how it started. But then I got paired with yellowbug83 and we scored a 95% on the personality match.”

Sam scoffed. “Yeah but that doesn’t exactly count if you use fake information –“ Dean’s brow creased. “Wait, you actually used real answers for this thing? And not just answers that would pair you with as many loose and freaky women as possible?”

“No – but that’s not a bad idea. I should have thought about that.”

Sam shook his head, going back to the phone in his hand to scroll through the woman’s profile. “She actually seems really awesome. Maybe… too awesome?”

“Is that bad?”

“No, it’s not bad. It’s too good to be true for a woman like this to be available.”

Dean scoffed. “I’m sorry, is it so hard to believe that an attractive, red-blooded American female could be interested in someone like me?”

“You realize there’s no guarantee that Emma,” he used air quotes, “is even Emma. I mean, for all we know it could be some Canadian trucker or 70 year old witch disguised as a model look alike. She probably doesn’t even live –“ he looked back down at her profile, rereading where she was located. “Wait a minute, she lives in Manhattan. Emma is the demon cat, isn’t she? We detoured four hours so you could get laid?”

Dean cleared his throat, fidgeting in his seat a little. “I don’t know, uh - hopefully. I mean, we’re gonna go out to dinner tomorrow night at some fancy restaurant. Which reminds me, I need to get the fed suit out of the back and hang it up.”

“Woah, fancy restaurant? Suit? This sounds like a real date.”

“Yeah,” Dean replied, wondering where the confusion was. “You know, I do know how to go on a date, Sammy.” His brother only stared at him, a look of both shock and confusion rest on his face. Dean sighed. “Look, just give me the weekend. I want to at least meet her, okay? The world isn’t gonna end because the Winchesters took a night off.”

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a scenario where bertl's partner meets reiner for the first time and he embarrasses the hell out of poor bertl? (lol)

“Reiner, this is my partner, ___.” Bertholdt looks and sounds uneasy as he wraps an arm around their shoulders. He’d warned them countless times before that Reiner could be a bit much for someone meeting him the first time, but they simply brushed it off. The man couldn’t be that bad if their precious boyfriend had been his friend for so long. Reiner’s eyes lit up happily, lunging over to them to shake their hand. They jump at the fast movement, but take his large hand in theirs nonetheless.

“Wow, how’d you manage to get someone this cute, Bert?” Reiner asks, smiling as if he hadn’t said anything embarrassing. Bertholdt’s face lit up in a crimson color, matching his partner’s. Reiner only laughs, shaking his head in what seemed to be admiration. “No wonder you guys are dating. You seem similar.” His voice seemed to be quieter now, more calm. He leaned back in the wooden café chair, looking at the couple who sat across from him.

“Did you want anything, Bertholdt?” They ask softly, leaning over his shoulder to look at the menu he’d been holding. He immediately stiffened, not used to them being so direct in front of someone they’d just met. The blond counterpart didn’t seem to care much, though, eyeing a big sundae a waitress had carried out for a different table. “Hey, can we get one of those?” He asks, turning back to face them, but immediately clamps a hand over his mouth. “Oh, never mind. Sorry, I forgot Bert.”

Bertholdt gives him a look that should have made anyone else shiver, but Reiner only laughs. His partner seems to be interested in their exchange, turning the attention to them with a question of their own. “Why would you be sorry? Do you not like ice cream?” They look at Reiner, before directing their question to their boyfriend. He makes a groaning noise, shaking his head as a signal for them to drop it.

So, they did. Until Reiner is almost in tears from laughing so hard. “Did you actually not tell them? Oh my god, please tell me you actually ate some ice cream with them for a date once. Did your mom conveniently call straight afterward?” Reiner’s laugh is loud and almost contagious, if they had known what he’d been talking about. They did eat ice cream once, and Bertholdt did have to leave right after, but his mom hadn’t called him.

Reiner,” Bertholdt says in unusually calm and strong voice. “I swear to god, you promised you wouldn’t do anything stupid today.” Bertholdt’s arms are crossed in front of his body, trying to hide his shakiness from both of the other people at the table. Reiner raises his hands up in mock defense.

“Sorry, sorry. I just figured that’d be something you’d at least mention.”  ___ had started to get mad. What was so important, and why didn’t their dear boyfriend tell them about it?

“What in the world are you talking about?” They ask a little too loudly, getting the attention from a few nearby customers. Their head goes down immediately, interested in what kind of tablecloth the café used rather than the surroundings around them.

“Well you see,” Reiner starts.

“Reiner, don’t.” Bertholdt interrupts.

“Bertl here has a bit of a condition.”


“He’s lactose intolerant. He has it pretty bad. It’s all embarrassing, yeah? That’s not the most attractive thing, trust me, I know.” Reiner makes waves his hand in the air as if there’d been a bad smell, making the lightbulb above their head tick with realization.

“Oh my god.” Bertholdt murmurs from behind his hands that had been covering their face. He feels the body next to him shaking, making him peek over his hands just enough to see them trying to hold back from laughing too hard.

“You’re a riot, kid.” Neither of the men were sure just who they were talking to, but Reiner gives them a quick thank you anyway. “Why wouldn’t you just tell me?” They ask, turning their attention to their tall boyfriend. A small snort resounded in their throat after they asked, but they quickly tried to cover it up with a cough.

“Oh, yeah, because a lactose intolerant boyfriend is really attractive. Okay, ___.” Both Reiner and ___’s eyebrows raise at Bertholdt’s sudden sass, making them laugh even harder. His face pales a bit once he realizes what he’d said.

“I didn’t mean that.”

“I know you didn’t, sweetie.” They say in a fake caring tone, patting their boyfriend’s back in a very uncomfortable manner. “That sundae did look pretty good though. How about Reiner and I share that and you can get something of your choice?” They ask, looking for a compromise.

Reiner only nods enthusiastically, already looking through the menu to see what kind of options the café had. Betholdt seems less excited, but still agrees to their offer quietly. The trio eats fairly quickly, parting ways outside of the building. It was a nice day, a breeze going by and ruffling their clothes. Bertholdt closes a hand around his partner’s as they walk down the sidewalk.

