oh yeah i ship them

☀️ Summer tol and smol ☀️

Kenma and his shoes are too cute for this world and Kuroo is That One Guy™ who wears flip flops all summer you can’t convince me otherwise ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I kinda lost all the motivation for this one, since I wasn’t very happy with it to start with, but thought I’d share it anyway since I bothered to do the lineart– I’m deep in Gotham season 3 hell right now and I’m losing my shit thanks to these two………………

YouHane Dating Headcanons

Just some random YouHane things because I should be doing homework but I love them oh so much:

  • People asking about Yoshiko’s relationship with You, and instead of telling them that they’re dating, Yoshiko claims that they’ve, “formed a powerful soul contract that binds them together”. In reality, she’s just too embarrassed to admit that You is her girlfriend and this is her weird way of doing so. You just plays along with it.
  • You taking Yoshiko out on one of her dad’s sailboats at night so they can look at the stars together on the ocean. While they’re out there, they sit huddled together under a blanket as You shares all of the old sailor’s tales that her dad used to tell her when she was a kid. Yoshiko gets especially into the ones about sea monsters–claiming that one day they need to go find it for themselves so that “Yohane can claim it as her own little demon”.
  • They really like going on dates to the arcade. It’s largely because Yoshiko is so good at the fighter games there that she almost always ends up getting a high score. You, on the other hand, loves getting the bragging rights that her girlfriend is the coolest person in the arcade right now.
  • You making new fallen angel outfits and accessories for Yoshiko to use in her livestreams. And, on the same topic, You gladly wearing any type of fallen angel costume if Yoshiko wants her to (or even if she doesn’t bring it up at all), and enjoys doing it.
  • You reading Yoshiko’s books about black magic and looking up information online in an attempt to understand the things that she likes better. She’ll do it without even being asked to do so by Yoshiko. Yoshiko actually feels touched that You would take the time to learn about it, even if she doesn’t get it, instead of just brushing it off as lame or weird like most people do.
  • Yoshiko going to You’s swim meets in order to support her (sometimes accompanied by Chika and/or Riko). She makes for quite a cheering section, getting looks from the people around her as she yells to You that she’ll curse her if she doesn’t win. Whenever You finishes, no matter how she places, she always turns to where Yoshiko is sitting, grins, and pumps a fist in her direction.
  • Yoshiko not caring much for PDA, but rather, preferring to have private, romantic moments alone with You instead. You doesn’t care either way–she just wants to do what makes Yoshiko most comfortable. Though, during the few instances where Yoshiko desires to display affection for You in public, You will lightly tease her, claiming, “What ever happened to not liking PDA~?” This only serves to make Yoshiko flustered.
  • Going along with that, Yoshiko being more clingy and affectionate than she might appear to be. If they’re alone together, Yoshiko will gladly cuddle against You, or give her light kisses along her jawline, or intertwine her fingers with hers, or giggle lightly when You presses her nose against hers. She might not admit it to anyone else, but she loves the special attention.
  • Yoshiko actually being kind of the jealous type. When flocks of girls surround You, Yoshiko is quick to creep behind her and bitterly stare them all down. And while Yoshiko doesn’t say a word, her dark aura looming over them is enough to make the girls laugh nervously and back off. You doesn’t even notice Yoshiko standing there until she turns around.
  • You helping Yoshiko out during her streams by doing camera work and taking care of any flashy special effects Yoshiko wants going on. Yoshiko’s audience has no idea that You exists, because she doesn’t think that they’ll approve of a fallen angel dating a mortal (she calls it their “forbidden romance”). But once they do inevitably find out about You her fans just find their relationship adorable.

I know all the cliches. I’m the light. You’re the darkness. I fight for justice. You fight for vengeance. But in the end, all that really matters…is that we’ll never give up…and we’ll never give up on each other.

– Batman – Superman #27


anonymous asked:  Can you draw a Shadilver pic? I love your art style, it’s so cute and soothing!

anonymous asked: Can you please draw some Shadilver, you art style is so pretty and seems to suit them very well! OwO

wow that’s like, my brother’s only approved ship.

i haven’t draw them together for so long, thanks anons XD

one headcanon i like about them is that Silver would stay at Shadow’s place if he’s at the present timeline, so that’s how the 2nd pic is here >.<

also, the first pic has transparent background~! :D (yeah it was intended for any forms of usage for free)


I’m so behind on KH art, but every time I pick up a pencil, OOC and ref-less SW dorks fall out of it.   ¯\(°A°)/¯


What I am now is because of her. I see that I have changed a lot. I have more clarity over things. There was a point when I was very confused. She has given me a better perspective on things.- Fahadh Faasil

Fahadh is the best thing that has happened to me and I have no regrets about my early marriage. Fahadh is not a dominating person and respects my decisions. He is the one that wants me to make a comeback into the movies as soon as possible.- Nazriya Nazim

anonymous asked:

you watch dan and phil????? do you ship phan???????!!

oh yeah man i’ve been watching them for years. phil always makes me smile, even when i’m having a bad day, and dan is so #relatable. i’m v proud of them, and i’m glad that they’re sort of settling down, like phil has become way more mellow and more himself in his vids, and dan is sort of dropping the danisnotonfire persona over time you know?

as for phan, i wouldn’t be surprised if they were dating after all this time, but i genuinely don’t care. it’s none of my business, or anyone’s business, and i don’t watch them because i think they might be together, i watch them because i love them and they make me laugh.

besides me and @drmcbones are way more intimate and affectionate with each other than dnp, and we definitely aren’t dating so who am i to make assumptions


bellarke meme: 6 scenes

the taking care of each other scene - 1x10


when the soul lies down in that grass
the world is too full to talk about

              — Rumi, There is a Field

[ partially inspired by this amazing fic by klickitats (no seriously, read it and weep) ]

“Whole lot more where that came from.”

[[ Context: So I’m scrolling through my dash with my brother sitting just behind me. (Which was probably my first mistake.) And there was a picture of Ardyn and Noctis kissing. 

Brother: “Oh they’re cute”
Me: “Yeah they are, I ship them.”
Brother: “Oh. Are they together in canon?”
Me: “….well they run their swords through each other so, sure?” 

…I think I killed my brother. He’s just old enough to get the joke but just innocent enough to die. ]]