oh yeah i still ship them like crazy

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where would you recommend to get wigs for cheap? thanks!

oh yeah! arda is nice, has the fastest shipping, good color/style range, not CRAZY expensive, but i get that 30-45 dollars for a wig can still be a lot, if youre more ok with spending like 10-15, but taking a bit of a risk, you CAN try to use amazon/ebay. for example, i got my Wadanora wig from amazon, BUT! if you buy from amazon, 9 times out of 10, you HAVE to style them. its a necessity,  they usually need a trim, lots of styling in the bangs, possible deshining, some brushing, or fluffing. they’re cheaper, but you need more work to make them look nice. the OTHER issue is cheap wigs are riiiiisky. sometimes, you’ll get a great deal, and it’s perfect! other times….damn. i mean DAMN. ive bought wigs that the cap was so small, it couldn’t fit a 5 year old, or that was so coarse and shiny it looked like garbage, and its very common to get very thin wigs with lots of shedding. so you might end up spending 30 anyway because you need to get a new wig. also you never really know what you’re going to get? like the colors are usually very very off, and the style and length are always crazy. its imperative that you check the ratings on the product/seller when buying on amazon/ebay. if theres no rating…don’t do it. 

so like arda:

-more expensive (30-50$)

-higher quality 

-you know what you’re going to get

-accountability and trusted seller

-ships fast 

amazon ebay:

-much cheaper (8-30$)

-requires heavily styling most times, usually thin and not very natural looking

-extremely unpredictable with color/quality/and style

-the wig may even come unwearable, requiring you to get a new wig, and there’s not a lot you can do about it for returns 

-can ship fast, can also take upwards of months. ive waited 2 days or 2 months 

all of these are heavily styled amazon wigs ranging from 10-25 dollars!