“He wasn’t such a bad guy. I don’t see why you were so worried.”

“You’re right. Can’t wait to hear about all the stories your best friend will have about you when I meet them next weekend.” Bertholdt smiles coyly, looking up at the blue sky above them. ___ stops walking, making Bert turn to look back at them.

“You wouldn’t dare.” They say in the most intimidating voice they could muster. “I’m pretty sure I would.” He says back, pulling them along down the sidewalk once more.

Happy New Year’s Eve, everyone! 2016 hasn’t been the best in many, many ways, including my writing. It’s been an extremely stressful year between school, college apps, and more, uh, global issues, and as a result I’ve spent less time on tumblr, less time talking to you guys, and definitely less time writing. Regardless, I managed to get 73,980 words written, which, while not nearly as many as last time, is still pretty good for this Hell Year. So here’s a huge thank you to everyone who’s continued to support me and read my writing. I love and appreciate you and your kind words so, so much, and here’s a roundup of the fics I managed to get out this year: 

A Different Kind of Alpha
Derek regains his footing and stands over the man, who can’t be more than twenty. He has brown hair and what might be moles, but it’s hard to tell past the layer of blood and grime he’s covered in. At the very least, Derek’s sure they’ve never met before.

The man looks up at him with wide eyes, his entire body trembling.

“I’m Derek Hale,” Derek begins again, letting his eyes bleed red to make his point. “Alpha of the-”

The man cuts him off once more, this time by passing out. From the looks of him, it’s a wonder it didn’t happen sooner. 


In which Stiles is kidnapped by the alpha pack and manages to escape after two months of torture, only to end up on the territory of yet another alpha. Luckily for him, it turns out to be one Derek Hale, who definitely got more than he bargained for when he went to investigate a strange noise. 

To Make It Right

In a society where the werewolves have been enslaved by the humans, Derek has had enough owners to know who the real monsters are. He’s also had enough to know not to trust a word out of Stiles’ mouth, no matter how nice an act he puts on.The only thing that’s kept Derek going for all these years is guilt. Now, though, he has a mission that might just allow him to set some of this right.

If only he can get away from Stiles.


In which Derek’s been abused all his life, Stiles just wants to show him he’s not like his past owners, and they’ve both got a plan. The only question is, whose is more flawed?

Pack Human Things and Star Wars Slings
In a fit of desperation, though it’s more likely to result in Stiles’ hand being bitten off than anything else, he flings out an arm to shove the hulking hellhound away. Well, at least he tries to. What actually happens is that his forearm barely makes it six inches off the ground before weakly flopping back down, sending pain shooting up his arm.

Fuck, what did this thing do to his shoulder?

Stiles cries out incoherently, trying to get someone’s attention. No one else shows up, though, and a moment later the creature looms even closer, and looks him right in the eyes. Oh, good. At least this whole thing is satisfying for someone. Right as Stiles is about to tear his gaze away and try to come to terms with his own mortality in a matter of seconds, the monster’s eyes flash blue. Stiles doesn’t think he’s ever been so relieved in his life.

“Not a monster,” he slurs, mostly to himself. “J’st Derek. Thank fuck.”


‘Stiles dislocates his shoulder in battle and Derek has to reset it’ au

Think of Me Fondly 

Perhaps the worst part of this whole situation, worse than the torture and the pain and the desperation, is that Stiles is here to watch it all.

Well, not Stiles. Not really.

Derek realized long ago that the man before him is only a hallucination, a horrible trick conjured up by his lonely, strained, pitiful mind. He supposes some small part of himself finds the idea of Stiles being here comforting. For the rest of him? It’s torture. Well, torture on torture. It’s almost too much, the way Not-Stiles looks at him with those big, brown eyes, like he’s sad and angry and hopeless all at once.

Derek knows the feeling.


In which Derek is kidnapped, and after a head injury, begins to hallucinate Stiles. It doesn’t take long for the hallucinations to go from a nuisance to Derek’s safe space, nor does it take long after Derek’s rescue for him to spill a secret to the real Stiles.

It’s a Wonderful Life 

“Yeah,” he says, rolling his eyes. “You’re right, Stiles. Maybe it’d just be better if I was never born at all.”

“Hmm,” Stiles says. “Huh.” He starts talking to the ceiling again, and Derek’s seriously beginning to wonder if this guy escaped from Eichen. “You think that would work? Hmm. Yeah, I getcha. Alright.” He looks back at Derek. “You’ve got your wish.”


“You’ve never been born.“

“You’re crazy,” Derek huffs. “Absolutely out of your mind.”

“The jury’s still out on that one,” Stiles says, shrugging. “But I suggest you take a quick look in the mirror.”

Derek’s reluctant to look away from a potential hunter, but what he sees when he glances over is enough to make him full-on turn his back to the man. He staggers forward and grabs at the sink, using it to hold himself up.

His eyes are glowing gold.

Not red. Not even blue.



It’s a Wonderful Life AU in which Derek wishes he were never born, Stiles is angel who sets out to show him just how terrible that would be, and things turn out far better than anyone could’ve expected.


Sterek Christmas | Stoyd Kiss | Sterek Teens | Sterek Pickup Line | McHaleinski Stuck in a Tree | Stisaac Cuddling | Sterek in a Jungle | Scerek Hospital | Sterek Famous Musician | Sciles Summer Camp | Sciles Paramedic | Allira Music Festival

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You didn't prove anything, sarada herself literaturly says "What it means to be an uchiha anyway" in chapter 1 I doubt she even knows the truth about itachi, hell I doubt if sakura herself knows the truth, she couldn't even remember if the man she spent her life chasing after wore glasses or not. Sarada doesn't like sasuke, period she said so herself in chapter 7 that she wants nothing to do with "that person" she doesn't want to be like him at all. When sasuke came back he trained boruto con.

con. for the exams and neglected his own daughter and from the looks of it he still neglects her since boruto knows how to use a sword now and wears sasuke’s cape while sarada can ever be a tsunade carbon copy version 2

 con. the other fathers raised their children, they were there for them, you not saying them interact in the movie doesn’t mean that the bond of a father who is always there for child is weaker than sasuke and sarada’s non-existence bond. You just con’t form a bond with a father you didn’t see for 12 years that is equally as strong after having one dinner together. I doubt sasuke will ever train sarada or spend time with family since he left at the end of the novel because his forests need him.

Oh yeah and those similarities you listed don’t mean anything, sarada can’t control her genes and the colour of her hair, hell she hates his favourite food and doesn’t have any connection with him and when I say connection I don’t mean the you’re connected me because I'me connected to your mom bullshit, something that is for them alone, that’s what they don’t have,you would probably just tell me to get off anon and come clear trying to make yourself feel superior (I don’t have tumblr) con.

con. just because you can’t refute what I just said

Really? Lol. Okay, you obviously didn’t get the hint the first time, so I’ll go into more detail this time around.

“You didn’t prove anything.”

No Anon, I proved a lot.

  • You said that Sasuke and Sarada have a non-existent relationship, I proved that wrong.
  • You said that Sarada knows nothing about Sasuke, I proved that wrong.
  • You said that Sarada and Sasuke definitely share no similarities whatsoever, I proved that wrong as well.

“Oh yeah and those similarities you listed don’t mean anything, sarada can’t control her genes and the colour of her hair”

Well I’m afraid that was your own fault for making such utterly ridiculous statements just to satiate your own hatred for the pairing. If you don’t like them, then at least make points that are actually relevant. Because if you make a claim as stupid as “They definitely share no similarities whatsoever”, then I don’t see how you can expect to not be proven wrong, when yes, it can literally be disproven by simple facts including that they both have the Sharingan, they both have black hair etc.

But hey, to further refute your claims, just because I can, here are two other similarities that don’t depend on genetics at all. Firstly, they both share the same mannerisms:

And secondly, they are both very naturally gifted with Shurikenjutsu and wire based techniques.

Boruto tells Sasuke that Shurikenjutsu is Sarada’s speciality in the movie, and he thinks that’s because she’s his daughter:

And Sarada demonstrated her proficiency with the technique not only in Gaiden where she threw 3 shurikens simultaneously at Mini Shin with immaculate accuracy, but also during the Chuunin exams where she managed to save Boruto through the use of her wires:

And in the following scene, Sasuke proved to Boruto that the fact that Sarada was his daughter meant nothing in regards to her skill with Shurikenjutsu; she was simply very good at it, just like her father, who among other examples, demonstrated his proficiency with projectiles against Itachi:

Summoning multiples shurikens with ease and throwing them at different angles, yet they all reached the same destination:

So yeah, you’ve been proven wrong Anon, again.

Now to continue refuting what you said.

You didn’t answer my previous question. What do you think it means to be an Uchiha? What do you think it means to be a part of any clan? Because as I said before, nothing constitutes being part of a clan other than the factors that I stated, so what are you anti extremists trying to prove by reiterating the same drivel over and over for the past year? Because not only is this point so obnoxiously inane, but it’s being taken out of context anyway.

Just prior to the example which you seemed so proud of using, Sarada’s head was full of questions regarding what things meant, as well as their purpose:

Sarada was questioning the very meaning of being a ninja Anon, so of course if someone indicates that she’s good at being a ninja, she’d respond by saying that she doesn’t know what that means. That’s what she was referring to, not the being an Uchiha part. How could she know what it meant to be a skillful ninja who “could breeze through the exam with [her] eyes closed”, as Chouchou so eloquently put it, when she was questioning the very foundation of being a ninja in the first place?

Oh and by the way Anon, these questions that Sarada was asking herself, that’s yet another similarity that she shares with her father, as Sasuke also asked these heavy questions to himself, Orochimaru and to Hashirama at one point, regarding what it meant to be a shinobi:

So please if you send me another ask, do answer these questions, because I’d really like to see the extent to which you’re willing to go in order to give your points even the slightest bit of legitimacy.

Now to continue refuting what you said, because you just make it so simple.

“Sarada doesn’t like sasuke, period she said so herself in chapter 7…”

Mistake No.1 - Why are you basing your claims off from the middle of Gaiden and not it’s conclusion or the Boruto movie? You know, the things that came afterwards and would therefore be Sarada’s current sentiments and feelings? Seriously, where’s the logic in that?

Mistake No.2 - Sarada didn’t mention Sasuke at all towards the end of chapter 700+7, she only referred to Sakura. She refers to Sasuke at the beginning of 700+8, so that shows how little you pay attention.

Mistake No.3 - Linking on to your first mistake, at the end of Gaiden (the part you should be referring to), Sarada wore such an upset expression at the mere thought of being separated from her father again: 

That’s obviously because she doesn’t like Sasuke, and doesn’t want anything to do with him right? Of course!

Or what about in the movie, when Sarada alludes to how happy Sakura was that Sasuke was finally back:

And Sakura noted that Sarada was just as happy that her father was back:

She’s obviously very happy that Sasuke is back because she doesn’t like him, and doesn’t want anything to do with him right? Makes perfect sense!

Now to continue refuting what you said.

”When Sasuke came back he trained Boruto for the exams and neglected his own daughter”

I guess now you need to learn what “neglect” means, because Sarada was actually the one who pushed and encouraged Sasuke to train Boruto. Therefore, she wanted this to happen:

And observe just how much Sarada’s face lights up when Sasuke agreed to make Boruto his disciple, she looked really happy for him:

Thus, the term “neglect” cannot be used in this context, because how can Sasuke be neglecting Sarada by training Boruto, when Sarada was the one who encouraged him to do so in the first place? Logic Anon, regardless of how much you may disagree, it is an important part of life.

Now to continue refuting what you said.

“you not saying them interact in the movie doesn’t mean that the bond of a father who is always there for child is weaker than sasuke and sarada’s non-existence bond”

And now you need to learn the definition of the phrase “non-existent”. It means it doesn’t exist Anon, it means it’s imaginary. That term cannot be used to describe Sasuke’s bond with Sarada because their bond exists. I gave the example of Sasuke interacting more with his child than any other parent barring the Uzumaki’s, in order to highlight that fact to you. Unless of course, your definition of a “bond” means for two people to stay with each other 24/7 for years, because that doesn’t constitute a bond. So surprise surprise, an anti extremist who is misusing terms left right and centre in order to further their own agenda. I haven’t heard that one before…

And by the way Anon, not only was Sasuke gone for around 7-8 years, not 12 like all you extremists keep on saying, but Sarada was only 11 in Gaiden and that’s when they reunited, so please do the math, it’s not hard.

Now to continue refuting what you said.

Neither the movie, nor the novel state that Sasuke left the village again, or that he’d be going on another long term mission away from the village. In the movie (done by Kishi), he stayed with Sakura while overlooking the children:

And according to the translation of the novelisation (not done by Kishi), Sasuke would investigate the true identities of Momoshiki and Kinshiki, and after giving the children a smile “he never showed anyone but Sakura”, he simply “disappeared into the darkness”. Nowhere does it say he left the village, or would be going on another extended, years-long mission, so would you please stop jumping to conclusions based on minimal evidence.

Now to continue refuting what you said.

“Sarada doesn’t have any connection with him and when I say connection I don’t mean the you’re connected me because I'me connected to your mom bullshit, something that is for them alone”

Anon, the mere fact that you even think that’s what that scene actually means just further highlights your lack of understanding and attention. Sasuke didn’t say that he was connected to his daughter because he was connected to Sakura; I don’t know where you got that from, because Sarada didn’t even ask him if he was connected to her. She asked him if he was truly connected to Sakura, not her. And he answered affirmatively, using the justification that Sarada was the proof of their connection:

Not only that Anon, but Sasuke and Sarada share a connection of being father and daughter. I’m not sure what you think constitutes a “connection”, but if it’s as skewed as your definition of a “bond”, then I don’t even wanna know.

So I don’t know what you’re talking about when you say that I apparently didn’t prove anything. I disproved everything Anon, and did so again here. If you think I’d need to make excuses for ANYTHING regarding what you say, then you obviously don’t know who you’re talking to. So by all means, if you’d like to step further into the lion’s den, I’d be more than happy to continue.

anonymous asked:

Okay so this may seem a bit silly but I feel like I'm being pulled in two different directions. You (very successfully, damn you) pulled me into Ziam (and made me both love and hate this band all over again because why do they do this my feels are struggling). But now theres all this payneton stuff on my dash and I want to check it out, but not because of Ziam and do you think its legit or just some wave from the fandom?

You know people keep telling me that there’s Liam/Jordan stuff everywhere and I literally have yet to see anything pop up randomly on my dash. I’ve had one post sent to me, but in terms of trying to wrap my head around it. I’m not seeing much. Maybe I just haven’t taken a proper look at my dash or got distracted going through my ‘sao dogs’ tag (I LOVE DOGS IF YOU DO TOO CLICK ON THAT LINK…SO MANY DOGS…SO MANY LOLS…SO MANY HAPPY TEARS). 

Sorry I started thinking about pugs and got distracted. Goddamn I love them. With their snuffling and snoring. Have you seen that youtube video called ‘Pug gets scolded, takes it hard’? If not get thee to youtube. 

Ok what were you asking? Oh yeah. Ummm. I’m working on a ‘Definition of a Bro Tattoo Part II’ as it pertains to Ziam. They are seriously more hardcore than Larry when it comes to tattoos. Zayn’s about one tattoo away from getting ‘I LOVE LIAM’ tattooed on his forehead. Unless you’ve looked into Muslim marriage tattoos then it won’t be obvious what they’re saying, but that madala and rose was basically Ziam’s way of saying 

I’ll explain it all in due time. Like after I’ve had more coffee. 

I was very opposed to talking about Jordan Paynton because coming from a sports background myself and knowing people who work in athletic management, certain sports are far more homophobic than others and initially I felt that he was being lined up to be outed against his will. HOWEVER, there was no way for me to say this when I first got wind of it the other day without drawing more attention to it, and now that it’s out there I can’t very well shut down an entire conversation myself. 

I also started looking into it a bit more last night and Jordan Paynton is still in university. He’s currently a 5th draft recruit (apparently) who has a business degree and a clothing line (I think?). I don’t know if people are familiar with NCAA rules, or why you would expect that an Oxbridge graduate would be, but I am. Don’t worry about why. 

Jordan Paynton cannot accept any fiscal rewards for playing football as a university student. Nor can he appear in commercials, drive around free cars, or get endorsements like NFL players. If you were looking to raise your personal profile as someone who cannot do so as an athlete, how could you? Aligning yourself with one of the biggest boy bands in the world could help. Last I checked Jordan had about 4,000 followers on Twitter. Liam as 22 MILLION. And his tweet to Jordan was literally one of two things he tweeted in the entire month of January. 

Now, I don’t know why and I’m not going to sit here guessing and try to pass it off to everyone as fact. As always I am just trying to point out some details about these shady ass situations because it’s quite baffling and talkin it out is how I can start to connect the dots. 

I would imagine that getting people used to the idea of Liam dating a man is at least part of this. Remember Xander? How quickly people went from assuming Harry was dating every girl he hung out with to dating every man he hung out with was one of the most low-key and kind of smartest ways I’ve seen a narrative shift in which Harry liking men was just all of a sudden accepted as fact to most people. 

The fact that people couldn’t even breathe the word Ziam without being laughed at a couple of months ago but now all of a sudden it’s become the main discourse that Liam might like men (just not Zayn! Anyone but Zayn.) makes me feel like whoever is running this show isn’t as moronic as I thought. Evil genius is probably going too far. Evil for sure, though.   

I’ll be keeping my eye on all the stories that are happening on the periphery as there is literally no reason for this to be such a big deal. As always. Like, where’s Harry? He’s been MIA since arriving in LA. All this smokescreening is making my asthma act up. So excuse me while I suck on this blue inhaler and try to figure out wtf is going on. 

Thank you for your question which I have completely (probably) provided an irrelevant answer to, but just wanted to get some of my thoughts out there xx

Shamchat howlter bantz
  • This is a conversation between Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat and yourself, Phil Lester (I then double as dan).
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: Hi dad
  • Phil Lester: Dil!
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: I'm going out tonight so I need some money
  • Phil Lester: Oooh is that with tabitha again?
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: No, just a party at my friends house but she will be there I hope...
  • Phil Lester: well i can lend you £10
  • Phil Lester: but try not to spend it all like last time
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: No I need more than that!,*whines*
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: I need at least £50
  • Phil Lester: no! you still haven't paid me back from the last time
  • Phil Lester: go ask dan
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: Urgh... Fuck sakes.. Where is he?
  • Phil Lester: i think he's still browsing tumblr
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: Just give me the money and I'll give it back I promise
  • Phil Lester: No i physically don't have any cash
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: Yeah u do *shouts*
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: Daaaa-d don't be such a dick
  • Phil Lester: *dan comes in from other room*
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: Oh hi dad, Phil won't give me money because hes so tight and mean *gives phil dirty look*
  • Dan Howell: i thought i heard him give you £10
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: He won't give me 50 like I asked for? Will you?
  • Dan Howell: no
  • Dan Howell: but i can give you another £10
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: WHYYYY...
  • Phil Lester: and that should reaaallly be enough
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: NO! *stomps foot* I WANT £50 FOR FUCK SAKES
  • Dan Howell: LAnguage!
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: Dadddd just give me the money!!! Why are you being so tight !!!
  • Dan Howell: We've both offered you money. Either take it now or the offer will be gone
  • Phil Lester: And you won't be able to buy any pandas
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: Oh my god... FINE I will take the shitty £20 *holds out hand for you to give money*
  • Phil Lester: *both exchange exasperated looks but hand over the money*
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: Its still not enough *gives you both angry glare and stomps to my room and slams door shut*
  • Dan Howell: I thought he was going out?
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: *gets ready and goes in kitchen to get a drink before leaving*
  • Phil Lester: I hope i wasn't this annoying when i was 15
  • Dan Howell: unfortunately i think i probably was
  • Dan Howell: but with less of a social life
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: *looks at you then leaves the house* *comes back at 3 o'clock in the morning smelly of weed and beer*
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: Smelling*
  • Dan Howell: *dan is up browsing tumblr*
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: *creeps slowly in to kitchen trying to be quiet*
  • Dan Howell: *dan pretends not to notice*
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: *gets in to kitchen and makes some food*
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: *goes into my room opens window and light the cigarette*
  • Dan Howell: *dan stealthily walks up behind him* HEy dil
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: *jumps up and throws cig out the window* ohh hi dad, you scared me
  • Dan Howell: You do know that smoking these days really isn't as cool as it used to be....
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: Um.. I wasn't smoking!
  • Dan Howell: You should really check out my video about that
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: I have and its stupid (hey lol its okay XD) *shuts window and jumps on to bed* now if u could get out I'd like to sleep now
  • Dan Howell: How was your evening? Did you see tabitha again? #diltha
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: *looks away from you* yeah,I saw her...
  • Dan Howell: how are things going between you?
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: Good
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: Me and Tabitha had a great time actually
  • Dan Howell: I'm really glad to hear :)
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: *yawns* urgh I'm tired now please go away dad, *closes eyes and drifts to sleep*
  • Dan Howell: *watches over you for a few minutes before going to find phil*
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: *wakes up next morning*
  • Phil Lester: *is sneakily eating cereal out of the box*
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: *watches you and just shakes head and smiles* are you sure that's your cereal dad?
  • Phil Lester: Ummmm
  • Phil Lester: *hides box*
  • Phil Lester: what?
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: *laughs at you*
  • Phil Lester: I... wasn't even eating cereal! That's right!
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: Okay if your sure *eats slice of toast*
  • Phil Lester: *subtly replaces the cereal box*
  • Phil Lester: so, how was your evening? :)
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: Oh it was cool Tabitha was there we spent a couple of hours together... Then I came back home
  • Phil Lester: That's great!
  • Phil Lester: I'm glad things are going so well
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: Um thanks. She's sleeping over here tonight, I invited her
  • Phil Lester: *looks very interested and encouraging* That's wonderful news! You can invite her round as often as you like
  • Phil Lester: ;)
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: Good thanks dad, oh and tell dan, because I'm going to go meet her in the park in 10 minutes so I better get going
  • Phil Lester: so early? ok I'll let him know
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: Thanks *puts clothes on goes out door*
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: *comes back with Tabitha later that evening* dads! I'm home
  • Phil Lester: Hey Dil!
  • Phil Lester: And you must be Tabitha!
  • Phil Lester: *is very excited*
  • Dan Howell: *dan hears talking and comes in*
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: Tab: yeah its nice to meet you
  • Phil Lester: *phil goes to hug her*
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: Tab:*hugs back* um dad me and Tabitha are going in my room for a bit okay?
  • Phil Lester: okay!
  • Dan Howell: *dan is slightly disapproving about the speed of their relationship but goes along with it* okay, just..... be safe!
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: Daddddd *whines and takes her to my room*
  • Dan Howell: *dan smirks to himself*
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: *we both come out of my room the next morning and eat some breakfast, on the couch cuddling*
  • Dan Howell: *dan comes in and starts filming*
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: *tries to block with hands* daaddddddd!
  • Dan Howell: What, it's cute
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: Your embarrassing me
  • Dan Howell: besides i haven't posted a video in ageessss and all the phans will be dying to know about this
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: Urgg fine.. *kisses Tabitha*
  • Dan Howell: Wow, i think that even qualifies as a thumbnail
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: Ha ha funny *we both smirk* me and tabby are going to the cinema soon
  • Dan Howell: *ironically smirks* what are you going to see?
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: Oh we haven't decided yet.
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: Something funny probably though
  • Dan Howell: such comedy
  • Dan Howell: much wow

so i finally decided to make a post dedicated to advice for coloring and shading! hopefully this is will help some people with their coloring because i know this is most peopleโ€™s weak points in drawing. but donโ€™t worry!! limlim is here to help!!!!!

i let people on twitter suggest what i should cover, so some things might be a bit random. hereโ€™s the topics covered (in order):

  1. Choosing colors for shading and highlighting
  2. Use of different layer settings (overlay/multiply) and adjustments
  3. Color choices for red/blood
  4. How to color a kappa (kinda goes over my drawing process too)
  5. Shading hair sorta

this only covers some of the things people asked since i got kinda tired of talking about colors. hopefully, iโ€™ll make a second post in the future

i should point out that just reading this wonโ€™t make you better at coloring or anything unless you put these things into practice. experiment helps a lot, too. maybe you donโ€™t like what iโ€™m doing, so you can tweak what i do a bit to achieve what YOU want in coloring. these arenโ€™t set rules or anything, just what i think and do when coloring.

also, this is pretty tl;dr so make sure you read this when youโ€™re not tired or sleepy!!! (iโ€™m serious. i donโ€™t think i would want to read something this long either)

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SPQR: Legion of Super-Heroes - 14

#Superhero AU [AO3] | First | <<Prev | Next>>

โ€“ JASON โ€“

He needed to ask about Hades. That was the main purpose of seeking Nico out again. He needed to ask about the mask in the painting. Every time he got close to bringing it up, he ended up rambling about everything else on his mind and it seemed too abrupt a segue. Truth be told, he didnโ€™t want Nico to tense up and stop talking to him.

Heโ€™d been surprised to actually find Nico here. It was still a few days before classes started back up, and heโ€™d ended up flying from The Principia to the Columbia campus the day after the meeting with Bianca Di Angelo to try to think through this without the influence of his teammates and friends.

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lizardcommunist  asked:

it's cool but would you mind helping me find some of his Freudian slips? It's ok if you can't I'm just doing a project on those and wanted to put my sonion in there


TG: and then we crack up laughing cause we both know theyre fresher than your moms change of drawers and tighter than when shes wearin them
TT: Listening to you conjure imagery of my mother in her underpants is definitely keeping us buoyed high above this swirling Freudian hellhole.
TT: Well done.
TG: please its not like shes my mom i can visualize her choice ass all i want without it gettin much more than moderately uncomfortable for everyone involved


ROSE: (Don’t see how you can make remarks with such frequency that are so obliviously and so generically loaded from a Freudian perspective.)
ROSE: (It’s flabbergasting, really. You never miss a chance.)
ROSE: (Cigars? Describing a scenario where you are both given birth to by your teen mother, as well as playing the role of the proud father in the waiting room?)
DAVE: (oh god no stop)
ROSE: (What should I make of the fact that the phallic imagery you’ve selected is not only inexpensive, but is administered freely and mirthfully to other expecting fathers?)
ROSE: (Or that the object standing in for the phallic symbol is something you’re proposing to throw at our mother’s head!)
DAVE: (just shut the fuck up!)


DAVE: i dont think it matters now dude the pooch is already screwed
JADE: >:o
DAVE: wow wait that was a terrible figure of speech in this context but you know what i mean


DAVE: hey johns hot mom did you see what happened
DAVE: shit i mean
DAVE: johns evil mom
DAVE: did you happen to…
DAVE: damn
DAVE: ok that was a really embarrassing and inappropriate freudian slip there
DAVE: dont think im gonna rebound from that one
DAVE: im uh
DAVE: im gonna stop talking now


ROXY: do i get to do a lightning round at you next??
DAVE: i guess so yeah
DAVE: depends on if you want to keep sitting in this goddamn pan
ROXY: hmm i dunno
ROXY: maybe our asses are gettin too hot
DAVE: maybe you should speak for yourself
ROXY: lol
DAVE: no mom look
DAVE: roxy i mean
DAVE: its like i was just saying
DAVE: i just say things it is just like this force of nature no one can control or even try to, least of all me
DAVE: we just have to cross our fingers and hope for the best
DAVE: and that my one man verbal slapstick routine isnt too freudian in nature or at least not that often
DAVE: anyway lets pretend i didnt just insinuate you have a hot ass and move on
ROXY: ;)


ROXY: do u think we can play games together some time?
ROXY: wanna see ur majestic skatebros in their element
DAVE: oh my dick yes
ROSE: Dave.
DAVE: what


DAVE: so what you wanna know mom
DAVE: ..rox

(also on this page and not a slip up but i fucking LOVE this quote)

DAVE: that makes sense
DAVE: thats mostly the relationship i have now with garbage romcoms
DAVE: largely because karkat likes watchin em
DAVE: so these godforsaken flicks have helped keep me grounded in our dead civilization in a weird way
DAVE: but re: games…


DAVE: awesome thanks mom
DAVE: roxy i mean
ROSE: Dave, even I’m having less trouble referring to Roxy by her name consistently, and I was the one who grew up knowing her as my literal mother.
ROSE: What is going on with you?
DAVE: nothing
DAVE: its just like semi accidentally replacing a word with another word in a majority of instances
DAVE: why do you need to read things into everything
ROSE: You’re right. How could anyone possibly read anything into that sort of repeated slip-up.
DAVE: exactly
ROSE: What if you’re making her uncomfortable?
ROXY: its fine really!
ROXY: i think it is sorta endearing
DAVE: see rose yall worrying about nothing as usual
DAVE: moms fine with it
DAVE: moxy
ROXY: snort
DAVE: i mean
DAVE: romy
DAVE: mommy
DAVE: wait fuck
DAVE: ok that one was fucked up
DAVE: lets make sure i never ever fucking say that again
ROXY: im dyin here
ROXY: dave…stoppit
ROXY: im a sphyxiate
DAVE: i cant
DAVE: its like i was saying before
DAVE: this is a force of nature we all gotta just deal with
DAVE: striders blurtscapades
DAVE: daves flying boner circus
DAVE: this shit is immutable
DAVE: i had to face this fact a long time ago
DAVE: i could either try to change that part of myself which is an unwinnable war
DAVE: or i could try focusing on being like a vaguely half decent person so at least the shit i inevitably blurt out from deep down isnt all that bad
DAVE: because the bad stuff has been and is still being purged through an arduous long term process of complete and utter humiliation
ROXY: man
ROXY: arduous long term processes of complete and utter humiliation are basically my aesthetic
ROXY: anyways you are a silly dude and its ok if u keep callin me mom on “accident” :)

omg im sure theres like 2038492083940328 more JUST in the conversation with roxy but for rn ill just leave u with those and one of my absolute FAVORITES


Especially One of You

It was a little past 11 pm when she finally reached her hotel room. Even though she was tired as hell for being shooting almost the entire day, she managed to take a shower before passing out in bed.

Before entering the shower, she checked her voice mail just to make sure she wouldn’t miss any important messages. The inbox signaled three messages, one of which she instantly knew who was from. 

“Hey. I’ve been trying to reach you all day. Guess you’re still shooting. I… I, um, I just wanted to say how much I miss you. You know how much I dread doing this, it’s just so not my scene. You make things easier when you’re there with me. Yeah, yeah, I know what you’re gonna say…’but David, you won’t be alone, the guys are gonna be there with you…’”. She laughed at that. His attempt at impersonating her was hilarious. She continued listening to it, her heart warm and a little tight. She missed him. “…well, newsflash, I don’t need the guys, I need my girl. It’s not the fucking same, ya know? Who am I gonna share my jacket with? Or gum? Or do improvs? I swear to God, babe, this is the last time I let you convince me to do this shit without you next to me, you got it? You know I can’t say no to you at any given day, but especially when we’re in bed and you’re doing that thing with your hand that drives me crazy and I can’t think coherently or deny you anything. You’re an evil, evil creature, G-Woman.” She heard him chuckle and it made her insides flutter. “Shit, okay, I’m rambling. I, uh, I have to go now. Just wanted you to know how much I miss you. I, um, I hope you miss me as much as I miss you. So, uh, talk to you later, then? Love you, babe.”

She smiled.

If only he knew.

If only he knew how much she fucking missed him. He clearly had no idea and she could sense a bit of insecurity behind his words. She had to constantly remind him how important he was in her life these days, especially when hours and miles were against them. 

If only he knew. 

If only he knew how it sucked to be so far away from him, not seeing him in almost a month now, after practically living together for three. They had tested the waters. And passed the test with flying colors. One more the reason it was so hard to listen to him other than feel him. On her and in her.

If only he knew.

She checked the clock on the nightstand and a quick math told her it was almost time for the guys’ panel on the Comic Con. She pulled her tablet from inside her purse and tried to get a hold of a live streaming. While waiting for it to turn on and connect, she listened to the other messages.

“Hey Gill, I’m out for the night. I ran all the errands and picked up your dry cleaning. It’s all in the closet. Piper said the boys are good, aside from fighting over a missing Lego piece, you know, the one David got them in Vancouver?Oh, speaking of, he tried to reach you earlier. You, um, you should definitely try to give him a call ASAP, he sounded a little… I don’t know, off. I dare to say a little sad, perhaps? I don’t know, just… just call him when you can, okay? By the way, the panel will be live streaming at XFiles News website, in case you manage to get back in time. Well, that’s it. See you tomorrow. Bye.”

Her PA. She didn’t know what she would do without Katie in her life. Her words worried her a little, tho. He sounded sad? Jesus. What else would it take to make him see how invested she was in him? In them? Damn David for being so thick. But fuck it. If reassurance was what he needed, reassurance was what he’d get.

Blessing the wonders of technology, she was soon greeted by the live streaming on the screen. And there he was. In all its hot and sexy glory. Damn, he looked good. But Katie was right. There was something not quite right about him. She could read him like a book. The jokes were there, together with his usual charm and sarcasm. Nothing unusual for the ordinary, outside eyes. He did put on a good front. But she could tell. He was fidgety, she could see that much. Changing positions, drinking water all the time. All those telltale signs she knew by heart. He was right. It was different when it was just them. They were usually both at ease and could handle anything thrown their way.

Without missing a beat, she grabbed her phone, logged in to her Twitter account and wrote what her heart told her to. For once she managed to keep her usual trolling out of it. She loved to yank his chains, but she needed it to be different this time. This time the message had to get across and he needed to understand it for what it was. A sincere, heartfelt declaration. Of some sort, at least.

And she was sincere. She was lying in bed. She did miss them all. The guys in her mind. But her guy in her heart.

@ill-show-you-later well, there you have it. What can I do really? They just keep giving us the adorable material for this. We simply can’t fight this feeling anymore *insert guitar solo here* lol!

The Fandoms: Episode 10 or 13, (we'll just make this 13) Also SPOILERS FOR "WALKING DEAD"!
  • <p> <b>Doctor Who fandom:</b> "Okay guys, mid-season finale time is approaching, how are things going?"<p/><b>Supernatural fandom:</b> "Well we still got this whole darkness thing going on..."<p/><b>Once Upon A Time fandom:</b> "Pick a number..."<p/><b>Sherlock fandom:</b> "Mid season? How about a season!"<p/><b>Sleepy Hollow fandom:</b> Writers trying to put Abbie and Crane with other people so that they're not together yeah guys we're really gonna fall for that..."<p/><b></b> *random screaming from downstairs*<p/><b>Supernatural fandom:</b> "What in the Hell was that?"<p/><b>Doctor Who fandom:</b> "Come on Sherlockians wasn't Moriarty in Spectre? Doesn't that tide you over for a bit?"<p/><b>Sherlock fandom:</b> "That wasn't us! And for the record, Spectre was all about the 00Q, although what happened to C was eerily similar to what happened at the end of Reic-"<p/><b></b> *downstairs noise gets louder*<p/><b>Once Upon a Time fandom:</b> "Maybe it's the Star Wars fandom again?"<p/><b>Supernatural fandom:</b> "Again? Geez by the time the movie's released its gonna be the apocalypse..."<p/><b>Marvel fandom:</b> "Speaking of Apocalyp-"<p/><b>Supernatural fandom:</b> "NOT YOUR CUE, Marvel fandom!"<p/><b>Doctor Who:</b> "OKAY let's figure out the deal with the noise"<p/><b></b> *fandoms go downstairs, sees "The Walking Dead" fandom in a bizarre state*<p/><b>Supernatural fandom:</b> "Holy crap what happened here?"<p/><b>Sherlock fandom:</b> "Were we...were we this bad?"<p/><b>Once Upon a Time fandom:</b> "Maybe they need a little bit of magic???"<p/><b>Harry Potter fandom:</b> "Ditto on that."<p/><b>Walking Dead fandom:</b> "Ughhh....ughhAHHHHHH! *Throws object at wall* AHHHHHH!!!"<p/><b>Doctor Who fandom:</b> "Don't worry I can translate this, I am after all The Doctor..."<p/><b>Supernatural fandom:</b> "I thought you guys were a fand-"<p/><b>Doctor Who fandom:</b> "Ahh yes...they're going through cliffhanger anguish...wait...its a character life or death cliffhanger anguish...two episodes have gone by...still no answers..."<p/><b>Walking Dead fandom:</b> "GLENNNNN!"<p/><b>Sleepy Hollow fandom:</b> "Glen, as in Maggie's Glen? That's horrible!"<p/><b>Supernatural fandom:</b> "Maggie...why does she sound familiar..."<p/><b>Walking Dead fandom:</b> "All the writers had to so was tell us whether or not he's dead! That's it! THAT'S IT! Maggie's...i mean she has no one left...NO ONE, except for Glenn and the baby....THE BABY...THE 2ND CHILD BORN POST APOCALYPSE WHO NEEDS HIS/HER FATHER TO BE THERE IT'S JUST...WHY WOULD THE WRITERS DO THAT!!"<p/><b>Doctor Who fandom:</b> "Writers like to do that, they like to mess with us, break our hearts...especially if you have two of them..."<p/><b>Once Upon a Time:</b> "Sometimes they literally make you rip someone's heart out...and I don't mean figuratively like WE ACTUALLY HAVE TO RIP A PERSON'S HEART OUT OF THEIR CHEST..."<p/><b>Supernatural fandom:</b> "Hey, maybe he's not dead, I mean Sammy and I have been through some crazy mess and we're still here..."<p/><b>Sleepy Hollow fandom:</b> "Didn't y'all die a couple of times?"<p/><b>Supernatural fandom:</b> "Yes but we still...found a way back...sort of...it's...very complicated"<p/><b>Orphan Black fandom:</b> "We have to wait until April to find out whether or not our character is still alive..."<p/><b>Game of Thrones fandom:</b> "Don't even get us started on that subject..."<p/><b>Sherlock fandom:</b> "At least you guys know when your shows are coming back..."<p/><b>Firefly fandom:</b> "At least your show is coming back..."<p/><b>Marvel fandom:</b> "Oh my God Firefly fandom I'm sure they'll revive your show at some point I mean if they can bring "X-Files" and "Heroes" back then they'll bring you guys ba-"<p/><b>Firefly fandom:</b> "YOU STOLE WHAT WAS GOOD FROM US! YOU STOLE WHEDON!"<p/><b>Marvel fandom:</b> "Dude the cancellation bear ended your show, not us!"<p/><b>Sherlock fandom:</b> "Oh my Mycroft if season 4 doesn't come soon this is gonna be us..."<p/><b>Doctor Who fandom:</b> "OK guys that's enough...Walking Dead fandom, what we're trying to say is, we've all faced that character's fate cliffhanger situation, and it can be tough...but we're here for support, whether you want it or not...<p/><b>Walking Dead fandom:</b> "Thanks guys...it's just, Glen man..."<p/><b>Doctor Who fandom:</b> "I know...as it is we got a character on our own that we're braced to lose, and believe us, none of us are ready...but when it comes to fandoms, we stick together, at least that's what we're supposed to do..."<p/><b>Supernatural Fandom:</b> "So...now what?"<p/><b></b> *Fandoms huddle together and listen to "Hello" by Adele"<p/></p>

anonymous asked:

Is it bad that I find it hysterical that while some of the Lauriver fans are saying that their ship is canon, the media has really only noticed Olicity? And I'm not even talking about the fan polls. Every 5 articles I see, 4/5 is about Olicity only and the last one will mention Lauriver… in comparison to Olicity. I'm not trying to be mean but says a lot that another ship is more popular (or at least mentioned more), not just by fans, but by critics and media.

Oh dear. ย Youโ€™re going to be sorry you asked, Anon, because Iโ€™ve been thinking about this stuff and more since before the holiday break and your message just gave me the excuse to talk about it. ย Iโ€™m sure Iโ€™m going to swing wildly off topic so apologies in advance. ย LOL!

Stepping away from the whole โ€œshipโ€ thing and fanwarsโ€ฆ. ย I always find storytelling interesting โ€“ movies, books, tv, etc., โ€“ and I find it fascinating what does and doesnโ€™t catch on. ย 

Now Iโ€™m not claiming any knowledge, nor asserting anything is or isnโ€™t more/less popular than anything else. ย I mean, obviously I donโ€™t know that. ย Nobody but CW network really can know that since they see all the fun stuff like focus groups and Nielsen info, full ratings, social media tracking, etc, etc, etc., (wow! howโ€™s that for a disclaimer!?) but YES! I love love love how warm a reception Oliver and Felicity get from viewers, tv critics, and media.

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